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5ft 9.08in (175.5cm)
miser said on 18/Mar/09
"RisingForce says on 18/Mar/09
miser, all Glenn said was that 5'10" was possible but that 5'9" was more accurate. There's no way Shields is 5'10" flat or under though. Sheen is at best a weak 5'10", but more like 5'9". This is a ridiculous argument."

Really... I presented two pictures to back up the claim that Sheen is taller than Shields(not great pictures, but they do give some indication), you have presented zero so far. Give us any evidence that "there's no way Shields is 5'10" flat or under". Honestly, your side of the argument is looking a lot more ridiculous than mine.
TELLEM said on 18/Mar/09
judging several pics of sheen and 5'10 guys, or 6'0ers hes more 5'9 than anything. if anyone was a weak 5'10 once upon a time, it was michael douglas, and he was taller than charlie sheen in "wallstreet"
RisingForce said on 18/Mar/09
miser, all Glenn said was that 5'10" was possible but that 5'9" was more accurate. There's no way Shields is 5'10" flat or under though. Sheen is at best a weak 5'10", but more like 5'9". This is a ridiculous argument.
miser said on 12/Mar/09
"Shields is 5'11" and Sheen most likely had a footwear advantage in the second picture and likely a ground advantage or footwear advantage in the first."

Pffft... footwear advantage in the first one, ground in the second... excuses, excuses... Sheen may have had footwear advantage in the second picture, they were in some sort of beach party and Brooke may have been in flip flops. Now, I wouldn't be surprised if you claimed he was at a beach party in "lifts", lol... his advantage may have been 1 inch tops. Yet he looks 1 inch taller than her. She is at the very best same height as he as Tellem cleverly put it. ;D In case you disagree please present a better picture RisingForce.

"You notice that both Glenn and Frank2 have met Charlie in person and estimate him at 5'9"? Almost every regular poster here estimates him at that and Rob lists him at 5'9". He's looked shorter than numerous 5'9.5"-5'10" men. What does all of that tell you?"

What I am really disputing here is this ridiculous claim that Brooke Shields is 5-11. Sheen really is 5-9ish. Probably 5-9.5. 5-10 tops. Here's what glenn said:

"glenn says on 2/Jun/08
he isnt 5-7.5 either.5-10 is possible cause he is leaning in.5-9 is more like it."
RisingForce said on 9/Mar/09
Shields is 5'11" and Sheen most likely had a footwear advantage in the second picture and likely a ground advantage or footwear advantage in the first.

You notice that both Glenn and Frank2 have met Charlie in person and estimate him at 5'9"? Almost every regular poster here estimates him at that and Rob lists him at 5'9". He's looked shorter than numerous 5'9.5"-5'10" men. What does all of that tell you?
miser said on 7/Mar/09
Lol, I think they meant that he writes down his height as 5-10 anonymous, even if he isn't exactly 5-10.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/09
Paper is completely flat, so it seems most likely that he's trying to say 5'10" is his exact height. Unless he's standing on a stack of paper.

I watch the show regularly, and Sheen does look 5'9" to me. I'm convinced that he's taller than Jon Cryer; in fact there are many scenes where you can tell. The difference is less than an inch though, because when Cryer wears sneakers with a 0.75inch sole he looks Sheen's height or taller. I think 5'9 is perfect for Charlie.
miser said on 6/Mar/09
It could also mean that he's slightly over 5-10, so 5-10 "on paper". Not everybody is trying to boost their heights in the real world, some just don't care... but no, probably not the case here. RisingForce why don't you answer my question about Brooke Shields? Are you beginning to change your mind, lol?
anonymous said on 6/Mar/09
5 foot 9 and funny. Doesn't look like a 5 foot 10 actor.
RisingForce said on 5/Mar/09
miser what do you think that "5-10 standing on paper" means? It means he needs a little boost to get there.
TELLEM said on 3/Mar/09
if sheen was 5'10, then he wouldn't look so obvious short next to 6'0 nicolas cage here: Click Here Click Here 2 inches between the 2? no.
miser said on 3/Mar/09
No he did not really "admit" to being a weak 5-10 that's only your interpretation.
But he may probably be really a weak 5-10. That picture with Don Johnson and Alice Cooper is no better than the pics with Brooke. Why do you think Brooke looks shorter or at best same height as Sheen?
RisingForce said on 2/Mar/09
No miser, you're wrong. Sheen admitted to being a weak 5'10" meaning he's probably 5'9" as he usually looks that height. Look at Tellem's picture with 5-10ish Don Johnson and 5-9.5, 5-10 Alice Cooper. It's no coincidence that Sheen looks shorter.
miser said on 28/Feb/09
Yes those pics of him and shields are terrible tellem. Your picture of alice cooper and don johnson is marvelous... as I said, whatever may throw you off the scent...

Brooke Shields is 5-11... in heels. Pretty much all women are listed at their heel-height in this website. She is clearly shorter than Sheen without her heels. And I never said sheen was 5-11, it was tellem who said that because he needed to get his mind around the fact that sheen looked taller shields who is said to be 5-11. Sheen is about 5-10, and Shields about 5-9, 5-9.5 at the most.

Notice that EVEN TELLEM admitted that Sheen and Shields may be the same height... evidence enough that he is taller, lol. ;-)

Click Here
Click Here
TELLEM said on 24/Feb/09
i agree risingforce, 5'9 seems more accurate. those pics of him and shields are terrible
miser said on 23/Feb/09
lol, no sh*t... ;-) Do you even have any reason to offer as to why she looks shorter than Sheen in the last 3 pictures I posted here?
RisingForce said on 23/Feb/09
Shields is about 5'11".
miser said on 20/Feb/09
How tall do you think Brooke Shields is, RisingForce?
RisingForce said on 20/Feb/09
Did someone seriously suggest that Sheen could be 5'11"? Not only did he claim 5'10" in the Enquirer like Rob mentioned, but also in the NY Times in 1987.

Defining himself as ''5-foot-10-inches tall on paper'' and ''155 pounds soaking wet with a pocketful of change,'' Charlie Sheen has a hulking presence and watchful eyes.

Click Here

So I think we can rule out 5'11" since he never really looks it and he's claimed 5'10" atleast twice. In fact "5-10 on paper" seems like he's implying that he's a weak 5'10".

I agree with 5'9". He could be 5'10", but 5-9ish makes more sense to me.
TELLEM said on 18/Feb/09
this guy says "blahblahblah" in the beg. of his sentence and says i should be psychologically evaluated? wow, i lose credibility just talking to him. its like talking to a brick wall. anyway...charlie sheen is more 5'9 than 5'10. next to nicolas cage he looks about 5'9 and has his dad my a couple inches.
TELLEM said on 12/Feb/09
o and all those pics you can't see neither of their feet so i doubt sheen is 5'11 or 5'10.
TELLEM said on 12/Feb/09
miser says on 12/Feb/09
Take a look at the two upper right pictures:

Click Here

sheen is closer to the camera on both of them. so no, that doesn't prove sheen is taller, unless you count his pompous hair. it proves either she's taller or their the same height.
miser said on 12/Feb/09
Take a look at the two upper right pictures:

Click Here
miser said on 12/Feb/09
I post that picture for the simple fact that it is the only one I could find. Where the heck have I said it "proofs" anything? It is only an indication, certainly not "useless". How about you post a picture yourself?
TELLEM said on 11/Feb/09
miser, it seems like you continiously post that mid-strided pic which you can't even see their feet to show proof that hes taller. look at the background, its mid stride which gives sheen some height advantage. unless theres a vid out there of this episode that pic is useless.

o and she still looks taller than him. look at their shoulders, eyes, and sheen's hair doesn't count.
miser said on 11/Feb/09
lol, she's clearly not 5-11.5 in sneakers. maybe not even in heels. here sheen is actually taller than brooks:

Click Here
mcfan said on 10/Feb/09
I read comments below that Brooke Shields dwarfed Sheen and Cryer on Two & a Half Men. Now, with her slight heels, she did look 2 inches taller than Sheen. However, in her regular shoes I only saw a difference of about an inch or a hair more. If Charlie is 5'10 in sneakers then Brooke must be 5'11.5 in sneakers.
Clay said on 8/Feb/09
Under average would be shortish now wouldn't it.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/09
Richard even a strong 5'9/5'10 isn't tall, besides I wasn't implying that 5'8.75 was short, thats my height and I am am what I figure to be just below average.
RICHARD said on 4/Feb/09
He DID look tall in Platoon and Wall St. WTF are you smoking. A strong 5'9/5'10 guy
TELLEM said on 3/Feb/09
if michael douglas (who was an inch taller than sheen in wallstreet) is about 5'9 then charlie sheen is a strong 5'8 or a weak 5'9.
Briggs said on 3/Feb/09
Charlie never looked tall in platoon, he seemed close to 5'8.75 and that was when he was young. Same goes for his brief cameo in Ferris buellers day off
Clay said on 2/Feb/09
Cryer is 5'8.5 to 5'9, Charlie is 5'9-5'9.5ish.
iClarke-93 said on 23/Jan/09
Rob , I think you should upgrade Sheen to at least 176cm , as he is clearly taller than Jon Cryer who you also have at 175.
leonari said on 20/Jan/09
Eddy: nah man. Charlie Sheen is a perfect 5'9" guy. Thats what 5'9" is. Maybe you are taler than you think.
Eddy said on 19/Jan/09
5.8 tops, maybe even 5.7.5... talked directly to him a couple times face to face on even ground and he was 2 inches shorter than me.
miser said on 3/Jan/09
"Charlie is on top of the step or something."

I was looking for a *plausible* explanation, by the way. ;-)
miser said on 3/Jan/09
"Phil says on 2/Jan/09
Charlie is on top of the step or something. Sheen is NOT a 6-footer, and Brooke Shields definitely is."

Why do you think that she is "definitely" a 6-footer? Where can I watch this scene?

"Watch the scene when Shields comes thru the door. She has a MINIMUM of 3 inches on Charlie. Do you seriously think he's tall?"

Absolutely not. But neither is she. She isn't a 6-footer by any stretch of the imagination. Looking more like 5'9
Phil said on 2/Jan/09
Charlie is on top of the step or something. Sheen is NOT a 6-footer, and Brooke Shields definitely is. Watch the scene when Shields comes thru the door. She has a MINIMUM of 3 inches on Charlie. Do you seriously think he's tall?
miser said on 30/Dec/08
"Phil says on 29/Dec/08
Brooke Shields dwarfed Charlie and Alan. Jenna Elfman made the brothers look short too."

Could please explain to me why does Brooke look smaller than him here:

Click Here

Is there something wrong with this picture? Do you have another?
Phil said on 29/Dec/08
Brooke Shields dwarfed Charlie and Alan. Jenna Elfman made the brothers look short too.
TELLEM said on 24/Dec/08
sheen looks 5'8 next to his father and his bro.
sf said on 19/Dec/08
Jenna DID tower over both of them.
miser said on 18/Dec/08
Suzy please show us a picture of Jenna "towering" over Charlie Sheen.
sam said on 16/Dec/08
suzy you are just plain wrong, he's closer to 5'10
Suzy said on 12/Dec/08
I just saw a re-run of Two & a Half Men with Jenna Elfman (Dharma of Dharma & Greg) as a guest character and she TOWERED over the both of them. Jenna is 5'10". I would bet my money on Charlie being 5'6" (or 5'7" at the TALLEST)
Julian said on 22/Nov/08
If you pay attention, in two and a half men when he is at the kitchen he looks barely bigger than the fridge, taking account his shoes sole and his thick hair layer, and the fact that kind of fridge is 5'8
me said on 21/Nov/08
they -doesnt look short on they show, mainly becouse they are not short, but its weird that each woman that bring are almost the same or taller than them, so it make charlie look "short". guess they only recruit tall women. LOL
durk said on 12/Nov/08
sheen 5-10 cryer 5-9 both are legends especially jon cryer he is so funny, two and a hlf men is best comedy sitcom ever, show is awesome, i have seasons 1-3 on dvd, gonna get all seasons tho all episodes, love the show.
Clay said on 10/Nov/08
Cryer - 5'8.5
Sheen - 5'9-5'9.5
anonymous said on 8/Nov/08
He just looks short. I just cant see him being five foot 10. I first thought he was five foot 8 when i started watching two and a half men this year.
leonari said on 3/Nov/08
he hasn t 2 inches on Cryer. Charlie is 5'9 not 5'10.
staley said on 2/Nov/08
5'10" looks about right. Jon Cryer is 5'8". Charlie looks about 2 inches taller then him.
Anonymous -15 said on 29/Oct/08
Sheen looks more in the 170 range , has a solid upper body but really skinny legs. Jon Cryer is listed as being 5'9" and Charlie always has an inch on him in Two and A Half men , so in my opinion he's a legit 5'10".
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
There is no way he is 5'4-5'6! Jon Cryer is around 5'7 or 5'8 and Charlie is around an inch bigger than him in Two And A Half Men. He didnt look short in Navy Seals compared to guys like Michael Biehn and Dennis Haysbert who are around or over 6ft.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
Charlie Sheen is no taller than 5'6" - probably more like 5'4". Look at episodes of Spin City when he is next to Michael J. Fox. Fox is like 5'2".

The only chick that could make Sheen look tall is Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars.
anonymous2 said on 21/Oct/08
In two and a half men brooke shields was towering over him and jenny mcarthy was same height as him. He doesn't look tall at all.
Leung said on 17/Oct/08
Clay says on 14/Oct/08
He is looking a lot more than 155 nowadays as well.

I don
RisingForce said on 16/Oct/08
Clay says on 14/Oct/08
He is looking a lot more than 155 nowadays as well.

Yeah I thought he looked more than that way back in the film Navy Seals(1990).
anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
He is maximum five foot 9. jon cryer looks about 5 foot 8. They both look short in two and a half men. I'm 5 foot 10 and charlie seems short. Funny though.
Pete said on 16/Oct/08
No way that this guy is 5'7 or 5'8 (by 5'8, I mean a "weak" 5'8). It may look like he could be, maybe when he slouches. He's about an inch taller than (5'8-ish) J. Cryer and at least 3 inches taller than his ex- Denise Richards (who is about 5'6). Getting technical, Charlie (shoeless) is no shorter than 5'8 3/4" and no taller than 5'9 1/2.
Clay said on 14/Oct/08
He is looking a lot more than 155 nowadays as well.
RisingForce said on 30/Sep/08
Leung says on 19/Mar/08
In Two and a Half Men he is frequently seen walking around the house in socks and he really does appear to be no shorter than 5
chris said on 22/Sep/08
i think he's actually 6' 10", all the other actors are all 7'3"...
naa, i reckon about 5'8" is right...
Anonymous -15 said on 22/Sep/08
Always looks a a good inch taller than 5'8.75 Jon Cryer in Two and a Half Men. In my opinion he is a legit 5'10" , nothing less than 5'9.5"
Clay said on 31/Aug/08
Charlie looks 5'9'' always on two and half men. Never under 5'9''.
GSP said on 2/Jun/08
I dont know. I tend to think he is 5'9ish. I mean I cant see how any legit 5'10 man could looks like that with 5'7.25 night height Glenn even if he was leaning in.

Heck in the stiller pic stiller looks about the same height as sheen compared to glenn. lol
glenn said on 2/Jun/08
he isnt 5-7.5 either.5-10 is possible cause he is leaning in.5-9 is more like it.
ed said on 1/Jun/08
lee...he is no way 5.10. Im a hair shorter than 5.10 and I had 2 inches on him when I met him and he had a ball cap on. Look at the pic above he is shorter than Glenn...he is 5.75 tops.
lee said on 27/May/08
charlie is 5'10 small compared to the other comedians like kelsey grammer who is 6'1, ted danson 6'3,bill cosby-6'1 and ray romano-6'3 i love two and a half men tho, jon cryer is the best, frasier and raymond are good too .
mr. blue said on 8/May/08
Funny, how much celebs are 1-2 inches shorter than often listed on other sites ...
I think Sheen is no less than 5'9 and no more than 5'9 3/4, maybe he can reach 176-177 cm with a very, very good posture, but nothing more, 5'9 3/4 absolutely tops.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/08
You guys who think 5'8" or below are delusional. It's cause of folks like that a good average height like Sheen, Stallone, Matt Damon etc. etc. get called "short" ...what a joke. Sheen is closer to 5'10 " than 5'9". A strong 177 cm guy. Not tall ,not short. Just becuas his father and brother are short people imply he must be short as well. Well he isn't. he doesn't look short in any movie or TV show I have seen him and I pretty much saw everything this guy did.
terry said on 8/Apr/08
forget the height, what's with him & socks? - does he ever wear anything else but white socks? - has he got extra toes that he wants to cover???
Chap said on 6/Apr/08
I met Charlie where I used to work. He was looking at buying a motorcoach. I'm 6'4" and his head reached about the same on me as my wife, around 5'6" to 5'7".
sam said on 4/Apr/08
his dad is like 5'7-5'8, guess he got the tall gene, ha
Leung said on 27/Mar/08
To be fair most of the girlfriends on the show are taller than average women, a lot look like models, some have been taller than Sheen which is no surprise because I think Sheen is comfortable co-starring with tall actresses or actors. Read glenn's comments, he also says Sheen is at least 5'9".
sf said on 26/Mar/08
I think 5'8", tops.
Dave said on 25/Mar/08
too many of sheen's 'girlfriends' on his show appear to be near his height for him to be 5'9... being that the average woman is supposed to be 5'4-5'5...He only looks 5'8 to me...Unless they only pic tall chicks to be his co stars. Even more evidence is that I can't see an inch between him and Glenn in this pic.....
Colin said on 19/Mar/08
Well, his Dad is 5'7", so that makes sense...Shoes or sneakers can make a slight difference too...
Leung said on 19/Mar/08
In Two and a Half Men he is frequently seen walking around the house in socks and he really does appear to be no shorter than 5
mikeg said on 17/Mar/08
i met this guy recently -- i'm only 5'7 myself and i SPECIFICALLY stood next to him and in front of a mirror at a baseball card shop while he was buying crap and he was just a hair shorter than me - even though he had on a ball cap!
sf said on 21/Feb/08
All right - fair enough.
glenn said on 21/Feb/08
love you too by the way.seriously.
glenn said on 21/Feb/08
until you see them....
sf said on 20/Feb/08
No way. Love you Glenn, but you'll never get me to accept that Lowe is even close to 5'11", no matter how many times you've seen him.
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
rob is 5-11.
sf said on 19/Feb/08
Yet, why is he so much smaller compared to Rob Lowe?
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
great guy.he wasnt least 5-9.
Joe said on 17/Feb/08
I think he's 5'9.25 bare foot. What was he like when you met him Glenn? Judging by the photo you have, it looks like you may have met him in his drug phase?
sf said on 5/Feb/08
Greg - I think those are some good photos for comparison. Although Lowe has perspective advantage in many pictures, he's still clearly taller than Sheen. I'm starting to believe Sheen is, at most, 5'8", from those photos, watching his show, Glenn's photo above, and other comments. He is probably a veteran lift-wearer, thus the varying heights. Watching Two-and-a-half Men the other night, there is a scene where he is actually shorter than Jon Lovitz. Then, another scene where he is around the same height. Who knows what both he and Cryer put in their shoes to look taller, but I don't think Sheen is taller than 5'8".
Greg said on 4/Feb/08
Forgot to mention that Rob Lowe is a solid 178 cm, and even if he may be wearing boots in those pics which add 1.5 in, how do you explain the 4 in difference in their heights? The answer is that Charlie is at most 173 cm.
JMK said on 31/Jan/08
He appears to be at least an inch taller than 5'9.5 Luke Perry in recent gettyimage photos. Wearing lifts, maybe?
GSP said on 29/Jan/08
He looks slightly shorter than glenn in the photo....
glenn said on 24/Jan/08
ed said on 23/Jan/08
no way is sheen 5-9...dealt with him at a party he was about 5-7, perhaps shorter...
Antron said on 8/Dec/07
I know this is to an old post but, the minimum height for a navy pilot in AUS is 63in, USA is 64in. Why would they make the minimum height for a pilot almost 5'11? The only reason they have minimums is for ejection seat and space purposes. So both Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise could be pilots as far as their height is concerned..... I dunno where the other guy is getting his info.
Antron said on 7/Dec/07
You don't really start losing height until you are at least in your mid fifties. Charlie is the same height he was at 25. Sheen is closer to 5'8" than 5'10."
Greg said on 6/Dec/07
I know that as you get older, some people lose height (but it's not automatic). However, I am 40 years old and have not lost height. When I entered the military 20 years ago, I was 176, but I measured myself the other day and was at 178. So I wonder if Charlie has not yet lost height due to age. Maybe he has always been 175?
Dan said on 23/Oct/07
I met charlie sheen, years ago in the US and hes definatley no taller than 5'8 and no way he is 155 pounds (11 stone). Im 5.9 3/4 bang on and im 160 pounds, he was a inch smnaller few inches smaller than me and i was a lot stocky than him, i would put money on him being 5'8 and being less than 150 pounds, id say 145.
Amelia said on 21/Sep/07
When Steven Tyler (sexy rock god) starrs on Two and a Half Men, he stands next to Charlie Sheen and is about four inches taller, and he's supposed to be 5ft 9". Either Charlie Sheen is shorter than 5ft 9", Tyler is quite a bit taller than 5ft 9" or Tyler is wearing his favourite heeled boots =).
Adam Brennon said on 2/Sep/07
He appears taller than 5' 7" Defoe in 'Platoon' by a solid margian.
Mike said on 4/Aug/07
Ok, I re-checked Kiefer's page & take back the last comment :)
Mike said on 4/Aug/07
Looked a little bit taller than 5'10" Kiefer Sutherland in Young Guns
JanJ said on 31/Jul/07
sheen is 172-173.
is only like 3 inches taller than emilio
Click Here
sleuth said on 16/May/07
This whole website has been a put on. Glenn is really 5-5 and he's part of a conspiracy to upgrade all the actors.

[Editor Rob: well, you'll be pleased to know the other 15 comments you submitted won't get shown. Thanks for wasting your time...]
Viper said on 13/May/07
How is Glenn looking taller?
marines said on 10/May/07
I watched "Navy SEALS" again and I think Charlie is strong 174 cm when compared to Michael Biehn.
marines said on 9/May/07
Charlie with Douglas (leasted here from 175 - 178 cm)

Click Here

and with his father Martin (here at 168 cm)

Click Here

for me he looks about 173 cm
the shredder said on 1/May/07
Charlie is 5'8.5 ! ... In Hot Shots 5'11 Cary Elwes has about 2.5 inches over him ! ... 5'9 is pushing it ... so forget 5'10 ! ... also I think the 155 lbs is BS !
Franco said on 18/Apr/07
he looks exactly 1.5 inches taller than his big brother!

5'8.5 or 1.74m ....5'9 isnt out of the question but he just doesnt really look like a 5'9er in most barefoot shots in Wallstreet.
Height Tracker said on 24/Dec/06
Just watched Hot Shots. 5'11" Cary Elwes appeared at least 2 inches taller than Sheen in every scene. Come to think of it, the height difference actually seemed more like 3" a lot of times. Hmmmm....
Josh said on 18/Nov/06
So he is 5'10 with shoes and 5'9 barefoot is cool to know the truth.
MHouillon said on 14/Oct/06
At least he is 4cm closer to the truth (being a Navy-Pilot) than Tom Cruise. 178cm is the minimum height being a Navy-Pilot. (Cruise is 171cm)
Lmeister said on 21/Sep/06
Ok guys...Charlie is around 5'8.5'' - 5'9''. He never looks short on the screen....Wait a minute 5'9'' doesn't appear short...There is a lot of guys who say that are 5'9', but probably are closer to 5'7'' since guys like Charlie who really are 5'9'' don't look short...hmm Rob I think there is a lot of downgrading to do. Chop chop = )
Jack said on 10/Sep/06
I have met Charlie Sheen in person, and judging from my height (5'10"), i would say he is atmost 5'9" !
Editor Rob said on 8/Sep/06
1987 New York Times:
"Describing himself '5-foot-10-inches tall on paper'"
Viper652 said on 16/Aug/06
Looks as short as 5-7 in the picture. Maybe 5-8 max.
Nolifts81 said on 21/Jun/06
Frank have you ever met Charlie Sheen?
Frank2 said on 20/Jun/06
Michael Douglas is 5'10" and Charlie Sheen is about 5'9".
TNTinCA said on 18/Jun/06
I am not certain about this height. Wasn't he shorter than Michael Douglas in Wall Street?
Nolifts81 said on 25/May/06
I think this guy is in the perfect average.5'9.5 (176-177cm).
MD said on 21/Mar/06
Perhaps Editor Rob needs to take another look at this one, huh? The current listed height is at least and inch too tall.
Glenn said on 20/Mar/06
Thanks elio.he looked more 5-8.5 to me.
elio said on 19/Mar/06
Yet another pic which just shows how ludicrous the suggestions (by some people on this forum) that Glenn being 5'6" are.
Glenn said on 19/Mar/06
We know Im not 5-10! though I should claim I am,since everyone else is.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
If Glenn is genuinely about 5 feet 8 inches tall, then our friend Charlie may well be running somewhere close to 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall. He is still the same loveable little devil whatever height he is.
TNTinCA said on 14/Feb/06
Judging by that picture with Glen, they look to be almost the exact same height. If Glen is 5'8", I can't fathom how Sheen could have 1 1/2 inches in him.
Charlie doesn't exactly come from a tall family so I am guessing that 5'9.5" is height with shoes. My guess is he is under 5'9" barefoot.
nolifts81 said on 13/Feb/06
I've just seen a video "Open of Planet Hollywood in Rome" where Charlie Sheen was talking to Luke Perry and They are exactly the same height I think that they are close to the 5'10" maybe 177cm.P.S. I don't Know what kind of shoes Micheal Douglas weared in "Wall Street" but he appeared a good inch taller than Charlie (about 3 cm)so I think Douglas was a solid 5'11"in that movie.
MHouillon said on 3/Feb/06
Looks more like a 176cm.
CelebHeights Editor said on 1/Feb/06
Glenn and Charlie Sheen pic.
Sarah said on 13/Jan/06
I met Charlie Sheen about 10 years ago when he was filming in Glasgow and my over-riding impression of him was that he was small (and dressed like a tramp!). I say 5'8" max, perhaps smaller.
Parker said on 3/Oct/05
To DP - My best friend is 5'4 and his wife 5'6. His 21 year old son is 6'3.
DP said on 2/Oct/05
Charlie is no more than 5'8" on a good day. Look at the genetic stock of his parents and tell me how he could be almost 5'10"?
Timbo said on 2/Oct/05
I have actually met Charlie Sheen in person I'm 5'91/2" and we were eye level to eye level.
mcfan said on 16/Sep/05
Just saw 2.5 Men. Charlie Sheen is clearly just as tall as Lucy Lawless. She was taller than him I thought, but as I watched, I noticed he doesn't have the best posture in the world. She might have been a half-inch taller than him, but I think she was wearing a slight heel.
DP said on 15/Sep/05
I saw the picture of Charlie standing next to William Defoe from the movie "Platoon" and even though it does look like they are the same height, it clearly shows their standing on an incline with Defoe on the top portion. This gives the illusion of having similar heights though I agree with others on the board, Charlie's in the 5'9" range. He's probably in his forties so it's probably he's barely making 5'9" like myself.
mcFan said on 19/Jul/05
He's probably 5'9 and is 5'10 in tennis shoes. I didn't get the impression that Michael Douglas was two inches taller than Sheen...about half an inch at the most.
Monty said on 15/Jul/05
I think Charlie's height should be revised here he is with Willam Dafoe when Charlie was 21 and if Dafoe is 5'8 then Charlie has been shorter then we all expected.
McFan said on 11/Jul/05
He is definitely 0.5 inches taller than Jon Cryer.
fiveten said on 30/Jun/05
but how come he doesnt look much taller than his father martin, in the same movie... everyone lies, so i'd at the most, charlie and michael douglas are about 5'8.
bud fox said on 23/Jun/05
My friend is a friend of Charlie. Charlie said to him that he is 177cm. However I think that Douglas is 1 inch taller than Charlie in "Wall Street". He weares lifts in that movie?
J.J said on 9/Jun/05
Watched Wallstreet and in every single comparable shot he looked the same height as Douglas. 1.77m is right on the money...

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