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5ft 5.93in (167.5cm)
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
that pic with Hoffman and Wahlberg is interesting. Hoffman has definitely lost height, but not THAT much. I think that Markie Mark defintely has some lift/boot action going on in that pic!
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
Thanks Sticks! I am ALWAYS sincere when I give my eyewitness accounts - certainly accuracy is another story! When I saw Ben, he was dating Calista Flockhart, who was with him that night in New York at the Tony Awards. They walked past me on the street, and he seemed about 2 inches taller than her. She runs about 5-5 to 5-6, so this is why I said that 5-7 is not out of the question. Also, I have met his father Jerry and he is about 5-3, and Ben is always pictured as being taller than his dad. So 5-6 to 5-7 seems about right. Of course, I cannot deny the presence of the almighty lift!
Parker said on 12/Aug/05
In the photograph with Hoffmann, he does not look an inch taller. However I think it is really hard to nail people's heights down to a half inch. Posture can make a huge difference. A friend of mine, when measured 'officially' is approx 2 inches taller than me, but if you ask anyone to guess they put us at the same height give or take half an inch. The reason for this he is very round shouldered, and I think Stiller has similar posture - If he sretched back into 'seargent major' pose (like most of us short guys do when being measured for medicals) I do think Stiller could hit 5'7. With his posture, he's more 5'6.

Hope that's not confusing!
Sticks said on 12/Aug/05
Mr. R, I've got complete faith in your sincerity. I think your sighting is consistent with the 5'7"-MAX sighting listed at the top of the page.

CoolJ, I agree he doesn't look anything like 5'7" in the pictures you mentioned. A question worth considering is, 'if he's really 5'5" and concerned about his height enough to be listed at a higher height, why make a joke about being 2 inches shorter than he really is?' His 6'4" claim was ridiculous and funny. That's a joke. Saying 5'3" with a pained expression sure sounds like he was confessing something a little painful to him.

So is he getting lifted to something close to 5'7" or is he that tall barefoot? The "incredibly short" sighting and the sighting of the 5'6" person who "towered over" Stiller (combined with the Garafolo picture, his references to his height, etc.) aren't consistent with a nearly-5'7" Stiller. 5'7" Stiller evidence is consistent with a 5'2.5" Stiller (lifts), but 5'2.5-ish Stiller evidence isn't consistent with a 5'7" Stiller. The two chunks of evidence are exactly what you'd expect with an actor who wears lifts. If lift-wearing is as wide-spread as William Goldman says, it makes sense that Stiller wears lifts. So shouldn't a 5'7"-ish Stiller also appear to be 5'10"+ regularly? I've never seen any evidence of that.
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
I have seen Ben Stiller from a distance, when he was dating the Ally McBeal lady. 5-7 is not too far off the mark. I saw his father at a funeral, and he is about 5-3, so if we can find any pics with he and his father, we may be able to get an accurate figure!
CoolJ said on 11/Aug/05
Stiller looks short next to the 5'5 (I think he's lost a half-inch or so, see my latest pic with Wahlberg ) Dustin Hoffman.
CoolJ said on 10/Aug/05

That is not the best angle, nor position to judge any of these guys. BUT I must say.. Stiller does not look 5'7" here. More like 5'5".

Almost strange, Isnt it?
Sticks said on 10/Aug/05
Parker, sure, we'll leave it there. Cheers.

J, I actually never saw that show. I always thought Stiller was short, but like most people, I had no idea he was that short. The picture with Garafolo convinced me and then the evidence piled up. She's bending at the knees, leaning and tilting her head in flats and he's standing tall in normal shoes or more. What I find funny is that Stiller couldn't convince people he was 5'2" no matter what he did. Everyone would think it was a comedy bit. The woman who described him as "incredibly short" didn't know how right she was.
J. said on 10/Aug/05
Just to chip in, I have never seen Ben Stiller in person and I always found him to kinda unfunny so I'm not really a fan. Yet, I'm not blind and he's a pretty short man. I don't rule out Stiller being as tiny as 5'3". It seems farfecthed but so does 5'7". And yes, Sticks, I do remember Stiller and Garafolo's MTV show from way 'back in the day' (early 90s) and I mean, it's no need to argue, they were about the same size! He was barely bigger than her. So, either he had a growth spurt as he became a movie star OR he's pretty damn short!!!
Parker said on 9/Aug/05
Checked out the picture with Garafola - I think were going to have to agree to disagree - both have poor posture to me, and he still looks 5" taller.
If Rob thinks there is only an inch between them I'll hold my hands up - I just don't see it

All the best

sticks said on 9/Aug/05
Have to be brief here.
sf, I tried to make one thing clear with those pictures: the picture parker linked to is not evidence that Stiller's 5'6" or 5'7", it's a photoshop. I said, if that picture were genuine, how tall would stiller be if he took a step back to stand beside Deniro? Deniro's height. Then I posted three pictures to show that he is nowhere near Deniro's height. With the football, on the stoop and up on the mound of dirt while Hoffman's shaking Deniro's hand, Stiller is clearly way shorter than Deniro. I don't think those pictures alone prove Stiller's around 5'2.5" unless you know Hoffman's or Deniro's heights, which is another issue. Tell me whether you think Stiller would straighten up on that stoop and be even nearly as tall as Deniro. The difference is over 5" and I grant he's slouching a bit.

Parker: How is the fact that the man has twice referred to himself as around 5'2.5" not evidence? Do you think the picture was photoshopped or not? If Chris Rock is 5'7" and short as people say he is, how tall does that make Stiller based on the pictures I posted? Neither of us know how tall Jennifer Anniston is so your conclusions based on Along Came Polly don't go far. There's lots of evidence that he's 5'2.5". The fact that he says it is excellent evidence. Don't forget Hoffman was barefoot. Check out the picture with Garafolo who says she's 5'1". If she's 5'1", he's around 5'3".
Parker said on 9/Aug/05
Sticks - Not sure what you are trying to say here - Stiller looks around Hoffmanns height (slightly taller with the rugby shot) in every photo you have shown me. Certainly not a shred of evidence in these images that he is under 5'3. I watched the film 'Along came Polly ' last night. Stiller taller than 5'5 Aniston, and to me he still looked taller in every scene than Hoffmann in meet the Fockers. I don't think he's 5'7, but I don't think he is shorter than 5'6.

Anyway - I'm not the one you need to convince. Rob sets the heights, and he has got him at 5'7.
sf said on 9/Aug/05
Okay, Sticks - I have to weigh in here. I looked at the first two pictures you posted in your last comment, and you can't tell anything from them. In the first, Stiller is clearly hunching, maybe purposely to make Hoffman look taller, since he's the bigger star. In the second, the perspective is so messed up you can't get any accurate reading from that. It's hard to say how far away Stiller is from the camera, but he is clearly much farther away than Deniro, even if he is on higher ground. Even 4 or 5 feet is going to wreak havoc on perspective, and ability to discern heights. Your pictures don't prove anything. In my opinion, they're are really bad examples. Also, because Stiller says (and probably was joking) that he's only 5'2", doesn't make it so. I've seen Mike Myers say he's a midget, but he clearly is not. He just joked about his height cause he feels he's short. Just like, I'm sure, Stiller does. People probably ask him is height all of the time, so he just exaggerates his shortness out of humor and probably spite, sometimes. They're only asking him how tall he is since they can obviously tell he's shorter, so he probably just jokingly gives them what they want - a really short height. I've seen Stiller in many, many things, and I disagree with you. I think there's all the proof in the world that he's probably 5'6" to 5'7". EVERYTHING I've ever seen him in makes me believe that. And, I think Meet the Fockers is a great example to discern his height. I saw the movie, and compared him quite a bit to his co-stars and came to the conclusion, just from this one movie, that he is probably 5'7", give or take. But, I wouldn't put him any taller and maybe put him a little shorter, but NO WAY 5'2" and 1/2.

[Editor Rob: stiller has worn lifts in at least one film (the one with the 5ft 10 chick whose name escapes me)...but he's like you say probably joking around. If he's 5ft 3 then Ricky Gervais is about 5ft 4...yes, some pictures where his posture is dubious can suggest he looks much shorter...]
Sticks said on 9/Aug/05
Parker, you're a very trusting soul who grew up in a time before photoshop. That picture, like many pictures used on movie posters and promotional material, has been *created* to give you the impression the marketers want you to have. This isn't a single picture taken against a perfectly white backdrop. The white backdrop eliminates problems with the inconsistencies in the backgrounds of the different real pictures they used to make the one you posted. But that's just conjecture, it's not proof of anything. I'll show you that you were tricked. Decide how Deniro, Stiller and Hoffman would compare in height based on the picture you posted. I'll try: Stiller would be about as tall as Deniro and he'd be as much taller than Hoffman as Deniro appears to be (about 3"). Now look at some real pictures.
Deniro is now over 5" taller than Hoffman, again in sandals, and Stiller, still in running shoes. The picture you posted is probably three different pictures; one of Deniro and family, one of Hoffman and Streisand and one of Stiller with a hand on his shoulder (BTW, if you want to see how good the agreement is between different people's interpupillary distances, compare the differences between the people in this picture).

The Fockers run to higher ground in this one, but no one's fooled. Stiller is nowhere near Deniro's height. Would you say the same thing about Stiller's 5'6"+ proportions in that picture?,%20ihre%20Schwiegereltern%20und%20ich/meetthefockers02.html

In my opinion, Deniro's height is over-estimated, but I'm not making that case here. I'm just saying the picture you posted is not evidence of anything because it's a lie. There is no good evidence that Stiller isn't around 5'2.5" and lots of evidence that he is.

Cool J: Chris Rock is around 5'7". Do you have any evidence that he's 5'10.5"?
CoolJ said on 8/Aug/05
I think he's just under 5'7"

Rock is about 5'10.5
Parker said on 8/Aug/05
Sticks - Look at this image from below

Hoffmann 5.5, Streisand 5'2, Stiller in sneakers. If Stiller is 5'2.5 he'd have to have stilts inside those sneekers - each to their own, but I just don't see it.

Sticks said on 7/Aug/05
Parker, maybe he was wearing lifts in Meet the Fockers. There's lots of variation in body proportions even at a given height. The man's said twice that he's around 5'2.5", there's picture evidence with Garafolo and Chris Rock and Duchovny that's completely consistent with the height he said he was and inconsistent with 5'7". There's no good evidence that he's not within an inch of 5'2.5".
Parker said on 7/Aug/05
He's taller than Dustin Hoffmann in Meet the Fockers. So not shorter than 5'6, and I don't think any taller than 5'7 - His body proportions are just not indicative of a man of 5'3 (Dudley Moore, Prince, Micheal J Fox,Davy Jones - Its clear those guys are less than 5'4. Not so with Stiller

Sticks said on 6/Aug/05
Adding on to what I've said in the past:
I find this bizarre. He has said he is 5'3" and he has said he's 5'2".
Reasonable conclusion: 5'3" is an upper bound for his height barefoot. He's in a picture with Garafolo who, in Bust magazine, said she's 5'1".,%20Janeane
She's bending at the knees, slouching and tilting her head awkwardly to seem shorter and he's less than 5" taller (I get 4.7" using 6cm interpupillary distance). She's in flats and he's in shoes that give him no less than a 1" advantage over her. Her bending probably costs her 2" of height. That would predict that the actual difference in their heights would be less than 2". It all fits together beautifully! She's 5'1" and he's 5'2" or 5'3"! Celebheights conclusion? He's 5'7". Celebheights: where the stars are bigger than their lies.

"Saw Ben Stiller at about noon on the Monday on Amsterdam and 81st . Was wearing dark shades and a backpack. The man is incredibly small in real life, as you might imagine." Incredibly small. Now that's small.

At getty images there's a picture of David Duchovny and Stiller with Tea Leoni and Christine Taylor (image 52612961). Duchovny, who says he's 6', is clearly a full head taller than Stiller who appears to come up to about Tea Leoni's eyes. More consistent with a 5'3" Stiller than a 5'7" Stiller. I like this picture because I believe Duchovny's about the height he claims to be.

The picture with Chris Rock who was around 5'7" before he became famous shows that Stiller is right around 5'3", if they're getting around the same amount of lift from their shoes. Rock seems to be going out of his way to say he has no lifts in his sneakers.

The two sightings at the top are 5'7" max and some height low enough that a 5'6" person towered over him.

Conclusion: This guy's within an inch of 5'2.5" and wears big lifts sometimes. The case for a 5'2-3" Stiller is tight.
JCS said on 2/Aug/05

Now if Rock is in fact 5'11.. then Stiller at 5'7 looks about right.. but its being debated whether Rock is actually closer to 5'10.. if thats the case.. I think Stiller is in the 5'6 area
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Jul/05
Stiller and Gervais did have one scene together...inconclusive, but gervais did have trainers on. 170-171 still very possible for this guy...
Scott said on 16/Jul/05
For UK visitors to this site, this week's cover to Radio Times featuring the celeb extras in Ricky Gervais' new show .. 'Extras' is quite eye opening.

Although I fear that all the Stiller height reducists [myself included] will find it to be heracy ... I believe the editor might have to put Ben back up to his original grading.

He doesn't even look overly small next to 6'3 Samuel Jackson.

Of course it could be a photoshop composite picture ...

[Editor Rob: Ok, I will keep an eye on Stiller and Gervais in this show (they threw out a publicity shot with Gervais slightly taller than Stiller and then the radio times one makes stiller look 5ft 9 ;) )...BUT, I saw a quote about Gervais from a guy who said: "Height - Ricky's a bit of a short arse. He must be, he's smaller than me, and I'm only 5'8"...]
McFan said on 16/Jul/05
All I'm saying is if Jennifer Aniston is 5'5 then Ben is clearly 3 inches taller than her. As for either of their actual heights, I don't know. If she's 5'4, I would believe Stiller is 5'7. It's simply not possible for him to be only two inches taller than her given he is not using lifts. He's got bad posture. I've seen him in some photos with other people and he does look shorter at times.

[Editor Rob: there's many pictures of stiller and aniston to judge from and I don't quite see it like you, but hey that's just differing opinions ;) ... Trying to find sports folk to compare this stiller against even causes confusion. For instance, stiller and capriati in sandals. Again the problem is even tennis associations can't decide what capriati's true height is. She has been listed 174, 173 and currently on the wta site she's given 170cm. You can see her beside a legitimate 180cm (although even then some would argue shorter) Agassi and Capriati. I'd throw the 172cm into the mix for Capriati ;)]
McFan said on 15/Jul/05
Are you kidding? Am I looking at the same photograph? Let's break it down. His heels are 1.5 inches and let's say he's 5'7. Okay, he's 5'8.5 in the photo. Aniston who is known to be 5'5 is wearing 2.5 inch heels. She's 5'7.5 in the photo. Then why is Ben Stiller over two inches taller than Aniston in the photo? I watched "What About Polly?" and he looked the same height as her when she was wearing four inch heels. Look at the size of his head and overall features compared to Aniston's. It's an illusion. His stocky body is giving the impression of a smaller person. If Ben Stiller was a skinny guy with a small head at the same height, you would think he was much taller than Aniston. The only way he's 5'7 is if Aniston is 5'3.5/5'4. Some photos can be very deceptive so I'm not holding much stock in this one which shows he's clearly 3 inches taller than Aniston.
leonari said on 9/Jul/05
McFan: Please man, please. Stiller is never 5'8". Look at the pcture Rob provided.Yes Aniston is wearing 2.5 inch boots, but his shoes also have quite considerable heels and look bulky...both have bad posture in the pic. Stille is 5'6.5" on the mark and 5'7" in the morning after a good nights sleep. But he fooled you!
McFan said on 8/Jul/05
He's clearly 3 inches taller than Jennifer Aniston. Are you sure he's only 5'7? He looks close to her height, but he's got much larger features than Aniston. Only when you look closely can you see the 3 inch difference. She's 5'5, so he's got to be 5'8 unless he's wearing special lifts.

[Editor Rob: Jennifer has 2.5 inch boots beside him. There is a good amount of pics on of them, just type stiller aniston and one can form a good opinion on their height outwith the movie they did...]
sticks said on 25/Jun/05
I'll break it down the way I see it in the original photo and I'd be interested to see how you'd change these numbers:
footwear advantage: 1"-3" Stiller - She's got flat shoes and his could be anything. I'll call it an inch to be conservative.
posture advantage: 2" Stiller - Okay, he has bad posture in another photo (so it's weaker and possibly meaningless evidence) but she is squatting deliberately, and tilting her head.
height advantage: 4.7" Stiller (use the distance between their pupils = 6cm avg for men and women)
4.7" - 1" footwear - 2" posture = 1.7" taller than Garafolo who is 5'1". Stiller is 5'3". Those numbers must be very wrong if Stiller's 5'7". Rob, where do think the error is?

The problem with the new photos you presented is that you can't see Garafolo's knees or feet. Do you know she was wearing the shoes at the time? Was she bending her knees? You know she's not above a little duplicity to help out. What's in Stiller's shoes? Useless for determinging relative height. Deal with the good evidence of the first photo.
leonari said on 25/Jun/05
Becuase 5'3 is 160 cm and that my friend is sooo tiny for a man...I'm 5'7" and thats all but tall, but 5'3 is absurd and I won't continue to argue. For me this is as absurd as Tom Cruise being 5'11". Sorry man. My father is 5'4" and he is a really small man. You can't add more than 3 inches lifts , insoles to any shoe without makking it impossible to walk normally...
sticks said on 25/Jun/05
You determined that by eyeball, Rob? Are they wearing shoes? Could lifts account for some of his height or is that impossible? In spite of what he says about his height, what Garafolo says about hers and the consistency of those things with a full length photo they posed for, you'd ignore all of that because of a tracking shot with a much, much larger man in a movie you saw. Rob, there is little method to your madness. You can't explain the Stiller-Garafolo picture so that it's consistent with the heights you've posted. It's not possible.

[Editor Rob: I'm saying I believe if you measured Stiller he would not be under 5ft 5 ;) His and her posture in the photo is crap terrible posture. Another shot where they appear to have a bit better posture Stiller and Garafolo. You can see the size of her shoes here. I'm not ruling out stiller as 5ft 6.5 though :)]
Sticks said on 24/Jun/05
I agree that he was joking when he said 6'4". Then he said he was 5'3" with a pained expression when asked 'How tall are you really?'. He's 5'3" in the picture with Garafolo who doesn't seem to have any reason to lie downwards about her own height. It's airtight. The only argument against this is the same old but-he-looks-taller-in-the-movies stuff that is completely explained by lifts. He's not a dwarf. He's 5'3". If you just analyze the picture with Garafolo knowing only that she's 5'1", you can determine that he's in the neighbourhood of 5'3" and nothing close to 5'7". But if you have a way of explaining it I'd be interested to read it.

[Editor Rob: You've seen dodgeball right? The opening scene where the camera tracks him and vince vaughn walking and you can see both their feet...if he was 5ft 3 then vaughn would be 6ft 8+ ;)]
leonari said on 24/Jun/05
STICKS,:because I think he was joking...You really think this guy is a midget?? Come on...He is short thats a fact, his father Jerry Stiller is even shorter , but 5'3 seems unbelievable...really.
sticks said on 23/Jun/05
Leonari, why is Ben Stiller lying about his height? Do you claim to be 4 inches shorter than you are? Do many movie stars do that? If he's 5'6.5", why is he not standing at least 6.5" over Garafolo's head in the picture?
leonari said on 23/Jun/05
You're on the right track ROB!! Congrats. He is definetly not below 5'6" I'm so sure of that even though I haven't met him...I would give him 5'6.5" and I really believe that that's on the mark!! Go for 0.5 inch downgrade next month and you're there!
sticks said on 23/Jun/05
I find this bizarre. He has said he is 5'3" and he has said he's 5'2".
Reasonable conclusion: 5'3" is an upper bound for his height barefoot. He's in a picture with Garafolo who, in Bust magazine, said she's 5'1".,%20Janeane
She's bending at the knees, slouching and tilting her head awkwardly to seem shorter and he's less than 5" taller (I get 4.7" using 6cm interpupillary distance). She's in flats and he's in shoes that give him no less than a 1" advantage over her. Her bending probably costs her 2" of height. That would predict that the actual difference in their heights would be less than 2". It all fits together beautifully! She's 5'1" and he's 5'2" or 5'3"! Celebheights conclusion? He's 5'7". Celebheights: where the stars are bigger than their lies.

Rob, please explain how this evidence, which seems excellent, is flawed. Any credible explanation would include reasons for Garafolo and Stiller lying 'downwards' and how, if you concede that Garafolo's 5'1", Stiller could possibly be 5'7" given that picture. You cannot be right.

[Editor Rob: yes, garafolo is a 5ft 1 girl...both of them do have shoddy posture...another angle...remember he started 5ft 7.5, and last 2 months I take 1/4 inch from him....maybe next month he will go down a bit more!]
Ricardo said on 23/Jun/05
Yeah and another thing Rob, if you see the shoes chris rock is wearing, "shell toes" i used to own a pair and the only thing i can say about them is that it is almost impossible to put an extra sole in one and the heel of the shoe is shorter than most other shoes. Don't beleive me? buy a pair and go walking outside you'll see that everyone that was your height is a little taller. I measured the sole myself because i was curious, it is about 0.75" inches high, I don't know about the shoes Ben is wearing but i don't think the heel is 0.75". Now unless Chris Rock's shoes are specially tailored for him i think that Ben loses a 1/4 of an inch there putting him at 5'6.75", though i think he is more like 5'6" flat, because Owen Wilson DOES NOT look like 5'11" and Ben is so much shorter than he is in Starsky and Hutch, but we may never know their true heights for sure,
sf said on 23/Jun/05
Saw a skit one time where Stiller was standing next to Tom Cruise. Now, we all know how the debate rages over Tom's height. Anyway, Stiller was around an inch shorter - Tom was clearly taller and most people put him no taller than 5'7" or so. Don't know if Cruise was wearing any lifts cause they only showed the two somewhere from the waste up. I don't believe Stiller is any taller than 5'6" and 1/2 or so...
Drew said on 15/Jun/05
In that picture with Chris Rock (who's 5'11"), Stiller looks around 4 inches shorter. I'd say 5'7" is right, maybe slightly less.
leonari said on 14/Jun/05
I said that Stiller is exactly 5'6.5" (as Lawrence pointed) out more than once...One of the best evidence is meet the fockers(never ver is 2 full inches taller than Dustin Hoffman) but apparently our dear editor does not fully agree...He is not downgrading him.

[Editor Rob: I am close to shaving another cm of him...rock and stiller]
Lawrence said on 14/Jun/05
If Owen Wilson is tops 5'10.5", Ben Stiller is clearly 4.5" shorter than him.
Therefor Ben Stiller is 5'6.5" Tops.

Lawrence said on 14/Jun/05
check out this picture:
If Ben stiller is 5'7.5" DeNiro is surely 5'10.5"
But thats not the case. We all know DeNiro to be 5'9"
Therefor Ben Stiller is 5'6"
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/05
Look at the picture again...if Deniro is 5'9", Hoffman cannot possibly be under 5'6"! He certainly doesn't look 4-5" shorter than DeNiro! And on many sites Hoffman is actually listen as 5'6" (168cm). I doesn't look shorter than that.
JS said on 10/Jun/05
Hoffman is barely 5'5", plus you've got to take into account where everyone is standing in relation to each other plus footwear (Drew's picture).

leonari said on 9/Jun/05
Sorry if I sound rude DREW but apparently you don't seem know much about heights. Ok you got 2 out of 3 probably right(Stiller and DeNiro) but Hoffman himself said more than once he is 5'3/4" tall and that was when he was youg. The guy is 66 years old and probably lost a bit. So you're off by a whole inch my friend.
Drew said on 8/Jun/05

Hoffman: 5'6 1/2"
Stiller: 5'7"
DeNiro: 5'9"

That's pretty accurate to me.
leonari said on 31/May/05
I almost agree with you dear Mr. EDITOR but you have to consider that Dustin Hoffman is 66 years old. Most people have lost some height at this age, I would assume like 0.5 inch. Now as you pointed out correctly Hoff is often barefoot in this flick or wearing small heel sandals. So if Hoffman shrunk a bit he is a tad over 5'5" nowadays if his claim of 5'5 3/4 was correct when he was young. I watched the movie again yesterday and I can't find a single frame where Stiller looked 2 full or more inches taler than Hoffman, plus Stiller is wearing sneakers most of the movie which are for sure a bit higher than Hoffman Sandals. I am convinced now that Stiller is 5'6.5 on the mark. I would suggest that you downgrade him to this height. This guy isn't above 170 cm. NEVER! Plus in the pics provided by smoke proves my point : he does look at least 3.5 inches shorter than Owen wilson who I believe is a real 5'10"
CelebHeights Editor said on 31/May/05
In Meet the Fockers the multitude of angles used made Stiller look as short as 5ft 6 and as tall as 5ft 8. Ignoring DeNiro (who looks to be shrinking), but looking at those scenes with Hoffman (where hoff was barefoot and in low heeled footwear) I think Stiller is more 170cm, absolute max 171.
Lmeister said on 23/May/05
Hmmm...5'3'' haha...but Rob considering all the pics of Ben with Dustin shows that he really isn't taller than 5'7''...I do believe that Dustin isn't wearing lifts at least nowadays...
JDawg said on 23/May/05
I read in a magazine recently that he said he was only 5 foot 3. I don't know which magazine, but I remember reading it.
Jack said on 8/May/05

If I had to guess, I'd say Ben Stiller is exactly 5'6.5 not 5'7.5. And if I had to also guess I'd say that Jack Black is about 5'5.5 and not 5'6 as he is labelled on this website. LoL... This is a guess, I could be off or maybe they are smaller? I am sick of celebrities wearing elevator shoes though.

Check out this picture that makes Jack Black look taller then Ben Stiller, since Jack Black wears lifts.
Smoke said on 3/May/05
Obviously this guy is one of the trickier people on this site, the guy can look like pretty close to average height at times and at other times he can look like a darn near dwarf. Yeah he looked short in that movie with Aniston, he did't look tall in Zoolander and many of his other movies either. Then you see many pics of him at events and he looks to be of fairly decent height, in other event pics he looks shorter. What can you draw from all this? The guy wears lifts, but I still doubt that he's under 5'7". The great talkshow host Regis Philbin is 5'6", and Ben certainly looked taller than him.,%20Ben,%20Ben

[Editor Rob: I don't think he had lifts in those opening Dodgeball scenes where he really was dwarfed by big Vince Vaughn]
J. said on 21/Apr/05
A quote from Stiller:
"The last thing I want is to be a 5-foot-2 guy walking down the street with a 6-foot-2 model. Like, 'Look at me! Look what I can get now I got my dick caught in a zipper."
EJ said on 17/Mar/05
Ever seen him with Larry David (about 5'11" I think) in Curb Your Enthusiasm? Very substantially shorter, more than 3 inches.

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