How tall is Carel Struycken

Carel Struycken's Height

7ft 0 (213.4 cm)

Dutch actor, best known for playing Lurch in the 1990's Addams Family films. He also appeared in Twin Peaks and Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 1990 Beacon Journal he is mentioned as "7-foot Dutch actor Carel Struycken".

How tall is Carel Struycken
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Average Guess (28 Votes)
6ft 11.79in (212.8cm)
Van Halen said on 6/Sep/20
Taller than Andre, i would to say

Show 6'11 7/8
Struycken 6'11.75"
Andre 6'11 5/8
Ethan99 said on 1/Aug/20
nowadays looks more 6'10 range at 72. Peak height was definitely close to 7 ft.
Jkiller said on 23/Jun/20
Peak was most likely between 6'11.75-7'0.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Mar/20
I atually suspected he was more like 6'11 1/2 peak and should be lower like 6'10 1/2 now.
Danimal said on 10/Dec/17
Like Richard Kiel, he's lost height in his upper body. He was 7'0" but looks closer to 6'10" now.
Junior said on 31/Oct/17
Carel Struycken is almost 70 now and maybe just dipping into 6'11.
mrtguy said on 25/Aug/17
Rob, by any means you believe Big Show and Carel have similar head length??
mrtguy said on 5/Aug/17
Rob, is this how 5'8'' should look next to Big Show, just as similar with Carel and Mamun Click Here ??
Editor Rob: would have thought 5ft 8 wouldn't even hit his chin.
Tyson said on 26/Jul/17
Weak seven foot is great for this giant dude and nowadays maybe 6'10.25
even said on 20/Jul/17
now : 6'11" , then : 7'0"
Logan said on 29/May/17
He used to be like 7,0 but is probaly 6,10
Andrea said on 10/May/17
So, you think he's got a one foot long head? I guess it's possible because it does look really big!
Anyway, Mamun looks 3-4 cms below his head so that would make him more 6'9-6'10 range in the picture...
Here he is with Kyle: Click Here
He does look a bit more than a full head taller than him, so something like 12-13 inches taller there (if he's got a 12 inches head)!
Editor Rob: I'm saying you have a ruler - Mamun's head in the photo, which is close to 9 inches. In comparison Carel's appears 12-12.5 inch range I thought...although he's tilted it down so elongates it slightly.

But he may well have minimum 11.5 inch long head.
Andrea said on 8/May/17
There is one scene in Twin Peaks where he's standing in front of Kyle and he does look right around a foot taller! So, 7' peak is quite possible but he looks well under that with Mamun... Maybe he's not standing at his tallest (very possible) and/or has lost height with age?
One thing, this guy has a massive head! I guess at least 11 inches?
Editor Rob: I think that old Mamoon photo was slighty deceptive because of the relative size of his head.

Click Here.

If Mamoon's head was near 9 inches, then in the photo Carel's is at least 3 inches he could still have been 6ft 10-11 then.
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17

Not sure if he have lost height then and i agree with you he doesn't look over 6'10.75 with 5'8 mamun. Probably 209-210cm
Chio said on 22/Oct/16
If Mamun is 5'8.25, so Carel looks 6'10.75 in that photo
Chio said on 22/Oct/16
Peak 7'0
Today 6'10.5

With Mamun he looks 6'10.5 but i can buy 6'11 in that time
mrtguy said on 25/Sep/16
Rob, who'd you say is taller nowadays this guy or Big Show in a stare down??
Editor Rob: not really seen anything of Carel recently.

At his age I'd expect he's probably lost a bit of height, so he may be down to 6ft 10-11 zone like Show.
pjk said on 12/Dec/13
always looked taller than 7ft to me. He is awesome.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
look at carel footwear and mamun claim his footwear is around 1cm, carel had at least 1.5cm more on mamun. he had a slight slouch which can pull him straight on 1in taller at best then took off shoe advantage he is really 6'10 but his big long head might makes him look 6'8 when stand alone.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
I mean compare him to the Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Jabbar looks like 7 ft 7 in comparison!!!
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
Strangely though his proportions look normal here. Unlike the Bill Walton who looks freakishly tall next to Mamun. Thius guy looks as normal tall as a 6'4"-6'5" here! I don't mean he looks as short as that but I mean he doesn't look a freak height or anything.
lan jiao said on 6/Sep/11
straight up 6ft11. advantage shoe decrease = 6ft10.25 barefoot.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Aug/11
Next to Mamun he looks max 6'10!
Hansen said on 26/Aug/11
totally agree to george555. long head length had make him disadvantage to look shorter. :)
Mathew said on 25/Aug/11
Legend says on 24/Aug/11
He'd be 6'10 with good posture. But he's 6'9 in the pic as is.


Yes, I can definitely agree with that. Very realistic.
Joy said on 25/Aug/11
@ Legend I don't think that he is less than 6'11 but 7 foot is even more possible.Maybe 6'11.5 would be right.
george555 said on 24/Aug/11
i would say his real height is around 6'11 (w/o shoes), and he stands 7'0-7'1 with shoes
george555 said on 24/Aug/11
i would say his real height is around 6'11'' (w/o shoes), and he stands 7'0-7'1 with shoes
Hansen said on 24/Aug/11
hi middle,

yes agree 7ft was really amazing, you can imagine im lanky and a real 6ft5.25 men is consider very tall but while i walk out with joe(7ft footer ex-colleague) for twice for my company event i felt very short at the i think over maybe joe(mighty-7ft) i knew had smaller head length(26.5-27cm) compare carel(28.5-29.5cm) so giving illusion by 2-3inch taller than carel looks. lastly i think 6ft11 will be carel bare height, not under 210cm. he can be doted 7ft morning or afternoon wore shoe 7ft0.25 is fair.

hansen :)
Legend said on 24/Aug/11
He'd be 6'10 with good posture. But he's 6'9 in the pic as is.
Middle said on 24/Aug/11
Hansen says on 23/Aug/11
an acromegaly giant like him could have lost 1.5in from out of bed till evening. 6ft11 maybe near, sorry that i bring down him 6ft9 at my first comments. guess carel was closer to 6ft11 or 6ft11.25 , i still think the 7foot tall men i have met in real @work was 1-2inch taller than carel.

Now that's ok.Right listing of somebodys height is only barefoot.Btw I'm really glad to seee how a person realized his mistake and admitted it unlike some guys who just like downgrading everybody to make themselves feel better and they think that agreeing means giving up while deep in their minds they understand that this is wrong.But you are pretty smart and fair-minded,respect.I know one 7 footer man too.It's really cazy,when he walks on the streets he towers so many people and when I stay close to him I feel like a little kid though my height is average.
Hansen said on 23/Aug/11
yes Middle,

also i could be wrong sometime. but remember carel had shoe advantage 0.5inch and above while mamun was looking 174ish here w sandals(he can still stand up taller by close both leg) and to be honest there is no reached of 40cm(1-foot4inches) apart from carel tip head with mamun here,carel tip down his head likely 1/2-3/4inch even when he had a head straight up maybe top 7ft-7ft0.25 with shoe. so my guess people had to accept he was for sure under 7ft , maybe 6ft11 barefoot and 7ft was a round up morning measurement or he is 7ft at morning.

an acromegaly giant like him could have lost 1.5in from out of bed till evening. 6ft11 maybe near, sorry that i bring down him 6ft9 at my first comments. guess carel was closer to 6ft11 or 6ft11.25 , i still think the 7foot tall men i have met in real @work was 1-2inch taller than carel.

hansen :)
Mathew said on 23/Aug/11
John B says on 22/Aug/11
You got a white orb right next to your face Manun and the bottom of you t-shirt you been hunted lol. Any way look at Kevin Nash with Mamun the wrestler who is down as 6'9 Carel Struycken only looks another inch taller could he be 6'10 ?????

6'10" is definitely possible here, but a slight stretch. He really looks closer to 6'9", I could give him 6'10" but no higher next to Mamun.
Middle said on 23/Aug/11
Hansen says on 23/Aug/11
now we see mamun relax posture

Mamun has great posture but carel doesn't.
Hansen said on 23/Aug/11
there's a few people here fooled by his frame. he was not 7ft, not even 6ft11.75 but a shoe maybe he reach. reality is a bitch thing, when im a kid i watch MIB i use to think he was 7ft too.

now we see mamun relax posture w sandal looking dead on 174cm here(bare straight up 173.5cm) , we can see his chin was under 1.5in above tip of mamun head but after close up tight mouth 2in above mamun plus a head at 11.5inch roughly 34cm apart. he had a long head does't mean over a foot length goes for him, also a foot long head sounds creepy like

to the maximum calculate w shoe standing straight here he is close to 7ft at 212cm range , but this chunky shoe we donnoe how much given. there is a kind of lifted shoe sell out USA size 18/19 above given 1.5-2.25 include extra shoe console created for tallish people with giantic size feet to help protect their feet get hurt compare wear regular big shoes. so hereby we donnoe if he wore kind of one? unless he dare to bare his feet out. he is 7ft or not is an unknown, but with shoe here still roughly looks near 7ft. i think 6ft10 barefoot was fair.
george555 said on 23/Aug/11
He looks at least 7'0. 7'1 or 7'2 is my guess.
Mathew said on 22/Aug/11
He does not look 7'0" here at all. No way. He probably wss 7'0" in his prime though.
John B said on 22/Aug/11
You got a white orb right next to your face Manun and the bottom of you t-shirt you been hunted lol. Any way look at Kevin Nash with Mamun the wrestler who is down as 6'9 Carel Struycken only looks another inch taller could he be 6'10 ?????
Kian said on 22/Aug/11
all these 6'9 estimates??? no hes 7'0 dead on gods sake his posture is fine and he looks 7'0 maybe 7'1
Hansen said on 22/Aug/11
but it looks quite chunky footwear carel wore , probably 1.1-1.3in . mamun sandals gave a cm(0.4in) , my 5"8 dad had a similar one gave 0.3-0.4 he can look 5ft8.5 with it just like mamun look here. :)
george555 said on 21/Aug/11
he looks exactly 7'0, even 7'1'' would be my guess
Middle said on 20/Aug/11
Rob,how big advantage gives his footwear over Mamuns sandals?
[Editor Rob: I don't know the sneaker he has, if Mamun has 0.5 inch sandals then I doubt he's got probably not under 0.5 inch advantage.]
Middle said on 20/Aug/11
6'9 isn't right at all.He looks 7'0.
Hansen said on 18/Aug/11
lillo thomas was right on carel. a little possible bare straight up he might be reached 6ft10. 206-207cm was pretty closer.
Middle said on 17/Aug/11
Mathew says on 15/Aug/11 I don't see 7'0" at all. 6'9" yes, but 6'10" is even kind of a stretch for me here. No,he looks exactly 7'0,you should also look at his posture.
Lillo thomas said on 17/Aug/11
Carel is looking 6-9 max with Mamum . In his peak he was probably 6-10 . I doubt that Carel lose 2 inches or more in height.
Mathew said on 15/Aug/11
Middle says on 14/Aug/11
He looks here exactly 7'0 if not taller.

I don't see 7'0" at all. 6'9" yes, but 6'10" is even kind of a stretch for me here.
Icehole73 said on 15/Aug/11
Yes, looks shorter than when he did MIB but still has a big head. He was in an episode of BigFoot and Wildboy as the TItan. I'm always trying to figure out the height of the guy (Ray something) playing BIgfoot but they never stood near each other. I figured the Bigfoot guy was 6'5" to 6'8" comparing to others in the show.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 15/Aug/11
His head is the size of a small child. Literally weighs as much as my little cousin.
Hansen said on 14/Aug/11
i think people should notice mamun stance posture and disadvantage footwear by 0.5-0.8in or more here. carel don look hunch here only a slight head tip down. measure by head length after carel close his mouth his head came under a foot(30cm) 27-28cm. mamun had about 23cm head. mamun was not 5ft9 with sandals. from carel shoulder level to tip of his head is a regular 32-33cm apart. mamun stand exact e shoulder tip while mamun does't stand at his best straight posture.

if mamun was only 174 w footwear here then not over 6ft10 for carel w shoe in picture here. barely straight up @6ft9 is fair, also came reality near 6ft10 at max would be possible. under 6ft10 was pretty comfirm.
Middle said on 14/Aug/11
He looks here exactly 7'0 if not taller.
Mathew said on 13/Aug/11
Alex says on 11/Aug/11
Rob, could you do a comparison with this guy compared to the pics Mamun had with Kane and Kevin Nash. I am curious on how close it looks. I think this guy only would be a bit taller than Kevin Nash and have no more than a few inches on Kane at most.

I have to agree, he's no more than 2" taller than Kane based on this pic.
Candyman said on 13/Aug/11
Hunching here looking 6'9 ish, but probably close to 6'11" in the past. Just compare him to Bill Waltons page.
Mathew said on 12/Aug/11
I have to say, he looks closer 6'9.5" to me in this picture. He looks like he's developed a hunch, and was probably closer to 7' even back then. But here he's looking shorter.
Mamun said on 12/Aug/11
Thanks King ROB ! WOW !!!!! It seems that Alam Channa might have more than a full Head of height if he was in his shoes ! My sandals don't give me 1 inch !
They have less than .5 inchs of heels in them ! I will soon post full pictures of my sandals ! Thanks anyway !


Hansen said on 11/Aug/11
this picture we can see his foot and shoe by how hes stand order. he is clearly about 6ft9 in real. 7" was exagerrated. for kane i did wonder he had on wrestling lifts(1.5-2.5in) standing close mamun, kane gives impression more close to 6ft7 in wwe match. Carel is still not 7" , which i met a real 7" during a attachment work at canada , e guy had a shoulder height clearly at 183-184cm with a dress shoe with relax posture. up here Carel shoulder was struggle to reach 5ft10. lastly mamun had 0.2-0.3 less footwear here.
jtm said on 11/Aug/11
i had no idea he was this tall.
JT said on 11/Aug/11
Click Here That's making Mamun 5'9.25" in his sandals.
Alex said on 11/Aug/11
Taking into account Kane is a bit closer to the camera I'd still say this guy isn't more than 2-2.5 inches taller than Kane.
Vegas said on 11/Aug/11
if you do a comparison between nash or kane their heads come out bigger than carel which would not be the case in real life, tell-tale sign for me that both kevin and kane are closer to the camera in their shots
dicksock said on 11/Aug/11
He's old and has bad posture, but he still looks about 14" taller than Mamun. He was definitely 7' in his prime.
Aaldert said on 11/Aug/11
Look at the size of his acromegalic head compared with mamun's. It's 10cm longer.
Danimal said on 10/Aug/11
Could have been a legit 7'0" in his younger years. Is probably 6'10"-6'11" today (looks hunched in the neck).
Legend said on 10/Aug/11
Guy in the picture is 6'9
Alex said on 10/Aug/11
Looks more 6'10. He only has a bit more height on Mamun then Kevin Nash did. Can anyone do a comparison with Mamun and this guy compared to him with Kane and Nash?
James said on 10/Aug/11
maybe still 7ft?
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 10/Aug/11
It is me or Ian Whyte (supposed to be only 1inch taller) looks at least 3inches taller than him, maybe Carel has lost quite a bit today.
miko said on 10/Aug/11
Probably closer to 6'10 nowadays.
Editor Rob said on 10/Aug/11
I read an article once where the author described Carel as having a six inch jaw!
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
One of my dutch friends told me that only for new negeration(18 year old male):
the average height is near to 6'2-6'3 in the Northern Netherlands, but this is only 6'-6'1 in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. And the height is under 5'11 in Southern Netherlands. Perhaps the geographical differences are obviously in Holland.
Sasha said on 5/Mar/11
Anonymous says on 19/Sep/09
i think the average is 6ft3 in the netherlands cause with 6ft in the netherlands you get towered a lot!

No, the average dutch male height is 5'11". And for young generation the dutch male height is 6'1". Read W-kipedia, for example.
Big King said on 5/Jun/09
Well, he looked 6'7" to me but when I read 7'0", I was surprized. He looks very scary by the way.
Dave said on 18/Aug/07
Hes every bit of 7' a real legit 7 footer if there was one.

He could be a little under or a little over depending on the time of day, but a really big man
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
He actually looks taller than 7-0 sometimes. Probably 6-11 though.

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