How tall is Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

English singer, from The Bee Gees.

How tall is Barry Gibb
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5ft 11.26in (181cm)
dreus23 said on 8/Mar/23
Barry - 5'11-5'11.5

Maurice - 5'7-5'7.5

Robin - 5'9-5'9.25

Andy - 5'6-5'6.25

It'd be interesting to know how tall their parents were!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/23
I was playing the best of the Bee Gees this morning when the track ‘Run To Me’ came on.

My brother said, “Do you remember when this was from?”

I replied, “Late sixties/early seventies?”

My bruv came out with, “August ‘72!”

Well I never! I had just left my junior school, and learning French verbs at the advice of my mother!

Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’ was in the charts when I left my school…

Most appropriate!

Big Barry gets 5ft11.5.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Dec/22
I wonder how tall the twins, Maurice and Robin, were……🤔

They looked much the same height.
Editor Rob
Maurice could seem taller than Robin, 3-3.5 inches shorter than Barry?
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Nov/22
⭐️ The early Bee Gees songs are melodic and not pop.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Nov/22
I saw another programme on Sky Arts just over a week ago and it ended with Barry saying, “If I could have my brothers back and there have been no songs, I would.”

This rather deep statement culminated in my buying a CD with 21 of their hits on it. I HAD to have the old 60s/early 70s tracks, which I remember so well. I’m no fan of disco, but the Bee Gees did it better than most.

The CD came today!

5ft11.25 for Barry 🎼🎶

Andy XX 🕯 Robin XX 🕯 Maurice XX 🕯 RIP Boys.
berta said on 20/Sep/22
did look 180-82. I tihnk legit 181 poeak. but today closer to 5´10
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/22
I’m watching a programme on Sky Arts about the Bee Gees, hoping I can sing along to Massachusetts, which I’ve just been able to do, of course! The first song of theirs to enter my collection was Run To Me, and it’s quite beautiful. I wasn’t old enough to head for the shops yet, so my Dad would buy us discs with loads of songs on them.

Barry in this stage of the programme, is getting hairy, so the mid/late 70s must be approaching. Interestingly, Robert Stigwood took the brothers under his wing. Robert’s name was on my Tommy (by The Who) poster, which I acquired from Bromley Odeon and which adorned my bedroom wall for years.

Oh, nice one! It’s Nights On Broadway, another of my favourites, so I’ll give Barry 5ft11.25 and sing my ❤️ out....

Arch Stanton said on 24/Nov/21
Barry could have passed for 6 ft peak I thought, but then he was quite a bit taller (and much better looking) than his brothers and wore big heels in the day. I'm listening to their early stuff at the moment. Very good, strong Beatles influence.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Oct/21
I came across the heights of Barry's two Bee Gee brothers, having found them out in a most unusual way indeed! I was looking for the height of DJ Alan Freeman, but discovered instead that Robin released a disc called 'Alan Freeman Days' upon the infamous Australian DJ's passing, back in 2006.

Twins Robin and Maurice always made Barry look outstandingly tall, and when I first saw that he was only 5ft11, I was little short of gobsmacked! I'd have expected to find about 6ft1. Well, Robin was 175cm and Maurice 173cm. Those few inch differences show just how much that chunk of height can look.

johnh93 said on 5/Sep/21
Barry looks pretty tall when he was young. He definitely lost a few cm in the meantime.

On the linked picture you can compare Barry Gibb with Lionel Richie who is also listed as 180 cm. Lionel looks about 5 cm (2 inches) taller than Barry. The footwear could be roughly the same.

Click Here

I would say:

Peak: 181 cm (5'11.25")
Now: 178 cm (5'10")
Ian Vector said on 30/May/21
I'd say 181 peak, 180 now.
E.Zoltan said on 10/Apr/21
Peak: 5 ft 11 1/8
A little over 5 ft 11
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Mar/21
There was an easy peasy question on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' tonight.

It was as follows:-

On which island were the Bee Gees born?

The options were Tasmania, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man or Hawaii.

It was, of course, The Isle of Man, easy enough for somebody of my generation. 🎶
What beat me is that the reward for knowing this was £125,000! The lady contestant was older than me too, but she wasn't sure, so she left with the money. I always think of a tailless cat when I think of the Isle of Man! 🐈

Barry, the tall Bee Gee, gets 5ft11.25.
Wartank said on 5/Dec/20
Looks 5'11.5" in his prime. Around 5'10" now. Towered above his brothers, which caused him to mostly hunch & Maurice wear lifts when singing together.
Keith 5'10 said on 31/Jul/20
With Travolta:
Click Here
Maybe 181cm at peak Rob? And weak 5'11 now.
VitoCheng said on 19/Jul/20
Young: 6'0"
Curren: 5'11.25"~5'11".5
Nearly 180cm guy said on 14/Mar/20
So 181 cm in his prime may be fine. In 1989, Barry looked only 2 inches shorter than Jeremy Irons: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Their footwear could have been similar: Click Here Click Here
Even if Barry had slightly thicker shoes, it still seems 2.5 inches between them seems a bit too much. Here are photos of Barry from 1997 alongside John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Barry even when he was 51 still looked no more than an inch shorter than Travolta: Click Here Click Here Click Here
In the '70s, Barry looked 5 inches taller than Andy Gibb. Here are their photos together from 1979: Click Here Click Here
And others from 1978: Click Here Click Here
This is Barry's photo next to Anthony Edwards and Timothy Dalton from 1988: Click Here
Another photo from 1988 with Dalton, Gibb and Geoffrey Palmer: Click Here
And here is a group photo here we can see too Julie T Wallace, Camille Coduri and Janett McTeer: Click Here
Barry didn't look 7 cm shorter than Dalton, besides Rob remember you met Camille in person. In the '70s,' 80s and '90s, Barry looked like a good 181 cm guy. Could you give him 5'11.25" as peak height?
Editor Rob
He is one of those guys who might be 181.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Dec/19
Watching Bee Gees classic music video i would have thought Barry was a legit 6'0 or 6'1 guy. It shock me that he is only 5'11. I'm thinking he might be 5'11 1/2 when he was young.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Sep/19
🎂🎁🎉 Happy Birthday Barry! 🎉🎁🎂

Barry the 'Big Bee Gee' turns 73 today. To think - he'll only have been 20/21 when they had their first hit, which I believe to be 'Massachusetts' in 1967, and I remember dancing to it in my own inimitable way, which didn't do it justice as it was a beautiful song!

Have a great day, Barry. 😉👍🎈


Wine Berry said on 17/May/19
Hmm I thought he was 6'1" but I guess I'll give him 181 cm
Adijos said on 11/Jan/18
Rob, I think you should give Barry a peak height of 5'11.25" (181 cm) and a current height of 5'10.5" (179 cm). Look at him next to Timothy Dalton: Click Here
Look at his newer photos from Olivia Newton John: Click Here
Anyway, I think you could also add Barry to the pop singers section:
Click Here
Rory said on 13/Sep/17
Yh I can believe 181cm peak
Bev said on 13/Sep/17
Born in 1955, I have been doing a lot of looking back on memories, especially of our music and the bands. Barry is and was an amazingly handsome man and his wife and he certainly seem to be perfect for each other. And five children. Reading up on all his family losses had to have been heart breaking. Suffering from depression, being able to go back and read and listen to The Bee Gees music has helped me start back uphill. I hope Barry stays healthy to the end. Such a wonderful guy.
MSJC said on 9/Sep/17
The tallest Bee Gee.
Dingus said on 13/Aug/17
In my opinion Barry was 5'11.25" at his peak height and a has a current height of about 5'10.50". Robbin was probably 5'08.50-5'09". Maurice was 5'06.50"-5'07.25". They were always wearing those crazy heels and platform shoes so it was hard to tell how tall they were.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Aug/17
@ Linda Zimmerman Black - I hope that Barry gets round to reading that sweet letter of yours some day!
It will make him very happy!

I will go for 5ft11 for Barry, though I must say, I thought that in the Bee Gee's early days, he was a full 6ft.

It's tragic to think that he is the only one left of such a memorable and iconic band. I would like to go along with Linda in wishing Barry, his wife and his children many more sunny years of happiness together!
Linda Zimmerman Black said on 2/Aug/17
He had them legs that went on forever that every girl dreamed about.From his sexy voice to that hair you wanted to run your fingers through.Every thing about him was what every girl wanted. His wife is a lucky woman to have him and to have raised a family with him and he's a lucky man to have Linda by his side all these years.His brothers were amazing men to. It's just so very sad for there family to have lost them all so young. Many tears we all have cryed for these amazing wonderful men who will always be #1 to me The BEE GEES and Andy.Sweet Andy my first crush. Losing him was a real heartache still breaks my heart.Berry you are just as sexy today as you was back then. May God bless you and your wife so you can have many many more year's together. Bless your children and grandbabies. Thank You for all the good memories.
Seb said on 17/Jul/17
There's a Youtube clip of Ringo taking a selfie with Andy Gibb and looks 1 to 2 inches taller than Andy. Check it out!
Steve said on 6/Apr/17
I wish I knew how to submit photos on this site. There is a photo of Gibb with Anthony Edwards (6'2") and Timothy Dalton (6'1 1/2'), and they all seem to be about the same height. Although I have noticed that Barry Gibb seem to be a little fragile and or a little shorter which I believe was due to knee injuries and back surgeries
carleen said on 7/Mar/17
He was so hot back in the day. Beegees had great songs.
Star Wars Rock said on 30/Jan/17
5'11" or less now that he's older. Barry Gibb was towering Maurice and Robin both at least in music videos specifically "How Deep Is Your Love?" and "Staying Alive." So he was most likely at least 6 feet or even a little over as his peak height back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
so said on 30/Sep/16
He was quite tall for the 1960s, he was probably the equivalent to about 6'3 nowadays.
harry said on 19/Aug/16
5ft11 peak seems right. but nowadays he is 5ft9.5-5ft10.
Che said on 24/Dec/15
The boots he wore at times put him up at the 6' 1" range. Also pointing out he was a early bloomer when it came to height he however stopped growing quite early around 16/17
Che said on 24/Dec/15
5'11.5" or a weak 6 foot at peak.
Steve said on 3/Sep/15
Barry Gibb has had several knee and back surgeries that probably affected his frame, but he was fairly tall as a British musician.
120 said on 18/Jun/15
Rob, you think Barry could've been 6ft in his prime. He definitely looked pretty tall during his younger years.
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if he was that tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/15
steve F said on 9/Dec/14
You have to look real close at their photos. Maurice almost all the time, had either cowboy boots or cuban heels boots. Barry was always a solid 6'0, with Robin at about 5'9" and Maurice at 5'7" and Andy at 5'6" to 5'6 1/2"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
Robin's listed 5ft9 and Maurice is at 5ft8. Looking at them beside Barry, I reckon are fairly close. Andy is listed 5ft8 but looked slightly shorter than Maurice so 5ft7 range for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Oct/14
Rob, how tall do you think Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb were?
Editor Rob
would need to look at them
MsCindy said on 2/May/14
I believe he was around 6' in the 1970's, but since we all get shorter as we age & he is 67yrs going on 68yrs, (Sept 1, 2014), I think he could be between 5' 10" - 5' 11". When I see him I will ask him.
jak said on 21/Dec/13
5'11.5" 6'0 more or less peak.
Steve F said on 16/Oct/13
Barry Gibb is between 5'11 1/2" and 6'0". There are plenty of photos of him with Travolta and Travolta is over 6'0.
me said on 13/Oct/13
I was mainly referring to the height of Andy Gibb in the comment below.
me said on 10/Oct/13
These are why pictures, this is clearly the same event, can be deceiving.

Click Here

and 2/3 down the page of

Click Here
bbcineman said on 14/Sep/13
I met Barry Gibb, he's 1.80m.
Steve F said on 26/Feb/13
I think their actual heights during their peak, when they were all young, was Barry (6'0") Robin (5'9") Maurice (5'7" and Andy (5'6")
17 y/o 182 cm said on 23/Feb/13
This is weird. I always assumed he was 5'10 and his brothers were 5'8? If he really was 6 feet at his peak that would really shock me :S
Steve F said on 20/Feb/13
Does anyone know how to post a pic on this site??
Steve F said on 18/Feb/13
Yes, but I seriously think that Jackson was about 5'10" and he usually wares high heel shoes. I will post a photo of Gibb with Timothy Dalton (6'1") and Anthony Edwards (6'2").
Tom said on 16/Feb/13
Click Here Doesn't look much taller than (listed 5'9 here) Michael Jackson
Steve F said on 15/Feb/13
I do believe he is about 6'0 flat
Jamie said on 13/Feb/13
No one has every confirmed Barry Gibb's height. I wish someone would just ask him!!
Steve F said on 6/Feb/13
I have seen plenty of pics with Barry Gibb & John Travolta who is about 6'1" and he is pretty much about Travolta's height
Steve F said on 6/Feb/13
Gibb looks much taller than 5'11"
nash70 said on 17/Feb/09
I've stood beside him on maybe three or four occasions and I would have said he's comfortably 6'1". He's aged badly and his posture is poor so he may look smaller now but in the mid 80s to early 90s he was certainly taller than 5'9.5".
Anonymous -15 said on 2/Oct/08
He's definetley more than this , I always thought of him as being a good 6ft or 6'1" , as has already been mentioned he has horrendous posture.
Doctor Dildo said on 18/Aug/08
Shane's never 5"9.5! I met him in a pub and he towered over me (5"10). I'd say he's at least 6"1...although his posture is rubbish so that may take away from it a lot.
Tom said on 25/Feb/06
Saw him in a Glasgow pub last year and was surprised how small he was. He looks smaller than 5ft 9.5 in. But his posture is really bad as he is usually very drunk.
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Feb/06
1997 article described this guy: "Unlike most pop performers, MacGowan is an imposing six foot one"
Mikex said on 24/Dec/05
I always thought he was 6' plus.

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