How tall is Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's Height

5ft 4 ½ (163.8 cm)

American Rapper best known for songs such as "Swimming Pools", "Alright", "m.A.A.d. city" and "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe". He once mentioned "I'm a small guy, I only grew to 5'6".

How tall is Kendrick Lamar
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Average Guess (91 Votes)
5ft 4.65in (164.2cm)
brien said on 30/May/23
K Dot just claimed he was 5'7 in his new song with baby keem

the lyrics were: "They gon' think that you rep me, girl, 5'7, I'm Messi, girl"
brien said on 5/Jan/23
google finally lists him at 164cm
MDNA said on 18/Sep/22
There’s a picture of Kendrick next to Kevin hart and it seems like they are around the same height? Idk very weird image maybe? Click Here
heightPoirot said on 8/Aug/22
(Click Here) with lil wayne here he does have a footwear advantage, but if he were standing tall i think he'd edge out wayne at this moment, indicating that barefoot they'd be very close. 5'5 doesn't look impossible. I think lamar is a guy who despite his height doesn't really force his posture or wear excessive footwear, and so can seem even shorter than he is. A weak 5'5 is what i think he deserves.
brien said on 20/Jul/22
In his new song, Savior, he claims that he is 5'5
Yehor said on 5/Jun/22
Quite possibly a correct estimate here

K.Dot must B about 5'4.5-75'', I believe -

Don't really think, he's less - 'N not really probable to be higher, than _

Looks it most times - though, by himself may seem up to 5'6'', surely.
5'6 dude said on 5/Mar/22
I think kendrick is about 164.5 cm tall or about 5'4 3/4
Shamarr said on 25/Feb/22
He’s 5 foot 3, he wears combat boots and platforms to appear 5’5-6
Spike time said on 31/Jan/22
Weird thread.
From personally meeting Kendrick Lamar myself backstage in Vancouver, I think I’m pretty qualified to make a good estimate.
Kendrick is anywhere between 5’3-5’4.5

This logic would make sense, because I met him when I was seventeen, at the time I was 5’7 and I was still much taller, he’s got broad shoulders with stocky build, he is also hella ashy, the guy doesn’t lie when he raps about his eye bags either, you can tell he doesn’t have time for BS and works hard,
It was great meeting him.
Leesheff85 said on 26/Nov/21
Spike Lee is in his mid sixties so likely shrunk a little. Kendrick isn't over 5ft 5
Greg Sanders said on 28/Aug/21
Click Here

He looks taller than 5'5 Spike Lee here both on flat surface floor face to face. Maybe 5'4 is to low for kendrick ?
Benjamin's Jam said on 20/Aug/21
Hes slightly shorter than 5'5 Lil Wayne in a photo so 5'4¾ maybe?
Budzz said on 7/Jan/21
Simple 5’4.5
Nik Ashton said on 12/Sep/20
He is concrete proof that short = cool!
GTB173cm said on 10/Sep/20
Would give him a weak 5’6 or 167cm
Editor Rob
Wouldn't go that high, although sometimes he might pull of a big 5ft 5
Littlelee5ft6 said on 13/Apr/20
Rob,On Kevin hart's page you said kevin hart was 3 to 3.5 inches shorter than Kendrick so Kendrick must be 5ft 5.5 or even 5ft 6??
Editor Rob
yeah sometimes he can look at least 3 inches smaller. I did say a couple of years ago that he may well be 5ft 5 range, I haven't looked much at him recently though.
Muclis Umar said on 9/Mar/20
Kendrick with 5'5 lil wayne, what do you think...? Click this link Click Here
Editor Rob
Could have a bit worse posture there
GhostDwarf said on 18/Jan/20
He is not 5'4. As a legit 5'4 male I can confirm this. There aren't a lot of us dwarfs out there. Kendrick is 5'6. You can easily tell a 5'4 guy from a 5'6 guy. It's rare to be 5'4 and it sucks lol. But he is not 5'4 you guys are nuts. Lil Uzi is legit 5'4.
Beau said on 23/Jun/19
The dude's 1000 ft tall as far as I'm concerned. But in physical form the listing here seems right.
Ahnaf said on 16/May/19
Being a 5'6" guy, I'm pretty sure he's below that
Bradley said on 18/Sep/18
Everybody was saying how short he is onstage here. Go with as listed.
Nik said on 16/Sep/18
5'6" does look too high for him!
MAD SAM said on 13/Aug/18
”All the stars” is one of my fav songs ! 5’4.5” at 164 cm this listing is accurate !
Ace said on 15/Jul/18
He is shorter than lil Wayne by like 2 cms
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 30/May/18
He's not 5'6, I can say that for pretty much certain, feel free to try and rebuttal, but with a legit 5'6 guy like Charlemagne, he's shorter.

Click Here

Rob, what's the height difference between Lamar & Hart?

I seem to be a minority that thinks 5'4 is more plausible than 5'5 & over.
Editor Rob
He might be 5ft 5 range there.
Andrew jiang said on 20/Mar/18
Looks 5'5 140
Lenny said on 31/Jan/18
Wow I thought he was way taller than this
Beej said on 29/Jan/18
Mistake last time out, sorry. Yup, everything about his height says really small! 5 3' 1/2
Beej said on 29/Jan/18
Yup, everything about his proportions says the title's height.
heightdude said on 19/Dec/17
Is there any chance of getting schoolboy q's height on this site?
Editor Rob
yes, since the websites out there are giving this guy 5ft 10, I think it's only fair to put him a couple of inches smaller!
Nelo said on 9/Sep/17
165 cm in the morning
164 cm mid day
163 cm at night
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
yo how come you guys dont have schoolboy q's height?
World Citizen said on 22/Jul/17
I didn't want to be offensive to people like his height, so I used the word 'tall' instead of 'short'. But maybe it was grammatically more correct to use the term 'his height' instead of 'tall'.
errybodyshutup said on 20/Jul/17
he looks fairly close to Miguel's height which you put down at 5'6". I think this listing is questionable as a result.
errybodyshutup said on 23/Jun/17
@World Citizen: ?
World Citizen said on 24/May/17
I'm not so pleased with my height, but I'm glad that I'm not as tall as him.
Tallish89 said on 5/May/17
Didn't realise he was this short was thinking 5'6 but looking at him now I guess this is accurate. Same as Bruno Mars
Bard said on 14/Mar/17
Tiny guy but great lyricist.
kaycee said on 17/Feb/17
i thought him and eminem were both atleast 5'10 lmao
Lee168cm said on 15/Feb/17
If he was only five four and a half wouldn't Chelsea handler tower him in her ridiculous heels if she's five six? In one of the videos below when she introduces him and they stand side by side there's not much between them at all
Nova176 said on 19/Jan/17
BTW Just look at "Bishop said on 13/Jan/15" post to see where he claims to be 5'6". Quite a ridiculous claim for a 5'4" ranger
Nova176 said on 19/Jan/17
Rob, will you add his quote "I only grew to 5-6"? as his claimed height?
Editor Rob
yes, I have added that claim.
oih said on 13/Dec/16
miguel looks pretty similar and he is listed 5'6
James said on 1/Nov/16
A flat 5'4" for mister Lamar. We clearly see that he wears boots or special shoes to boost his height.
CV said on 23/Oct/16
My guess for him is max 5ft 4.25in but I think 5ft 4in with no sneakers on.
What about Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars... Who do you think is the tallest between both of them?
CV said on 23/Oct/16
My guess for him is max 5ft 4.25
hmm said on 26/Jul/16
why is this man keep getting shorter?
Phil said on 22/May/16
5 foot 4.25 a strong 5 foot 4 guy.
Roastbot said on 14/May/16
Actually, hopsin roasted Kendrick and said he was 4'3". So there you have it. That's how tall he is.
Matt said on 29/Mar/16
Here is Kendrick Lamar with 5'2" Kevin Hart
Click Here
Click Here
While looking at this picture, you can see there's max a limit of 2 inches difference between them if not less.
Take into account Kendrick's cap and the fact that Kevin doesn't stood straight also making him lose a bit of height
I guess 5'4" tops seems fair for Kendrick Lamar.
Damian said on 29/Mar/16
Hi @Rob,
What about that picture with 5ft 3.5in Jermaine Dupri?
Click Here
Kendrick Lamar looks to have a good pair of shoes giving him at least a half an inch or even an inch to his height.
According to this, would 5ft 4in flat be a better listing for Kendrick?
Editor Rob
I think his current listing is ok, at times he looks a bit shorter or even taller...but then Dupri himself can look barely 5ft 3
hey rob said on 13/Mar/16
i think he is at least 5'5
MD said on 11/Mar/16

Yeah, Usain is losing quite a bit of height in that shot and Kendrick STILL looks only 5'4" at the most.
Chris said on 7/Mar/16

Thanks for proving my listing with this last picture with Bolt, I also still think Kendrick only stands at 5f 4. It appears to me that Usain Bolt is at least a foot taller then Kendrick because Usain's neck is slouched and he doesn't stand straight either.
MD said on 4/Mar/16

This interestingly came up in a major publication. Sports Illustrated did a blurb the other day titled "Wait, How Tall is Kendrick Lamar?" (Click Here). I think the author seems to be a bad judge of height, particularly when given the picture. lol Anyway, here is the photo:

Click Here

Bolt is losing more height than even Kendrick is here. If Bolt straightened up, wouldn't it be more accurate to take off this half-inch? It appears to me that the top of Lamar's head wouldn't even come up all the way to the top of Bolt's shoulders if Bolt stood to his full height.
Editor Rob
it's tough to really tell from the photo, certainly their 5f 6 estimate is a bit high. I'm not sure I've seen enough to say he was just 5ft 4.
MD said on 29/Feb/16

Thanks for the peristence. This is a better listing, though, I still think he's probably justs 5'4" flat to be honest.
Chris said on 1/Feb/16
@Rob, what you would think of taking off 1 inch or a ½ an inch of Kendrick Lamar? Lil Wayne stands at between 5'5'' and 5'6'' and clearly taller than Lamar in a picture. There's at least 1 or 1½ inch difference between them so that would obviously put Kendrick at 5'4'' or 5'4.5''.
Click Here
Editor Rob
yeah 5ft 4.5 might be about the limit for him.
bruised said on 16/Jan/16
I thought he was at least 5 7.
King Kendrick said on 7/Jan/16
Rob, would you still list Kendrick as a full 5'5 or would you downgrade him at 5'4?
Seems to me like he's really about 5'4 or 5'4.5'.
Aaron zamora said on 14/Dec/15
Rob, how tall do you think ASAP rocky might be? I see him listed as 5'10 on some websites.
Editor Rob
he doesn't look less than that range
Weezy said on 4/Nov/15
@MD sorry its this pic
Click Here
MD said on 4/Nov/15
@Weezy, that first picture isn't working for me, but, yeah, there is really quite a bit of evidence putting Lamar at between 5'4" and 5'5" as opposed to a full 5'5'". So, you could definitely use that height to judge Kid Ink's height.
Weezy said on 2/Nov/15
Hey guys, could you help me out

Click Here
So Pharrel is between 5'8-5'9, and Kid Ink is listed at 5'9 which isn't true, he looks less than 5'7
Click Here
Now check him with Kendrick Lamar, clearly taller than him.. So should Kendrick be downgraded?(idc about that, he's one of the best of this generation)

I just wanna know what's Kid Ink's height? Like realest..
K.Dot said on 31/Aug/15
Kendrick is a solid 5'4" maybe 5'4.5" or 5'4.75"
richkid123 said on 5/Jul/15
@b-mint1994 thats a good 1.5 inch
b-mint1994 said on 30/May/15
He doesn't look all that much shorter than Ellen in this video:
Click Here
5'9.5'' said on 23/May/15
lil wayne seemed to edge him out imo, solid 5'4'' 164cm

And grizz please don't use the term "alpha" unironically
hey rob said on 20/May/15
he looks a bit taller to me around 166-168.
177-178 cm guy said on 18/May/15
He'd be lucky to be 5'5" without shoes. He's barley taller than Kevin Hart. To Pimp A Butterfly is a masterpiece btw.
grizz said on 18/May/15
Woah, super shocked. He looked like 6'2-6'3 alpha in Bad Blood music video.
b-mint1994 said on 25/Mar/15
Short or tall, he's one of the best hip hop artist of this generation. 5'5" seems fair for him.
Bishop said on 13/Jan/15
Claims 5'6" in the video below (2:49-2:52):
Click Here
Paul said on 4/Mar/14
Looks to be the same height of not shorter than lil Wayne. 5'5" Max for Kendrick
jeremy said on 25/Feb/14
@MD yes i think 168 cm for Miguel, 165 cm for Kendrick, 175 for Pharell
MD said on 24/Feb/14
Jeremy, my guess for Miguel is 5'6" if Pharrell is an actual 5'9". If not, Miguel could be more 5'5.5". I was actually surprised to see how short he is. I thought he was around 5'7", but that's with the buff hair and heels.

Kendrick is a very obvious 5'4".
kendrick lama said on 22/Feb/14
hes more 166. and hes a rapper
bob said on 20/Feb/14
rob can u give j cole a page the rapper
Jeremy said on 20/Feb/14
Rob what about miguel? 5'5.75-5'6?
Editor Rob
I'd need to look at him
MD said on 19/Feb/14
Not the best pictures since they aren't standing right next to each other, but look at just how much taller Pharrell is than him:

Click Here

Click Here
Alex/N said on 18/Feb/14
He listed 5'6 everywhere.
MrTBlack said on 17/Feb/14
Most guys who are short will exaggerate by quite a bit. I had a co-worker who claimed 5'7" but he looked like 5'3" or 4". So Lamar is probably 5'4" really.
brandonk said on 17/Feb/14
He claimed 5'6" on Chelsea Lately.
MD said on 17/Feb/14
He's actually slightly shorter than this. At the Grammy's, there are pictures of Pharrell Williams, Miguel and Kendrick. If Pharrell really is a full 5'9", he looked at least three inches taller than Miguel, who was himself a good two inches taller than Kendrick.

Kendrick is really more 5'4" than he is 5'5".
JKE said on 16/Feb/14
No way i didn't know he was that short

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