How tall is Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American Actor best known for playing The Falcon in the Marvel films. He also appeared in She Hate Me, The Hurt Locker, Triple 9 and The Adjustment Bureau.
I have this thing that if I meet a guy who is taller than six feet, I actually want to fight them. I don't know why, I don't know what it is. If you're 5'11 we're fine, but if you're six feet or taller, it's on....I'm 5'11. I'm not short. It's some hidden aggression, I guess. (He laughs). I don't know what happened. But it's only for dudes that are 6 feet and over -- The Sacramento Observer, 2013

How tall is Anthony Mackie
Photo by PR Photos
I'm 5'11 1/2". Five-foot eleven of pure chocolate, yes.

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Average Guess (131 Votes)
5ft 10.21in (178.3cm)
James (178.3cm) Jones said on 1/Mar/23
Maybe a 5'10.25 upgrade in the future rob?
Editor Rob
I don't rule that strong 5ft 10 range out.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 16/Aug/22
He looks taller than Daniel Craig compared to Chris Evans ...I mean or Mackie is 178.5cms or Craig is totally 5'9.75" guy and then 5'10"flat is better place for 007 ;)
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 8/Feb/22
rodd said on 18/Jul/21
Who do you think is the closest 178?
1. Vigo Mortensen
2. Guy pearce
3. Andrew Garfield
4. River Phoenix
Editor Rob
would take Garfield out of there as he seems a more solid 179 guy, pearce I feel sits right on 178cm
Dom5'11.5 said on 7/May/21
Rick W said on 7/Apr/21
5’10 or 5’10.5. Above average.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 23/Mar/21
177 cm max
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jan/21
Mackie is 5'10 1/2 not less unless Evans is 5'11 1/2 i doubt this low and Sebatian Stan isn't more than 1" over Mackie, Stan had often apear to be 5'11 3/8-1/2 range than flat 5'11 1/4.
6'1 Q said on 17/Jan/21
No way Chris Evans is 2 inches taller. 5’10.25” - 5’10.5” at the very least.
bird in box said on 9/Jan/21
seems 179 cm
bird in box said on 9/Jan/21
seems 179 cm
Kapten Kaer said on 25/Sep/20
He looked tall in 8mile
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Sep/20
🎉🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday 🐜ony! 🎈🎂🎁🎉

Here's wishing Anthony Mackie a very joyous 42nd Birthday.

5ft10.5 is my Birthday guess for the actor. 😄

Pena said on 14/Aug/20
Well im 178,5cm and but I rather avoid over 6 foot guys.
John Bricker said on 22/Jul/20
5”10.25 my height.
Big Willis 6'2" said on 3/Jul/20
For Mackie he is actually slightly taller than Sebatian Stan in some photos, albeit with bigger shoe lifts. There is no way that he is even close to a 5'11" or even 5'10.5". Sebastian is a 5'11"er flat at most in shoes, which explains why in dress shoes they are really close when in normal wear. Look up a picture of Anthony, Chris, and Sebastian and watch how their height changes in each one.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 24/Jun/20
He is more like 5ft 10 tall version of Will Smith somehow.
truthteller25 said on 15/Dec/19
He never looks short to me so I will say 5'10.5 and there are so many guys 6 foot he must try not to fight a lot.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Nov/19
Base on Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans listing from Rob given them i'll go with 5'10 1/2 really not lower.
DarkPower729 said on 22/Sep/19
Probably 177.8cm (5’10”) before bed and 179.5cm (5’10.67”) in the morning- most likely what his 5’11” claim is based on. I’d give him 5’10.25”- 5’10.5” would be a decent claim.
cmillzz said on 2/Jul/19
That’s because Evans likely isn’t a legit 6’0. I’ve always thought of him as being 5’11.5” max. I don’t rule out Mackie being a bit under 5’10 at a low honestly.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/19
Unless Mackie is prove to wear lift if not he is 5'10 1/2 can't be this low. Rob need to explain how 6'0 Evans never properly look 2" taller let alone 1.75" between them, it is more like near 4cm.
cmillzz said on 9/Jun/19
flat 5’10 tops
Crab said on 25/May/19
This guy is underlisted. MacKie, Stan and Evans are all height chameleons, in some photos the three of them can look identical. Really I think Evans just has very loose posture and drops height whereas Stan and MacKie seem much more height conscious. Even with that in mind, in similar footwear, I just don’t see how a 5’10” flat and a 6’0” flat guy can look identical in height unless the 6’0” slouches down slightly, which Evans doesn’t really seem to do. If Evans is a full 6’0” surely he has to be close to 5’11”?

Evans 5ft 11.75
Stan 5ft 11
MacKie 5ft 10.5
SD172 said on 1/May/19
In this video:Click Here @3:23-3:31 He says,"I'm one inch shorter than six foot."Which isn't too much of an inflation but 5'10 is a pretty decent height too...
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Mar/19
Justin Chatwin supposed to be 6'0

Christopher Backus supposed to be 6'4

Reid Carolin supposed to be 6'6 1/4

Kristen Wiig supposed to be 5'5 1/2

Ryan Reynolds supposed to be 6'2 3/4

Anthony Mackie supposed to be 5'10 1/2

Jared Leto and Jamie Foxx supposed to be 5'9 1/4

All still under listed for some years.
JoB said on 21/Feb/19
Bumped into him at a club this weekend in Vancouver, Canada. I'm 5'10 flat and he stood just under my height - his posture is not the greatest and stands with a slight slouch naturally. On a side note, he's kinda douchy -- i thought he was married with kids but he was drunk and flirting with random girls he was with and his friend.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jan/19
Not sure why Rob downgrade him 5'10 flat which he never look under 5'10 1/2 to me and that what he look next to Chris Evans.
Kev said on 29/Sep/18
he always looks 5'11
Zoom said on 20/May/18
Compared to other marvel actor he really looks to be 5'11 if not taller.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 15/May/18
Could be over 5'10."
haxxx said on 28/Apr/18
With 5'9 flat Boyega I think he is 5'10.5 max: Click Here:
6footTom said on 17/Apr/18
@Johndoe Evans is definitely taller, by how much is somewhat debatable.
Johndoe said on 17/Apr/18
Seems the same height as Chris Evans?
Coconut2000 said on 9/Apr/18
5'10.25, 5'10.5 MAX
QUA PATET ORBIS said on 2/Apr/18
he def looks taller. I'd say 5'10 and a half
kht1123 said on 3/Mar/18
So I’ve been lurking on this site for a while and something just occurred to me. When I’m getting my height measured at the doctors office, told to stand completely erect, I am 5’10 on the dot. However, even on my best day and consciously aware of my posture, no one would ever see me at 5’10 because there’s always going to be a slight slouch than doing your best to stand as tall as you can at a doctors office. Anthony Mackie probably is 5’11 when measuring his height.
Junior said on 7/Jan/18

That would make Chris Evans 5'11.25" max.
Jack said on 14/Dec/17
5'10.5 is a bit too much. 5'10 seems right
Junior said on 21/Oct/17
Mackie doesn't look over 1.25" shorter than 6'0 Captain America most of time. I make a case for Captain being 5'11.8 and Mackie stay 5'10.5" like i say.

Click Here:
Junior said on 16/Oct/17
I wouldn't go under 5'10.5"
Slim said on 12/Sep/17
Yeah 5'10.25" is a goer, he claims his morning height

Anthonies a.m. Measurements:5'11"
Pm measure: 5'10.25"
Guest66 said on 10/Sep/17
What a cringy quote, he basically wants to fight anyone who's taller than he is. Anyways, to me he looks like a 178-9cm range guy, would be pretty much identical in height with a guy like Tyson.

I would give him 5'10.25
Slim said on 7/Sep/17
According to his quote, he wants to bash 5'11.5 guys... does that mean he's fought chris Evans? lol.

Though rob, I do trust you want to save chris Evans listing and the only way to do so it to upgrade Mackie to 179.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Rob, you do know chris and Anthony are less than 2 inches apart right?

He deserves 178.5.
5'11.25 at noon. said on 18/Aug/17
Well not quite 5'11 if by barefoot measurements I'd say 5'10.25.
Junior said on 14/Aug/17
He didn't look over 1.25" shorter than 6'0 Chris Evans. I'll go with a guess at 5'10.75" not under this. 5'10 is way too low.
Slim 182 cm said on 30/Jul/17
5'10.25 imo.
Jacob said on 23/Jul/17
Now rob I'd say you could argue he's a strong 5'10" but I wouldn't say 179 cms more 5'10 and a quarter in pain and gain he looks above average for sure considering the average height man is 175-177 cms now a days but mostly 175 cms
even said on 19/Jul/17
5 foot 10 ( 178 cm ) you cant call him short .
S.J.H said on 7/Jul/17
If Mackie not getting upgrade at 5'10.25-10.5 , i can only say Chris Evans is 5'11.5 and Sebestian Stan 5'10.75 by all honest..
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/17
MmmKay! Let's sort this out then! He's a MacKie, but he isn't a Counsellor and he isn't from 'South Park', MmmKay? MmmKay! So that's that sorted! He's a film star and not a cartoon character with an overly large head, MmmKay? MmmKay!
I'm thinking on the lines of 5ft10 for this fine specimen of manhood, so that is what he'll get from me, MmmKay? MmmKay, 5ft10 it is!
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
Mackie 5'10.25 , Chris Evans 5'11.75 , Sebestian Stan 5'11 positively..
um said on 7/May/17
i'd say 5'10 and a half.

i always thought he was 5'11
phil said on 29/Apr/17
nope your 5'10 u not over 5'10 at all
Bobby said on 28/Feb/17
He's 5'10? Always thought he was about 6ft or 5'11 when around Chris Evans in The Winter Soldier, people underestimate how tall 5'10 truly is.
BT said on 28/Feb/17
@Editor Rob: 5'10.25 could be a fair mark for him, 5'10 flat is a good shout, but he can look a wee bit more than 1.5in taller than Renner at times. Doesn't look more than 2 inches shorter than Gosling here: Click Here
S.J.H said on 9/Nov/16
No he look over 5'10 with bryan cranston, sebastian stan and chris evans. Like 5'10.25
j-c said on 16/Oct/16
He looks 5'9.75 on most pictures.
S.J.H said on 3/Oct/16
Rob had underestimate mackie height for sure. There is lots of evidence chris evans is only 3-4cm taller not 2" and sebastian stan was only 1-2cm taller not 1.25" . If mackie is 5'10 i would say evans is 5'11.5 and stan is 5'10.75
Jake said on 8/Jul/16
(5'10") isn't really that short. Don't seem to understand why most people feel insecure about such a height.
172.4cm guy said on 7/Jul/16
I think 178cm is a good listing. He looked like a solid 5'10" in the MCU as the Falcon, so intuitively this seems right. Also, here's a picture of him standing next to Bryan Cranston Click Here. Cranston is reported to be 5'10", and Mackie is right there with him, if not slightly taller. So 178cm seems spot on.
Ren said on 5/Jul/16
Is Anthony Mckee and Matt Damon are same range rob
Editor Rob
Mackie is probably when measured the taller of the 2, but given his quote about height, I wouldn't be surprised if he might have tried lifts in films.
Johan said on 5/Jul/16
Mat said on 2/Jul/16
Editor Rob: he got really confused when he met Sly, challenged him, but then Sly took his elevator boots off

Rob what's the tallest Sly could reach with his elevator shoes? 6 feet? It seems too much.

Well I have seen pics of Sly with Arnie and there was barely an inch in it . Then other pics you see that Arnie has solid 3 inches on him so he is gaining at least 2 inches from his shoes so could pull off his 5ft 10.5 claim quite easily.

Well like Rob says Sly would full him till the shoes come off and then there is Robert Downey Jnr with his 'avenger shoes'. Even Jude Law wouldn't be safe until he told him : actually i am 5ft 10 as well.
Scott said on 3/Jul/16
I'm tired of these people commenting, "Look at his arms, his legs, his head proportions." Those don't matter! Height is the top of your head to your heel. Everyone's proportioned differently.
Mat said on 2/Jul/16
Editor Rob: he got really confused when he met Sly, challenged him, but then Sly took his elevator boots off

Rob what's the tallest Sly could reach with his elevator shoes? 6 feet? It seems too much.
Editor Rob
he might have had 3-3.5 inch boots in the past, so could look 2 inches taller + great posture, probably 3 inches taller than if standing looser in a normal near 1 inch shoe.
Heylo said on 15/May/16
He is one of those loudmouths trying to act all tough and cool when he's really insecure. There's nothing wrong with being 5'10, in fact, it's a perfectly average height.
the_eckoman said on 1/May/16
looks about 5'9;
Johan said on 22/Apr/16
So he actually wants to fight guys who are 5'11" + ? Since he isn't the height he thinks he is. Seems a bit weird
Editor Rob
he got really confused when he met Sly, challenged him, but then Sly took his elevator boots off
Aaron Zamora said on 20/Apr/16
He looked noticeably shorter than Jimmy Kimmel. 5'9.5 would be a better shout.
lol said on 1/Mar/16
5'10 but I always thought he was 6 feet in films
Byron T. said on 16/Jan/16
@ MD: Mackie looks nowhere near his 5'11'' claim, but I'd say he's 5'9.5'' maximum.
John said on 13/Jan/16
Why in the heck does he want to fight 6'+ guys? Does he have a napoleon or inferiority complex?
MD said on 12/Jan/16
@Byron, those are interesting photos. While Grillo's in boots, it's very telling up against Chris Evans, because he's in flat sneakers looking at other photos, and maybe even slightly flatter than Mackies. He is definitely below a flat 5'10".
Byron T. said on 10/Jan/16
Here's some pics of Anthony Mackie from Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con this weekend:

Click Here
Click Here

Even though some of his Captain America: Civil War co-stars have a heel advantage, he looks below 5'10.'' I think he's at least 5'9.'' I think both he and Frank Grillo need to be downgraded on the website.
Aman said on 8/Nov/15
He looks atleast 3 inches shorter than chris line who reckon is 6'1 waking up so 5'9" is much more likely.
james said on 27/Sep/15
Hes 5'11 on his tip toes
MD said on 3/Sep/15

5'10" has to be the very most he can be. Here he is with Seth Rogan (who may have a footwear advantage), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (5'9.25"), who definitely doesn't.

Click Here

Click Here

I don't think he's much shorter than this listing, but he's a weak 5'10" as opposed to a strong 5'10". He might wake up at this height.
Ron said on 30/Apr/15
There was that scene in Age or Ultron with Mackie and Evans walking through Avengers tower, a good long shot of them moving side by side, and I think if we call Evans 5'11.5 Mackie looks about a 5'9.5. He's about up to Evan's hairline, he's not quite tall enough to equal Evans, but equally he's not so short that you'd notice any real height difference if you weren't looking for it. As a general rule I think that 2 inches is about the max you can get in height difference before the height difference becomes noticable to those not looking for it, so I think Mackie has to be comfortably within that range. A solid 177cm middle of the day, can easily appear smaller with short hair and posture but can also stay on a solid level with flat 6 footers
Ryan Mason 185.0 said on 10/Mar/15
5'9.75 to be accurate
177 CM
Fraction under 5'10 , not shorter though
Hypado said on 9/Feb/15
For me, Anthony Mackie is 178/179 cm
anon said on 24/Oct/14
100% about 5'10. 5'9 at best.
John said on 30/Aug/14
I was just at the Chicago Comic Con and met Mackie. There is no way he's 5'10 because I'm a fraction shy of 5'10 and I was clearly taller. In fact I was shocked to see he was the same as my son who is 5'8. I can't believe he claims 5'11.
jeffreywky said on 30/Aug/14
Click Here check out this
the shredder said on 5/Aug/14
He was 3 inches taller than Eminem , He wears lifts or Eminem is 5'7
Almost 5 10 said on 20/May/14
I guess this confirms that Matt Damon isn't above 5' 9.5" then
Realist said on 4/May/14
I think 5'10 is good that would make Chris Evan 5'11.25. That guy is not a complete 6'0 feet guy.If Mackie is below this mark Evans is touching 5'11.
cole said on 25/Apr/14
@Editor Rob: Yeah, 5'10 is much better. At least it's arguable anywhere in the 177-178 cm range. He can at times look a decent 178 cm, but he has appeared to me a little under the mark one too many times, so I figured 177 cm range was a good shout for him - still think it might be. But 5'10 flat is by all means arguable. Funny thing is, in the past I've been convinced he was a good 180 cm for some reason, but quickly came to my senses when I had a better look at him. That is probably because he's no stranger to wearing a wee lift. With height-issues like that it wouldn't surprise me one bit.
cole said on 24/Apr/14
@Editor Rob: It could be, but 5'10.5 isn't.
Editor Rob
5ft 10 flat is maybe the best fit for him, sometimes a guy like Mackie who has issues on height might be one who wears a lift.
cole said on 24/Apr/14
@Spike: Stan's been upgraded to 5'11.25, and fairly so. Still 5'9.5 is the most I can see for Mackie compared to him: Click Here (same pic as your's, only bigger with adjusted levels).

@Editor Rob: I know you probably don't like knocking off a full inch of your listings, but in this case it's the right thing to do.
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks that short, 5ft 10 flat is still arguable for him.
Spike said on 15/Apr/14
5'9.5, Rob. Here he is with confirmed 5'11 Sebastian Stan, both standing tall, both with a similar if not identical heel. Easily a 1.5 inch difference.

Click Here
Damon said on 12/Apr/14
Click Here Isn't Chiwetel listed at 5'10?
the shredder said on 10/Mar/14
5'11 1/2 is funny , but he can look 5'10 , sometimes 5'11
MD said on 8/Mar/14
Oh, no, another Matthew McConaughey. lol Here he is with an actual 5'11.5" actor, Josh Lucas, who is even bent at both the knees:

Click Here

He honestly can't be much more than 5'10".
Editor Rob said on 7/Mar/14
He's getting balsie now. In screenrant he's sneaking in a little extra, maybe success is making his ego grow a bit!
"I’m 5’11 1/2″. Five-foot eleven of pure chocolate, yes."
MD said on 7/Feb/14
With 5'8" rapper Nas:

Click Here

Click Here
cole said on 5/Sep/13
Downgrade to 5'9.5. It's obvious that he's not 5'10 or over.
cole said on 31/Aug/13
Click Here

Look at this video. Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans enters at about 03:15. Sebastian Stan seems like a pretty solid 180 cm guy to me, and Chris Evans looks about the same height as him, maybe 1 or 2 cm taller, but Mackie looks noticably shorter than Sebastian Stan. That's not how a 5'10.5 guy looks next to two 5'11ish guys. Unless Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans are both legit 183 cm range guys, which I'm having a rather hard time seeing, Mackie is 5'9.5 range at best.
What do you think Rob?
Silent d said on 29/Aug/13
He is a little taller than mark wahlberg and eminem. He never looked 179cm. Maybe 177cm.
Lorne said on 28/Aug/13
Watching Criminal Intent with him just now, and he actually looked near enough 5'10 with Vincent D'onorfio. I guess his 5'11 claim was so outrageous, I remembered him nearer 5'9. But he is NOT 179cm, he is clearly shorter than Adrian Grenier, who is listed 5'10.5, but in fairness could be 5'10.75, doesn't look more than 5'10 with the 192cm D'Onorfio... As MD says, it's painfully obvious he isn't even close to 5'11. Maybe 178cm, not more. He probably wears a modest lift in films to pull off 179cm at times.,, Man, I hope he didn't have a "square go" with D'onorfio, watching the episode reminded me he was in his prime at the time...
cole said on 18/Aug/13
@MD: Grillo obviously has the footwear advantage in those pics. I'm gonna rule out 5'10.5 for Mackie, and go with 5'10 at most. He generally looks under his claim, and with his aggression towards people above 6ft, I can't really see why he would have a problem with guys in that range if he was near 5'11.
Lorne said on 29/Jul/13
He DOES NOT look this tall in law and order. He's been claiming 5'11 for years, never looked it. Rob, did you see him in law and order? And is it possible he wears lifts now? Seriously, if this guy is 179cm, Jeremy sisto and Jesse L have to be 6ft1.5!
Editor Rob
definitely has to be put on the 'G list'...Mackie is one for the watching, if he's annoyed with taller people maybe he's a guy who wouldn't think twice about wearing a wee lift.
cole said on 28/Jul/13
Theo says on 29/Apr/13
Sorry - Men's Fitness. Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's a height mention, not quite like a quote he gave about being 5ft 11 that I mentioned]

That site also has 5'10 Cam Gigandet at 6'1 and 6'2.5/6'2.75 Idris Elba at 6'2. But still I agree that mackie is 5'10-5'10.5 range. He's not a 5'11 guy. He was shorter than a slouching Adrian Grenier in converse, and Mackie was in dress shoes with better posture.
Emil said on 7/Jul/13
I dont get it' Rob. I'm 5'11.5 and my best friend is 6'5 and it works out perfectly. We joke about it and thats it.. What's the big deal with Anthony?
Editor Rob
I don't know, but since you are taller than him, best slouch if you ever meet him!
jtm said on 8/Jun/13
if he is 5'10 flat(which i think he is) then that proves damon is 5'8. wahlberg is 5'7 btw.
lol said on 5/Jun/13
This guy looks like a solid strong 5ft 9 ...
Balrog said on 14/May/13
Always looked a solid 5'10'' guy to me. 179 is possible. 5'11'' in the morning.
Mooplefoo said on 8/May/13
I gotta go with 5'10 flat for mackie. Its just Wahlberg is like 5'7 1/2 maybe 5'8 and there wasn't much of a difference in pain and gain between the two. Basically every human male will upgrade there height by an inch, no matter their height. If he says 5'11, most likely he is 5'10. I like what mackie said in his interview haha, i kinda feel the same way.
Theo said on 29/Apr/13
Sorry - Men's Fitness. Click Here
Editor Rob
it's a height mention, not quite like a quote he gave about being 5ft 11 that I mentioned
Theo said on 29/Apr/13
He is quoted in Men's Health this month saying he is 5' !0". If he was really 5' 10.5" in Hollywood do you really think he'd claim 5' 10".... never. C'mon Rob. Who in Hollywood under 6' doesn't upgrade their height?
Hew said on 19/Jan/13
5'9.5 at most.
Frankie said on 31/Oct/12
Now waaaay 5ft 11 - he would actually look quite tall at that height - looks like a very average man, 5'10 at most - saw him at a screening about a year ago, I'm 5'11 and could tell he wasn't my height at all
matt678 said on 22/Oct/12
rob dont u think hes closer too 5ft10 then 5ft11?
Aragorn 5'11 said on 22/Oct/12
I saw him at the Real Steel premiere in Los Angeles. He was barely my height and I'm 5'10.
Cranberries said on 22/Aug/12
He really doesn't look 5'11" in his photo on Jeremy Renner's page... More like 5'10" (which is what you referred to him as in the notes under the pic).
Dmeyer said on 1/Aug/12
He mostly look closer to 5'11
MD said on 1/Aug/12
The upgrade was definitely not warranted. If anything, he needed a downgrade from 5'10".
Dmeyer said on 31/Jul/12
I did think hé was taller than 5'10 like 5'10.5-11 , you upgreat 1 in wath happened
Editor Rob
just lookin again, I thought maybe he looked nrar five eleven than ten
BigT said on 30/Jul/12
You had him at 5´10, what happened? Personally I think he´s a fraction under 178 cm.
MD said on 6/Feb/12
Here he is with 5'9" Sam Worthington, with the second photo showing their footwear:

Click Here

Click Here

Not the best angle from which to judge, but I'd bet he's not even 5'10", to be honest. He looks more 5'9.5", to me.
Louisiana said on 6/Feb/12
I know him personally. And although h will laugh at me for saying this, he truly is barely 5'10..maybe just a little shorter to be exact. If your reading this Tony, GOTCHA =)
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 2/Feb/12
He seems slightly strong/above average in films. Solid 178 cm (5" 10.25) for him.
Reality said on 17/Dec/11
Rob,what was the reason that made you change his height from 5'11.5 to 5'10?
Editor Rob
I didn't think over 5ft 11 was possible, but nearer 5ft 10 might be...5ft 10.5 could be possible for him
Sean73 said on 8/Dec/11
He`s got an inch on Damon.If your right Rob then Damon is 5-9.which has been my guess all along.anything over 5-11 for Mackie is stretching it.
jake, 1.82 m said on 23/Sep/11
Further proof that Damon at 5ft10 is ridiculous.
brandonknight said on 16/Sep/11
Very clearly taller than Matt Damon if you watch Adjustment Bureau. He claims 6ft so he's gotta be closer to around 5'11." 5'10" just seems too low for him.
heighster said on 22/Jul/11
he's taller than damon in adjustment bureau so damon should be at 5-9 or 5-8.5
Adamz said on 9/Jul/11
Why such a drastic change? He looks slightly taller than 5'10" flat.
jtm said on 27/Jun/11
rob was he listed 6'0 in here before?
Editor Rob
the very first listing was 5ft 11.5 in 2005
J. said on 22/Dec/06
5'10.5" is kinda low, no?
Jordan said on 22/Dec/06
Wow Glenn, Your on a role buddy. New celebs almost everday. I have only met James franco, Alfred Molina, and Daniel Cudamore. And my father has met James Gandolfini but other then that I hanvt met any other celebs.
B said on 24/Mar/06
I also say he's 5'11 because when he was walking alongside Ellen Barkin's character and she was wearing modest dress shoes (2-3" heels max), he was barely 2 inches taller than her and Barkin's 5'7 at most.
B said on 24/Mar/06
I just saw the movie "She Hate Me" and Mackie consistently looked at a good inch, inch 1/2 shorter than Q-Tip. Plus it didnt help that a lot of the lesbians towered over him in the movie. 5'11" would be a much safer bet
J. said on 28/Mar/05
I was looking at some premiere pics of She Hate Me, Mackie and Q-Tip appear to be around the same size so I say that six feet is correct.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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