How tall is Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Indian actor from Slumdog Millionaire and recently tv show 24.

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5ft 8.49in (174cm)
mdiz said on 14/Sep/23
He lòoks 5'8.5" now and peak height was 5'9".
Adarsh said on 25/Feb/23
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@Rob how tall would u estimate the guy with Anil? He is Aditya Roy Kapoor and known to be a 6'2" guy but I would like to know ur opinion.
Editor Rob
Hard to imagine him much over 6ft there, even accounting for thinner footwear.
Uday Singh said on 9/Jun/22
Looks 172 cm not much more
5'11 sunny said on 7/Jun/22
How much difference is there between aditya ( second from left) and anil kapoor
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Editor Rob
6ft 1-1.5 range there.
Linke said on 20/May/22
Looks 5'8.5 with Jeremy Renner. Could have lost .5 by now.
Sankalp said on 14/Oct/21
Hey @Rob you need to downgrade Anil to 5’7.5” for he doesn’t look any taller than Tom Cruise and there are a lot pictures of them together and they both look almost similar in height!!
harisali1820 said on 2/Sep/21
Check comparisons on Tom Cruise page with Sendhil Rmamaurthy (5'9.5" max). He looks max 5'6.5" in comparison.
Rahul roy said on 28/Aug/21
@matthew lean, aditya roy kapoor's height is confusing.he needs to show his measurement in stadiometre.
Matthew Lean said on 15/Jun/21
@Rob paul how tall could the guy next to anil be? Click Here
Editor Rob
doesn't seem much over 6ft, though from looking at some photos, he does have a lankier frame that could pass for 6ft 1 range
sahibfaberoutlook said on 25/Jan/21
Mr R9b, I think he needs to be listed lower

Roshan has him by a considerable margin clearly
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Subhampriyadarshipradham said on 13/Jan/21
What rubbish man Anil Kapoor is 5ft11inches because I had met him one day and I , myself is shorter than him
Blanc said on 8/Jul/20
Needs a peak height because he must have definitely shrunk. His 5'11 claims looks absurd now.
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Looks 3 inches shorter than 181cm listed Ranbir Kapoor and about 2 under 178-179 Hrithik Roshan. I'd say he's 5'8.25" at best now, not sure about his peak height
Linke said on 19/May/20
Anil Kapoor was always listed 5'11 during early 90's, I remember Flimfare described him as tall hunk at 5'11. Unsure what he claims, haven't seen Malang.

Today I agree he's 5'8.5. His daughter is no way near her 5'10.5 claim.
Flash said on 17/May/20
In his new movie, Malang, he claimed his height as 5’ 11”.
Linke said on 16/May/20
Rob, any chance he has lost some height now? He's 63 (looks great for his age)

Next to Benzema and Bale, I would guess more in 5'8 range.

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Editor Rob
WOuldn't think a full inch, but half inch range maybe.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 2/Apr/19
I guest anil kapoor 5ft8.75 inch now (2019). He is 62 years old at dec 2018
afzal said on 29/Mar/19
Rob can u please downgrade him feb centimetres because he's about 170 or 171 cm tall not 175
Fam friend said on 2/Nov/18
He is 5.7, his son is 5.8, his daughter is about an inch shorter than him. He even mentions it at gq indias video. At her wedding ceremony they were all barefeet and couldn't hide it. Anil is about an inch taller than his daughter. He wears lifts at all red carpet events.
M Anas Jamshed said on 21/Oct/18
He is 5'8 which is good height in Asia
raju said on 15/Dec/17
Sorry that comment was not for anil
raju said on 4/Nov/17
Met him i think he is nothing more than 5ft 1 wears shoes to look 5ft 5.
Yvon said on 9/Jun/17
He is 5.7, his son Harshvardhan is 5.8, Sonam his daughter is the same 5.7
debabrata dhar said on 6/May/17
anil kapoor is 5ft 7in,
Harsh said on 16/Apr/17
Hey rob most of the time you are correct but its wrong anil kapoor 175cm even he has same height as kapil sharma who is 173 in google but in real he is just 169 or 170cm... So you should correct that if you have any doubt you can search on google...
Aza said on 19/Oct/16
Looks just under 5'9. Still has fantastic ' turbanator' hairstyle giving a taller impression,
172 guy said on 26/Sep/16
Hey Rob, please add akshay kumar, riteish deshmukh, varun dhawan.
172 guy said on 20/Sep/16
Hey Rob, how did his daughter sonam kapoor grew as much as her father?
abu said on 27/Aug/16
he is 5ft11 only i have met him we both were same height only in onscreen i think many actors look short but not in real life
heightchecker34 said on 7/Aug/16
Anil Kapoor is a perfect example of a 175 cm guy, always has maintained that height throughout his storied acting career. Very surprised that his daughter Sonam is around his height, because his wife isn't tall either... (gives hope to me).
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 24/Jan/16
@pain Akshay kumar was about 3in shorter than brandon routh in the movie kambakkht ishq which makes him 5ft 11.5-6ft.I asked rob by posting the video some other page and rob confirmed that he is close to 6ft.In that scene both of them were wearing same footwear and on the same platform.People here don't know that 3in is not that big of a difference.Example A guy who is about 5in shorter than me..people used to say..oh he is half your size..LOL.Brothers 6ft is not BIG TALL so please get out of that thinking..but then again someone who is only 5ft.
munna said on 19/Oct/15
agreed, Anil kapoor is 5'9. Akshay kumar & Sanjay Dutt(wear big heel shoes which makes him around 6'1.5") of same height 5'10.75", Jackie Shroff(wear big heel shoes which makes him around 6'2") is 5'11.5" Siddharth Malhotra 6'0.5" Dino Morea 6'0" Arjun Rampal 6'0" John Abraham 6'0"

Sunil Shetty(wear big heel shoes) & Ajay Devgan : 5'9" Salman Khan(wear big heel shoes) : 5'6" Saif Ali khan and Shahrukh khan : 5'7" Aamir Khan :5'4" Sachin Tendulkar 5'3"
jujwa said on 17/Jul/15
Not possible, arjun kapoor is 6' tall and he is the same height,at least arjun claims to be 6'
kap said on 21/Jan/15
I think Ranveer is no more than 5'9 or maybe a little less. Deepika who is 5'7.5 or 5'7.75 looks the same height/ a little shorter than him in slippers while he is wearing dress shoes in many pics.
John said on 5/Jan/15
@Mr Rashid
He does look 5'8 to me at times but he can generally look 5'9(175cm) with other Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar (5'10) and Karan Johar(5'9).
Btw what do you think about Ranvir Singh's height.He looks weak 5'9(174cm) cuz he is barely taller than Anushka and Deepika but he is taller than Karan Johar.
jackie said on 26/Feb/14
Bollywood actors/actress original height:
amir khan-5'6"
salman khan-5'8"
sharukh khan-5'8"
akshay khanna-5'9"
anil kapoor-5'10"
sunny deol-5'11"
ajay devgan-5'11"
jackie shroff-6'
suniel shetty-6'
akshay kumar-6'1"
john abraham-6'1"
amithabh bhachan-6'2"
abhishek bhachan-6'3"
Ronnie said on 21/Nov/13
Trust me dude,or girl,whoever you are,these celebrities know a lot.
raj said on 27/Oct/13
5"8-5"9 at best.BY THE WAY,
@Xs,dewr,rinx---Akshay Kumar,is that you?
Hahahahahaha!!!! Nice try friend,but U R definitely not a 6 footer.Sorry for my humble revelation.
Rahul said on 15/Aug/13
I hv seen Mr.Anil Kapoor at a very close distance. He looks just 5' 8.5" to 5' 9".
just can not be more than 5" 9"
issa said on 25/Jul/13
Anil kapoor is 5 ft 8 inches tall
Pain said on 22/Jan/13
I got is video of some sequence akashy kumar with brandon routh.Hmm he seems near 185 cm(6'1) maybe foot adantage or something but cnt say he is below 6 though
My guess 184 cm......check it out Rob..
engineer said on 21/Jan/13
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Xs said on 17/Sep/12
Listen, I hv seen akashy kumar in reality ,So i knw he is Strong 6'1 only thing is he wear's flat shoes nt like other bollywood actors who like to boost their height with those 1 to 2 inches shoes. I saw him in a mall very closely when he was promoting tees maar khan in indore ,i myself am 6+ tht is y i am sure of his height

other way around u can see movie Kambakt ishq where he is with brendon routh who is strong 6'3 there also akashy is bare footed
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dewr said on 3/Aug/12
listen man from wht ever source u r making actors height out,specially akashy kumar (rajat bhatia) he is a strong 6'1 as i hv seen him in person he is no less than 6'1 the only misconception about his height get's created bcoz he doesn't wear shoes with heels and look like of same height as a 5'11 guy with good 2 in heels for rest whom i hv seen :

abhishek 6'2-3"
john 6'0-1"
zayed 6'1
ranbir 6'0
arunodhay 6'3-4"
arjun 6'2
rest all u can compare with them as these all guys i hv seen in person
rinx said on 27/Jul/12
ill be genuine as i have seen them all at close.....arunodhay rajat sonu abhishek all 6'2"-6'3"jackie sanjay zayed john and akshay arjun bobby all 6'0"-6'1'',hritik ranbir imran ranveer all 5'11" ajay anil sunil all 5'9"-5'10"rest all 5'7"and below
indian fact machine said on 25/Jul/12
ha ha cant understand why ppl underestimate height of abhisek bacchan , he is solid 6 ft 3 , his height is only plus point for him bcoz with face like he has , he wud have looked very ugly on a 5.7-5.8 avg body..
Salman said on 26/Jan/12
Bollywood Actors Height:
Amitabh Bachchan 6'0.5" (Peak 6'1.5")
Abhishek Bachchan 6'1"
Akshay Kumar 5'11"
Akshaye Khanna 5'6"
Arjun Rampal 5'11.5"
Ajay Devgan 5'9"
Anil Kapoor 5'9"
Bobby Deol 5'10"
Ashmit Patel 5'11"
John Abraham 5'11.5"
Jackie Shroff 5'11.5"
Sunil Shetty 5'9"
Sanjay Dutt 5'11"
Hrithik Roshan 5'10"
Vivek Oberoi 5'10"
Sunny Deol 5'7"
Mohnish Behl 5'7"
Neil Nitin Mukesh 5'8"
Karan Johar 5'9"
Uday Chopra 5'7.5"
Shahrukh Khan 5'7.5"
Saif Ali Khan 5'7"
Salman Khan 5'5.5"
Aamir Khan 5'5"
Imran Khan 5'9"
Rajpal Yadav 5'2"
Govinda 5'5.5"
Arshad Warsi 5'5"
Shahid Kapoor 5'7"
Ranbir Kapoor 5'11"
Zayed Khan 5'11

Bollywood Actresses Height:
Madhuri Dixit: 5'4"
Juhi Chawla: 5'3"
Kajol 5'2"
Karishma Kapoor 5'4"
Kareena Kapoor 5'5"
Aishwarya Rai 5'6.5"
Priyanka Chopra 5'6.5"
Rani Mukherjee 5'0"
Preity Zinta 5'2"
Jaya Bachchan 5'0"
Shilpa Shetty 5'7.5"
Shamita Shetty 5'7.5"
Deepika Padukone 5'8"
Katrina Kaif 5'8"
Amisha Patel 5'2"
Asin 5'3"
Raveena Tandon 5'2"
Lara Dutta 5'7"
Anushka Sharma 5'9"
Sushmita Sen 5'8"
Sonam Kapoor 5'9"
Bipasha Basu 5'6.5"
Vladimir Horowitz said on 10/Jan/12
No way he's 5'9". Here's a pic of him with 5'7" Tom Cruise:

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Of course, Cruise could be wearing lifts here but I don't think so.
amit yadav said on 3/Jan/12
i think anil kapoor is 5'10"
Akash Jha said on 31/Dec/11
shahid is just 5 feet 4 inches..
how many of you agree
Meena said on 11/Dec/11
I've worked closely with the Kapoors espeically his daughter Sonam. She is not an inch taller than 5.7, she appears taller BECAUSE most of bollywood is dominated by short people.
Anil is the same height. If you were at the Tom cruises welcoem to India party you would have noticed, he was just as tall as Tom.
Lotiq said on 29/Nov/11
Just met Anil Kapoor last week in LA, I'm 5 10 and had more than half a head over him. He is barely 5' 7''
Dr. Height said on 21/Jul/11
Anil is 5'8.5'' max, no more no less
Height Lawyer said on 17/Jul/11
Bollywood LYING AGAIN about heights, what a surprise!!!!!! I have met Anil in the late 90's, I am 5'9.5'' and I was just an inch taller. Anil is 5'8.5'' to 5'9'' maximum. Actors wear elavator shoes, to look taller and camera angles also makes them appear taller, which IDIOTS and FOOLS on this site can not seem to understand.
Username said on 27/Jun/11
5'11". Don't know about now, but 5'9" is in a way ridiculous. Please change it. I think he and Fardeen Khan are both 5'11".
TGS said on 15/Jun/11
In Film Tezaab their was dialogue ,when Anupam Kher just scare madhuri" tere munna ki taagein kaat di Tera 5 foot 10 inch kaa munna sirf 3foot 2 inch kaa rah gaya"
I don't think In Film they need to lie and shoten the Height of their hero
Kamal said on 28/Feb/11
Anil is 5'8'' to 5'9'' max. No way is he above 5'9''.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/10
he was a genuine 6foot guy now 5'11" .His daughter is also extremely tall at 5'10.5"
linke said on 19/Nov/10
Gaurav says on 19/Nov/10
Which world u are in dude.Anil kapoor himself claimed on star tv he was 6ft and now 5'11"
Akshay himself claimed he is 6'1" without shoes.
sonam kapoor is close to 5'11" dude.
I have met anil that's why I am telling u.Believe it or not its ur wish.Jackie has two inches on anil.He was close to 6'2" during his peak now more of a 6'1" guy.
iss site mein logon ki height 2inch kam kar di gayi hai taaki behes ho aur ye saale joote bech saken.Their trick.

If you met him then post pic or else SHUT UP
Gaurav said on 19/Nov/10
Which world u are in dude.Anil kapoor himself claimed on star tv he was 6ft and now 5'11"
Akshay himself claimed he is 6'1" without shoes.
sonam kapoor is close to 5'11" dude.
I have met anil that's why I am telling u.Believe it or not its ur wish.Jackie has two inches on anil.He was close to 6'2" during his peak now more of a 6'1" guy.
iss site mein logon ki height 2inch kam kar di gayi hai taaki behes ho aur ye saale joote bech saken.Their trick.
Aloy said on 17/Nov/10
@Gaurav, HA HA HA!!! Come on man , Deepika was in half inch sandal, And Akki was in 1" carefully. It's a full body pic with absolutely no camera trics or ground difference.

@Linke, Fight is a childish act. That episode isn't in youtube. Buy a Sawaraia DVD. You'll see Ranbir wearing weird 2.5" boots. If he were really 5'11" or 6' then why did he need to wear such boots to beat a 5'7"-5'8" Sonam?

By the way your estimates are getting closer to mine!!!
linke said on 11/Nov/10
He started wearing lifts now.They get 2 inches taller when they land in hollywood.
xyz.reg said on 9/Nov/10
According to me only the following actors are genuine 6 footers and apart from dem very few actors fall in same category..
1.Kunal Kapoor
2.Rajat Bedi
3.Abhishekh Bachchan
4.Amitabh Bachchan
5.Arjun Rampal
Hrithik..john..Akshay..Ranbir Kapoor...are not 6 footers...dey r all 5ft 10-11in!
linke said on 1/Nov/10
No gaurav,even when she's in flats,the max difference between 2 is 2.5-3,deepika at 5'8 n akshay at 5'10.75 is safe bet.Sonam is 5'8-8.25 and anil is 5'9,he was size size as kiefer sutherland,give or take 1/2 an inch.
gaurav said on 1/Nov/10
@aloy deepika is wearing 3inch heels and akshay flat shoes...akshay always wears flat shoes because his height is 6'1"
sonam is 5'10.5" and anil kapoor is 5'11" without heels.
linke said on 31/Oct/10
aloy,when did I fight with you on kumar?Sonam at 5'7 is bs,i remember you posted same comment saying ranbir kapoor was 5'10 as per vikas bhalla,link plz?Btw,padukone is 5'7.75-8,sonam 5'8-8.25.Kumar is closer to 5'11.Ever know what ground level is?
Aloy said on 31/Oct/10
@Linke, all of your comments are totally illogical. You have never refuted any of my estimations logically. Watch houseful. Akshay Kumar and Deepika in Houseful. Akki was hardly 2" taller. Then What is your claim for deepika? She claims 5'8",Akki is 5'10" max.
Follow this link.

Click Here
Don't argue without evidence.
And please fight Vikash Bhalla for downgrading Sonam. I only quoted what he said..pls don't fight with me.
Steve said on 30/Oct/10
Anil Kapoor height is 5'11".Please watch is Kannada movie "Pallavi Anu Pallavi" in 1980 ,he looks like 6'1" feet tall.and also watch him Akshay Kumar who is 6'2" in Movie WELCOME,they both look all most same.and his daughter Sonam is 5'8".

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