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6ft 0.81in (184.9cm)
Hugh said on 20/Mar/08
Fine James you win. But You can't think this is accurate.

Ptrick says on 26/Dec/07

So, he is 5'11 to 6'0 max.
Jamie said on 19/Mar/08
Hugh says on 18/Mar/08
Of course it's not out out of the realms. He IS 6ft2

Well how come he is listed at just over 6ft on this website? Did you really see Zane nearly 3 inches taller than 5ft11 or 5ft11ish Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic? I'd say there was only an inch between the pair, he looked barely taller than 5ft11.5 Sam Neil as well. Sure he can look bigger because of his build, but i think 6ft2 is a stretch.

Hugh your fighting a loosing battle with the 6ft2 claims, i think Editor Rob has him listed perfectley at this height.
Hugh said on 18/Mar/08
'6ft2 I guess is kind of not out of the realms of possibility'

Of course it's not out out of the realms. He IS 6ft2.
RICHARD said on 10/Mar/08
Had a good inch over 5'11 Sam Neill and was two inches taller than 5'10 Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm.
Robbie H said on 10/Mar/08
in that photo with the 6'3 guy, zane looks even shorter than 6'0, more like 5'11 lol. if he stood up totally straight he probs would gain an inch to 6'0. its possible he wears lifts to appear 6'2 on some days. i was wrong to say that these photos 'confirmed' it- but iv seen no evidence to sugguest the 6'2
Hugh said on 9/Mar/08
For the last time James. Zanes knee is bent. With good posture He'd only an inch shorter than Oswald.
glenn said on 4/Mar/08
hugh is 100 percent correct.he was also 6-2 when i saw him.unless he borrowed leos lifts.
Alex said on 4/Mar/08
6'0-6'0 1/2 he is.
Hugh said on 4/Mar/08
James take a closer look at the picture. Zane's knee is bent which makes him shorter than he actually is. if he stood up straight he'd only be about an inch shorter than Ozwald.
Hugh said on 29/Feb/08
I've had the priviledge of meeting a lot of celebrities both A-list and lower. I've met Billy Zane and I can tell you 6ft2 is his height. I met him in New York back in 1999. I myself am in the 6ft2 range pusing 6ft3 and Zane was my height or a shade shorter. so 188cm minimum and his shoes were flatter then mine.
dmeyer said on 12/Feb/08
i think 6'0.25 fits him
Robbie H said on 12/Feb/08
i meant he had never looked 6'2 that was claimed, and always looked 6ft, no more to me. maybe am wrong
glenn said on 12/Feb/08
what confirmed it? robs 6ft listing on zane is probably the biggest mistake on the site.he was 6-2 when i saw him.
Robbie H said on 11/Feb/08
i read he was taller than this as well a while back, 6'2. but then started to doubt it when he looked shorter in all the films iv seen him in. this confirmed it
Yaspaa said on 4/Feb/08
Wow, I read this guy was 6'3" several years back and that's what I have always thought. Judging from the picture though it's obvious that he ain't.
Robbie H said on 30/Dec/07
in titanic he looked 5'11 to 6'0 max, and only looked slightly taller than dicaprio
Patrick said on 26/Dec/07
I walked pass Billy Zane while he was up here in Canada last month filming a movie. I am 6'1" and he was about 1-2 inches shorter than me. So, he is 5'11" to 6'0" max.
tessa said on 21/Oct/07
i met him once ages ago, and i thought he would have been taller. i'm 5'9 and i think he was only a little bit taller than me. i'd have said 5'10 - 5'11 from memory but could have been 6' and slouching
Candice True said on 11/Oct/07
I have never met Mr. Billy Zane but in my opinion he looked about the same size as Nicole Kidman in,"Dead Calm." Every movie I have seen him in he looks very tall compared to most actors. Just by looking at him he seems a couple inches over 6"ft. But no matter how tall he is, he's a really good looking man no matter what movie he plays in.
Canice True, from Aurora, Colorado
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/07
he was 1.5 inches taller than leo in titanic
max said on 12/Aug/07
he did look about 6 feet in cleopatra. saw it last night.
Daniel Craig said on 27/Jun/07
i thought he looked 6'1" in titanic next to dicaprio.
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
he didnt seem over 6'0.5 in when i met him i had 1.4 in heels so looked almost 6 ft he was a hair taller he might be 6'0.5 inminimum 183 max 184
Viper said on 22/May/07
dmeyer says he looked 6-0 to him.
glenn said on 22/May/07
interesting rob.upgrade a bit?

[Editor Rob: I need to have another look, 6ft 0.5 at the beginning might have been closer]
glenn said on 21/May/07
in sams defence,he did give the illusion of 6-2,6-3 when i saw him 6 months he is at least 6-1.

[Editor Rob: 6ft 3 illusion, but maybe I do have him a little low. To be fair, Darius - who was (still is) tall boyfriend of that hot henstridge lady you got - did say in a quote when fan said 'you ever met celeb taller' replied: "Sean Connery is pretty tall - I see eye to eye with him. Billy Zane’s also quite tall" Ok, that guy downplayed his height in the past, he is a legit 6ft 4 man, so who knows...he saw 'quite tall' zane.]
Sam said on 21/May/07
6'2". No Less. Possibly 6'3".

[Editor Rob: 6ft 3? You seen him 4.5 inches taller than kidman in dead calm? The guy beside Zane is 6ft 3...]
Dai said on 16/May/07
Id put him closer to 6'1
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
The probability that hes an inch taller than his listed height is very, very low. Id go with 6-0 unless a ton of evidence shows him taller.
Del Mar said on 19/Apr/07
I think the compromise is 6-1. Many people has seen him as 6-2 and someone only 6, maybe due to posture. I go for 6-1
dmeyer said on 26/Mar/07
i think he is closer to 184 cm
Viper said on 21/Mar/07
I dont see a foot difference at all. The top of her head reaches his chin. If he has a 9-10 inch head that means hes roughly 6-0.
Derek said on 19/Mar/07
There is a foot difference here. She barely reaches Billy's shoulders. 6'2" at the very least.
glenn said on 19/Mar/07
yeah,is this 6ft right rob? he walked past me 4 months ago and 6-2 is what i saw as well.he was huge.
Tiki said on 19/Mar/07
My dad is 6'tall and I met Billy Zane and he was taller. Billy is 6'2".
dmeyer said on 12/Jan/07
could be 6'0.25 i met him
dmeyer said on 13/Dec/06
i met him he could be 6'0.25
anonymous said on 13/Nov/06
He looks 6 feet and a half, because Fallon is the same height.
dmeyer said on 29/Oct/06
did look in the 184 zone when he walked by me
jo said on 26/Jun/06
i met him when i worked at heathrow. I am 5 ft10 and had at least 2 1/2" heels on and he was still a lot taller than me. I reckon 6ft2
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/06
i thought this guy was 6'3" but when i saw titanic he didnt look much taller than leo who is 5'11"
Del Mar said on 31/May/06
Here with Fallon, Click Here could be below 6, but of course we can't see any footwear or their posture, so who knows?
Editor Rob said on 3/Apr/06
A picture of a 5ft2 women and Zane.
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
Billy is well over 6'.
Helen said on 23/Mar/06
I met him when he was in "Chicago" in NYC. I thought he was 6ft but he is not, I'm 5'9.5 and I was wearing 2 inch heels that night, so I was about 5'11.5. I took a picture with him, he is soooo much taller than me, he must be 6'3. My friend and I couldn't believe how tall he was.

[Editor Rob: any chance of emailing your picture to me?]
roids said on 7/Nov/05
Saw Billy in London and close up he was about 3 inches taller than myself(5'10.5). Id probably put him at 6'1 min.
316 said on 28/Oct/05
If Billy zane is 184cms and Dolph lundgren is 196cms, then editor plz explain this
From the pic, there is not more than a 2-21/2 inch difference between them.

[Editor Rob: the thing with dolph is that he's given varying heights from 193,4,5cm. I don't know the type of footwear zane is in, but dolph's in trainers. There's not many angles for that event, but here is a slightly different angle Zane and Lundgren. There's another little pic beside that showing zane near hayden christensen (who some might argue is more 184 than 185 ;) ]
Mr. Klaus said on 23/Sep/05
Billy Zane is two inches shorter than 6 ft 2 Dalton in Gleopatra and he is an 1.5 inch taller tham Nicole Kidman. I think that Zane is 6 ft

[Editor Rob: I've hovered Zane around 183/184cm.]

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