How tall is Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

American talk show host. In the Chicago Tribune (4/5/93) it mentioned "despite reports that he stands anywhere from 6-foot-5 to 6-foot-8, 'I'm not radioactive. I'm not growing out of control. I'm 6-4.'". He also mentioned "I'm about Six-Four...but I'm not" and also "I'm about Six-Four, Six-Four and a Half".

How tall is Conan O'Brien
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I'm not radioactive. I'm not growing out of control. I'm 6 feet 4.

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Average Guess (306 Votes)
6ft 3.84in (192.6cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 26/Nov/23
Wonder if he's a little shorter these days. Haven't seen a lot of him recently.
Canson said on 18/Sep/23
@Darksol: that’s as low as Rob would ever go is 6’3 3/4” even tho I’d give him 6’3 1/2” perhaps but I use afternoon. It’s clear he’s not a full 6’4 though.
Darksol64 said on 15/Sep/23
6'3 5/8 or thereabouts as a peak gets my vote if Rob feels up to the task of changing the listing. Or at least 6'3 3/4 listing as Canson said.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/Sep/23
6'3 5/8 could be on the money for him.
Canson said on 2/Sep/23
@181cmguy: that’s fair for him. Maybe that was a low in his prime or at worst his lunchtime. Rob could start off by reducing him to 6’3.75”. Clear he was never a full 6’4 with other guys he lines up against
Canson said on 2/Sep/23
@5’7 and a fraction: I’ve always attributed that to his hair. But something like 6’3 5/8 lunchtime is adequate and 6’3.5 in the afternoon to evening time
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Sep/23
His big quiff of hair can definitely add to him looking more 6'4 than 3.5. He's had a guy like Paul Bettany on his show a few times, who's listed at 6'3.5 and Chevy Chase, who's also listed 6'3.5. For me personally, neither case rather validated or invalidated Conan being 6'4 though because it's hard to tell who's taller as they didn't really stand side by side.
Darksol64 said on 31/Aug/23

I'm in the 6'3.5 camp for this guy myself. I never see that towering look of legit 6'4 with him no matter the camera or camera angle I see him shot from.

Plus one of his quotes says "about 6'4" that's almost always a way to say that you rounded up your measurement.
181cmguy said on 30/Aug/23
@Canson, maybe he was 6'3 and 5/8ths? I can't lie I always felt that Conan looked a genuine 6'4 compared to most ppl shorter than him, but seeing him next to other 6'4 guys he does struggle to hold up.

Liam Neeson might've been similar to you in his prime, maybe not 1/4 over his listing but definitely more a strong 6'4 than a weak one. Also don't forget he has a higher eye-level than Conan's, so it's not too surprising to see him guessed at 6'5. I think Conan's 6'4 and 1/2 claim could've been a morning measurement, doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who'd just make that up.

Out of bed: 194-.3(6'4 and 3/8 to 1/2)
Midday: 192.1-.4(6'3 and 5/8 to 3/4)
Before bed: 191.5-.8(6'3 and 3/8 to 1/2)

I gave him 6'3 and 3/4, but I can understand people guessing him at 1/2, more so than the full 6'4. At some point I stop guessing height loss throughout the day for guys well over 6ft as I don't know how much they tend to lose.
I'd imagine he losses a bit more than me, I only lose 3/4 max. My morning height is 5'11 and 3/4. The highest I've ever claimed is 5'11 and 1/2, and I've only claimed that when I'm with my cousin who is 5'10 but says he's 5'11(I do that to make his claim look more believable I suppose). If I had been just a 1/4 inch taller I'd happily say I'm 6ft ^^
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
If he was "closer to 6'5 peak", then Goldblum, Hasselhoff, Neeson (self proclaimed 6'4 guys) and other 6'4 guys who edged him would all need to be upgraded.
Mike O said on 26/Apr/23
He was a STRONG 6'4" at his peak, probably closer to 6'5", and that's without shoes. In shoes, he's easily 6'6". He's enormously tall, much of it in his limbs, as he famously parodied himself about. He's one of those really tall guys who actually UNDERSTATES his height. Several people I know have met him and everyone said he was even taller in person than they imagined. Even now, he's probably still at least 6'3 1/2" without shoes. Just a really tall guy. Apparently, he has a much deeper voice in person as well.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 19/Apr/23
If jake gylenhall is 5"11 conan looks a solid 6"4 could possibly be 6"4 ½ in the morning
5'7 and a fraction said on 7/Mar/23
6'4 and a half most definitely in shoes.
Canson said on 23/Feb/23
@Idid: agreed
Idid said on 22/Feb/23
Canson said on 13/Feb/23
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/22
Rofl said on 3/Sep/22
For me he looks like 194-195cm

Then Neeson and Goldblum are both minimum strong 6ft5 guys!

@Rampage: well Conan believes Neeson was 6’5 🤔. Maybe Conan believed he was 6’4.5 instead of a 192 range guy
Mickie said on 15/Jan/23
@Canson - it's possible.
Canson said on 13/Jan/23
@Mickie: I would give Ferrell 6’2.5 peak. I’d say Conan had an inch at his peak
Mickie said on 12/Jan/23
I think Ferrell was probably never more than 6'2.75" or so. And if measured Conan might have 2 cm on him or so, an inch is also possible but I could see the difference being slightly less.
AK World said on 7/Jan/23
Hello @Rob,

How tall does Miyamoto look with Conan in this video?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks nearly a full head shorter than Conan.
Canson said on 26/Dec/22
@Berta: I doubt Ferrell was ever 6’3”. 6’2.5” meaning Conan was a 6’3.5-.75 max guy
berta said on 23/Dec/22
aroudn 6´4 is good listing. of course he could have been 4 mm under or 2 mm over. But he always did look atleast 1 inch on will ferrell. Dwayne johnson was more than 1 inch shorter. So 6´3 claims hare wayt to low. Liam neeson edged him out but we all know neeson was probably 1/4 over 6´4 he just have extremelly bad posture and still always looked 6´4. The only strange thing is that Tom selleck eemed taller when they stood back to back. most think seleck is 192. Conan is and was 193.
Canson said on 10/Nov/22
@Ice: yea I would’ve believed Conan was 6’3.25 at a low but now 6’3.5 and 6’4.25 out of bed. I’m not so sure he’s even lost any height yet although maybe he has. Maybe 6’3 5/8 peak at his low
IceCold said on 9/Nov/22
Never 6'4 at a low. If anything, i'll give Snoop the edge over Conan there Click Here People also makes think Rock was 6'3.5 and over with Conan, but that's because Conan was never a real 6'4
Canson said on 15/Oct/22
@Rampage: right. Conan is weak 6’4 at most

@Mickie: it looked like a big difference to me. Conan had less footwear but probably 1/4”. I could see 1.5” difference minus 1/4” so 1.25”. Conan at 6’3.5 and Kobe 6’4.75
Mickie said on 13/Oct/22
How did Kobe Bryant look so much taller than Conan if he was the full 6'4"? Or even Liam Neeson going back to back with Conan?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/22
Rofl said on 3/Sep/22
For me he looks like 194-195cm

Then Neeson and Goldblum are both minimum strong 6ft5 guys!
IceCold1 said on 11/Oct/22
In fact, he doesn't look a legit 6'4 guy and never looked, like Canson was saying. I'd say 6'3 1/2 is more accurate. Over 6'4 puts Lennox Lewis at 6'6
Andrey200 said on 7/Oct/22
Malcolm Oliver said on 30/Sep/22
I’m sure it’s been discussed, but I have yet to come across it. How tall is Jordan Schlansky, Conan’s old producer on the show? He’s listed 5’10 on the web, but not sure.

Also Conan clears 6’4 still in my opinion, in the morning could very well reach 6’5.

Jordan is closer to 5'9. Maybe 5'8 ¾?
Andrey200 said on 1/Oct/22
I don’t see Conan below 193.

With 6’1 Bill Hader: Click Here

With 6’2 ½ Dax Shepard:
Click Here

With 6’2 ½ Will Ferrell:
Click Here
Malcolm Oliver said on 30/Sep/22
I’m sure it’s been discussed, but I have yet to come across it. How tall is Jordan Schlansky, Conan’s old producer on the show? He’s listed 5’10 on the web, but not sure.

Also Conan clears 6’4 still in my opinion, in the morning could very well reach 6’5.
Deswanto said on 15/Sep/22
Rob, how long do you think Conan's head is?
Editor Rob
Somewhere around 10 inches. His quiff adds to the illusion of even longer.
Slim1.75m said on 14/Sep/22
Rob has he lost some height now.
Canson said on 13/Sep/22
I think a reduction to 6’3.75 is a start. Really more 6’3.5 at his afternoon/evening
Rofl said on 3/Sep/22
For me he looks like 194-195cm
Andrey200 said on 13/Aug/22
I think I maintain my belief that he was 6'4 at his peak. He's looked it enough times for me to believe that. At 59 a fraction loss is not unlikely.
Canson said on 10/Aug/22
Meaning for Conan. I would definitely say Lundgren was 6’4 in his prime if not a hair over
Canson said on 8/Aug/22
@Danimal: Lundgren is not standing straight and I doubt Lundgren was 6’4 13 years ago. I don’t quite rule out 6’3.75 peak but the full 6’4 he never looked. He’s always looked like a weak 6’4 imho
Canson said on 8/Aug/22
@John: Not the best pic but Conan actually looks to edge Momoa. Ironically I would’ve had Momoa slightly taller as well before seeing that.

If I were to guess I would’ve said Momoa was 6’3.75-6’4 and Conan 6’3.5-.75 max
Andrea said on 7/Aug/22
LOL if anything Conan does look taller than Momoa in that pic, and that's without considering that Momoa is probably wearing boots too!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/22
To all those claiming that Conan was never 6'4", well, here he was 13 years ago standing next to Dolph Lundgren: Click Here & Click Here
Hong said on 6/Aug/22
Click Here 6ft4 Conan with 6ft1 minimum Ray Romano.
Hong said on 6/Aug/22
Click Here Here's Farrell with 6ft1.5 John C Riley he looks a least an inch taller,as for the pic with Mamoa U don't see an edge for him over Conan.
Canson said on 6/Aug/22
@John: I used to think 6’3.25 but now I can’t see below 6’3.5 after seeing him next to Zach Levi although Conan was heavily favored by the camera and had 3/8” more footwear than Levi. If Levi is a solid 6’3, Conan would be perhaps 6’3 1/2-3/4”. Rob suggested that it may be 1/2-3/4” between them as he suggested Levi could be a hair over 6’3 and Conan a hair under 6’4”.

My guess is 6’3 flat for Levi at his afternoon height (his low) and 6’3.5 for Conan at his. I don’t rule out the 1/8” higher for Conan either but I doubt he’s much more than that because all the 6’4 guys who have been mentioned edge him out. Kobe Bryant also looked a lot taller with a bit more footwear. I’ll stick to my 6’3.5 estimate
Canson said on 6/Aug/22
@Hong: terrible pic. They’re both slouching. Conan admits here that Neeson is taller

It’s not by as much as it looks but Conan was max a weak 6’4 peak guy next to him

Click Here
Hong said on 6/Aug/22
Click Here Here Conan looks comfortably taller than Neeson,it goes to show how camera angles play a big part in comparing heights.
Hong said on 5/Aug/22
Click Here Hasselhoff and Dwyane Johnson,the height difference looks pretty similar to Conan and Johnson.
Hong said on 5/Aug/22
Click Here Conan and Dwyane Johnson.
Hong said on 5/Aug/22
@Canson The Neeson comparison was to quick not accurate enough also Neeson had camera advantage but Hasselhoff looks a good bit taller when there back back but you can't see his feet he could be on his tiptoes.l don't believe Hasselhoff would be that much taller than Conan.As for Barkley he looked slightly taller, and Kobe in my opinion he was a solid 6ft5 at maybe 6ft5.25.I just never had any issue with Conan's 6ft 4 claim 9.9 times out of 10 he looked it and sometimes a bit more when compared with other's.So I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
John: Super Tennis Fan said on 5/Aug/22
@Hong hmm I don’t quite buy the 6’3 claim for peak Will Ferrell. I think he’s closer to 6’2 at his peak, maybe 6’2.5. In that photo and this one

Click Here

I see more of a 6’1.75ish vs. 6’3.25 guy.

So I see Conan as 6’3.5 on a good day, on average he just seems more like 6’3.25. Conan’s been comfortably edged out by legitimate 6’4ers like Jason Mamoa

Click Here

(Notice how Conan styles his hair to appear even taller.)
Canson said on 4/Aug/22
@Hong: neeson and Hasselhoff both edged Conan. Kobe (195) and Barkley (194-195 tops) both had at least an inch on Conan
Hong said on 3/Aug/22
Click Here Conan and 6ft5 peak Vince Vaughn.
Hong said on 3/Aug/22
Click Here Conan and 6ft3 peak Will Farrell.
Hong said on 3/Aug/22
Click Here @Canson here's Conan and Duffy,Conan with no camera angle advantage still looking 6ft4 in comparison.Duffy at 65 may have dropped half an inch but I still see Conan at 6ft4 in comparison.
Canson said on 3/Aug/22
@Hong: I doubt Duffy is still 6’2 at that age and Conan is heavily favored by the camera. He looks 6’4 with some but then 6’3.5-.75 with some
Hong said on 1/Aug/22
Click Here Here's Conan looking every inch his 6ft4 height next to 6ft2 listed Patrick Duffy,even allowing for a bit of height loss by age 65 on Duffy's part,Conan looks a comfortable 6 ft4.
John: Super Tennis Fan said on 1/Aug/22
His height is belied by his huge head. Really weird body shape, his body looks like a 6'2ish man's but his head is literally 1-2 inches larger than a normal person's size. I still don't see him as full 6'4, and I'm pretty sure he's been seen shorter than legitimate 6'4 guests, but definitely over 6'3.
Canson said on 25/Jul/22
@Mickie: I’ve never viewed him as a full 6’4”. I see other guys like you mentioned such as Hasselhoff and Neeson who were taller. He looked shorter than Selleck who admitted to only being 6’3.5” in his prime which I believe. However Selleck May have had a small footwear advantage and camera angle. Best case it’s a wash. My guess is that both guys were about the same height. I don’t rule out 6’3.5-.75 range peak for Conan but that’s about as high as it gets imho
Mickie said on 24/Jul/22
Setting aside my personal account with Conan, I'm curious what you think Conan's height actually is? Are you on board with 6'4" flat?
Mickie said on 23/Jul/22
@ Andrea - I just don't find it very worth while to insist anything about my identity on a practically anonymous internet forum to a bunch of strangers. Therefore I'm not bothered if you believe I'm someone I never claimed to be. I will also note that I didn't say that Conan was exactly 5 - 6 mm taller than me and nobody could tell that without a stadiometer. I just that I would find that very believable.
Andrea said on 22/Jul/22
Never said or thought that, Mickie. What I don't get is why you're being so vague about being Mathew and how the ground from "heavily sloped" suddenly became so even, that you could tell that Conan is exactly 5-6 mms taller than you (something already hard enough to say under optimal conditions). I'm not here to judge you, but maybe you just got a bit carried away by your 6'3.5 estimate... 😊
Mickie said on 22/Jul/22
I could be a guy posting from India and never had seen Conan for all you know, so don't take my word for his height if you don't want to. But what has he looked next to other celebs near 6'4"? I think he could be the same height as prime Tom Selleck, but I think he was shorter than David Hasselhoff and Liam Neeson.
Canson said on 22/Jul/22
I strongly doubt that Mickie and Mathew Robinson are/were the same person.

Matthew Robinson said on 8/Jun/17
I disagree that he never looked over 6'3". Check him out next to Zachary Levi for example (Rob has met him and lists him at 6'3" - so certainly I think he's at minimum 6'2.5"). Conan definitely looked taller than 6'3" next to him.

He does however, consistently look a little shorter than legit 193 or 194 cm range guys. Liam Neeson and David Hasselhoff for example. Both are solidly 6'4", and both were slightly taller than Conan (perhaps 1 - 1.5 cm). Josh Homme - at 194 cm looked at minimum a half inch taller than Conan but I'd say realistically pretty close to a full inch than just a half. Kobe Bryant at 195 cm, looks 3 cm taller easy. All adds up to Conan at around 6'3.5" - perhaps 6'3.75" giving him all the benefit of that doubt. 6'3" flat is too low, unless he's shrunk within the past few years.

Matthew Robinson said on 14/Jun/17
RisingForce with another example of how Conan is obviously taller than just 6'3". There are several examples that show he isn't quite as tall as a full 6'4". He's a 192 cm guy to me, safely 6'3.5" - perhaps 6'3.75"at a push. You might say it's ridiculous to think you could spot the difference between 192 and 193 cm but when you see a trend of him repeatetly a tad shy of 193 cm guys and it's not due to posture or footwear, it becomes obvious.

Micky said on 30/Jun/17
I would say he looked an honest 6'3.5", but I didn't look to compare footwear. So give or take a fraction. This was 2015.
Micky said on 30/Jun/17
I saw Conan in person 2 years ago. I am a tall guy of similar height to Conan so I can spot it well. He gave off an impression of being pretty close his stated 6'4" - but probably just a little less. I would be very surprised if he measured above 193 cm or below 191.

Mathew Robinson said on 1/Aug/17
I couldn't tell you for sure that Selleck edged Conan or they were basically the same due to the angles they were standing at etc. It wasn't the greatest clip to compare down to the mm (I will say it seemed Selleck MAY have been a shade taller, but I can't really say this with confidence). What I can tell you that Conan said in the interview "...but I'm not" to being an exact 6'4". That sounds like an admission that at the very least, makes taking a quarter inch off of this listing kind of a no brainer.

Mathew Robinson said on 2/Aug/17
Conan and some of his guests who were between 6-3 and 6-5.

Conan: 6-3.5 or 3.75 ("I'm about 6-4 but I'm not". Can look as high as 6-4 or low as 6-3.25)
Sebastian Bach: 6-3 to 6-3.5 (looked as tall as Conan actually, but might've had a little footwear advantage)
Billy Campbell: 6-3.25ish
Tom Selleck: 6-3.5 to 6-4 (peak, no more than 6-3 today)
Jarred P: 6-4ish
Hasselhoff: 6-4
Neeson: 6-4 or 6-4.25 (peak, was clearly taller than Conan to which Conan acknowledged)
Josh Homme: 6-4.5 (seemed 2 cm taller than Conan, perhaps 2.5 cm even)
Charles Barkley: 6-4.75ish (he's been cited as being 6-4 5/8 and claimed 6-4 3/4 himself)

Mathew Robinson said on 3/Aug/17
@184 guy - Homme is quite obviously the taller of the 2. Conan is probably a shade taller than Matthew Lillard, but the difference was exaggerated by the angle.

Micky said on 7/Apr/18
I have seen him in person before. I think he's between 6'3" and 6'4".
Mickie said on 21/Jul/22
@ Andrea - you're obviously much smarter than I am, so with no way to verify anything I say go ahead and disregard it if you want. But there is plenty of evidence that we have to judge Conan's height by. What's your estimate 6'4"?
Andrea said on 20/Jul/22
Come on, Mickie, don't insult my intelligence... As a matter of fact, I didn't even think that was something you were trying to hide, but the fact that you do, certainly doesn't help your reliability!
Canson said on 20/Jul/22
@Darksol: I used to think low 6’3 range but next to other 6’3 guys that Rob had met such as Zach Levi Conan looked over 1” taller with camera advantage. He also had 3/8” footwear advantage. Next to peak Liam Neeson and peak David Hasselhoff he looked under 6’4” though. And he didn’t look as tall as Tom Selleck who has claimed 6’3.5” twice but with less footwear. Hoff and Neeson could’ve both been 6’4 1/8”. My guess is that Levi is 6’3 and that Conan may have been 6’3.5”-6’3 3/4 with Levi. I’ve always suspected that Conan may be 6’3 1/2” at his low or 6’3 5/8”. I think a reduction to 6’3.75 would be respectable
Mickie said on 20/Jul/22
@ Andrea - is there some reason you think I wrote that account? If you don't find my estimate to be reliable feel free to dismiss it.
Andrea said on 19/Jul/22
Well, I'm just going by what you said... back when you called yourself Mathew Robinson (and claimed to be a couple cms shorter than you do now): "I saw Conan in person once actually a couple years ago. But I couldn't get a great read on his height because the ground was heavily sloped."
And please, now do not say that that meeting didn't count when I asked you how many times you met him 😝
Mickie said on 19/Jul/22
Just because we were in public doesn't mean we were on uneven ground - I don't think we were and I suspect the footwear wasn't very different either. But you are right that it is just my estimate from one encounter, feel free to take it with whatever amount of uncertainty you like, especially since it's not like I took out a stadiometer and measured him.
Darksol64 said on 19/Jul/22
Never seen this guy look like a solid 6'4. Low/mid 6'3 range is more likely if he were to be measured by Rob.
184guy2 said on 18/Jul/22
It's not easy to spot an inch difference , let alone 1/4 1/2inch
Andrea said on 18/Jul/22
Then how could you be so precise... when you yourself have admitted that you met him on uneven ground?
Mickie said on 18/Jul/22
@ Andrea - just one time. I'm from the Boston area like he is originally and it was pure chance I came across him in public.
Andrea said on 17/Jul/22
How many times you've met him, Mickie?
Mickie said on 17/Jul/22
In metrics I'll say specifically I'm 192.9 out of bed 191.2 at the very end of the day and Conan at 5 or 6 mm above me would be very believable.
Mickie said on 16/Jul/22
Very start of the day I'm about 6'4" or a hair under it, end of the day 6'3.25" or a hair over that. By celebheights standards of sort of mid day height I'd say I'm 191.5 or a solid 6'3 3/8". I didn't perceive a noticable height difference with him so I don't think he'd be more than a quarter inch more than me, I think if he was a half inch I could tell.
Canson said on 16/Jul/22
@Mickie: yea your low is 6’3.25, correct? You thought you all were exact so I’d say 6’3.5 for him at his low is best case only because he usually looks taller than 6’3.25 but never 6’4”. At 6’3.75 for him though he may have looked a bit taller than you. I agree with you
Andrey200 said on 15/Jul/22
192.7 peak, 192.4 now perhaps. No loss beyond a few millimetres.
Canson said on 15/Jul/22
@Mickie: agreed! And you can’t take Danimal’s estimate for Conan seriously
Mickie said on 14/Jul/22
@ 5'7 and a bit - I agree. He's come up slightly short of guys who are solid 6'4" types on more than one occasion. I also think Penn Jillette was 6'6" at his peak barefoot and 6'7" with shoes.

I crossed paths with Conan irl some years back (he was over 50 at the time) I think he looked roughly how he has stacked up on TV to me, right around 6'3.5"-ish. I'm close to the same height so I can usually tell 6'3" from 6'4" unless there is a big footwear swing or something. I think a weak 6'4" (say 6'3.75") is the most he should be listed at with 6'3.5" being another reasonable choice. I don't think I'd go any lower than that though.
Canson said on 12/Jul/22
Conan has not lost any noticeable height. He looked 6’3.5-.75 at most next to Neeson or Hoff and that was near his prime.
Canson said on 12/Jul/22
Danimal said on 10/Jul/22
To all the people who love to downgrade Conan's PEAK height (yes, the man has lost height at almost 60). Conan was a bare minimum 6'4"-6'4.5" man in his prime. Here was Conan in 1999 (mid-30's) standing next to a LEGIT 6'6.5"-6'7" Penn Gillette: Click Here

@Danimal: in your opinion, Charles Barkley who officially measured 6’4 5/8 at the Olympics I’m 1992 is actually 6’5 1/2 but Conan who has never been officially measured on record is 6’4-6’4.5? Rob said himself that Conan is probably a bit under 6’4”. Conan wasn’t as tall as Liam Neeson (listed 6’4) and Hasselhoff (listed 6’4). Hoff always looked a solid 6’4 whereas Neeson with proportions could Look over it by a hair but neither was as tall as Goldblum.

Even Rampage (who you criticize for “inflating” or “upgrading”) guessed Conan as around 192.5ish. So that invalidates him “inflating people”. And you said Tim Robbins was 6’6-6’7? But on the other hand you have current Hogan at 6’2 and said he’s lost 4 inches whereas most people have peak Hogan 6’5.5-6’6 range and still around 6’3 today
5'7 and a bit said on 12/Jul/22
@Danimal No one's downgrading his height. Just based on how he's consistently edged out by every 6'4 listed guy on here (Jeff Goldblum, Liam Neeson, Hasselhoff, Lithgow and the list goes on) a weak 6'4 seems more likelier than a 'bare minimum 6'4"-6'4.5"'
Danimal said on 10/Jul/22
To all the people who love to downgrade Conan's PEAK height (yes, the man has lost height at almost 60). Conan was a bare minimum 6'4"-6'4.5" man in his prime. Here was Conan in 1999 (mid-30's) standing next to a LEGIT 6'6.5"-6'7" Penn Gillette: Click Here
Pierre said on 2/Jul/22
Conan next to Shaquille wo is probably a bit under his 7'0.25" list = Click Here
Shaquille /Dikembé Mutombo listed 7'1.25" ,in poor posture = Click Here
Danimal said on 14/Jun/22
Conan (in his early 40's) with Mr. T in 2006. Yes, Conan was the 6'4"-6'4.5" he used to claim next to Mr. T: Click Here
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/22
Lol at the thought of Conan going for imposing when you listen to him he tries to make himself seem about as unimpressive as possible and is extremely self effacing about how he looks.
Ian Momoshiki said on 7/Jun/22
Canson said on 6/Jan/22
Conan has great posture btw

i agree, tho he's only doing that mostly for photograph and without it, he doesn't look that imposing
Joec-192.5cm said on 15/May/22
I think I would lean more towards 191-192
Andrey200 said on 5/May/22
Shows how tall a 192-193 person can look
Vincent Caleb said on 5/May/22
6’3.5” afternoon
Canson said on 1/May/22
@Mickie: 6’3.75 is a best case imho. He gave a taller impression due to the long legs and thick hair. That even looks high at his afternoon height. People keep saying Padalecki and he are the same when they’re not. Padalecki is taller if they stand straight and had the same footwear
Mickie said on 25/Apr/22
@Canson - yeah that listing would be moving in the right direction for sure.
Andrey200 said on 21/Apr/22
I'll remain at my guess of 193 peak and some millimetres less now.
Canson said on 21/Apr/22
@Mickie: I would say 6’3.75 is a good start and probably close at lunchtime. That’s better than 6’4”. 6’3 5/8 would be his afternoon height if he were 6’3.75 lunch. That’s the max I buy for him at his peak. But I could also say 6’3 5/8 lunch 6’3.5 afternoon height
vY said on 20/Apr/22
Legit 6’4. When he said “6’4, 6’4 and a half” I’m sure he was talking about morning height
5'7 and a bit said on 16/Apr/22
He's been consistently shorter than very 6'4 guy he's had on the show. Goldblum, Neeson, Lithgow etc.
He's 6'3 1/2, not 6'4. I highly doubt he's lost any height at all.
IceCold said on 13/Apr/22
If Conan is over 6'4, how tall would be Lennox Lewis? Click Here
Canson said on 12/Apr/22
Conan has camera advantage with Letterman. He doesn’t look over 6’4 with him either if you look at the top of their heads. Conan’s hair gives that illusion. In reality, Conan at best in his prime may have been a 6’3 1/2-3/4” range guy
Hong said on 11/Apr/22
Click Here Here's Conan looking a very comfortable 6ft4 with 6ft1.5 listed Letterman,in fact if Letterman was indeed 6ft1.5?Conan is looking over 6ft4 flat next to him.If Conan was less than 6ft4 then Letterman was maybe 6ft.75 range not 6ft1.5.
Hsiz said on 4/Apr/22
Ian Omom said on 17/Mar/22
@ChristianPerkins 188 at least
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
But is Arnett really 6'2.5" though?
berta said on 13/Mar/22
check him with arnett on the new netflix show murderville. there is no less than 1,5 inches beetween them. could almost look 2 inches. conan really is 6´4.
ChristianPerkins said on 13/Mar/22
With 6'8" legs too. I've seen reports of a 38" inseam but it's most likely a body inseam measurement and not a pants one. It's still long for his height.
Canson said on 12/Mar/22
Peak May be 6’4 3/8 out of bed and 6’3 5/8 afternoon (best case)
Current 6’4.25 out of bed and 6’3.5 afternoon
Ishei said on 12/Mar/22
6'3 5/8 with 6'8 head
Canson said on 8/Mar/22
@Ian: I would go with 6’4 3/8 as Goldblum’s lunch and possibly 6’3.75 as Conan’s best case. 6’3 5/8 for his afternoon and 6’4.25 afternoon for Goldblum peak heights. I’ve long had Conan 6’3.5 flat afternoon though
Ian Omom said on 6/Mar/22
@Mickie not really, in one of the Conan and Jeff Goldblum clip, i think it's the 2005 clip, there's a moment where Jeff doesn't get zoomed in and he's on a roughly simillar angle and distance to the camera with conan and there's hardly a difference, so i think 6'4.25 and 6'3.75 would be spot on for both in their prime
Thomas wade said on 7/Feb/22
Why does Conan tour over will Arnett in Terry Seattle detective show if there's only 1.5 inch difference?
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 4/Feb/22
@Tall Sam i think it's his luchtime measurement for his peak which is 192,5-193 cm, afternoon height maybe fall short of that at 6'3.75, 192,1-192,4, nowadays look 6'3 5/8 at most like Canson said
Canson said on 29/Jan/22
@Tall Sam: I’d say 192 flat or 191.8 range for his afternoon
Mickie said on 28/Jan/22
Taller than 6'3", shorter than 6'4". You can see this with guests who are around his height or slightly taller.
Canson said on 28/Jan/22
@Tall Sam: I’d say he’s the full 193. I think the avg guess is a bit low
Tall Sam said on 27/Jan/22
His afternoon or evening height is very conceivable at the average guess of 192.6 cm, 6’4” and change in the morning.
Canson said on 26/Jan/22
@Ian: Rob defines weak as 5/8-3/4 range. I would say 1/2-3/4 range at a normal low on the day. Strong 6’3 would consist of maybe 1/4-3/8 or 1/4-1/2. So I’d call 6’3.25-.5 strong 6’3 and 6’3.5-.75 weak 6 4
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 25/Jan/22
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/22
Most likely doesn’t hold down 193cm at his low. I don’t think he’s at an age where we give him a peak and current. He’s always been a weak 6ft4

yeah, higher chance he would fall at least 1/4 inch for his low
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 25/Jan/22
@Andrey200 i think Rob billed him as a round 6'4 fro a reason, no matter what others think about it, i could see him being measured at 193 in his youth on a very good day, but he often fall on the weaker range, if anything, 193 would be the absolute highest one could go for O'Brien's height

@Canson i won't classify him as that weak for his peak, 5/8 range isn't even considered a weak range to me, he was real close to 193 cm, i've heard that it itsn't impossible for guys like Goldblum to wear enhancer, hence he look too towering for 6'4 guy beside Conan, and as for Liam Neeson, it's just the angle, i won't be suprised if Conan's hair edge Liam, Liam was close to 194 cm just like Goldblum. And i've rewatched the 1995 back to back clip of Conan and Hasselhoff, and yeah as you said, Canson, they're on the same height, i can't see Hasselhoff being taller than 6'4, although i'm a bit surprised that old Hoff totally edge Conan who's literally a decade younger.
Andrey200 said on 19/Jan/22
I reckon he measured 193 midday at his peak
Canson said on 18/Jan/22
@Ian: I also have him as a weak 6’4”. 6’4.25 out of bed 6’3 5/8 lunchtime 6’3.5 afternoon height
Canson said on 17/Jan/22
Agree with Rampage. If he’s lost anything it’s negligible. Maybe 192 or a touch over peak in my opinion and 191.8 today. Those would be afternoon though as opposed to lunch. Lunch could’ve been 6’3 5/8-3/4 peak and 6’3 5/8 Today flat
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 17/Jan/22
(Click Here) Rob, is this possibly Conan on 100% push? he look 6'4 here, i think there's a higher chance of him being a weak 6'4 instead of just a strong 6'3
Editor Rob
There's a few shots from that event and overall Conan seems taller, albeit he does likely have a fraction footwear and quiff advantage.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/22
Most likely doesn’t hold down 193cm at his low. I don’t think he’s at an age where we give him a peak and current. He’s always been a weak 6ft4
Canson said on 15/Jan/22
@Andrey: he doesn’t look to have lost that much. I’d say maybe peak 192-192.3 range then today 191.5-192 (6’3.5 flat). Maybe peak 6’3 5/8 or so but not much higher. He was a cm shorter than Hasselhoff and Neeson in his prime still maybe half inch honestly. Conan still looks the same height as he was to me
Andrey200 said on 14/Jan/22
192.1, perhaps 193 peak
Ixxjx said on 14/Jan/22
191 now
Canson said on 13/Jan/22
@Ian: maybe 192 Conan and 193 definitely for Neeson
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 11/Jan/22
@Ian: next to Liam they were comparing heights though and Liam was clearly taller. Conan would stand as straight as possible in this case. He looked the same with Hasselhoff

yes Liam is taller but it wasn't near an inch taller like what's visible on the video due to the angle, and David edged out prime Conan back to back, hence i won't see him as a legit 193 ever
Canson said on 9/Jan/22
@Ian: half inch isn’t hard to see but quarter is. At about 1 cm is where it starts to become noticeable
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 8/Jan/22
@Mickie oh, i though you're 192 cm mid day, i was wrong, and that's true, it's really difficult to tell 1/4 or 1/2 inch difference
Canson said on 8/Jan/22
@Ian: next to Liam they were comparing heights though and Liam was clearly taller. Conan would stand as straight as possible in this case. He looked the same with Hasselhoff
Andrey200 said on 7/Jan/22
@Daanish Hussain I believe it has to do with how tall you measure at different points of the day. For example, if you wake up to 176, you would be a weaker 5'9" and strong 5'8" because you would lose at least half an inch throughout the day. If your evening height is 176, you are a strong 5'9" and weak 5'10".
Mickie said on 7/Jan/22
@Ian Momo - Mid day I'm right around 6' 3 3/8". I think Conan at least as of a few years ago wasn't perceivably different. It's possible he'd out measure me by a small fraction as its tough to spot something like a quarter inch.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 7/Jan/22
You would found out conan most of the time leaning his head sideways and you won't find him even try to elevate his neck to stand at his tallest, he did it with Liam Neeson when they try to compare height, and even though the angle favor Liam more, Conan is stil pretty close to 6'4 there
Daanish Hussain said on 6/Jan/22
Hilarious fella. 6 ft 3 1/2 at least.

Btw Rob I only found this site recently. What determines a strong/weak height?Like some of the comments would say Tom Hardy is a textbook 5 ft 9 while James Franco is a weak 5 ft 11. I measure up to 175/176cm so what sort of 5 ft 9 am I?
Canson said on 6/Jan/22
Conan has great posture btw
Canson said on 6/Jan/22
@Ian: it’s possible that it’s only a fraction but in terms of your real height that’s very subjective. Some may say that it’s morning or afternoon or in between.for example Rob lists Kobe 6’4.75 that’s an afternoon height or Steph curry 6’2 that’s morning
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 6/Jan/22
@Mickie so you're basically 6'3.5 then? because the real height is what you measured mid day, then it's understandable why you see conan as your height twin, since the height difference between the 2 of you are only separated by a tiny fraction, and Conan is the type of guy who never try to push his posture in the level of Stallone, Tom Cruise, etc.
Mickie said on 4/Jan/22
@Canson - yeah I wake up basically 1/8" to 1/16th shy of 6'4", I can scrape 6'4" if I really force it on a good day. By lunch time I'm down a half inch and by bed time I'm down another 1/8". I'm quite a leggy guy kind of like Conan maybe that's why I don't as shrink much as average for a tall guy.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 31/Dec/21
Conan could be 6'3.75 at his peak, weak 6'4 overall, since he can look pretty close to that mark decades ago, but these years he's starting to dip more under 6'4 and i would say 6'3.5 is what he usually look since the last decade
Canson said on 14/Dec/21
@Mickie: so for you it’s 6’3 7/8 out of bed and 6’3.25 afternoon? That’s a bit less of a range than me where I’m 6’5 out of bed sometimes even 1/16” over some days and 6’4.25 in the afternoon or 1/16” over. I’m gonna be 40 in a few weeks so possible I’ve lost a couple mm but generally 6’4.25 is my afternoon height these days versus being 1/16” over. So I’m only a solid inch taller than you and prob a touch over an inch shorter than a guy like Christian
Mickie said on 30/Nov/21
Yeah I generally claim my early afternoon height of 6'3 3/8" but I do get down around the 6'3.25" mark at night. First thing in the morning I am 192.8 cm or the full 193 if I Stallone my posture, so I have less daily shrinking than average for a tall guy.
berta said on 24/Nov/21
Canson said on 24/Nov/21
@Mickie: yep it is debatable and in your case you said you dip to 6’3.25” in the afternoon. Afternoon is what I use as it’s also what Rob uses for his 5’8 1/8” as I go with 6’4.25” which is my normal low. With him being identical to you, maybe 6’3 5/8 but I would guess 6’3.5” max being 1/4” or less is where you don’t see a difference but at 1 cm or more is where you begin to see it
Mickie said on 31/Oct/21
Yes I saw Conan once in person in Boston and I perceived he was almost identical to my height, hence my 6'3.5" guess... A fraction is always debatable until they're measured!
Mickie said on 30/Oct/21
@Editor Rob - crazy thing is I have seen the guy in that photo Sharuyan in person, he studied at the University of New Hampshire where I went during graduate school years. He is massive and indeed is not under 6'11" imo. Absolutely dwarfed me at 6'3 3/8".
Editor Rob
You wouldn't be far off Conan really.
Sharuyan said on 29/Oct/21
How tall does the guy wearing red shirt look to you next to Conan??
Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd have said 6ft 11 was possible as he looks a bit further behind Conan...however, seeing him claim 7ft 1 I don't believe that.
Canson said on 28/Oct/21
@Mickie: the fact Conan didn’t look taller than you in person and shorter than legit 6’4 guys makes me believe best case 6’3.5 for him too
Mickie said on 26/Oct/21
I know Rob met Momoa. Did I say Momoa was 6'2"? No. I am saying I am leaning towards 6'3.75", with a possibility of the full 6'4" being more likely than 6'3.5" or less. Hardly much of a disagreement.

I've seen Conan in person and my guess is 6'3.5" but feel free to disagree, I didn't measure him.
7ft said on 24/Oct/21
191 now
6'3 1/4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Oct/21
Mickie, Rob has met Jason and estimates him to be 6ft4

Conan could fall a little shy of it though at worst
Joec-192.5cm said on 21/Oct/21
Click Here go to 8:07

Could be angles/footwear, but Conan struggles to look much over 6'3 with gronk here
Mickie said on 21/Oct/21
Conan at 6'3.5" sounds good. He'd be close to Momoa but if I had to guess Momoa tops Conan under a stadiometer. I think Momoa is 6'3.75", maybe 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/21
Out of bed: 194.5cm
Before bed: 192.5cm

Weaker 6ft4 guy overall
Canson said on 7/Oct/21
@Johno: Momoa looks taller than Conan imho
Johno said on 6/Oct/21
@Conan, I am not saying 100% he could definently get a 6'4 measurement but at times when I see him with celebs such as Jason Mamoa and Zachary Levi, both Conan appears taller than, it gives me the impression he could.

Mamoa appeared nearly 6'4 with Rob, with Conan at 6'3.5 or 6'3.75, he appears more 6'3.25. It could be that Rob was losing and Mamoa was gaining height in those snapshots but Conan did not fair that badly with Charles Barkly neither, this is what got me thinking.

Conan 6'3.5-6'3.75
recapa said on 6/Oct/21
conan has always been a weak 192 guy as canson mentioned he never gave the impression of a strong 6ft4 guy or even a weak one i betcha that he is not taller than 192 in his best days and could be even a flat 191 nowdays .191.5-192 before bed peak and 193.5-194 out of bed.191-191.5 nowdays and 193-193.5 out of bed
Canson said on 29/Sep/21
@Johno: I doubt he could other than in the morning. He had to get on his tip toes with Hasselhoff and he was shorter than Neeson. I’d give him 6’3.5”. His thick hair gives the illusion he’s taller than he is along with his long limbs. I also doubt he’s much below 6’3.5”. Looks legit 192cm guy for the most part
Zachary Bode said on 26/Sep/21
Looks 6’4” imho.
Johno said on 23/Sep/21
Could or could have measured 6'4 if he really worked for it but 6'3.75 is also a good estimate.
Stalker China said on 21/Sep/21
Click Here
idk rob, to think he's a legit 6'4 is really hard, he's solid 6'4 when he's with shorter people, BUT with the man taller than him or same height, he really struggling, like with Hasselhoff and Liam Neeson. but with Goldblum is an exception, he holds up really well decades ago, but now he's barely the saem height as old Goldblum which is below 6'4.
viper said on 15/Sep/21
Conan looks the same height as 20 years ago
Mickie said on 13/Sep/21
To me 6'4" is in the "very tall" range. "Insanely" tall idk but I wouldn't use that term for someone who was 6'4" or even 6'6".
Tall Sam said on 11/Sep/21
How tall are you ChaosControl?
Mickie said on 11/Sep/21
6'4" is a height I barely scrape after a good night of sleep using Rob's "busting a gut" style of measuring. And I don't think Conan looked more than a quarter inch taller than myself in the flesh, because I didn't see an appreciable difference between us. I'd say 6'3.5" would be a better figure, maybe 6'3 5/8" in his prime. I really don't think he would've shrunk anything more than a few mm in his early 50s around the time I would've seen him.
ChaosControl said on 8/Sep/21
6’4 doesn’t feel all that big to me. I have a 6’4 mate who I saw on Monday, with him in very thin shoes and me in construction boots he’s barely taller
Canson said on 8/Sep/21
@Arch: Hasselhoff and Padalecki too. Imho 6’3.5 to 6’3 5/8 peak and still is 6’3.5”

@Recapa: agreed
recapa said on 6/Sep/21
191-192 before bed and 193-194 out of bed.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/21
Hardly insanely tall in the Shawn Bradley sense LOL, but with his 37 inch inseams I think it was and high hair I can understand you saying that as he can look taller. To me he always looked a legit 6'4 guy but there were times I think when Neeson and Goldblum edged him out.
James B 171.5cm said on 5/Sep/21
6’4 insanely tall? I’d say 6’6 is more like insane tall
A2zl said on 4/Sep/21
Dude’s definitely a true 6’4” - insanely tall guy.
Canson said on 5/Aug/21
@Tall Sam: I’d go 191.8 peak for the lowest possible but 192 is as well
Tall Sam said on 4/Aug/21
192 cm is the lowest I'd go for Conan.
Alistair Khaled Noufal said on 2/Aug/21
I think in his 20s and 30s he was a legit 6ft 4 guy, maybe nowadays he can dip a little under.
Canson said on 1/Aug/21
@Slim: he’s not 190 today. If anything 191 is maybe remotely possible but I’d lean toward 191.5-192 range or still right around 192. Being 192 is 6’3.591 we could call it 6’3 5/8 or 6’3 1/2”. That’s about how he actually looks and Mickie closed the gap with 6’3 3/8-5/8” as well
Canson said on 1/Aug/21
@Slim: Rampage and I are essentially in the same neighborhood. Both of us are saying he wasn’t a full 6’4”. Rampage is alluding to a true weak 6’4” which I didn’t rule out. Rob defines it as 5/8-3/4 or 2/3-3/4” whereas I say 1/2-3/4. See where Viper said below that he looks the same. I’m essentially saying similar but that he was the low end of Rampage’s guess of 192 and could be 191.8 today. That’s just 2mm and undetectable
Hong said on 1/Aug/21
193cm peak is spot on.
David Tang said on 31/Jul/21
rob downgrade him, he is no more than 6'3 1/2 or 6'3 3/4.
viper said on 31/Jul/21
He looks as tall as he did 20 years ago
Slim 6'1.5" said on 30/Jul/21
Agree with rampage, canson doesn’t have a bad guess either

192cm range for peak now at 58 years old he’s shrunk to 191 or 190cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/21
Slim, I don't think he was guy that stayed at 193cm at his low but didn't fall below 192cm flat either

Weak 6ft4
Hong said on 27/Jul/21
Click Here Here's Conan with 6ft listed Niel Patrick Harris,I think he makes Harris look 5ft11 range,so IMO Conan is 6ft4.
ChaosControl said on 24/Jul/21
Why would he have lost height? He doesn’t look old, obese or like he’s done heavy lifting. He’s all skinny and pale
Canson said on 21/Jul/21
@Slim and Rampage: maybe a solid 192 in his prime. But 191.8 is possible which is 6’3.5
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Jul/21
Agree rampage not nearer 6’3 but 193cm is also too high
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/21
192-192.5cm I think, Slim...not a solid 6ft4 like Neeson or Hoff butnot 191cm range either, that's too low
slim 6'1 said on 6/Jul/21
192 peak maybe lost a bit of height now
6ft8 said on 25/Jun/21
6'3 25
Mickie said on 23/Jun/21
It's funny because we know Liam was taller than Conan as seen on video. If you only saw this picture it would seem impossible Click Here
Visitor said on 23/Jun/21
Been watching some Conan videos again (now that the current show is ending) and noticed something. Regardless of whether Conan's 6'3 or 6'4, what's interesting is that really almost everyone standing next to him looks not just "shorter", they often look a complete head shorter. And I mean other adult men mostly.
It's really quite confusing. With simple math: Conan's head is let's say 11", the top of the other guys head is below Conan's jaw. So 90% of the men Conan talks to are... 5'5? That's certainly not an "average" height in any case...

Sometimes the other guy even says they're "6 feet" or "5'11" and there's a ridiculously impossible difference between them, MUCH more than the 4-5" that would put them at least at Conan's EYE level... not SHOULDER level :) I wonder what's up with all that.
Chaos 6'2 1/2 said on 17/Jun/21
He fudges his height loads. 6’2.5-6’2.75 range
viper said on 14/Jun/21
Out of bed this morning I actually measured 6-3.75, rare for me.

Almost grazing 6-4
Canson said on 13/Jun/21
@Mickie: I’d say it’s about an inch maybe 1.25 best case. 1” is feasible and Conan. Here is Anthony Joshua with Phelps. Phelps in person looked about 2” shorter than me. He looks shorter with Joshua though. I’m not seeing how 6’3.25” is a bad estimate for Conan at times but 6’3.5” I think is the sweet spot. I doubt as low as 6’3” but I completely rule out 6’4 or even 6’3.75”

Click Here
Canson said on 13/Jun/21
@Fried Chicken: 6’3.25 afternoon/evening Is strong 6’3” though. I used to think he was that but now I think 6’3.5”. 6’3.5” if it’s your normal daily low is sorta what you described. Strong 6’3/weak 6’4”.
FriedChicken said on 11/Jun/21
Everyone knows Conan isn't a flat 6'3 or 6'3 1/4 (i would hope so because that's just as likely as getting struck by lightning), from what I've seen the general consensus is at the very least a strong 6'3 to weak 6'4". 6'3 1/2 - 6'3 5/8 to 6'3 3/4.

I would assume the full 6'4" isn't necessarily impossible per say but all things considered its also a low probability because of how often he gets edged out by 6'4" to 6'4"+ guys all the time like Selleck and Hasselock.
Mickie said on 7/Jun/21
When Michael Phelps came on his show years ago, they looked much closer in height than is suggested by their respective listings on celebheights.
viper said on 26/May/21
I know a guy at Conan's height.

He flat out looks 6-3.5 or so. Just not quite 6-4
Canson said on 18/May/21
@Mickie: imho he’s never looked a true 6’4”. The best indicators are with Kobe with Hasselhoff Neeson Barkley and others. He looks max 6’3.5”. I don’t think as low as 6’3” either although I did entertain it before. Hasselhoff looked 6’4” and so did Neeson. We’re talking a guy who would wake around 6’4.75 if they dip to 6’4 flat. A 6’3.5” guy doesn’t quite give that impression. But my definition of 6’4” is starting at where Rampage is. A guy who doesn’t fall under 6’4” flat in the afternoon/evening. I’d give 6’3 7/8 or 6’3 5/6 as a low (meaning a guy who is 6’4 1/2–5/8 or more out of bed) a pass but if they’re dropping below that it’s not legit imho. This is assuming the person loses 3/4” or 2cm as I do. That’s textbook 6’4 what I mentioned. Conan on the other hand I have as 6’4.25 out of bed and 6’3.5 at a low best case scenario
Mickie said on 16/May/21
Look closely at the Conan and Letterman photo, and don't count Conan's hair. Considering Letterman's lost height since his prime, I don't think Conan looks quite as tall as 6'4" there. Is he over 6'3"? Yes. But he's under 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/21
A fraction under 6ft4 at worst for Conan. 6ft3 is definitely underselling him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/21
I see a good 3in there but could Letterman have dropped a little more?
Hong said on 4/May/21
Click Here Conan and Letterman,who is now listed as 6ft.75,Conan looks 6ft4 in comparison.
viper said on 30/Apr/21
I think it would be great If Tom Brady came on his show
Hong said on 29/Apr/21
Click Here Conan looks a comfortable 6ft4 here,unless Farrell is just a flat 6ft2.
Hong said on 28/Apr/21
Click Here Here's Conan with magic Johnson,Johnson claims 6ft9 Conan looks 6ft4 even if Johnson was 6ft8.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Apr/21
Lillard could have wear flat shoes on Conan show. Rob have met Lillard and took a picture while Rob still insist of 6'3.5" which mean the worst he is 6'3.25" so Conan is still in the list of chance being 6'3.5" not 6'4. Also posture is a little loose on Lillard on Conan show.
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
@Viper: I agree with Mickie. I could see lillard close to 6’3”. Maybe 6’3.25 and 6’3.5 for Conan

@184guy: not a guarantee he is 191 Hemsworth but I also agree Conan isn’t less than 6’3.5” I doubt. I still don’t see 6’4” and never have
viper said on 12/Apr/21
I have Lillard at 6-3.5 and Conan at 6-3.5

Yet Conan looks an inch taller. Strange
184guy2 said on 11/Apr/21
Considering Liam Hemsworth a legit 191cm guy and Conan looking a bit taller , i think 6'3.25 is safely ruled out for Conan
Mickie said on 10/Apr/21
I have Lillard at 6'3.25" and Conan at 6'3.5", personally.
Canson said on 10/Apr/21
@184guy: he looked shorter than Kobe too and he was 195cm range. To me maybe 192 peak. 6’3.75 would even be a better listing than 6’4 but imho he looks classic case of a 6’3.5” guy. My initial 6’3.25 may have been too low
Canson said on 9/Apr/21
@Viper: Rob alluded to him possibly being only 6’3” maybe a hair over
viper said on 8/Apr/21
Strangely Conan looks a solid 6-4 with Lillard

I agree with Rob's 6-3.5 for him
184guy2 said on 7/Apr/21
CONAN only looked legitmately shorter with Hasslehoff in that 95' back to back video , looked about 2cm between both . In the others situations he always some unfair camera angle . But for example he also looked shorter than 6'4 listed Kevin Nealon in 1996 despite Nealon had a severe spine curvature .
Canson said on 5/Apr/21
@184guy: in the one pic they have Padalecki is taller. IMHO judging by Conan’s hair 6’3.5” is fair but at his peak maybe he got 192. It’s not unfatjomable for a couple mm today to be lost
Canson said on 5/Apr/21
@184guy: but on that same token Haselhoff Neeson Selleck and Lothgow could look taller with camera advantage like Conan had there. I do believe he would be taller than Lillard if he’s only 6’3” but maybe 1/2”
184guy2 said on 5/Apr/21
Conan and Matthew Lillard ( who Rob met and pegged at a solid 6'3 , listing at 6'3.5)
Click Here
It's pretty obvious who is the taller guy ..
Flo said on 17/Mar/21
What would his eye level be? About 181 cm?
Editor Rob
He looks like he has around that range of an eyelevel
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Mar/21
If Conan stay 6'4 then Nicholas Braun need an upgrade to 6'7. There is solid 3" between them.
184guy2 said on 25/Feb/21
Conan looks clearly taller than Padalecki , but had a bit more footwear
That's why 6'4 and 6'3.75 for them work
AdamS said on 18/Feb/21
Padalecki not standing straight?? That’s sounds like the typical excuse to hide the truth.
slim 6'1 said on 15/Feb/21
I think legit 6’4”a like padalecki and Neeson would edge this guy out
192cm max
Canson said on 14/Feb/21
AdamS said on 13/Feb/21
I’m sorry but there is no way Padalecki edges Conan out. I saw the clip of them on stage and Conan is taller, even with a footwear advantage to Padalecki. At worst they are the same height.

Padalecki isn’t standing straight. He is taller than Conan
AdamS said on 13/Feb/21
I’m sorry but there is no way Padalecki edges Conan out. I saw the clip of them on stage and Conan is taller, even with a footwear advantage to Padalecki. At worst they are the same height.
Canson said on 10/Feb/21
@Rising: I bet the diff in eye level may have played a role too. I bet in reality it wasn’t more than maybe 1/2” or at most perhaps .6 or so if Liam was over by a hair
Canson said on 10/Feb/21
@Rising: agreed! Probably a shoe claim for him in a 1” dress shoe and likely close to a normal height versus a morning height. 6’3.75 would be a much better start being Rob doesn’t believe he’s 6’3.5
Rising174cm said on 9/Feb/21
I agree with Canson. 6'3.75" would be getting closer and 6'3.5" is probably accurate. This is why he thought a full 6'4" Liam Neeson was actually 6'5". His 6'4.5" claim may have been in shoes.
Canson said on 8/Feb/21
@Rampage: I would say the same. Hoff could be 6’3.75 today. I can see with Conan where he looks the same today as peak. IMHO 6’3.5
Canson said on 8/Feb/21
Vasusen said on 18/Jan/21
He edges out The Rock who claims 6'5".

Click Here

So his listing is spot on. The only reason he doesnt appear that tall is he is upper skinny.

With his build that would actually make him look taller not shorter
Canson said on 8/Feb/21
@184guy: that’s reasonable for him but can’t see above it. That’s probably the fairest listing if we use afternoon heights. Otherwise 6’3 5/8 for a lunchtime. 6’3.75 even would fit better than 6’4 would
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Feb/21
I’m not sure Conan holds on to 6ft4 at his low. Seems a guy that might dip below it slightly. Neeson edged him, Goldblum edged him and Im pretty confident even now Hoff would edge him
Visitor said on 2/Feb/21
I don't get why so many need to insist Conan is exactly 6'4" flat. Why? Many others are something and a half, something 5/8, it's like what would be so wrong about that?

Dwayne Johnson is nowhere near 6'5" and also he's a LOT shorter than Conan. Magic Johnson is VERY clearly taller than Conan. They couldn't hide those facts with camera angles etc. even if they tried (and they probably did).

The truth is simple, people lie about their height, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not, but they do lie. They might be giving a measurement in shoes, rounding up half inches, or both. And pro wrestlers are simply BILLED as being whatever random height, that's just marketing. They were always, ALWAYS like that. Triple H 6'7, Edge 6'5, Undertaker 6'9", whatever. None of those guys were ever ACTUALLY that tall. Man.
184guy2 said on 27/Jan/21
Not the best angle but Conan with 6'3.75 Jason Segel ( closer to the camera and looking up to Conor )
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I'm sorry but there is ZERO CHANCE of Conan being under 6'3.5 or 192cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jan/21
@Brooke Tatom
Conan was closer to the camera angle. If you look at 6'4 Drew Scott he wasn't quite eye to eye direct with Conan in fact he tilt his eye level a little bit lower looking at Conan who is standing straight. This twins were honest with their height. Conan might be flat 6'3 1/2 nothing more with that thick high hair makes illusion being 6'4 without a hair.

Wrong. Skinny people looks taller and bulky or muscular physics guys look shorter even though if the three person were the same height. Perception taken sights.
Canson said on 19/Jan/21
@Slim: a peak Neeson did. He was a legit 6’4 like Padalecki in his prime
Vasusen said on 18/Jan/21
He edges out The Rock who claims 6'5".

Click Here

So his listing is spot on. The only reason he doesnt appear that tall is he is upper skinny.
Brooke Tatom said on 18/Jan/21
honestly could be a strong 6'4" in my opinion. compared to 6'4.5" Jonathan Scott, he seems to be the same height if not taller in this image Click Here i don't think there's an argument for weak 6'5", but 6'4.25" seems possible considering in that picture they're likely all wearing dress shoes (you can briefly get a glimpse of conan's shoes in the youtube video as he walks into schlanky's office and they're not monolithically thick)
Canson said on 17/Jan/21
@Mickie: that’s the best case for Conan 192 peak and a few mm under today. I don’t rule out something like an afternoon height of 6’3 3/8”. You understand but a lot don’t that Conan’s thick hair gives the illusion he’s taller than he is
slim 6'1 said on 17/Jan/21
Liam Neeson would edge this guy out
Mickie said on 14/Jan/21
"Slim" is relative on second thought. I'm about 205, I wonder what Conan would weigh.
Mickie said on 14/Jan/21
Conan is from Boston, is Irish-American, and stands close to 6'3.5" all like myself. You'd never confuse the two of us though lol, I don't look anything like the guy beyond being light skinned, slim, and tall.

Maybe he's a full192 cm peak height, and lost a few mms today. That'd be my guess.
Vincent Caleb said on 13/Jan/21
I think 6’3 3/4” is best for Conan. He really does look 6’3.5” to me, but I don’t think he was ever 6’4”.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 10/Jan/21
@Sulu2020 that’s odd cause I read that 1 in 25 men are 6’2 or taller (I’m in the top 4% lads!)
Canson said on 8/Jan/21
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jan/21

Andy Richter admit he lost height at age 50 who was 3 years younger than Conan. It is also possible that Conan was always close to 6'3 3/4 peak a low and lost 1/4 to 6'3 1/2 ever since he entered his early 50s like Andy. Only one thing i am sure was that he still look 6'3 1/2 recently sometimes 6'4 (due to thicker footwear than his guest)

@Junior: Doubt it. Only if he did in his 30s or 40s. I don’t rule out a solid 192 peak (a touch over half) but I also don’t rule out him dipping to 6’3 3/8 today now. At 6’3 5/8 or 3/8 you’d look almost the same physically. His hair helps him along with his legs. His hair gives an illusion he’s taller than he is. Physically he looks around 6’3.5. If memory serves me correctly, the interaction with Selleck was in the early 2000s and Neeson in 2004. Conan looked slightly shorter than Selleck although that may have been due to footwear since he was supposedly around 6’3.5 too. Neeson had him though.

You’re an exception to this but some posters here (who believed he was 6’4 or over) claim that he’s lost height now to come down to 6’3.75 or so because they are starting to see he doesn’t look 6’4” which he never did. Some of these same ones inflate Charles Barkley to 6’5, 6’5.5 or 6’6. He measured 6’4 5/8. It’s more of a cop out than anything. He looks the same today in pics as he did then.
Sulu2020 said on 7/Jan/21
Roughly 7 percent of American adult males are 6ft 4 and/or taller. I was thinking of this because I made an excel spreadsheet of height data from this site.
Almost 180cm guy said on 7/Jan/21
Thanks for your reply Rob! I noticed that the first link does not work (the one with Conan and Samuel in 1996) so I am sending it again (start at 1:08): Click Here
Editor Rob
the guy Andy who Samuel shaked hands with is 6ft 1.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jan/21

Andy Richter admit he lost height at age 50 who was 3 years younger than Conan. It is also possible that Conan was always close to 6'3 3/4 peak a low and lost 1/4 to 6'3 1/2 ever since he entered his early 50s like Andy. Only one thing i am sure was that he still look 6'3 1/2 recently sometimes 6'4 (due to thicker footwear than his guest)
Almost 180cm guy said on 4/Jan/21
I think Conan was 6ft 4 though definitely not over that. Here is his video with Samuel L. Jackson from 1996 (start from 1:08): Click Here
Their other joint video from 2004 (start at 0:16): Click Here
One more of their joint videos from 2009 (start at 0:28): Click Here
Samuel just didn't look like a two inch shorter than Conan, more like 1.5 inch. Plus, from 47 to 60, he doesn't look like he has lost anything. Rob, what do you think is more likely - peak height of Conan 6ft 3.75 or peak height of Samuel 6ft 2.25?
Editor Rob
there might be a greater chance of 6ft 2 and change for Samuel.
Canson said on 1/Jan/21
@Junior: he needs to be downgraded to 6’3.5”. He was never taller than that. It’s debatable whether he’s even lost any real noticeable height
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Dec/20
Conan deserved a downgrade. Not aspect it happen straight now but hope that Rob making this little decision. Too much of evidence suggest him to be weak 6'4 not flat 6'4 or strong 6'4 like peak Hoff.

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