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Peak: 6ft 1.04in (185.5cm)
Current: 5ft 11.07in (180.5cm)
THE REAL SHITT said on 25/Feb/22
PEAK 186CM NOW 179-180CM
Raymund said on 25/Feb/22
Pierre said on 23/Feb/22
Are you saying Arnold is 5'8 nowadays? lol. The lowest he could look is below 5'10 like 5'9.75 but If he stands tall for a measurement he would hit easily 5'10. 5'10.25
jabtr said on 24/Feb/22
Arnie is the kind of guy in his peak that could look very average or pretty tall. Might be because of his Mr Olympia built?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Feb/22
There's no way Jimmy Kimmel only had a 1/4 inch on Arnie, if Kimmel is 181cm Arnie looked in 5 ft 10 range....
Linke said on 24/Feb/22
Rob, do bodybuilder's tend to lose more height than usual?
Editor Rob
Can raise the risk of disc damage and some earlier loss
Pierre said on 23/Feb/22
@Raymund = Here is Arnold in good posture next to Hafthor Click Here = The top of his head looks hardly as high as Hafthor's mouth. Hafthor's mouth here is at 5"11' mark Click Here .Then imo the probability Arnold still is full 5"11' looks slim.And even slimer when I look at Rob's posture ,that make me thing the 5"8' mark of the scale is perfect in the best case ,with a possibility that the marks are just a little bit generous (that is my own opinion and debatable of course)
Rudy Valente said on 23/Feb/22
5'10". AS has been peddling that 6'+ lie for his entire career.
Raymund said on 23/Feb/22
What's your guess for Arnie these days? We have similar guess on this page. People always inflate heights not knowing what is real or legit!
Raymund said on 23/Feb/22
Jared Tyler said on 17/Feb/22
More like 5'10 in 2022 and peak anything from 6'0.25 to 6'0.5
Jared Tyler said on 17/Feb/22
Peak: 6'0

Today: 5'9

He's had multiple back surgeries so I think it's fair to say he's shrunk 3 inches.
viper said on 14/Feb/22
6-1 minimum
Pierre said on 13/Feb/22
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/22
Slim, sorry but that's way too low

I get the 6ft1 flat estimates but no way was Arnold only a strong 6ft. He was comfortably head and shoulders above guys in Pumping Iron, many of whom weren't short by any means and wasn't dwarfed by Ferrigno. Pretty sure that mark would leave Willis at 5ft10 tops and Stallone below 5ft8

"wasn't dwarfed".Depending on what you call dwarfed =

Here Arnold same distance to the camera as Lou ,looks no less than 3 inches shorter than Lou = Click Here

Here Arnold comfortably closer to the camera than Lou = Click Here Lou looks same height as him in the pic

Here Lou comfortably closer to the camera than Arnold = Lou looks like a giant in the pic = Click Here

About Bruce Willis = here next to 6"0' Tom Hanks = Click Here

Young Sly / Mister T = Click Here

Young Sly / Pelé = Click Here
5"9' Eusebio /Pelé = Click Here

Others = Click Here Click Here
Jeick San said on 12/Feb/22
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22
Absolutely agree! My guess is exactly the same. He was about 184 no more.
Jeick San said on 12/Feb/22
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 11/Feb/22
Maybe first you have to learn how tall is a real 6'1 man. I'm tired seeing how people understimate heights like a real 5'11 or a real 6'0 guy. The problem is that most of the population lie and add 1 or 2 inches and when someone is honest you just can't believe a real height.
Take a look how tall is 6'1 or 6'1.5. Mike O'hearn's real heigght is 6'1.75 maybe 6'2 and has 4 inches on Arnold. Calum Von Moger is 6'1.25 tops, and trsut me he is taller than Arnold in his peak. Luckly Arnold was 6.0.75 but currently he is 5'10 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/22
Slim, sorry but that's way too low

I get the 6ft1 flat estimates but no way was Arnold only a strong 6ft. He was comfortably head and shoulders above guys in Pumping Iron, many of whom weren't short by any means and wasn't dwarfed by Ferrigno. Pretty sure that mark would leave Willis at 5ft10 tops and Stallone below 5ft8
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 11/Feb/22

No way Arnie was less than 6'1 peak.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 6/Feb/22
Skinny muscly like frank zane

183.5-184 for peak

179 for current
Mike voorhees said on 6/Feb/22
He’s definitely not 5-11 now. Wasn’t much taller than Lewis Hamilton. Impossible he was 6-2 peak to lose 4”
Pierre said on 5/Feb/22
if you believe Lou Ferrigno and others bodybuilders had a good list in their prime then Arnold was 6"1.5'...
Lou Ferrigno listed 6"5' /Dick Durock listed 6"5.5' Click Here
Lou Ferrigno John Larroquette listed 6"4' Click Here
Lou Ferrigno with toupee /Manny Perry listed 6"2' Click Here
...Well I still go with 6"0' prime !
BoobleGooble said on 3/Feb/22
He is probably bellow 5'11 now,more like 5'10.5-5'10.75,many people think he was short at peak because of his current height,even though he was 6'1.5 range
James B 171.5cm said on 31/Jan/22
His body really has taken a battering through years of heavy lifting and steroid use
Rapha said on 31/Jan/22
From the email which has been written by Basille , it appears clear that Arnold was 188 cm early in the morning and stated that height,
Omar174cm said on 30/Jan/22
Peak 6ft and half currently 5ft11 compared to the 6ft1 john cena
Pierre said on 30/Jan/22
Serge Nubret supposed 5"10' /5"11' /Arnold = Click Here

Serge Nubret /Rory Ledelmeyer listed 5"11'(advantage of shoe) = Click Here

Rory Ledelmeyer / Bob Paris = Click Here

Bob Paris closer to the camera /Paolo Tassoto = Click Here

Paolo Tassoto /Bill Kazmayer = Click Here

Bill Kazmayer in his 63 2016 / Hafthor 6"7.5' Click Here

Younger next to Jon Pall Sigmarsson listed 6"3' Click Here
Rapha said on 30/Jan/22
6.5 cm shrinkage at age 74. He has not done well in terms of height preservation.
Mike voorhees said on 29/Jan/22
A picture of him recently with mike Tyson. He’s the same height. Whatever Tyson is now arnie is the same.
Gergori said on 22/Jan/22
Arnold looks like kid on this picture

Click Here
John moss said on 16/Jan/22
I would say he's 6'0 now. I think he use to be 6'2 or 6'1 but he's shrunk so
Jayk said on 15/Jan/22
5ft11 now 6ft 1 in prime considering is age he maybe should be slightly taller maybe all the years of weights added up.
Vick Jane Moretti said on 8/Jan/22
Measured aside Wilt Chamberlain, in "flat boots" in the 80's, Arnie is obviously a 6'1".
Toby Barrett said on 5/Jan/22
he has always looked 6'2 in his peak for me
V for 1984 said on 5/Jan/22
6-0.75 peak imo. Now looks sub 5-11.
Pierre said on 4/Jan/22
Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman in 1996 Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 4/Jan/22
Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman listed 5"10' here(that is imo his peak before multiple surgeries) = Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/22
@ Nik and Bollok - I rather prefer the singular Bollok - it's the sort of subject that my Dad's schoolboy era sang songs about in the playground about the Führer! 😃👌
Pierre said on 3/Jan/22
Click Here Arnold and Boyer Coe supposed 5"9'
Boyer Coe(third guy from the left in the photo) next to maybe full 5"8' Mike Mentzer(second guy from the left in the photo) ... Click Here .
Mike Mentzer and maybe full 5"10' Dorian Yates very probably barefoot Click Here
Pierre said on 3/Jan/22
valek said on 30/Dec/21 Click Here =Denis Tinerino ,the fifth guy from the left on the photo ( supposed 6"0') and Mike Mentzer 5"8',the second guy from the left on the photo more distant to the camera than Denis...I don't see even 5"10' by this comparison...
Click Here Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates,maybe full 5"10' not straight here and very probably barefoot...
Pierre said on 2/Jan/22
@Kurtz Tom's mugshot = Click Here
Duhon said on 2/Jan/22
@Ethan I'd like to see data that 5'10.5" is average height for "non olds" in the US. I've read average height in the US has actually shrunk somewhat the last few years not increased: Click Here Click Here
Ethan Wolf said on 2/Jan/22
No, it's average in the US for college students. 5'9" is only the average height if you include in it old people who shrunk. In Northern Europe it's usually 5'11"-6'0" and even 6'1" in dinaric alps
Duhon said on 1/Jan/22
@Ethan you have to specify the country. In many countries including the US 5'10.5" is slightly above average height in a handful of others it's slightly below.
Ethan Wolf said on 31/Dec/21
@Nik Ashton
5'10.5" is literally the average height. Unless you're counting 70 yos
Pierre said on 31/Dec/21
This guy met Sergio in the 80s and was giving him max 5"8' .Later in the forum under the article he wrote even 5"7'.The link Click Here Arnold Sergio around same distance to the camera and similar posture = Click Here The difference here is about 4 inches.

@Rob the link does not work
Nik Ashton said on 31/Dec/21
@ Bollok - swapping the k in your name for an x would be funny too but your name is funny as it is! Bo🔒🤴

@ Ethan Wolf - I like your name! 6’4” is when you start feeling out of the ordinary and 6’1” is more than tallish, tallish is more like 5’10.5” - 5’11”! 5’7” - 5’7.5” is shortish but that’s all.
Jack Daniels said on 31/Dec/21
Hey Rob! D'you think Schwarzy began to lose height in the 80's or later?
For a professional bodybuilder you probably shrink younger than normal people?
Editor Rob
think he did by late 80's or early 90's (a small fraction).
Nik Ashton said on 31/Dec/21
@ bollok - I like your name! 🗣

How tall are you?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Dec/21
@ bollok - Such a funny, funny name! Thanks for making me LMAO!


Arnie gets 6ft1.5 peak and 5ft11.25.
valek said on 31/Dec/21
This is from Mr World 1970, Sergio Oliva who is a 5'9-5'10 guy with Arnold doing a side chest, Sergio looks tiny in comparison to the austrian oak. Click Here

P.S. I know that Arnold gains a few centimeters by doing the side chest but it doesn't seem nothing less than 6'1-6'1.5.
bollok said on 31/Dec/21
Click Here with Frank Zane
Ethan Wolf said on 31/Dec/21
6'1" is tallish but it isn't that tall anyway, you only start feeling the part when you're 6'4"+. Although it does depends on what state you live in, in the north (like Montana) 6'4" is a lot more common than in the south. This is due to the ethnic Germans who live there. It's kinda like northern Europe where the average height is higher than the US in its whole
valek said on 30/Dec/21
You guys should stop saying bull about arnold's height. Any measure under 6'1 for his prime is bull . Take a look at these photos: Click Here
Dennis tinerino is listed anywhere at 6'0 and Arnold is clearly taller.
Click Here Dennis Tinerino towers a 5'9 Frank Zane.
Arnold today I don't think he is more than 5'11 because his torso is very compressed, he has lost a lot of height but in the past he was a tall man.
Pierre said on 29/Dec/21
@Rob = But this pics Arnold/Tom Hanks /Tom Cruise are not from a promo just made for a article in the press = Click Here
Editor Rob
It's a photoshoot in any case. Look at This shot to see kind of things a photographer sometimes does.
Ethan Wolf said on 28/Dec/21
I don't seem to know how to convert the distance between The Rock and Arnie (since he's closer to the camera).
houss said on 28/Dec/21
Ethan Wolf said on 27/Dec/21
Rob, looking at this very recent pic of him with The Rock (189 cm), how tall do you think Arnold is? he actually looks 5'9.5" to 5'10" there or am I high? the footwear they both usually wear is identical in height addingness Click Here
What's wrong with you !! hhhh
Pierre said on 27/Dec/21
1994 = How much height lose Tom Hanks here ?...And finally the top of his head is almost as high as Arnold's top of head Click Here
Editor Rob
Sometimes in promo shots an actor might have a little 1-2 inch platform. I mean look at This shot with Willis and Hanks - he's on a bit of wood there for sure.
Ethan Wolf said on 27/Dec/21
Rob, looking at this very recent pic of him with The Rock (189 cm), how tall do you think Arnold is? he actually looks 5'9.5" to 5'10" there or am I high? the footwear they both usually wear is identical in height addingness Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks like that photo was a few years ago and I would never think he looked 5ft 10 there.
Pierre said on 23/Dec/21
@Draco = Arsenio Hall supposed 5"11' next to Eddy Murphy both flat shoes at around 16:20 = Click Here

Eddie Murphy /Arnold = Click Here
Eddie Murphy /Nick Nolte 6"0' Click Here
Pierre said on 23/Dec/21
Albertoat5'9 said on 22/Dec/21
Pierre said on 10/Dec/21

I said he's max 6"0' peak.Lot's of pics I posted here are showing this.Mitch Pileggi maybe 6"1' peak and Robert Patrick = Click Here Mitch Pileggi with a good advantage of shoe /Rob = Click Here
Albertoat5'9 said on 22/Dec/21
Pierre said on 10/Dec/21
Man I agree that Arnold was shorter than People think, but saying that Arnold in his peak was sub 6'0 is not serious. I understand why they don't take you seriously. Please be more realistic. Look at the pic with Robert Patrick in Terminator 2
Click Here
We all know that Robert Patrick was 5'11 with a chance of 5'11 1/8. 180 cm range and nowdays he is 179 cm. Patrick was honest saying 5'11 on Twitter. Arnold was minimum 1 inch taller than him by then. Arnold was over 6'0 withoutdoubt. Arnold was 6'0.5 maybe 6'0.75 on a good day before lunch.
Albertoat5'9 said on 21/Dec/21
Draco said on 21/Dec/21
Arsenio doesn't look 5'11 man. He is probably a strong 5'10 guy 5'10.5 Arnold looks just over 6'1.5 with that footwear. Arnold again sub 6'1 and probably 6'0.5. (184 cm is m guess everytime I see him in the (80-90's) maybe a weak 185 in the 70's but I'd say morning height.
Albertoat5'9 said on 21/Dec/21
Draco said on 21/Dec/21
There is 1'5 inches between Arnold and Robert Patick (4 cm). I'm sure of that. Funny that Arnold nowadays lost more height and currently he is about Robert Patrick's height so 5'10.5
Draco said on 21/Dec/21
Good pic with Robert Patrick Alberto. But just as with Brigitte, I'm not convinced until you give me a series of photos of them, not just one (also measure by their top skulls and eye levels, not poofy hair). Who knows, could be camera angle, posture, footwear, etc: e.g.

Click Here

Click Here

This is what Arnold looks like together with a true undisputably 5-11 man - Arsenio Hall from multiple camera angles:
Click Here
Click Here
This was 90/91 around T2 / Kindergarten Cop time, Arnie simply TOWERED over 5-11 Arsenio. Suspect footwear? Perhaps but didn't seem by much (nothing like Sly's lifts, etc).

His first time on Letterman in 84 promoting Conan the Destroyer, looked about same as Dave, and I'm hard-pressed to believe he was really that concerned about his height this early on in his career to even wear lifts:
Click Here
Seems he kept roughly this same height on multiple appearances on Letterman throughout the late 80s and 90s:
Pretty clear view of flat standard dress shoes in 87: Click Here
Still looked really tall with Dave in 91 T2 era:
Click Here
Click Here

Was he 6-1.5, 6-2 at some point? Maybe, maybe not. But was certainly 6-1 minimum.

Simply put: he was a tall man who lost a lot of height. "Occam's Razor" guys, Occam's Razor. And in the words of Conan: "and if you do not listen to me, then to HELL with you!" j/k LoL ! :D Nice blowing off steam hear once in a while in these height debates. Later chaps!
Alan mctavish said on 20/Dec/21
I would give arnie in is peak 6'0"05 his huge body muscle made him look taller thats all. Believe me i saw a picture of arnie in 1978 standing next to lou ferringou who played the hulk at that time wich i loved as a kid. But i was age 27 when i saw this picture up on a wall and i was suprised to see a younger arnie next to a huge lou who was standing well over the top of him and with lou's huge bulk of a frame he was like a phone box standing next to arnie who was about age 24 a thinck, lou was was about 6'6" tall and he just made arnie seem so small, i remember thincking 'o what' arnie must be about 5"11" if that. His head was just up to lou's chin. Lou had just won the worlds stronest man that year i thinck and no wonder. But tbh i dont thinck i would like to be as tall as that 6ft6. 6ft3 is the tallest i would like to have been. Not over 6ft4. But i made it to 6ft so that will do. Lou is seemingly about 6'3" these days. But thats what happens when your that tall. By age 60 if you were 6ft4 at least you will lose 2 to 3 inches easy. Taking you down to 6ft if you were 6ft3. And its alot and so notice able. My friend was 6'1" at peak height, still a big guy he was and when he got to age 61 i hadnt seen him for 3 years and when i mett him strait away he looked a weak 5'11" i was now taller than him and it seemend strange. But it happens to every one. Now 6ft is big. People say its average height, thats nonesense. 6ft tall and with a great build is a big man. I remember when i was age 16 and i was 5'9"05 and my friend was 6ft and i remember thincking? He is a big guy, even though i was almost 5ft10 he just seemend a big guy. And its funny how 2 inches makes a big difference then i grew to 6ft at age 18 and stopped growing, i thought i would get to 6ft1 but no such luck. If your between 5'10" and 6'0" thats big enough. But i have to draw line some where, i wouldnt say 5ft9 was big but its not small. Under 5ft7 is small, sorry lads!!!!!
viper said on 20/Dec/21
Arnold could look 6-1.5

I think more likely he was 6-1-6-1.25
Albertoat5'9 said on 19/Dec/21
Well maybe Arnold was 6"0.75 20 years before when he was 20 or 30 years old 184.8.185 cm in my really highest guess I can say for Arnold
Albertoat5'9 said on 19/Dec/21
Knowing Robert Patrik was a strong 5'11 in his peak you can see in this pic that Arnold was a little over 6"0' maybe 6"0'.5 at best: For those who use the metrical system: Robert 180-180.5 cm Arnold about 184 cm 184.5 cm at best
Click Here
Draco said on 17/Dec/21
Nah Eugene, Brigitte fullbody photos say Arnie was at least 6-1. Lol, funny how ppl can interpret the same photos differently. Only last one has them questionably equal or Arnold less, first 4 he flat out beats Brigitte. She listed 6-0, even Editor thinks she could have been 6-1 prime. I think the real question was whether Arnie 6-1 or 6-1.5. 6-0 Arnie would be too small with Letterman, Arsenio, Tom Arnold, etc. In Conan the Barbarian he played against 6-3+ James Earl Jones, 6-4 bodybuilder Sven, 6-8 football player Ben Davidson, Arnold didn't look so small
Eugenio.O said on 16/Dec/21
Draco said on 15/Dec/21
Good pics. These pictures are the proof that Arnold was never even close to 6'1.5 !which is 187-188 cm.
I believe he was 183-184 cm as you can see right there. So anything from a strong 6'0 to 6'0.5 is my guess. If he ever was 6'1 barefoot maybe right after bed and on a good day!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/21
Even Viper thinks no less than 6ft1...
Rising174cm said on 16/Dec/21
@Duhon: I've thought about that as well. In that case, I'd say by the mid 80s or his late 30s, he had lost 0.25" and was 6'1.25", which he held until the mid 90s or his late 40s. By his early 50s or the late 90s, I'd say another 0.25" and he was 6'1" flat. That would actually be pretty normal since the average man lost 1 cm by 50 in a study. That said, Vince Basille's claim of Arnold's arm measurement makes me less than certain of the accuracy so I'd say its more likely he was always more 186 cm than 187.
Ethan Wolf said on 15/Dec/21
I believe he was 6'0.85" aka 185 cm (most likely 187 cm in morning) in his prime and 5'11.3" aka 181 cm (prob 183 cm morning) in end 2021. But don't take this comment too seriously because I never met him, I made this guess only by trusting other celebs' stated self height and comparing in pictures
Duhon said on 14/Dec/21
If we go by Arnold from his bodybuilding days he looked 6'1.5" how long he retained his peak is the question though? He could have started losing height earlier due to the heavy weight training, he actually powerlifted for a period then as well.
Jaime.B said on 13/Dec/21
Pierre said on 10/Dec/21
I give him a chance of being half inch over 6'0 in his best day in the 70's. 6'0.25 range
Canson said on 12/Dec/21
@Bobby3342: I’d give Arnold 6’1 peak. Maybe today what you said
Jaime.B said on 12/Dec/21
Bobbyh3342 said on 11/Dec/21
6'0.5 is my guess but nowadays is under 5'11, actually closer to 5'10 than 5'11.
Bobbyh3342 said on 11/Dec/21
Arnold was a classic 6'075 in his prime and i think is 5'11.25 today i wouldnt believe anything shorter for a prime arnold
Pierre said on 10/Dec/21
He has never been above 6"0' by comparisons by the decades .
In his 19s next to Chet Yorton listed 5"11' he was looking max an inch taller than him.
In his 25/30S he was 3 good inches shorter than Lou Ferrigno,exactly same postures,both barefoot,both same distance to the camera(I posted this pics here).A young Lou Ferrigno himself was looking clearly shorter than John Larroquette 6"4',Dick Durock listed 6"5.5'/6"6' towered over a young Lou to around 3 inches in Hulk .
In his 37s in Commando in the airplane scene Arnold looks no less than 4 inches shorter than Charles Meshack listed 6"4'(I posted this video here)
In his 41 in 1988 next to Yuri Vlasov listed 6"1'peak, Yuri in his 53s looks clearly taller than him(pics here in old comments)
Rising174cm said on 10/Dec/21
He didn't start looking clearly under 6'1" until the early 2000s when his injuries started to pile up and his surgeries(like his hip replacement) began. Look at him in the 80s with Reagan and Roger Moore. The 6'1.5" peak looks very possible at times while at other times it seemed slightly high, but not too much. He still looked at least a solid 6'0" throughout his first term as Governor. I think he started claiming a height in shoes after he shrunk since he looked about 6'0" when he claimed 6'1" in 2008 and about 5'11.5" when he claimed 6'0.5" in 2013.
Draco said on 10/Dec/21
Based on tons of observations including many barefoot photos of Arnold's prime bodybuilding days, if I'm to be totally unbiased and truly honest, I do believe he was once 6'1.5" on his best day but no more. 6'1" on average during prime more likely. Today, I think he's 5'10.5" having lost 3 full inches.

I find it odd he often fared well with 6-1-ish people (Tom Arnold, David Letterman, Carl Weathers) but sometimes he struggled a bit and equals them at the very most (Reg Park, Brigitte Nielsen, Jeff Bridges). Light lifts maybe?

Another theory I have is the "gorilla hunch" many bodybuilders have to look fuller and tough. It flexes the arms, flares out the lats and crunches the abs, but in doing so curves in the spine losing some height. Heck, I'm a 5-9 guy and doing this I easily lose 1-1.5 inch in height, someone taller would surely appear to lose even more.
Jaime.B said on 9/Dec/21
And here a good one. Arnold with Mike Mentzer(middle) a 5"7.5 guy he claimed 5"8.0.
I can tell you I've seen like 10 videos of Mike Mentzer and I know he was 5'7 range.
Arnold 6'0 range. 6'1 with footwear yes so I can't imagine how some few still say 6'1.5...
Click Here
Jaime.B said on 9/Dec/21
Kurtz said on 7/Dec/21
Absolutely. A young Arnold always looks from 6"0.25" to 6"0.75" barefoot and I'm very good guessing heights. I've been watching Arnold since the 90's, and these past years many old bodybuilding videos from 1969-1974 when he was in his 20's next to Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane,etc. Mostly all these bodybuilders where short so Arnold looks even taller. Mike Mentzer was (5"7') and Frank Zane was around 5"7.75'-5"8'
Take a look here. Arnold is next to them and looks about 4 inches taller no more. Once again Arnold 6'0.5 in his best day.
Click Here
mojeime said on 8/Dec/21
5'11 in his peak, even shorter today.
Kurtz said on 7/Dec/21
Jaime.B said on 4/Dec/21
Kurtz said on 30/Nov/21
Arnold look's 5'11 there. Probably he was 6'0 range in his golden days...

I full agree.
If I had to bet heavy money I go for Arnie's peak the same of Chris Evans - Ryan Gosling height
Pierre said on 7/Dec/21
Imo around the 90s next to this bodybuilder who claim to be 6"1.5' himself in a paper interview on web =(Spyros Bournazof)= Click Here ( Arnold wearing a cow boy belt ,very possible he was on cow boys boots)
ArthurDigby said on 6/Dec/21
I did some sleuthing with a digital photo of Arnold wearing a tight speedo and standing straight with other bodybuilders (from that Arnold Height website about his proportions). I am 72in tall with a crotch to floor inseam of about 35.5in, I wear 32 to 34 inseam jeans usually and always a 33in dress pant for classic break. Arnold Legs are proportionally about 2-3% longer than mine, normalizing for him being 1.5in taller than me in the photo, with a picture of me in a similar tight Speedo next to him and scaled correctly. This means he has a minimum 36.5 inside leg measurement and maybe as much as 37. I would guess 37in personally. Therefore he probably wears 34-36 jeans and 34-35 dress pants. If you photoshop his legs so that the muscle is gone, he’s actually extremely leggy.

IMO he has to be at least 6’1 peak to even look normal with those proportions, so I guess 6’1.75". Nowadays he looks much worse because his legs are still 37in which would be the legs of a 6’3-4 man and his torso is like that of the average 5’9 man.
Hong said on 6/Dec/21
Click Here Reg Park is listed as 6ft1,Arnold is not looking taller here.
Chaoscontrol. said on 5/Dec/21
To be fair the 6’3.5 is Sinbad’s listed peak and his current is 6’2.
Jaime.B said on 4/Dec/21
Kurtz said on 30/Nov/21
Arnold look's 5'11 there. Probably he was 6'0 range in his golden days. I' would not be surprised is he was 6'0-6'0.5. so a big muscular and confident guy could pass as a 6'1 for shorter guy, but I know he was never a legit 6'1. I know how a 6'1 guy looks and Arnold was never this tall barefoot.
Chaoscontrol. said on 4/Dec/21
C: TheHeightAnalyzer said on 3/Dec/21
He was no more than 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' Sinbad in "Jingle All The Way." Arnold is 6'2.''

Sinbad’s listed at 6’3.5
Kurtz said on 4/Dec/21
C: TheHeightAnalyzer said on 3/Dec/21
He was no more than 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' Sinbad in "Jingle All The Way." Arnold is 6'2.'

Lol! No thanks
Tom Hanks and Sinbad:
Click Here
C: TheHeightAnalyzer said on 3/Dec/21
He was no more than 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' Sinbad in "Jingle All The Way." Arnold is 6'2.''
V for 1984 said on 28/Nov/21
6-1 peak. Now 6-10.75
Seal said on 28/Nov/21
Rob, who do you think has better chances of measuring taller today and peak? Arnold or James Earl Jones?
Editor Rob
I think Arnie, James could be down to 5ft 10 now.
Jaime.B said on 26/Nov/21
Arnold was a weak 185 in his peak or a very strong 184 range guy (1970's-80's). Peoplewho know Arnie and they where in his circle in the 70's has said Arnold was 6-6'1 but could pass as a 6'2 with that muscle mass! Don't forget most of these guys add 1-2 inches due the footwear, etc. So yes my guess and as I can see is that Arnold was 184-185 max. In this range I notice the difference from a 186-187 which is too tall for him. 186 could be his height first thing in the morning in the 70's.
Actually my cousin is 186 cm and I always thought he was 188-189 cm! He was shocked when I measured him. He looks too tall and I'm 179 cm. I just can't see Arnold as him in his peak because he never was 186-187. The most he ever looked is 6'2 yes but with footwear. 6ft and 3/4 for Arnie and 240 pounds as a bodybuilder then he dropped to 215 pounds for the movies.
JO knows said on 24/Nov/21
Peak definitely 186cm lol with boots on he looked strong 190cm in terminator 1
Arch Stanton said on 24/Nov/21
Davi looked minimum 6'2 in License to Kill. One of the most convincing Bond villains I thought.
f1 said on 23/Nov/21
Seem 6ft1.5 in terminator's first movie
viper said on 22/Nov/21
Pierre, you arnt that far off from Brad Pitt's height since IMO he's 5-10.25, as he also wrote down 5-10.

But with Arnold you are off
viper said on 22/Nov/21
Like Rising said, definitely 6-1 minimum.

He pretty much looked identical to 186cm Holyfield
Sean said on 22/Nov/21
Arnold was taller than you when that pic was taken. The photo is not horizontal. Arnold's head is closer to the top of the poster in the back than yours.
Hong said on 22/Nov/21
Click Here Here's a good shot of Arnold and Davi,they both look pretty similar, Davi maybe with a slight edge?
Pierre said on 22/Nov/21
Robert Davi probably has never been 6"1.75'
Rising174cm said on 21/Nov/21
There's barely anything between Arnold and Davi there. As I said, I remember the difference being clearer throughout the film. But Davi is literally in the background of that License to Kill still and Dalton at least appears to be walking. You've been here long enough to know that you can't judge anything from that. That's all I'll say on that.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 21/Nov/21
6'1.25 peak is possible. Bare minimum peak 6'1.
Pierre said on 19/Nov/21
lol Rising just impossible Arnold a bit closer to the camera than Robert Davi could look around same height as Timothy himself a bit closer to the camera than Robert
Duhon said on 18/Nov/21
He looked well over 6' in Terminator 1.
Rising174cm said on 18/Nov/21
Pierre's shot of Arnold and Davi is good and Arnold is barely any shorter there, though I did remember the difference being clearer in the film. The Dalton/Davi shot literally doesn't tell us anything at all. I'd have to rewatch License to Kill. But Davi was a bit shorter than Julian McMahon when they co-starred on TV in the 90s so you could argue he was only 6'1.5".

And Arnold could pull off 6'1.5" at other times such as edging 6'1" minimum peak Carl Weathers in Predator and he looked at least that height with Roger Moore in the late 80s. If you believe Bruce Willis was 5'11.5" in the 90s then Arnold always looked 6'1"+ with him back then. If George Clooney was even 5'10.5" then Arnold still pulled off 6'1"+ with him promoting Batman and Robin. He was also pretty much identical with 186 cm Evander Holyfield in the mid 90s. But 6'4" Dolph Lundgren had 3" minimum on Arnold in the mid 90s even when slouching.

186 cm could account for him looking taller than some 6'1" flat guys, but shorter than guys like Davi. I don't believe he could have been any less than 6'1".

Someone should ask Brigitte Nielsen how tall Arnold and Dolph were back in 1985.
berta said on 17/Nov/21
did arnold really ever look over 6´1 except in pumping iron and true lies? I think 186 but i really starting to believe he may even have been no taller than 6 3/4. 185 cm guy. He really look 5´10 alot today.
Pierre said on 15/Nov/21
Young Robert Davi /Young Arnold = Click Here

Young Robert Davi /Young Timothy Dalton 6"1.75' = Click Here
Rising174cm said on 9/Nov/21
The measurements Vince Basille claimed for Arnold's arms cast some doubt on the 6'1.5" figure. 186 cm is the safer bet and more consistent with how he looked as Robert Davi was never a full 6'2" yet taller in Raw Deal. Seemed to lose significant height in the early 2000s, but not much until early or mid 50s.
Lover_thorn3 said on 1/Nov/21
He’s shrunk a bit more now Imo

Peak: 184-184.5CM
Now 179.1-179.8CM about 10.5 1075-ish
Myers Haddonfield said on 27/Oct/21
Struggling with 5-11 now. Looks under that now.
Westbound on Olympic said on 24/Oct/21
Looks 510.5 imo now
miko said on 24/Oct/21
I saw the Shearer photos.

I think both seem pretty much equal, given Arnold is fractionally closer and standing better.

If Shearer is 5'10.5, Arnold is struggling with 5'11.
Pierre said on 24/Oct/21
Stefff said on 23/Oct/21
In Red Heat Arnold had (all time) at least 2 inches on James Belushi and Belushi was at least 5'11, he still looks close to 5'11 even nowdays at 67y. No way he was shorter than that, there's a chance he was a hair taller in fact.
Sorbo is probably just jealous because Arnold was and still is a lot more successful than him.
I give Arnold 186cm or 6'1.25, I recognize people around my height easily and he definitely looked it long ago.

James Belushi always 5"11'?!Probably never a complete 5"11'. In 2007 he was looking max an inch taller than Eddie Murphy 5"9' = Click Here Click Here Click Here .In the pic I posted recently a young James Belushi looks maybe a hair taller than James Remar supposed full 5"10' peak... Click Here
Kurtz said on 24/Oct/21

Click Here
Stefff said on 23/Oct/21
In Red Heat Arnold had (all time) at least 2 inches on James Belushi and Belushi was at least 5'11, he still looks close to 5'11 even nowdays at 67y. No way he was shorter than that, there's a chance he was a hair taller in fact.
Sorbo is probably just jealous because Arnold was and still is a lot more successful than him.
I give Arnold 186cm or 6'1.25, I recognize people around my height easily and he definitely looked it long ago.
Pierre said on 23/Oct/21
@berta = Click Here here is how much tall looks a Carl Weather's peak next to Stacy Keach listed 5"11.25' peak in poor posture ....imo Carl never looks a 6"1' guy by this comparison.
Click Here next to Mister T listed 5"10.5' with advantageous cow boy boots .Imo Carl wears sometimes helps.

In the arm wrestling scene in Predator the angles of cameras were terrible as if the cameraman tried to make Arnold same height or taller than Carl. Click Here
Hong said on 23/Oct/21
Click Here Here's Arnold with Alan Shearer,they look pretty similar.
berta said on 23/Oct/21
i really dont think he was 187 cm peak. more chanse of 185 and at best 186. I dont think many woould agree with this but i think carl weathers was legit 186 cm and arnold maybe closer to 185,5. But i can agree that arnold looks like a guy that can meausre taller than he walks so 187 isnt impossible but i wouldnt bet money on it. He was maybe 1,5 cm taller than ford a couple years ago.Ford is listed 180 now but i think he is closer to 178,5 and that makes arnold still 180 cm.
Kurtz said on 20/Oct/21
Stefff said on 20/Oct/21
Kevin Sorbo was probably talking about the current Arnold..

No, by no means he was talking about current Arnold
Pierre said on 20/Oct/21
Young Arnold in his 27s /Young Lou Ferrigno = Click Here

Young Lou Ferrigno / Young Mister T listed 5"10.5',tilting his head = Click Here

Young Lou Ferrigno wearing a toupee / Manny Perry listed 6"2' Click Here

Young Lou Ferrigno /Dick Durock listed 6"5.5'/6"6', Dick's mouth around as high as Lou's eyes ( Lou is looking up a bit )= Click Here

Young Arnold in his 19s / Chet Yorton listed 5"11' Click Here

Peak a good 6"1' here ? Hum
Stefff said on 20/Oct/21
Kevin Sorbo was probably talking about the current Arnold, who really looks just 5'11 or even less nowdays.
Old age, weight lifting, weight gain, poor posture and several injuries he sustained through the years all contributed to his height loss.

At peak he really was at least 186cm, or 6'1.25 at his absolute worst.
He always looked at least 186cm to me until his late 50s.
Probably got measured at 6'1.75 in the late morning and was 6'1.5 for lunch time. Used to wake up at a full 6'2 and was 6'1.25 at his worst. A very strong 6'1.

Arnold has always been a very strong 6'1 rather than a weak 6'2, he was a tiny bit taller than 6'1 flat guys like Tom Arnold and Carl Weathers but shorter than legit strong 6'2 ones.
Fair Whisper said on 18/Oct/21
He's not over 6'0.25" nowadays, but I don't think he's quite as short as 5'11 flat.

Arnold's peak height was a solid 6'1" IMO.
Pierre said on 17/Oct/21
@Muscular = Sometimes "big" height loss is just a myth .Yuri Vlasov was a powerlifter for a long time(he won four world titles and set 31 ratified world records) and he lifted very probably more heavy weight than Arnold ,he was listed 6"1' in his prime,and here he's in his 53s next to a young Arnold(1988) = Click Here
Muscular said on 16/Oct/21
@Editor Rob
Why did he lost so much height?Is fitness make much shrink after the middle age ?
Editor Rob
Heavy weight lifting for decades.
roboc94 said on 13/Oct/21
Never looked 6 foot 1 1/2 in my opinion, I reckon in the 1970s and 80s he stood somewhere between 6 foot 1/1 and 6 foot one. Currently, I think he would be 182 if he stood straight.
Pierre said on 11/Oct/21
In the 80s next to Kevin Nealon 6"4' or Charles Meschak 6"4' he looks even hardly a complete 6"0' in the 80s next to Vernon Wells supposed 5"11' peak and standing in a terrible posture = Click Here Click Here

Arnold /James Belushi = Click Here
James Belushi /James Remar = Click Here
James Remar 2015 /Rob = Click Here .....

My guess still is max 6"0' range peak
recapa said on 8/Oct/21
185.5-186 peak, 180-180.5 nowdays.5-6cm shrinkage doesnt souns like a loot even for a man in his mid 80s but when we put in consideration how much work did arnold put through is life it makes sense.what a legend.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 8/Oct/21
No way was he less than 6'1 peak.
Westbound on Olympic said on 7/Oct/21
6-1 peak definitely no more. Maybe just under. Now looks 5-10.5.
MichaelMyers said on 4/Oct/21
I do believe Arnold was 6'2" in the morning at his peak. And at least 6'1.5" midday peak. As for current height, I can't see him being anything under 5'11". So at least 5'11" current.
Hong said on 3/Oct/21
Click Here Here's that pic with Shaq.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 2/Oct/21
Add Frank zane
Franco columbu
Greg Plitt

Jonp said on 1/Oct/21
Arnold was a weird one, as sometimes( peak height) he passes for being pretty tall,but other times he looks barely average.
Henrik said on 28/Sep/21
A recent Daily Mail article about Shaq towering over Arnold claimed that Arnold was still 6'2".
Pierre said on 28/Sep/21
@Manko = You're 5"11' ? I know a guy in this site who was believe he was 5"8' and in fact with a more precize gauge he was under 5"7'.
Johan 185 cm said on 27/Sep/21
Not so sure Arnold is still 5'11" today. He looked 5'10" recently alot next to strongmen at the classic.
houss said on 27/Sep/21
ManKo said on 24/Sep/21
Rob is right. i met him back in 2017 and I took a pic with him:

Click Here

I am 182cm out of bed and 180cm at my lowest, and stay most of the day at 180.5cm or 5´11.

Back in 2017 Arnold was already around 180cm, I wouldnt be surprises if nowdays at the end of 2021 he is 179 or 178cm since youstart loosing height faster the older you get
He looks taller than you in that picture
Kurtz said on 26/Sep/21
Arnie 178/179 cm at 70 yrs old
So 181/182 his peak.
Chances of higher peak are negligible.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 25/Sep/21
179.5-180 current
Pierre said on 25/Sep/21
@Manko = In the pic you look taller than him,your posture looks more relaxed
Pierre said on 24/Sep/21
In add to my recent commet = Christopher Walken / Eric Roberts 5"9' = Click Here Click Here
ManKo said on 24/Sep/21
Rob is right. i met him back in 2017 and I took a pic with him:

Click Here

I am 182cm out of bed and 180cm at my lowest, and stay most of the day at 180.5cm or 5´11.

Back in 2017 Arnold was already around 180cm, I wouldnt be surprises if nowdays at the end of 2021 he is 179 or 178cm since youstart loosing height faster the older you get
Pierre said on 22/Sep/21
@Vitocheng = Jason Statham next to 6"1' Ronaldo is under 5"9'.Ronaldo in poor posture has no less than 4 inches on him ... Click Here He's maybe a full 5"8' ...

here is Arnold next to Jason in 2012 = Click Here Click Here Imo in better posture than Jason here = Click Here Around same posture = Click Here
VitoCheng said on 21/Sep/21
Click Here
The second photo of Arnold and Sly is about two inches away. Sly's height-increasing shoes look like 5'11". The third photo of Jason statham and Arnold is described by this website. The height difference between them is about four inches, but everyone knows that jason statham’s true height is most likely 5'9”, and Arnold’s is between 6'1” and 6'1.25”. After all, he It was only in 2013 that the height dropped to 6'0.5", so these photos should be taken in 2012
Kurtz said on 21/Sep/21
It is clear even for a child that Roger Moore was never 186 cm. in his whole life.
180 cm at best

Arnie 181 peak
viper said on 19/Sep/21
Check out the pic of Arnold on Reagan's page. Arnold looks 6-2 with him
houss said on 19/Sep/21
viper said on 16/Sep/21
I agree Arnold and Roger Moore would be identical in height.

Arnold isn't under 6-1
Arnold looked taller than roger moore in their pics together
Pierre said on 19/Sep/21
viper said on 16/Sep/21
I agree Arnold and Roger Moore would be identical in height.

Arnold isn't under 6-1

Arnold wear a cow boy belt next to Roger,imo there is a probability he wears cow boy boots too... Click Here

Here is how much tall looks Christopher Walken 6"0'(wearing shoes looking similar to Roger's shoes in this movie) next to Roger Moore in the same period (1980s)= Click Here ...
viper said on 16/Sep/21
I agree Arnold and Roger Moore would be identical in height.

Arnold isn't under 6-1
Robbe said on 16/Sep/21
Arnold with 177cm Sergio Oliva Click Here
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 15/Sep/21
I just can't see him under 6'1 peak. Probably similar to Roger Moore, around that 6'1.25 mark.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 14/Sep/21
He hasn’t measured 181-182 for years now

He’s never measured 187 barefoot

I wouldn’t have a problem putting him at 6’0.5-6’0.75 for peak

He has struggled to pull off looking the full 6’1” at times
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Sep/21
I watched Arnie's 'Commando' properly for the first time yesterday. It was much what I was expecting, with the inevitable "I'll be back!" and other typical Schwarzeneggian quotations thrown in.

I thought at the beginning, "Why are you messing with him? You'll never get the better of someone like THAT!"

....and they didn't!

He was described as 6ft2, which I believe to have been Arnie's height in 1985, at the time the film was made, and at that time of day, according to his description. For today's height, he's a-getting 5ft11.5. I am, however, giving him 6ft1.5 for his peak evening height.

As he had to skimp and scrape for food while he was growing up, I feel for him. I didn't, but deliberately starved myself as a means of coping with academic pressure.
QM6'1.5" said on 12/Sep/21
I don't know his prime, but right now he is ~5'11".

5'10.75" at worst!
Westbound on Olympic said on 11/Sep/21
He was a notorious heel wearer. Cowboy boots also. 6.0-5 barefoot. In boots 6-2. He’s seriously struggling with 5-11 now.
Pierre said on 11/Sep/21
Max 6"0' peak.The pics next to Brigitte Nielsen for the movie promo are showing Brigitte curiously always in a very decontract posture,as if the photographer feared Brigitte exceeds him in height.Her legs opposite to Arnold's legs always are looking bended Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Original said on 10/Sep/21
I think 6'0.5" is fine for his peak, 5'10.5" today.
Pierre said on 9/Sep/21
Arnold 1966 next to Chet Yorton listed 5"11' =Arnold closer to the camera = Click Here
Around same distance = Click Here By this comparison in his 19s he wasn't close to 6"1' or 6"2'

Click Here Arnold /Lou 1973 (Arnold in his 26s) same with zoom= Click Here 80s Lou /Manny Perry listed 6"2' Click Here

Lou/John Larroquette 6"4'(closer to the camera) Click Here
Tomw said on 7/Sep/21
Arnold has shrunk quite a bit over the years. We remember that the upbringing was brutal "if he wanted to eat he had to hunt his food" it is likely that he lacked some nutrients in addition to competing as a "strong man" he could have damaged the joints, youth is not eternal, age is heavy.
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 7/Sep/21
yeah he's 6'1,5 back then. but now he could drop to 5'10 area
David Tang said on 6/Sep/21
No no no. You guys hae got it wrong. arnold schwarzenegger maybe wasn't a strong 6'2 peak. but he was 6'1.5 minimum. with brigitte nielson, he had 2.5 inches on her. he's at least 6'1.5. i dont get the obsession to downgrade his height. he is his listing
Slim 6'1.75 said on 6/Sep/21
For peak I’ve got him at 184-184.5

And for current 179-180
Canson said on 4/Sep/21
I think a peak 6’1 and a current 5’11”.
Pierre said on 3/Sep/21
Click Here = 2003 Georges W.Bush Junior absolute max 5"11' peak /Arnold Click Here Click Here = here Arnold standing visibly straighter .2007 = Click Here Arnold wearing advantageous cow boy boots here (2008) = Click Here Click Here (no 2013 sorry)
Pierre said on 3/Sep/21
Click Here = 2003 Georges W.Bush Junior absolute max 5"11' peak /Arnold Click Here Click Here = here Arnold standing visibly straighter .2007 = Click Here Arnold wearing advantageous cow boy boots here (2008) = Click Here Click Here
Hong said on 2/Sep/21
@Pierre, indeed Harrison at 5ft11 would make Arnold know more than 6ft flat,and also Arnold's footwear is not visible,so he could have footwear advantage,but in general overall I'm of the opinion Arnold was more a solid 6ft peak and could often pull off 6ft2 with the help of camera angles and dodgy footwear
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/21
and here he's shorter!

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/21
Bush only has a minimal edge on Arnold here.

Click Here
Click Here
Pierre said on 1/Sep/21
@Hong = here is Harrison's mugshot = Click Here 72 inches very probably helped by his shoes....71 inches barefoot means 5"11' .The story does not tell if Arnold was wearing cow boy boots...

Click Here here is a young Harrison next to Wesley Snipes listed 5"9'
Recent = Click Here
Hong said on 1/Sep/21
Click Here Here's Arnold with listed here as 5ft9.5 peak Mel Gibson and I have to say Arnold is looking a comfortable 6ft1 in comparison to Mel.
Hong said on 31/Aug/21
Click Here Here's Arnold and Harrison Ford,Arnold 8s looking over 6ft with Ford.
Slim 6'1.5" said on 31/Aug/21
Flat 6’1” for Zyzz

Cooked his ticker with roids
ChaosControl said on 30/Aug/21
2pacalypse wow said on 29/Aug/21
@Slim 6'1.5", he wasn't. He claimed 6'1" so that's the most he could be.

Rounding down isn’t a thing then?
2pacalypse wow said on 29/Aug/21
@Slim 6'1.5", he wasn't. He claimed 6'1" so that's the most he could be.
Impala 64 said on 28/Aug/21
peak : legit 185-187 cm
current : 181.5 - 182.5 cm
Westbound on Olympic said on 28/Aug/21
Peak a bit over 6-0. Now sub 5-11. He and Stallone both had to claim 2” more together to keep the lie going.
Slim 6'1.5" said on 28/Aug/21
Rob add the bodybuilder Zyzz I reckon he was 187cm 👌
Stinky 186 cm said on 27/Aug/21
6’ 1” peak and now he’s about 5’ 10 1/2” now
Hong said on 27/Aug/21
Yeah Pierre,the thing is Arnold is listed as 1.5 inches taller than Morgan,and if anything Morgan looks slightly taller or best case for Arnold there both the same height.
Pierre said on 26/Aug/21
@Hong = Take in consideration Piers Morgan's head slouch to the opposite side to the camera plus Arnold stands a bit more closer to the camera than him...( Arnold wears lots of times cow boy boots...particularly when he wears a cow boy belt...)
Joseph-5feet10inches bare said on 26/Aug/21
He is exactly 5'11 in feet and 180.1cm I have seen him particularly during the audio launch of vikrams I movie...then he wore 2inches of risers inside his boots and a half inch heel out of his tht he stood 6feet and half tht time..but I definitely say he is 180.1cm 5feet11 inch
Hong said on 25/Aug/21
Click Here Here's Arnold with a very young,now listed 6ft Piers Morgan,Arnold 8s looking very similar know more than 6ft himself.
Pierre said on 24/Aug/21
Click Here here at around 0:30 you have an example of how much tall looks John Ashton next to Richard Tyson when the camera stands around the same angle as the pic I posted Arnold/Richard Tyson and later at around 0:49 camera neutral(Richard wears cow boy boots next to John Ashton , not next to Arnold ...)
Pierre said on 23/Aug/21
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Aug/21
Kindergarten cop was watching. He looked a solid 6'1 no less.

1990 Kindergartencop = Richard Tyson imo absolute max full 5"11' /Linda Hunt = Click Here

Arnold /Linda Hunt = Click Here Click Here

Arnold Closer to the camera /Richard = Click Here

Richard wearing cow boy boots / John Ashton 5"10.5' Click Here Click Here Click Here = John apparently not perfectly straight in this last...
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Aug/21
With 6'0 Cena few years ago

Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Aug/21
Kindergarten cop was watching. He looked a solid 6'1 no less.
Ian C. said on 21/Aug/21
Check out Arnold in Terminator: Dark Fate. It looks suspiciously as if he is now crippled. He is only onscreen for a few minutes. In one scene he is standing still and another sitting down. For a brief few seconds he is seen to walk, but the steps he takes are slow and awkward. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that he must now use a walker.
ChaosControl said on 21/Aug/21
viper said on 20/Aug/21
I get what Arnold was saying with the screw your freedom stuff, even If he should have said it with different words.

We are in a pandemic yet so many people are too selfish to not wear a mask/get vaccinated

Yeah I went out yesterday for a mate’s birthday and I don’t know what’s worse, the old people who don’t wear masks correctly or the young people who don’t wear them at all
viper said on 20/Aug/21
I get what Arnold was saying with the screw your freedom stuff, even If he should have said it with different words.

We are in a pandemic yet so many people are too selfish to not wear a mask/get vaccinated
ChaosControl said on 20/Aug/21
Viper an Arch are right with Arnold being a strong 6’1. I’d leave a guess of 6’1.25 (cause sometimes stadiometers can be slightly off) but if he measured 6’1.5 he must be at the very least a strong 6’1
Arch Stanton said on 19/Aug/21
I've always thought very highly of Arnie. Find him hard to dislike, he's too charismatic. I admire anybody in any field who gets to the top of their field with hard work, focus and pure dedication even if the people who do it tend to be self-obsessed and flawed people. Some of his recent comments about Trump and "screw freedom" didn't strike a chord with me though, unusual from a man who is usually very positive and inspiring. I can believe a 6'1.5 measurement by the guy who emailed Rob but that would be the most I would have thought. 186 very possible.
Pierre said on 18/Aug/21
@viper =Then how much do you give to Kevin Nealon or Charles Meschak?!Comfortably 6"5'?!Here is Kevin Nealon next to Brad Garrett 6"8' Click Here Click Here ...
viper said on 17/Aug/21
Arnold was 6-1 minimum

Years ago I bought into the hype of the below 6-0 stuff, then I came to my senses.

Especially measuring 6-1.5 at night when the the stadiometer measured everyone a half inch shorter than their claim
Pierre said on 17/Aug/21
@Ian C = Tom Brady is fat(hum...very relatively ,not a lot)....But Tom Brady very probably doesn't take doping for his shape...and very probably will never have the same health problems like lots of bodybuilders....
Ian C. said on 17/Aug/21
I take your point, Pierre, and Arnold's movie physique was noticeably lighter than his bodybuilding physique. Even so, to maintain his movie body must have required constant and heroic effort. On the other hand, Sylvester Stallone has also maintained a weightlifter's physique, and yet there are no claims that he has shrunk. So I could be wrong here.

I can reinforce my argument that bodybuilding is harmful by referencing the case of Ronnie Coleman, who has damaged his body so badly that he is in constant pain, and can barely walk. Probably any pursuit of athletic excellence in any vigorous sport is dangerous, because it causes extreme stress that eventually leads to breakdown.

But consider Tom Brady, who is now 44. Google up "Tom Brady shirtless" and he has a roll of fat around his waist. Obviously Brady is not working out like a fiend, which has spared him the sort of injuries that so many fitness fanatics incur as they enter middle age.

Also, all my comments about Arnold Schwarzenegger spring from a pathological dislike of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy just bugs me, boy.
Pierre said on 17/Aug/21
@Ian C. But imo you have to consider Arnold stopped powerlifters competitions very young in his 20s,or maybe even before ,when he started bodybuilding competitions, and he stopped bodybuilding competitions very young,in 1975,he was only 28 and was competiting just one more time in 1980.
Robbie Murphy Lee said on 15/Aug/21
182-183 peak
Mightyman said on 15/Aug/21
Arnold has definately shrunk. Just Google photos of him and Terry Crews from the first expendables and compare to more recent photos. Before the height between them looked no more than a inch difference, years later its clearly several inches height difference. Arnold's had hip surgeries that reduce your height, and he's obviously compressed his spine alot via bone loss,and it's very evident. If you look at some photos of him and Michael Biehn in the 80's, to be honest Arnold doesn't look taller than him, probably the same or a fraction shorter. 6 foot peak seems correct
Pierre said on 11/Aug/21
Arnold with Brigitte Nielsen not perfectly straight = Click Here
Hong said on 11/Aug/21
@Pierre,there is no denying with Nealon Arnold is looking at least 4 inches shorter,he's looking max 6ft flat there, and that's being generous.
Vladimir said on 10/Aug/21
Arnold was 187-8cm next to Grace J. back in '84
Click Here
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 9/Aug/21

He's looked tall in everything I've seen him in. Have you watched the original terminator? He's clearly a big dude from watching that and not an above average range kinda guy.
Slim 6'1.5" said on 8/Aug/21
Sorry rampage

186.5-187 was an earlier in the day measurement 👍
Goldenbrown said on 8/Aug/21
He only ever look a bit over average on his prime I think 6.1 at the most
Pierre said on 7/Aug/21
@Bobby = Click Here at 0:15 the 6"4' actor(Charles Meshack) remove his hat and stands a second around same distance to the camera as Arnold when he turn his head to watch Arnold(Arnold still stands a bit closer to the camera )...if this guy was really 6"4' Arnold never was close to 6"1'

Here is a young Arnold next to another guy listed 6"4', Kevin Nealon = Click Here Click Here I don't buy even a full 6"0'
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 6/Aug/21
Either 6'1.25 or 6'1.5, im not sure which though. He's a hard guy to judge.
Ian C. said on 6/Aug/21
I'll have to admit that picking on Arnold for short takes is unfair, because this is a phenomenon in movies that covers just about everybody. That's how movies are made these days. Actors speak for less than ten seconds, and the camera blinks. Then the editor assembles the clips into a coherent whole.

But it wasn't always so. Take as an example a sequence in Dr. Strangelove- a whole scene, lasting more than three minutes, is shot in one take. Its the sequence where General Turgidson's secretary answers the phone, speaks to the Air Force colonel on the line, and explains to Turgidson, who is off camera, what the colonel wants. Then Turgidson comes into the frame, speaks with the Colonel, hangs up, and tells his secretary that he has to "mosey over to the War Room." This method of story telling just doesn't happen in movies today. That is, actors interacting with each other, speaking lines of complex dialogue, moving about, handling props, and all the time staying in character, all without a camera blink That kind of acting is like a lost art.

The trouble with Arnold is, he can't even manage ten seconds. He can't even manage ten seconds with no dialogue. In Commando, we first see Arnold walking down a hill, holding a log. He looks profoundly self-conscious. He's just a large, handsome Austrian guy walking past a camera. He is not in character because he doesn't have the imagination to become a character. He just composes his face into a rough approximation of what it might look like if he felt the emotion he was supposed to be feeling. He doesn't actually feel the emotion, which is what skilled actors know how to do.

Steve McQueen was another actor who didn't like dialogue, but who could still act, even when he wasn't speaking. His expressions and mannerisms are the same ones you'd expect to see in the character he's playing. Unlike Arnold, who is either reciting sentences he's memorized, or is thinking about what he's going to have for lunch. In Austrian.
Bobby said on 4/Aug/21

I do not recall any airplane scenes in the original Terminator film. Which film are you referring to? In 1984, I highly doubt that Arnold was as short as you believe he was. He looked extremely statuesque in 1984 and pulled off a convincing 6'2. I don't think he was as tall as guys like Christopher Reeves and Dolph Lundgren, but he was taller than actors such as Harrison Ford.
Bobby said on 4/Aug/21
@Ian C.

I disagree, Arnold wasn't a bad actor. He had a great presence on screen. He was born to portray stoic characters such as the T-800 Terminator and Conan the Barbarian. Also keep in mind that English was not his native language either, so any difficulty he had with his lines can be attributed to that. Although, Bela Lugosi allegedly knew not a lick of English, but still portrayed Dracula for North American audiences.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/21
186cm at worst
Pierre said on 1/Aug/21
@Ian C If Arnold was a bad actor ten second takes would show easily his bad perform ... Lot's of movies with some actors you find great have thousand of ten second takes.
Ian C. said on 31/Jul/21
I've just watched Arnold in Conan the Barbarian, and he never does a take longer than ten seconds. Near the end of the movie Conan says a prayer to Crom, God of the Earth, and the prayer is about forty seconds long. He says the first eight seconds, then the camera looks away at men riding on horseback for twenty-five seconds, while Arnold's voice continues with the prayer. Then the camera looks back at him, and he finished up the last five seconds of the prayer. And you just know that that forty second speech was assembled from smaller segments. Arnold could not deliver a forty second speech without the aid of a film editor.

Contrast Arnold's acting skills with Frank Sinatra's. In the Manchurian Candidate, Sinatra has several takes that go on for three minutes. He speaks his dialogue, the other actors in the scene speak theirs, they move around and handle props, and all the while Sinatra delivers the appropriate emotions at the appropriate times. It is said that Sinatra preferred to shoot a take on the first try, so you can see what an extraordinarily skilled and intelligent man he was, with extraordinary powers of memory and concentration.

well of course, Arnold was a major star. But the man couldn't act. He looked magnificent and that was pretty much all he had to offer.
Kurtz said on 31/Jul/21
I my opinion the best charismatic scene in a movie is in Predator.
When Dutch before the final fight screams to call the predator till runway from the countdown is one of the best moment in history of cinema.
And in conan final fight was epic.
Both movies had two of best sountracks in history, truly.
Dwayne can forget stuff like this.
Pierre said on 31/Jul/21
@Bobby = In Terminator the actor(Charles Meshack listed 6"4') next to him in the airplane scene(available in web) dwarfs Arnold of no less than 4 inches... By this comparison 6"2' or even 6"1' or close is simply impossible...
Slim 6'1.5" said on 31/Jul/21
Bobby, didn’t arnie wear thick boots in terminator?
Slim 6'1.5" said on 31/Jul/21
6’1.5-6’2” should be ruled out as impossible

Arnold should be getting 184-185 guesses not 186-188 guesses

Visibly shorter than 189 peak rock so there’s no way he was near 6’2” more near 6’1” 👍
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jul/21
Arnold war immer sehr charismatisch, hatte immer die Eigenschaft, aus jeder Situation das Beste zu machen. Menschen mit seiner Denkweise und seinem Fokus sind selten und werden auf lange Sicht nie scheitern! Heute sieht er nicht mehr als 1,80 aus, jemand hat kürzlich bemerkt, dass Sly neben ihm ungewöhnlich groß aussah!

English: Arnold was always very charismatic, always had that quality of making the best from any situation. People with his mindset and level of focus are rare and will never fail long term! Today he's looking no more than 1,80, somebody recently noticed that Sly was looking unusually tall next to him!
Bobby said on 29/Jul/21
In Terminator (1984), I thought he looked 6'2. In some scenes, he could even manage to look 6'3.

I would give him 6'2 for peak height and 5'11 today.

Also, Rob, you ought to mention that he's also served as the governor of California.
Lee Parker said on 29/Jul/21
No way was he only 5ft 11 peak. 6ft 1 minimum nearly 6ft 2 always looked towering in terminator and total recall. No was under 6ft 1
Kurtz said on 28/Jul/21
@ Dr Decker

Full agree.

Arnie 5 10 now and 5 11 peak.
Dr Decker said on 26/Jul/21
100 percent believe he was never a 6-2 guy. Recently Lewis Hamilton stated how shorter real life he is when they met. 6-0.75 out of bed maybe. Now struggling with 5-11 maybe under.
Pierre said on 25/Jul/21
If he was a so bad actor he would not have this big success all around the world.
About his height ,on good pics he's clearly three good inches shorter than Lou Ferrigno himself looking around 6"3' in his prime next to tall guys(John Larroquette,Dick Durock,Ralph Moëller...).Then I myself exclue all that is above 6"0' ( the old pics/comparisons Arnold/Kevin Nealon Arnold /Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges/Bruce Boxleitner/Sam Elliot show the same thing)
Ian C. said on 25/Jul/21
He must have been extremely strong but otherwise hopeless as an athlete. I have just watched him in Commando, and his entire appeal is in his extraordinary good looks. He never does a take that is longer than ten seconds, which is effective in disguising his clumsiness and utter lack of acting skills. His performance in that movie is assembled from small clips. It's as if he had sung a song in two-note phrases, and then a sound editor had assembled the clips into the complete song.

In Commando he is described by other characters as huge. Well, not really. Six foot two is pretty large, but it's not as if he were Clint Walker.
Kurtz said on 25/Jul/21
@Ben Bell,
thanks for your valuable contribution.

Arnold never above strong 5 11 in his wohle life.
Benny Archer said on 21/Jul/21
How tall would you say Arnold is here with Harrison Ford, who’s listed as around 5’11”
Click Here
Editor Rob
a few years ago when taken, I thought Arnie edged out Harrison
Ben Bell said on 19/Jul/21
6’1.5 peak for me, looks good have lost around 2”.
Feels like I’m going the same way, my peak height was 6’1.25 in my 20’s. At 45 last time I measured myself I was a tiny bit under 6ft. I have two 3 fused vertebra and a fused SI joint. Also with long term injury my posture isn’t great
I’m going to measure myself first think in the morning and see what I measure.
man 1 said on 13/Jul/21
How can a 6'2(approx) man at just his initial old age become 5'11 flat, but he is really near it but I saw him with a amir Khan(listed at 5'5 here) but amir looks so tall next to him, how it it possible.
slim 6'1 said on 13/Jul/21
I agree rob, we don’t know what potential the rock holds!
David Tang said on 12/Jul/21
Pierre said on 12/Jul/21
In comparison with Adrian Paul next to Lou Ferrigno,Arnold looks exactly same height as him,and Adrian isn't even perfectly straight next to Lou
Hong said on 12/Jul/21
@BalticGuy,I tend to agree with your analysis of Arnold's Height.I think he was at peak around 6ft.05,he could probably stretch to 5ft11 now but is consistently looking 5ft10ish.A guy of 6ft.05 can easily look 6ft2 with the right footwear and camera angles in movies.
BalticGuy said on 12/Jul/21
Arnold's always been a bit of an enigma. In some shots he can look like a big guy, and people in his films always ACT like he's this imposing figure, but then from other angles - especially in his later years - he looks positively diminutive - and even in his younger years I'm not sure he ever truly reached 6'1" if only because he looks for all the world to be somewhere closer to 5'10.5" these days in MANY shots, maybe even 5'10", and I just find it difficult to believe that a 3 INCH height loss is normal - certainly isn't for anyone I know - my Grandfather was 6'2"ish and barely lost any height at all by the time he was in his late 60's when he passed away of cancer -even WITH the sickness he wasn't dropping anywhere close to below 6'0" and still stood above 6'1" the year he died. My uncle is in his 60's and still stands around the same height he did when I knew him as a kid - 6'1" - and photographs through the years - and me knowing him my whole life - bear this out.

So for Arnold to lose THREE INCHES or even close to 3 inches seems insane. Yet, Stallone recently posted a photo of him and Arnold together around his 75th birthday this year and Arnold BARELY stands any taller than Stallone, who would be very lucky to hit 5'9" even in his prime. He looks to be an inch taller than Stallone which is why I feel like he can't be much over 5'10" today. If he were 6'1.5" or 6'2" in his prime, that level of height loss would be truly scary short of having a full VERTEBRA or two removed. For the non-Americans, losing 2.5" to 3" in height is 5.6 to 6.75 cm of height loss, which no matter how you look at it is scary big height loss.

So, I'd say being generous at most he'd be 5'10.5" now, MAYBE stretch it to the 5'11" claimed here if you want to be REALLY generous, but even so, that would still be a 2.5" height loss from his prime which is a LOT. Maybe he was only ever 6'0" to 6'0.5" to begin with....or maybe all that heavy weight lifting does things to your spinal column that normal people dont deal with. I lift weights and no height loss (granted I'm in my 30's)'d just be a little doubtful that he was ever almost 6'2" is all.

That said he was never SMALL, let's put things into perspective: even if we say he was only ever 6'0" in his prime he'd STILL be 1/4th of a foot taller than the average 5'9" man, or 3" (almost 7 cm above average) which means the average man standing face to face with him would be looking him roughly in the mouth, not the eyes. That's STILL a fairly tall guy in a world where 80% of guys are UNDER that height and are actually guys in the 5'9" to 5'11" range who exaggerate their height to sound taller and put 6'0" on their driver's license to feel good about themselves, tell all their friends they're 6 foot, and generally go about life insisting that they are 6 feet tall even though they're 5'10" or 5'11" and everyone can tell they're not 6'0" but go along with it so as not to be confrontational. Like my sister's husband....his eye level's about at my chin and yet he claims to be 6'0" when I'm lucky if I hit 6'2" in the morning. Something doesn't add up.

Anyway, my point is....EVEN if Arnold was 6'0" in his prime or 6'0.5" it's not an INSULT to him to say that - it's not the same as saying he was ever a short or even average height guy. ANYONE legitimately -and I mean LEGITIMATELY where you can measure them 100 times in 100 ways and never come up with anything under 6'0"....ANYONE who is LEGITIMATELY an over 6'0" guy IS inarguably a tall guy. Maybe not a GIANT, no, but tall? Yes. When you're 3" or more taller than average you do get to call yourself tall and it's not an exaggeration. If you're 5'10.5" calling yourself tall that's a bit of a fib since you're at that range "slightly above average" but 6'0.5"? No way around it, that's COMFORTABLY well over average (if you are 6'0.5", for reference, that puts you taller than about 85% of men on the planet - if you're 6'1.5" that puts you taller than about 93-94% of men on the planet, and if you're 6'3" that puts you taller than close to 99% of men on the planet. 6'0.5" is not a small height.

Tom Cruise is "a bit short".
Arnold in his prime even if you downgrade him an inch? Still in tall territory.
Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, guys in the under 6'0" club, including Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, etc? They're all in average to slightly above average territory (and yes, I'm declaring that DiCaprio is not 6'0" and never was - 5'11" guy tops).

REALLY tall actors: Jeff Goldblum (6'4"), Vince Vaugn (6'4"), Chris Hemsworth (6'3" maybe, might actually be 6'2.5"ish), etc.

Kind of a bit freaky tall: shockingly, Bo Burnham, who I NEVER REALIZED was a bit over 6'5" until recently and that just blew my mind because I always thought he was 5'10" to 5'11" with nobody standing around him on stage for reference. It took seeing a picture of him next to a normal sized woman to make me go "wait...."
Dr Decker said on 10/Jul/21
6-1 maximum peak. Probably just a shade under. Now struggling with 5-11
Pierre said on 8/Jul/21
@Hong @Rob =Yeah good I can open it now.
Good find. At 43:32 Lou stands about same distance to the camera as Dick and clearly Dick dwarfs Lou.
Sjane6 said on 8/Jul/21
Seems obvious based on above quotes Arnold was a shoe height claimer all along. So likely never over 6 foot or so barefoot.
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jul/21
@Rob, you also know Arnold is super smart not just strong?

He governed California, the rock could never do that
Editor Rob
yeah Arnie is smarter than many would never know what the future holds for the Rock, he may well shift direction like Arnie once did!
Hong said on 7/Jul/21
Click Here I tried to post it again,if it doesn't come up it's on dailymotion it's The Incredible Hulk,The First part 2,Google it and you can watch it,it's at 42 minute's the start of their scene together.
Editor Rob
the @Pierre didn't have a space after the url, so the link works now
Pierre said on 7/Jul/21
@hong= Sorry I can not open your video since my computer.
Hong said on 5/Jul/21
Click Here think I've managed to posy that episode with Durock and Ferrigno,the scene there in starts at around 42 minutes,there is a lot of movement and not a great chance to compare their heights.
Pierre said on 5/Jul/21
@hong = But here not even sure Dick Durock is up .Here a more complete pic than my first = Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jul/21
While Arnie's clone has a right go at the doctor behind the cloning programme in 'The 6th Day', (Robert Duvall, I believe) he suggests that he hurries up and makes a clone of himself before it's too late. When Duvall's doc asks him why, he tells him, "So that you can go f*** yourself!"

Nice one, Arnold! 😆👍

Peak - 6ft1.5; Now - 5ft11.25.
Hong said on 4/Jul/21
Click Here Here's 53 year old Arnold with 6ft2 Terry Crews
Hong said on 4/Jul/21
Click Here Here's that Dick Durock Ferrigno pic from a different angle.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 4/Jul/21
I can see 186-187 out of bed but not at his low
Pierre said on 1/Jul/21
@viper = Some of this bodybuilders's official heights were possibly rounded up easily more than 0.5 inch,then even if this famous stadiometer measured them 0.5 inch under their offical heights the result of this measure still was generous.

Do not see any special connection with what I have just said=

Lou Ferrigno was billed 6"5', here is how much tall looks a young Lou next to Dick Durock billed 6"5.5' /6"6' = Click Here Dick's shoes = Click Here
Kurtz said on 29/Jun/21
Vince Basile as much as any onther member of bodybuilding world, is prone to inflating measurement and weights.
Simple, clear, pure.
Pierre said on 29/Jun/21
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 29/Jun/21
@Pierre yeah, that would be a good point if the site editor didn’t show an email he received from someone who had personally measured Arnold

An email never prove the accuracy of a stadiometer.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 29/Jun/21
@Pierre yeah, that would be a good point if the site editor didn’t show an email he received from someone who had personally measured Arnold

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