How tall is Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci's Height

5ft 0.25in (153 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Mermaids, The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow and Speed Racer. She said in Toronto Sun when she was 21 that "It's my debut as an action hero (Adrenalynn film), which is very funny because I'm five-feet-tall" and in 2006 stated "I'm five-one first thing in the morning". In 1999 she mentioned her weight in movieline saying "I weigh 105 pounds and wear a size two".

How tall is Christina Ricci
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I'm 5 foot 1 inches so I'm obsessed with proportion – I really have to have a waist, or it has to be super-short.

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Average Guess (12 Votes)
5ft 0.23in (153cm)
Robyn G. said on 15/May/17
Hi, Christina I think you look great!
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jan/17
Good for her! She's honest! Yes, I saw her werewolf film 'Cursed' earlier on and that is what I thought she was - 5ft or a fraction over. Later, I am going to watch this lovely little actress play Lizzie Borden! The film is called 'Lizzie Borden Took an Axe' and it will be the first time I have seen a dramatization of the the disturbing true story.

I am very fond of Christina; she is extremely appealing and turns her acting to all sorts of controversial parts, including the girlfriend of the serial killing woman in 'Monster', with Charlize Theron as the main character. Christina looks tiny with Charlize, and it was in that very film that I decided she is "no more than 5ft1!"
I shall give her 5ft0.5.💐
Scott said on 26/Nov/16
I believe she is telling the truth. If she is 5'1'' right out of bed, her evening/ night height would be 5.025'' or 5' on the nose. In extreme cases like dehydration, excessive twisting, etc. she could dip a little under 5'.
sam said on 22/Sep/16
How tall is her husband James Heerdegen?
Editor Rob: possibly 6ft+
Casper95 said on 10/Aug/16
I always thought she would've been 5'6
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
5'0 is about right, but I can't see Winona at 5 ft 3!
Laura said on 23/May/14
I think she is probably 4'11.5, looking at pictures of her with Reese Witherspoon in similar sized heels there looks to be about 1.5-2 inches between them. I used to think she could as this listing says, but she just doesn't look it.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 12/Mar/14
If shes 5'1 out of bed then yea 5'0-5'0.25 would be her evening. Makes sense
Chris 182 cm said on 7/Feb/14
I too think she's below 5 ft. Women between above 5ft and 5'2 generally look petite but not yet tiny, but Christina just looks tiny.
matrixmermaid said on 26/Jan/14
She's beautiful no mater how tall she is and an amazing actress. They have tricks that make actresses look taller on film.
K said on 23/Jun/13
I think Heightgirl is right. She's probably 4'11, which was how tall I was..when I was nine.
meme said on 8/Jun/13
i'm 5.2'5 and surprise i'm taller than her
lolo said on 5/Feb/13
did'nt look much shorter than Liam Neeson in AfterLife
theblacklab said on 12/Jan/13
Rob, are the heights you post "in the morning" heights or heights in the middle of the day when people are generally up and about?
[Editor Rob: generally it's after people have been up for a few hours, they'll have lost a good proportion of their height and be nearer their low.]
Heightgirl said on 22/Nov/12
blehh I heard it's more like 1 cm. Regardless Ricci has a tiny frame regardless and is probably under 5' at any time of the day. I think she's more like 4'11 and 1 cm in the morning and under 4'11 at night lol
blehh said on 19/Nov/12
Okay, I don't know if anyone mentioned this but everyone loses about an inch throughout the day due to spinal fluid loss. The fluid builds up while you sleep and the pressure of being upright compresses it. I'm not kidding, look it up.
Heightgirl said on 20/Aug/12
First she said Christina said she was 5' and then 5f1 in the morning? I highly doubt that you can loose an entire inch throughout the day. She looks to be only 5' first thing in the morning and then she is a bit under near the end of the day.
Emmanuelle said on 3/Aug/12
Christina's a weak 5'1" in the morning.
little sue said on 6/Dec/11
I see she is cast as an Air Hostess in her new TV series, she would never get the job in 'real life' as the minimum height requirement is usually 5ft 2 so you can reach the overhead lockers
CLC said on 26/Nov/11
She looks really small in her movies. Probably 5 even but deff not more. I'm 5'2" & I don't look as small. She's a beautiful girl though.
Deb said on 18/Nov/11
Sia I think you are right, she might be closer to 5 foot but not a smidge more.
Milena said on 28/Oct/11
5' or 5'1 max, same at me, i met her 2 times, she's really gorgeous and a wonderful actress!
Suni said on 23/Sep/11
Christina Ricci is a really small girl. I recon 5 feet would be her maximum height which makes her 2 inches shorter than me. I'm 5'2".
Sia said on 15/Sep/11
She looks around 4' 11".
Maroek said on 5/Sep/11
It's hot for a woman to be 5 feet. I love petite women.
Heightgirl said on 26/Jul/11
@Blah both of them were wearing high heels.
anslie said on 1/Jul/11
it's okay to be 5'1
Blah said on 19/Jun/11
@Heightgirl, Lea could have simply been wearing heels. Many celebrities generally always want to look taller. I'm 5'1 and I'd say that Christina is about the same height.
anon said on 15/Jun/11
to 'Happy ^__^ - you're an idiot. love is love. you think that love has a height issue? if a woman who is 5ft falls in love with a guy who is 6ft3 she shouldnt persue it cos of her height? god i hate stupid people. you are sooo stupid.
Heightgirl said on 17/May/11
I thought Christina was at least 5 foot but when she was next to 5f2 Lea Michele she looked more than 2 inches smaller. Click Here Maybe she's around 4f10 or max 4f11?
jay said on 12/Apr/11
she's an amazing actress and her height does not matter. It's the art that counts and she is one stunning medium!
Lizzie said on 15/Mar/11
When she was a teenager she said she was 5'2", now she says she's 5'1". I'm 5'2" and I'd say we're exactly the same size.
hola said on 13/Mar/11
5'1 maybe even 5'2 or a bit taller
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/11
I doubt that she rounded down, it's just so many celebs under 5f claim 5f2 that she probably rethought telling the truth about 5f lol
lisa said on 15/Feb/11
jamie:I know a lot of people round up and like to be taller but there are actually lots of people who like to be short or who don't mind it
jamie said on 13/Feb/11
@lisa- was she serious???? I'm not buying it sorry! i have never in my life EVER heard anyone round down because it sounds better. I would like to see her beside some other petite celebs for comparison, won't omment until then.
Bobbie Shaftoe said on 5/Feb/11
There's something extremely attractive about short, petite girls like Christina Ricci. It has something to do with their inherent vulnerability, I guess.
hayden said on 19/Jan/11
@mara, are you serious? She starred opposite Liam Neeson who is like a head taller than Pattinson and yet she was graceful in that. Talent matters my friend, not height. Remember Sachin Tendulkar or Don Bradman?
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/10
4'11 - 5' range most likely
Alex said on 14/Oct/07
5'0, 5'0.5 tops if she's 5'1 first thing in the morning.
TT said on 24/Jun/07
She gave me an autograph while heading into her movie premiere, "Black Snake Moan." Very nice and cute. Very petite. In the range of 5'0" to 5'2".
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/07
Marisa Coughlan towers over her by a lot (and she's about 5'3). She's no more than 4'11.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/07
Well, how tall is Marisa Coughlan? She looks about exactly 15 cms shorter than Katie Holmes, maybe 14 in Teaching Mrs. Tingle, I guess she is 5'3-5'3.5. Then you compare her with Christina's height (Christina is using heels and Marisa isn't) and looks about 8 cms taller.

Click Here
emely said on 4/May/07
yes I thought 5 ft, she looks small in movies, I watched sleepy hollow yesterday and she looks so small there..I would go for 5 ft
Taylor said on 21/Apr/07
She's only 5 ft? That's about the same height as me. and I thought I was the only one. You can tell it doesn't bother her tho, I like that she's able to make fun of herself when she says, "I'm 5'1 first thing in the morning". lol
Kathryn said on 13/Apr/07
wow....i thought she was 5'5'' or 5'3'' but no this small. well....i would say, she´s 5'1'' because almost every user on this site thought she was 5'3''. and non of this users here is blind. so she is closer to 5'3''. she is 5'1''. otherwise she wouldn´t sometimes look 5'3'' in the movies like we said.=)
Ginger bread cookie :) said on 26/Feb/07
wow i always thought she was taller...maybe 5'2", but never 5'0". Im also a little over 5'0 and i thought i was the shortest person on the face of this earth...guess not.
Elena said on 17/Oct/06
she's so sweet, with her child-like appearance...indeed, in Monster she looks so short, 5 ft or under...
Editor Rob said on 3/Sep/06
Quoted on the WENN, looks like Ricci knows the old 'early morning' peak:

"I'm five-one first thing in the morning"
Angelica said on 20/Jun/06
I'm not surprised at all, she always looked short. When I saw her in "Monster" standing next to Charlize Theron, I was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was not over 5 feet. Though Charlize Theron is tall, she isn't outlandishly so... yet Christina Ricci looked like a child standing beside her.
Ashley said on 3/Jun/06
I doubt that she's 5'3". She said that she have reached five feet at age ten and then she stopped growing. There is a big difference between 5' and 5'3".
OnCapeCod said on 2/May/06
She is 5'. I saw her in Montclair NJ shopping a few times...she was much hotter when "busty" though....her head/forehead looks out of proportion now.
S said on 24/Feb/06
Yeah, she is always looks tiny in pictures so I would agree with this height.
Cliff said on 7/Feb/06
Ricci Guest starred on "Grey's Anatomy" as a Doctor last Sunday, and while they were working on a patient, you could see Ricci clearly standing on a box while standing over the operating table with the other doctors whenever the camera went to wide pan. I would say she's about 5 feet on the nose.
She is even shorter than that said on 1/Dec/05
I thought that Christina Ricci was 4'11. She definetly looks it
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/05
yah...i believe jux a little bit over 5 feet is correct. Because on the Teen Vogue September 2005 edition there was a picture of her standing next to Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernadez, and she looked awfully short in that jux above their shoulders.
monsee said on 1/Jun/05
christina ricci was a guest on jay leno (i don't know when). Jay Leno had a special "cusion" for her placed at her feet. he said that this was so her feet won't be hanging above the floor when she sits down on the "guest" couch. and then she thanked leno and said something about her height which was 5".

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