How tall is Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal's Height

6ft ¼ in (183.5 cm)

Spanish Tennis Player, noted for his prowess on Clay courts. A winner of 22 grand slam titles during his career he claimed to be "One Eighty Seven and a half"

How tall is
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Average Guess (138 Votes)
6ft 0.28in (183.6cm)
TurtleZach4 said on 17/Sep/23

I wager that Nadal wakes up right on the 6'1 mark (185.5 cm) and at night, right before bed would be a solid 183 cm on a day off.

Tho at his worst after a match, he'll probably just be 6'0 flat
Ousmane said on 13/Sep/23
Hi Rob, what do you think Nadal’s height would be right before bed on a day off?
Nik Ashton said on 25/Aug/23
It will be interesting to find out how tall his son will end up!
noelgally said on 14/Mar/23
Nadal wears chunky court shoes and insoles so he always looks taller on the court compared to off the court pics. He's 6' max
Griffith said on 31/Jan/23
Looks about 6ft with change....good call rob
carlitos said on 4/Oct/22
@hunter, in your dreams man, guy is not more than 179 - Alcaraz. Yes Nadal looks 5 cm taller than Alcaraz, and Nadal is 183-5, that makes Alcaraz 178.5

Sebastian yatra is 176.5 cm, I am Colombian and I met him. Looks shorter than me, I am 180
Hunter said on 21/Sep/22
Alcaraz is 5'11.25. Nadal looks almost 2 inches taller than him but he has shoe advantage

@Rob, please add him
Jawilder said on 16/Sep/22
Alcaraz with 5’10.5 listed Sebastian Yatra. Looks exactly an inch.

Click Here=
Jawilder said on 16/Sep/22
Alcaraz 5’11 3/8 ?
Ruud 5’11 3/4
Nadal 6’0.25
lemon said on 11/Sep/22
Hi, Carlos Alcaraz just won US Open. Can you add him to the site? Thank You
Click Here
Pierric said on 11/Sep/22
For me :
Nadal : 183-184
Ruud : 182-183
Alcaraz : aroud 180
Jawilder said on 29/Jun/22
Yeah it seems we have a decent tennis crowd on this site. I agree with basically all of Rob’s tennis listings, the legends that is.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 28/Jun/22
He looks an inch taller than Alcaraz and a nearly a couple cm taller than Shapovalov at times...How about pages for those two, Rob? Both young guns, and there seems to be a desire for more tennis players on here!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jun/22
Federer looks like a classic flat 6ft1er, neither "weak" nor "strong". Nadal could top out at 6ft0½
Jawilder said on 13/Jun/22
Yeah I can’t see Federer over 6’1 at all. I think it is likely he dips just under 6’1 for a low. He looks to have 3/4 of an inch on Nadal most the time. Imo Rob has the big 3 listed perfectly.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/22
At times can seem 6ft0½-6ft0¾ but I'm pretty certain that pushes Federer above 6ft1, no?
Wehrmacht180 said on 12/May/22
183 cm
Jawilder said on 8/May/22
@Rampage yeah this is the best listing for him no doubt.
Sampez said on 8/May/22
185.5 out of bed
183.5 before bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/May/22
Nothing lower than 6ft
Rockaway said on 4/Mar/22
Can’t see anything above 6 flat before bed.
Rory said on 27/Feb/22
I'm pretty sure Nadals trainers are thicker than Nashs trainers there. Nash might not quite be standing as tall as Rafa either. Based on that picture I'd still say Nadal 6ft0.25 and Nash 6ft1 looks feasible.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 25/Feb/22
Nadal’s eye level is no lower than Steve Nash’s in that photo. I wish we could see the top of Rafael’s head, since that would make it definitive evidence, proving Steve Nash isn’t the full 6’1”.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 25/Feb/22
Here’s a good photo of Rafael Nadal standing next to Steve Nash:

Click Here

Rafael Nadal looks the same as Steve.
Hunter said on 1/Feb/22
@Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m

Shapovalov was listed by ATP as 6'1 but he is a bit shorter than Federer. I think he is around 6'0

Alcaraz needs a page too. 181 or 5'11.25 is a posibility
174cm spaniard said on 31/Jan/22
Now winner of 21 Grand Slams, greatest of all time.

My guess in height is a ver solid 6ft , closer to 6ft 1 ,somewhere between 184 and 185cm at noon.

Federer weak 186cm, Djokovik strong 187cm
Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 30/Jan/22
Guys like Thiem and Shapo need a page!
Inches_to_cm said on 29/Jan/22
Not to mention Tsitsipas, Medvedev and Berretini
Inches_to_cm said on 29/Jan/22
@Rob what do you think about Special K? Kyrgios and Kokkinakis? Both listed at 6'4.
Editor Rob
Kyrgios looks a bit under 6ft 4 to me
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 27/Jan/22
Rob, Denis Shapovalov played Rafa in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open the other day... What would you peg his height as?
Jawilder said on 25/Jan/22
You mean Venus? Yeah Nadal is def shorter than Venus but probably only a quarter inch. He’s a solid 6 footer. Likely measures 6’0.25” at a low.
Scherzo said on 23/Jan/22
@ rob paul What do you think about pictures of Nadal with Williams sisters (he looks shorter than 6ft 1in Serena) and Caroline Wozniacki.

Click Here

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Dec/21
I can see 187-188cm zone in certain tennis shoes. They’re quite thick
recapa said on 7/Dec/21
lol at the 187.5 he,d probably measure around that only out of bed with shoes on.183.5-184 before bed and 185.5-186 out of bed.
Eric W Tam said on 26/Nov/21
187.5? That ought to make Federer 188.5!
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Nov/21
With Usain Bolt:

Click Here

He looks over 6 feet tall by him.
Jawilder said on 14/Nov/21
But then again, he has always looked 3/4 an inch shorter than Federer, who might even fall a bit under 6’1 at a low. So 6’0.25” is still my vote.
Jawilder said on 14/Nov/21
Click Here

Click Here

Sebastian Yatra (5’10.5”). Looks more than two inches shorter than Nadal.

Nadal can look at least 6’0.5” more often than not now that I’m thinking about it. I could definitely see him being a fraction taller than this listing.
recapa said on 1/Nov/21
@Rampage ,completly agreed he might identical to gareth bale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/21
Out of bed: 185.5-186cm
Before bed: 183.5-184cm

Very strong 6ft
Nathan Hatton said on 5/Oct/21
Rob, Do you have an estimate on Casper Ruud ? He is listed as 6'0 ".
Editor Rob
Seems under 6ft
Johno said on 30/Sep/21
Murray does look 6'2. Djokovic does looks 6'1.5. Federer usually looks between 6'0.75-6.1 but Nadal has a hard time looking over 6'0 for me or at least compared to the others. He can look almost an inch shorter than Federer and after a game can look sub-6'0.
Jawilder said on 18/Sep/21
@Hunter I would say Alcaraz is 5’11.75”. Gonna be a page on here for him sooner than later!
recapa said on 9/Sep/21
rafa is 183-183.5 range he is 1cm shorter than 184-184.5 zidane and 2cm shorter than 185-185.5 federer.
Hunter said on 4/Sep/21
Rob, how tall is Carlos Alcaraz? He is listed by ATP as 6'1 (185 cm) but probably he is in the 5'11 range...

With Rafa Nadal Click Here Click Here Click Here

With Roger Federer Click Here

With Andrei Rublev (listed 6'2 by ATP) Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks barely 6ft
egi__ said on 29/Aug/21
Looks 185cm
Jawilder said on 28/Aug/21
Just seeing the lineup shot with Federer... makes Rob’s listing look very reasonable, as always. That looks like a full inch between the two. I think Federer is a solid 6’1, and Nadal looks this listing with most people. Federer wears pretty flat tennis shoes while Nadal always has the most thick sneakers on the court.. making him looking a tad taller than he really is. Going back to 6’0.25”
Jawilder said on 28/Aug/21
Sinner seems 6’2, maybe a fraction over. He is 20. Done growing.
Depor23 said on 27/Aug/21
Rob, how tall would you say jannik sinner is? He's listed at 6'2 but seems taller now.
Tato said on 1/Aug/21
Looks 184-185 cm
Rory said on 23/Jul/21
The interesting thing with Nadal that i didnt know is that due to an injury earlier in his career, he wears special insoles in his tennis shoes according to a pundit at the French Open. Ive no idea how thick theyd be but potentially up to a quarter inch youd think, which might at times make him look a bit taller than he is.
David Tang said on 22/Jul/21
Cbrady said on 30/Jun/21
I think the problem with comparing Nadal to Federer is assuming that Roger is this super solid 6-1 guy. I don't think he is. I think he is 184.7-185 at a low. So the 2 centimeter difference between Nadal and Federer actually means Nadal is barely six foot like 182.7. This does line up well with the poster ulaix (claims himself to be 183.5 range) who said he has met Nadal and confirmed him shorter.
John Londero said on 28/Jun/21
I think he's a strong 6'0.25 or a weak 6'0.5. I would say he is 185.5 out of bed and 183.25 to 183.5 before bed.
Jawilder said on 27/Jun/21
Looks 6’0.5” more often than not. That’s my guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/21
Actually some of those tennis shoes add a fair maybe 187cm+ is possible in them
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/21
Yeah I think Rafa falls into that really strong 6ft territory like 183.5-184cm with Fed maintained at a reference point that I mean a reliable yardstick to measure against guys between 5ft11-6ft4. Shorter than Murray/Djokovich, edges Rafa
John Londero said on 7/Jun/21
Rob, I think 6'0.25 is perfect for this guy, but I guess it is possible he is 6'0.5ish the way you list people here. Because he might be not much less than 183.5 at a low.

What do you think? I would say he is a guy who actually would probably be best listed at the 3/8th like Benzema.
Editor Rob
6ft 0.25-0.5 is a possible range
Juan. said on 5/Jun/21
Rob, in some pictures he can look 2-3 cms taller than Sergio Ramos. I buy the 185 cm. What do you think?
Editor Rob
yeah, a proportion of people do guess him as 6ft 0.75-1 and sometimes weak 6ft 1 can seem possible
John Londero said on 21/May/21
183.5 late afternoon height imo, could be at least 187 cm in tennis sneaks cuz he wears airmax style with orthotics.

The airmax style he wears looks not as high as the bigger 3.5 cm airmax, but more like the 3cm airmax. However, when you add the orthotics it evens out and he is probably getting a boost similar to the bigger airmax that are around 1 3/8th inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/21
Barefoot: 183.5-184cm
Tennis shoes: 186.5-187cm
John Londero said on 15/May/21
Rob, would 185 to 183.25 be a good guess for daily height range for this guy?
Editor Rob
solid 185 range I'm sure early in the day
Tajaun said on 24/Apr/21
Very good listing. He looks beside Murray exactly as I do beside my older brother and with roughly the same heights (assuming afternoon heights, we are 187.6 cm and 183.6 cm): Click Here. This guy is much more mesomorphic than my brother who has more of an ecto-mesomorphic Djokovic-type body though.
Lkks said on 19/Apr/21
His eye to chin is lesser than mine though.
Lkks said on 19/Apr/21
He has 1.3cm on me, but his forehead is bit longer though.
recapa said on 18/Apr/21
the listing is perfect he edges weak 6 foot guy ramos in this pic Click Here.
Domi said on 3/Apr/21
Rampage nice April Fools

Yeah I agree altho I think he could get up more at like 6'0.75. Whatever, we're close enough lol.

Hed be around 183 before bed, a hair above 6'p imo, the only time I think he would have a chance to measure below 6'0 would be an extreme low after a long match, but that is quickly regained by hydrating etc.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/21
Gets up at 6ft1 easily....before bed I don't think he'd fall below 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/21
Nadal - 187.5cm
Federer - 189.5cm
Murray - 192cm
Djokovic - 191.5cm
Domi said on 9/Mar/21
Celebheights 6'1.5

Yeha I agree this listing is perfect imo. He wouldn't measure below 183 unless after a long match before dehydrating and probably is out of bed at around 185.

Bang on listing when you compare to slightly weakish 6'1 Roger.
Tunman said on 7/Mar/21
Click Here
According to you how tall would have measured Djokovic and Nadal with such level of exhaustion?Unable to stand up any longer!Maybe 182,5 for Nadal and 185,5 for Djokovic?And although I doubt any of us here would manage a 6 hour tennis match,how tall do you think you'd measure if you surprisingly make it?maybe you'd drop to 5'7.8 or so?
Editor Rob
in the clip they could seem reasonably close, though maybe nadal could have had a little advantage of being slightly closer to camera.
slim 6'1 said on 18/Feb/21
Robs listing is perfect
Domi said on 17/Feb/21
Yeah Nadal is a strong 6 foot, I suspect he would be 183 cm evenings
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 16/Feb/21
He looks an inch taller than Leonardo DiCaprio:

Click Here

Here’s Rafael Nadal by an actor who a user on Celebheights met, and posted evidence to prove that he is 5’6”:

Click Here

He’s at least strong six footer.
slim 6'1 said on 12/Feb/21
183.5 is probably spot on 👍
Domi said on 10/Feb/21
No G Driscoll he's not the same height as Federer. You can cherry pick pics that look that way but there is clearly more than a cm between them, closer to 2 in many pics. It is possible Fed is 6'0.75ish so half an inch between them.
G Driscoll said on 8/Feb/21
Nadal is 6'0.5" so basically 6'1". He's the same height as federer.
Tom Bill said on 12/Jan/21
I would give Nadal 184cm, Federer 184.5/185cm, Djokovic easy 187cm. All at midday height.
Domi said on 6/Jan/21
Lafferty, gotta disagree if anything he's closer to 6'0 flat. 6'0.25 is fine but I suspect he would measure more a bit below than a bit above that most days after being up for many hours.
Lafferty said on 5/Jan/21
I think the old listing of 6ft0.5 is more accurate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jan/21
Rob, they must be very thick tennis shoes because in regular stuff I even struggle to see Rafa hitting that mark.

The lineup photo is tricky. Federer clearly has a camera advantage. Rafa is easily more than an inch below Novak....but Murray has got inches on all three of them! What's up with that? Rafa is generally all over the place though...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Dec/20
Rob, please tell me that's his weight he's referring to?

Pretty sure 187.5cm for Nadal pushes Murray to 192cm and Federer 190cm
Editor Rob
no, it really was a question asking him how tall he was.

Remarkable he gave the exact same figure as Murray 😁

but let's say Rafa measured near it in sneakers...would that be possible? Of course.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Dec/20
Not convinced he's 6ft1...that's just one photo. Federer usually edges him
Editor Rob
See him in the lineup shot.
Domi said on 31/Dec/20
James you are cherry picking pictures, sport.

Nadal is clearly half an inch shorter than Federer when both are in shoes. Cristiano is a strong 6'1,185.5 to 186 cm maybe. Never 187cm.
Federer is listed at 6'1 but he was measured at 184.6 on a show. He maybe can warrant a 6'0.75 listing. I understand Rob keeping him at 6'1 until it is proven though.

It seems you are just going by what they are listed officially and also looking to prove what you want the listing to be. A fair appraisal, not just cherry picking one picture would show that Nadal is indeed shorter than Federer and it is quite obvious. The difference may be only half an inch, but could be more as Nadal's tennis shoes are airmax built up with custom orthotics.

Federer = 6'0.75 to 6'1

Nadal = 6'0.25 (to be honest he really could be more of a strong 6'0 like 183 cm, he looks one inch shorter than C. Ronaldo)

Ronaldo is listed at 187 cm now, he has also been listed at 184 and 185 right thru out his career. You can't just take official listings and assume it's their legit barefoot height. Go to the Ronaldo page and you will see most think he is 185.5 to 186. Again you can cherry pick one picture where Ronaldo looks the same as Djokovic but he has more footwear there. You have to look at all pictures and be fair, not come with an agenda.

Nadal himself was listed at 6'0 183 and it changed to 6'1 185 when he was 19 or 20. He hadn't grown any in years, the reason why is that he is slightly over 6 foot and realized he could round up.
Jamestherealone said on 31/Dec/20
Rob, I think Nadal is indeed 185 cm. He is exactly the same height as Federer as proved by multiple pics from 2017. Cristiano is 187 cm.

In this pic you can see the full body and legs of both of Federer and Nadal, yet Nadal looks even taller than Federer:
Click Here

How can be Nadal supposedly shorter than Federer when in this pic of full body he appears even taller than Federer?
Editor Rob
he could pass for 6ft 1 there, assuming the same sneaker thickness and posture
Domi said on 13/Dec/20
Glady I agree sorta as I think an argument could be made for 6'0 flat, however I think 183 cm would be his normal low so a 183.5 listing is reasonable. He is a strong 6 foot so 6'0.25 is fair.

I don't think the difference is an inch with Federer, it looks about half an inch. Federer could easily be listed at 6'0.75, he looks shorter than a legit/strong 6'1 guy like Cristiano Ronaldo.
Glady said on 12/Dec/20
Nadal is excat 6foot or 183cms. He is shorter than Federer by an inch.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Dec/20
He’s 10 foot on clay!
Domi said on 6/Dec/20
He's a strong 6 foot, the listing here is fine, he has got a nerve claiming the same as Andy Murray lol
Rory said on 3/Dec/20
Yh must be a tennis shoe height, certainly no chance he'd be anywhere near that barefoot. Arguably could be 6ft0.5, I wouldn't rule that out, but that's about the most he could be.
Balrog said on 22/Nov/20
187.5 is almost 6'2" which is unrealistic for him unless he's claiming his height with tennis shoes on.
Tim. said on 18/Nov/20
Murray is probably close to the 191 cm that he's listed as. He's definitely taller than Nadal.
Tim. said on 18/Nov/20
In this interview he says he's 187.5. Maybe a tad too tall, but he's definitely taller than 183.5
Click Here
Editor Rob
how strange that both Rafa and Andy Murray came out with 187.5!
Nagal said on 22/Oct/20
Nadal 184 cm
Federer 185,5 cm
Djokovic 186,5 cm
Murray 187.5-188 cm
John Brickmaster said on 16/Oct/20
He is 5'11.5 Change this Rob. I met him.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/20
He’s shorter than Maria Sharapova and this is cool!
Nik Ashton said on 14/Oct/20
@ Nathan Hatton - Good idea!

Rafael Nadal is a great player and no one is a match for him when he is at his best, particularly on clay!
Domi said on 4/Oct/20
Nathan I think Thiem is slightly less than Nadal, bang on 6'0 to me.
Domi said on 4/Oct/20
6'0.25, clearly around half an inch less than Federer who is about 6'0.75
Nathan Hatton said on 29/Sep/20
Is Dominic Thiem worth a page, Great player just won the US open he is listed 6'1" but he might be similar to Nadal
YordanDamyanov said on 10/Sep/20
Nadal is 6 foot even
JH said on 10/Aug/20
Rafa's more like 1/2 inch shorter than Fed.
Ryo said on 9/Jul/20
Click Here

Max 5 11 next to Pau gasol
John124 said on 20/May/20
Right listing again. Rafa is 6'0¼. Looking at multiple photos it's very clear.
He can appear 183cm with relaxed posture, but is usually something between 183cm and 184cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/20
6ft1 out of bed, Rob?
Editor Rob
Would be surprised if he didn't get that range.
OriginalAnon said on 8/Apr/20
I have walked along side Rafael Nadal, at Wimbledon, shoulder to shoulder and he is certainly not over 183.5cm. He very well could be under.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
He’s shorter than Venus Williams!
Editor Rob
Remember that 174 mention by Hipo? Look at Agassi near Venus, I think his 5ft 10.75 mention isn't too bad a claim.
Radek said on 9/Jan/20
Wrong listing again, Rafa is prime example of a 184 cm guy.
Hunter said on 9/Sep/19
A winner of 19 Grand Slam titles nowadays

184 cm is his height
Arod said on 9/Sep/19
19 grand slams now!
Juan M said on 8/Sep/19
Rob, in Nadal’s Instagram there is a pic of him next to Tiger Woods. He looks 2-3 cms taller. Maybe more. I think Nadal is 184. What do you think?
Editor Rob
This picture. I would say they are reasonably close, but could they be 1/2 to 3/4 apart? I am not sure about that.
noelgally said on 8/Sep/19
Here's a link to a picture of Nadal with Leonardo dicaprio who is listed at 5'11 1/4

Can't see the footwear but I don't see a 1 inch advantage for Nadal. Thoughts?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be 2cm at most between them without seeing shoes.
triplemagnum said on 29/Jul/19
Murray's 187.5 cm honest claim proofs Rafa is about 5'11.5 5'11.75 and Federer strong 6'0.25. Thi is the truth you can see everything just fits
triplemagnum said on 29/Jul/19
From what they've told me close dudes on Rafa's friends he is somewhere 5'11.5-6'0. Never under or above this range. Murray's 187.5 cm honest claim reveals and all fits...
triplemagnum said on 22/Jul/19
@Vibram said on 10/Jul/19
Yes good obervation man 5'11 is not serious.. Looks in 5'9 range more than 5'10
triplemagnum said on 22/Jul/19
Nadal is 183 cm barefeet guys just as he was when he was 20 years old! He is a legit 6 footer.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 17/Jul/19
Used to be billed at 183cm in his early career.
185cm came later ( boost ? grew a bit in his early 20's ?? )
Vibram said on 10/Jul/19
6ft0.25 looks right for Nadal. Rob, what do you think David Goffin is? Certainly not 5ft11. Possibly 5ft9.75?
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 5ft 10 range is possible
Hijoputamus said on 5/Jul/19
Rafa is 185-186 in shoes. He is probably 183 max and there’s no way he is 85kg being that ripped.
Blahhh said on 5/Jul/19
Nadal needs an upgrade to 6’0.25”-6’0.5” range. Nadal is not 5’11.5” or even 6’0” flat. He was basically the same height as 6’0.75” Will Smith. Also, Djokic was only a hair taller than 6’0.75” Will Smith. Djokovic needs a downgrade to like 6’1.5” maximum.
growtalletguru said on 10/Jun/19
I would definitely say he is 6'0.5". He is more muscly than he is lanky which can make him seem not quite as tall. But he is only slightly shorter than Federer and also a hare taller than Dominic Thiem, listed at 6'1" but IMO 6'0.125".
juan manuel Santandreu said on 9/Jun/19
Rob, watching Roland Garros, he looked pretty similar next to 185 players. Do you think 184 is possiblw for him?
Editor Rob
He could be in that range
Elizopoulo said on 21/May/19
Nadal seems indeed less than 1.85 cm, I don't know if he is even less than 1.83, 1.82 maybe? Federer is a bit taller than Nadal. Tsitsipas who is listed 1.93 cm towers over him, see many pictures and videos, their difference seems more than 10 cm. Also Tsitsipas and Djokovic difference seems more than 6 cm.
Sampex said on 16/May/19
And what is your Guess for him? @ulaix
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/19
Not less than 6ft for him and can pull off 6ft0½.
ulaix said on 13/Apr/19
He could be 5'11 7/8 at mi highest guess but Surely know he under 6'0.25 just because he is slightly shorter than me. I'm 6'1 right after bed by the way.. I train tennis since my 20's and he often visits his own academy and we all know him.
ulaix said on 13/Apr/19
Rob I know him and I can confirm he is 5'11.75. I don't mind what others say but this is the truth. I'm actually this listing tall (6'0.25) and I'm taller than him by half an inch. Since 2006 I train in his academy. People think I'm 6'1 but I'm just honest.
Editor Rob
I don't think many would estimate Nadal under six foot, but there's always surprises when measuring people.
dicky curtis said on 14/Mar/19
6ft0.25 would be the absolute lowest for him. My guesstimate is 6ft0.5
abcde said on 24/Jan/19
183cm or 184cm sounds perfect
JustForFun said on 10/Jan/19
@Jason KL 100% agree with those 4 measurements. Actually here in Spain at my gym we know Rafa is an exact 182 cm guy told by his own coach but in terms of ATP , marketing they rounded up with shoes. My friend Alberto is a personal trainer who usually trains with Rafa and he is 184 cm and I asked him how tall he would guess Rafa's height. He told he once did a test checked for the bodyfat % and Rafa was measured 182 cm at the stadiometer but he told me Rafa claims he is 183 cm but in tennis they rounded up. Alberto who is 184 cm told me he had 2 cm on him so he is clearly 182. Actually he was listed till 2006 at 182 cm on the ATP. Maybe 183.5 is his morning height .
Murray's height is 187 cm his own words: 187.5 of course it must be the highest claim. Federer is exactly 1.5 to 2 cm on Rafa and Djokovic looks 1 cm shorter than 187 Murray.
Jason KL said on 7/Jan/19
Many apparent contradictions re: the heights of Federer, Djokovic, Murray etc. are resolved when you understand that Nadal is only 182ish cm tall (i.e. weak 6 foot). Occasionally appearing fractionally taller due to footwear.

These are the most likely measurements (shoes off, measured in afternoon):

Nadal - 182
Federer - 184
Djokovic - 186
Murray - 187
Johnson said on 7/Oct/18
@danielgb if you know Nadal you should ask him his height etc I am also curious if they are measured every year

I read words straight out of his physio and said some years ago that he was not 1.85 anymore and he was 186 and a half exactly

Perhaps that year was overmeasured or Bust a Gut or error of measurement... I would like to know the things I said first
danielgb said on 4/Oct/18
Rob trust me.. Nadal's height is 6'0 barefeet. He is a perfect 6 footer barefeet. I know him since I was 16 years old training in Barcelona. I'm 6 at evening 182'8 cm but I wake up at 184,1 cm and we are identical eye to eye. He is not over 6'0. I know he has bad posture and looks 5'11 range at times but for at a medical measurement time I've heard he was 6'0, Actuallty when he was 18-20 he was listed on ATP at 6'0. Next year he became a PRO and the isting was 6'1 lol
Editor Rob
Nadal can pull off looking over 6ft when he stands reasonably well.
Zampo said on 12/Sep/18
The more I've seen of Nadal over the years, I feel there is a high probability that he is a 6'0 flat guy.
Tunman said on 6/Jun/18
Very close to RamosClick Here:
Maybe Ramos is more 5'11.75-6' and Nadal more 6'-6.025"
He was listed at 183 for his first Roland Garros in 2005 then from 2006 onwards almost all the sources gave 185.His shape is really awkward and he looks shorter when he's alone in some pics unlike Federer.
alexis5'8 said on 29/May/18
noelgally said on 3/May/18
Full agree dude. My guesses are exactly as yours. I also know Rafa is 182 range. My friend has a pic with him he is 5'11 and Rafa was a bit taller. 6'1 maybe with sneakers. But he is not over 5'11.75. Roger is 6'0.75 I heard he is 2 cm over Rafa and Novak is 186 range Murray 187 range. Perfect guesses.
noelgally said on 3/May/18
I think he's somewhere in between 182-183cm.

1. I saw him in person once and he looked 6'1 in shoes but I remember reading that he wears insoles in his tennis shoes which means he could be getting anywhere between 1.25 to 1.5 in shoe height. I think this is why he always looks closer to Federer,Djokovic, Murray etc.. in tennis gear but the gap is larger when you pictures of them off the court

2. Nadal looks to have longer than average legs for his height which gives the illusion of being taller

3. Google picture of Nadal with Leonardo Dicaprio. Granted you can't see their footwork but it seems that if the general thought is of Dicaprio being no more than 5'11 (and their footwork is the same) Nadal would be struggling to hit 6' let alone 6' 1/4inch

4. Search for picture of Nadal with Grigor Dimitrov on Nadals Instagram page taken in Monte Carlo with them in non tennis gear

Dimitrov looks like he's at least an inch and a half above him. Dimitrov looks shorter than murray and same as djokovic which would mean he's about 6'1 1/2.

My guesses (based off of murray being 187.5cm

Nadal: 182-183cm

Federer: 184.5-185cm

Djokovic: 186-186.5cm

Dimitrov: 186.5-187cm

I really think a lott of tennis players height listings are with tennis shoes on(Like in basketball)
samuelgoup said on 30/Mar/18
Rafa is 6' 6'0.15 cause he is 182 to 183 close friends know
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/18
Rob, could he be 6ft1 out of bed?
Editor Rob
It's very likely he is...although variation in height shrinkage can mean one person loses 1cm and another the same height loses 2.5cm.
Big Al of Bondi said on 23/Mar/18
He’s about half an inch down on Roger, despite both being listed as 6’1. Either he’s 6’0.5 or 6’1if Federer is 6’1.5.
Gambino said on 12/Feb/18
@Rob Click Here How tall do you think the woman is without the heels she's wearing?
Editor Rob
A chance she is a couple of inches taller...the platform on her shoes look like they'd give an overall fairly large amount of height.
James the real one said on 10/Feb/18
Both Nadal and Ramos are 1.83 (6 ft):

Click Here
MAD SAM said on 21/Jan/18
Very handsome guy, I think he’s 183 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jan/18
Rob, how do you explain this guy looking at least 5in shorter than Sonny Bill Williams?

I came onto Rafas page almost expecting a massive downgrade!
Editor Rob
Sonny is gaining height going on his toes a bit, look at his right foot...he's been caught tip-toeing a little.

No jeremy piven though!
Redwing said on 18/Jan/18
Hey rob, if Nadal was looking at his nose how tall would he in cm? Would he be 187 cm? Here's the link: Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks near 3 inches in that photo!
Redwing said on 18/Jan/18
Hey rob, what does Nadal claim?
Editor Rob
He's been down as 6ft 1 for a while on his official site, like back in 2011 he was listed there at "6'1" (185 cm), Weight: 188 lbs (85kg)"
hambubger said on 26/Dec/17
Nadal weak 6'1" - maybe a strong 6'0".
Federer solid 6'1"
Novak / Murray weak 6'2".

Most tennis players don't fudge their heights with the exception of women close to or just above 6' who do seem to be adding an inch or two. Strange isn't it?
Johnson said on 28/Nov/17
@Height well said man!!!

James likes to compare pictures at distance
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/17
go to the video on youtube titled R.Nadal - R.Federer Final Roland Garros 2007. You notice rafa at around 40 seconds is listed at 1.88m. So I thought the measurement was in tennis shoes but roger is listed at 1.85m. wierd.
Investigator said on 26/Nov/17
Hey Rob. What do you reckon Nadal's absolute low is?
Mr6footer said on 23/Nov/17
Several contacts and friends I know Rafa is beteween 182-183 cm. The cousin of one of my best friends say he is 182 183cm but the rounded up to 185 so is tennis is business and always in every sports they tend to round up heights. I know what I'm talking about. I could give you names and for sure Rafa is maybe 183 at morning.
Mr6footer said on 23/Nov/17
Several contacts and friends I know Rafa is beteween 182-183 cm. The cousin of one of my best friends say he is 182 183cm but the rounded up to 185 so is tennis is business and always in every sports they tend to round up heights. I know what I'm talking abot. I could give you names and for sure Rafa is maybe 183 at morning.
Hijopotamus said on 7/Nov/17
This proves pics don’t mean much

Click Here
Raadd said on 30/Oct/17
People dont understand the concept of Bad posture, in many pictures Rafa looks taller than Roger and also in many Roger is the taller one. I think Rafa is 185 Cm, same as Roger who has a perfect posture..
Johnson said on 24/Oct/17
Nadal is 184.5 and taller than Gasquet. He slouches and has bad posture
Height said on 23/Oct/17
@James those pictures are not good, you can´t compare height at a distance or from pictures from the chest up where you can´t see the feet.

Van Persie seems to be at least a good 3 cm taller than Danny Welbeck:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/17
i think he might be closer to federer than what people think
Reece said on 17/Oct/17
No less than this listing and probably 6-0 1/2. He only looked half a inch shorter 2 days ago Shanghai runner up awards imo
Reece said on 8/Oct/17
Trapp listed as 6-2.5. He looks bigger than that in the pic. Could be a bad angle.
Ted said on 26/Sep/17
Looks 5' 11.5.
James said on 24/Sep/17
I am the biggest Nadal fan. But I do think he could be 6 ft flat.

Check it out this interview , Rob:
Click Here

Nadal looks an inch shorter than Federer. In this pic too:
Click Here

I think Nadal is a legit 6 ft, but Wawrinka is obviously a bit under 6 ft.
Filippo said on 22/Sep/17
Slightly smaller than federer.
I'd go with 182,5 centimeters for Rafa, nothing more.
Tennis players are all measured with shoes on, but sharapova. She is indeed measured while standing on the top of her pocket.
Johnson said on 14/Sep/17
Gasquet is 2 cm shorter than Nadal I would say
faza said on 13/Sep/17
This listing seems good probably a solid 6'1 in nike sneakers I think 6'0.5 is possible but thats the most he probably looks but he is a legit 6'0 range going off he always did a bit shorter than Federer, One of the Greatest tennis players and as you say still has a couple yrs left barring he gets no more injuries.
James said on 11/Sep/17
Nadal won his 3th US Open yesterday!!! Did anyone watch the match? I love tennis lol.
Editor Rob
it may not quite be the last time I update that total...there's still a few years left with nadal.
James said on 11/Sep/17
16 Grand Slams since yesterday :).
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/17
I remember reading somewhere that Nadal wears insoles in his shoes while playing tennis. Assuming other players don't, that could give him an extra 1cm or so in pictures where they are in tennis gear. I saw him in his tennis gear about 5 years ago from about 10 feet away and he looked 6'1ish with shoes
Mark(5'9.5") said on 6/Sep/17
Nadal doesn't always have the best posture, but he is a strong 6'0"er. Under 6'0"? Naaaahhh.
Johnson said on 28/Aug/17
@Filippo but you know... imperial system is poor they only care about 5'9 5'10 5'11

Most people don't say fraction. So If Serena is 5'9.25 for example is typical to say: 5'9
Filippo said on 27/Aug/17
Serena is probably one of the very few honest tennis players out there.
She would have all the reasons to claim a bigger height (especially since she suffered the comparison with her taller, maybe cuter sister a few years ago), but did not. She prefers to speak with her tennis, instead.
All other players, above all starlette-sharapova, are not that honest and largely overestimate themselves.
Johnson said on 25/Aug/17
@James if Nadal is 184 flat at most, Serena is still taller than 175.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/17
A very strong 6ft guy
Tallish89 said on 22/Aug/17
Strong 6 foot
James said on 13/Aug/17
@Johnson There is no way in hell that Nadal is 184.5, stop with this nonsense:

Click Here
Click Here

Nadal is no more than 1.84 flat at most.
Johnson said on 5/Aug/17
Nadal and 5'9.5 or 5'9.25 Serena Williams

Click Here

@Rob when will you update Serena? if Nadal 6'0.25 Serena is taller than 5'9 flat
Johnson said on 31/Jul/17
I see Trapp 189 and Nadal 184.5. Nadal has wors posture
Dave said on 28/Jul/17
Kevin Trapp looks 3 inches taller than Nadal. Based on that I would put Nadal at 6 ft roughly.
Reece said on 28/Jul/17
Says Trapp is 6-2.5 and Nadal 6-1. The difference looks more noticeable than that though. Maybe it's a worse angle or footwear? Trapp looks 2.5-3 inches taller.
Sam said on 25/Jul/17
Rob how tall does the guy next to nadal look?

Click Here
Editor Rob
can seem almost 3 inches taller there.
Reece said on 23/Jul/17
Zverev is easily 6-6 maybe a bit over.
Markus said on 18/Jul/17
Click Here 6-0,25 for Nadal means Boris becker is 6-0,25 or less - absolutly impossible!
Chris said on 17/Jul/17
I still believe that this is the most he is as he looked barely anything taller than wawrinka who i personally believe is a stocky 6 foot. I think nadsl also wears fractionally thicker sneakers at times. As for zvervev his frame makes him look taller same for kyrgios.
Zvervev-6"5.25 just a little taller than berdych also I think zvervev older brother is in the similar range to Murray and Djokovic.
RichardSpain said on 17/Jul/17
To me he is between 183 -184cm barefoot. 184 cm morning. 183 after playing tennis in the afternoon.
Spanish said on 14/Jul/17
If Federer is 185 then Rafa 183, but If Federer is 186 then Rafa is 184. I always see 2 cm between them.
IMO Rafa is 184. I think you should add 1 cm to Federer.
Reece said on 8/Jul/17
Nadal looked a inch taller to me.
Filippo said on 7/Jul/17
Rafa looks a lot closer to Wawrinka as he is supposed to, according to their official listing.

I guess no more than 1-2 centimetres between them.

With Federer at 185, i would say:
Rafa 183
Stan 182
Bard said on 7/Jul/17
Strong 6' sounds about right, visibly shorter than Federer but not much.
Gonzalo said on 23/Jun/17
Rob, you should update Nadal´s records: he has won 15 Grand Slams, not 14. The second one in tennis history, after Roger Federer.
To me he is no less than 1`84. He looked taller than Wawrinka in Roland Garros and Wawrinka is listed at 1`83.
James said on 16/Jun/17
I agree with Juan, Rafa could be 6' 0.5", but no more.
175 cm said on 15/Jun/17
In 2005 ATP billed him 6ft flat. IMO that's way more realistic. There's a video with CR7 in soccer boots and Nadal in Tennis shoes, Ronaldo still a solid inch taller... So no more than 5ft 11.5 for Rafa.
Click Here
Johnson said on 15/Jun/17
This year's Nadal sneakers are like 1 cm taller than average sneakers
Appe 183.3cm said on 13/Jun/17
@Juan I saw the photo you are talking about.
IMO Nadal is not 185cm, but Enrique Iglesias is not 187cm tall.
Nadal 184cm
Iglesias 186cm (he could very well be 6'1 flat at the end of the day).
Appe 183.3cm said on 12/Jun/17
Yesterday, Roland Garros final, he looked very similar to Stan Wawrinka.There is no more than 1cm between them: Wawrinka only looks shorter becuase of his phisical appearence.
Wawrinka 183cm
Nadal 184cm
Juan said on 11/Jun/17
Rob there IS a recent photo next yo Enrique Iglesias In Miami, listed 187 similar footwear and they look te sale height.
Im starting yo believe The 185 official listing.
What do you think?
Juan said on 11/Jun/17
@James you were right! Rafa its Going to win Roland Garros. Rafa look 184-185 cms. Rob,keep it at 6ft 1/2
pjk said on 11/Jun/17
With Ronaldo ( 6'1" ) in football shoes on a grass court and Rafa in tennis shoes he looks about an inch shorter to me so i would guess 182 but he does slouch so maybe 6' flat fully stretched but not over.
Animus said on 26/May/17
Based purely on the picture above, I wouldn't say he looks much over six feet. He definitely doesn't have the appearance of a six-foot-one guy in that picture.
Johnson said on 18/May/17
Sorry I messed with Federer official website
James said on 13/May/17
Click Here

In this pic, 1.83 listed Sergio Ramos looks slightly taller than Nadal. Thic pic completely refutes the 184.5 guess by Johnson.

Nadal is 1.84 flat at most.

@Johnson You are wrong, Federer is listed as 1.85 (not 1.86) in the official ATP page:

Click Here
Johnson said on 10/May/17
Centimetres is the best system. Nadal is listed 6'1 and 185 and Federer is listed 6'1 and 186
billy said on 10/May/17
Looks 6-0.5 1.5 inches shorter than Djokovic who is 6-2 imo.
Caspar said on 9/May/17
Nadal looks a bit shorter than Federer to me. i think Nadal is 184.5cm just a bit shorter than 185-185.5cm Federer.
J5'8 said on 7/May/17
Can look 6'1 at times
James said on 5/May/17
These are some of the offical ATP listings:

Mumrray: 6' 3"
Djokovic: 6' 2"
Federer: 6' 1"
Nadal: 6' 1"

Why are not they more precise? Why don't they put Nadal as 6' 0.5" or 6' 0.25"? I mean, nobody can be in the middle point between 6' and 6' 1". You are either 6' or 6' 1". The ATP doesn't list any player as 6' 0.5".
James said on 30/Apr/17
I think Nadal is around 1.84, more or less.
willy4400 said on 27/Apr/17
Rafa nadal is 182 cm. I know this because I live in Manacor, Spain and his cousin is my friend who's height is 185 cm and he look more than inch taller. My height is 182,5 cm at evening and sometimes I look taller than him. Rafael personally knows he is 182 cm and his team, but always raise height to Top players for Marketing. This is the truth! I also know Rofer Federer is 183'5 cm and Murray 187,5 cm not 190 cm. Murray actually has claimed 187,5 cm. People dont even know what is real height barefoot! I work for Sanish TV sports and here we all know whatis marketing.
Listen all, 90% of famous people height is lower.
Jack said on 17/Apr/17
Nadal looks half a inch shorter than Federer when both stand proper. i think he is 6-0.5 and Federer 6-1. so that is 184.5cm and 185cm.
Johnson said on 15/Apr/17
@James how tall are you?
James said on 10/Apr/17
@Ollie Why do you upgrade everybody? Nadal, Djokovic and Murray deserve an upgrade according to you. Anybody else? LOL. Anyway, I agree with you! Kyrgios deserves a page!
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
I would love a page for Krygios and Zevrev. they both look their 6-4 and 6-6 listings.
Ollie said on 10/Apr/17
Nadal 184.5cm
Federer 185.5cm
Djokovic 188cm
Murray 189-190cm
James said on 6/Apr/17
6 ft Nadal with 1.86 listed Kaka:
Click Here
Jane said on 6/Apr/17
Nadal 184cm at the least.
James said on 4/Apr/17
6 ft Rafa next to Beckham:

Click Here
Click Here
James said on 4/Apr/17
Rob, could you consider adding a page for the 6' 4" young tennis talent Kyrgios? I love his playing style, and he is one of the main favorites to win Wimbledon 2017.

Click Here

To me, Kyrgios looks a solid 6' 4" next to 6' 1" Roger. Canson opinion would be very helpful on this issue.
James said on 4/Apr/17
I'm 100% sure Rafa will win Roland Garros 2017. Living proof that 6 ft is the ideal height to play on clay.
Johnson said on 18/Mar/17
@Canson I am not Johnson36
Pierre said on 18/Mar/17
@Johnson= A little angle of the camera which could maybe favors Rafael(see the wall).Bradley is looking the same height as Rafael.I don't see Rafael and Bradley as tall as David Cameron( who is listed 6"0.5').Imo David is taller than Bradley and Rafael by at least one inch
Canson said on 17/Mar/17
@Johnson: but you saying James loves to downgrade Nadal.

You have upgraded lets see:


And don't know if you are Johnson36 but you said Jordan is 6'5.5. It's right there. His own peers say he's 6'4/6'5. George Gervin being one of them and he's 6'7.
Johnson said on 16/Mar/17
@James sorry Sharapova is as tall as Bradley Cooper. 0.5 cm taller maximum for her. Yes Cooper is taller than Nadal but Cooper is 186!! You love to downgrade Nadal
Johnson said on 15/Mar/17
Pierre, there is a slope in the picture of Cameron and Nadal
Pierre said on 15/Mar/17
Rafael Nadal and David Cameron who is listed 6"0.5'= Click Here
James said on 15/Mar/17
@Tut Tut Nadal is shorter than 6' 0.5" Bradley Cooper and Bradley Cooper is shorter 6' 1" than Federer.
Tut Tut said on 14/Mar/17
Click Here Nadal is 6-1 easily in fact in the Picture i posted he looks a strong 6-1. he doesnt look more than 1cm shorter than Godin.
James said on 13/Mar/17
Regardless of height, we are watching one of the golden era of tennis with the Big Four (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) as well as Wawrinka. I know in the future there will be new generations of tennis legends, but nothing will be the same for me. I will miss the Big Four seriously. Those Federer-Nadal finals, those amazing matches between Djokovic and Rafa, and the fantastic performance of Murray against Djokovic and Federer in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Oh my god, I will never forget this golden generation.
Johnson said on 11/Mar/17
@James Bradley Cooper is similar to Sharapova my friend he is close to 186 cm
Johnson said on 1/Mar/17
@Canson No I don't think Jordan is 6'5.5, in my site I give him a little under 6'5.25 mark... but we also debate heights there. As about Justin Bieber, I list him 173 but there are another user claiming 175 for him and another one 1.74... we debate and swap 2007 Rose was measured in shoes 6'3.5 and in 2008 6'2.5 with shoes and 6'1.5 without. It looks a lot of difference. Also Lillard measured 6'1.75 barefoot you can say it is early morning but even so he could be later a fraction down. So Lillard could be 6'1.25. Rose appeared quite taller than him. Also Obama is 6'1 and Curry looks 1 inch taller easy... And then we have Ricky Rubio. But I meant I don't inflate "claimed height by people" I do not talk about thinking he is taller than the listing by Rob that is another thing. Curry claims 6'3 but I don't think he is that mark in my listed hours (2 hours after waking up)
Canson said on 27/Feb/17
@Johnson: you do. Go look st Lebron's page. You say he's 203. He's not. You also say melo is 200 when you backed your Lebron claim down. Melo is 198-198.8. You said once Kobe was 196.4 because you believed pique to be over 6'4 or 6'4. He's not he's 195. You said ibra's 194 height (directly to me) shouldn't be taken seriously because we didn't hear the last digit. You were implying he could've been 195. He's not. Rob has his measurements on his page of 194/194.5 and they mostly take place morning. So he isn't above 194-194.3 most likely. Same with Kaka and the other soccer players you have added a cm here and there and James can reaffirm that. You said Jordan is 6'5.5 that's an inch off. Rose measured 6'1.5 and most people say he is a flat 6'1 and you're giving a shoe height. Westbrook you swear is 6'3 he was 6'2.25. Steph curry you tried to convince me he measured in a hotel and was 6'3. His pre draft barefoot is 6'2 not 6'3. And people who have met him say he's not over 6'1.5 tops. Remember the NBA doesn't do 1/8" increments (may have really been 6'1 7/8) and could've been what you call a Bust a Gut remember it was 630am so that's not more than an hour out of bed. I'm not picking on you at all because I do respect you but my point to you as is James's point is you do sound like you are a bright individual but you make yourself sound less intelligent when you have to argue things like you use 2-3 hrs out of bed and using excuses saying people grew up on most people you comment. That is always a reason just not to have to downgrade when common sense would say an athlete will generally inflate or use a shoe height they don't downgrade themselves. Kevin Durant or Garnett claiming their barefoot heights or rounding down half inch is considered downgrading just because they don't accommodate others by inflating themselves. That's the height game for you. I know so because I can't count how many times I'm guessed taller because I'm long for my height. While I like being tall I want to be the height I am not taller and that's the case with many guys who are 6'4+. Which is why you perceive them taller because they are really the height they claim not what someone else wants them to be on their watch
Johnson said on 27/Feb/17
@Canson for example I don't think Michael Jordan is 6'6 and that is what he claims, I think he is shorter... so don't say I inflate claims. The only people that I think is taller than his claim is Andy Murray. Leaving aside Kobe and and his dispute of different claims. The other claims by people sometimes I believe them but many times I think they inflate their heights.
Canson said on 25/Feb/17
@James: i agree with everything you said!

@Johnson: again I respect you but you are an interesting poster. You take pre draft and combine and claimed measurements many of which can occur in the morning and inflate them. You do inflate almost every person you comment on. No need to show you just look at Ibra's page or Kobe's or Pique's or Lebron's or Jordan's or even the other soccer players you comment on. I guess that's the world we live in tho today. Nobody is ever not as tall as they claim it's the person they are compared to is taller than they claim that they are. Don't know why anyone would undersell how tall they are there is no incentive in it but people see incentive in lying up because it helps their self esteem which is why people lie up.
Johnson said on 24/Feb/17
Anyway I don't know Cooper's height there is a pic where he stands taller than Federer
Johnson said on 24/Feb/17
@James The picture of Bradley Cooper, Nadal and Federer is terrible!! Probably Cooper is 186. I won't comment on that picture
James said on 22/Feb/17
Click Here

This pic refutes your previous one. Sharapova is taller than Braadley Cooper.

Now, do you have any single pic refuting the fact that Bradley Cooper is taller than Nadal?
Johnson said on 21/Feb/17
@James everybody can use a pic to downgrade a celebrity

Bradley Cooper and Sharapova
Click Here
Johnson said on 21/Feb/17
Moya claims 190 but I think he is a good 189
WAYNE said on 20/Feb/17
If Carlos Moya is 190 cm then Rafa is nothing under 185, I would even say he looks 187 cm range next to him
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
Nadal and Diego Godín (solid 187 cm)

Click Here
James said on 7/Feb/17
@Johnson Zidane can look 2.5 or 3 cm shorter than Cristiano.

Click Here

Zidane can't be over 183.5 at most, not sure of 1.83
James said on 7/Feb/17
@Johnson Anyway Nadal is shorter than Cooper.
Johnson said on 6/Feb/17
anyway Nadal is as tall as Zidane.
James said on 5/Feb/17
Wawrinka is 1.81/1.82 range compared with 1.87 Djokovic:

Click Here

And Bradley Cooper is slightly shorter than 6' 1" Federer as well as a bit taller than Nadal, as you can see in the pics. So Nadal can't be a full 1.84 like Cooper. 183 or 183.5 is probably his mark. I think Rob is spot on, 6' 0.25" is fine. Nadal is a solid six footer.
James said on 31/Jan/17
Rafa was wearing sneakers with higher platform than Roger in the Australian Open final:
Click Here

At the beginning of this video you can see that Nadal with relaxed posture is clearly shorter than Federer:
Click Here
Johnson said on 31/Jan/17
@James I don't know very well how tall Bradley Cooper is... perhaps 185 cm... in that picture is not right beside Nadal so I can judge. But I can judge the pictures where Nadal is with Wawtinka 183 together. I am sure Nadal is 184.5 cm in medical tests without cheating. Federer 185.5
James said on 31/Jan/17
Nadal is shorter than both Roger and Bradley Cooper

Click Here
Click Here

In some pictures Rafa has a forced posture, while Roger a relaxed one. When they have the same corporal and face pose, Roger looks 2 cm taller.

Johnson I know you will change the main topic. You will talk abouth the Roger-Rafa difference and will forgot that Bradley Cooper is taller than Rafa. That is a fact. But you will put excuses as usual.
Johnson said on 31/Jan/17
And how tall is Grigor Dimitrov? Listed 191 cm but I think he is 189 cm and Sharapova 186.5. Dimitrov very similar to Murray but he would edge him out
James said on 30/Jan/17
@Johnson You are doing it again. You never accept any refuting evidence. Cooper is taller than Nadal in 2 good pictures. Please stop with the excuses Johnson. You are an intelligent guy. You know Cooper is slightly taller no doubt about it.
Johnson said on 29/Jan/17
@James Nadal is clearly taller than Ana Ivanonic 182-183 cm. Today Nadal had a good posture and as @Hijopotamus said, today it looked as he edged Federer out with same shoes. We can't judge pictures of bad stance and I prefer side to side pics
James said on 29/Jan/17
@anon Good point, I have to agree on that one.
James said on 29/Jan/17
@Johnson You are acting like a typical pseudoscientist. Pseudoscientists never accept any refuting evidence. You never accept ANY evidence refuting the 1.84 guess for Nadal. There are valid pics where Nadal is obviously 1-2 cm shorter than Cooper, while Cooper looks shorter than Federer. Nadal and Cooper are on the same level stop with the typical excuses of a pseudoscientist. Nadal is shorter than Cooper, move on.
Hijopotamus said on 29/Jan/17
Rafa was a tad bit taller than Federer just now both standing together with same shoes.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.