How tall is Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

English Politician, a former Mayor of London and British Prime Minister from 2019 until 2022. He said in 2020 "I'm only about 5 foot 10".

How tall is
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Average Guess (106 Votes)
5ft 8.91in (175cm)
Lucy Holt said on 4/May/23
Rishi Sunak needs a page. The general claim for him is 5’6.
Cerdicc said on 13/Nov/22
I think he can sometimes look under 5 ft 9. In some photos of Boris and Macron together, the latter seems at least an inch taller, and he is supposed to be around 5 ft 8.
Andy Hodgson said on 8/Oct/22
Boris is a very similar height to King Charles. Perhaps a fraction taller. He looks quite a bit taller than Charles when they're stood next to each other because Charles has much more sloping shoulders but if you ignore the height of their shoulders and just look at the top of their heads they are very close in height. If Charles is now down to five eight and a half as listed on here then Boris is around five nine.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Sep/22
Sometimes, I feel I’ve been a bit harsh about poor old Boris. He didn’t have the easiest time in office, what with the Covid outbreak, which he caught himself.

SannaMarinlove said on 22/Sep/22
5ft 9 for BoJ, good height
He looks clearly much taller than Zelensky. despite his bad posture

ROB both former italian premiers Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi need too their own listings !
I've noticed that only italian politicians are missing on celebheights
Gladstone Screwer said on 12/Sep/22
Boris doesn’t have good posture, even if he did, his rotund body and much excess weight make good posture difficult.
He had a rough ride in government, lets hope Liz Truss can be much firmer, especially on law and order. My London is pretty lawless.

5’ 8.5” for Boris.
Gary M said on 10/Sep/22
I would say he's in the 5'7.5 range now, but a little hard to tell.

How tall do you think he is here, Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look a 5ft 8 range guy that moment. Keir holding up well beside Blair.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 9/Sep/22
Needs to be changed to former PM. Bumbling boris is 5'9 but can look shorter due to his weight and poor posture.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Sep/22
People were calling out the 5 ft 4 queen and 5 ft 3 Truss this morning and baffled at the listings, Liz towering over her but nearer the camera. There's also 5 ft 8 and 7 listings online. I thought about 5 ft 6 proportionally but seeing her in heels with 5 ft 6 range Sunak hard to see anything over 5 ft 5.
Sinclair said on 7/Sep/22
Rob, 5'5" might be the go for Liz Truss. Probably more likely over 5'5" than under; she can look 5'8" range with her very high heels at times.
Editor Rob
5ft 5 and change may be a good shout, I should give her a page to see what folk think.
Matt N said on 20/Aug/22
Out of interest, Rob, what are your thoughts on the height of Liz Truss, the current Foreign Secretary and front runner to be Boris’ successor? She seemed to look slightly taller than Sunak (listed at 5’6” or 5’7” online dependant on where you look) in the head to head debates, but she often seemed to have heels on, so I’m not really sure she would be taller than Sunak barefoot. What are your thoughts, if you’ve seen anything of her?
Editor Rob
In heels could seem quite close to Rishi...I don't think she's over 5ft 5
Leesheff85 said on 17/Aug/22
Would 5ft 6 be about right for Rishi Sunak rob?
Editor Rob
He's got a 5ft 6 look about him, but sometimes can seem taller.
Paul 177 cm said on 9/Aug/22
This one needs a 'Dolly' listing - a 9.25", lol.

Definite posture guy!

Met him in person 4 times and when he stands upright, he's over 5' 9" but not over 5' 9.5"

Again, he'll start to look less soon - he's closing in on 60.

Will you adjust this please, Rob?

A 45 year-old Boris was a 'Dolly Parton' - a 5' NINE.TWO-FIVE".
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jul/22
Katie Hopkins recently called Rishi Sunak 5 ft 6 and that he has height issues. She said he has photos staged so he doesn't look as short. I think she's met him. He doesn't look as short as somebody like Zelenskyy but I could believe 5'6.5- 5 ft 7. Fingers crossed he won't be the new PM. I don't trust any of the candidates to be honest.
Cold Water said on 11/Jun/22
170 cm
Noah Laikin said on 6/Jun/22
Was 14 when I saw him at the party conference 3-4 years ago. Back then, I was
ChristianPerkins said on 27/May/22
Obviously diet is a major factor too. I'd argue even more so than excercise and genetics.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/22
@ Christian and Arch - If Boris does exercise. then he needs to change his routine. The results have yet to take effect! 😫


Angle - If Boris shed a few pounds, there would be less stress on his torso, which is clearly overweight. I’m sure his posture would benefit if he did shake off some weight.
ChristianPerkins said on 24/May/22
A lot of stuff is only heresay with these types of people (high ranking politicians, celebs etc). Who knows how much Boris actually excercises, if at all.
5'7 and a bit said on 24/May/22
Have you any thoughts on how tall SNP leader Ian Blackford is Rob?
Judging by his proportions, i wouldn't say he looked terribly tall.
Editor Rob
Click Here.

Looks a bit shorter than Keir, so maybe 5ft 7.5 range
5'7 and a bit said on 24/May/22
That would be a frightful sight indeed!
5'7 and a bit said on 23/May/22
What an absolute clown. 5'9
Editor Rob
Expect a chap on your door from The Police!
Arch Stanton said on 13/Apr/22
He did look almost the same height as Boris in some pictures Angle, you were right on that. Boris regularly jogs and cycles. He must eat like a horse or have a bad diet as he should have lower body fat than he has the amount of exercise he does. Celeb weights was never really going to work given that they can fluctuate a lot.
Chaos's Throwaway said on 13/Apr/22
Yeah Arch I would’ve said 15.5-16 stone range. My stepdad is 5’8.5 and just under 16 stone looking similarly overweight to Boris and I have Boris as a weak 5’9
Angle said on 12/Apr/22
@Ach Stanton

Oh yeah i buy the 5'9 Listing, i was mainly just trying to point out how bad his posture is. Must be the only World leader who doesn't want to appear bigger than he is.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
Don't know if you want to add his weight, he was a 18 and a half stone when he became PM and said he had lost another stone since he was 16 and a half. I know he regularly jogs and cycles. Currently looks about 16 to me.

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
I guessed Boris at 16 stone range and was right, he has claimed 16 and a half stone.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
This is why it's always difficult for me to fully trust what I see. They made him look close to Johnson's height in some photos like Click Here when if you watch the video of them walking Johnson looks 3-3.5 inches taller to me.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
Click Here There's a photo of the two of them...
Editor Rob
I think the clips of them together Here show a good 3 inches overall
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
The same height as Zelenskyy?? You need your eyes tested Angle..
BoobleGooble said on 9/Apr/22
5'9 is possible if he stands up straight. He looks 5'7 due to his horrid posture
Angle said on 9/Apr/22
If he's actually 5'9 he's got terrible, terrible posture. Looks the same height as Zelenskyy in some of their photos/videos together today. He must drop near enough 2 inches.
Mohammed 170cm said on 4/Mar/22
@Rob- I guess he's even shorter than 5ft9 cause he looked shorter than 5ft9 1/2 former Prime Minster of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu. However, 5ft9 is possible for his peak, not today.
See this: Click Here
Editor Rob
Boris posture at times is wobbly, but maybe he is at an age he's losing a fraction.
Matt N said on 27/Feb/22
Cheers for your insight, Rob; 5’6”/5’7” would make sense given my Grandad’s “very small” description.

In that case, then, how tall would you guess Michael Gove, who’s stood next to him in the linked photo? I’d seen him pegged at 5’11”, but I can’t see anywhere close to that looking at that photo. What are your thoughts?
Matt N said on 25/Feb/22
Rob, what are your thoughts on the height of the former Chief Whip and current MP for the Forest of Dean Mark Harper? Here he is stood with Michael Gove, for some reference: Click Here

For what it’s worth, my Grandad (around 5’11”) met him during the last election campaign and said he was “very small”, if that’s anything to go by.
Editor Rob
5ft 6-7 range
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 9/Feb/22
I will only say this one more time.

When standing with upright posture, Boris Johnson is more than just a flat 5' 9" guy.

He looks and is 5' 9.25"-5' 9.5" range!

So needs a 5' 9.25" listing as his low.

There is no way I was as much as 0.75" taller than him, each time we met! More like 0.25"-0.5".

Sorry, but underlistings bug me more than overlistings.

Rory said on 7/Feb/22
I've seen Matt Hancock in person, I think he's safely taller than 5ft11. Looked about six foot to me, my guess would be 5ft11.75
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/22
Click Here

The guy who looks like 6 ft 5 in that photo is Stephen Barclay. Must just be the camera angel, with Hancock who I think someone said was around 5 ft 11 he's a few inches taller. Tall but not not very tall range.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/22
Sunak no more than 5 ft 7 surely, look at the height difference here LOL Click Here. People keep complaining about Boris, but he or Javid as PM could be much worse....
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Feb/22
I've been watching Martin Lewis's Money Show and saw Boris's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, guesting on said programme. I thought he looked rather on the 'compact' side, and even sitting down, we could see that he's shorter than Martin's average 5ft9.

I checked out the guy's height and found 5ft7.

Do you think that this is correct, Rob?

The 41-year-old has bumped up our energy bills by 54%. With his comparatively little of life's experience, has he any right to do this? I feel he should try living on the salary of a more menial job, and NOT see fit to make it a future which, for many people, their prospects will be "Do I heat or do I eat?"

Politicians should be paid the same as any other civil servant! Then they'd think twice before deciding to charge the nation ridiculous heating costs and so on and so forth.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson can have 5ft9. For some strange reason, I used to think he was taller!
Editor Rob
Rishi does appear a good couple of inches shy of Boris
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/22
154cm for her might be close.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/22
Click Here Looks tiny there next to that guy, similar sort of height to Kourtney Kardashian there.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/22
Ha, she is shorter than I thought in comparing her to others!! Click Here Click Here With Boris here, maybe 5 ft 1? She's quite wide legged and well endowed as well for a small woman, a bit of an odd shape but a very pretty face/great cheekbones. Her face belongs more on a tall model esque body like Melanie Skyes or somebody.
Editor Rob
5ft 1 at most, her Husband looks relatively huge beside her.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/22
I know you don't do requests any more Rob but would Priti Patel be worth adding? I would have guessed 5 ft 2 range rather than 5'3 but haven't compared her with people. I confess to finding her attractive haha!!

So we have twice the number of COVID cases compared to this time last year and suddenly the restrictions are dropped just like that. Makes sense LOL! 153,000 deaths officially, you can see the real number on the ONS website... Click Here We could have somebody much worse than Boris like Macron or Scott Morrison of course... Confusing times, we, Czech, Mexico and El Salvador remove restrictions and they've just mandated the jab for all over 18s in Austria, how crazy is that?
Editor Rob
Would have thought nearer 5ft
rlheight5'11 said on 25/Dec/21
I think he's 5'9 and previous Prime ministers have been at least average height anyway. He does slouch a lot..then again his office is a desk job basically. His claim may have been his in shoe height, not the worst I guess. So yeah 5'9 for him.
mordor said on 28/Nov/21
Hey Rob:)How tall do you think Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis is next to Britsh PM Boris Johnson at his recent visit at Britain?I will send you 3 pics:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob you think he is:
Editor Rob
When on stage he could look 184-184.5, when posing together.
Cjcjcj said on 1/Nov/21
@Paul 5 ft 10 "Only" is average idiot
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Oct/21
How can this possibly be? Sir David Amess has been stabbed to death in a Methodist Church in his constituency. I'm utterly shocked and disgusted that someone's life can be wasted because he's an MP. People are paying tributes to him on the evening news now, both MPs and those who were helped by him. Everybody is singing his praises and saying what a nice, selfless man he was. Sir David was 69.

They showed a heartwarming picture of Sir David holding two pet pug dogs.

He leaves behind wife, Julia Arnold, and five children.

RIP Sir David 🕯️ 💐 XXX
26th March 1952 - 15th October 2021
Gladstone Screwer said on 4/Oct/21
Boris must be struggling to achieve 5’9” in his late 50s.
Probably 5’8” now.
Maahin Chowdhury said on 20/Sep/21
Click Here
If Boris is 5'9 then how tall do you think Jonathan Gullis MP of Stoke is? 5'10 maybe
Editor Rob
both maybe losing equal amount of height, so the other politician looks near an inch taller
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/21
@ harisali1820 - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!

Maybe I should meet him! 🤔🥘💭
harisali1820 said on 30/Aug/21
5'8" MAX.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 28/Aug/21
Hi Rob,

I last met him in 2016 and he was still 176 cm.

He's 57 now, so I imagine once he hits his early 60s, he'll be 175 cm at most.

But if you insist on leaving him at 5' 9" flat, please can you add the following at the top:

"Boris is a 'posture guy', so can appear shorter than he really is at times. 176 cm possible for his peak?"

Paul 5' 9.75" said on 10/Aug/21

I've just measured 5' 10" (177.8 cm) at 9 pm on a chilled out day - worked from home at a desk, etc.

But I fall to 177.2 cm before bed on most typical days though - so I'm a 5' 9.75" guy.

There is no way I'm close to an inch taller than Boris! It would've been noticable when we met on the 4 separate occasions.

Stood upright he really is 5' 9.25" minimum in person. On a lazy day would see 5' 9.5" quite comfortably.

Don't be fooled by the slouch!

Politics aside, 176 cm is fairest.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 10/Aug/21
Yeah, I know what you mean Nik - sometimes you have to see someone in person to believe it.
Nik Ashton said on 15/Jul/21
@ Paul 5' 9.75" & Rob - I would have to meet him to form my own opinion! I do know that one onliner of 5’8.5” has met Boris Johnson and they claim to be taller than him!

Please give Rishi Sunak a page, he’s one politician who really is missing from this site.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 14/Jul/21
To Rob and Nik Ashton,

I can confirm that Boris looks 176 cm range in person.

I orginally thought he was 175 cm at best - I always measured myself as 5' 9.25" at night and 5' 10" morning height.

However, this was always on carpet / uneven surface and I was shortchanging myself as a result (see Rob's video on carpet measurements).

Boris is not as much as 0.75" shorter than me (I'm 5' 9.75" - NOT the 5' 9.25" I used to incorrectly measure).

Therefore, Boris is not a flat 5' 9". I'm 0.25-0.5" taller than him.

He really does deserve a 176 cm range listing. Don't be fooled by his posture!

5' 9.25" minimum.
Nik Ashton said on 14/Jul/21
@ Rob - Is 174 possible for Boris Johnson?

I wonder what Boris thinks the UK average is and it would be interesting to know how tall he would think I am!

5️⃣ 8️⃣❓
5️⃣ 9️⃣❓
5️⃣ 🔟❓

It would be great if Rishi Sunak was given a page on celebheights, he is the Chancellor of the Exchequer so he is therefore one of the key members of the government. Rishi is listed as 5’7” yet he is widely known for his short stature, his height is widely discussed online and offline so he is a must for celebheights! It would be great for him to be given a very precise listing on celebheights and the most accurate one possible!
Editor Rob
from people who met him, there are some who feel he has a greater chance of clearing 5ft 9 than falling under it.

I reckon 5ft 9 or a bit over may well be likelier than under it.
GUK said on 12/Jul/21
Some pictures at the Euro final with Beckham and Djorkovic. He looks closer to 5ft9.5 which you orginally had him at. I think his weight and posture give a smaller impression.
Nik Ashton said on 27/Jun/21
Boris must think I’m really short but if he saw me …..!
Rory said on 26/Jun/21
Ive seen Matt Hancock up close in I think 2017, and he was near 6ft id say. Id probably go 5ft11.75 for him.
Matt N said on 25/Jun/21
Rob, what would you guess Health Secretary Matt Hancock at, if you’ve ever seen any photos of him and Boris together? I think he looks around 5’11.5”-6’0” range if Boris is 5’9” as listed, but it’s hard to tell as Boris often has a strangely hunched over posture. Do you agree with my guess?
Editor Rob
yeah, he can look more than 2 inches taller than Boris.
Vibram said on 31/May/21
I stood and spoke to Boris for 1 minute about rugby back in year 2004. He was buying fish and chips outside Leicester's welford road rugby ground. I was 25 Boris 39/40. We were easily at eye level and I was 177cm. I can believe the claim of 176cm for him, possibly 177.3cm morning height as a young man. Very slouchy posture and 3 stone overweight.
Roco7 said on 20/May/21
Gonna echo want Paul said, I've actually met him when he was mayor of London and seemed almost my height even with bad posture, and I'm 176.8 mid-afternoon.
Paul 5' 10" said on 16/Mar/21

I'm 5' 9.75" and didn't have almost an inch on Boris! More like 0.25-0.5" tops.

The last time I met him was on Brexit Day in 2016.

He deserves 176 cm range.

But if you feel he wouldn't measure over 175 cm in 2021, maybe add a line at the top explaining;

"Boris is a 'posture guy', so can appear shorter than he really is at times. 176 cm possible for his peak?"
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 14/Mar/21
Bojo, as my stepfather calls him, is 5’8.75 at most and probably 215ish pounds. He’s a similar build to stepdad, who was 5’8.5 and 216.5 pounds last time he checked
Gladstone Screwer said on 3/Mar/21
Boris probably is 5’9”, could appeaf less due to a pudgy, non-athletic body.
Rob, Sunak is variously estimated 5’5” to 5’7”, any ideas on accuracy ?
Paul 5' 10" said on 27/Jan/21
@ vastlybetter566

Red Ken is 178-9 cm in person. Easy to have a laugh with too.

I'm 177.2 cm and he had me by at least half an inch.

So, 5' 10.25" I'd say - an inch on Boris.
Paul 5' 10" said on 27/Jan/21

This guy really is 176 cm in person.

Used to think only 175 cm, when I believed I was only 176 cm (due to my inaccurate carpet measurements).

When he stands upright he clears 175 cm, but isn't 177 cm.

1 cm less than me - I'm 177.2 cm but just round to 5' 10".
Rory said on 24/Dec/20
I didn't realise priti Patel could be as short as 4ft10. I know she looks short but I assumed 5ft-5ft1.
vastlybetter566 said on 12/Dec/20
Rob, how tall is former London mayor Ken Livingstone?
Click Here
Editor Rob
in some photos Ken can look to edge Boris out...
Paul 5' 10" said on 26/Nov/20
Hi Rob,

I hope you're keeping well.

Sorry to be picky, but can you give Boris 176 cm - at least as his peak height? Doubt he's lost much though at only 56.

I'm 5' 9.75" at night and he wasn't as much as 0.75" shorter than me (see my detailed response below).

5' 9.25" / 5' 9 and 3 Eighths" was more accurate when I him in person. Don't be fooled by his slouchy posture!

I last met him in 2016 and he still looked 176 cm. His 5' 10" claim is his morning height.

J2Frenzy said on 20/Nov/20
I’m in agreement with 6’3 Julian. Boris Johnson is easily 210 if not 220. He’s in similar shape to a friend of mine who claims 5’9, 15 stone (210)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Nov/20
His brother I'd say is 5ft11 range. Looks 2in taller
Tunman said on 17/Nov/20
Quite surprising to see that the european leaders are so tall,especially that most are between 40-70 years old.Nauseda looks 6'3 same for Plenkovic,Iohannis seems 6'2.5-2.75 Sanchez 6'2-2.25,Rama 6'5 minimum,and most are taller than Boris(with Orban and Zaev being maybe in the same range)
Tunman said on 14/Nov/20
Hmmm,after looking more accurately Edi Rama has more chances to be the full 6'5 after all.A solid 3.5" taller than Stoltenberg given his bigger than average head,could even push few mms over 6'5.
Rutte is definitely nowhere near 6'4.5
Tunman said on 9/Nov/20
Rob,Here is some good footage to judge the height of your Prime Minister (and the height of many leaders)if you start around 34 mins
Click Here
He doesn't look a mm taller than Viktor Orban who got a 174 listing I would have thought 5'8.5 was perfect he also looks hardly 0.5 taller than Macron.
Some definitely need to be brought down especially Rutte,there's no way he's more than 6'3 next to 6'1.5 Stoltenberg.His 6'4.5 is very unlikely
Editor Rob
One thing with Boris is his posture half the time looks poor. Is he the kind of guy who would lie about being 'about 5ft 10'...

do politicians lie 🤨
vastlybetter566 said on 27/Oct/20
Rob, I think after almost 15 years, Angela Merkel deserves to have a page on this site.
Tall Sam said on 25/Oct/20
I've never found Trump funny unless you find grade school bullying taunts to be uproarious. I would say American presidents all have huge egos but Trump has much more narcissism, lie so rampantly and express appreciably less empathy than any, in at least the times of modern media, IMO. He sure has some sort of black hole charisma that sucks a lot of folks in.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Oct/20
Trump is a funny guy though, he has some of those old school comedian traits. Joe Rogan has mentioned it many times. But his humour is derived from attacking others! I think you have to be highly narcisstic with some crazy traits to want to be the leader of country and that famous though.
Tall Sam said on 22/Oct/20
@Eric W Tam, lol you're not wrong, you'd expect this kind of guy to boost their own size by inches outside of waist size, but Johnson has a self-effacing humor, that's probably entirely false and a front, of a kind entirely foreign to Trump's all-consuming, monstrous narcissism.
Eric W Tam said on 20/Oct/20
Considering this guy's Trump's British double, I'm appalled he didn't' claim to be 6'0, three inches taller, like his Yankee counterpart.
Paul17 said on 18/Oct/20
How tall is Rishi Sunak? I'd guess around 5'5 judging by photos next Johnson
Editor Rob
sometimes had a small apple box on the briefings to look taller, but 3 inches under Boris, not sure about 4 though.
Roots4828 said on 8/Oct/20
How tall does Ian Lavery look next to Boris? Click Here
Editor Rob
Did have a camera advantage, he could be 2 inches taller than Boris
6'3 Julian said on 25/Sep/20
My uncle is 5’10 or 5’11, not quite sure
Nik Ashton said on 24/Sep/20
@ 6’3 Julian - Who is the next tallest person in your family?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Sep/20
@ 6ft3 Julian - I had a particularly tall uncle on my Dad's side (his brother), and he'd have to bend down just to go through our porch!

To be all of 5+" taller than your other family members must be awesome, but a trifle uncomfortable, having to bend down just to listen to them, especially if they're quietly spoken!

Good to speak with you again Julian!

Cheers mate!

6'3 Julian said on 21/Sep/20
@Nik I’m an only child, it would’ve been interesting to see how tall siblings would’ve been given I’m a tall guy in a short family
Nik Ashton said on 20/Sep/20
@ 6’3 Julian - Have you got any siblings and if so how tall are they?
6'3 Julian said on 19/Sep/20
Sandy none of my relatives are over about 5’10. Family dinners are awkward last time we tried to have a barbecue it was raining so we put up a tarpaulin and I kept bumping my head on it
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Sep/20
@ 6'3" Julian - Your Dad is quite tiny in comparison to his son!

Boris is too heavy but I wish my own father could gain a couple of stone. There's a happy, healthy medium for everyone. I think as one gets older, one needs a bit of weight to fall back on in case of illness. I don't think Boris qualifies as that old at all, but my Dad definitely does.

Cheers Julian! 😁👍
6'3 Julian said on 13/Sep/20
Yeah @Sandy I used my dad (5’8.5, personally measured him at 174cm, 213 pounds) as a baseline. Boris has more chest fat than my dad who’d be in decent shape if he didn’t have a big gut. 220 isn’t too hard to believe
6'3 Julian said on 12/Sep/20
@Sandy Cowell 210 is believable. My dad is a fraction below 5’9 (measured by a doctor as 174cm) and weighs about 210, and he’s in similar shape to Boris
6'3 Julian said on 12/Sep/20
Actually I’m starting to think I was a bit generous with the estimate. He’s probably 5’8.5 220 pounds
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Sep/20
Isn't 210 pounds rather excessive for a fellow of Boris's height? He'd do his health an enormous favour by slowly shedding a minimum of 25 of those pounds, and seeing how he feels at 185.

It can't be easy for him and others like him, always being invited to official functions involving huge feed-ups, but Boris could benefit from the help of a nutritionist to coach him into making the right food choices at such functions. He'd feel so much more comfortable and have bags more energy as well. Having been so ill this year, it should be high on his priority list to get the very most out of his diet, which is, after all, Latin for 'way of life'.

5ft9 😁👍🌞⚖️🔟🎾🍎
6'3 Julian said on 10/Sep/20
5’9 stretching. 210 pounds completely dry
Editor Rob

About is a magical word when it comes to height claims...a get out of jail card for free card.

But maybe Boris has lot some height by mid 50's now.
Neddy said on 8/Sep/20
Celebrity Heights says Donald Trump is 6' 1/2".
Google says he is 1.9m.
He looks probably 6' 2 - 3" on TV.
Who is correct one wonders.
Linke said on 4/Aug/20
Won't be surprised if he has lost height due to his age and weight. Could have been close to 5'10 in his 20's.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jul/20
@ Felix Evans - LOL Felix! He's in the right job then! 😂🤣😂

No more than 5ft9 at the very most.
Paul 5' 10" said on 30/Jul/20
He's 5' 9.25" (176 cm) in person - see my very detailed comment below!

So 5' 10" is his morning height. His claim isn't that outrageous...
Felix Evans said on 30/Jul/20
He claimed 5 foot 10 on TV the other day. I think he is a liar. He is may be 5 8.
Matt Evans said on 27/Jul/20
Looks 5’9 at best, often looks between 173-175 & never close to 5’10 as he recently claimed.
Paul 5' 10" said on 7/Jul/20
So Rob,

Following on from my comment in June, regarding my own recent accurate height measurements (5' 9.75") - NOT 5' 9.25"; here's the first of my updated estimates based on the celebrities I have met:

I've met Boris four times now. He's my current local MP and he's visited my places of work in the past.

The 1st time was in April 2010 before the General Election, and he would've been 5' 9.25" (176 cm) absolute low height. Slouching at times, looking 5' 8.75" but 176 cm when fully upright.

2nd time was in April 2012 at work, when running for a second term as Mayor of London and he still looked 5' 9.25".

3rd time was in early 2016 at work, and he still looked 176 cm minimum.

4th time was EU Referendum Voting Day, 23 June 2016 and he still looked 176 cm.

He wore regular 1 inch shoes on each occasion.

Today though in 2020, he is starting to look 175 cm (5' 9").

He has very relaxed posture, often slouching. Stood ramrod straight for a measurement could still stretch close to 176 cm though...

So 5' 9.25" / 5' 9 and 3 Eighths" is more accurate as a peak height for him.

FiveEightJake said on 20/May/20
Got to say I’m no longer convinced he’s 5’9, he looks 5’8 flat at best nowadays. Posturally awful but I think that can make you give him the benefit of the doubt.
5.9 legit guy said on 9/May/20
Looks 172/173
ladeez said on 8/May/20
looks his claim
Nik Ashton said on 3/May/20
@ Steve Wright - That’s interesting!
Steven De La Salle said on 9/Apr/20
For 5'9" he sure is as big as and taller than many other blokes! Most 5 '9 people look short these days!
Sandy A Cowell said on 6/Apr/20
Poor Boris in intensive care now for going about his business being our PM, as his symptoms worsen. I wish him a speedy recovery. 💐

I just saw on the News that 6 bus drivers have died, more than likely caught from people as they drive the buses around. This is dreadful to hear. All so sad. 😢
Tony M said on 29/Mar/20
Clearly looks 5’8” or even 5’7” in most pics
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/20
I watched the PM's message to the nation* tonight, and I am going to take heed to everything he advises. No time now for being silly and taking the pee; he's a man with a big burden to carry now.

*...except that my phone thought that he was addressing the toilet. 😲🚽 It seems to have been taking lessons from my old phone!

He's getting 5ft9.
pov said on 18/Mar/20
5'9 is fair for him. He has a bad posture, dont really think he cares about height. He's got more important things to worry about like.. CORONAVIRUS LOL
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jan/20
This morning I asked my brother whether he'd heard anything about the proposed fate of the NHS. I'm glad to say that he thinks it's just a rumour and it would never happen. 🤗 I do hope he's right. The very thought of it makes me feel in need of a doctor! 😕

Britain is a great place to live. Let's pray it stays that way.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jan/20
Ha ha ha! I was having a text chat earlier on and the subject matter got round to Boris Johnson. I wanted to abbreviate his name when I suddenly realized that his initials are 'BJ'! Anything to do with pricks is indeed rather apt, if you ask me....

One of the reasons Britain is Great is because of its world-reknowned Health Service. Is he really planning to take that away from us? Heaven help those less fortunate than the wealthy and those who are comfortably off. There will be people suffering unnecessarily and even dying if this plan comes to fruition.
Finn said on 13/Dec/19
Around 173 cm standing straight. Very bad posture and overweight so could look short.
Stanley Johnson said on 15/Oct/19
Steven De La Salle

If Johnson is 5'11 that would make Donald Trump 6'3 (which we all know is fake news!).

There's at least 4 inches between them in photos.

When in public he looks pretty average and among other politicians he looks below average.

There's no way he's anywhere near 5'11. Jeremy Corbyn is 5'9 and even he seems to edge out Boris Johnson.

He could be as low as 174.
Bolton said on 12/Oct/19
He’s 55 overweight and has very bad posture. It seems to me that the 5ft 9 may have been an accurate figure some years back. I’d wonder if he has started to loose height and would trim 5ft 9 back to 5ft 8 1/2. By most modern standards he’s short for the leader of a big country. In late 2019 he’s photographed a lot next to Leo Varadaker.

There’s chat on Trump’s page comparing the US President to the Irish PM. Some excited journalists over the years have placed Varadaker as anything up to 6ft 4. In reality there’s a strong argument to say he’s 6ft 1.5. On that basis you can then look at pics of Varadaker and Johnson. There seems in many of the pics at least a 5 inch difference in height. When they are caught at or near lecterns and quite close with no obvious variations in camera angles or chance of uneven ground etc Johnson’s eye line seems around Varadaker’s chin.
Steve Wright said on 8/Oct/19
5 foot 7 at best.
Steven De La Salle said on 2/Oct/19
I can't see him being less than 5'11. He is as tall as most in public and taller than many, and at 5'9 in this day and age you don't do that!
2toes said on 28/Sep/19
I didn't expect he was 5'9"! I expected 6'0" or something like that.
FiveEightJake said on 26/Sep/19
Don’t think I’ve ever seen the bloke stand up straight, what height do you think he walks around at Rob? He shouldn’t look as short as he does at times, I know plenty of weak 5’8 guys who don’t look as short as Joris Bohnson, although 5’8.25 from me with good posture
Editor Rob
Posture-wise, he isn't the best. A lot of the time he looks like he could be 5ft 8-9 range, but I would expect he measures taller than how he generally looks. How much is debatable though.
Rory said on 15/Sep/19
Jeremy Hunt up close I'd guess at 6ft1.75. There's zero chance he's under 6ft1.5 imo unless his shoes were unusually thick.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/19
Rob, how tall do you think Leo Varadkar is?
Editor Rob
Could look over 6ft 1 with Boris
frank burjan said on 7/Sep/19
Several people who have met him have said he is 5'7". Ill ho with that. People like to say they are two inches taller than they are or their height in shoes with large heels.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Aug/19
6'8 Mikhail Prokhorov with Boris Click Here
Jamie said on 20/Jul/19
Hey Rob, if you’re going to create a page for Jeremy Hunt. I would have him down as 6ft0.75. Edges 6ft0.5 Cameron but shorter than 6ft2 Rees-Mogg
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/19
@ Richard Parker - 5’8” is not short. Also there is nothing wrong with being short.
Rory said on 15/Jul/19
I wouldn't completely dismiss 6ft2 for Hunt. He greeted Trump when he got off the plane and they spoke for about a minute and he was definitely taller I think he's a 6ft1+ guy I'd rule out 6ft0.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/19
I think 6ft1 range for Hunt. Looked to edge our David Cameron
Invictus said on 4/Jul/19
Hi Rob,

Is there any chance you could create a page for Jeremy Hunt?

According to some sources, he's 6'2''(188cm), but I think that he looks nearer to 184ish.
Editor Rob
6ft 2 seems on the high side, 6ft 1 at most, maybe 6ft 1/2 is possible
Importer said on 28/Jun/19
@Richard Parker "He deserves to be short."
What on earth is that supposed to mean?
Lazar99 said on 27/Jun/19
@Rob, Is it a peak height?
Editor Rob
Boris could be a candidate for having lost height.
Richard Parker said on 26/Jun/19
He deserves to be short, so I have made him just a shade taller than 5ft 8in.
Fergus said on 25/Jun/19
I think they all inflate their heights. Rory Stewart claims 5'8" but looks at least an inch shorter. Boris is closer to 5'8" I think. Bad posture, I accept. At least one profile describes Dominic Raab as a "half pint". He looks about 5'9".
Harry Alexander Downes said on 16/Jun/19
I would say 5ft 9.75 these days. Peak height was 5ft 10.
Chloe F said on 9/Jun/19
About 5'7".

I met him at a Conservative conference a few years ago (I used to work at the Birmingham ICC). I'm 5'7" in my work shoes and he was about the same height as me.
Jamie said on 30/May/19
Hi Rob - How tall is Dominic Rabb?
Editor Rob
Over 5ft 10 I'd have thought
5'9ian said on 16/Apr/19
I’ve walked past him a few times in Westminster and he’s around two inches shorter than me (I’m a weak 5’9).

Gove is also around the 5’9 mark and Boris is visibly an inch or so shorter in most photos during the referendum.
Click Here
JD1996 said on 17/Dec/18
I always thought he was 5'11" for some reason had no idea he was only 5'9"
Nik said on 29/Jan/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, strange, but true though, like quite a lot of things in life! He was one of the front runners as well!
I worked in local government for 17 1/2 years but I was made redundant in 2013. I never really liked the meetings and I certainly dreaded the idea of being nominated to do the minutes for the meetings, I was never really interested in the political side of things and was more focused on my own job as it did not involve anything like this!
So "Emmerdale" is just starting with a mirror, Laura Norton, and Lesley Dunlop, on my screen. Have a great evening Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jan/18
@ Nik - Hi there! My phone allowed me a look! Wonders never cease, do they? It comes as absolutely no surprise that the Sun was the source of that strange bit of info!
How interesting that you worked in local government! I would meet certain of these people when I did the minutes at meetings, but they were for charity rather than politically orientated, so I learnt nothing about the political side of things!
Nik said on 25/Jan/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I cannot remember when and how I first heard of speculation about him becoming Prime Minister but I know it was talked about way back in 2017, or before! I have a useful link which you may want to look at! Go onto Click Here

I agree with what you said on New Year's Eve, there are so many members of a government, many decisions are made solely by other MP's, many are made by the Prime Minister in conjunction with a particular MP, and even though many decisions are made by the PM on his/her own the party values and the job description of the PM have to be adhered to, even on occasions where the PM may think differently. I know when I worked in Local Government that people would say that the same is true about the jobs of the Chief Officers!

Happy Birthday!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Dec/17
@ Nik - When was this?

I think that the decision-making in politics is such a team effort that one single person as leader is hardly going to make a whole world of a difference, regardless of who takes the chair!

One thing CAN remain constant though: Boris can have 5ft9 from me again!
Xavier said on 9/Nov/17
Unfortunately,he is a Donald Trump fanboy.
5 foot 8 and a half.
Ben 5'11 said on 31/Oct/17
Click Here Hey Rob, how tall does Erdogan look next to Johnson?
Editor Rob
looks like he's around 3 inches taller than young Boris
5'10" lad said on 16/Oct/17
I've met the lad, he's around 5'8"-5'9". he seemed also to be wearing quite thick shoes and was still shorter than me (180cm in shoes). I'd say 174-175 range for Boris
Nik said on 10/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

There was talk of him becoming Prime Minister!

Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/17
Shorter than expected, with a terrible posture and yellow pubes! Just the sort of criteria needed for a Lord Mayor! 🎨 😕

This afternoon Boris can have 5ft9.
Rick said on 6/Oct/17
He has terrible posture which makes him look quite short at times, David Cameron often looks significantly taller than him even though there's only 3 inches between them.
Chris said on 12/Jul/17
5'10.5 Step Dad works with him in the foreign office. Called him "shorter" than expected.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/17
@ Nik - Thanks! 😉
Nik said on 18/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Cheers to you too! 👍
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jun/17
@ Nik - Cheers! 👍
Nik said on 17/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell

That's good to hear Sandy!

I thought at one time that I had seen quotes of 5'10" for Boris Johnson but he appeared to me to look under 5'9". However on further examination I think that 5'9" is a good call!

Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jun/17
That's fantastic! I must admit that makes me very happy! 👍😄
Nik said on 17/Jun/17
Make that another LOL!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jun/17
@ Arch Stanton - I'm glad you found it amusing! 👍 😌
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jun/17
LOL Sandy!!
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/17
...and here's a little extra!

I overheard a bunch of schoolkids on a bus engaged in an entertaining conversation about the likelihood of Boris having blond pubes! I butted in and said that they will probably be the same colour as his eyebrows - which ARE blond, but possibly a bit darker!
They thought it was great that a grown-up should join in with their frivolous chat, and thanked me for the tip! We parted on excellent terms! 🍌
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jun/17
@ DC - Actually I thought he was taller than 5ft9, but maybe that is because he has a particularly large head!
Still, now that I have the statistic in front of me, I shall refrain from upping his height....
5ft9 it will be!
DC said on 10/Jun/17
He usually looks shorter when standing next to other male politicians. I'm not convinced he's 5'9.
DC said on 10/Jun/17
He usually looks shorter when standing next to other male politicians. I'm not convinced he's 5'9. BTW, I'm only here due to a rumour that he's going for a PM bid - please, no...
HonestSlovene said on 31/Jan/17
He can look a weak 5'9" like 5'8.5" range due to bad posture like poster @Chaz has said, but if he would sstand up straight he would be 5'9" minimum and 5'9.5" very likely. Always seemed like a genuine 5'9"-5'10" guy, not that short.
Phil said on 14/Nov/16
Boris " make UK great again( oh sorry he is not Trump) i mean Boris "take back control" Johnson has a tiny wife. She must be 4 foot 10 or 4 foot 11 . btw she looks like an immigrant.
Phil said on 24/Oct/16
5 foot 9 Boris Johnson said that 5 foot 6 Winston Churchill may have had short man syndrome.
Chaz said on 15/Jul/16
I have seen him twice ,he looks 5'9'' but he's got very bad posture and would be at least 5'10'' if he stand upright.
Percy said on 11/Jul/16
I've met this guy on three occasions. 5' 9" is correct.
Sam2 said on 30/Jun/16
It says he's 5 ft 11 on internet explorer. Is that true?
Editor Rob
I think that would be unlikely
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/16
Yeah it will funny if he makes PM and Trump makes president LOL. A battle of the whispy blondes!
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/16
Rob can you add a photo and correct the type on Politican? Cheers. You know, sometimes when I see him walking on TV he gives the impression of a big guy, and with his personality and all, he's a guy who to me would probably get guessed as a 6 fter by a lot of people.
truth said on 18/May/16
5ft9-10, average for a UK man.
Fez said on 2/Apr/16
@Editor Rob,

a person i know has met Boris Click Here
The person i met is 5'9.5", Boris looks a Solid inch under him but is hunched down by 1inch. The person is leaned over by 0.5inch, if both stood up straight Boris would look 0.5inch under him. But Boris has 0.65inch shoe advantage over him, so minus the shoes = BORIS HEIGHT IS 5'8.25-8.5 MAX (Peak=5'9").

what do u think Rob? 5'8.5" today?
Editor Rob
he has a bumbling kind of walk/posture, so judging the guy can be tricky. I think he might be a guy who measures more than he looks. He can look that range, but I wonder if he still has more height available for measuring.
About 5 10 said on 12/Jul/15
Boris visited my work. I edged him out slightly, 2 cm max. 175 cm is spot on!
Vince said on 1/May/15
I met him in Uxbridge. He is 5' 9".
John86 said on 13/Dec/14
5'9 for certain, looked pretty much the same height as 5'8 James Corden on Jonathan Ross tonight. Funny to see how he talks about short man syndrome in a number of politicians, maybe he should look in the mirror? :)
Liam 176 said on 28/Oct/14
Comparing him with celebrities of a 'known height', he does look 175 cm. And he looked 5' 9" on the button this time I saw him. In fact, with very loose posture he gave an even shorter impression.

He was 46 when I first met him and 50 now. I doubt he's shed half an inch in those years!
Editor Rob
yeah 5ft 9 can work for him
Liam 176 said on 27/Oct/14
Rob, I've commented on your page. I've met him again. Looked shorter this time...
Editor Rob
maybe he just always been in 5ft 9 range, or surely he's not losing height...
Vibram said on 16/Oct/14
Boris looks a weak 5ft9 next to 5ft10.5 Jimmy Carr Click Here
I think 175cm, maybe 176cm at peak.
andrea2 said on 11/Oct/14
I passed him on the street in London and he was so much shorter than I thought he'd be that it stopped me in my tracks....I'd say 5 ft 9 is very generous
GUK said on 23/Mar/14
There's a picture in the daily mail stood next to a 90s Toyota Previa people Carrier he looks roughtly the same height with shoes on. The model is maximum 5ft 10.5 so looks like the listing is spot on.
Paul177 said on 14/Jan/14
Not true that he is short. The absolute lowest he is, is 176 cm. Obviously, his posture is sometimes horrendous - giving him a shorter impression...
neilbet said on 12/Jan/14
I met him on the Southbank in the summer and had a photo with him. I was surprised at how short he is. He is certainly shorter than 5ft 9.5 that you list him here.
Roger Craig said on 4/Apr/13
Sebastian coe is 5ft9 and Boris is a little taller than Seb i noticed as well. So Boris could be 5ft10.
I thought Seb was around 5ft8, then 5ft9 for boris would be ok, but cos Seb is in fact not so short, boris could be a little taller.
Ace said on 17/Oct/12
I agree Cliff, i always imagined him as pretty tall, due to his lifestyle and all.
Cliff R said on 14/Jan/12
I always imagined Boris was a taller than average type guy mainly because he is larger than life character. Then i saw him next to Sebastian Coe and Boris appeared slightly taller.
That is when i realized Boris is not a tall guy. I had thought of him as about 5 foot 9.
Ejel Khan said on 8/Apr/11
I met Boris, and he was an inch taller than me. I'm 1.75, or 5'9". I'm also a regular contributor to this site. Boris should definitely be upgraded to 1.78, or 5'10".
177lad! said on 10/Jan/11
Hey Rob, I think Boris appeared closer to 5' 10" than 5' 9" actually... just been randomly tagged in another photo from when I met him.

5' 9.75" is fairer.


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