How tall is Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

American comedian and actor, known for films such as The Five-Year Engagement, Uncle Nick, The Devil's Rejects and The Comedians of Comedy. He once mentioned his towering stature, saying he stood "6 foot 6. 6 – the height of the beast."

How tall is Brian Posehn
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Average Guess (17 Votes)
6ft 5.85in (197.7cm)
Andrey200 said on 2/Apr/22
197.5, as seen with Steve Agee
Rhys 6'1" said on 23/Nov/21
6'6.25" imo
Canson said on 11/Apr/21
@Mickie and Editor Rob: Ali Baba thought he was slightly taller than Posehn. The latter may have been a weak 6’6”
Tall Sam said on 6/Apr/21
He looked very mildly edged out I think by big 6’6” Steve Agee.
Canson said on 5/Apr/21
@Hyper: I would like to see Posehn with Owen Benjamin or Bo too. He may be right around their heights
Mickie said on 6/Feb/21
Does he really look this tall next to Michael Richards?
Editor Rob
could look under it...though maybe a bit worse posture and a lot less hair.
Tall Sam said on 15/Nov/20
Rob, do you think he added the 0.6 inch to his height only as a joke or could he have legitimately measured around that?
Editor Rob
Could well have been a bit of humour
Hyper said on 4/Oct/20

It’s only something to keep in mind. Maybe 6’5.75” at worst, considering worst posture. We have to ask about footwear.
Canson said on 4/Oct/20
@Dream: good points too! He may have been a legit 6’6” if that’s the cas
Canson said on 4/Oct/20
@Dream: my man! I didn’t know that was you. I’ll remember going forward! Good to hear from you!
Hyper said on 3/Oct/20

I read his comment again, and Ali did mention Brian had terrible posture, so it's something to keep in mind.

(Also, it's me Dream! (Not the youtuber, but the one who met Tom Welling and Charles Martinet! (and showed the pictures!))
Canson said on 3/Oct/20
I remember Ali Baba said he was slightly shorter than him In person. Not sure about footwear though
Hyper said on 3/Oct/20
Bo is extremely lanky for a 6'5"-6'6", so he could give a taller impression, but I think Brian might be a little taller. However, I don't think it's much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/May/20
Rob, who do you think is taller this guy or Bo Burnham?
Editor Rob
He can look quite tall With Jason Segel there...but by 50's, he seems a guy who might be a candidate for having lost a fraction. Could he ever have been as tall as the sign of the beast?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/19
Rob, do you think could be the case Steve Agee is atually 6'6 1/4 and Poseh is 6'5 1/2 with some loose posture making him sometime look flat 6'5?
Editor Rob
Maybe Posehn has poorer posture at times, I can see how 6ft 5.5-6 is arguable for him.
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Junior: I think Ali measured 6’5 7/8 or a full 6’6 when he met him. I wouldn’t put Brian under 6’5.5 but think 6’6 is too much especially since he met him and confirmed it
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Aug/18
There is a 197cm claimed poster Alibaba look 1/2 on Brian. 6'5 1/4 could be his low.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 19/Dec/17
I see 6'5" and change today. He looks just under 4" taller than Jim Parsons on recent BBTs, Jim being a strong 6'1. I don't think Brian has lost that much height at only 51, but he could have been a notch under 6'6 in his 20's. Taller than most of his co-actors, that a given.
Canson said on 6/May/17
@Christian: could also be that I have better posture and better hydrated now. Last few days I'm 195.8 out of bed and 194 evening if I don't hit the gym. Gym days 193.8ish
Canson said on 3/May/17
@christian: the core strengthens your back.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 3/May/17
Canson said on 2/May/17
@SJH: possible especially given he's in Hollywood. Ali Baba said his normal low is 6'5 3/4 or 7/8. I think the 6'5.5 and 6'5 5/8 is an absolute low. More like me when I come down to low 193 range. I've actually measured the last few days and gotten back to 194 flat evening on non gym days because been working out more on my core. I haven't tested and absolute low recently but inbox standing at 195.8-.9 out of bed and 194 evening now


How does the core muscle affect height loss? I thought it was related to the back muscles.
Canson said on 2/May/17
@SJH: my guess is he's probably peak height 197-198 cm and today is 196.5-197 maybe while Ali is 197.5-198
Canson said on 2/May/17
@SJH: possible especially given he's in Hollywood. Ali Baba said his normal low is 6'5 3/4 or 7/8. I think the 6'5.5 and 6'5 5/8 is an absolute low. More like me when I come down to low 193 range. I've actually measured the last few days and gotten back to 194 flat evening on non gym days because been working out more on my core. I haven't tested and absolute low recently but inbox standing at 195.8-.9 out of bed and 194 evening now
S.J.H said on 16/Mar/17
Posehn is solid 6'5 and steve agee not under 6'6
S.J.H said on 15/Mar/17

Posehn is closer to the camera with alibaba if you take a second look at the picture there is no footwear issue posehn is between 6'5-6'5.25 since alibaba is 6'5.6 i can tell 1cm is possible. That make sense for steve agee 6'6 claim. Posehn can't be any higher than 196cm when standing tall. Sometimes agee can look over 2" taller when posehn having really bad posture but closer to 1" between them for real comparison
Canson said on 7/Mar/17
@Danimal: no chance he is really 6'6.6 barefoot but in shoes he is. I've noticed heavier guys (overweight) are the biggest culprits of lying about their height and using a Morning and rounding up (which I guess the latter is ok) but still not 100% accurate. if Ali Baba comes down to 6'5 7/8 barefoot. He's a cm taller prob at minimun1/4". I'd put Brian around 6'5.5 barefoot that's of course unless his posture was really that bad
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/Dec/16
He did not look 6'6" at all in his Seinfeld cameo. The pic with Ali Baba suggest he's around 6'6", but I've got Kramer estimated at about 6'2.75". I'd say Brian looked 6'4.5" next to him. Odd.
Danimal said on 2/Nov/16
Rob, the number of the beast is 666, not 66. He is 6'6.6" which is what he actually said, not 6'6". He's also said he's 6'7".
S.J.H said on 18/Oct/16
@Mayfield said on 7/Oct/16

I saw this picture years ago and i think what you think too at first. But this picture of the ground and camera angle seem a little odd but theres other comparison both agee and posehn they only look about an inch different not this much. Agee is really 6'6 as he claim on twitter and posehn somewhere 6'5 range as 197cm alibaba posted here with camera angle advantage favour on posehn
Mayfield said on 7/Oct/16
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Posehn looks small compared to Steve Agee, who is listed at 6'6, but that's definitely downplaying.... Agee's gotta be maybe under 6'9, like 6'8.5 or something
Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/16
Rob, can you add a photo and some examples of films. He was in Five-Year Engagement. I thought actually he could look close to 3 inches taller than Jason Segel in that. Could look 6'6 and change with him but seeing him with Ali doesn't look that.
Ali Baba said on 28/Jul/16
He was actually probably a tad shorter. We were both wearing Vans type shoes and he mentioned I was taller as well. His posture is horrible though. He's an old school wrestling fan and mentioned how the taller guys in that business fib about their heights. He specifically brought up Nash. I thought that was funny.
Canson said on 22/Apr/16
Ali Baba's pic is the key that he's at least 6'6 no less! Ali, was he taller than you or about same? I can't tell in the pic as you all have diff angles.
Ali Baba said on 22/Jan/16
The guy is absolutely hilarious and nice as can be in person.
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LT said on 15/Nov/14
Saw him do a stand up event. He does have very poor posture, and comes off as a weak 6'5". No doubt could gain at least at least an inch straightened up.
Mathew said on 2/Aug/14
This is the clip I was talking about. Neither one of them is using good posture, but surely it looks like a 2" difference rather than 3": Click Here
Mathew said on 1/Aug/14
On Seinfeld not sure if he looked quite 6'6" next to 6'3" Michael Richards. Certainly a solid 6'5" though.
76Inches said on 17/Jun/13
I saw him next to Jason Segel and he looked a solid 2 inches taller. Segel is reported at 6'4", so I would say 6'6" is pretty accurate based on that.
B.T. Stomp said on 13/Feb/13
I just moved to Hollywood, CA in early January.

So far I've been booked on some really good shows.

Today I did background on 'Big Bang Theory'.

Brian Posehn was in the scene just before me.

He walked right by me a couple of times.

As best I could tell the top of my head reached his eye brows.

Which I estimate to be around a 4" difference.

I'm 6'1" in just my socks.

I was wearing my Vans sneakers so altogether around 6'2".

He had on similar sneakers to mine.

So I would estimate him to stand around 6'5".

However he was slouching both times.

The one time I saw him straighten up he seemed to gain 1-2".

So I guess my final estimation on Brian Posehn's height would be about what what he is usually stated at... around 6'6".
Funny guy & a good actor.
Scott Younglove said on 18/Jan/13
No where near 6'6" tall. I'm 6'2" tall with my shoes on (on a good day) and he was no more than an inch and a half taller than I am. That would make him 6'3.5" I'll be generous and give him 6'4" because he doesn't have the greatest posture, but he's not 6'6" or 6'7" as some sites give him. I've got a friend who's 6'6" and he would tower over him.
Ace said on 2/Aug/12
I saw him about a year ago near a starbucks. I had no idea he was so huge, but he towered over me pretty definitively. 6'6 sounds perfect
Silent d said on 8/Nov/11
He is a man mountain. He towers over everyone in just shoot me. I think 6 foot 6 is perfect.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/10
He is 6'6.6", the height of the beast!
Alex said on 8/Apr/09
"According to me,man's heighty grows upto 6.4"/6.5" not more than that..."

So what you're saying is that people "should" grow to that height? People come in all different sizes, in fact most people I've met are like 5'8", which is average height, 6'4" is rare.
Marc said on 19/Feb/09
I met brian not long back and I am 6'5 and he was a couple inches taller, he is definetely either 6'6 or 6'7 tall he is a giant of a man.

I Reckon he is more 6'7 though
anon said on 6/Oct/08
Definitely 6'6. I met him backstage at Unholy Alliance tour. Gargantuan.
ras said on 5/Jul/07
By the pics I've seen of him I also calculate 6'6, not quite 6'7. He looks Penn Jillette's height. Unless people could also give Jillette 6'7.
waz said on 19/May/07
he was on everybody loves raymond, he looked like he had 5 or so inches on ray romano, you never saw him with brad garrett though on the show, he may be just over an inch smaller than brad, he is about 6'7, he appeared in net worth and in the high school one where ray has to go to a reunion i think its on series 2.
priyanka said on 16/May/07
I dont think his height is 6.6".According to me,man's heighty grows upto 6.4"/6.5" not more than that...
There are some exceptions like-
A Chinese height is 7.9" and is married to 5.6"woman.He saved the life of two blue whales with the help of his long hands.

U all guys answer-
What should a girls height for a good personality?The height should not be too large nor too short coz. excess of anything is not good.

Reply fast.......
Sk8erBoi said on 22/Apr/07
He is 6'9", 335. My friend met him and verified this. By the way, my friend is Zdeno Chara, a 6'9" hockey player.
Matt said on 24/Feb/07
He's so big! He stood next to Patton Oswalt (I think he's like 5'4 or something) and Oswalt looked like he was up to his belly! 6'6-6'7 is definitely right!
Dunken said on 19/Feb/07
he goes to Conan O'Brien once in a while.

he has 3 or 4 inches over Conan.
Marc said on 18/Feb/07
He gives his height as 6'6.6" (he loves metal), but he's actualy 6'7".

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