How tall is Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller's Height

5ft 6in (167.6 cm)

American actor best known for starring in movies like Meet The Parents, Night at the Museum, Tropic Thunder and There's Something about Mary. He said in tvguide when filming keeping the faith beside 5ft 10 Jenna Elfman that he needed "shoe lifts and a sense of humor in bed". On Dec 8th 2000 in The Mirror Newspaper he is quoted: "The last thing I want to be is a 5ft 7ins guy walking down the street with a 6ft 2ins model, like, 'Hey! Look at me! Look what I can get now I got my d**k caught in my zipper".

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Average Guess (36 Votes)
5ft 5.92in (167.4cm)
KH said on 3/Oct/17
Considering he says himself he is 5'7 just knowing that and how most people, especially celebrities even tall ones, like to pad there height he has to be right around this range after seeing him in a lot of movies. Can't imagine a full 5'7. He looks like a 5'6 guy maybe 5'6 and some change. Always hilarious.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/17
Also known for Reality Bites, Along Came Polly, Dodgeball and The Royal Tenenbaums...
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
I always saw him as 5ft7-8 but 5ft6 seems just about right
Jtm said on 31/Aug/17
He's at least 4 inches shorter than Adam Sandler and I doubt Sandler is over 5'9.
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
Great actor. Does not seem as low as 5 foot 5. I'd give him atleast 5 foot 6.
Simon said on 12/Aug/17
I've met him. He's tiny. Absolutely tiny. I'm 6' even. I was in flats, he was in big lifts and still 5" shorter than me. I'd go 5'4 to 5'5" for this guy. My wife is 5'3" and in heels was the same height as him in lifts.
5'11.25 at noon. said on 10/Aug/17
I'd give him 169cm he doesn't appear to be 170.18cm
rob.with.graditude said on 17/Jul/17
5'6.25? maybe?
Joe said on 14/Jul/17
Is 5'7" possible for Stiller? And is 5'5 3/4" range possible?
Editor Rob: visitor dmeyer met him and he didn't really seem 5ft 7.
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
Definitely not 5 foot 5. 5 foot 7 at the most
Parker said on 2/Apr/17
5'5 for Stiller is too low. It would put Hoffman at 5'4 and Michael J Fox at 5'1

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GP said on 28/Mar/17
There was a photo that Dmeyer had with him from Dodgeball. If I remember correctly he looked at 6" shorter. Didn't Jonah Hill look taller than him by at least an inch? I just checked and Rob lists Jonah at 5'6.25". I doubt there is only .25" difference between them. He needs to be downgraded to closer to 5'5" or Jonah needs to be upgraded to 5'7", but I think Jonah is around 5'6" and Ben is 5'5".
Shredder said on 28/Mar/17
I always thought he was more 5'7 and has loose posture
anais said on 27/Mar/17
Too bad if he is really 167 and looks 1.55
John said on 26/Mar/17
Rob, this is him with 5'7.75 Tom Cruise. Click Here
Editor Rob: yes, I had one of Those pictures from a few years ago...even with an inch of lift, it would be thoroughly shameless listing stiller and cruise at 5ft 7!

The heel on Cruise shoe isn't over an inch. If he had a 1.5 internal lift he's still not going to get much over 2 inches...
mande2013 said on 11/Mar/17
Agreed. I've seen Stiller in person with flip flops on, and 167-168 range seems way too low. I thought he could be close to 169.
Nova176 said on 30/Jan/17
He might need to be upgraded. I've been trying desperately to see Tom as a full 5'7.75/172 but he doesn't look 2 inches taller than Stiller. About a little more than a inch, I could easily see him as being 5'6.5 with Edward Norton as well
Dmeyer said on 28/Jan/17
On person 10 years back looked more 168-9cm than 167-8cm
John said on 19/Jan/17
Always looked 5'4.5 to me.
Eddie said on 4/Dec/16
I am a strong 5'8", and have a good friend of mine who is at best 5'7", or close enough to it. He recently met Ben Stiller and said that he was either his height, or a little bit shorter than he was. So, there is no way that stiller is over 5'7", and could very likely be 5'6" in his older age. I think this height is spot on accurate.
Maztt said on 29/Nov/16
Looks a good 5.5 to me
mande2013 said on 15/Nov/16
I've seen him in person with flip-flops on. He seemed a bit taller than 5'6 flat, more 5'6.5-5'6.75 honestly.
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
Rob, how possible was 5'5.75 167cm for stiller since 5'6 is few mm under 168cm?
Editor Rob: SJH, I wouldn't go this low for Stiller. If he looks it at times, I think it is just a bit of poorer posture.
Darius said on 6/Oct/16
Hey rob, isn't 168 cm a few mm above 5'6" with 5'6" being somewhere in 167 range?
Editor Rob: yeah 167.64, but I just display the closest whole cm for any of the feet/inch marks.
Dmeyer said on 4/Sep/16
Hé fulled me for near 170cm in person
JoeB89 said on 3/Sep/16
Hey Rob, what do you think is his lowest height? 167.5 or 168cm?
Editor Rob: now at times he can look under 168, but maybe it is just posture. I suppose at age 50 a little fraction lost isn't unrealistic.
Powerhouse said on 8/Aug/16
He is built oddly, like a chimpanzee. He gives a impression of looking almost kid size. If he is really 5'6 than 5'6 can look shorter than i thought. I feel like Stiller and Jack Black are both 5'5-5'5.5. He is quite a bit shorter than Tom Cruise, and he gets dwarfed in everything he is in. If he looks that tiny on screen i seriously doubt he is 5'6.
realtalk said on 30/Jul/16
so is jason priestley not 5'6.5?
hbode said on 28/Jul/16
5'6" seems right from what I've seen.
JarvisOS said on 2/Jul/16
Rob, is 5'7" possible for stiller in his younger days? Is 5'6" his current height?
Editor Rob: don't think he's really lost much height at all, even by 50.
Shredder said on 20/Jun/16
Interesting pic , A pro and a Con of pics like that! Pro , It makes you laugh at how weird pics can show height that are not their real ranges , Con , People take them seriously!
ayo said on 18/Jun/16
with 5'6.5" Jason Priestley

Click Here
John Cena said on 1/Jun/16
Lendal said on 21/May/16
5'6" does seem about right.
Deadpool said on 11/May/16
Chase Witherspoon said on 13/Apr/16
There was until recently a lifesize cutout of him as Zoolander 2 in a dept store locally, and he looked 5'7 in typical canvas footwear..
Blake said on 4/Apr/16
Apparently his mum is the same height as him what do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: in a few photos from when she was 70-80 he looks a couple of inches taller, but then many women at that age have lost 2 or even 3 inches, so it's not unreasonable to think she was at least his height when younger.
MD said on 13/Feb/16
I wasn't arguing lost height, I was arguing a mislisting from the start.
Editor Rob: he can definitely look sub 5ft 6 at times, but how much of that could be just looser stance is debatable.
MD said on 10/Feb/16

Unless there is something in Lewis (5'7.5") Hamilton's shoes, here, something does not appear right with this listing, because they are in very similar footwear, and not only that but while both are not standing their straightest, Hamilton is probably losing even a bit more than Stiller.

Click Here

It appears even if straightened up, the top of Stiller's would maybe get up to Hamilton's eyebrows?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure Ben's lost height by 50. I'd be surprised if Ben didn't have worse posture than lewis, who at times can still look 5ft 8 range.
NBAer said on 8/Feb/16
With user Dmeyer,he looks like he might be a weak 5'6 guy in all fairness...
mande2013 said on 6/Feb/16
It was hard for me to accurately determine how tall I thought he was. I spotted him in some Tuscan hill-top village with his wife where we just so happened to be on vacation at the same time. Understandably, we weren't on flat ground, but his body type honestly seemed like that of a weak 5'7 guy.
mande2013 said on 6/Feb/16
I've seen Stiller up close with flip-flops on. He ain't under 168.
Bruce 5'11.6 said on 18/Jan/16
Around 5'7 or 5'8
Robbin said on 24/Sep/15
The camera angle from PR photos pushes ben look like 5'4 guy in senakers. But i believe he was at least 5'5.5 , 5'7 with footwear perhaps
losdako said on 21/Aug/15
Is this possible he can be measured to 167 range? Rob?
[Editor Rob: I doubt he'd measure that low.]
jtm said on 2/Aug/15
look at him with dustin hoffman. this listing is still generous.
Mshaqs said on 29/Jul/15
He looks 5 foot 7 to me, he might end up a bit under that at days end.
CD said on 26/Jun/15
Yeah solid 168 / 5ft 6.25 like Jonah Hill and Sean Astin. Surprisingly wears thin sneakers a lot of the time and would likely measure just about 5ft 7 in those ones above.
OK123 said on 23/Jun/15
very solid 168cm
mande2013 said on 19/Jun/15
I really think he's more weak 5'7 than flat 5'6, so 169cm range may be more accurate.
george209 said on 9/Jun/15
Rob, I'm pretty sure he's a solid 5'7?
Lorne??? said on 3/Apr/15
Yeah, this makes sense. Alba looks a bit taller, and she's more 168 herself!
S.J.H said on 3/Apr/15
Nail it! For long i suspect his this tall.
Andrea said on 12/Feb/15
Rob, what made you drop half an inch?
[Editor Rob: I think he more often looks 168.]
vilgotaan said on 20/Jan/15
He looks like a dwarf in comparison to Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball xD (;
Barker said on 26/Dec/14
Ben is actually 5' 5" in bare feet.....and, of course , varies with shoes.
Bishop said on 19/Dec/14
With 6'6.25" Carmelo Anthony:
Click Here
Click Here
Proof of Carmelo measurement: Click Here
Lonestar said on 15/Dec/14
This site is funny. Firstly 5'7 claim jonah hill is not a single mm shorter than ben stiller but get listed 5'6 and stiller 5'6.5 while secondly charles barkley eho claim 6'4.75 was 3inch over 6'3 listed here dwayne johnson
Realist said on 5/Nov/14
That 1/2 inch can be removed.
bandet said on 23/Oct/14
There is no way Stiller is taller than Cruise - 'Markus' Where do you get that from?! Cruise is at the least an inch taller. I know rob has him at 5ft7.75 but i would wager a hefty bet that Cruise is around 5ft8.25
Markus from Italy said on 13/Oct/14
I think Stiller's taller than Cruise. There's plenty of images on the web showing that Stiller is taller (bare foot) than Cruise on heels so if Stiller is 169 cm than cruise is at least 4 cm shorter.
Sam said on 19/Aug/14
Hmm, he might just be edged out by Jon Stewart. Stiller's one of the few guest Stewart meets on even ground.
Sam said on 13/Aug/14
He does look only a fraction taller than 5'6" Jack Black and very close to 5'6.25" Jonah Hill so I guess this is accurate.
the shredder said on 13/Aug/14
maybe he is at least as listed , 5'7 is not that hard to buy for him.
Dmeyer said on 11/Aug/14
In person seemed about 5'7 for some reason
fsd said on 1/Aug/14
looks 5'5ft
5ft7 in bare feet said on 22/Jun/14
Between 5'6 and 5'7 sounds about right to me. 175 sounds way heavier than he looks in any of his movies. Unless he stopped exercising and developed a beer gut between movies. He's usually in pretty good shape.
Dmeyer said on 15/Jun/14
Rob i met Stiller i think 169cm is his low height Wakes at 171cm you had him 5'7.25 8 yrs ago , can look 170cm at Times so 169 is good i dont think he is just 168cm
edguy282 said on 5/Jun/14
Based on @seahawksfan pictures, I'd give the following heights:

167cm Jack Black
169cm Ben Stiller
173cm Robert Downey Jr.
Damon said on 13/May/14
175 lbs?!! That's pretty crazy. He was fairly muscular in Tropic Thunder and may have come near 165 lbs, which, for a 5'6.5 guy is fairly built. But, from what I've seen, he hasn't kept that figure and seems more like 150 lbs. He's never had very big legs
Clay said on 10/May/14
I believe 175 lbs at some point.
I\'m right said on 3/Mar/14
I'm smart. Ben Stiller is about 5'7 1/2. His father is 5'6" spparently.
dmeyer said on 26/Jan/14
in pics i tend to look 6 ft or 6 ft 0.5 in but he didnt look shorter than 5 ft 6.5 in person
Christian said on 25/Jan/14
Is listed as 5'7.5 on a dating site in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
Troy buckmen said on 24/Jan/14
He only looks a couple inches taller than listed 5'3.5 Patton oswalt
Adamz said on 19/Jan/14
What do we have to go on? Looks real short in movies.
avi said on 6/Jan/14

In the picture you look over inches taller. Is 5'5.5 possible?
richkid123 said on 2/Jan/14
@SeaHawksfan That is not a .75-1 inch difference with Jack Black. More like a few millimeters maybe. I think he is flat 5'6". For some reason Bieber looks taller than him though.
Powerhouse said on 19/Dec/13
Looks about a flat 5'6.
the shredder said on 8/Dec/13
5'7 is not crazy but 175 Lbs? I say 155.
The Exorcist said on 26/Nov/13
With (6'2.5" listed) Andy Murray.
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Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 26/Nov/13
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truth said on 22/Oct/13
I think Stiller is 168cm flat at night tops. He has not started shrinking, he was always 5ft6-7 anyway he looked it in movies. 5ft8 is a blatant lie.
avery_t said on 21/Oct/13
men don't start to shrink until their late 50's. people DO shrink, but it happens much later in life that people under 25 think it does.
Yves said on 18/Oct/13
I don't understand how people now rating him lower than 5'7, he maybe now 5'7 but before he was taller than 5'8 that's for sure.
avery_t said on 16/Oct/13
I'm 5' 7.5" at breakfast and 5' 7" in the afternoon. I'm Jewish and about the same age as Stiller (4 years younger). Anyhow, once when I was leaving Equinox is NYC, Greta Gerwig checked me out (she was sitting in the lounge area on a laptop). It was about the time she made that movie with Stiller. From this, I deduce that I am the exact same height as Stiller and vice versa, which would make him 5' 7" at lunch.
tinybubbles said on 14/Oct/13
Saw him last night at the Mill Valley Film Festival. He looked fabulous! I was a few feet away and compared him to my height. Accounting for his dress shoes, I would say he is 5'6".
Pauline said on 26/Sep/13
He was only a little bit taller than Jennifer Aniston who is 5 ft 5.
Balrog said on 26/Sep/13
I think a downgrade would be fine. Click Here
Cnut the Great said on 20/Sep/13
probably 5'5"... jerry stiller is ver short as well probaly 5'4"
Mike T said on 13/Sep/13
5'5" max
issa said on 7/Sep/13
Ben Stiller is 5 ft 6 max in that picture with Andy murray
jean said on 2/Sep/13
Rob in this pic with andy murray ( listed here as 189cm) , Ben stiller looks more than 20cm shorter.

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Max said on 18/Aug/13
He is 5'5" tops. 5'7" is sms adjusted.
Mike T said on 1/Aug/13
5'5" Tom Cruise has 2 inches on him and he's like 5'7"
Mandy said on 31/Jul/13
He is only 2 inches taller than his dad who is 5'3.
Jason said on 24/Jul/13
Why is people's height listed about one inch less on Celebheights? Just in general.
teej said on 1/Jul/13
I think that height is about right for him, great actor though.. Anyways all the funny actors short!
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
I doubt he is liftless. 168cm for stiller.
Parker said on 22/Jun/13
A liftless Cruise looks 2 inches of the listings is off.

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me said on 4/Feb/13
I've seen him wearing his lift shoes before and he seems to be more than 5'7" with them on, I'm guestimating he's actually closer to his dad's height of 5'5.5"
Balrog said on 25/Jan/13
5'6'' flat
Nick said on 8/Jan/13
Saw him in person in NYC, I was 5'8 at the time and had at least 2 inches on him, similar footwear, he can't be anything over 5'6 IMO
Steven said on 12/Dec/12
over 5'6 is damn big joke. 166-167cm top
Dmeyer said on 15/Oct/12
I met him hé looks more 5'6.5-6.75 than 5'6 flat
matt678 said on 1/Oct/12
downey wearslike 3 inch lifts that make him 5 ft11 benstillers a solid 5ft6
Louis said on 25/Sep/12
downey jr. towers him, i'd be surprised if he's anything over 164
Silent d said on 18/Sep/12
169cm. He has bad posture. Actually all comedic actors have bad posture. I think it makes them funnier. Emma stone was wearing at least 4 inch heels. It's the oscars. She is not going to wear flats.
Christian said on 13/Sep/12
A friend of mine is filming with Stiller on Iceland. He said Stiller was just under 170 cm so I think Rob is pretty spot on.
johnnyfive said on 5/Sep/12
I think Stiller is between 5'4, or 5'5 MAX. 5'6 listed Emma Stone dwarfed him at the Academy Awards this year. If they were the same height, the difference cannot be this much, I don't care how big her heels are under that dress.

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Indy1357 said on 28/Aug/12
Went to madam tusaauds in San Antonio and they had a wax model of Stiller that they claim was accurate to him in real life. He was maybe 5'4".
Dan said on 21/Aug/12
Same height as Jack Black, who is about 5'6".

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MaskDeMasque said on 6/Aug/12

lifts probably. there's no way stiller is taller than 5'6.5.
Marc said on 5/Aug/12
i just saw neighbor hood watch and he looks maybe an inch and half or even two inches taller than 5ft6 jonah hill
bill said on 2/Aug/12
He is 3 inches taller than 5''3 Dustin Hoffman so i think Ben Stiller is 167cm
BigT said on 30/Jul/12
166 cm
Shaun said on 16/Jun/12
Spot on in my opinion, maybe 5'6" at lowest.
Dem said on 29/Jan/12
Close to 170cm in person
steven said on 16/Jan/12
i won be surprise he is under 5'5 barefoot.
John said on 18/Dec/11
@ Globotron : This is a website about celebrity heights, bozo.
Silent d said on 10/Dec/11
169cm. Short funny guy.
Ciccio said on 6/Dec/11
He's about 5'5. He's very short
the shredder said on 5/Dec/11
I agree , it does not matter if he is 5'5 or 5'7 its short below average so just accept the 5'6.5 listing and also that Cruise owns him !
Globotron said on 3/Dec/11
Jeez, leave the guy alone..5'5 5'6 5'7..whats the difference? either way he's short. so what if he lied about an inch or two, big many people bs about their height and weight?
chris said on 25/Nov/11
I met Stiller in New York City, didn't even realize he was standing right behind me at first! I'm only 5'1" and he's not a whole lot taller than me so I'd fall in with the around 5'5" crowd.
Adamz said on 21/Nov/11
little focker is about 5'6"
LAN Jiao said on 19/Oct/11
Stiller is 5'5. Maybe a fration over 5'5. 1inch shy of 5'6 jonah hill.
jake, 1.82 m said on 7/Oct/11
Could be a weak 170 cm or 5ft 6.75in.
the AMAZING Babushka said on 28/Sep/11
5'7" with shoes on
Legend said on 23/Sep/11
No, Stiller is not even close to 5'7. He's 5'5.5ish like I said.
ACG said on 23/Sep/11
He's 5'7". the dude saw the truth.
the dude said on 18/Sep/11
Have met both Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller and being 5'8 1/2" w/o shoes, I'm right in the middle of them.Met Murphy in Tampa and Stiller in Orlando. I'm an 1-1' 1/2" taller than Stiller and about an inch shorter than Murphy. That makes Stiller 5'7" and Murphy 5'9 1/2"...
Legend said on 10/Sep/11
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Again Rob is spot on with this one. Could dip under 5'6" after a long day.
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 8/Aug/11
A recent pic with Eddie Murphy, who clearly owns him since he looks almost 4inches taller, check it:

Click Here

I'm starting to doubt if he's really 5'6.5.
We have also take in consideration that Robert de Niro can be 5'7.5 or even 5'7 flat today, and still looks around 2inches taller than him.
Bon_ said on 28/Jul/11
Strong 5'7.
The greatest person alive in the world today said on 27/Jul/11
i would buy stiller at 5'6", but then what does that make Jerry stiller 5'5"?? that would mean Kevin James Borther Gary Valentine is about 5'5" They are about the same height on the show, and i would give GAry Valentine 5'7"
Jack said on 19/Jul/11
Stiller is 5'6'' max, possibly 5'5.5''.
TruebloodFan said on 11/Jul/11
@Ka says on 4/Jul/11

'Hey quit copying my quote, ye old Croat. Dude, not cool for making a mockery on my quote b/c I got higher estimate on some celebs and you can't take it. Well take it & try to fairly counter my argument, but don't EVER insult the "upgraders"; we don't upgrade everything, just like you and other of your "True brigade" don't chop off every celeb height. I give you credit for not a celeb hater, yet you're making fun of me. That's not right.'

lmao, wtf? who's quoting you? making a mockery of YOU? that's not right - you find urself way 2 important Ka. wasn't alluding at you at all ye old paranoid. It isn't true I 'chop off' every celeb height. The heights listed here are estimates. I have my own estimates, but guys like Rampage, Rich Hall, Viper and Bon sometimes, Metric especially are trolls. For guessing heights, I'm not driven by emotions like you, but reference points. When I guess them, I try to make the difference in estimated heights consistent. As for 'chopping off'...Cruise is 5ft7.5 at least for me. Clooney is 5ft11 or a fraction more peak. Had spinal injury. Arnold as listed, or a cm less. Sly 5ft9 peak. Kurt Russell 5ft9 at least. Looked 5ft9.5 in 'Escape from New York'. Sorry for seeing Stiller, Downey Jr. and Efron shorter than Cruise. Sorry for agreeing with Brad when he says Damon, Sly and Cruise are the same height. you seem so touched by my comments. more than by those made by other posters. I can understand that. it's just common sense. if I was a troll, you wouldn't be so touched.
Benoy said on 11/Jul/11
Ben is 5'5'' to 5'6'' max
Ka said on 4/Jul/11
TruebloodFan says on 28/Jun/11
Rampage should form 'the chronic upgrader brigade'. Rampage, don't ever be an architect or anything that has to do with space, dimensions or anything of the sort.

Hey quit copying my quote, ye old Croat. Dude, not cool for making a mockery on my quote b/c I got higher estimate on some celebs and you can't take it. Well take it & try to fairly counter my argument, but don't EVER insult the "upgraders"; we don't upgrade everything, just like you and other of your "True brigade" don't chop off every celeb height. I give you credit for not a celeb hater, yet you're making fun of me. That's not right.

Anyway about Stiller, 169-170 is right for him, take either of those marks. Dmeyer got this one spot on. Ben does have a small frame so gives a shorter impression compare to more broader 5'7-5'8 guys. That also means Cameron Diaz is somewhere in 171-172 range, weak 5'8
TruebloodFan said on 28/Jun/11
Rampage should form 'the chronic upgrader brigade'. Rampage, don't ever be an architect or anything that has to do with space, dimensions or anything of the sort.
Legend said on 24/Jun/11
Diaz is 5'7

Stiller is more like 5'5.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
5ft7 at least...only an inch shorter than 173cm Cameron Diaz
truth said on 6/Jun/11
owen 5ft9 the "short guy" stiller is 5ft5.
Danimal said on 31/May/11
I\'M right says on 29/May/11
Stiller is 5'8" Robert Downey Jr. is 5'10" I KNOW about heights. Anyone wanna aske me?

Oh God.....Your 5'10" Robert Downey Jr. has kids like you fooled. He wears insane platform shoes (5" at times).. He's never been over 5'6" imo...
I\'M right said on 29/May/11
Stiller is 5'8" Robert Downey Jr. is 5'10" I KNOW about heights. Anyone wanna aske me?
dmeyer said on 27/May/11
he might be 5 ft 7 he looks 1.5 smaller than deniro while ben has a 1 to 1.5cm trainer i met the guy he is close to 5 ft 7 i can buy 5 ft 6.5 to 5 ft 7 not 5 ft 6 and not 5 ft 7.5
jamieorr4 said on 12/May/11
he can look shorter than jack black he can look 54 and jack looks 55 to me but they could both be 54 imo.
ka said on 27/Apr/11
Click Here
sorry for the inconvienience
ka said on 26/Apr/11
Click here
Looks 3 inches shorter than 5'10.5 Owen Wilson. 169 is right for Ben
Hope the links work
Chameleon said on 23/Apr/11
Yeah I guess I'll just go with the estimate.
TruebloodFan said on 22/Apr/11
@Chameleon says on 16/Apr/11
This guy looked so small in Along Came Polly with Jennifer Anniston.......

169cm? I really doubt it honestly lol

He doesn't wear lifts. At 5ft6.5, to look small is the easiest thing. But he's no midget, I'd bet on ~169cm any day.

@Larc 6 ft 1.5 in ; @dmeyer

dmeyer said on 20/Apr/11
in person 5 ft 6.5 to 5 ft 7
Chameleon said on 16/Apr/11
This guy looked so small in Along Came Polly with Jennifer Anniston.......

169cm? I really doubt it honestly lol
Carter said on 16/Apr/11
Rob I have always wondered are the heights of the celebs with shoes or without? Is ben 5 6.5 with regular one inch shoes on?

[Editor Rob: think of them without shoes on]
TruebloodFan said on 15/Apr/11
@Shelly says on 12/Mar/11
I met him at an event. I would guess him to be around 5'4 or 5'5 tops. Very short, but very cute.

5ft4 is crazy. Stiller is ~5ft6. as listed, just short, nothing especially short. Diaz is inch or inch and a half taller barefoot, but she towers him in heels drastically.
Aaron said on 1/Apr/11
"Ben stiller wears size 11 and is 5'6.5?! im 5'11 and wear 10s"
I'm almost 6'5" and I wear size 12, and I'm by no means a small guy. Think about it... Stiller is inches taller than both his parents. He probably did sports of some kind (unlike me) and his feet developed accordingly. He's also got a huge head for his height and wears lifts like crazy so he looks and seems 5'8" or taller.
Legend said on 31/Mar/11
5'5 more than likely
Kevin said on 27/Mar/11
Years ago I did background on "freaks and geeks". They made two lines behind the scenes and told us when to cross the set. Ben Stiller stood right next to me (6-0) waiting to do his guest appearance. 5'6" is very generous.
Shelly said on 12/Mar/11
I met him at an event. I would guess him to be around 5'4 or 5'5 tops. Very short, but very cute.
TheVerve180 said on 11/Mar/11
5ft5 to 5ft6. Looks plain short to me.
Mr. Kaplan said on 8/Mar/11
De Niro is 5'7".
Dave said on 6/Mar/11
Gaylord Focker looked like about 5ft6.5in next to Robert Deniro
tell-em said on 28/Feb/11
hes not even close to 5'7". go see little fockers and you'll know exactly wht i mean
Bon_ said on 27/Feb/11
He's 5'7 absolute minimum, but has a small frame so might appear wild short.
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
Ben stiller wears size 11 and is 5'6.5?! im 5'11 and wear 10s
tell-em said on 15/Feb/11
that is ridiculous, he is not 5'7".
Adamz said on 13/Feb/11
This little focker is short. No way is he NEAR 5-8. The listing here is accurate.
NCL said on 11/Feb/11
I came across this casting notice below which has Ben Stiller at 5'7". I can't provide the link because you have to sign in so I copy and pasted it:

RE: Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy Body Double for Movie Promo Print Shoot Body Double for Movie Poster (will be shot fully clothed from the neck down, so no faces shown and no recognizability)

Mid 30s - Mid 40s Caucasian Male, medium Caucasian skin tone and MUST BE EXACTLY 5'7"!! Also, should have good hands and MUST BE the exact sizes listed, as these are the size of the clothing that BEN will wear for this poster, and the body double must fit PERFECTLY into the exact same wardrobe. Must be available to shoot this Sunday from 1-6pm in Brooklyn (however, shoot is expected to wrap a bit earlier). Please SUBMIT ASAP if you are the EXACT height (5'7") AND the EXACT sizes listed and available this SUNDAY!!!

MUST BE the following sizes:
Suit: 38R
Shirt: 15 3/4 neck with 34 sleeve
Pant: 31-32 waist with 32 inseam
Shoe 10.5-11
jib said on 11/Feb/11
There's an ad today seeking a body double for Ben, which requires someone EXACTLY 5'7".
Bon_ said on 10/Feb/11
yes, tower.
TruebloodFan said on 9/Feb/11
Stiller is 5ft6 barefoot in 'Meet the Parents'(pool scene). 169 is also 5ft6 so it's fine really. Cruise is always a 5ft7 flat.

@Bon_ says on 3/Feb/11
Changed my mind about Stiller to 5'7 flat. Strong 5'7.
Cruise isn't taller than Stiller, i think Stiller could tower on Cruise.

'tower'? lmao Bonaparte
Bon_ said on 3/Feb/11
Changed my mind about Stiller to 5'7 flat. Strong 5'7.
Cruise isn't taller than Stiller, i think Stiller could tower on Cruise.
Parker said on 3/Feb/11
Bon_ says on 2/Feb/11
@ Parker, I can't see their feet in that clip.

Well you can see their feet here
Click Here
And here's another from the same group pic
Click Here

So you give Stiller 5'7.5 and Cruise 5'3-5'4?.......I think your trolling.
the shredder said on 2/Feb/11
LOL Stiller is listed 5'8 on sites and Cruise 5'7 ... The real deal is Stiller 5'6 and Cruise 5'8 !
Bon_ said on 2/Feb/11
@ Parker, I can't see their feet in that clip.
Tom Cruise really makes effort to pass off as a strong 5'9, huh? how pathetic.
leonari said on 2/Feb/11
I see him at 5'6" flat these days.
Parker said on 2/Feb/11
Bon_ says on 28/Jan/11
Parker, I'd bet a million dollars that Cruise is standing on a box or wears unseen monster heels.

Absolute rubbish. There's ton's of pics and video clips out there. Cruise has 2 inches on Stiller.
Click Here
the shredder said on 2/Feb/11
Stiller is 5'6 ... LOL John Stewart and Stiller both 5'6.5 ?
J said on 1/Feb/11
John Stewart on his show recently said he is 5'6 to 5'7. And he is taller than Ben Stiller:
Click Here
Bon_ said on 28/Jan/11
Parker, I'd bet a million dollars that Cruise is standing on a box or wears unseen monster heels. Stiller claims 5'8, so what is Cruise trying to achieve here, 5'10 ? lol, he's 5'5 absolute max. Barefoot, of course.
Bon_ said on 28/Jan/11
I give Stiller 5'7.5 - 5'7.75
Shaun said on 19/Jan/11
He looks 5 ft 6.
smelly said on 15/Jan/11
he's 5ft 6 to 5ft 7 range.
some guy said on 14/Jan/11
I agree with the listing, he is not very funny either.
tell-em said on 10/Jan/11
this guy is 5'5". he was 4 inches shorter than 5'10" owen wilson in LITTLE FOCKERS, but stiller had footwear advantage.
the shredder said on 6/Jan/11
Rob , do you think he can be 5'6 ?

[Editor Rob: there's a chance he is that mark]
Legend said on 5/Jan/11
M. says on 5/Jan/11
He's 5'7. He's been to the restaurant where I work more than once and he's exactly my height. I'm very curious about actors' heights and I do notice those things.
He's 5'5.75, sorry to break it to you. If you are his height then you are also 5'5.75.
linke said on 5/Jan/11
Rob,where's his photo with dmeyer?

[Editor Rob: I need to find it again]
M. said on 5/Jan/11
He's 5'7. He's been to the restaurant where I work more than once and he's exactly my height. I'm very curious about actors' heights and I do notice those things.
JJ said on 2/Jan/11
Short guys usually bump their height up a couple of inches (i kno from experience lol). If he says hes 5'7 then hes probably like 5'5 in reality.
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
Dustin The Hoff is 5'5.5, so Stiller might be 5'6.5-5'7 tops, he has a square body, so it gives the impression of being smaller, imo.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/11
he is 5'5 look driver license and ben next to hoffman (1,60m)
Canopus said on 2/Jan/11
He is about an inch taller than 5'4" (5'3.5" on here) Amy Adams in Night at the Museum 2. She has maybe a slight shoe advantage in the movie of 0.5". Usually movies aren't great judges of height but the height difference is pretty consistant through out. I will be generous and say 5'6".
Chris said on 15/Dec/10
Robert Downey Jr = 5'8
Tom Cruise = 5'8 (seems more like 5'7)
Jack Black = 5'5
He looks around an inch shorter than Tom, an inch taller than Jack, and between 2 to 3 inches shorter than Rob, I'd say 5'6.
Loki said on 14/Dec/10
5ft4 or 5ft5 TOPS... he looks REALY short
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/10
Never looks taller than 5'6" and he wears lifts in some of his movies.
Ari said on 12/Dec/10
He's maybe 5'5", 5'6" tops...I am 5'10" and he was much shorter than me.
walker said on 11/Dec/10
5 foot 7 and weighs about 155-165
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/10
SpaceExplorer said on 6/Nov/10
5'5.75. I'm 5'6.5 and I can tell just by all the pictures here that he's a bit shorter than me.
Mr. Kaplan said on 4/Nov/10
If he's 5'8", Vince Vaughn has to be 6'8". Click Here

Stop this nonsense already.
Legend said on 4/Nov/10
5'6 on a good day.
Alex said on 14/Oct/07
Dmeyer, you're what height for most of the day? 5'11 1/2?
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
considering i had 1cm more footwear but he had 1.5 to 2cm wigg i think there is no adavantage but i can look 6'0.5 in many pics like i look only 0.5 to 0.75 in under ll cool j and garett hedlund i worked 4 days with stiller is close enaugh 5'7 i dont think he is 5'6 flat i think rob has him right but i agree he dosnt look over 5'6.5 in the pic
Alex said on 9/Oct/07
Glenn, Stiller can look 5'8 at least sometimes on TV but really the guy is 5'6.
glenn said on 8/Oct/07
i say 5-6.
sf said on 8/Oct/07
It's taking some time, but we are slowly whittling away at Stiller's height - I'd say we are getting pretty close...
Kristina said on 7/Oct/07
5'7"...are you sure? its not that he cant be that tall but look how much taller everyone is compared to him...everyone cant be 6'5". Ben Stiller has got to be around 5'4" at best.
mark said on 29/Sep/07
He can't be any taller than 5'4" and the only good movie he has done is Zoolander, which isn't very good. I have never spent a dime on this guy's films. His father and mother are both very talented.
leonari said on 11/Sep/07
Rob: How come you don't have his father listed? JERRY STILLER. A Legend. He deserves a listing on this great site!
chaz said on 10/Sep/07
ben stiller might be 5'7 at best, as for jerry stiller how do they have that guy at 5'6 he is a midget i bet he is no more than 5'4, he looks like a panzy in king of queens, 5 foot 4 is more realistic
facts said on 2/Sep/07
I know for a fact you are taller in the morning than in the evening. That usually can explain height variations, on celebrity heights or any person for that matter. When I was in the military, I was measured barefoot twice a year for the Physical conditionating tests usually mid day at 5'7.5. I have been measured 5'8 before , usually early in the morning. Just out of curiousity I recently started measuring myself at night and minutes after waking up. I am about 5'7.80 in the morning and then I can drop to as low as 5'7.25 depending on how bad my posture is. There are plates in your spine that replenish at night.
dave said on 22/Aug/07
Glenn has .5/1 inch on him with a lean. Stiller cant be anything more than the listed 5'6.75, but nothing under 5'6 either.
glenn said on 20/Jul/07
seemed 5-6 to me too.weird angle going on in my pic.
Alex said on 19/Jul/07
Ben Stiller can come across taller like 5'8 in some of his movies but with Dmeyer this guy looks no more than 5'6.
corey said on 18/Jul/07
sorry, forgot to mention that Jack Black is said to be 5'6. so that inch that is between them is why i say that Ben Stiller is 5'7.
corey said on 18/Jul/07
i think ben is 5'7. in a scene on the movie Envy, Ben and Jsck Black are walking beside each other and you can see an inch between them.
antron said on 15/Jul/07
The pic with DMeyer is actually not so helpful because it is easier to compare things that are more similar in size than dissimilar. It is easy to be off a couple cm when judging Stiller next to a man nearly 6ft. I think a picture of Stiller with Tom Cruise, Sly and Mel Gibson would be quite interesting no?
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
I was watching There is something about Mary last night and Cameron Diaz who is 5'9 barefoot and was 2 inches taller than Ben Stiller who was in shoes making this guy 5'6ish. But I tell you he can look taller in his movies though.
PC said on 29/Jun/07
Actually jennifer aniston is 5'5" max (that is the highest she has claimed). Was she in heels next to Stiller? That would make sense, as I strongly reckon stiller is a weak 5'6 at best. The perspective on the right pic doesnt do the difference between Glenn and Stiller justice.
david said on 29/Jun/07
In along cam poly with jennifer ainston he was shorter than her, and jennifer is 5"6 168cm. So this guy is clearly 5"5- 5"5 1/2 no way tallert than 5"6 or borderline 5"6.
Arjun said on 12/Jun/07
He could have some help in his shoes with Glenn.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
In the past I thought Stiller was taller than he really was, but with Dmeyer there is a good 5 inch difference putting him at 5'6-5'6.5, but with Glenn he looks more 5'7 though.
Arjun said on 10/Jun/07
Exactly Aaron, Stiller is at least 5 inches shorter than Dmeyer in that pic, even the top of his wig does'nt reach Dmeyer's ears. However, his posture is'nt as good as Dmeyer's, plus Dmeyer has a little bigger footwear.
5'6" is quite possible for him IMO, but more than that is hard to argue based on this pic.
Aaron said on 2/Jun/07
Based on the pic with dmeyer, I'm leaning towards what matt said on may 31. I think we can trust dmeyer, since he is not a celeb and is more likely to be honest with his height than the 5'7 that stiller claimed in the quote above. Looks to me like dmeyer has an easy 5 inches on stiller, with six inches being very possible, so that puts Stiller in the 5'5"/5'6" range. However, he looks close in height to glenn who we know is in the 5'7.5"/5'8" range. Perhaps he was getting some help with his footwear in the pic with glenn. Glenn, do you remember what kind of shoes he had on when he took that pic with you?
Matt said on 31/May/07
He looked tiny in the episode of Friends he guested in. Absolutely dominated by Schwimmer, Perry and Kudrow, and looked absolutely no taller than Aniston. Check out his final scene where he confronts them all in the hallway. Bit of a shocker, as I thought he was a solid 5'7"; after seeing that episode, I'd have him nearer 5'5".
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
i did have 1 cm more shoes and better posture but i have no hair under the cap and the cap is flat
MD said on 30/May/07
He needs to be brought down to a realistic height. Near 5'7" he's not.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
I agree with you Drew. Dmeyer is 5'11 and he looks about 6 inches taller than Stiller there.
the shredder said on 30/May/07
I think Rob should give Stiller 5'6.5 ! ... He is at most his 5'7 claim , but looks around 5'6 a lot because of poor posture . So 5'6.5 seems to be the mark !
Drew said on 29/May/07
With Dmeyer he looks 5'5". I mean, the top of his head seems to reach dmeyer's nose. Is he barefoot there? How tall did he look Dmeyer?

[Editor Rob: to be fair with glenn, glenn does have a little lean, with meyer he does look no more 169cm giving him lesser trainers+poorer posture, which he has a fair bit. He might have had 1/2 inch lift in night at the museum, they put raver in bunny shoes for one scene.]
Leung said on 20/May/07
I watched Night at the Museum DVD on the weekend and I was amused at how Stiller’s height fluctuates throughout the movie. Early in the movie he appears slightly taller than Robin Williams but later in the film he is the same and other times he is shorter. Also, Stiller looks similar height to Ricky Gervias early in the film but later on he is noticeably shorter than Gervias.

Sometimes he is 5’6” and sometimes he is 5’7”
Brad said on 13/May/07
I've met Jack Black, he's dead on 5' 6". That photo of Stiller with Black makes him 5' 6" also. What kind of height enhancing shoe is he with Glenn?
Viper said on 12/May/07
There is no way in hell Stiller is 5-7.
marines said on 12/May/07
On that photo on right Ben looks exact the same hight as Glenn.
the shredder said on 12/May/07
Rob , do you think Benjamin could be just 5'6 that Glennjamin saw ?
16and5'7.25'' said on 11/May/07
glenn in your photo it looks like he's trying to push you! but yeah, i think ben's 5'6-5'7''
Brad said on 11/May/07
He's really short. He must love being next to Dustin.
janice said on 5/May/07
ben stiller hes really short & always wear big lifted shoe.. 5ft5(166cm)sounds better..
Drew said on 2/May/07
Rob I can't figure out why you're not listing 170cm as 5'7"...

[Editor Rob: height is stored in feet/inches. The cm value is derived from that, hence 5ft 6.75 = 169.545. I round to nearest cm up or down]

the shredder said on 23/Apr/07
I don't understand why Rob has Myers and Lawrence at 5'7 and Stiller 5'6.75 ? ... Stiller was taller then Myers at the Mtv awards in 1997 and Myers and Lawrence were both same height at the 2003 awards ! ... Myers and Lawrence both being 5'7 , would put Stiller at no smaller then 171cm or 5'7.5 ! ... He looks 5'7 max with Glenn and DMeyer , so Myers and Lawrence should be listed at most Stillers listing ! ... They are all under 5 foot 7 !
TheJerk said on 12/Apr/07
Rob, are you and Stiller good pals? I think Stiller must like you very much to have overestimated him 3/4 of an inch. Please list me at 5-11 and 3/4.
sam said on 9/Apr/07
Stewart actually says he's 5'7", but "can play 5'6"". If Robbins was to stand up in that second photo, you probably wouldn't be able to his head!
MD said on 8/Apr/07
Since the picture was removed when the site changed the links over.

With 5'6" Jack Black:

Click Here

And, an old photo from 1999 with Jon Stewart, who's said, himself, that he's 5'6"

Click Here
sam said on 8/Apr/07
he's taller than dustin hoffman in meet the fockers.....
dmeyer said on 5/Apr/07
my girlfriend is 5'7.25 and the differance is less than between me and stiller plus stiller as a big weeg on witout it he would be under my nose but maybe his posure wasnt the best but he is clearly in the 5'6.5 to 5'6.75 range
MD said on 5/Apr/07
Rob, you how are you seeing anything over 5'6" for Stiller? Really.
5'11 guy said on 3/Apr/07
I'm 5'11.5. The difference in height between Dmeyer and Stiller is about the same as between me and my mother, who is 5'6.

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