How tall is Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Height

6ft 8 ¾ (205.1 cm)

Australian basketball player, who plays as Point Guard/Forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. He was listed as 6ft 9.5 by his team.

How tall is Ben Simmons
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6ft 8.63in (204.8cm)
Canson said on 25/Feb/21
@Editor Rob: at least 3.5” imho. But embiid is an afternoon height more than likely
Canson said on 23/Feb/21
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@Editor Rob: looks over 3” between Embiid and Simmons. Maybe this fits Simmons for a morning height and his 6’8.25 pre draft Viper saw as well as me, is his afternoon height
Editor Rob
somewhere in 3 inches there looks likely.
Canson said on 12/Feb/21
@Robbe: and now we have it! A 3” inflation lol. He’s 6’8” range. Max 6’8.25
Robbe said on 6/Feb/21
6'11 Ben Simmons and 6'11.75 Joel Embiid Click Here
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
Here we have 6’7.25 (combine) measured Mike Scott. Likely a morning measurement as Scott did play for the Wizards before and I’ve heard he’s max 6’7” in person too. Max could mean a hair under too. But if he got listed 6’7 by the team, I doubt 6’7.25 is an afternoon measurement especially for a Bigger player like him (he plays the 4 and 5). Simmons is not 2” taller than him. I could believe 6’8.25 for Simmons but not 6’8.75. Maybe 6’8.5 is fair compromise but then you see him with Embiid

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Says here 6’8.25 unofficial. My guess is that he measured early in the day or was given a sneaker height which gives him 1.25 in bball sneakers just like Lebron got

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To be fair Rob has him at an early morning height. Consistent for most players here such as Curry or Harden barring a lower measurement. That’s definitely not his afternoon
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Junior: just because he has the listing doesn’t mean he’s that tall. JJ Redick was allegedly measured 6’4 and is only 6’3 (if that). He’s listed 6’3 ever since he was measured in 2019. Wade could’ve had it fudged or it could’ve been a rounding. As for Melo I could see his listed height here 6’6.25”. 6’6 is possible but 6’6.25 is as well. I have Wade at 6’3” tops though.

As for Lillard, I’m not sure. I would say his listings are 1” off. He shows 6’1.75 barefoot and 6’2.75 with shoes. Knock one inch off each and that’s where he was. So yea 6’0.75 but that’s morning imho. 6’0.25 is my guess. Colin Cowherd says he looked 6’0”. He looks maybe a strong 6’0” to weak 6’2 absolute best case
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Junior: just because he has the listing doesn’t mean he’s that tall. JJ Redick was allegedly measured 6’4 and is only 6’3 (if that). He’s listed 6’3 ever since he was measured in 2019. Wade could’ve had it fudged or it could’ve been a rounding. As for Melo I could see his listed height here 6’6.25”. 6’6 is possible but 6’6.25 is as well. I have Wade at 6’3” tops though.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jan/21
Wade was record at 6'3 3/4 w/o shoes while Rob list him down at 6'3 1/4 now since he admit he was only that tall, which i doubt he isn't below 6'3 when see him standing straight with well known height teammates. Possible was the different timing of measurement and time of waking up affect their morning measurement and their lowest bonus with some players busting a gut or hiding 1/4-1/2" orthotics in socks helps. Carmelo i doubt 6'5 3/4 that low too but the more i look at him i wouldn't go with over 6'6 lowest and Lebron i still stick with 6'6 7/8-6'7 at worst. But meaning is those players who wake up near an hour get measure may had the bad chance to be between 1/2-3/4 inch down at their low and players measure after them were more average to be 3/8" down a low and lucky ones wake up two hour just 1/4" down, also detail about a small fraction height more or less of error measurement would affect the perception of how we sees players real height given a lesser chance small amount of players atually grew 1/8-1/4" taller not talking about 1/2 to 1" those were amazing growth at early 20s.. Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Giannis were three small example consider very lucky to grow 3/4-1" taller. Damian Lillard who had the magic tricks of 6'1 3/4 w/o shoes were more like someone who will hide 1cm orthotics in their socks with fraction more bonus busting a gut to reach 187.3cm lol. Damian lowest i still given him close to 6'0 3/4 despite he looks it with 6'3 1/2 Conan O'brien.
Chrisco said on 2/Jan/21
Hey Rob, check out this photo with Lebron and Anthony Davis. He’s practically the same height as Lebron, I’d saw 1/4 taller but be generous and give him 1/2 on Lebron. I reckon he should be listed 6’7 and 3/4, or absolute max 6’8”. Check this photo Click Here
Editor Rob
you could argue at most 3cm there, Davis with the camera advantage is gaining a few cm too.
Canson said on 2/Jan/21
@Duhon: it’s been a mixed bag. John Wall sat out last year and he’s listed 6’3 now and Melo 6’7”. But Some guys are listed at their old heights and others kept their listings. Then you get Simmons who has grown an extra inch. He’s listed 6’11 on IMHO he’s 6’8 range next to Embiid or Horford who was measured 6’8.75 at the combine. In 2007 that looks consistent with others being afternoon measurements as I don’t see him under. I see 6’9.25 that he got last season as an early morning. I’ve seen some guys that were .25 over get rounded up such as Chris Paul. Simmons looks his supposed draft measurement 6’8.25 (best case) with Horford or Embiid who I feel is an afternoon measurement. The latter looks 7’ most of the time
Duhon said on 31/Dec/20
The individual teams are messing with the heights again. I believe it was the NBA a year or so ago who wanted players listed by barefoot or close which is why quite a few players did have their listed heights dropped. Now this past season you had a bunch of individual teams say some of their players magically grew in their early 20s or beyond which is why they got bumped up again and I guess the NBA feels it's not worth to fight it.

I think Ben is around the ~6'9" range and his team wanted to re-list him in his rounded up shoe height.
Canson said on 30/Dec/20
@Junior: in 2003 I’m not sure what time of day. 6’2.75 is a worst case for Wade but I don’t rule out 6’3”. Carmelo I highly doubt is only 6’5.75”. If anything I’d give him his listing here before that. Melo’s looks close to a low. Maybe he’s within 1-2 mm. LeBron although I use to consider 200 cm I think 6’7 flat is decent for him. Simmons I could still buy 6’8” maybe max 6’8.25 but no higher. He’s listed 6’11 now on He’s closer to 6’8 than 6’9” if going by afternoon height but a 6’9” listing is a good look right now in the NBA for him because guys like Carmelo are listed 6’7” now. But you said 6’8 isn’t likely. It looks like it is next to Al Horford unless he grew too. Horford was 6’8.75 at the combine in 2007 which was more than likely an afternoon. 6’9.25 a morning height. As for your measurements that’s how mine come out. 195.7 out of bed (6’5.05), 194.7 after an hour (6’4.65), then 193.7/.8 (6’4.25-.3) afternoon height. So if I got a combine measurement if it’s under 1 hour or a few min over, I would likely get 6’4.75 listing or if NFL combine maybe 6’4 5/8 if it’s minutes over but if I did in the afternoon I’d get 6’4.25 or 6’4.5 (if I measure 193.8). The latter is another variable being you get some guys who measure slightly over a mark in the NBA and are rounded to the next 1/4. So you may get a guy who is say 6’4.53 an hour out of bed and get 6’4.75” on occasion and be as low as 6’4 or a tiny fraction over at their afternoon height.
Robbe said on 29/Dec/20
Ben confirmed to be just under 7ft.

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So Ben needs a major upgrade!
KH said on 28/Dec/20
To defend Simmons it was NBA policy to use shoe heights for years. And this is the minimum Simmons is imo. Im not sure Dwight Howard is taller they are teammates now hard to tell really who is taller after watching a few games Im a Sixers fan. I mean really Howard might be about an 1/4-1/2 inch taller topsthats not really noticeable with the naked eye even unless you could really eye them both up. Also, I've never seen Simmons listed at 6'11. 6'10 yes a shoe height. Simmons is tall with a big frame I dont know how you can look at him and go nuts because is often listed at 6'10. And Simmons is clearly taller then James.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Dec/20
Lebron 6'7 1/4 was during NBA drafted measurement between 7-8am which he literally could be close to 1cm lower depends on how many hours of sleep and also indicate on others estimate of 1/2" lower for every players who were measure in NBA In-camp training less than one hour or half hour out of bed. Although i couldn't see Lebron below 6'7 even means that it would make Ben 6'8 a low which is a little too high listed him at 6'8 3/4 rather than a better listing should go down at 6'8 1/4, but to the extend of worst that Lebron could be only 6'6 3/4 at night barefoot without socks that need to rule out this small possibilities , so Ben could be as worst of worst like 6'7 3/4 at night. Dwyane Wade would be what Canson estimate his worst possible low at 6'2 3/4 since Lebron had Wade by 4". Sometimes those basketball shoes in the NBA game were tricky and seem boosted the players height easily over an inch (3-3.5cm if we consider orthotic was added on some players feet) which is why i start to see 6'7 claim Stephen Merchant over 6'7 because of Lebron but then i use to think Merchant was only 6'6 3/4, if we estimate most celebrities appearance with bigger footwear advantage then Lebron ofcos edge out Merchant a little bit but in reality taking off their shoes compare a back to back they might just be leveled at worst low 6'6 3/4-6'7 which we wouldn't know that. From my recent "NBA Draft measurement" experience of my own in the morning at 8.15am that i have already wake up close to an hour doing a measurement which i drop down from 6'6.6"(199.6) out of bed to 6'6.2"(198.6) and my usual low 197.3cm before bed at night indicate i lost 1/2" and i have slept 7 hours that day which i does this twice between three days while that is no difference, so what people have argue almost all NBA players drop 1/2" from their morning drafted height is literally true but some small amount of players does grow a litte bit taller after drafted between a few years gaining between 1/8-1/2 was reliable. What if Wade, Lebron and Carmelo those players have never gain the lucky small amount of height then they would be individually have a nightmarish-lowest at 6'2.75", 6'6.75" and 6'5.75" worst low for them while the chance is 50/50 to be argued.
Robbe said on 26/Dec/20
6'11 Ben Simmons with 6'11.75 Joel Embiid and 6'10.75 Lauri Markkanen.

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:D :D :D
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Dec/20
Rob, pardon for my curiosity that you really think Ben is closer to 4cm taller than Lebron?
Editor Rob
he might not be
Wingspanpro said on 24/Dec/20
I think former players like charlie villanueva, larry sanders , John hendson or active bobby porters(was 6'11 until last Saison), cole aldrich are not much better.
"7ft" Dewayne Dedmom , mikko moore or nikola vucevic(was 7ft until last Saison)are same case too.

Lauri markkanen is about 6'10.75 when you see him with lopez
Canson said on 23/Dec/20
His 6’11 listing is one of the worst I’ve seen in the league
Canson said on 22/Dec/20
@Wingspanpro: lol he is and he’s the smallest 6’11 I’ve seen. He’s shorter than Dwight Howard who is listed 6’10” and claimed 6’9”
Wingspanpro said on 21/Dec/20
He listens 6'11 now on nba site
Robbe said on 9/Dec/20
Ben appears slightly taller than Kevin Durant, and the same height as Anthony Davis in this group photo Click Here

But Ben is closer to the camera there. Like said many times, group photos aren't the best pictures to judge heights due to they never ever stand in a straight line. One player can stand a half meter behind another, and so on.

But anyway, looks like siteowner is not willing to agree to the general consensus here..
Canson said on 8/Dec/20
@Junio: I’d give Blake no higher than 6’8 if he measured that early morning. Ben could look max 6’8.25 but really his afternoon looks 6’8 too
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Dec/20
Blake Griffin had Lebron by a decent 1" but listed 6'8 1/2 and Ben Simmons also look 1" on Lebron. Blake and Ben is likely within 1/8 not even a full 1/4. I did rule out Blake 6'8, Ben 6'8 1/8 and Lebron 6'7 in their low.
FriedChicken said on 15/Nov/20
I agree with that. Seems the general consensus is at most 6'8.25
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
He needs a downgrade to at least 6’8.25 being that’s what he measured (allegedly) and being he looks at best 1” taller than Lebron
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
@Robbe: yea I knew here even with the downgrade that he’s way over listed. 6’8 is fair
Robbe said on 12/Nov/20
I wouldn't go higher than 6'8 for Ben. Remember what Shaun Lane said when he met Ben ftf.

“I was expecting him to tower over me,” Lane grinned. “I’m only 6’6’’ but I rocked up and he was only a little bit taller than me.”

We have all seen the pic so no need to post it again.
Canson said on 11/Nov/20
@Recapa: agreed! I wonder about Simmons because he had the combine (according to Viper) of 6’8.25 which means he could be as low as 6’7.75”. However he may have grown a fraction or maybe it was a measurement he got in college. I would say 203 is the lowest I’d go but with Embiid yea your estimate looks pretty good 6’8.25”
recapa said on 10/Nov/20
@Junior nick simmons can look as high as 6ft7 flat while ben is not lower than 6ft8 as you said. @Canson also agreed with your estimates about tatum and ingram both are solid 6ft7 guys and similar to libron while kuzma doesnt fall under 202cm at low so he is similar to kristopher london .tatum,kuzma,lebron(200.7cm),kuzma (202cm),ben simmons (204cm)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Nov/20
Nothing to compare them. Nick Simmons is at most 6'6 1/2. Ben is no lower than 6'8.
Nik said on 30/Oct/20
I would love to compare him to Nick Simmons!
Canson said on 27/Oct/20
@Robbe: I agree. Tatum and Ingram look 6’7 while Kuzma looks 6’7.5-.75 and Simmons 6’8”
Robbe said on 27/Oct/20
Ben looks at the most an inch taller than 6'7 Brandon Ingram.

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Kuzma, Ingram, Tatum, and Simmons may very well be within an inch. Between 6'7/6'8.
Canson said on 26/Oct/20
@Junior: I definitely see more than 1/4” between Horford and Simmons. Horford’s 6’8.75 is believable for his afternoon height while 6’9.25 that he measured this season seems more like a morning height. The combine would likely measure around 630 or 7 am like we saw for Blake Griffin. Horford was measured in 2008 and likely an afternoon as he looks that height still. Overall, I agree with Viper. I’d list Simmons at 6’8.25”. That could’ve been in the morning but it looks a lot closer to reality than what he’s listed now. To me he does look a very legit 6’8” still. Since Lebron is listed 6’7.25, that’s a good fit for him. And they “measured” (shoes) 1” apart this year at 6’8.5 and 6’9.5”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Oct/20
I mean a later time of the morning after 9-10am unlikely draft measurement 7-8cm for Ben. 6'8 worst low def solid 1" on Lebron. Between Simmons and Horford is hard to tell sometimes they look as close as 1/4 and then also 3/4" apart it's more on the 1/2 inch side if place out measurement, Horford can't be more than 6'8 3/4 a low so probably 6'8 1/2.
viper said on 25/Oct/20
If I was running this site Id have him listed as 6-8.25 here, his unofficial measurement
Canson said on 24/Oct/20
@Junior: I agree on the 6’8.25 morning but that would mean he’d dip 1/2” lower. Maybe 6’8.5 morning down to 6’8 if he still maintains it. I know if I measured at a combine around that time (1 hour out of bed) I’d get 6’4 5/8 or a hair over so they may call it 6’4.75 if it’s the NBA and 6’4.25 or a hair over in the afternoon
Canson said on 23/Oct/20
@Junior: how much do you see between Simmons and Horford? I can see up to an inch. 6’7.75” is possible if that’s the case but I’d go with 6’8” purely based off the inch he has on Lebron
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Oct/20
@Canson Check out the link we can see drafted year 6'7 Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons look strong 1" (3cm) apart Click Here Ben morning measurement shouldn't be less than 6'8 1/4 at worst. 6'7.75" lowest for Ben seem too low, more on 6'8 flat.
Canson said on 20/Oct/20
@Junior: I can buy Horford’s 6’8.75 being his afternoon low. Simmons looks about 1/2”-1” shorter. 6’8” 1/8 is a decent estimate. It says 6’8.25 for his pre draft too like Viper said. Meaning he could’ve been as low as 6’7.75”. I have him solid 6’8 though or even what you said. Tobias Harris is 6’6”.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Oct/20
Click Here Lebron look to be 3-3.5cm lower than Ben Simmons. Al Horford is probably close to 6'8 1/2 a low. I believe at worst low 6'8 1/8 for Ben. Maybe 6'8 3/4 was a little bit of busting a gut 7-8am measurement.
recapa said on 19/Oct/20
203-204cm for ben simmons .the 6.10.25 is defintely an early day shoe measurement.he had arond 5,5 inches on adam silver in the mock draft pick
Robbe said on 17/Oct/20
Ben is shorter than Al Horford, who is shorter than 6'9.75 listed Andre Drummond.

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Do the math.
FriedChicken said on 29/Sep/20
6'8" 1/4.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Sep/20
Click Here The correct angle making Al Horford and Simmons the same height.
Canson said on 7/Sep/20
@Viper: right. At minimum it’s 2cm. That puts Simmons max 6’8” and Horford 6’8.75 that he measured when drafted which is his afternoon measurement. Proof again that they’re early morning since he got 6’9.25”
viper said on 6/Sep/20
Horford is clearly taller.

Near an inch
Canson said on 5/Sep/20
@Big T and a Viper: Interestingly enough he does look under 6’8” at times. I’d generally go with 6’8” but 6’8.25 pre draft could mean he’s only 6’7.75” afternoon height. How much of a difference do you see between Horford and Simmons?

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viper said on 31/Aug/20
Ben is just 6-8

The 6-9.5 is in shoes just like LeBron
6-8.5 in shoes
Big T said on 29/Aug/20
Here’s a full article about Simmons meeting 6’6” Shaun Lane, as posted by Canson below

Click Here

Lane is obviously very height aware and says he is “only” 6’6” and that Simmons was only slightly taller than him. From the article and photo, if you didn’t know any better you’d think Simmons was only 6’7” range

I know he isn’t that short but it certainly supports him being shorter than he is listed here. I must say that Lane looks exceptionally tall next to his teammates in photos, so maybe he understates his own height.
Canson said on 28/Aug/20
@Editor Rob:

Although it says unofficial. Says 6’8.25”. Usually a morning measurement and Keep in mind Horford is 6’8.75” likely an afternoon measurement

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Canson said on 12/Aug/20
viper said on 10/Aug/20
A lot of these guys measure 2 inches more than their barefoot height

This season has been hit or miss. Bradley Beal is now listed at 6’3” when he measured 6’3.25 as a pre draft participant. Also Brandon Ingram measured 6’7” this year. But then you have guys like Lebron Ben Simmons Tobias Harris Harden Chris Paul who all received shoe measurements
Canson said on 11/Aug/20
@Viper: I think he does. At my size I shrink 3/4” to 2cm and I’m only 6’4”. Ellis is 6’7” and he loses a full inch and S.J.H when he was here shrunk an inch at 6’7”. Simmons measured 6’9” at LSU. Not sure if that’s a roundup on a morning height but it appears so. Rob alluded to 6’10.25 in shoes somewhere although I didn’t see it. My guess is that he’s 6’8.75 like Rob lists him in the morning and 6’8.25 would be his low. Maybe 6’8.5 midday. But typically a midday is only 1/8” above your low. 1/4” above for someone his size since he can lose more than someone our size loses. I’m 6’4 3/8” midday and 6’4 1/4” afternoon

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viper said on 10/Aug/20
A lot of these guys measure 2 inches more than their barefoot height
viper said on 10/Aug/20
I don't think he shrinks the full inch. Just my opinion.

I think he's 6-8.25 midday at least
Canson said on 10/Aug/20
Canson said on 9/Aug/20
@Viper: you think the 6’8.25 is a morning height? I don’t. My guess is 6’9.25 out of bed perhaps and maybe 6’8.75ish to 6’9 at combine time. He would lose an inch easily to get to 6’8.25. He also measured 6’9” at LSU which was like rounded up to that mark and that was likely a morning measurement. I don’t see him under 6’8” afternoon. My guess is at the combine he would be 6’8.75 or 6’9”. He skipped the combine. But He has at least an inch of not more on Lebron.

@Editor Rob: it says in the last article that he measured 6’9.5 in shoes. The shoe height is likely what they used this season so he’s 6’8.25 maybe 6’8.5 would fly. But the former is more likely. He’s not 6’9.5 or 6’8.75”. Simmons has not grown since he was drafted

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Editor Rob
The 6ft 9.5 in shoes was from the 2015 Nike and the 6ft 10.25 shoes from a later event, it's interesting about the 10.25 though, that seems a high value in sneakers.

@Editor Rob: I didn’t see any mention to 6’10.25 in sneaks but I saw 6’10” flat. I saw also a 6’9” measurement barefoot. But 6’10.25 in basketball shoes would make since if he measured 6’9”. My guess is the 6’9” was a morning measurement and rounded slightly. I could see what you list him at here or maybe a slight hair over and that rounded up to 6’9”. Then afternoon 6’8.25” would be a max afternoon if not 6’8”. The latter really. He looks too short next to 6’8.75” Al Horford to be any taller. Maybe a fair listing here would be 6’8.5”?
Editor Rob
It was in the Tweet from that Chad Ford.
Canson said on 9/Aug/20
@Viper: you think the 6’8.25 is a morning height? I don’t. My guess is 6’9.25 out of bed perhaps and maybe 6’8.75ish to 6’9 at combine time. He would lose an inch easily to get to 6’8.25. He also measured 6’9” at LSU which was like rounded up to that mark and that was likely a morning measurement. I don’t see him under 6’8” afternoon. My guess is at the combine he would be 6’8.75 or 6’9”. He skipped the combine. But He has at least an inch of not more on Lebron.

@Editor Rob: it says in the last article that he measured 6’9.5 in shoes. The shoe height is likely what they used this season so he’s 6’8.25 maybe 6’8.5 would fly. But the former is more likely. He’s not 6’9.5 or 6’8.75”. Simmons has not grown since he was drafted

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Editor Rob
The 6ft 9.5 in shoes was from the 2015 Nike and the 6ft 10.25 shoes from a later event, it's interesting about the 10.25 though, that seems a high value in sneakers.
viper said on 6/Aug/20
Canson no way he's that tall out of bed measuring 6-8.25

Maybe 6-8.75-6-9
Canson said on 5/Aug/20
Click Here

Here is Simmons with a 6’6” measured Rugby player. He’s not 3” taller that looks less than 2” but I’ll say 2” simply because the angle is odd. Viper is right. Simmons is around 6’8.25. I’ll give him 6’8-6’8.5 range. 8.5 is the max he is
Canson said on 5/Aug/20
@Ellis and Editor Rob: I feel that his measurement was a shoe measurement. If you look at Tobias Harris, he received a 6’6.5” measurement when drafted and a 6’7.5” this past year. Likely that both Simmons and Harris received a shoe measurement just like Lebron did. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harris is just a solid 6’6” guy although I don’t rule out 6’6.5 but that could be a morning measurement too. Horford looks 6’8.75 and always has
Editor Rob
Would have been interesting if any measurements were actually recorded on camera.
viper said on 5/Aug/20
I would at least list Simmons no taller than 6-8.5 Rob
Robbe said on 5/Aug/20
Al Horford looks surprisingly tall with Markkanen and Embiid. Looks also slightly taller than Andre Drummond.

Click Here

Anyway, Al is noticeable taller than Ben.
Canson said on 4/Aug/20
@Ellis: out of bed for Simmons I would say 6’9.25.
Canson said on 4/Aug/20
@Ellis: Horford has more than 1/4” on Simmons. If Horford is 6’8.75 like he got at the combine Simmons is 6’8” based on that picture. 6’8.75 that Rob has him is too high still but better than it was. It’s a legit morning measurement imho
Canson said on 4/Aug/20
I see Rob dropped him to 6’8.75 now. That’s a start. He would measure this at the combine in the morning and 6’8.25 afternoon more than likely

@Ellis: 6’8.25 is not too low for him. He’s about an inch or so taller than Lebron
Canson said on 3/Aug/20
@Editor Rob: Al Horford (6’8.75 pre draft), 6’9.25 this season (likely a morning height). Even if not, Horford is taller than Simmons. Simmons is likely what Viper said 6’8.25

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Editor Rob
Well knocking a 1/4 off is closer, how far under 6ft 9 he might truly measure is still debatable.
Ellis said on 3/Aug/20
@Canson: Yeah he definitely isn't 6'9 at a low, my eyes have been opened to that, but 6'8-6'8.5 seems a bit low. 6'8.5 is possible, and you are correct in saying that Horford's 6'9.25 is more than likely a morning measurement. Simmons is probably 6'8.5 at a low.
@Viper: 6'8.25 is a bit low, but still a possibility.
@Canson: What do you think Ben Simmons out of bed height is? I would have to guess 6'9.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/20
That’s probably an early day measurement
Canson said on 2/Aug/20
@Viper: I believe it too. And that looks afternoonish
viper said on 1/Aug/20
I believe the "unofficial" 6-8.25 measurement for him
Canson said on 1/Aug/20
@Ellis: maybe 6’8-6’8.5 range tops
Canson said on 1/Aug/20
@Ellis: Horford is more than likely a morning measurement. He measured 6’9.25 this year and 6’8.75 when he was drafted which I believe is his afternoon. As for Simmons, 6’8”
Monkey knees said on 29/Jul/20
Simmons - 6ft 8.5in no shoes
Embiid - 6ft 11.33in no shoes

There - 100% correct.
Ellis said on 18/May/20
@Robbe: I had their difference at 3 inches. Joel Embiid is 6'11.75 at a low, and Ben Simmons is a bit under 6'9 at a low, perhaps 6'8.75, maybe 6'8.5. I'm assuming Rob has his afternoon height listed here, which is not his low. I will admit though, in those pictures, the difference is clearly above 3 inches, which makes me question Ben Simmons 6'9. Embiid's head must be larger than average, so the difference has to be at least 3.5 inches. Pictures can be deceiving at times, but Simmons is around half an inch shorter than 6'9.25 Al Horford, so I'm assuming Ben Simmons is 6'8.75 at a low.

@Rob: When do you reckon he got the 6'9.5(Simmons)? I believe that the measurement is accurate, but how early is the question. I would say within the first hour of waking.
Robbe said on 29/Mar/20
Joel is not tilting his head up here, yet Ben reaches only at Joel's eyebrows. That's more like 3.75in difference.

Click Here

That's exactly the same difference as in this pic i posted earlier.

Click Here

There can't be better picture, both men satanding tall with perfect angle. Joel is minimum 3'5in taller than Ben. Could be 3.75in.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Mar/20
Joel Embiid tilt up head to gain 3/4 inch from perception. There isn't over 2.75" between them you can found on many google image.
Robbe said on 16/Mar/20
Newest photo of Ben and Joel. I can see a solid 3.5in difference.

Click Here

Ben is no more than 6'8.25. Time for downgrade, Big Rob.
Jean214 said on 15/Mar/20
6'8.75 at least
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Jean214 said on 14/Mar/20
6'8.5 with 6'11.75 Joël embiid and 6'7.25 LeBron James
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@Viper: if he was only 6’8.25 at the combine, he would prob be 6’7.75” afternoon unless he grew since. 6’8.25 looks more like his actual height. Was his combine measurement actual or was he one of those guys like Kobe who has one listed and didn’t attend?
viper said on 5/Mar/20
He needs to be downgraded to 6-8

He measured 6-9.5 IN SHOES at Nike Academy. Click Here

He measured 6-8.25 at the combine
Canson said on 28/Feb/20
@Robbe: assuming Josh Smith didn’t Grow Horford likely isn’t any taller than his pre draft

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Canson said on 28/Feb/20
@Robbe: looks like we were thinking the same thing as our posts came out simultaneously. Didn’t realize you were posting it too. But I agree.

@Editor Rob: I don’t believe he measured that figure barefoot. Or he was right at 6’9 and given the boost. Viper is spot on with this one. His combine listing of 6’8.25 is more than fair especially being that was early in the day (post 2008). Maybe he gained to that in the afternoon but Remember that Lebron measured the half inch over 6’8” when he’s likely 6’8” out of bed. If they measure around an hour after waking I doubt Lebron would be 6’8”. Probably 6’7.75 at best. Really if we consider Al Horford looks his pre draft (from 2007 which was likely an afternoon height like Kevin Durant’s) hes taller at 6’8.75 than Simmons. How much taller remains to be seen due to angles but I think it’s safe to say that Simmons is minimum half inch shorter and he can look max 1” taller than Lebron the more I see. That really may just be 2cm. Also depends on how tall we have Lebron 6’7 or 6’7.25
Canson said on 27/Feb/20
@Robbe: I’ve seen several pictures with Al Horford and Simmons and Horford looks taller in all of them. Not just this one. Horford was 6’9.25 this year likely an earlier measurement during the day as he was 6’8.75 when he was drafted which is more likely his afternoon

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Editor Rob
It is hard to imagine Ben measuring over 6ft 9, maybe it was an early day figure.
Robbe said on 27/Feb/20
Yeah, Ben is also visible shorter than 6'9.25 listed Al Horford.

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Ben is most likely closer to 6'8, than 6'9.
viper said on 26/Feb/20
Ben and LeBron measured in shoes.

So obvious
viper said on 26/Feb/20
He should be listed what he measured at the combine

Canson said on 25/Feb/20
@Robbe: he’s surely over listed it Embiid is 6’11.75
Robbe said on 24/Feb/20
Ben looking surprisingly short here with Embiid, Markkanen, and Sabonis. What is that, 3.5 -4in?

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@Big Rob, maybe you should downgrade Ben at least to 6'8.5? I don't trust these newest measurements, they don't seem to be accurate.
Canson said on 16/Feb/20
@Robbe: I saw pics of him with Jimmy Butler last season and that’s the only thing that had me believing there may be a chance at 6’9” but then I saw pics of Butler with Kawhi Leonard or Bam Adebayo and he doesn’t look much over 6’5”. I wonder if Adam Silver actually cared about the validity of the measurements or if he just went with the program knowing some would comply and others wouldn’t
Robbe said on 16/Feb/20
Ben does look 6'8 range with 6'3 Adam Silver.

Click Here

Mo Bamba looks easily 3in taller than Ben there. Adam is on Ben's eyelevel, and just below Mo's mouth level. Easy 3in difference.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Viper: well he did claim to be 7’2 in sandals. But a couple people here (inflators) said he was 7’2 barefoot because the Sixers listed him at that yet the NBA kept him 7’0 the whole time. He could just be 6’11.25 maybe being a 6’11.75 could be a morning height. However I don’t rule out the growth and that being a low for him with 6’11 flat extreme low. Simmons is the one who is really overlisted. I remember the Sixers insiders claiming both men grew and Brett Brown shooting them down that Simmons did not grow. He’s likely 6’8” range
Jean214 said on 14/Feb/20
Easy 205cm 6'8.8 (205,2)
viper said on 13/Feb/20
Embiid isn't looking any taller than
6-11 in these last few photos

Amazing how some thought he was 7-2
Canson said on 11/Feb/20
Here is a better picture of Simmons and Embiid. I can see an argument for 6’8.75 but not 6’9.25 based on how he looks with Lebron and with Embiid. Really 6’8.5 is the max. And I don’t rule out 6’9.5 only being a basketball shoe height meaning 6’8.25 like when drafted.

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Canson said on 11/Feb/20
@Robbe: in most pics it’s a minimum of 3” between them. Simmons only has about an inch or inch and a half on Lebron and only has 6’6” Tobias Harris by maybe 2-2.5”. Harris measured 6’6.5 (early morning) at the pre draft and still is around that basing him next to others. Maybe 6’6.5 but not higher. They did the same to Harris that they did to Jordan clarkson Deangelo Russell Jimmy Butler and a host of other players. They knocked 1” off their previous NBA listings to make a fake barefoot measurement. Butler was a morning 6’6 and looking at him with Kawhi isn’t as tall as he is.
Canson said on 11/Feb/20
@Robbe: in most pics it’s a minimum of 3” between them. Simmons only has about an inch or inch and a half on Lebron
Robbe said on 9/Feb/20
Ben is no moore than 2.25in shorter than Joel Embiid. Here is perhaps the best pic of them together Click Here

That's bang on 2.25in. So Ben's current listing is close enough. He is not under 6'9.
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@viper: he edges lebron though. But then again you have Tobias Harris at 6’6 who’s listed 6’7.5. Harris was 6’6.5 pre draft in the morning. Simmons looks 6’8 or 6’8.25 no higher. Simmons is not 2” taller than lebron but maybe 1” or 3cm. Lebron is prob 6’7 flat
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@viper: he edges lebron though. But then again you have Tobias Harris at 6’6 who’s listed 6’7.5. Harris was 6’6.5 pre draft in the morning. Simmons looks 6’8 no higher
viper said on 7/Feb/20
I can buy 6-8.25 morning because he looked a good 2 inches shorter than 6-10 Giannis the other night
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
6’8.25 looks too low for a morning measurement
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
@Big Tyre: I think 205.5-206 out of bed and 203-204 afternoon. No less than 203. He probably loses an inch but he’s likely still 6’8”.
Big Tyr said on 5/Feb/20
Ben simmons 204 cm morning and 202 cm later or at his lowest. Probably wakes up 204.5 cm. That would explain way he looked 202 cm in the picture. Because he was.
Canson said on 4/Feb/20
@Viper: he also has a 6’9” measurement.

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Canson said on 4/Feb/20
Simmons isn’t as low as 6’7.5 I doubt. But he’s prob 6’8” range
Big Tyr said on 4/Feb/20
Ben could be 6'8.25 morning and 6'7.5 later or 204 cm then 202 cm. That would explain why he looked 202 cm there.
Big Tyr said on 3/Feb/20
@kurtinho Simmons does look maybe 6'7.5 at most in that picture. And since Embiid is only 2.25 taller than Ben simmons according to Philadelphia themselves! That would explain why Embiid looks 6'9.75. Which would make him 6'11 in shoes. You may be up to something.
Canson said on 2/Feb/20
201-202 look too low for Simmons but 6’8.25 like he was when drafted looks right. He and Lebron were both likely measured in sneakers and got 6’8.5 and 6’9.5. Both guys are 6’7 and 6’8”
Robbe said on 2/Feb/20
Pictures can lie. Ben is 6'9.5. Here is 76ers measured barefoot heights. Joel Embiid is 2'0.25in taller than Ben Click Here
Kurtinho said on 1/Feb/20
Look at this photo of simmons with 198cm listed australian Rugby League player Shaun Lane. You can investigate Lane, I am certain he is around that 198cm listing. The photo shows very minimal difference in height, if they were both bare foot I would say simmons is 199cm if Lane is 198cm, the problem is that the shoes are not visible but I for one have very serious doubts that simmons could be 8cm taller than Lane based off of this image. Next to lebron as well Id say that simmons might be about 201-202cm and that lane had thicker shoes on in this pic.

Click Here
Canson said on 29/Jan/20
Measured 6’8.25 at the combine and got 6’9.5 just like Lebron measured 6’7.25 and got 6’8.5

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Canson said on 26/Jan/20
Click Here

1.5” max. If Lebron is listed 6’7.25 he shouldn’t be any higher than 6’8.75. Really is 6’8.5 barefoot if using afternoon heights. Embiid is clearly a good 3” taller than him
Canson said on 26/Jan/20
He’s overlisted. He is not 2” taller than Lebron

Click Here

Afternoon heights:

Simmons 6’8.5”
Lebron 6’7”
Canson said on 21/Nov/19
@Junior: he may be less than 6’8.75”. Embiid towers over him. But What you said makes sense too. I’ll say that but for a taller guy like him, he may lose a full inch in a day. So if the 6’9.5 was accurate an hour after waking, 6’8.75 is reasonable. If I got a listing here based on 5 hours it should be 6’4 3/8” but Rob May go with afternoon height or with a round up to 6’4.5”. Do notice that some of these measurements are blatantly wrong. Kemba Walker admitted he’s 5’11” and he is listed 6’0”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Nov/19
@Canson Simmons isn't below 6'8 3/4. I admit that Rob listed him 1/2" too high but usually Rob listed 1/4 higher for a five hours out of bed height standard from celebrities he met in real. Lebron might be weak 2" shorter than Simmons not a full 2".
Canson said on 14/Nov/19
@Junior: one thing we can probably agree on is that Wade’s combine was off. JJ redick’s combine shows he measured 6’4 and 6’4.75 in shoes. Redick is listed at 6’3” under the new rules. Wade does not look anywhere near 6’4” with Simmons. I honesty stand by my 6’2.75 estimate before. He is slouching but Simmons would be near 6” taller if they stood at shoulder length right next to each other and straight up
Canson said on 14/Nov/19
@Junior: Wade isn’t standing straight. As for the difference between Lebron and Simmons I can’t find a good pic. I doubt it’s 1.75”. Max 1.5. If Lebron is 6’7”, I don’t see how 6’8.5 is out of the question for Simmons. Viper is right he did measure 6’8.25 before but he may have grown. Fact is even if the 6’9.5 he got in training camp is accurate he’s max 6’9” flat afternoon height. That’s if. I honestly can buy 6’8.5 next to Embiid
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Nov/19
@Canson Lebron is at least 1.75" shorter than Simmons. Click Here Check out here we can see full body of legit 6'3 Wade look close to 7" shorter than Simmons. I know Dwyane Wade dropping some height and Ben Simmons standing straight. How can he be 6'8-6'8 1/2 to make 6'2 1/2 posture Wade to look that short. No way. 6'9 or 1/4 below is the lowest he could be.
viper said on 12/Nov/19
His 6-8.25 measurement was correct
viper said on 12/Nov/19
He's 6-8 and the 6-9.5 was in shoes
Canson said on 12/Nov/19
@Junior: I don’t know about that. Simmons looks 6’8” range more often than not. Lebron also got 6’8.5”. He may just be 6’8.25 or 6’8.5 himself and got 6’9.5
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Nov/19
@Canson @NM Fraction taller is funny it's an inch there.. Please think about some tipping toes issues if Shaun Lane is only measure 6'6 means could be 6'5 3/4 a low so there is no way he could make Ben Simmons look 6'6 3/4 in a upper body picture shown. Do not trust picture like this. Ben Simmons is close to 6'9 a low so if Shaun had a tip toes it's easily a bit over 2" taller to make it 6'8 next to 6'9 Simmons.
Canson said on 27/Oct/19
@NM: he’s taller than the rugby player but maybe 6’8 is his real height. That was fishy to make him 6’10 (6’9.5). He’s not anything close to Joel Embiid
NM said on 27/Oct/19
Here is Simmons with 6’6 measured rugby league player Shaun Lane Click Here

He isn’t much taller? He only looks a fraction taller
Brandon I said on 26/Oct/19
@joe even if Mo Bamba was just a flat 6'11 at that time, Porter could be no less than 6'9.75 in that pic. I believe he's still growing. I think one day he will be a legit 6'10
viper said on 24/Oct/19
Bol Bol is 7-0.5
Canson said on 24/Oct/19
@Brandon: I think Porter would edge Simmons. Simmons May hve gotten what Lebron did. A 6’8 range guy listed 6’9”
joe### said on 24/Oct/19
Bol bol measured 7'0.75 and mo bamba 6'11.25.
Brandon I said on 23/Oct/19
@Canson, here is a pic with Porter standing next to 7'1 Mo Bamba and 7'2 Bol Bol. How would you say he'd do next to Ben Simmons? Is he more legit 6'10 than simmons?

Click Here
Canson said on 23/Oct/19
@Brandon: Porter
Brandon I said on 23/Oct/19
@Rob how tall would you say 6 foot 10 listed Michael Porter Jr would be against Ben Simmons. Both measured 6'9.5 but I think Michael Porter Jr would edge him out.
Editor Rob
I've not quite seen much of Porter
Canson said on 21/Oct/19
@Junior: I wonder about Embiid now. Is it possible he may be under listed? Maybe 6’11.75 was his low which I could believe really. 6’11” flat or 6’11.25-.5 seems low imho
Canson said on 21/Oct/19
No more than 6’8.75 and that seems high
NE Asian vs Nordic said on 19/Oct/19
6'10 or 208 cm as tall as me lol
viper said on 19/Oct/19
No way he's the same height as Durant.

He's 6-8
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Oct/19
Nice downgrade. 6'8.75"-6'9 is still a low for Ben.
Mad Dog said on 19/Oct/19
Rob I still can’t see how he is 6’9 1/2. Check this pic with embiid and Saric. He looks about 4 inches shorter than Embiid and 2 inches shorter than Saric who is also listed as 6’10” Click Here
Editor Rob
9.5 could well be early in the day, I can see how 6ft 9 seems more believable.
viper said on 18/Oct/19
I'm sticking with 6-8.25 for him.

NBA can't be trusted
Josue said on 17/Oct/19
6'7.5"-6'7 3/4" Tristan Thompson
Click Here
Tristan and Simmons
Click Here
Click Here
Simmons can't be anything above 6'9".
Canson said on 17/Oct/19
@Junior: I’ve never seen a good pic with Simmons and Lebron. Maybe 6’8.75 tho for Simmons
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Oct/19
@viper If you believe the 6'8.25" for Ben than Lebron is nothing over 6'6.5" and Carmelo is probably 6'5.5".
viper said on 15/Oct/19
This could have been a shoe height like Stephen Curry.

Simmons has not grown since his 6-8.25 measurement his rookie year.
K.A 188 ! said on 15/Oct/19
Even though he is very tal he has never giving me the super lanky impression that 6ft9 guys like Kevin Durant or John Isner give.
Who knows this could be a shoe measurement I have him at 204 cm personally.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Oct/19
Click Here Lebron was atually standing further behind to look near 2.25" lower than Ben. Closer to the truth it's 1.75" between them.
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Joe: yea Lebron is slouching in the first pic. I still wonder if they didn’t give him that 6’9.5 just to keep him 6’10” on paper. I say that because the more I see with Embiid the more I believe it’s closer to 3” between them
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
I have Simmons 6’8.75 perhaps
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Junior: yea but Butler looks shorter than Kawhi. IMHO Kawhi looks your height. His was probably a true 1 hour out of bed at 6’6” and Butler was embellished.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Oct/19
Feel that Ben Simmons is only this listing usual out of bed. 6'8 3/4 same as Dwight Howard lowest.
viper said on 14/Oct/19
If these measurements arnt set in stone, it wouldn't shock me If this was a shoe height and that his 6-8.25 measurement is his true height.

I've always thought he looked too short to be 6-9
joe### said on 13/Oct/19
i haven't seen a decent photo yet to take a comparison between ben simmons and lebron
Click Here

Click Here
joe### said on 13/Oct/19
6'8.75-6'9 tops for ben simmons, but there is a possibility that I may be wrong
joe### said on 13/Oct/19
Click Here

in this pic he is in front of lebron winning by 2 cm advantage.
Ellis said on 12/Oct/19
This guy is really difficult, in my opinion he is really not that much shorter than Embiid. One can argue a 2.5 inch difference, but not much more after that. This guy is 6'9.25, Probably wakes up almost six ten, and at a low is 6'9. Pretty sure you lose like 50% of your height in the first hour. This guy is anywhere from 6'9-6'9.5, but I would say closer to 6'9 than 6'9.5, because I reckon KD is barely taller than him, never seen a picture though. 6'9.25.
joe### said on 12/Oct/19
i have ben simmons in 6'9 flat.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Oct/19
At most Ben is solid 6'9 not the extra 1/2.

@Canson Could consider Butler can look that, but sometimes doesn't look below 197cm. Ben i would give 6'9 a low from Lebron being 6'7.
Canson said on 11/Oct/19
@Rob: why didn’t you knock the 1/4” off like for the others.

@Junior: I think Butler is 196 and he’s 205.
Editor Rob
A 1/4 knock off isn't unreasonable to consider
joe### said on 11/Oct/19
With embiid
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
joe### said on 11/Oct/19
the guy has two measurements 6'8.25 and 6'9 so 6'9.5 was rounded up he doesn't look like 6'9.5 and here he is with Karl Anthony towns which was measured 6'10.25 but only looks between 6'9.5- 6'106'10
Click Here
Mad Dog said on 11/Oct/19
I don’t see how Ben could possibly be 2 and 1/4 inches taller than Lebron from looking at this pic. He looks at most 3/4 inch taller than Lebron. Neither seem to be slouching and no advantage with the angle or anything. Click Here
Editor Rob
There was another shot I seen Here which could be closer to 2 inches
viper said on 11/Oct/19
IMO measured 6-9 3/8 rounded up
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Oct/19
206cm is the best he look with 197cm Butler.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Oct/19
7 foot fraud. Lol. He maybe deal with a lowest measurement not more than 6'9. Dirk to me is more 6'10 1/2 and camera advantage making Dirk look over 2" taller.
joe### said on 9/Oct/19
he never looks 6'9.5, look with mike scott measured 6'7.25
Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 9.5 as a 9-10am measurement isn't too hard to believe, so maybe he falls short of that later.
viper said on 9/Oct/19
He only looks 6-8 with Dirk
viper said on 9/Oct/19
Click Here

Lol, how did people think Simmons was

He's a short looking 6-9 guy.

I thought he was 6-8
joe### said on 8/Oct/19
6'9.5 seems to be a morning measurement he looks weak 6'9 with 6'10.5-6'10.75 dirk Nowitzki and dirk look shorter than kevin garnett listed here at 6'11.25
Click Here
viper said on 8/Oct/19
Look at this.

Click Here

Now that was one stupid article
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
. Just saw Ben Simmons listing here it shocked me with that 1/2 over 6'9. I always thought he look max 2" over 6'7 Lebron and 3.5" on 6'5 1/2 Jimmy Butler. Need to check on him more.
viper said on 7/Oct/19
Could have been a 6-9 3/8 measurement rounded up to 6-9.5

Still surprising. He supposedly measured 6-8.25 before
Vick HJ said on 6/Oct/19
Are you gonna start adding more official heights for more NBA players now that the actual NBA has started to crack down on players real height? Some people went down a whole 3 inches than their listed height.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure who has changed 2 let alone 3 inches, that is a huge change. The one thing with measurements is the time of day might vary, and I suppose some players who are very tall have a bigger variation.

a 6ft 9 or 10 guy might have a much bigger variation in morning to evening height like 3-4cm.
Onabill said on 6/Oct/19
Can’t believe there is only 2 1/4 inch differences between Him and Embiid, Embiid legit towers over him, I always thought at most Ben Simmons was 6 ft 8 1/4 with out shoes plus it is interesting that Both Al Horford and Tobias Harris have grown an Inch since coming into the League, with these new NBA heights it is going to be interesting who has grown! And who are fibbing the most about their height

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