How tall is Serena Williams

Serena Williams Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American professional tennis player. In 2000 she mentioned her height, saying at age 18 she grew: "I'm like 5'10" now. In the Open, I was below 5'9", although on Twitter she has subsequently said officially "[I'm] 5 9" ", when asked exactly how tall she really was.

Serena Williams Height
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Average Guess (79 Votes)
5ft 9.17in (175.7cm)
Finn Voss said on 24/Dec/20
I recently saw Serena William's in Lexington. I put her height between 5'8" - 5'8-1/2" (no taller). Professional athletes often exaggerate their heights, not uncommon. There was a photo of both Serena and Caroline Wozniacki hanging out at some beach together! Wozniacki towered over Serena by a good 2". It is the same for Angelique Kerber. She is listed as 5'8". Not often close. I have see her as well up close. My girlfriend is 5'8" and towered over Kerber. I put Kerber closer to 5'5" - 5'6". Getting back to Serena, she is anything but short, however under the 5'9" I promise you.
Nik said on 16/Oct/20
@ Sharanya - That's very true, it would still be interesting to compare them!
Sharanya said on 13/Oct/20
@Nik Ashton, she would definitely edge out Tom Cruise.
Nik Ashton said on 20/Sep/20
I would love to compare her to Tom Cruise!
Alir?za said on 11/Jun/20
175-176 cm good for her. Maybe she could be 176-177 cm. Her weight loook nearly 90 kg.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jun/20
If she is giant then Venus Williams is a female goliath.
Noone said on 17/Apr/20
She is a true giant... definitely seems like an Amazonian warrior
Hanov said on 18/Mar/20
185-186 pounds is perfect for her, she is a heavy woman
Peter175 said on 20/Jan/20
Her Husband is listed as 6ft5 but I honestly thought 6'2 range at first glance.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Sep/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Serena! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚

Wishing Serena a Very Happy 38th Birthday!


Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jul/19
I agree, anything over 180-190 for Serena is a joke. One poster even put her at 224, lol.
Johan 185 cm said on 19/Jul/19
180-185 pounds, damn people giving her over 210 pounds give her a break. I am 210 and 6'1" and look bigger, she is well built for a woman but still has more fat % than average healthy guy.

5'9" 180 pounds is pretty solid.
cmillzz said on 9/Jun/19
I would say by 15 maybe, the vast majority of girls have stopped growing. For guys, closer to 18 perhaps. I grew a significant amount between 16 and 18. know some other guys who did as well, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who grew past 16 really.
Swtt said on 26/Apr/19
I would like to see how tiny 5ft9 Serena looks next to a real amazon Lauren Jackson 6ft5 who is wearing flats in this pic and making Maria Sharapova 6ft2 look small in her big heels! Lol

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Tunman said on 27/Mar/19
Well,good points,Christian,it's not impossible but still rare.I'm not sure about the figures but I guess 95%are done by 18.Actually the difference between 17 and 18 is quite important in terms of height.It's common to see people gain height between 17 and 18 even though it's rarely more than 1" but after 18?We're speaking of a small number,as I said my job puts me in contact with youngsters so I know what I'm talking about.While some like yourself may gain a full inch,how many won't gain even a single mm?18 is certainly the most common age but obviously not a limit.Btw even speaking about myself I can't tell when I exactly stopped.One thing is sure after 17and half I didn't gain anything noticeable(without measuring).Have I stopped completely?maybe and maybe not.Is it possible that I gained a last fraction until 18 and half basically after which I know I didn't gain anything?always a chance.I think it would very interesting to take a sample of say 500 guys measure them at their lowest very precisely,aged exactly 18 and do the same aged exactly 19.I could be wrong but maybe the average will be like 2mm taller.
Lara said on 15/Mar/19
I think she is 1.75 m.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jan/19

Growing an inch after 19 is definitely rare indeed, but not so much 17 or 18. I was about an inch shorter than I am now when I was 18.
Tunman said on 6/Jan/19
It's possible but still uncommon.Anyways I guess there are some people who may grow a small fraction between 18 and 19 without ever noticing it.However growing an inch or so is definitely rare.I remember a dude who gained around an inch after 18 and a dude who was near 5'8 3 months shy of 15 but never gained any further height.It's definitely exceptions.I once saw a chart at my doc's office which showed the height for youngsters until the age of 18 putting the boys at 172 and girls at 160 so quite plausible.Anyways,what's interesting is that at age 12 girls are allegedly taller than boys,probably because the main period of puberty is situated 11-15 for girls and 13-17 for boys,any growth after that will be very slow on average.Nevertheless you have some famous cases of people with late puberty,like Bieber who managed to grow till 21.A dude like Spainmen on this site recently claimed to have grown almost an inch from 18 to 23.It's just that the most commonly admitted age for the end of growth is 18.Maybe this could be of the reasons why the world puts Adulthood at that age.
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
I love her comment "I'm like 5'10" now. In the Open, I was below 5'9"!
Dream(5'9.5") said on 11/Oct/18
I wouldn't be surprised if we were identical in height.

Definitely a strong 5'9" like Freddie Highmore.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Oct/18

For me, I stopped growing like a couple months or so after turning 19, which is slightly later than average, but not that extreme. But I know boys who stopped as early as 14, and as late as 21-22.
Tunman said on 24/Sep/18
Makes sense.15-16 years old is fair for a girl to be fully grown.Actually from what I noticed a decent number stop as early as 14-15 with 16 being a decisive age for growth,generally it's rare to see any growth after that but not impossible.On the opposite side it's uncommon to see one stopping at the age of 13 or earlier.
As for dudes,it's like 17-18 with many fully grown at 16-17.Rarely growing after 18 and rarely stopping before 15-16.Btw Rob claims he stopped growing at 14 but it's something quite rare.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Sep/18

I wouldn't say as much as 99%, but you're right that most stop growing by then. This is just my personal experiences, but the majority of my female classmates at high school seemed to stop growing by the later portion of my sophomore year.
KH said on 17/Sep/18
The vast majority of people do not grow after 18 and by vast majority I mean like 99%. Most people stop growing at 16 or 17 thats when your growth plates grow. That doesn't mean Serena is lieing but it doesnt mean she isn't lieing either. Lets face it most people lie about there height. 5'9 seems about right to me. She can look even shorter then that at times because she has a very squat build.
Caitlynd Born-Dohm said on 9/Sep/18
Uh, women can most definitely grow at 18. You ever heard of a late bloomer?
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/18
@Hogarth: As you mention, her knee is bent with Mike Tyson and her other leg isn't visible. It's likely the difference looks bigger because of that. The difference looks small in another photo: Click Here The average guess of 5'9.25" is probably spot on and at the very least she's not under 5'9".
Nik said on 7/Jul/18
It's nice to see her honesty!
Spencer Dobkin said on 4/Jul/18
Looks 5'9.5"
Hogarth said on 21/Feb/18
5'8 1/2. Iron Mike has about an inch and a half height on her. She has a lot of thick beautiful hair which helps add height. Iron mike is bald. One of her legs is slightly bent but her feet are close together. (Solid 5'10) Tyson's feet are farther apart and his posture looks bent a little back . 5'8 1/2 - 5'8 3/4 for Serena.
jonas said on 11/Jan/18
You dont need gigantisne to grow several inches after 18. If you have a kid with a tall dad and the kid is short and has a high voice at 16. Yet to see, but know a guy that hit puberty really late and had normal but really slow puberty, voice Change at 17 and he was 5'5 at 16 at 21 he was 5'10.5
derik said on 10/Jan/18
any idea how tall Sam Stosur is and what her weight is? most official stats claim 5ft9 or 175 cm but in pictures she looks significantly shorter than Serena. Her weight is usually claimed at 68 kg but compared to Serena that must be a bit too less, 72 kg looks more accurate for Sam.
Editor Rob: zero chance she's 5ft 9
Swtt said on 5/Jan/18
Nona I agree I think Sam Stosur would beat Serena at arm wrestling quite easily! How about a fairer match then, who would win in a arm wrestle out of Serena and Venus? Lol
Nona said on 23/Dec/17
@xyz: Serena is definitely much bigger than MO in the upper body but MO gives her a run in the lower body. There are very few women who have such a strong and powerful lower body as Serena's and MO is one of them. In fact she is much bigger than the other girls like Sloane & Madison in that pic. I would guess 190 lbs for Serena & 185 for MO
Nona said on 23/Dec/17
@swtt: guess Sam Stosur will edge Serena in an arm wrestling contest. In fact I'm sure there are also few other lower ranked girls in the WTA who have arms as big or bigger than Serena, I don't know their names though. Serena's real power is in those massive tree trunk like legs, she has absolutely huge thigh and calve muscles which put a lot of men to shame.
andre said on 16/Dec/17
lol again the "I grew at the age of 18, but this time coming from a woman. Saying as a woman that I grew at the age of 18 is like being a man and saying I grew at the age of 20.... A pure lie and IMPOSSIBLE other than if you suffer of gigantism. Men that say they grew at 19 or older and woman that claim they grew at 17 or older are 100% lying.

Maximum age a woman can grow is into 16's and a man 18's.... and even than I have to see hard proof of a man growing while they are into their 18 years old (like 18 and 3 months, 5 months, 6 months etc...) and women while being into 16's. From hundreds of persons that I saw growing over my life, I only suspect a male growing a bit, though I don't have hard evidence, while was 18 year old and I have seen and heard of no woman growing while 16.

When I say 18 and 16 I mean being 18 and 1 month to 18 and 11 months and 16 and 1 month and 16 and 11 months.

I also saw you rob saying many times "final spurt at 19 or 20". Rob, please, you should now better than anyone that there is no such thing for a person that doesn't suffer from a tumor or gigantism.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
176 cm for sure
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/17
where has my name gone Rob?? I still can't type it in, I'm Little sue x
Editor Rob: in your browser, find the privacy/cookie settings and clear any cookies for this site...then you should be able to add a name again.
Swtt said on 12/Dec/17
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Who is bigger built out of Sam Stosur & Serena? And who would win in an arm wrestle? Lol
Josh 6'0 said on 10/Dec/17
She looks 5'10.5 with mcenroe and Nadal tbh
xyz said on 7/Dec/17
Serena looks taller than Michelle Obama who is at least 5'10 or may be a bit more than that. Both are in sports shoes in the first pic. Also Michelle Obama looks tiny in size compared to Serena in the 2nd pic. Serena should be around 5'10-5'10.5.
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Swtt said on 26/Oct/17
Serena looks much taller than Sam Stosur, similar build but seems to have smaller arms. There's not many female tennis players with bigger arms than Serena! The question is who would win in an arm wrestle between Serena Williams & Sam Stosur?
Nona said on 23/Oct/17
John McEnroe looks so tiny compared to Serena in those pics. I'm not talking height but physique. I'm sure he has lost muscle mass with age but Serena looks like she can easily cradle carry J Mac there. Just look at the comparison of their legs, Serena easily weighs 25 lbs more only in the legs.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Oct/17
I think Mike is 2 cm taller than Serena, not 1, but he looks to have the advantage in that pic standing straighter with his arm around Serena and if you look, Serena appears to be bending her knee while Mike is not: Click Here So that could explain why the difference looks more than 2 cm.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 6/Oct/17
Oohhh! Question rob! Who do you think would maybe measure a mm taller, Tom Hardy or Serena Williams? It’s a toss up for me.
Editor Rob: both could be argued to be 9.25, I understand it...
Johnson said on 2/Oct/17
No upgrade for her? She is taller than tennis players that Rob list them at 5'9

He looks just only like 1 cm less than Mike Tyson.
Editor Rob: I'm not sure only 1cm...

maybe Tyson saying he measured himself 5ft 10, and Serena claiming 5ft 9 isn't so far-fetched.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
She's clearly bending her knee in the photos I've seen with Tyson. She's a legit 5'9"-5'9.25". That's why the average guess is a solid 176 cm. No way is she 5'8".
Life with loopy said on 29/Sep/17
She's two inches shorter than legit 5'10 Mike Tyson. She's between 5'8 and 5'8 1/2 at most. She appears to look taller in other instances because of her amazing muscular physique.

No way she's 150lbs. I'm 5'9 and when I used to weigh 150, I looked like a walking stick figure. This woman is large and extremely fit. Her legs and butt alone appear to weigh 150 or more. She walks around 200 +lbs easy. Very strong and beautiful lady.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/17
@Johnson: I'd say 5'9.25" seems likely. She probably just doesn't bother with the 1/4" as many don't. I believe some other Tennis players have thought she's 5'10"-5'11", but I think a solid 5'9" with Serena's presence probably accounts for that.
Johnson said on 26/Sep/17
@Rising I have been trying to convince Rob since a long time ago... I know Serena is taller than 5'9 flat
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
Either Angelique Kerber is more 5'6.5" than 5'7" or Serena is taller than a flat 5'9": Click Here

She looks a bit taller than 5'9" listed Caroline Wozniacki as well: Click Here Click Here

No wonder McEnroe thought she was taller! Click Here Click Here Click Here

If McEnroe is still 5'11" -- let alone the 6' he claims to have magically grown to -- it makes sense he'd see Serena taller than 5'9", whether a strong 5'9" like I'm guessing Serena or the flat 5'9" she's listed here. Of course, most who are say, 5'9 1/4" won't include the 1/4" even if they're being honest, but will just round to the nearest number.
JJAK said on 18/Sep/17
Mmm I always liked watching her play tennis her build looks good to me.
I'm a big 5 8 and 190lb man dont see her weighing over 150 but women can be hard to guess.
Reminds me of a lovely lady I knew who was 5 9.. but that is a story for another time.
Im 171CM said on 31/Aug/17
68in flat looks about right for her...
Charlie Robbins said on 26/Aug/17
Actually Serene weighs 185 pounds, at 5 ft 9, the BMI for that is overweight
Johnson said on 31/Jul/17
With Nadal

Click Here
Johnson said on 31/Jul/17
Obvious she is closer to 5'10 than 5'9
Tyson said on 24/Jul/17
I guess about 182.5 lbs
even said on 17/Jul/17
shes a legit 5 foot 9 . she weighs at least 150 pounds in my opinion .
Editor Rob:

Tennis associations don't even weigh or measure players. They pick up figures from coaches/athletes or make it up.

Serena is closer to 200 pounds than 150.
Chris said on 17/Jul/17
Looks about 4-5 inches shorter than Davenport who is listed as 6"2.5 and is nothing under it next to others. Serena is 5"9.5 at least looks 2.5 inches or at most three inches shorter than sister they even have said this in interviews.
Pierric said on 8/Jul/17
Halep is a round 166.
even said on 7/Jul/17
shes 5 foot 9
Jordan said on 9/Jun/17
Looked about an inch shorter than 5'9" Belinda Bencic in this photo. Maybe it's just the angle. Click Here
Mark(5'9.25") said on 2/Jun/17
Also, she's really a beast in Tennis.
Nona said on 14/May/17
@Rett, Garbine Muguruza is the solid 182 cms she is listed at. She is also very well built at 175 lbs
david said on 8/May/17
@Johnson. she is female dont be like those people who call her male. follower
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Apr/17
Rob, I think Serena could be a bit above 5'9" flat just like me or she could edge me out in person.
Rett said on 12/Apr/17
How tall do you think Garbine Muguruza is compared to Serena? Is the 5'11.75 (1.82m) she claims possible?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 29/Mar/17
serena could edge me out in person. I'd say 177 cm would be more suitable.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/17
@ Johnson - πŸ‘ I don't even watch tennis! I saw her with Ellen and thought "what a tall lady!"
Johnson said on 16/Mar/17
@Sandy Cowell I agree, I've been watching pics of Serena for a while. He is over flat 5'9 for sure
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/17
I am watching Serena on an Ellen show repeat from last November - complete with Christmas decorations!
She looks very tall! I'd say 5ft9 and a half, comparing her to one of my favourite measuring sticks, and that is Ellen de Generes herself!
Dom said on 10/Mar/17
Serena is a little bit over 5'10' and always looks this.
Johnson said on 5/Mar/17
I hope one day Rob realizes Serena is taller than Bouchard
Grek said on 1/Mar/17
Rob, when will you make a page for Simona Halep? She looks so tiny next to Serena, about 10 cms smaller I would say
Johnson said on 18/Feb/17
Serena and McEnroe

Click Here
Swtt said on 17/Feb/17
Serena Williams looking small next to Lindsay Davenport!

Click Here
Realist said on 16/Feb/17
She's my height of 176.5cms and weight 185 lbs but she's all muscle
Johnson said on 16/Feb/17
@Johan she is taller than Bouchard. Compare Serena with the other female players, Azarenka, Wozniacki, Ivanovic. She is close to 177 cm... 5'9.5 exactly
Johan said on 16/Feb/17
Williams is 5'9" jeez she is being honest, her older sister is a 6 footer not 6'1".

That girl Coco looks 5'10.5" max from those pics Pierric, unless Davenport is actually 6'3" range. She is a good 3 in taller and even has bent legs lol.
Lmeister said on 16/Feb/17
Serena is 5ft9 and 180-185lbs. There is no way she'd be 200-210 lbs. She is a muscular woman, but she isn't monster sized. 5ft9 and 200-210 lbs is massive, if you have her muscle definition.
Nona said on 15/Feb/17
@swtt, coco is taller than Serena by at least 3" but Serena outweighs coco by about 10 lbs and is also much more muscular than coco. Her arms and legs especially are huge compared to coco even though they both have very broad shoulders.
Swtt said on 15/Feb/17
Coco is taller and bigger built than Serena! I bet she would beat Serena in an arm wrestle lol
Pierric said on 30/Jan/17
Nona, Coco Vandeweghe is absolutly NOT 6' 1"
With 6'3" Horia Tecau :
Click Here

With Serena Williams :
Click Here

With 189 cms Lindsay Davenport (I 've never seen Davenport with mega heels lol) :
Click Here

And with Kim Clijsters. It's true Kim had about an advantage of 3-4 cms with her heels this day. (I cannot found again the pic where we can see it but I'd sent it to Rob by mail, maybe he kept it, but I remember rob gave to me an estimation of 181 for Coco) In the picture, Clijsters who's 173 barefoot, was about 179 in heels. Coco looks for me 183 in sneakers so 180-181 berfoot is possible. Near serena Williams I'd put her at 179-180.

Click Here

Coco Vandeweghe is around 180 (5'11") for me...
Nona said on 30/Jan/17
Serena - 5'10" & 190 lbs
Venus - 6'1" & 170 lbs
Coco Vandeweghe - 6'1" & 180 lbs
Mirjana Lucic Baroni - 5'11" & 170 lbs

These were the 4 semi finalists at the Australian Open. One of the heaviest line ups in any Grand Slam semi final in recent times
Pierric said on 28/Jan/17
My brother, a nutritionist doctor and coach estimates her weight at 190-200 lbs range and about 170 for Venus.
James said on 26/Jan/17
Wow 210 pounds for a 5'9 female is ridiculous, its amazing she can even run with that weight. Elite genetics and athleticism of course.
whatisgod said on 25/Jan/17
google says 155 lbs... she looks closer to 200
Editor Rob: Serena once claimed something ridiculous like 140-150 pounds.

She could look like a 210 pound women at times.

I mean Jenny today is exactly 150 pounds and a good 1.25 inches smaller than Serena...looks like a twig compared to Serena.
Kurtz said on 16/Jan/17
185 pounds
Chris said on 30/Dec/16
No way her new fiancΓ© is 6"5. Does not look anywhere near that
Nona said on 26/Dec/16
Guess both the Hadid's together outweigh Serena by about 20 lbs
Johnson said on 25/Dec/16
@Rob You should check the pictures of Serena Williams and Michelle Obama. They are very similar in height. Perhaps Serena 176.5 cm Michelle Obama 179 cm
Pierric said on 11/Dec/16
176 for me
Chris297 said on 15/Nov/16
Same height as fognini who is 5"10. You should add muguruzza since she is a French open champion
SAK said on 6/Oct/16
Definitely no lower than 5'9.
Just said on 25/Sep/16
At WTA Serena's use to be listed at 174 cm. I see they have changed it now...
Johnson said on 24/Sep/16
@lucy Serena looks 1 cm less than Gigi Hadid and 2 cm more than Bella, yes!
lucy said on 24/Sep/16
With Bella and Gigi Hadid, they're wearing the same Versace shoes Click Here
Johno said on 15/Sep/16
5'9 up latw morning but probably more a top 5'8-ranger.
Chris789 said on 31/Aug/16
I wouldn't be surprised if she was 5"10 she looks it next to kerber Bouchard etc. she is listed 5"10 most places including Rio apart from the wta website. There was once a 179/180 listing in the early 2000s. To me she looks only 3 ins tops smaller than Venus. Serena has a habit of doing funny leg tilts in photos which make her look smaller.
jon said on 18/Aug/16
yh I could see her maybe around 176cm but no more, Likely a solid 5'9 maybe 5'9- 5'9.25 I dont see her as high as 5'10, Yh she is the greatest women player, very powerful women
Aza said on 15/Aug/16
'Thanks for the mammaries......!' Oh yeah....good listing.
Swtt said on 13/Aug/16
Click Here
Serena Williams once again looking fairly average in build next to singer Jennifer Hudson. Another celeb who proves Serena's arms aren't as big as everyone makes out lol
heightchecker34 said on 31/Jul/16
Serena Williams is 5'9-5'9.25 range player. The greatest female tennis player of all time and a powerhouse as well! She measures well against other 5'9 players such as Eugenie Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki, and Madison Keys. She does have muscular shoulders and powerful thighs. A definite beast and future Hall of Famer!
Swtt said on 22/Jul/16
Lindsay Davenport actually looks a lot taller and broader than Serena!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jul/16
5'9.25 (176) is possible but she definitely aint 5'10-11, no idea what Lindsay was thinking when she said 5 ft 11!
Editor Rob: maybe from her perspective she really thought Serena looked nearer 5ft 11 up close, it could be just she has a presence that fooled Davenport.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jul/16
She does look a bit above a flat 5'9 with Nadal here Click Here Something like 6'2.25 (189) for Lindsay might be about right.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jul/16
Rob, yeah she doesn't look over 5'9 range with some people but it's curious that Lindsay thought she was neared 5 ft 11, here they are together Click Here She claims 6'2.5 I think and often looks it. Serena can look neared 5'10 there but the angle not good. Perhaps she just has what I call Borgnine syndome, 5'9 range but can look taller at times!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jul/16
Rob, what are the chances of taller? I was watching the Wimbledon final and John McEnroe said something like "what is she really?" (in height) like he thought her listing was understated. And then Lindsey Davenport said she thought she was nearer 5 ft 11!! McEnroe thought she was 5'10.5. Seems funny that they'd think she was taller as obviously they've both stood next to her and Lindsey would have been a lot taller if she was just 5'9!
Editor Rob: you could say she falls into a strong 5ft 9 range, but if Andy Murray is the 187.5cm he claimed, I can't see serena more than 5ft 9...
Lol said on 17/Jul/16
Use some common sense people. How the hell would a 5'9'' athletic woman be 200 lbs?
Swtt said on 29/Jun/16
Click Here

This is another example of Serena next to Bevy Smith looking pretty average height and not as big build as everyone makes out.
nona said on 28/Jun/16
Watching Serena play her Wimbledon 1st round match against a Swiss girl called Amra Sadikovic who is listed at 6'1" & 167 lbs. Serena is twice as big as this girl from head to toe but is listed at 150 lbs. Just does no tmake sense.
Rigged said on 25/Jun/16
She has to be at least 200 lbs she is so big weighty strong and overpowering
Pierric said on 14/Jun/16
Non, Coco Vandeweghe is around 5'11 tall. No way she's 6'1. And she looks 170 lbs..
plus said on 6/Jun/16
Serena is 177 cm tall
plus said on 5/Jun/16
I would bet some money that she is taller than Taylor Swift
Nona said on 28/May/16
@v nice comparison pics of Serena & Kerber. No doubt that Kerber is one of the stronger girls on tour but the pics with Serena make her look tiny. Especially the one where they have turned around. That pic shows the difference in their sizes, Serena is broader from head to toe. My guess is Kerber is 5'7" & 160 lbs whereas Serena is 5'9" & 190 lbs
Swtt said on 20/May/16
Yes Taylor Townsend looks the broadest out of all of them! Funny seeing someone that actually makes Serena look petite and normal build!
nona said on 12/May/16
Jeez, all those girls are so tall and huge and Taylor Townsend at 5'7" is the shortest amongst them. Her shoulders are humongous and even the mighty Serena looks tiny hext to Taylor. I'm taking a guess on the height sand weights of the girls in the pic as below
Taylor Townsend - 5'7", 190 lbs
Serena Williams - 5'9", 185 lbs
Venus Williams - 6'2", 180 lbs
Coco vandeweghe - 6'1", 175 lbs
Mary Joe Fernandez - 5'10", 160 lbs
swtt said on 13/Mar/16
Click Here

Check out how petite Serena looks next to Taylor Townsend on the left lol. Think Taylor would Deffo win at arm wrestling out of the two of them!
v said on 17/Feb/16
Serena next to Angelique Kerber at the Australian Open 2016. Kerber is listed between 5'7 and 5'8 and 150 lbs, which seems reasonable. From the pictures one can clearly see Serena is 2-3 inches taller and at least 50 lbs heavier. My guess is Serena is about 200 - 210 lbs.
Click Here
Moke said on 4/Feb/16
I very much doubt Serena weighs 190 lbs, lol.
tiny said on 3/Feb/16
I take back my words. Realised during the prize distribution that thought Kerber is a strong girl she is nowhere close to Serena in size. Kerber's arms and legs are close to Serena's but her shoulders, chest & butt are tiny compared to Serena's. Kerber who is a 5'7" & 175 lbs is a big girl but compared to Serena is very petite. Serena can give any NFL linebacker a run for his money with those broad as a barn door shoulders and tree trunk like legs
tiny said on 30/Jan/16
Watching the Australian Open Women's final right now and if anything Serena's opponent Angelique Kerber has got arms and legs that are as big as Serena's. Both of them are easily the strongest women on tour right now and the only other girl who is close to them is the German Sabine Lisciki whose legs are just like huge tree trunks and are easily bigger than Serena's. I'm assuming Serena weighs 190 lbs, Angelique is 180 lbs and sabine Lisciki is 185 lbs. These 3 are the strongest girls on tour.
Tunman said on 4/Dec/15
I'm not sure she would be as high as 190 lbs.Maybe 180 tops.Remember that an important thing in Tennis is to keep mobility which becomes harder with more weight.175-80 is possible because she's a rare example of a large framed woman who manages to stay fast.
Tennis weight listings are funny,they still keep Sharapova at 130 lbs when she must be around 155-60.
Pierric said on 29/Nov/15
Kerber 169, Stosur 169, Radwanska 170, Kuznetsova 172, Jankovic 172-173, Wozniacki 174-175, Safarova 174-175, Bouchard 175, Serena 176, Lisicki 176-177, Azarenka 179-180, Hantuchova 180, Ivanovic 181, Kvitova 181, Vandeweghe 181, Vaidisova 181, Pliskova 183, Venus 184-185, Sharapova 185.
plus said on 4/Nov/15
I think she is 176 cm 5'9.25, she didn't care much about fractions when she said 5'9
Bbbbbbaaaaa said on 25/Oct/15
What about the difference in build Queen Latifah makes Serena look small built and I think Queen would destroy her in an arm wrestle! Lol
tiny said on 30/Sep/15
Yes, Serena and Queen Latifah are the same height of 5'10" and the Queen has a 3" footwear advantage in that pic with Serena. However the pic brings into perspective Serena's weight as the Queen is rumoured to be between 200 - 210 lbs and is huge compred to Serena. Going by the size of the queen, Serena nust weigh about 190 lbs
littlesue said on 28/Sep/15
Serena in flat heels and Queen probably in heels which would explain the bigger height diference
Bbbbbbaaaaa said on 26/Sep/15
Check out a pic of Serena next to Queen Latifah! She actually looks timy in comparison!
Bbbbbbaaaaa said on 26/Sep/15
Click Here
Dom said on 14/Sep/15
Roberto what are you talking about?! Serena is indeed very large and tall for a woman but she doesn't look over 175 pounds which is still pretty heavy..
Vincent said on 11/Sep/15
I met Serena briefly a couple of years ago. I am a 5' 7' , 200 pound power lifter and she was twice my size., she is easily 5' 11' and 200 or more pounds. She is symmetricel but compared to Roberta Vinci who is 5' 4 ' and 132 Serena looks like a line backer. by the way Roberta won in the semi final. Viva Italia
Roberto said on 6/Sep/15
Hey Tennishead, what have you been smoking? Serena Williams is 170 lbs? Maybe when she was 8 yrs old. With a build like that she absolutely tilts the scales at a minimum of 215 lbs. I bet she could squat damned close to nfl linemen averages. A 170 lb wimp would look like the straw man compared to this brute. Her massive ass and legs are a pretty good bet on the power source dept if you haven't noticed. My girlfriend weighs in at 253 (she's on a new diet) and doesn't look more than 5 lbs heftier than Serena. I assume you report your weight as 50 lbs lighter also? Hey if your ass was in a butter tub like Serena's would you really care either way? I know I wouldn't..
Shut up said on 29/Aug/15
Some folks with their stupid frivolous comments. She is not huge or a amazion women. Who cares what she looks like compared to a smaller woman. Compare her to someone with her own dynamics. She is a athlete with a "athletic build" she is also african american which you cannot compare to a caucasian who fits the exact measurements on the bmi chart. The body compsition and visceral fat will never be the same ever. Serena will never be white girl thin, and she is ok with that. Not everyone wants to look like that. She is thick she is fit she is a amazing black athlete.
AlexR said on 27/Jul/15
She has to be at least 5'9.5 looks tall
184.3cm (Night) said on 15/Jul/15
Why are people saying she is 5'11? Serena herself claims 5'9.
Neil Craig said on 13/Jul/15
If Serena has claimed to be 5ft 9in, how can Michelle Obama, claiming to be 5ft 11in (and pictured together on her husband's page, pictured together with Serena in similar footwear) be that height, as they appears to be, at best, less than 0.5in in height difference?
xcvb said on 13/Jul/15
There is no chance that Serena is only 5'8. There are many pics proving that she is a bit taller than 177cm wozniacki.
Also I have seen a madame Tussaud's wax statue(which uses proper measurements of celebrities) of Serena in which she is standing in a completely straight posture with sports shoes. I am a guy of 5'7(170cm) and was reaching only upto her eyebrows. Also i felt that my skinny arms and legs looked like matchsticks compared to hers :P
Dylan said on 9/Jul/15
Look at pictures her with Laila Ali, who's 5'10....there's no way that Laila is only an inch taller and they're both wearing similar size sneakers.

5'8 at absolute best.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 4/Jul/15
She was 4"-4.5" shorter than Mariah Sharapova in person (who was around 6'1.5").
gene said on 30/Jun/15
The issue here is if she is lying about her size..not if she is large. If you are large just admit to it. Nobody is saying she isnt a great tennis player, people are just getting sick of this weight of someone way smaller and a head half the size. Cmon just admit your big and go on with it.
Kenn said on 29/Jun/15
I saw her practice in Miami. She's 5'10 eye to eye with me when I got her autograph. But I was surprised at how lean she was. I don't know why the camera makes it seem that way. But she doesn't look like a bodybuilder or anything. She just looks fit. I've seen more muscular girls on the volleyball team in college. Weight is a tricky thing to judge. I've seen girls weigh 150 and look 200 and vice versa. I did feel like she wouldn't be a challenge to lift I would guess 160lbs. Her body composition just gives the illusion she is stronger than she appears. She was actually kinda small up top.
Tania said on 15/Jun/15
@Sere: I guess they don't bother to include a height and weight check with their physical checkups? A lot of player measurements are taken when they're in their early teens and they probably forget to update it in their profiles later (there is no way Sharapova is only 130 lbs). And in tennis, knowing an opponent's exact height and weight doesn't give much of an advantage anyway, so I guess it's just not a matter of concern for tennis players at least.
Sere said on 10/Jun/15
Just can't figure it out why a professional tennis player is not sure about her height or lie about that. Those athletes' measurements should be most precise of all people.
Jewel said on 9/Jun/15
Sorry but that's chunky
tiny said on 6/Jun/15
Found a comparison of the amazonian 5'10", 185 lb Serena with tiny 5'0", 95 lb Eva Longoria, check out this link
Click Here
One of Serena's legs look as big as the whole of Eva.
tiny said on 4/Jun/15
Serena is looking absolutely huge in the french Open with massive biceps and legs. The differnce in size between her and her quarterfinal opponent Sara Errani was quite a sight. It looked like Serena could have easily hoisted the 5'2", 120 lbs Errani high into the air. There is no woman in the WTA who could come close to Serena in strength except for Sloane Stephens who has the same upper body as Serena but loses out in the legs.
Swtt said on 18/May/15
Have a look at how petite Serena looks next to Queen Latifah!! Queen Latifah would own Serena in an arm wrestle!!
Bishop said on 5/Feb/15
176 cm I would say is the best estimate for her.
Tania said on 1/Feb/15
Congratulations to Serena on Grand Slam #19! A true champion.
james said on 22/Dec/14
She's 5'9 barefoot and 5'10" with footwear
tiny said on 29/Oct/14
Check out this pic of the singles champ Serena with the doubles champs Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci.
Click Here
Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci at 5'4" are short but they are 2 powerful women. However when compared to the 5'10" Serena they look tiny. Serena can easily carry one of them on each hip at the same time.
tiny said on 28/Oct/14
Serena at 33 is much older and slower than all the young girls on tour but she is still much better than them. No one comes even close to her in terms of technique and strength. The closest challenger is Maria Sharapova who gets blown away each and every time.
Poof said on 22/Oct/14
She looks maybe 225 lbs. And taller than listed given various photos, closer to 6'. Sje's also pumped up with steriods and when she stops playing with decompress like Arnold, then balloon into sheer fat.
Tennis head said on 9/Sep/14
Clearly no one here, except one person, watches tennis or understands how tv makes you look bigger. Embarrassed.... Smh
Met her several times. She is 5'9 and approximately 170. She looks thin in person. Think people... She is number one in the world, has a six pack which means she eats a clean diet, and doesn't get her muscles from weight lifting. Please do some research and stop the foolish guessing. Just research! Simple.
tiny said on 9/Sep/14
If Kei Nishikori had won the men's title at the US Open the pic of the men's & women;s champs together would have made for a interesting comparison. Serena (5'10", 180 lbs) is not only taller and heavier than Nishikori (5'9", 168 lbs) but she is way more muscular with bigger biceps, broader shoulders and thicker legs.
hug said on 7/Sep/14
Serena I 6.0 tall, sister Venus is 6'2". I way 205 and she is way more muscled than me and more heavily boned
travis said on 7/Sep/14
There is a big big difference between taylor townsend and serena. Serena is a muscular master built athlete. Townsend is a sloppy waste of potenetial that needs to drop 30 pounds if she ever wants to maximize that potential and be a top wta player.
tiny said on 2/Sep/14
Serena is looking so much smaller at the US Open. Her trademark big chest, thick legs and butt are all much smaller. Guess she weighs only about 170lbs now
Dom said on 16/Aug/14
Always looks a solid 5'10" or even 5'10,5"
tiny said on 6/Aug/14
Taylor Townsend is a supremely fit athlete just like Serena. Its not the height or weight but the game that matters. Thats why we have skinny champions like Sharapova & Ivanovic and well built champions like Serena & Kvitova
swtt said on 28/Jul/14
Taylor Townsend looks a lot bigger built than Serena! She could snap Serena in 2 with ease! It's weird seeing Serena stood next to someone who actually makes her look skinny.
Pierric said on 8/Jul/14
It's strange she was listed at 161 lbs during games in 2012...
Click Here
tiny said on 5/Jul/14
The 2 German amazons Sabine Lisciki (5'11. 154 lbs) and Angelique Kerber (5'8", 160 lbs) are as powerful as Serena. Infact Angelique has huge legs that are way thicker than Serena and Sabine is just as thick as Serena. Wonder what these German girls do to develop such strong legs. Inface Angelique's arms are alsmost as thick as Sharapova's legs
pierric said on 3/Jul/14
Mauresmo is about 174 :
Click Here

Serena and Mauresmo (mot a goo pic but we could estimate her at 175 here):
Click Here
and here, 175 max :
Click Here

Serena is somewhere near 176 cms...
pierric said on 3/Jul/14
Looks sometines near 177 cms.
Look at her near Mary Pierce (178 cms)
Click Here
And Mary Pierce had very flat heels...
Click Here
Gaza2121 said on 23/Jun/14
Is there any other photos of them two?
mina said on 21/Jun/14
@tiny, @Peter Gregory: here is the official wta website listed Caroline Wozniacki player's profile as being 5'10"

Click Here
tiny said on 18/Jun/14
@Mina: Wozniaki is not an inch over 5'8", dont know where the 5'10" for her came from. The pic you have posted gives a nice comparison of Serena's massive upper body with another athlete's. I'm guessing Wozniaki's weight as 155 lbs compared to Serena's 185 lbs
Peter Gregory said on 4/Jun/14
She say 5'8
mina said on 1/Jun/14
She is not 5'9". Here's a picture of her and Caroline Wozniacki (listed as 5'10") taken this week a few days after her 2nd round loss. From that picture she looks about 2 inches taller than Caroline. So I would think that she is almost 6 feet tall.

Click Here
tiny said on 26/May/14
Serena is at her biggest at the French Open. She looks absolutely huge, dont know if its her clothes or she has really piled on the muscle. She is easily in the 185 - 190lbs range. Looks like her lower body alone weighs as much as the whole of Maria Sharapova
hwood34 said on 24/May/14
There is no way she is her listed weight. Her legs combined weigh 135
SAK said on 19/May/14
Compared to general public she is tall. Compared to other female tennis players she is average.
Azarenka(6f0), Kvitova(6f0) and Sharapova(6f1.5) are tall girls. Not being overly tall has helped Serena in the movement and athleticism department on top of being highly skilled and powerful.
Dom said on 30/Apr/14
she's at the very minimum 5'10 but she looks closer to 5'10,5"
tiny said on 27/Apr/14
@Ria: Serena has a nice height but what she is noticed for is her huge muscular physique with those tree trunk like legs, big butt and wide as a barn door shoulders
tiny said on 25/Jan/14
Sloane Stephens is defnitely the next Serena Williams. Not only does she have the powerful game that Serena has but she has the same body with huge muscular shoulders and thick arms.
tiny said on 10/Jan/14
@Sheryl: Sharapova is about 5" taller than Serena and much thinner everywhere so she is a twig compared Serena. Those tree trunk like legs of Serena with that huge rack weigh as much as the whole of Sharapova.
Sheryl said on 3/Jan/14
They are both lying! Sharapova looks like shes a twig today so that would make her about 75 pounds?!
tiny said on 30/Dec/13
Was watchign Sloane Stephens play in the Hopmans Cup and she is just a spitting image of Serena Williams. Like Serena she has huge muscular shoulders and arms and is just as powerful in the upper body. Its just in the lower body where Serena is stronger with her tree trunk like legs. Guess as Sloane gets older she will become be bigger than Serena. As is their habit the WTA has listed Sloane at 135 lbs and this is a joke just as Serena's listing of 145 lbs. I guess that if anything Sloane is just about 10 lbs lighter than Serena and that would make her atleast 170 compared to serena;s 180.
tiny said on 24/Dec/13
Is there a pic of Taylor Townsend with Maria Sharapova anywhere on the net? Would love to see one as Maria would tower over Taylor but with her superior strenght taylor could snap Maria into two.
tiny said on 11/Dec/13
@Swtt: Nice comparison pic. Serena certainly looks tiny next to Taylor Townsend who is listed at 5'6" & 170 lbs. Guess since Serena is about 4" taller she and Taylor both weigh about the same. However I am sure taylor will only get taller, bigger and stronger so she is going to be the next big thing (pun unintended) in womens tennis
Swtt said on 2/Dec/13
This is Serena looking tiny next to 17 year old Taylor Townsend!! Serena seems to be getting skinnier!! Taylor will only get bigger lol. Click Here
Dom said on 6/Nov/13
She's not under 5'10, might be a little more, she's almost the same height as Azarenka who's about 6'0
tiny said on 23/Oct/13
@Christopher: Yes Serena does have broad shoulders and a small waist for a girl her build which gives her the V shape of a swimmer but that is where the comparison with a swimmers body stops. Infact there are many swimmers on the US Olympic team with shoulders broader than Serena bu these girls are all over 6 ft tall and not as muscular as Serena. All these girls weigh between 170 & 190 lbs so I guess Serena should atleast weight as much as 190
Christopher said on 6/Oct/13
Click Here

see picture (url, above)

Serena is listed (on the WTA) as being 5 foot 9",
Jankovic is listed as 5 foot 9 1/2
now, i watched Serena and JJ very closely during the presentation ceremony
and Serena* looks at least an inch (almost two, i would say) taller
than Jankovic... which would make her (approximately) 5 foot 10 1/2....

That was (i promise you) the height that Serena was listed at, back
in 2000, 2001 - before she (quite mysteriously) 'lost' an inch, circa

you could (til fairly recently) find archived SI and WTA webpages
(from 2000, 2001), in which Serena's was height listed at 5 foot 10
1/2, too...

* regardless of the mane of hair etc.

Just as a personal aside, I have seen her close-up (being at tennis tournaments etc.) and Serena really does not look 5 ft 9 to me. Obviously, that is a perceptual thing but still... Also, i have seen lots of tennis players and
Serena really isn't especially 'big' or 'muscular' etc.
i can think of several female players have more developed muscles etc. etc. - they just aren't as famous, in the public imagination.... Physically, she has broad shoulders and narrow-ish waist. A swimmer-kind of build, really.
Zico said on 27/Sep/13
Serena is as tall as Azarenka, I can't link a pic search for her when she's collecting her medals for 2012 olympics and you'll see she is the same height
Sean73 said on 15/Sep/13
tiny said on 9/Sep/13
guess Azarenka's recently added power and weight are still not enough to challange Serena. Azarenka is abt 3" taller than Serena and both are about 180 lbs but guess serena is just more muscular and powerful
guru said on 8/Sep/13
Lets get real here...Serena is over 200 lbs easy, not that it really matters..I am the same height as her, and her legs are three times as thick, her arms are double mine, and she has breasts too..
avi said on 8/Sep/13
A lot of the huge comments refer to her muscular build not height. She's probably barely 5'9 and weighs 170-180
tiny said on 6/Sep/13
@MD: there are a lot of folks here who say that Serena is huge. My posts are to prove that there are girls who are bigger than Serena
tiny said on 4/Sep/13
Victoria Azarenka has gained a lot of weight and looks huge now. Was shocked to see her at the US Open. Luckily her extra weight has made her more powerful and not sluggish. She was a healthy 160 lbs earlier but now I think is closer to 180 lbs.
tiny said on 3/Sep/13
Is Sloane Stephens the next Serena? Her upper body (shoulders, arms & back) are as muscular as Serena's but Serena has more powerful legs. Sloane is only 20 so she will only get more muscular & powerful. Guess in another 2 yeras she will be as strong as serena specially since serena isnt getting any younger.
tiny said on 14/Aug/13
Click Here
Click Here
Check out these 2 lovely pics of the 6'5", 267 lbs amazon Valerie Adams. Now she is who you can call huge and not Serena.
neve said on 11/Aug/13
Serena is neither the tallest nor the heaviest person on the WTA tour. To me, another black woman she looks perfectly normal, so it always confuses me to hear people say how 'big' or 'powerful' she looks, when other women on the tour look just as big and powerful to me. Seems to me something else makes her look bigger to some.
Height 5'9" weight 150-155 lb
tiny said on 5/Aug/13
Click Here
In the pic is the 6'4", 210 lb (95 Kg) German Discus thrower Julia Fischer who is aged just 23. Serena is nowhere as strong as this amazonian german youngster and I am sure Julia is only going to get bigger & stronger as she gets older
tiny said on 5/Aug/13
Click Here
Check out this couple who have to be the biggest in the sporting world. He is Robert Harting (6'7" & 280 lbs) the world & olympic champion in discus. She is his girlfriend Julia Fischer (6'4" & 210 lbs) the under 23 world champion in women's discus.
LatinoHeat said on 6/Jul/13
Serena is minimum 5'10"....stood next to her at LAX. Very muscular (probably weighs 190-200lbs, but 100% solid)
tiny said on 1/Jul/13
@silent d: hard to believe that Serena weighs only 2 kgs more that Azarenka. Yes Azarenka (6'0") & Sharapova (6'2") are taller than the 5'9" Serena but considering how muscular serena is I am sure she weighs atleast 85 kgs compared to Azarenka & Sharapova who weigh about 75 kgs
Silent d said on 26/Jun/13
Tiny venus is 6 foot 1 and serena is 176cm. Someone on sharapova's pg said serena was 88kg and azarenka was 80kg. I think serena is about 82kg and azarenka is about 80kg. Serena just looks huge because if she was taller, it won't look like she is built like a tank. 176cm.
K said on 23/Jun/13
Both Serena Williams and Valerie Vili show that you can't judge fitness by weight, alone. Both athletes are in much better shape than millions of young women who have the "right" weight for their height. Women vary in musculature and bone thickness just like men do.
tiny said on 19/Jun/13
Was watching a rerun of the Olympic Doubles Final where Venus & serena were playing against a Czech team and tho the czech girls were tall & big (both about 5'10" & 160 lbs) they were made to look tiny when they stood with the Williams sisters. Serena at 5'10" is about 4 shorter than the 6'2" Venus but she looks huge with her broad shoulders and thick arms & legs when compared to Venus who is also muscular but thinner. Serena would be about 185 lbs & venu sabout 180 lbs. Quite an intimidating pair of women.
anon said on 13/Jun/13
Valerie Vili is indeed a woman of amazonic proportions, just scroll down on the link posted and check out this pic: Click Here
The girl next to Valerie Vili is the American sprinter Allyson Felix who is 5'6" & 125 lbs and she looks like a small school girl compared to Valerie Vili.
tiny said on 13/Jun/13
Serena is neither a giant nor an amazon, she is just tall, well built, muscular woman. The only giant / amazon in the world of sport is Valerie Vili the World & Olympic Shot Put Champion from New Zealand. Valerie Vili is 6'5" & weighs 267 lbs with massive shoulders and tree trunk like legs. Other shot putters who are usually very big girls appear tiny when they stand next to Valerie Vili so you can imagine how she woul dcompare next to a normal woman or for that matter even a normal man.
anon said on 9/Jun/13
What an amazing size comparison between Serena Williams and Sara Errani. Even though Errani at 132 lbs is well built for her 5'4" frame, Serena looked like a giant next to her. The Indian tennis player Sania Mirza who is a big girl at 5'8" & 154 lbs once said that she was shocked at how huge Serena looked across the net. So I guess it is safe too say that Serena is easily atleast a minimum of 175 lbs
tiny said on 7/Jun/13
Thank god the WTA has chosen to change Serena's listed weight to 154 lbs. Earlier she was listed at 132 lbs which is the same weight as the 5'4" Sara Errani who Serena just devoured in the French Open Semi Final. Personally I feel Serena is closer to 175 lbs considering her huge frame with those thick legs and broad shoulders.
Bionic46 said on 6/Jun/13
Serena weights at least 185 lbs! 155 what a joke!!
tiny said on 3/Jun/13
Wishing for a Serena v/s Azarenka final at the French Open as Azarenka has added some muscle onto her 6'0" frame and is the only girl who can give Serena a fight.
Dom said on 21/May/13
She's built like the hulk and kind of acts like that too sometimes.. 5'9,5" at least
tiny said on 13/May/13
Serena overpowers Maria Sharapova again, makes it 12-0 in meetings since 2004. There has never been a more dominating and physically superior No 1 in women's tennis when compared to the No 2 player. Unless Maria adds some muscle to her super skinny 6'2" frame there is no way she is goin to beat Serena
tiny said on 8/Apr/13
Serena seems to be only getting better and stronger with age. She was always muscular and huge compared to the other girls but nowadays this fact is even more visible. Just the other day in the family circle cup final she was standing with Jelena Jankovic who is the same height as Serena but serena looked so huge next to Jankovic. Serena's shoulders are broader then most men's shoulders
nona said on 8/Apr/13
Serena is dominating her older, taller sister quite easily. Despite venus at 6'2" enjoying a 5" height advantage she has never managed to dominate Serena except early on in Serena's career. Guess Serena is way too powerful for even her own sister, so god save the other girls who are so tiny compared to these 2 amazons.
Dennis said on 3/Apr/13
I saw Serena as she came out of the Eastbourne tennis tournament in 2012. I was standing a couple of meters away from her whilst a crowd of people surrounded her. I'm exactly 5 ft 8 (5 ft 8.5 when in the morning) and she seemed 1-1.5 inches taller than me - she is particularly imposing due to her musculature. That would confirm that she is indeed 5 ft 9 ( and almost, if not, 5 ft 10). However, I do remember her mentioning during an interview that before each match she heavily wraps her feet in bandages for protection. This, along with her trainers/sneakers, could potentially add a slight 0.5 inch or so.
nona said on 11/Mar/13
The only girl amongst the current top ones who is close to Serena in strength is Petra Kvitova who at 6'1" & 85 kgs with broad shoulders and muscular arms. Where Serena is superior is her core which is rock hard compared to Kvitova's jelly belly
JoeMike said on 15/Jan/13
Girls weight is extremely different then the weight of a to the dude that said she is easily 200 pounds, time to learn a little bit lol she is in the area of 150-160
SAK said on 7/Jan/13
Wta is not good reference for height listings. Serena is 5f9, and when playing the final of Brisbane 2013, was taking photos with Pavlyuchenkova (who is listed as 5f10). But she looked a good inch shorter then Serena. So in actual fact P'chenkova is more like 5f8.
nona said on 26/Nov/12
The strongest female athlete in the world will have serena nowhere in the comparison. This would be between Valerie Adams (6'5" & 267 lbs) the Olympic & World Shot Put Champion from New Zealand and Gaby Garcia (6'4" & 236 lbs) the Jiu Jitsu champion from Brazil. Both these girls are amazonian in build and real towers of power
tiny said on 16/Nov/12
there is a pic of Serena, Venus & Eva Longoria on the web and the 5'0", 100 lb Eva looks like a small school girl next to the 2 amazonian Williams sisters. Serena is so broad compared to Eva that she can easily carry the tiny Eva and place her on her huge hips
nona said on 14/Nov/12
Valerie Adams (6'5" & 267 lbs) can easily bench press the tiny Serena Williams (5'9" & 180 lbs0
Copnovelist195 said on 9/Nov/12
Serena walked past me at the Eastbourne tournament and believe me, she's at least 5ft10. For many years her weight was listed at 135lbs; that must have been when she was 11 or 12 years old. A male friend of mine who is a flabby 200 pounds and a little shorter, looks about the same size. When you think muscle weighs a lot more than flab, she's quite easily over 200 pounds. She's got a physique most men would be proud of. Sorry if this sounds ungallant. For years, I was skeptical, but as a seasoned tennis player and watcher, she IS the greatest of all time.
tiny said on 6/Nov/12
Nica pic nona, Serena's calves look as big as Maria's thighs. Also those hips of Serena's are so curvaceous that the other girls look quite boyish.
nona said on 25/Oct/12
Click Here - Check out the difference in physiques of Serena and the rest.
nano said on 11/Oct/12
For all folks saying serena is tall, big, muscular etc please take a look at Valerie Adams the shot put gold medallist at London 2012. Serena will look tiny next to the 6'5", 267 lb Valerie Adams. I had the chance to see Valerie Adams up close during the commonwealth games in India and she looked bigger & stronger than 95% of the Indian men
nona said on 10/Oct/12
SAK - Yes Serena is amongst the shorter female tennis players and since she is so broad and muscular she looks even shorter when compared to the tall & lean types like Maria Sharapova or Viktoriya Azarenka.
SAK said on 3/Oct/12
@ truth-b-told, I don't think Serena won 14 Slams with "a few good shots". She is a complete player.

standing @ 5f9 she is actually one of the shorter female players among the eilte.
anon said on 24/Sep/12
Agreed that Serena is larger than most men her height but then most 5'10" men except the overweight ones do not weight 200 to 215 lbs and serena is by no means overweight, she is just extremely muscular. forget Martina Hingis even a healthy 5'10" girl will look tiny next to serena
truth-b-told said on 19/Sep/12
Look at Serena and Martina Hingis who is 5'6.5, so Serena is about 5'10, also Serena is easily 200 to 215 average and anyone who believes she is 175lbs must be smoking something. She is larger then all the men at the same height, so why are so many people claiming she is a great athlete. She is a power player with only a few good shots.
anon said on 10/Sep/12
Was quite amazed at the fight the skinny Azarenka put up against the muscular Serena
123elle said on 9/Sep/12
When I broke 5'10," I was crushed. I thought I was some kind of biological mistake. Little did I know I would come to treasure every millimeter --- and my dauhter is even taller and loves her height. Being tall has been a blast --- not only is it an advantage at work, where I am on eye level or near it with the men, but I feel lanky anf fasnionable when I'm dressed up in my 3 inch heels. If only I'd known all this when I was 13 and growing like a weed. I was teased mercilessly and was too shy to show my athletic skills because it was "unfeminine." Well, that was last generation! But I've come to believe now that there's beauty in every height, tall or petite, as long as you take pride in your body and nourish, exercise and feed it like the great gift it is.
Gyner said on 7/Sep/12
Didn't. Serena use to be a male? Born will the name Dennis?
anon said on 5/Sep/12
As muscular as she is serena at 0nly 5'9" & 190 lbs would look like a tiny schoolgirl next to Valerie Adams the Olympic Shot Put Champion from New Zealand. Valerie Adams is 6'5" & 267 lbs of sheer muscle whose shoulders. arms & legs are huge compared to Serena
nona said on 27/Aug/12
Guess like the Dutch can boast of having the tallest women Nigeria can boast of having the strongest women. It's amzing how big the girl sin Nigeria are. On an average they stand about 5'8" & weigh close to 175 lbs. The biggest girl I have met when i was in nigeria was 6'2" & 220 lbs of solid muscle
nona said on 25/Aug/12
Cryss: U r bang on target. The similarity in the physiques of Serena and Anowa Adjah is amazing. Considering Anowa is also 5'10" & 200 lbs guess Serena is atleast 190lbs as she is not a fitness pro but a tennis player
Cryss said on 4/Aug/12
She could very well be 200 or more. She's extremely built and I suggest you all look up Anowa Adjah "The Nigerian Powerhouse" She's a personal trainer and very VERY similarly put together like Serena. Whatever her weight she looks awesome!
mister said on 16/Jun/12
Serena is 5'8 andat least 180lbs IMHO.
SAK said on 7/Feb/12
liesbling says on 23/Jan/12
I watched the match between Serena and Ekaterina Makarova and Serena is noticeably shorter than Ekaterina, who's listed as 5ft11. So Serena is at best 5ft8.
Makarova is 5ft11.5 @ worst, maybe full 6ft.
marie said on 30/Jan/12
Venus is 6ft tall
liesbling said on 23/Jan/12
I watched the match between Serena and Ekaterina Makarova and Serena is noticeably shorter than Ekaterina, who's listed as 5ft11. So Serena is at best 5ft8.
anon said on 18/Jan/12
Silent d - Ivanovic used to be about 77 kg but has lost weight now and is abt 72 kbs as u say. Serena at the Australian open must be close to 85 kgs and is by far the most muscular of all the girls playing. How much do u think Kvitove weighs, my guess is around 77 kgs
Samwise said on 12/Jan/12
Leung says on 19/Sep/11
Please post photos to support these 200 lbs claims. I am yet to see pictures of Serena looking anywhere near these outrageous claims.-----------------------------
Click Here
Click Here
Silent d said on 7/Jan/12
I always thought she was fat and huge but 70kg 176cm is not that bad. I wonder how much ivanovic weighs. She use to have big muscular arms She is skinnier now. Still the hottest. I think she is 72kg. Serena is 176cm. No argument here. Next to safina who she demolished in the australian open a few yrs ago she was about 8cm shorter than safina.
anon said on 29/Dec/11
Saw the latest pics of Serena frolicking on the beach in a teeny weeny bikini and must say that she has lost a lot of weight on her upper body around her shoulders and arms but her lower body is still huge. Her legs are bigger than most men her height. I think she now weighs about 180 lbs. A very attractive big girl.
nona said on 6/Dec/11
For all people calling Serena huge/fat/muscular etc I suggest you take a look at some of the women who do the shot put/discus and other strong woman sports to get an idea of what actually is huge for a woman. The biggest amongst all these women is the 6'5", 267 lb Valerie Vili who is a shot putter from New Zealand. To say that Valerie has got arms as big as Serena's legs will not be an understatement
VDN said on 1/Dec/11
is it good weight in 175 cm and 68 kg for male ?
nano said on 3/Nov/11
I had the chance to stand behind Serena in one of the sirport lines and to say she is huge is an understatement. I am a 5'9" decently built guy and her shoulders were much broader than mine. There was a 5'4" girl who might hav eweighed abt 140 lbs in front of Serena and the size difference betwn these 2 women was unbelievable. Serena could have easily lifted the girl in fron of her.
Joann said on 24/Oct/11
Are we forgeting muscle weighs more than fat and its obvious she has no FAT1 What ever her weight she wears it well given her height! I think she is a BRICKHOUSE!!!!
nona said on 21/Oct/11
Yeah there is no way Serena weighs 200 lbs. Considering her height and muscular frame she must be 185 lbs max. If you want to see how huge a 200+ girl looks take a look at the 5'10", 200 lb Amber Deluca or the 5'10", 240 lb Becca Swanson and you will notice how tiny Serena is compared to these amazons
Dom said on 13/Oct/11
There is no way in hell Serena weights 200, she's probably around 170-175.
anon said on 6/Oct/11
larock on 1/)ct/11 seems to have given us all the right explaination and coming from a tall athletic woman like her I think we should all accept that

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