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Peak: 5ft 11.83in (182.4cm)
Current: 5ft 11.03in (180.4cm)
Danimal said on 27/Dec/07
Ted T, he wore Moon Boots with Fish swimming around in them. They were Kiss Platform boots.
ted T said on 27/Dec/07
Don't forget that there was a time that Shawn Michaels wear the biggest shoes in the WWE,if not in the whole world.In his early career.Now his footwear is not that big.
Kevin Durant said on 21/Dec/07
I do not think that Shawn Michaels is taller than Bret Hart because i remember in the 1990's that Bret is at least 1" taller than him.

Here is the Video just look at the ending part of the match

The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart ( Shawn Michaels is the Guest Referee)

Click Here

I would put my money that Bret Hart is still a legit 6 footer.
Derek said on 29/Nov/07
HBK and Bret are very close in height. I think HBK is a hair taller.
PJ said on 29/Nov/07
I've met Hart and Michaels ... Bret is 5'10.5 or 5'11 tops, Michaels is a tad taller at 5'11.5
Vegas said on 28/Nov/07
ted T says on 28/Nov/07
In real life Bret is taller than Shawn.HBK must wear a good sized boots in wrestling

and you know this how??? they looked the same height to me in person without wrestling gear on
ted T said on 28/Nov/07
In real life Bret is taller than Shawn.HBK must wear a good sized boots in wrestling.
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/07
I say 182 cm, 5'11 2/3. Shawn is imo 1,5 cm taller than Bret at the most.
John said on 26/Nov/07
Got to meet Bret Hart and a bunch of other wrestlers in 2000 at the London Arena in March of that year. I'm 5'8 and standing next to Bret he was no more then 5'11 - 100% Bret is not a 6 footer, my brother was with me and he is 6'2 and he looked down at him. Also Ric Flair was the same height - Kevin Nash looked a good 6'10 and Jeff Jarrett no more then 5'9.
Josh said on 26/Nov/07
He looks under 6'0 , 5'11 the most.
Elio said on 25/Nov/07
Definately looking 6 foot there with Mamum. That is more than 3 inches! If he's less than 6 foot then he's simply wearing generous footwear.
ted T said on 25/Nov/07
Shawn Michaels,Bret Hart and Rob Van Dam are the same height in their peaks which is 5-11.
Danimal said on 25/Nov/07
5'11" in his peak. Saddly, same height as a shrunken Roddy Piper today.
brother_h 16 and 6'1 said on 24/Nov/07
shawn michaels was 6'0-5'11. this guy looks 5'11. alot of places said he was 5'11 and it was believable too. plus he had several inches over his brother owen, he was billed 5'10 but was more like 5'8.
must be a canadian thing.
yup 5'11.
lsu alum said on 24/Nov/07
here we go again the great vegas knows
Antron said on 23/Nov/07
I see 5'11 here
Kevin Durant said on 23/Nov/07
I tend to agree with Editor Rob's Listing that Bret Hart is a legit 6 footer, the reason he can be smaller at times is because of his posture, and the WWE Billed him just an inch taller than his real height.

Mamun said that he is a solid 5'8" in the evening, which makes Bret Hart a legit 6 footer in comparison with mamum in this picture.
Vegas said on 23/Nov/07
mentor's list had bret at 5'9, lol, i wonder is there any wrestlers this guy got even close to being right :D
Derek said on 23/Nov/07
Eurohouse- Shawn was never 6'1". He was 6'0" at the most.
cantstop25 said on 23/Nov/07
surprisingly hart is taller then bruce willis in comparison with mamum, do doubt about it
Danimal said on 23/Nov/07
Bret is NO 6'0". Met the man in Calgary 6 years ago. He had about 1-1.5" on me. He had been listed at 5'11" up until 1990? Shorter than HBK, or at the very most, the same height as him. You have him too high Rob.
Frank said on 23/Nov/07
Ted , i met Jim The Anvil Neidhart and he was about 5ft 10 topps and Maybe he wore lifts in the ring ??
anonymous said on 23/Nov/07
I read a couple of times he was 5'11". In general, I think these wrestling heights are pretty much with their wrestling boots on. Most of the wrestlers heights, especially by the WWE, are exagerated.
Vegas said on 23/Nov/07
taller in comparison to mamun than either willis or perlman and mamum is closer to the camera too, by a fair bit it seems looking at how big mamuns head is
Eurohouse said on 4/Nov/07
Back in 1997, I would say that he is about 6'1" because, then Michaels was actually 6'1"
Derek said on 24/Oct/07
Alex- It's possible Bret brought along his friend Mr. Lifts. We can all agree Austin is no less than 6'0". Also, Bret was considerably shorter than McMahon.
Alex said on 14/Oct/07
I was watching Survivor Series 1996 and he was face to face with Austin and the same height. He could have been 6'0 actually.
boobie69999 said on 26/Sep/07
bret hart signed an autograph for me back in 91. im no more than 5'9.5. he was no more than an inch taller. at the most i would say 5'11.
KT said on 20/Sep/07
He was a solid 6 feet back in his heyday. He did look taller than Shawn Michaels in the face-downs.

Now, he is around 5'11 without question. No way is he still 6 feet. After all he's been through, with the stroke and all...he must have lost height.
ted said on 16/Sep/07
Jim Neidhart who is 6ft is taller than him and he does look like 5-11 with the
6-1 then Vince McMahon.
Mr. Anonymous said on 5/Aug/07
Derek, I think you're right on the money with Bret being 5'11". Totally agree.
When I was living in western Canada I was on a plane sitting behind Bret. (summer of 91'). We were on a small 50 seater regional carrier and he stepped off the plane in front of me. I'm 6'1.5" and he was definitely a solid two
inches shorter than me. I remember thinking to myself.....I thought he was
Derek said on 9/Jul/07
Yokozuna was around 6'1"-6'2". If Bret is 5'11", he could be 6'0" in boots and 6'1" in lifts, which would make him the same height as Yoko if Yoko was 6'1".
Taylor said on 9/Jul/07
I think Bret is 6ft1 or 6ft2. Bulldog 5'11.5, Owen Hart, 5'10.5 and Jim Neidhart 6'0.5.
Jason said on 9/Jul/07
Yeah, he could be the full 5'11''.
Paul said on 8/Jul/07
Unless Mean Gene is under 5'8 (which he isn't - and he may be up to 5'9), Bret is a very strange 5'10.5 or 11 even taking into account the larger heeled boots he is no doubt using.
Paul said on 8/Jul/07
They look the same height to me. Bret is raising his head, 03:24 in the footage shows a better comparison.
Brah said on 1/Jul/07
Bret Hart is wearing big wrestling boots and Yokozuna is barefoot. Also, Yoko is listed 6'4" but was probably like 6'1" in real life.
Jordan said on 30/Jun/07
Click Here

Bret is taller than Yoko who is listed at 6'4. Strange.
Albi said on 5/Jun/07
Dai, you are so adopted :)
Alex said on 26/May/07
Bret never looked 6'0-6'1, well he did when I was a kid but watching old tapes he looks 5'11. Owen looked anywhere from 5'9 to 5'10.
Funny how Bulldog was billed at 6'3 at the end of his career. Looking at old tapes he looked no more than 5'10.
6'3'' JK said on 29/Apr/07
Rob you should downgrade Bret to 5'11.25'' or maybe even 5'11'', and give a peak height of 6'0'' or something
Jason said on 28/Apr/07
I think 1.5...

I think Bret 5'10 1/2'' & Owen 5'9''.
Derek said on 27/Apr/07
Danimal- Are you sure Bret was only an inch taller than Owen? Bret always looked to have at least 2 inches on his brother and the Bulldog also looked taller than Owen.
Halb said on 21/Apr/07
I met Davey, and I reckon he was 5'10. As for Bret he looked 5'11 to me. I don't think he was ever 6". He was usually billed as 6'1 or 6".
supes78 said on 20/Apr/07
BNret next to 6'1.5" McMahon;
Click Here
I'd say Bret is slightly under 6 foot.
6'2.5'' JK said on 30/Mar/07
Rob, I think the 6'0'' listing needs to be downgraded to 5'11'' or 5'11.25'', i can't see Bret being 6'0'' today, but he looked about 6'0.5'' in his prime
Danimal said on 29/Mar/07
Bret - 5'10" (Met the man in 2001-2002)
Owen - 5'9"
Davey Boy - 5'9" (Met the man in 1995)
Derek said on 29/Mar/07
When Bret fought the 1-2-3 Kid on the July 11, 1994 RAW, Bret was shorter, but I don't know how tall the Kid is.
Dai said on 28/Mar/07
Vegas- im similar to you, i'm 6'1", which isnt that tall, but im known as the giant in my family with my father being 5'3', mother 4'11', brother 5'6' and my sister a staggering 4'9'. So i got some decent genes from somewhere. On Bret, he seemed only a fraction shorter than piper at WM8 yet looked shorter than Michaels at Surv Series 92. Bret doesnt have a very good posture though. He could av been between 181-183cm in his prime to me.
Derek said on 19/Mar/07
Steven J.- Sometimes, a child inherits a tall gene. My dad is 6'3 1/2" while my grandfather was 6'0"(he's 5'10" now). My uncle is 5'10" while my grandfather is 5'7"(5'8" in his peak). Also, my friend is a shade over 6'5" while both his parents are 5'10".
Steven J. said on 18/Mar/07
How come Bulldog was 5'9 and now his son is 6'6. How can someone be that taller them their father??
Titi said on 17/Mar/07
I met RVD. I'm 5'8, & he had at least 3 inches on me (1m81 I'd say). Bret was a little bit taller than RVD, so a small 6'0 sounds ok for me!
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/07
How come Hart is at 6 foot? He should be brought down an inch.
championross said on 6/Feb/07
No way Brett is a legit 6'. He's 5'10" or 5'11" at best. Same height, or slightly under, Shawn Michaels or myself.
6'2.5'' JK said on 18/Jan/07
I can't see Bret hart being 6'0'' nowadays, he most likely is 5'11'' - 5'11.5'', but i hear his son Dallas is a legit 6'6''
Sid said on 16/Jan/07
I have the classic figure of Bret Hart and the card lists Bret as 5.11"
Paul said on 22/Nov/06
Alex watch the videos I have posted... how young those guys looked. Trust me re: Brets opponent. Makes Bret look 6'0 by comparison.
Alex said on 21/Nov/06
I thought Bret for a while was 5'11 but going by Danimal's sigting I could believe 5'10 now. He was shorter than HBK but by how much now?
Paul said on 17/Nov/06
obtobob I have met Dalbir Singh. He was billed at 6'1 and looked 6'1, about 1.86m. They were more honest with wrestler stats over here. Bret looks 1.83m by comparison.
optobob said on 17/Nov/06
if a pro wrestler says he's 6'0", then he's 5'10" .
take 1-2 inches off any height a pro wrestler gives
Paul said on 12/Nov/06
The late great Davey Boy Smith as you have never seen him before. Recorded from 1978.Also a link to the Hart/Dalbir match.
Click Here
Click Here
Paul said on 23/Oct/06
Check this out...An interesting match on 'youtube' now with Hart v 6'1 plus Dalbir Singh...early mid 1980's I would say, a UK tour match. Final confirmation for me anyway, that Bret Hart is 6'0. I know for a fact that Singh is a solid 6'1. Rob do you remember Dalbir Singh ?
Frank said on 22/Oct/06
I dont believe he is no shorter than 5 ft 11......I seen him but he was wearing cowboy boots with a Big Heel so i could not judge....He was taller than Ken Shamrock wh0 i believe is about 5ft 10
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
No Alex, Im starting to beleive he is between 5-9 and 5-10, partly from Danimal's sighting and other photographic evidence. Not to mention the mentors list :)
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
So Viper, 5'11 isn't anywhere close to 6'0? haha
3 inches plus to me is when it starts getting far away. 1-2 inches is a small margin to me.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
I remember for sometime Bret was listed at 6'0. He looks about 5'11 to me.
Viper652 said on 20/Sep/06
There is no way Bret Hart is anywhere close to 6-0.
ralph said on 19/Sep/06
bret isnt shorter than shawn michaels, in my opinion. Michaels is about 5'11"-5'11.5" and hart is 6 foot.
Ola said on 18/Sep/06
I agree with 5'11 - 5'11 1/2 on bret. he is a tad shorter than shawn michaels
Jason said on 17/Sep/06
5'10 1/2'' I would say. I've met him at a signing but unfortunately he was seated. I did see him from a distance before the signing started and he looked 5'11''ish, however that is QUITE vague.
ralph said on 16/Sep/06
Click Here

he looks 6 foot next to 6'1.5" vince mcmahon
ralph said on 15/Sep/06
6 foot is exactly his height, (he is one inch shorter than stone cold)
Derek said on 14/Sep/06
If you say so. It's possible Bret could have been wearin some chunky heels that day in 1997, which may have led my friend's uncle to believe Bret was 5'11". I've never met any wrestlers but I hope to one day.
Danimal said on 14/Sep/06
Derek, I've met him face to face and not my uncle's friends dogs father's niece's second cousin. I, let me repeat that, I I I I met him FACE to FACE. I am NOT taller than 5'10" and he was NOT taller than me. Very cool guy though. I've also met Dave Boy "British Bulldog", the Iron Sheik (VERY SHORT GUY) and Jake the Snake Roberts (at least 6'4").
Derek said on 13/Sep/06
Danimal- my friend's uncle met him before a RAW taping at MSG in 1997. His uncle is 5'10"-5'10 1/2" and he said Bret was only marginally taller. He also met Neidhart, Owen, and HBK. He said Neidhart was slightly taller than Bret at 6'. He was unsure about Owen but he estimated him at around 5'9", maybe a tad more. At least he got to meet Owen before he died. Shawn was the same as Bret. He didn't get to meet Bulldog or Pillman.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Okay Derek, if you say he is, then he MUST be!
Derek said on 12/Sep/06
He's 5'11", same as HBK.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
That is interesting. He looks 5-11 to me for some reason.
PJ said on 12/Sep/06
I stood on level ground and shook his hand, he's 5'11 at the very most (I'm 5'9).
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
I think the mentor gave him 5'9.25" That seems about right. He could have been closer to 5'10" though.

The Man, he was listed at 5'11" long before he was listed at 6'1".
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Hes 5-11 or slightly shorter in reality.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
Danimal, so the mentors listing of him at 5-9 isnt far off?
TheMan said on 10/Sep/06
That sounds about right to me. There was no way he was 6,1 as they billed him as though.
Danimal said on 10/Sep/06
He used to ALWAYS be listed at 5'11" in mid 80's and the early 90's and 234 pounds. Met the man in Calgary at a signing and he was barely taller than my 5'9.5"-5'10" frame.

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