How tall is Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino's Height

5ft 3 ½ (161.3 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as "Slow Down", "Anonymous" and "Put It In". He said his shoe size was an 8.5US and also once said "Why does Wikipedia have all this wrong info.. My name is Bobby Wilson & I'm 5'6" give me my 3 inches!". Except, it was Google he should have bemoaned since wikipedia had no height - google extract data from wikpedia for their celebrity info boxes and also include their own height trivia beside it, thus people like Ja Rule, Bobby and many others mistakenly think the height part was taken from wikipedia.

How tall is Bobby Valentino
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Average Guess (3 Votes)
5ft 2.67in (159.2cm)
FlameBoy said on 22/Nov/14
the listing seems ok to me but out of the Interest do to you think there is more chance or him being lower or higher than his Listing ?
Phil said on 13/Sep/11
He is tiny. 5 foot 3. Maybe 5 foot 2 and a half. That's almost Kevin Hart status.
chodda said on 1/Aug/11
Bt I saw at tell me song with lilwayne they looking same height how its possible
yasmen said on 28/Apr/09
dang i mean how can u be a grown man n b 5ff 3in but ur musice still cool
me said on 21/Jan/09
Here in my country, average girls have height as 1,70 - 180
AND THAT'S JUST AVERAGE! i'm 1,71 , i screwed up my life by smoking ****
but no worries, i have a major degree on biologie and physics, and most girls notice me since they hate their height ( they think they're too long)

Anyways, all the guys that are short here and hate their height...
The reason why you havent grown is not because your parents are short ...
i know plenty of guys where there dad is 1,70 - 1,75 and their own sun 1,85 - 1,90!!!

All you gotta do is eat healthy , enough sleep, AND excercise ( walking or bycicling) AND believing that you will become taller.
The only reason why proteins didn't get obsorbed in your cells was because you BASHED your ego and keept hating yourself in the mirror wich made the antenna's in your cells collapse. So even if you drank milk and **** , you still wouldn't grow because your cells wouldn't absorb it, ( you was just ****ting and pissing it out)

anyways, i'm 1,71 now , and i'm growing 1,5 cm a week , already measured it, so i just need 6 weeks and i'm on 1,78 , i think i might go for 1,85 but i don't wanna tower of girls, same height is best in my eyes, and i believe in their eyes aswell!!!

good luck short guys, YOU CAN BE TALL , it's all up to you how you wanna do!!!
We all carry 90 percent same DNA! SO IF OTHER PEOPLE CAN GROW THAT TALL, SO CAN YOU!!!
R.J. said on 15/Jan/09
ape says on 4/Apr/08
i was just wondering how accurate is your means of measurement because 1inck is equivalent to 2.54cm and not 2.5 as most people think it is. so in actual fact 5ft 3.5inch would be close to 163cm or 1.63m. Therefore bobby valentino should be listed 5ft2inch to be 161cm which is more accurate

Ape, the fact that you knew 1 inch was 2.54cm makes it hard for me to understand how you got it so wrong.
5 ft 3.5 is 63.5 inches
63.5 x 2.54 - 161.29 cm
Therefore 5 ft 3.5 is 161 cm
Real said on 10/Nov/08
I suddenly feel very average and secure at 5'6 :P
Real said on 9/Nov/08
I saw him in ATL at the compound and took a picture...I don't give that brotha anything over 5 feet tall! He can sing though!
Golden Child said on 18/Oct/08
I think its kinda funny and ironic that alot of these superlover ladies man pretty boy R&B singers are all short as hell. But I guess a stylish wardrobe, celebrity status, money and musical talent make-up for being half a man (maybe thats a little bit too harsh).
an0n said on 1/Jul/08
the thing is everyone looks taller on tv because on pimpin all over the world video he looks average height whereas in real life he prob looks like a kid. im short at 19 as im 5'4" pushing 5'5" so i would look about average height on tv aswell
Domo said on 16/Jun/08
Ken Bourne "this is a different bobby valentino to that one. This one is an R&B singer
N.B said on 9/Jun/08
well I am a back up singer,for multi artist and one day at a concert in TX backstage I met bobby and he is very short but very wise so as long as he's groovun then why the matter of how tall he is.
Ken Bourne said on 24/May/08
Bobby Valentino is 6 feet 3 inches tall. Check this at Click Here
ape said on 4/Apr/08
i was just wondering how accurate is your means of measurement because 1inck is equivalent to 2.54cm and not 2.5 as most people think it is. so in actual fact 5ft 3.5inch would be close to 163cm or 1.63m. Therefore bobby valentino should be listed 5ft2inch to be 161cm which is more accurate
JonDoe said on 30/Mar/08
Chris just about all girls wear heels,and average height guys are getting shot down because of their height alot too,don't give me that i don't seem "normal" crap because i'm short,everyday i see people with teeth overlapping eachother and people hopping around on 1 leg and i don't think of them as not "normal"
Dizzy said on 16/Feb/08
I live in bobby v came to the club i work at (Club Metro) an im short like 5'2 an he was barely taller then this is very accurate
Alyssa said on 29/Dec/07
Okay Brad, and how tall was the door man? You can't rely on that!
chris said on 10/Dec/07
@Jon Doe You're cant change that.Its just that a man are supposed to be strong and big-that is the stereotype.He has to be bigger than a woman and guys under 5ft5 just dont seem normal cause they appear smaller than women wearing heels.I'm 18 and im 5ft9 and i sometimes feel small when i meet with big muscular guys and 6ft2 and above...and the feeling sucks:(.But at least im average height and might still get to 5ft10 so i cant complain.But all these short guys dont get all the attention they deserve only for having shorter bones which is crazy.People are supposed to be different not having all the perfect height and's not fair,get used to it...
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/07
i saw his cribs ep and he looked 5-5 man thats really suprising he's this size
Jon Doe said on 13/Jul/07
I think alot of girls are lying when they say some short guy on t.v. and that they don't care about his height, yeah right in real life if you went out with a guy who was 5'3 you'd be embarassed of what your friends would think, it's so pathetic.And have any of you people ever seen actual dwarfs before?Coz it seems like yas get so amazed when some guy is just merely short imagine what an actual dwarf feels like walking by and hearing a comment you made about someone who was just short.I've seen women who are under 4'11 before a ton of times how come nobody gets so amazed at that but when it's a man it's somehow such a big shock to be 5'7 or under?
me said on 30/Jun/07
yes, i swear to god i met him 3 weeks ago, i'm 5'3 & i had on tennis shoes & we took a picture together & now when i look @ the pic, i realize he's slightly taller than me...still sexy though, i dont care if he was 4'3...i'd still think he was hotttt!! :)
Brad said on 25/Jun/07
I asked the door person at Pure in Vegas who the shortest "famous" male was he ever saw. He said this guy by a mile. "I had to look very down, and down".
The_One_You_Love_To_Hate said on 21/Jun/07
Yea he's short as hell because I seen him in person at this concert that my university threw. So 5'3" sounds just right.
EG said on 21/Jun/07
ya I saw a pic of him standing next to luda...hes way shorter.....cris has at least 4 inches on ludas about 5'7"....5'8"
6'3'' JK said on 20/Jun/07
What the f*ck is he really 5'3.5''??? I thought more 5'6'' - 5'7'', man i was wrong
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
Wow... he makes his people in his video "Anonymous" look shorter than him. It's really surprise to me, because I always thought he was around 5'7", never thought he'd be 5'3". ^^
Jon Doe said on 8/May/07
How is it "funny" that he's short? I don't understand that at all, when you see someone of a different race do you say something like "haha I'm white and this guy was black it was funny" ??? wtf
Derek said on 16/Jan/07
Ludacris towers him so he can't be any more than what he's listed here.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/06
I meet bobby on Dec. 2 and he is 5'2" if not shorter, it was funny.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
I met him 6 days ago and we took a pic together...i am 5'3 3/8s tall and my doc martins game me a few cm taller...and he was still SLIGHTLY taller than me...I think hes 5'4
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/06
i met bobby valentino in south beach memorial day weekend last year and i am 5'10 rather tall for a female but when i saw him i thought he was a child who snuck into the club!!! no doubt he is very talented and cute if ne one is into short guys but he's very tiny!!!!
Flemish said on 3/Feb/06
6 foot 1.5 dude, I think it's nice girls like him even though he's short. I don't know the guy but if he has everything a woman wants except for height it would be very unfair if he was considered not-dating-material for that fact alone.
Courtney B. said on 24/Jan/06
I love bobby, everyone in Detroit and in my high school knows I love you. I am a senior and i love your height and looks.
CoolJ said on 11/Nov/05
Met Him Once:

Then he's shorter than that.. Unless your whole head is 4-5" tall, thus causing you to look like Beetlejuice on Howard Stern.
Met him once said on 10/Nov/05
I met Bobby Valentino at a club in Memphis. He's about 5'4. I'm only 5'8 and he didn't even come to my chin, well barely.
The One! said on 1/Nov/05
I agree with everyone who says he's about 5'3 5'4. Because I'm a short guy myself and I meet him and I gave him hand shakeand I'm standing 5'5. Well maybe he's my height. It really doesn't matter the dude is talented.
Bobbys Girl said on 27/Oct/05
Bobby v. is about 5'3" because I'm 5'4" & he's a little bit shorter than me.
Honey said on 29/Sep/05
Can you believe that Bobby v is that tall, he looks so short on tv.But he is sooooooo CUTE AND BUFF
Kno Fo Sho said on 23/Jun/05
I am 5ft 3 1/2 and this I am sure of. I am also a friend of Bobby's by association and have met Luda several times. Luda is my height maybe a 1/2 of an inch taller which will make him 5ft 4 @ the most 5ft 5. And as for Mr. Valentino he is much shorter than I. But I must add that they are just as attractive in person as they are on television!
yashell said on 21/Jun/05
i love bobby valentino so much.i wish that he could be my boyfriend.i want bobby valentino to come and visit me in jamaica in port royal at 1cannon street port royal kingston1
NO NO NO said on 16/Jun/05
I just met Bobby V today and he is not 5ft 3.5 in because he gave me hug and he was just about my height and im 5ft 2 in
Anonymous said on 30/May/05
yep he is 5'' 3' becuse when i met him he gave me a hug and he was gust a little bit tallet than me and im 5'' 1' its all good tho
J. said on 28/May/05
You guys keep comparing him to Ludacris which is misleading because trust me, Ludacris is shorter than 5'8". A cousin of mine has pictures with him. He's in the 5'6"- 5'7" range. I'm VERY sure of this. And as for this Valentino character (corny choice for a stage name by the way), in his promo clip for his single "Slow Down", there's never any full shots of him. They only shoot him from the chest up. This is an obvious ploy to hide his Muniz-esque frame. A lot of people try to base someone's stature from how they appear onscreen and you guys will only get misled because believe me, television is not reality.
deth row pimp said on 23/May/05
well i seen him standing next to luda and luda's like 5'8 and bobby was shorter. but not that short , i think hes at least 5'5. but yea i was wrong before.
Mrs. Valentino said on 23/May/05
I think 5 ft 3in is about correct because Ludacris is about 5 ft 8in
but is doesn't matter how short Bobby Valentino is because he very talented and so very sexy. its only once in awhile we come across people like him.
Glo said on 8/May/05
Are you serious, i'm only 4'11 ft hahaha!!!! aww he is tiny that's not good but he is cute=)
me said on 3/May/05
i saw the same show on mtv and he does look alot shorter than ludacris. i think he is about 5'3. he look like a child standing next to them.

KG said on 3/May/05
i just saw this guy on direct effect on mtv and he is considerably shorter than la la, clue and ludacris...if they're all about 5'8'', then yes, i agree that this guy is about 5'3'' or 5'4''
MD said on 1/May/05
5'7" or 5'8" Ludacris really looks noticeably taller than him. Considerably taller in fact. But 5'3" seems a bit short. Maybe 5'4" would be better.
J. said on 24/Apr/05
One day I was in this store and this guy's song comes on the radio. Around me were some high school-aged teen girls. They remarked "I saw this video. He's cute but he's so short!". And you know what, looking at some pictures on Wire Image, he makes Ludacris look tall. Wow, with Omarion, Usher, and some others, it's like all the R&B love men are getting smaller and smaller. :-)

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