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5ft 4.54in (163.9cm)
anon said on 13/Oct/06
When her first single was released she was 16 but by the time the album was released, perhaps 3 months later, she was already 17. A 17 year old girl isn't still growing, not even a 16 for that matter. The extreme few that are still growing are late bloomers and Brit seemed to be developed already. Most girls don't grow past 14. That was a lie to cover up her mysterious change in breast size. I'll say 5'4" max. You can't compare to other stars since they lie too. I really think Christina Aguilera is no more than 5'1", if that. I always thought 5'0.5" fo her.
venus said on 10/Oct/06
She looks like she got Agiulera by 3 inches. She looks 5'5 to me.
susan said on 10/Oct/06
she is 5.3.5" met her im 5'4' and she was least 1/2 shorter than me.
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/06
Actually, she was 5' 4" when she was 16, and I think she is a legit 5' 5" now.
pamela said on 20/Sep/06
she is 5ยด3. she is short. just cuZ she is a big superstar doesnt have to make her tall. trhe truth is that she is fat and short. elf. deal wit it.
Viper652 said on 18/Aug/06
Britney has always looked kinda short to me.
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/06
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Next to 5'2'' Kelly Osbourne, Britney looks a good 2-3 inches taller. I guess 2.5 inches is good. So 5'4.5...
andrea said on 16/Aug/06
I always thought Britney looked sorta tall...but I guess I was wrong. I figured her to be at least 5'4. Some people look taller/shorter than they really are. I'm 5'7 but I look like 5'5, max. When I'm slouching, I bet I lose another inch and I think theres a couple inches lost in my messed up neck:P Juding from these pictures, I think 5'4.5 sounds about right then.
Viper652 said on 4/Aug/06
K-Fed can look as short as 5-7 in pictures, its crazy.
Natalie said on 3/Aug/06
I am not sure. Sometimes she looks shorter than 164 cm and some times taller. But she is not taller than 167 cm and not shorter than 157 cm.
mouldy said on 3/Aug/06
Alex: There's no way K-Fed is 6'0", because then Brit is 5'7"-5'8"! I've seen a lot of pictures of them at the beach (when she was still pregannt with Sean Preston in 2004) and they're both barefoot, walking side-by-side. Kevin can't see over Britney's head, (which he could if he was 4.5-5 inches taller) so he's maximum 4 inches taller than her.
Raul said on 2/Aug/06
hi,i think Britney is either 5'4 or 5'5, any one of this,any ways u cant change her height now, however she is, she look good.Dont try to change her,plzzz...
Brad said on 1/Aug/06
I saw her at a casino in Vegas with boots on. She must have been 5'8" with ease. She's a legit 5'5". Ms. Aguilera can't be more than 5'1".
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anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
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her legs are kind of short in this picture, she looks a little taller than Jessica Simpson. I think around 5'4.
Danielle said on 6/Jun/06
Britney is quite a hard one to pin down, she can look (relatively) taller than the smaller celebrities, but at the same time most female celebs are hard to judge because of heel size, after just measuring myself - im short, a tiny smidge over 5'0, i measured myself again wearing my 4 inch heels, (the usual size most female celebs wear round about), and this only added around 2 and a half to 2 and three quarter inches max to my height. I think Britney is just under 5'5 looking at her she does appear to be average in height.
leonari said on 24/May/06
Anonymous: again another non-sense comment: 5'7" for Britney...Great!! You pinned her down smart-a. Ridiculous claim! GET REAL MAN!!
Anonymous said on 23/May/06
i saw a video of britney on regis&kelly. britney has maybe 2 inches heels but she is about 3 inches taller than regis.she must be 5'7 Click Here
sianna said on 18/May/06
i rekon shez 5'5....she just looks it you no...i just think that she looked a good 3 inches taller than Christina A in all those pics of them
Alex said on 16/May/06
That picture with Melissa Joan hart puts Britney at a solid 5'5.

[Editor Rob: assuming they had identical heel heights of course]
Anonymous said on 16/May/06
here's an old picture of Britney and Melissa Joan Hart (5'2). I think Britney looks a good 3 inches taller- or 2 at least. I think 5'41/2 is about right...

Click Here
Luis said on 15/May/06
Well, i meet her at The Onyx Hotel Tour, she is really pretty! and shes about 1.65 cm in no heels!!!! shes really sweet!
Alex said on 12/May/06
Viper, I am unsure on Kevin's height though, but I'd guess 5'9 maybe. What do you think Britney is? She can appear about 5'5.
Viper652 said on 4/May/06
If hes only 5-6 1/2 to 5-7, which I do not doubt actually, then its amazing how a skinny build in pictures at the right angles can make you look close to 6-0 at times.
bobbi said on 4/May/06
Well I work at a casino in arizona, brittany spears was visiting scottsdale. While of course her husband was at the casino I worked at playing poker... On the way out he stopped by for a couple of hands of blackjack, he is no where near 6ft. I am 5'9 he was more around 5'6.5- 5'7 I remember thinking he is a little guy!
Alex said on 16/Apr/06
How tall is Kevin though? I've heard of a 6'0 claim. Next to Britney he looks only 5'9 maybe?
Alex said on 15/Apr/06
Anyone got good pics of Britney and Beyonce together? I think we can peg Beyonce at 5'5.5 and Lopez at 5'4.5 then we should be able to get a good estimate of Britney.

[editor rob: just type britney beyonce into and you'll find a number of pics. I think in the first page knowles might have slightly bigger heel]
Alex said on 14/Apr/06
Well, yea in a magazine about 6-7 years ago I was reading and she had her profile that she wrote herself and for her height she put down 5'8.5 to be exact. I actually believed it for sometime until she was towered over by people 5'11-6'0. Shes anywhere from 5'4-5'5. Not the best to pin down.
Kats said on 12/Apr/06
Well, just wipe away my last post. I currently think Beyonce is 5'5.5 which puts Britney around 5'4-5'4.5 to me.

LOL, she claimed 5'8 once? Only in certain heels, Britney! I still have trouble with Christina btw. I don't know if she's 5'2 or maybe a little less...
Alex said on 6/Apr/06
I remember once Britney wrote down she was 5'8 in a magazine! LOL
She can appear 5'5 though. She's a few inches taller than 5'2 Christina Aguilera so 5'5 is possible but NO more than 5'5. Anywhere from 5'4-5'5.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
Found a great pic of her and Sean Hayes (5'11"). She's in what looks like 3"+ heels. 5'4"-5'4.5" seems right.
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Kats said on 23/Mar/06
No one should think Britney is more than 5'4 when Beyonce has been found out to be no more than 5'5. (See her page with her picture next to Glenn.) Britney could even be a little under 5'4. She has excellent posture and actually is shaped (above the waist) to look taller.
jak said on 16/Feb/06
when i went into a la gym i saw britney she was mostly training her legs she had on gym shorts people were staring at her giGantic calfs and thighs themusion she was using went up to 500 she did couple with 1 leg she measured calfs at20 and thigS 43 she also had many popped out vains
clair said on 15/Feb/06
how tall do you guys think she is with out heels.Her sister jamie lynn is 5ft6 and thats with out heels TALL!!!or what im only 5ft3.
ds said on 11/Feb/06
yeah I agree with 164 atleast...
Alex said on 10/Feb/06
I don't think Britney is over 5'5. I'd say 5'5 exactly she is.
Stephenie said on 10/Feb/06
In your picture, Britney looks about 2" taller and Kelly's heels seem to be slightly taller as well. So Britney is 5' 5". She was 5' 4" as a teen, but that's not saying much. Most girls are done growing in their early teens (or even late pre-teens) but some of us grow past 16... and if she was 5' 4" before then 5' 5" is only one inch, and I know a few girls/women who grew one inch since they turned 18.
Kayla said on 9/Feb/06
I was watching the E True Hollywood story on Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Well long Story short I saw A video capt. of Britney Spears standing next to Melissa Joan Hart (both probably in heals)Melissa who is listed at aprox. 5'3" on websites and britney LOOKED atleast 2 inches taller maybe 2 and a half to 3. so I'm betting at Brit being anywhere from 5'4"-5'5" and a half.

[Editor Rob: the 5ft 3 is 1-inch too for Melissa...she's said numerous times she's 5ft 2 and looks all of 5ft 2]
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
rob,how tall is ellen degeneres? did you see the video of britney standing next to ellen? britney was about an inch taller but lets say they both on the same height, if britney is 5'4 like you say so ellen is 5'4 also
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/06
Here's a pic of Britney standing next to Beyonce and Pink. She looks about 2" or so shorter than Beyonce (5'6.5"?).
b-real said on 14/Jan/06
i think britney is at least 5'5, she's clearly taller than kelly ripa, who is an inch taller than jennifer lopez. either j.lo should be downgraded or britney upgraded here.
Wicked Kid said on 6/Jan/06
Lol. K.Fed is totally lying. Who here really thinks he's near 6'?
~Nate~ said on 31/Dec/05
Yea I saw both of them on Ellen he was noticably I didnt spell that right lol anyways he was a good size taller then 5'8 Ellen.
Viper652 said on 31/Dec/05
Kevin is a lot shorter then 6-0.
Ahsun said on 31/Dec/05
Hey ed can u tell me the height of jamie plz?

[Editor Rob: about 3 months ago she didn't look over 5ft 4...but she's around age of growth, so I'll add her eventually...]
J. said on 30/Dec/05
Kevin Federline has recently launched his own website. In a message to vistors, he states "I'm six feet tall ...". So, he has said he's 6'0". We can compare Britney's height to his.

[Editor Rob: might as well add this he six foot? I've not seen enough, anyone see him on ellen show?]
david .gh said on 29/Dec/05
i think she should be shorter because i met her and she told me she is 5'3
Nazish said on 25/Dec/05
I would have to say Britney is no more than 5'4'' because it has been reported by People's Magazine and also by my favorite site :)

CelebHeights Editor, what do you think Britney's height is? I think not more than 5'4''.

So in that sense I'm better with 5'5.5'' at 16 and still growing :)

Take care ppl! Hav fun!

CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Dec/05
From a 2002 saintonline article, "What really shocks me however, is her frame. At 5ft 4 ins, the girl is tiny"
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/05

I think Britney is 5 feet 4 1/2 inches.

Victoria Beckham is reportedly 5 feet 5 1/2 inches. Below is a photo of the two of them.
sonia said on 13/Dec/05
jamie lynn is no where near 5'5 get over it brit is about 5'4 no taller!
mr. kennedy said on 12/Dec/05
judging by recent pictures with the two of them together they looked about the same height. But keep in mind that these pictures are hard to find so the most recent was from august. durring the time from august to now jamie lynn might
have grown since then. i would guess now that britney is 5'4 and jamie lynn is 5'5-5'6 but most likely 5'5
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/05
5'6.5" does seem like a stretch for Jamie Lynn, but by all accounts of recent pictures of the two Spears girls together, Jamie Lynn does definitely look taller than Britney.
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
Thats a bad angle with her and Jackson. Aguilera is 5'2 but Spears looks about 3 inches taller. I would think Brit is close to 5'5.
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/05
Here's a picture of Britney with Michael Jackson-now either Britney is much taller than people think, or Michael is much decide.
Kay said on 2/Dec/05
Check this. This was the opening to an article about Jamie Lynn Spears in Girl's life.

Jamie Lynn Spears is short--barely over 5 feet tall. You could probably lose her in an elevator.
mr. kennedy said on 25/Nov/05
well I would say britney is about 5'3 and her sister jamie has gotten taller than her... so she is probably 5'4.5? Maybe but just a guess, a very bold guess. In recent pictures britany is wearing heels and is about the same height as jamie so I would say that jamie is definently taller than britney.
Madeline said on 20/Nov/05
There is no way the Britney Spears is 5'4". I met Britney in Las Vegas a few months ago and she was the same height as me. I might even be a bit taller than her. She is really a solid 5'3" because I am 5'3".
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Nov/05
A 'dubious' translation of an interview in 2000?
"I am only 5ft 2in so being a model was never really an option"
Lindsay said on 16/Nov/05
I think Halle Berry is actually shorter than we think and that Britney REALLY looks a solid 5"4
Bar said on 27/Oct/05
great pic genio! how tall is lisa? about 30-35 cm taller than britney
Genio said on 15/Oct/05
here's a picture of britney towered by lisa leslie
what do you think? how big is the tall difference?
J. said on 26/Sep/05
Carson Daly doesn't look all that much smaller than he seems on TV in that photo. He appears close to 6'1" next to the 5'11" tennis player. Naturally, he'll seem taller and bigger on television. That pic also proves that Britney is no taller than 5'4".

[Editor Rob: yes, I agree...I meant the '6ft 3' he's supposed to have said sounds ludicrous because he's no bigger than 6ft 1.]
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Sep/05
The picture of Britney aged 17 3/4 beside those tennis players Mary Pierce and Alexandra Stevenson all in trainers is on (click guest then enter B89 063896 into the search box). Now Pierce in 92-95 was regularly described as '5ft 11' in articles. You can also type in B89 063895
to see Carson Daly beside Mary, which maybe emphasises that he isn't quite as big as he wants folk to think...
~Nate~ said on 12/Sep/05
I saw Britney on Ellen and she had about a two inch boot heel on beside Ellens shoes and they were the same height. So I'm guessing Britney is about 5'5-5'6 MAX.
CoolJ said on 31/Aug/05
Once knew a girl that took a tour of the TRL studios in NYC. Watched Britney go over her routine for the show. This girl said Britney was small and no more than 5'3". Then again, you know how those sightings are.
J. said on 31/Aug/05
Well, I don't want to burst your bubble but Halle isn't 5'6". Many people who've worked with her or know her say she's more in the 5'4" range so that would make perfect sense for Britney being 5'4". It all makes sense. Britney- a solid 5'4"; Halle- 5'4" (possibly some change?); Ripa- 5'2.5"

[Editor Rob: the ripa girl is the puzzle. Another thing - remember that celebrity dancing girl who says she's 5ft 3 but the dancing series has her as 5ft 1? She was on Kelly's show and the 5ft 1 would match up the 5ft 2.5...of course if anybody has seen the halle/britney snl sketch there really doesn't appear a great deal between them, certainly having Halle Berry at 5ft 7 and britney at 5ft 4 looks to be a big stretch.

Now, I've never seen Crossroad but apparantly Kim Cattral is in it. Kim has been on the net as 5ft 10 and 9 for 10 years ;) Of course that quote she said 'I'm 5ft 6.5'. Maybe the truth about britney can be seen in her movie!]

ice said on 30/Aug/05
I just did a quick scan of the net. Almost every site has her listed at 5'4 now. Where do you see her listed at 5'5 and 5'6?

[Editor Rob: On the 5ft 6, it's out there i.e. Sites like this. The 5ft 5 thing is out and about from a profile page years ago.

She still puzzles me. I mean the kelly ripa pictures - every site has kelly at 5ft 4, me included - but I found that quote where she said '5ft 2.5' and the pictures of her and britney would then fit britney being 5ft 4 and her 5ft 2.5...hmm, but then she was on that saturday night show with halle berry and truly did not look greater than an inch shorter....
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/05
Anybody know how tall Jamie Lynn Spears is? In recent pictures, she's looked taller than Britney:
That is a full body shot (although the perspective may be a bit skewed), and even with Jamie wearing ordinary sandals and Britney wearing heels, they look about even (which would mean that Jamie is naturally taller).
Again the perspective may be a bit off, but with both wearing sandals, Jamie Lynn definitely looks taller there.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
Asian Pop Star Coco Lee: "I met Britney once but we never got to talk. She's very petite and has a very friendly face. But I was really surprised. I thought she was much taller"
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/05
In recent pictures, Britney has looked shorter than Jamie Lynn. Here is a picture of them wearing similar sized heels and a fairly equal perspective, and Jamie Lynn definitely looks taller:
Any thoughts?
Mr. B said on 18/Jul/05
I was in hawaii like 5 years ago and I had seen her and I dont remember how tall she was and neither do I remember how tall I was that time accurately but I think shes like 5"3-5"4
Kats said on 8/Jul/05
Alas, it's the Kelly Ripa at 5'2.5! About 5 min. ago I said she looked very close to Carmen Electra (who admitted to 5'2 1/2) Ain't I good? ;) If Kelly admitted to 5'2.5, downgrade her! Moving on... Britney is most likely 5'4. Not just because of Kelly. She looks 5'4 anyways. I remember seeing a pic of her with Electra (Ha, I'm going back to her... well she is about the only celeb honest about height) and I was surprised that she wasn't much taller... same heels btw. And there are tons of other comparisons to do with Britney... you just have to be accurate. You will all reach the "near 5'4 conlusion." 5'5 is pushing it.

[Editor Rob: Only image I could find of Carmen and Kelly. Actually I keep forgetting about electra. She should be used more for comparison as she's honest enough to say what she was measured at...maybe that quote I found where Kelly said she was only 5ft 2.5 is closer to the would certainly put britney back down to the 5ft 4ish range...hmmmmm]
jamie-lynn spears said on 2/Jul/05
ive seen recent pictures with jamie lynn and britney walking around and jamie lynn is taller than britney now...look at how britney has heels and jamie lynn has flat shoes link
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/05
I am 5'8" and when I stood next to Britney, she was shorter than me and she was wearing heels. So I don't think she is more than 5'5" at all. Most likely she is a bit shorter than that.
Jess said on 21/May/05
Yes, says she's 5ft 6,but usually the oficial sites lie about the heights of celebrities (like by Kate Moss).
Anonymous said on 20/May/05
her official resume says she's 5'6, go to and check it out.

i met britney on her onyx hotel tour i'm 5'6 and she was the same height as me.
Anonymous said on 19/May/05
I was scrolling down the s list and to my surprise I see britney bumped up to 5'5"! What is the funnier part about it is her greedy fans are trying to bump it up to 5'6"-5'7"! Alright first off like a previous poster said she appears tall when she wears heels and short when she does not, second I must say she has tremendous posture so she appears taller. Truth is she is no taller then 5'4" and never will, get over it. It aint a big deal, I personally find shorter girls to be more attractive anyway.

[Editor Rob: there is a lot of pictures and footage that does support Britney being 5ft 5 and the posture thing I mentioned, as you pick up on - in many pics she will stand feet together forcing a pretty good pose]
Anonymous said on 17/May/05
briteny was on the elen show today and when she stood beside ellen she was the same height as her. britney was wearing 1 intch cowboy boots and ellen was wearing running shoes so that would make britney about 5'6 -5'7 even ellen said they look about the same height.
crazylarry said on 7/May/05
that tyra banks picture confirms that britney is no where near 5'7
there is another picture right after this one where tyra does not have her head down and she is minimal 7 inches taller

tyra banks is 5'10" add 3 inches (could be lower they add max 3 inches) for heels 6'1", Ill be nice and subtract only one inch for the way tyra is standing. she is 6'0" tall

Britney is atleast 7 inches shorter so at the absolutetley positively maximum britney is 5'5". She could be atleast an inch shorter. She could be as low as 5'3"! I know people are going to think that I am crazy but think about it. Why does she only appear tall when she wears heels and appears very short when not.

she is in the 5'3"-5'5" range for sure

my guess 5'4"

Anonymous said on 5/May/05
You really think the difference on this picture(TYRA-Britney) is just 5 inches...Man be so kind and go buy some glasses dude...You're hilarious!!!!! Thia is ahuge height difference of at least 7 inches...but actually more...
Anonymous said on 5/May/05
Tyra banks is on heels and britney is not and tyra is 5 inches taller

[Editor Rob: what are the shoes on britney. I couldn't see them underneath those jeans. Maybe just sandals?]
Anonymous said on 4/May/05
Jack osbourn is 5'8 and you can check it. britney is 2 inches taller than him c and look at her next to madonna britney is 3 inches taller

[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say the Jack picture tells a 2-inch difference ;) Look at the way Jack is leaning and britney isn't leaning exactly either...but she does have on some big heels there, 3-3.4 inches in my view. Britney can still be the 5ft 5.5 though and it is possible.]
Anonymous said on 2/May/05
Britney looks taller than ellen degeneres she is on 2 inches heels

[Editor Rob: they could be 2 or 2.5, but man that other photo isn't really the best beside she does look to be leaning a bit dubiously. Ellen wears shoes a lot, is she in them or boots like britney's at that show?]
Raz said on 2/May/05
Ok, I've found another picture, which I believe is the best yet.
It features Britney between two SUVs, a Ford Expedition and a Range Rover III.
The Ford is 77.6 inches high and the Range Rover is 73.3 inches.
Measuring as carefully as I can, and taking the sole thickness of her trainers, and her posture, into account, I get 164-164.5 cm. A bit taller than I expected, but I truly believe this is Britney's true height.

Of course, there's always the chance that she's taller in the morning.
For me, the difference is more than half an inch. At my tallest, I'm 5' 10 1/4", and at my shortest, 5' 9 2/3". In the case of Britney, who has short legs for her height, she has a relatively long spine, and that allows for a greater variation in height over a day.

My personal opinion is that Britney's 5' 4 1/2" at the tallest and half an inch less than that at her shortest.

Here's the picture, by the way:

Anonymous said on 2/May/05
So why britney is taller than alicia keys?

[Editor Rob: is she. When two people lean together and don't have the best postures it becomes harder to tell actual difference...and of course there's still debate as to alicia true height being 169 on the dot.]
Anonymous said on 1/May/05
Britney is 3 inches shorter than brad pitt and she has 2 inches heels

[Editor Rob: I don't think picture helps the case for britney as there is 5 inches visible difference there....]
cantstop25 said on 30/Apr/05
you cant use those pics you cant even see there feet. britney has good posture and wheres big heels. it is much more difficult to determine a womens height because they are always have heels on. no way did she grow 3 inches after 18 I dont think she grew at all. she is still 5'4" if she was 5'4" from the years 16-18 shes not going to grow even half of an inch nevermiond three. she is 5'4"
Cooky said on 30/Apr/05
171 cm?Yeah,right.Just look at the pic,where she's standing next to Beyonce and Pink.Beyonce isn't even standing straight and Brit looks about an inch shorter than her (you know Beyonce is 5ft 6).So she's no more than 5ft 5.
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/05
For smoke.i agree with youre claim about britney and justin but it was a few years ago and she is taller now.have you seen her in austin powers 3? or with halle baree? look at her latest photos and see that she looks 5'7 more than 5'4
Smoke said on 29/Apr/05
Wow Anonymous, I'm sure if you had your way all of the women on this site would tower over all of the men! Let's be real though, Justin Timberlake is in the 5'11"-6'0" range, and he passed himself off as being 6'2" for many years beside Britney, even when she was in significant heals most of the time, to be honest until I saw Justin beside some other people I really did believe that he was actually 6'2". If you compare her to Timberlake, I would say 5'4" at best.
J. said on 26/Apr/05
Britney Spears' teenybopper internet fans are so cute! They truly insist she's tall when she looks like she's barely 5'5". As for the 6'1" for the husband, that's questionable. Sometimes in pics, he does look that height but when Spears puts on her heels, he's doesn't. So who knows? As for Michael, he really is 5'10", a solid 5'10" and nothing shorter. He had on low-heeled dress shoes when he got measured for the mugshot so hey, maybe he's a tad over the 5'10" mark and close to 5'11". Don't shortchange him to make Britney taller ;-)
Mr. R said on 26/Apr/05
Kevin Federline has been listed most often at 6-1. I only see him with Brit, so it is hard to measure him against anyone else.
leonari said on 26/Apr/05
Micxhael Jackson is 5'9"!! Not 5'11"!!!! On is police mugshot he is listed at 5'11" cause he is wearing his plateau shoes these days like he does often when not performing!! Britney is 5'5 max...
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/05
Michael jackson is 5'11 and when britney appeard on his 30th aniversary tribute she was taller than him.check those photos and think if there is a little chance that britney is just 5'4.look at the photos and see that she is atleast 5'6 or even taller

[Editor Rob: yes, 2002 awards, and this pic shows jacko barely taller. Britney in 3.5 inch heels, jacko doesn't look to have heeled moonwalking boots and his posture is pretty bad. A bad posture can easily knock 2 inches off height, but the more pics I'm seeing of Britney the more I can see that when she said she was 5ft 5 it is possible...but 5ft 6 is a stretch ;)]
MD said on 25/Apr/05
Not to get too far off of subject, but does anyone know her husband's, Kevin Federline, height? Standing next to her even when she's in sneakers he only looks 2-3 inches taller than her.
cantstop25 said on 25/Apr/05
I think she is 5'4" just look at her there is just no way that she is 5'6". and in that beyonce picture beyonce is an inch taller plus you can add atleast an inch for the way she is standing opposed to the way britney is standing perfectly upright. she is no taller then 5'4"
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/05
Even from this pic you see that halle is taller just because she wears boots.The pic of britney with alexandra stevenson is from 1999 and britney grew taller since than.If you look at britney in the last 2 years you can see that she is tall

[Editor Rob: yes, that's what I'm saying - judging ladies heights depends a lot more on their posture and heel differences. If you look at the britney and beyonce (who does look a solid 169cm) pictures on Getty images I just can't see britney being over this 5ft 5 mark...but yes, 165cm is still a possibility...she may have gained a bit extra in 18-21 years range...]
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/05
If you agree that she is tall as Halle Barry you should getting her up to 5'6.There is no way that she is just 5'4 she is 5'6 or 5'7 and you should check it again.

[Editor Rob: I agree in teaser she looked as tall, but in the appearance she didn't look quite as tall. You can see halle's boots from the appearance in this dress rehearsel pic of britney in sneakers beside halle's boots.]
stamos said on 23/Apr/05
she and britney were wearing shoes when my mm met her
stamos said on 22/Apr/05
britney walked barefoot 2 a gas station restroom so u should check her height right there. she 5'5 because my mother is 5'5 and she stood next 2 britney.
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/05
Britney looks very tall now. She was short a few years ago but she grew much taller since and now she is 5'7 without heels. My friend is 5'6 and he stood next to her and she was taller than him in 4 inches but she was in 3 inches heels.

[Editor Rob: It ain't April the 1st yet! Your friend says he's 5ft 6 but Britney told me by telepathy that he's really 5ft 1. Ok, seriously, Britney hasn't grown Britney standing tall and Beyonce - the angle of the camera - check the sloping step - is slightly in favour of Britney.]
Raz (yes, the same one as above!) said on 28/Mar/05
I still believe she's no more than 5'4".

The Alexandra Stevenson pic says very little.
1. We don't know how tall Stevenson was back then.
2. They're not equally distant from the camera.
With a wide-angle lens, even small differences can make peoples' relative heights vary a lot.
3. Finally, Britney's soles look thicker than Stevenson's.

[Editor Rob: Stevenson at 18 in that pic can be seen at 5ft 11.5...yes the distance favours britney slightly although even with such a lens I agree that there is still easily 6.5 inches difference]
J. said on 20/Mar/05
Oh yeah, guys, don't think it's only movie stars who fib their heights, I could go and on about athlethes (particulary in the NFL and in boxing)whose height is jacked up. I met several of them, and with the exception of two, all were smaller than what their profile listed them as. Anyway, about Britney, she an easy one to figure out as she looks dead on 5'4". With heels on, she's a good height (5'6"-ish maybe). There's no way she's 5'6" in her stocking feet as I've seen her without shoes on television before and she looked exactly 5'4"-ish.
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Feb/05
Jimbo, I saw the pictures and yes, without doubt Britney is 0.5-0.75 inches taller than Madonna, especially since they both had the same heel size. I also saw pictures at a 1999 (when Britney was just about 18) tennis event where she's beside Mary Pierce (who is measured properly) and both wearing trainers - she's maybe just possibly a small amount over 5ft 4, but not 5ft 5. Madonna these days is under 5ft 4 for sure.
jimbo said on 17/Feb/05
Britney Spears said on mtv's TRL that she is 5'5 and I would say she is because madonna is supposedly 5'4 and a half and britney looks at least an inch taller than madonna when ever they are standing together , britney is at least 5'4 .

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