How tall was Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit's Height

5ft 9in (175.3 cm)

Canadian Wrestler. In 1995 said "My height was a problem also. I'm about 5-9 or 5-10".

How tall is Chris Benoit
By Bbsrock at English Wikipedia [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 8.93in (175.1cm)
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/17
Not at all 5'10, he was 5'9 at the highest. In stampede wrestling he was billed ad 5'8
Jinx said on 18/Oct/17
He was 5'10" in his prime,Eddie Guerrero was 5'8",Perry Saturn was 5'10" and Benoit was equal to Perry Saturn.

5'10" for sure no shorter than that.
andre said on 15/Oct/17
chris benoit was 173cm with shoes without lifts how much did he weighted rob from 83 to 105 kilos tell me your opinion by looking into his body ?
Jozef said on 12/Sep/17
Benoit was 5'8
Andre said on 10/Sep/17
How much did benoit weighted rob from 83 to 93kilos tell me,?
hardguy said on 6/Sep/17
really tall there should be higher guessable bars
Joker said on 27/Aug/17
Kurt's peak:5'10
123 said on 17/Aug/17
andre said on 15/Aug/17
eddie guerrero was a strong 167cm barefoot and benoit was 170cm barefoot
andre said on 14/Aug/17
benoit was 170cm barefoot
Jozef said on 9/Aug/17
He was 5'8.5 peak

Around his death 5'7.75
Jozef said on 6/Aug/17
Rob are u gonna change it to 5'8.5
Rob said on 30/Jul/17
Jozef said on 26/Jul/17
His height when he debuted in stampede wrestling in 1985.

Kurt angle even said it on The Ross Report that benoit was under sized and said he was only 5'8 so yea id say about 5'8 nowhere near 5'11.
Jozef said on 24/Jul/17
Rob do you think you can change Chris Benoits height to a strong 5'8
Jozef said on 16/Jul/17
Jozef said on 26/Jun/17
Benoit looks very small like when you watch him on tv like he looks a solid 5'7
Blake said on 24/Jun/17
Rob, I know you are unlikely to change his listing but I think Benoit was a solid 5 ft 8 rather than 9 I know you can't see the footwear in this picture Click Here. Jericho I reckon is closer to flat 5 ft 9 than 5 ft 9.5.
Nelo said on 23/May/17
Ken said on 9/May/17
5ft 9 peak, 5ft 8 near his last years
jozef said on 8/Apr/17
actually a booker who worked for WCW kevin sullivan said when he maid chris benoit WCW world heavyweight champion he said he was taller the chris benoit and kevin is only 5`8
frvbgf said on 31/Mar/17
Was always 5'9", he could look 5'10.5" with Angle. But the heels on his boots looked about two inches thick.
Alex Jenua said on 13/Mar/17
at a staredown in a match with nathan jones (205 cm), benoit top of the head was just at jones chin level, so no more than 5'7" for him, maybe even less.
TK 723 said on 13/Jan/17
174 (5.8 1/2).
Tarinator said on 23/Nov/16
He is significantly taller than Eddie Guerrero by at least 2 to 3 inches so 5'10" sounds about right.
Cameron said on 8/Nov/16
My honest guess is somewhere around 5ft 8 - 5ft 9 I mean people can change height by an inch over time loosing or gaining depending on posture or back problems.Taller people probably would loose more inches but I would say accurate guess he was very heavily built in arms and torso
Rei said on 16/Sep/16
5'9.25 probably, was just a fraction shorter than kurt angle
AKK said on 2/Sep/16
Could his body have stretched out a little from dying? Could the weight of his body pulling on his neck have given him an extra inch? I also recall mention on this site or elsewhere, that height while standing is usually a little shorter than length while lying down, due to various factors(chief among them, your spinal discs get compressed as soon as you stand, and there's only so much you can counteract this through stretching your muscles to stand straight)
Proof of height said on 23/Jul/16
Click Here

Page 1 of 5 (not the cover page) of the autopsy says Chris Benoit was 5'11"...
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
A 5'9er without a doubt. He was built like a tank and had a rugged, no-nonsense appearance, sometime made him look shorter. However, he always looked an inch taller than 5'8 Eddie Guerrero and similar height to Chris Jericho. Unexcusable crime, yet no one can deny the talent and passion he had in the ring, and was a pioneer for what a "vanilla midget" could accomplish.
Nobody said on 24/Jun/16
5'9 sounds right, on the February the 16th edition of Raw Benoit faced Shawn Michaels and Michaels had two inches on him during their staredown.
AJSherick said on 6/Jun/16
Oh damn, hadn't thought about that. It's true the older archive pages have not been properly translated so that is totally probable.
andre said on 28/May/16
New japan says he is this height 5ft 7.41inch

Click Here

what you think rob if so this mean he is shorter then you and 5ft7 barefoot
Editor Rob: they've screwed up the conversion.

I guarantee he will be stored as 175cm in their database and displaying the English, they have converted it wrong. 175cm = 5.741 feet, so they've mistakenly put 5ft 7.41in.

.741 of a foot is almost 9 inches as we know.
Shuvayu said on 5/May/16
Benoit Gurrero both 5'7" ... no wonder big sexy termed them Vanella Midgets .... Shame though ..RIP great souls
AJSherick said on 21/Apr/16
New Japan says 5'7
Click Here
David said on 20/Apr/16
Hey, Rob can you do a celebheight page on Scott Chong from Tough Enough 3
Gary said on 23/Mar/16
He looked much taller than Kurt angle in ecw.
Mat said on 29/Jan/16
Something over 5'9
Jobber777 said on 9/Oct/15
I met Benoit a few years back, we had a long conversation about traveling, few hours later we shook hands and headed for the exit. I believe he was 5'8.5 w/ footwear, 5'7 barefoot. Cameras change our perception to reality.
Ghode said on 29/Sep/15
he looked 5'8" ... great wrestler.. such a shame
memememe said on 18/Sep/15
the wrestlers that knew chris, have all stated in interviews that chris benoit was only 5'8". larry zbysko, kurt angle, kevin sullivan, i forgot who else.
FM said on 25/Jul/15
Just heard Jim Ross' podcast with Kurt Angle. Ross said Benoit was undersized, and then Angle followed up with saying he was 5'8". You can hear it on YouTube or I think he was closer to 5'8", as Angle said. And I think Jericho is right on par (even though Jericho claims to be 6'.
Duncan said on 1/Jul/15
Jim Ross mentioned to Jim Cornette on his Podcast a few months ago that he had trouble trying to sign Chris to the then WWF because he was only 5'9".

So 5'9" must be right.
ewan said on 27/Apr/15
no way was he 5'8, 5'9 barefoot and 5'10 in wrestling boots/footwear.
nayhole said on 28/Mar/15
Probably a solid 5'9. IDK why his autopsy says 5'11. He had to be shorter. Angle is slightly taller then him and hes not 5'11.
Smoosh said on 14/Mar/15
5'8 half to 5'9 for Benoit, no doubt
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Jan/15
Looked 5'9 with 5'10 Kurt Angle. Could be a little less than 5'9 if we did have bigger boots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/15
I don't agree with the 5ft11 descriptions either. I'm just stating a fact his autopsy listed it as his height. I do think he was 5ft9 range though.
TheMasterX said on 4/Dec/14
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover All heights in the autopsy are simply listed after looking at their mentioned height in sites. That day when he commited suicide. The autopsy said he wore athletic shoes. Maybe the measured him up without taking off his shoes. Wrestling boots add 1.5 or 2 inch in height Trust me. He was never that height. He always looked short on tv. are alot of forums about chris benoit in 2004 and 2005. Alot of fans commented about they saw chris benoit in person, took a picture with him and the forum title was what is benoits real height. They said he was never 5' 11". Everyone said he was 5'8 and 5'9 or more like 5'8.5". He wasnt that tall. Autopsy listings are sometimes reported wrong. In brittany murphys autopsy her height said 65 inches(5' 5"). She said herself that she was 5' 3". Why would they list her as 5' 5". Thats bogus. She was 5'2 - 5' 3. Even Anna Nicole Smith height was listed as 71 inches(5' 11). She was never 5' 11. She was 5'9-5'9.5 there are alot of errors in autopsy listings. So dont trust them. Rob has accurate listings. Cuz hes the man :)
TheMasterX said on 25/Nov/14
Chris was never a 5' 10 - 5' 11 guy
Why the autopsy would list him has 5 foot 11. He is only from 5' 8 to 5' 9. Having described his height as 5' 11 on the autopsy is total BS. Do you agree with me rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/14
Rob, are you still ok with this guy having a page?

We had a similar discussion about Rolf Harris
[Editor Rob: if people stop visiting the page then it would be a candidate for deletion...]
Amazing spider Y2J Man said on 9/Oct/14
I thought benoit was the same size as triple h but when i saw them face to face triple h towered benoit by about 6 inches
Jesse36 said on 6/Oct/14
But is it possible for him to be 5'9 becaus he looks around 5'8 or 5'7 but it is possible for him to be 5'8.5 or 5'7.75 but 5'9 kind of does work for his height
Clay said on 21/Sep/14
I thought he probably had some decent heels in his boots reaching 5'10.5-5'11ish.
Jesse36 said on 6/Sep/14
Same height as eddie
mikael said on 31/Aug/14
5'9 flat
5'10 in boots maybe
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Aug/14
5'9 is prob fair for Benoit but a chance he's a little less. Def. not more than 5'9. Didn't he wear lifts at times?
Jesse36 said on 14/Aug/14
He is 5'9 or 5'11 or 5'10 or 5'8 in boots barefoot he is 5'7
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Aug/14
Could Benoit be 5'8 flat? Maybe
Jesse36 said on 9/Aug/14
Benoit is shorter than eddie barefoot he looks taller becaus benoit had bigger boots
Jesse36 said on 9/Aug/14
Now I know eddie gurrero is is 5'8 with boots and 5'7 9 inches barefoot chris benoit is 5'8 with boots and 5'7 8 inches barfoot
Jesse36 said on 9/Aug/14
I know now eddie is 5'8 3 inches chris is 5'8 7 inches
Attitude said on 5/Aug/14
They had a match on raw in 2000. Benoit looks barely an inch taller. He seriously looks the same height and build as taz.
Jesse36 said on 5/Aug/14
I think this is the correct height he was 5'8
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Aug/14
Tazz was 5'7. I don't remember Benoit and Tazz together. Benoit looked 5'9 usually on TV
Attitude said on 22/Jul/14
Barely taller than Taz if not the same height
Giuseppe said on 31/May/14
Watch this video Click Here
stop it at 2 'and 20 " will notice the difference between the great Chris Benoit (5.9) and Punk
Clay said on 4/May/14
Eddie was 5'7ish.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 15/Apr/14
Benoit could be 5'9 but that's the most he'd be I think. Was always shorter than Kurt Angle who was 5'10 and at most 5'9 Jericho's height
ck82 said on 26/Mar/14
Benoit was probably close to 5'11" in boots barefoot he was 5'9.5" maximum
killingjoke said on 26/Mar/14
Met Lance Storm a couple years ago. He said, "Benoit wasn't any more than 5'8. Guerrero was 5'6." Lance also said he went to the doctor earlier in the day and was measured at 5'11.75.
mass and class said on 25/Mar/14
Its hard to tell since wwe lies about weight and height.
Cnut the great said on 25/Mar/14
he looks 5'9"... You cant go by comparing him to Eddie Guerro because Guerro is probably inflating his height as well
Rikashiku said on 18/Mar/14
Looking back on some old videos, he gives a 5'10" impression. He's clearly taller than 5'8" Eddie Guerrerero, but maybe 2 or 2.5" shorter than Cena.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/13
"about 5-9 or 5-10"

Somewhere between those two figures...
Jay said on 21/Nov/13
I had a picture taken with Benoit years ago. He was wearing regular running shoes, and so was I.
We are the same height in the photo, and I am 5'8" tall.
bulba said on 6/Nov/13
I guess he might of been about 5'11" when he died because i read a story online that his father said he was 5'10.5" not 5'8".
Powerhouse said on 3/Nov/13
Rob, like other people have already pointed out Chris Benoit had more than 1 inch on Eddie Guerrero. As a matter of fact if you look at picturesor videos of Benoit and Guerrero together there is at least a 2.5 inch difference between them. So either Benoit needs a upgrade or Guerrero needs to be listed shorter. I actually met Benoit and can say he looked about 5'9.5 but he was wearing cowboy boots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Sep/13
Rob, could he have been 176cm?
Daniel Rivera said on 16/Sep/13
My view is closed, I think these are the correct height:
Eddie was 5ft8 (173c.m), Benoit was 5 ft 10 (178c.m), chris jericho is 5ft10 (178c.m) and kurt angle is 5 ft10 (179c.m)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/13
I think he may have been nearer 5ft10 if Guerrero was 5ft8
Daniel Rivera said on 12/Sep/13
Chris was 5ft 10in, he always had more than 2 inches eddie, on television seemed to be more because eddie always Hunchback
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Aug/13
The autopsy described him as 5ft11
vegas said on 13/Jun/13
with ~5'2 mysterio Click Here
Hardcorowo said on 18/May/13
Never met him.Although i saw some old post with some people meeting Benoit and they all said 5 ft 8.
Conti said on 15/Jan/13
Kurt Angle in the WWF in the early 2000's was always said 6'2,but now everyone is saying he's 5'10 in TNA.I thought he was the same height as Steve Austin,but you know they probably are still the same height.Chris Benoit was 5'8.5 so that means it's still 5'9,but I would say without wearing boots was 5'8.
Alex said on 28/Aug/12
Danimal, you think Benoit is below 5'8? He looks like he wears lifts but I would have pegged him from 5'8-5'8 1/2. Jericho I did meet in person and he was only a few feet in front of me and looked a legit 5'9.
Witchdoctor said on 7/Aug/12
he was always clearly taller than late Eddie guerero 174cm is the absolute shortest he could have been.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
Alex says on 4/Aug/12
Benoit at 5'11 is total bunk. Honestly I use to believe that and almost every other billed height LOL. If he were to hit 5'9 barefoot I'd be suprised. Hes more of a 5'8-5'8 1/2 guy legit

Yeah, he was 5'7 3/4" imo and Jericho is a 5'8" guy with boosted footwear (a la HBK).
Alex said on 4/Aug/12
Benoit at 5'11 is total bunk. Honestly I use to believe that and almost every other billed height LOL. If he were to hit 5'9 barefoot I'd be suprised. Hes more of a 5'8-5'8 1/2 guy legit
jesse said on 24/Dec/11
kurt angle said that you're always billed atleast 3 inches taller in pro-wrestling. in wwe, angle was billed 6'2", in the olympics he was billed 5'11". benoit was billed 5'10" so in real life he must be 5'7" tall.
hs2011 said on 20/Dec/11
At both the 1994 & 1995 Super J Cup tournaments in Japan, Benoit was listed at 175cm and 100kg which was legit for him IMO.
sean said on 14/Dec/11
i think the reason talk about his height is because he wasnt 6' 10'. in real life hes not really short. hes actually over the average height. he was actually a pretty big dude
Mike said on 6/Dec/11
I met Benoit in 2002 and took a picture with him. Hes just a bit shorter than me. I am 6 ft tall so he would have to have been 5 10 or 11..
Beastman said on 27/Nov/11
Why did he say his height was a problem? Did he think he was too short or something?
Tman said on 19/Nov/11
this guy sometimes wore lifts
Vegas said on 11/Nov/11
in 1996 early 1997 roddy piper was about 2-2.5 inches taller than benoit
Alex said on 6/Oct/11
Angle- 5'10
Jericho- 5'9
Benoit 5'8 1/2
Eddie- 5'7
Slayer666 said on 30/Sep/11
Click Here

Benoit listed as 5'8" on this site
Jon said on 29/Sep/11
Rob, if you google his name and see the autopsy report, you see that it says he's 5'11. i doubt it since the photo evidence proves he's 5'8.5'' -5'8.75''. would you say that the autopsy report on his height is 100% correct?
[Editor Rob: autopsy lengths might be wrong and right, it depends how good the guy measuring is ;)]
Vegas said on 29/Sep/11
Legend says on 26/Sep/11
They try to get as close as they can to their billed heights

that makes no sense, kurt angle never looked close to his 6'2 billing in boots and was 3 inches shorter than cena who was billed at 6'1, batista billed at 6'6 was always shorter than 6'4 billed randy orton in boots, hhh billed 6'4 was always 2 inches shorter than orton in wrestling boots, sheamus billed 6'6 is clearly shorter than 6'5 wade barrett in wrestling boots, 7ft billed kane is nowhere near 7ft billed big show in boots Click Here
Legend said on 26/Sep/11
Of course those boots lift all of them up Clay. They try to get as close as they can to their billed heights.
Clay said on 21/Sep/11
Looking 5'10'' next to Chavo in multiple shots but he was in those boots which lifted him up surely.
Alex said on 12/Sep/11
I wouldn't put Benoit at over 5'9. Maybe 5'8 1/2 but I wouldn't go as low as 5'8 for him.
Legend said on 8/Sep/11

Honestly, it looks like your estimate of Chavo might be off a little. He doesn't look much more than 5'6 to me. I'll put Benoit at 5'8.5 but that could be stretching it. He says he's "about 5'9 or 5'10", which strikes me as odd. Why would someone say they're "about 5'9" and/or a whole inch taller, about 5'10? It sounds like to me he's not even 5'9 and he's trying to climb up to 5'10 by first saying "about 5'9", then stretching it out to "or 5'10".
Legend said on 7/Sep/11
This guy looked 5'8 absolute max. He had a classic short man physique. Big head, short extremities. I agree with Danimal.
MBH said on 25/Aug/11
i changed my mind 174
Mr. Tempus said on 11/Aug/11
I always thought he was 5'10 and near 6'0 with the wwe boots, his billed height was 5'11, i donĀ“t know he may be 5'8, the wwe always add some inches to wrestlers.
joes said on 23/Jun/11
To me he looks 5'6-5'7 because when we see guys who are billed at 6'4 6'5 (who are real 6'2-6'3).They are too big when they stand to 5'9-5'10,is like a big head.
Clay said on 21/Jun/11
5'9 period, another height that Danimal fudges.
Vegas said on 18/Jun/11
Danimal says on 22/Oct/10
5'7 3/4"

Danimal says on 26/Sep/10

can you post a video where he looks 5'7, ric flair didn't have that much height on him in 1996 or arn anderson either, certainly nothing like 4 inches, and mene gene always looked 2 inches shorter than benoit in wcw

benoit with mike tenay Click Here
tenay with 5'9 4/8ths barefoot measured nfl star pacman jones Click Here jones' combine stats Click Here
Sweep The Leg said on 13/Jun/11
Thats cuz guerro was like 5'7"
MBH said on 15/May/11
i'd say 5'10, he looks way taller than eddie guerrero who was 5'8 when they hug
The Big Tuna said on 12/May/11
First off benoit was a great wrestler, that had to do more to get the same respect as a bigger guy. any way he was 5'9". He looked 5'9". Some of the bigger guys just get in the ring, and just look big, and walk around, do a few simple moves, and their job is just to look huge. Benoit was the man, risky manuevers, high flying sh*t. he was better at 5'9" than most of them at over 6 feet. In the end it cost him though
Eric said on 3/May/11
Benoit had extremely short arms and legs which made him look shorter than he actually was. 5'9 was accurate even though he looked 5'6.
Clay said on 17/Feb/11
He pulled off 5'10 easily only in boots. He really was 5'8.5-5'9.
Alex said on 14/Jan/11
5'9 at the very most Benoit is. I'd go with 5'8 1/2.
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
I think Benoit could pass as 5'10 on a good day, btw, Benoit is definitely the best technician in pro-wrestling history, even if he didn't have Kurt Angle's olympic experience, Benoit was that talented, and the biggest loss ever for pro-wrestling, without him ECW just couldn't help but sank anyways while nowadays WWE is even more mediocre than in the 80's.
MikeSCORPION said on 29/Dec/10
He was so tall like myself...5'9-5'10 (175-178)cm! Without the WWE boots.
Clay said on 4/Dec/10
legit 5'8 3/4'' - 5'9'' man.
Mr. R said on 29/Nov/10
Benoit was just over 5-8.
Mr. R said on 29/Nov/10
Benoit was just over 5-8.
eric said on 28/Nov/10
chris was 5'11
Clay said on 23/Nov/10
Danimal says on 22/Oct/10
5'7 3/4"

Still up to your old tricks.
hannah said on 7/Aug/07
Eric Young bills himself as 5'11" on MySpace. I know Benoit was only 18 when he started in Stampede but he was continually billed as 5'8.5" for years afterwards then he got to WCW & WWE and became 5'10" or 5'11".
Dustin said on 6/Aug/07
Dr. Entity, I got Eric Young's autograph the other day, and he was definitely under 6 feet. I'd say around 5'8".
Dr. Entity said on 31/Jul/07
Does anyone know how tall is TNA's Eric Young? He is billed as 6'0" but looks like 5'7" from far and up close he looks huge. He is probably the same height as Chris Benoit.
Vegas said on 31/Jul/07
Benoit was only 17-18 years old when he started in Stampede though in 1985.
hannah said on 31/Jul/07
He was billed at 5'8.5" when he first started in wrestling in Stampede.
Terry said on 30/Jul/07
It's too bad he died...He was a hell of a wrestler. He was way under 6 feet, closer to 5'9 when I met him. But a super nice guy. One of the classiest you could ever run into.
anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
And the reason for that is because you can't fully extend your knees while standing on two feet.

I'm 5'11 1/2 when standing with my feet as close together as possible, but when I stand on one leg I'm able to fully extend my knee and I'm 6' 1/2.
anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
If you measure a body on the floor it's longer than you would be because you are standing up. Do a simple test--stand on one foot. You are probably anywhere from 1/2 to 1+ inches taller than on two feet, even with your feet as close together as possible.
16and5'7.25'' said on 15/Jul/07
i believe benoit could've been 220 lbs. why not? how much you weigh doesn't mean your fat. have you seen bodybuilders? i'm sure some of them are around chris benoit's height and they weigh 200+ and there pure muscle
JLA said on 11/Jul/07
When he died they measured him at 5'9 and 220 LB. I forgot which article it said it in on the internet
glenn said on 10/Jul/07
jericho appeared 5-10.doesnt mean im 100 percent on 2 names.stallone and colin farrel.danimal is always cool to me.
Dan (Danimal) said on 9/Jul/07
Hey Vegas. DO NOT put words in my voice. You like to look for trouble?? Don't look in my direction. I NEVER said Glenn was wrong. I voiced my OWN opinion. If in this ONE case, it differs from Glenn's estimate, then FINE. Stop instigating and provoking. You're arrogant and that goes NOWHERE with me.
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Maybe 220lbs is a bit too much but I wouldn't count it out for sure but I could say he was a low as 210lbs though but I doubt less than that even at 5'8.
HellBoundPower said on 9/Jul/07
Jericho was billed at 6'0". Go to and look at the Alumni section and it says 6'0" for Jericho, which means he's 5'10". Glenn said he's 5'10", he said he was 5'10".
Bleemo said on 9/Jul/07
220lbs at 5'8" Alex? I dunno, 200lbs deffo but i am 5'8.5 and I was fairly heavy at the beginning of the year, 13 stone or 182lbs and whilst I didn't look as developed as him he also wasn't 40 lbs heavier then me. If he were 5'10 I guess 220 lbs would be plausible of course, but he isn't, I'd say 5'8 and 200-210 lbs myself. His legs aren't that devloped compared to his torso.
Jason said on 9/Jul/07
You're spot on, Mr. R. Owen, bless his soul, I think was actually 5'9''.
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Every article on Benoit said he was 5'10 220lbs. I can believe the 220lbs but he could still be that weight at 5'8.
Mr. R said on 9/Jul/07
In this week's PEOPLE MAGAZINE, the cover story is about the tragedy of Benoit and his family. In this article, there is a picture of Benoit and Owen Hart, which makes sense, given that Benoit trained with Owens father in Canada. Owen was always listed at 5-10, and Benoit is clearly at least an inch shorter. Since we know that WWE/F inflates heights, my assumption is that Owen Hart is less than 5-10, which puts Benoit between 5-8 and 5-9.
Alex said on 7/Jul/07
Actually Glenn said Jericho was 5'9.
Vegas said on 7/Jul/07
danimal you bark at me on the undertaker page; now you claim glenn is wrong. Who is being hypocritical now?? if glenn says jericho was 5'10 i'm gonna believe him until i see differently with my own eyes. glenn said the photo of him and jericho is not how it appeared in person.
Alex said on 6/Jul/07
Jericho is 5'9 at most.
Danimal said on 6/Jul/07
He was listed at 5'10". He's not 5'10". He wore the same boots as Kane did. He is the same height as Glenn.
HellBoundPower said on 6/Jul/07
Even Glenn said Jericho was 5'10".
Danimal said on 4/Jul/07
NO, Jericho used to be listed at 5'10". They increased that to 6'0" when they gave him a push. He's 5'8".
HellBoundPower said on 4/Jul/07
Glenn said on the Jericho page that Jericho is 5'10", which is what I said, meaning what I said is probably most accurate with them both wearing lifts to look 6'0" and 5'11".
Alex said on 4/Jul/07
I do think Jericho always looked a bit taller than Benoit, like 1/2 inch. Both looked easily 5'10 with lifts or a bit more. Benoit is probably 5'8 flat while Jericho I think could be 5'8.5.
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/07
HellBound, Benoit and Jericho are among the few wrestlers who undoubtedly wore lifts, but 2 inches are too much for highly agile athletes like them, the lifts gave them no more than 1''-1.5''. So the 5'8.5''-5'9'' Benoit looked almost 5'10'' with lifts, and the 5'9-5'9.5'' Jericho (check the pic with Glenn) looked about 5'10.5'' with lifts.
HellBoundPower said on 3/Jul/07
Alex, I know they both wore lifts, but what I'm saying is that Jericho and Benoit both wore two inch lifts, making Jericho 6' when he's only 5'10", and Benoit being 5'11" when he was only 5'9". I think 5'9" is right for Benoit, and 5'10" for Jericho.
Alex said on 3/Jul/07
Malenko was only 5'7 I think. He looked the same height as Crash Holly who is known to be 5'7 as well.
Dr. Entity said on 3/Jul/07
I think that Benoit's body is out of proportion because he was able to achieve his height unnaturally, probably by using Human Growth Hormone (the same s#it he allegedly gave to his child) or some other drugs that make bones grow. His natural height or stunted height (probably due to usage of anabolic steroids during puberty or teenage years) should have been around 5'6" making him look like Dean Malenko, but with a little "help" from HGH he grew to 5'8"1/2 to about 5'9"1/2 but with an unwanted side effect. It slightly damaged his proportions, his spine and skull grew few extra inches but not his limbs.
Alex said on 2/Jul/07
Hellbound, Jericho I know wore lifts. He was always known for them and Benoit probably the same. Look at this site. They list Benoit at 5'8 so unlikely he would be taller.

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HellBoundPower said on 2/Jul/07
Jericho was always billed at 6'0", but I think he's 5'10" in real life. Benoit was shorter than him by an inch or so, so I think 5'9" is spot on for that murdering ****.
Alex said on 2/Jul/07
Doink, Benoit could get billed at 5'10, 5'11 is pushing it but 6'0 was absurd. I use to think he was 5'11 in 2000. Him, like Jericho did probably have some lift in their boots giving 2 inches of height if not a bit more. Thats why they looked closer in height to Angle.
Danimal said on 2/Jul/07
Benoit and Jericho were both 5'8", while Eddie Guerrero was 5'7".
... said on 1/Jul/07
I always thought he looked 5'8" max. Maybe because he's so bulgy.
Doink said on 1/Jul/07
Yes, Dave Meltzer has said he's exactly the same height as Benoit, which is 5-8.

WWE started billing him at 6' when he won the title instead of 5-10.
Alex said on 1/Jul/07
I've always seen an inch between Benoit and Angle but Benoit's boots may have been giving 2 inches while Angle's gave the standard 1.5 inches.
Vegas said on 1/Jul/07
i dunno alex. kurt always looked taller with wrestling boots on so he was probably packing as well (the staredowns with cena in wrestling boots and sneakers being an excellent example). i think kurt and benoit would probably be the around the same height barefoot.
Alex said on 30/Jun/07
Benoit did only look an inch shorter than 5'10 Kurt Angle but he may have had a little more in his boots making the height difference closer while really they are about 2 inches apart legit.
JT said on 30/Jun/07
Benoit was slightly shorter than ~ 5'10" Kurt Angle. He had very short legs, which made him appear shorter than he really was.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/07
I think Benoit was 5' 9'', but the problem is that Rob has listed him too late.
Rob, there are so many other wrestlers who are waiting to be listed (Edge, Orton, MVP, Booker, M. Henry, Lashley...) and I hope that you will not wait until they die.

Vegas, MVP looks about 6', but it would be better if he has his own place on this site.

[Editor Rob: since I saw one newspaper saying 5ft 11 I had to list him to put mak sure that quote of his was seen...'5ft 9 or 10' = 'I'm really not 5ft 10'.]
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Thorgrim \ says on 29/Jun/07
''he has short and stumpy limbs, but thats because he was out of proportion, he was 5'9. he IS taller than he looks, hes just so out of proportion, he has the torso and head of a 6'1 guy, but the limbs of a 5'5 guy''

His head wasn't big, but his torso was (long). And s-h-o-r-t limbs.
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Vegas says on 29/Jun/07
''yes markus he was.

Looked very short to me from about 10 foot away when i saw him in person but in all the photos and videos in the ring he looks 5'10. Im confused; obviously big lifts?? This guy was obsessed with being bigger so he would do anything to achieve that goal imo.

how tall would you guys say MVP is?? he is listed at 6'3 by the WWE''

He appeared 5'9'' to me in person, but he wore lifts that gave him an extra inch of height.
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/07
haha, someone put 6'0" as his height on W i k i p e d i a. It's now 5'9" with a celebheights citation.
MD said on 29/Jun/07
I still think he's somewhere in between 5'8" and 5'9".
danius said on 29/Jun/07
how tall would you guys say MVP is?? he is listed at 6'3 by the WWE

He looks like a solid 6' possibly 6'1, no more
danius said on 29/Jun/07
Hes 5'8-5'9, very compact figure, cannot be more than 5'9
Jay said on 29/Jun/07
His billed wrestling height had him at 6'0 which is way off, I figured he was about 5'9 when I watched wrestling. Damn tragedy what happened to him and his family, either way my condelences go out to the families.
Alex said on 29/Jun/07
If Benoit is 5'8 then Eddie is 5'7. I think he could be 5'8 but hey its not easy to tell the difference between 5'8 and 5'9 on TV.
TheJerk said on 29/Jun/07
Turned out to be just another one of life's losers. Too bad, he does not have my sympathy at all Bleemo. You guys are very right about his proportions they're out of whack for sure.
Thorgrim \ said on 29/Jun/07
he has short and stumpy limbs, but thats because he was out of proportion, he was 5'9. he IS taller than he looks, hes just so out of proportion, he has the torso and head of a 6'1 guy, but the limbs of a 5'5 guy
Danimal said on 29/Jun/07
He was never over 5'8". Look at his body. He had short and stumpy limbs. I give him 5' 7 3/4".
Bud said on 29/Jun/07
I used to admire him for overcoming his height to become a credible heavyweight performer; much like his friend Eddie Guerrero. Unfortunately all of this is completely overshadowed by his recent murder suicide.
Alex said on 29/Jun/07
He's anywhere from 5'8 to 5'9. One wrestling site listed him at 5'8 so he may be 5'8 but no shorter though. He was always an inch shorter than 5'10 Kurt Angle but Benoit may have had a little bit extra in his boots though.
I use to think this guy was 5'11 years ago though.
Vegas said on 29/Jun/07
yes markus he was.

Looked very short to me from about 10 foot away when i saw him in person but in all the photos and videos in the ring he looks 5'10. Im confused; obviously big lifts?? This guy was obsessed with being bigger so he would do anything to achieve that goal imo.

how tall would you guys say MVP is?? he is listed at 6'3 by the WWE
Markus said on 29/Jun/07
Wasn't he the guy who killed his family last week, and commited suicide ??
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Viper said on 28/Jun/07
I think he was more 5-8.
MD said on 28/Jun/07
He got billed at 5'11", so he could be 5'8" to 5'9".
Derek said on 28/Jun/07
An article I read had him at 5'10" 220. I personally felt he was 5'8 1/2"-5'9".
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 28/Jun/07
I'm sure I read that he was 5'8".5. Can't remember where tho.

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