How tall is Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American Chat Show Presenter. In TVGuide 2006 he claimed his height and weight: "I weigh 205 pounds, give or take an ounce. [And I'm] 6-foot-1.", and also in 2003 said "But nothing has made me angrier than when a guy decided how tall I was. He didn't even interview me; he reviewed 'Win Ben Stein's Money.' I am 6-foot-1 (not 5-foot-7)."

How tall is Jimmy Kimmell
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I grew up skinny — my first driver's license had me listed at 6-foot-1 and 136 pounds — so for a long time I had it in my head that I was skinny.

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Average Guess (108 Votes)
5ft 11.16in (180.8cm)
Canson said on 11/Aug/19
@Greg: maybe in his hay day he was the full 5’11” but today looks a weak 5’11” imho. Lol he tries to convince himself that he’s really 6’1”
Greg said on 6/Aug/19
@Canson next to Benedict Cumberbatch Jimmy Kimmel looks like he’s pushing 5’10.5” so he’s probably a weak 5’11, a few times he can look a legit 5’11 but I think he wears lifts Fallon looks on Par with Cumberbatch.
Crab said on 5/Aug/19
Hey Rob, what's your guess for Andrew VanWyngarden (singer from MGMT) next to Kimmel:

Click Here

Obviously sans footwear it's difficult to tell, but he's listed at 5'10" on Google and that looks pretty accurate, looks somewhere in the 5'10"-5'11" range to me. Based on that photo alone I'd say 5'10.5"
Editor Rob
Possibly looks near 5ft 10.5 there
Canson said on 4/Aug/19
@Junior: I think peak height 5’11”. Today 5’10.5-.75
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Jul/19
That 6'1 claim was too much. Kimmel is lucky to hit 180cm jackpot than average 5'9 1/2 in shoes average american male. At least he is confidently 6'0 with dress shoes on.
berta said on 31/Jul/19
i dont think he is shorter than this. this is thew lowest. probably 181,5 range
cmillzz said on 22/Jul/19
I didn’t think Kimmel lost any height yet, but it’s possible maybe.
Canson said on 20/Jul/19
He’s overlisted. Peak height 5’11” today prob 5’10.5-5’10.75
Canson said on 20/Jul/19
@Junior: that puts Kimmel no taller than 5’10.75”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Jul/19
@TheBat I had Kimmel at 180cm too which is 5'10 7/8 much agree with your estimate.

@cmillzz @Canson Kobe Bryant had a big 6" on him. Click Here
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
@Cmillz: me too
cmillzz said on 8/Jul/19
I have Kimmel at 5’10.5 and Fallon at 5’11.
Canson said on 6/Jul/19
@Cmillz: seeing him with Brady MWP and Kobe he looks 5’10.5-5’11 range. Fallon looks a more legit 5’11”
cmillzz said on 5/Jul/19
Seeing him next to legit 6’4 Tom Brady, I can’t see how he’d measure a full 5’11.
TheBat said on 4/Jul/19
5'10 7/8" for Jimmy. I can't believe his 6'1" claim at all.
Ian555 said on 30/Jun/19
Rob why does Kimmel consistently claim to be 6’ 1” even though he’s obviously not that tall in these pictures with with legit 6’ 1” former President Barack Obama and Chris Pine who claims to be 6 foot but I think is more like 6’ 0 3/4” or 6’ 0 1/2” at a minimum Click Here, Click Here.
Editor Rob
Maybe he once got close to it in shoes.
pov said on 29/Jun/19
Jimmy Kimmel definitely wears heels as as he looked taller 1/1.5inches taller than a legit 5'11 Himesh Patel (former Eastenders actor who played Tamwar) on his show. And his walk is unnatural. I think Jimmy Kimmel is probably 180/181cm barefoot.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/19
5'11.25" is busting a gut measurement for Kimmel.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/19
Tipping toes taking picture with over 6'2-6'3 guests on his show is part of Jimmy little's ego on doing it to make his 6'1 claim.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 24/Jun/19
A little shorter than Gordon Ramsay (who claims to be 6'2", but isn't): Click Here
Jomani said on 8/Jun/19
Jimmy looks surprisingly tall in this vid at least 6 feet maybe these NBA players are all at least 2.5 inches overlisted Click Here
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
179cm max barefoot imo.
cmillzz said on 5/Jun/19
He’s 182cm in a pair of 270s maybe, lol.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/May/19
Rob, did he start out here at 6ft1?
Editor Rob
I cannot remember this one, but I think at times this mark may be a low range for him, he does manage at times to pull off 182 range.
cmillzz said on 3/May/19
Harder to accurately gauge Damon’s height in that video though tbh.
cmillzz said on 3/May/19
Damon barely even looks 5’9 in that video btw.
cmillzz said on 3/May/19
6’4 Tom Brady towers over Kimmel

Click Here

I really think Kimmel might actually be 5’10 range now.
Greg said on 26/Mar/19
@Cmillzz Kimmel has bad proportions but I can't see him at 5'10.5" the lowest I would go for is 5'10.75" at a low for Kimmel but he might be in the 5'11 range.
cmillzz said on 23/Mar/19
Kimmel is at best 5’10.5”, not really sure if he’s lost any height. I don’t think he has in my opinion.
Canson said on 30/Dec/18
@Michael 5’10: one poster here met him and estimated him to be 179 range. A weak 5’11”. I do believe in his prime he was 5’11” however. 6’1” is crazy tho as he didn’t look even close even with a guy like Reggie Miller who has claimed to be 6’5-6’6 before
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
Jimmy Kimmel is more like 5'11", but he claims 6'1", what a joke. Another guy who wants to be tall.
MurMiles said on 15/Dec/18
Kimmel at some point must have become very height-insecure and started wearing helpful footwear. There are lots of older photos of him with his 6-2 pal Adam Carolla where he's not within 2 inches of him, then lately they're nearly the same height. Check them out in bowling shoes Click Here 15 years ago.
Gian92 said on 13/Oct/18
Near Dua Lipa barefoot he seems 5'11 , not more for me
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Oct/18
Damon is at least 5'9" unless he's worn lifts constantly and I've never seen any evidence of that. I think his stocky build and seeing him next to taller guys a lot makes people think of him as short and that's where the 5'8" stuff comes from. @Canson: I can't say I'm a big fan of Kimmel. Partially because I remember watching him on The Man Show, but now he's like "The Masculine Feminist" if you remember the MWC character played by Jerry Springer. It's just too much of a stretch for me to believe it's authentic. I don't care what Kimmel claims much except for that his 6'1" claim is ridiculous since he just doesn't look close to it. Some 5'11" range guys can sort of get away with it, but he's not one of them. He tends to give a shorter impression if anything so he should have been happy to claim 6'0".
Jtm said on 22/Sep/18
if he's 2 inches taller than matt damon then that makes him 5'10 unless damon was wearing lifts.
Canson said on 20/Sep/18
I agree with what you said Rising in regards to him measuring AD in shoes and thinking nothing of it. It says a lot about him tho because we even heard AD say “that’s in shoes though”. I don’t have a lot of respect for Kimmel overall especially because he lies about his height. I would’ve loved to have seen him try to inflate Eric Bana when he told Jimmy that he’s 6’2”. He thought he was taller than that by his reaction. Of course he didn’t try it and Bana didn’t get put in the position but still
Canson said on 19/Sep/18
@Christian: yep I had similar happen. I walked into a DMV once and stood by the height chart and the police officer asked how tall I was and I told him I’m 6’4. I had shoes on At the time. The cop said “you’re close to the top of the chart” which is 6’6” he said if you were listed 6’4” I may not be able to identify you (he was joking). But then I told him well I have shoes on and he said “oh yea that’s true”. I took them off and he stood next to me and surely enough 1.5-2” from the top. This was a few years back. He said yea you’re probably closer to 6’4” than 6’5”. Then have had people I know say “you look almost as tall as my 6’6” friend brother cousin etc. so yep I’ve gotten it too. You’re probably built similar to me with long legs and a short torso but a 5’2 lady guessing that surprises me. Even in your case, you’re technically closer to 6’5” than 6’6” since you close the day at 6’5 1/4 to 3/8. If I met you in person I would guess you nearer 6’5” more than likely

Btw I used to have 6’5” on my license too as I was measured 6’4.5 years back in college. I have it as 6’4” now over the last few years. When I changed it though I had no problem doing it. I updated it and I believe I told them that it was off and that I’m actually 6’4”
Kimmy said on 19/Sep/18
Kimmel looks 6'1 next to 5'10 George W. Bush to me. What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Sep/18

I went to the DMV last week to renew my driver's license (which my old license had me at 6'6" because I used to claim 6'6" several years ago), and a woman behind the counter asked me for my height and weight, and I told her that I'm 6'5" 221 lbs. She asked me "You're only 6'5? I figured you'd be at least 6'6 or something like that". I responded that I'm about 6'5.5" but since licenses can't list half inches, I rather just go with 6'5" since I'm closer to it than 6'6". But what's strange was that the woman was barely about 5'2" so telling apart a 6'5" and a 6'6" guy wouldn't be so easy from her point of view. Has that ever happened to you or someone you know at the DMV?
Canson said on 12/Sep/18
@Christian: I had my BMW in for service one day recently and they gave me a 1 Series (I drive a 5-series). My service advisor who I’ve know for years commented to me when I picked it up that he tells his customers that he has a “6’6” client who fit in a 1-series. And I told him “Um I’m actually 6’4” not 6’6”. He says “Oh i know” but I say it for effect for selling point. He’s asked before and said 6’4” to him and even guessed my height before. One of the other people working in the service dept is 6’2 and commented that im only about 6’4” as he was able to tell (I had casual shoes that day and he’s seen me before) And because he’s assisted with the loaner process befoee with me and saw my license that morning as a matter of fact. I don’t get why people do that honestly. Just exaggeration in general is a bit annoying to me. It’s not like me being 6’4 has any less social benefit than if I were to magically shoot up to 6’6”. I guess people want to be taller until you get to a height like 6’6 or 6’7” then guys like Ali Baba and S.J.H will tell you it’s too tall
Canson said on 12/Sep/18
@Christian: agreed! And it’s funny because a 6’3” guy will try to claim 6’5” yet if he really were your height he probably would still claim 6’5. It’s like people know the cutoff points to a T. A 6’5” guy like you would probably not want to really be 6’7” just like I wouldn’t want to be a barefoot 6’6” as both heights are a bit inconvenient like S.J.H and Ali Baba (two real 6’7 and 6’6 guys at their peaks) have highlighted
Canson said on 12/Sep/18
@Rising: agreed. I think he was simply agreeing with kimmel not to embarrass him. I actually have CP at 5’11” flat max and it’s possible he’s the same as Kimmel. My thinking is that Kimmel is a bit less tho. Maybe peak 5’11” and 5’11 5/8 now perhaps. I know S.J.H met him and said he’s 179cm roughly (weak 5’11) but maybe he’s a full 5’11”. But yea Paul isn’t 6’1 in shoes he’s 6’0” max in them. Kimmel and Conan seem to always bring up height like Anthony Davis for example Kimmel measured him in shoes. Conan goes out of his way to ask someone height and inflated them like he did Neeson Klitschko Selleck etc. both guys probably know they aren’t as tall as they claim and that they’re nowhere near 6’1” barefoot and 6’3” barefoot in real life
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Sep/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

Example of a weak 5'11 guy Kimmel claiming 6'1 and nowaday lots of famous people are claiming 2-3" on instagram that disgusted and shame to honest height claimer.
Dmeyer said on 2/Sep/18
Rob i do not agréé at all jimmy looks barely shorter than Bénédicte not éven 1in when standing similar plus bas less footwear wish could make them near identical, anyway considering theyr listing you agréé they are max 1cm apart
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Sep/18

As long as society holds on to the "taller is better" mentality, a lot of people will continue to inflate height, unfortunately.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Aug/18
@Canson: I hadn't thought of height loss in Kimmel's case, but I'd be surprised if he's lost a half inch already. His height looks to go up and down for photos at least depending on whether he has shorter or taller guests. I don't think he wears lifts so I think it's how they take the photos. He actually looks Rob's listing on stage at the Emmys with Matt Damon, whom I'm convinced is about 5'9.5" and Kimmel looks surprisingly close to Jensen Ackles(182 range, imo). I suspect he comes off shorter at times because a solid 5'11" guy claiming 6'1" only highlights the fact he's not that tall. As for the Reggie Miller interview, Miller had called Kimmel 5'6" and Kimmel did say "how dare you" tongue in cheek. I couldn't tell the difference from the angle when they stood up, but Reggie kind of shrugged and said "6-1, yeah. Alright, you're Chris Paul height." I doubt Reggie thought Kimmel was near 6'1" barefoot, but it seems he realized he wasn't THAT short and certainly closer to 6'1" than 5'6". He must be talking in shoes again as Paul only measured 6'1" in shoes at the combine and some would guess he was closer to his high than to his low.
viper said on 31/Aug/18
Still in his prime. No taller than 5-10
Canson said on 28/Aug/18
@Rising: I think in his prime he may measure at 5’11” but today maybe 5’10.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/18
@Visitor: I don't know. If you look at the 2003 quote above, he seems pretty serious. He could have made the same point about being listed 5'7" by saying 5'11" or even 6'0". I wasn't necessarily saying Jimmy honestly believes he's 6'1", but I think he wants people to think he's that tall. If he's just over 5'11", it's possible he's been measured 6' and change in shoes and rounds up from that. In that sense, he might actually believe it. Remember he thought nothing of Anthony Davis being measured in shoes.
Canson said on 27/Aug/18
@Visitor: yes Reggie Miller was the one you’re talking about and he himself has actually said that he’s between 6’5-6’6”. So even if Kimmel used his listed height of 6’1” and Miller 6’7”, there is clearly more than 6” between them. Miller is likely 197cm or so and Kimmel is 5’10” and change (not even a proper 5’11). Metta World Peace admitted to being 6’5 1/2 (I posted this link to Rob right before he made a page for him). We aren’t sure if that is MWP’s low but I could say maybe he’s 6’5.25 at worst or 196cm absolute worst. I could give him 6’5.25 honestly as he’s got Kobe by at least half inch. Either way, maybe a peak Kimmel is 5’11 but today he’s prob 5’10.5-.75. Jimmy Fallon is taller than him but likely max the height Rob lists Kimmel, not 5’11.5 like he’s listed here. I could even give Fallon 5’11 or 5’11 1/8 and Kimmel something like 5’10 5/8. IMHO Kimmel would not even be a full 6’0” in shoes. Saddest part is that he gets upset with people who downgrade him when he’s not even that height that he claims in shoes. At least if he said he’s 6’0”, it would be more believable than 6’1” he claims. I don’t respect him purely because of the lies he tells about his height
Visitor said on 26/Aug/18
@Rising. Funny... I've thought the opposite (kind of anyway), Kimmel's clearly joking, not "dead serious", when he says he's "6'1". I think he's very aware that he's not actually that tall barefooted. He also probably knows for sure that other celebrities claim to be taller than they are, maybe that's the real joke. I don't know.

I can't remember who it was, but a couple years back some 6'6 or whatever basketball player was on Kimmel and he again did the "I'm 6'1" thing. Then they both stood up and it was ridiculously obvious he wasn't really 6'1. I thought that was definitely done for laughs.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Aug/18
Kimmel 6'1 claim was a joke. He barely reach 6'1 only with his solid 1.1" shoes on with a brush up hair.
184guy2 said on 23/Aug/18
@Rob , do you think Jimmy is a lift wearer ?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Looks 6' with all those 6'5ers( give or take half inch),maybe except Kobe who is a lot nearer tha camera.
Editor Rob
I don't think he is, but maybe sometimes he can look taller than he generally does.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/18
Kimmel has lost a lot of weight in recent years. He use to be fat back when he co-hosted The Man Show. It's been well over a decade now, but I'd bet he topped 205 back then. And I can't really see Damon over 5'9.5", but Kimmel looks close to 2" taller in this video, imo: Click Here Having seen Fallon with people I know around his height, I think he's close to what Rob lists him. Fallon was taller than 5'11" Alec Baldwin at the 2010 International Emmys. I don't think Fallon wears lifts since he often has low cut dress shoes. You can contrast the angle around the laces of his shoe and the position of his ankle with Tom Cruise's 2" elevators: Click Here And Kimmel is dead serious when he claims 6'1" as he's claimed it many times. It's too bad the rest of his material can't be that funny!
Peter175 said on 17/Aug/18
With matt Damon looks a flat 5'11
Adds a good two inches to his height and about 30 lbs to his weight.

No way is he above 180
Visitor said on 11/Aug/18
@Canson: For Fallon, I'm going mainly by what he appeared some years back, when he was also listed as 5'10", not 6ft. I suspect lifts. Take a look at this for one example: Click Here . Supposedly, Trey Parker is 6' and Matt Stone 6'1". Look at their handshakes, both of them appear to be around 4" taller than Fallon and Stone is wearing the flattest sneakers on the planet against dress shoes. There's also that one pic out there where all the late night hosts are on stage together, Fallons shoes are so wedged he has trouble standing straight without falling forward.

I still don't believe Kimmel is anywhere near 6'1" BAREFOOT. In the (relatively) recent basketball clip with him and Ted Cruz, they did "bill" Kimmel as " 6'1 and 185 lbs " which was kind of funny (Cruz was also obviously not 5'11"...) . I'm really not sure if that was a joke or not. However, SUPPOSING that Kimmel is 181 cm, in some basketball shoes he could easily be 184 which is then rounded up... just like they do in the NBA. So yeah, he seems to be stating his height in shoes rounded up but I still see him as taller than Fallon. It's a small difference though.
Canson said on 19/Jul/18
@Visitor: I think it may be the other way around. Neither as tall as they’re listed here but Kimmel may have lost 1/4-1/2”. I think if any is 5’11 flat it’s Fallon Kimmel 5’10.5-5’10.75
Visitor said on 6/Jul/18
A tiny bit taller than Fallon, although both could be a bit shorter than they're listed. I'd say 5'11 flat for Kimmel and 5'10.75" for Fallon.
Canson said on 2/Jul/18
@Mad Sam: he claims his shoes and then some.

He honestly doesn’t look 181. 179-180 with 5’8”-5’8.25 Isaiah Thomas. Also sheds light on the other Isiah Thomas (Zeek) as he’s not 6’1” barefoot. Joe Dumars was 6’1” range barefoot and Thomas about 2” shorter

Click Here
MAD SAM said on 23/Jun/18
He never looks over 181 cm, how come he claims 185.5 cm
Canson said on 9/Jun/18
@Junior: yea peak 5’11 maybe but today 5’10.5. Reggie Miller called him “Chris Paul height” but only after Miller said he was 5’6 or 5’7. Miller was probably using a barefoot height for him and underestimated him a bit but Miller himself is “6’5/6’6” according to himself. Probably a weak 6’6” guy since he edges Jordan by an inch
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Jun/18
I wouldn't go over 5'10 7/8 for Kimmel and probably hes losing height now.
Vijayan said on 6/Jun/18
5'11 flat
Canson said on 24/May/18
Peak height maybe 5’11 or heir over but today 5’10.5ish. Reggie miller is 6’5.5-6’6 and had a good 7” or so. Also Kobe edges him by 6+
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/18
He’d probably clear 6ft in most shoes
Mimi said on 13/May/18
Can he really reach 6ft1 in his dress shoes Rob? I think 6ft0.25 is the max he can do in those thick heeled shoes
Editor Rob
Maybe not so much in a normal dress shoe, but a big boot he might.
C-Mo said on 10/May/18
perfect listing imo rob

but look up for pics of him with johnny knoxville . johnny is a little shorter than him lol so I dont think johnny can be 6'0.5
Nino said on 10/May/18
If he's 6"1 then David Duchovny is 6"3
Just watch the xfiles parody on Kimmels YouTube channel .

Reality: David Duchovny 6" Kimmel 5"10

Possible that Duchovny is just over6" 183-184cm

Kimmel 178 - 179cm
He might be 5"11 with shoes on.
For me he looks just under 5"11 next to Duchovny (with shoes) both waring same dress shoes.
Smiles03 said on 26/Apr/18
Maybe with shoes on
Canson said on 23/Apr/18
This looks to high for him. Fallon is about this height but not Kimmel
Canson said on 21/Apr/18
@Junior: yea along the lines of a weak 5’11”. Maybe 5’10.5 but not lower than that. Not sure where he got 6’1” from lol. I would’ve just said 6’0” unless that’s a reference to his peak height in shoes (meaning 5’11 range barefoot).
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Apr/18
Thought he look 5'10 with Kobe Bryant at first but i watch again the clip it could be the camera angle rolling the tricks and when the two standing face to face with full frame look more solid 6" different. Kobe is 6'4 3/4 so Kimmel is not under 5'10 3/4. Added someone like solid 181cm Fallon look half inch taller than Kimmel on stage then say just 1/4.
Thunderfin said on 10/Apr/18
Derk said on 5/Apr/18
Cavill only looks 2.5 - 3 cm taller than 181 Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel's head is slightly tilted. 183.5-184.

Click Here

Cavill's also closer to the camera, which makes him look bigger. I'm sure he's 183ish in the morning and falls down to 182 at night.
Derk said on 5/Apr/18
Cavill only looks 2.5 - 3 cm taller than 181 Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel's head is slightly tilted. 183.5-184.

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Mar/18
Peak height 5’11 today 5’10.5
Nino said on 25/Mar/18
I'd say 5.11 max.
Next to 6'David Duchovny he looked even shorter than that about 2 inches less than Duchovny . 5.10 and a bit is possible.
Watch the X-Files parody on kimmel show.
berta said on 9/Mar/18
he is not shorter than 180 cm we shouldnt make celebreties shorter than they are. i think 181-181,7 range is possible for him.
Canson said on 15/Feb/18
@Paul and Bugs: I think he tries to pass it off. 6’1” in shoes is quite a bit even at his peak unless he measured in the morning. He could’ve been 5’11 peak at a low and 5’10.5 today
Smiles03 said on 9/Feb/18
Maybe a weak 6'0
QM6'1QM said on 5/Feb/18
6'1 ? Ha-ha, so funny ...
5'11, nothing more!
SD(171CM) said on 1/Feb/18
I think he's a strong 5'11
with Jamie Dornan: Click Here
with Chadwick Boseman: Click Here
with Aaron Paul:Click Here
with Adam Levine: Click Here
and you can see him next to most of his guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live Instagram.
Kurtis said on 14/Jan/18
He is 181cm and 1cm shorter than Jimmy Fallon
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 14/Jan/18
"I have no idea why you (or anyone else) would "lean" on that." Because I think he's far enough from 6ft1 that it's the more plausible option. It's not a slight against him or anything, I do actually like Kimmel and his show if you think I don't. I just don't find his claims convincing.

As for your points re: the quotes being old and Kimmel never mentioning height, he was still calling himself 6'1 as of 2015, and on his show too. Click Here

And I know he's 50, but I wouldn't think he's lost anything notable. He looks pretty similar now to how he did on The Man Show.
bugs said on 13/Jan/18

Kimmel is 50 years old. I specifically said he could've been measured 6'1" in shoes, or some equivalent of that, THIRTY YEARS AGO, when he was just a kid. It's possible he doesn't know his exact height as of today, like the majority of people. It's also possible his deliberately trying to pass himself off as much taller than he really is, but I have no idea why you (or anyone else) would "lean" on that. I myself do not have that sort of prejudice in this case, maybe he inflates, maybe he doesn't. I think a good reminder to people would also be that the quotes on the top of this page are from 2006 and 2003. Those are TWO OLD interviews. I have watched Kimmels TV show quite a bit, for years, and nowhere in the show is his height ever brought up. Jimmy FALLON is constantly standing right next to someone when he's playing those games with guests and stuff so height differences are apparent, but Kimmel does NOT do that. Accordingly, there's MUCH less emphasis on anyone's height on his show, be it Kimmel himself or the guests.

As to your second point, I highlighted the word 'SUPPOSEDLY', I thought that was supposed to make it clear what I meant. Which is, people say "Person X, who is 6'1" was on Kimmel's show last night looked..." but nobody knows if that Person X is actually 6'1". That person is only SUPPOSEDLY 6'1" so a comparison between them is not definite proof of either ones real height.

That's what the post was about. Proof. There's no proof to this or that, and what especially annoyed me (as this site is supposed to be about HEIGHT, not other things) is that there are people who are downgrading Kimmel because they don't like him or whatever. He is the height he is regardless of whether you like him or not, stop messing around with with deliberately false estimates etc., like the people saying he's 5'9" to 5'10" (which would for example make him shorter than Matt Damon and is obviously not true).
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 11/Jan/18
I don't think 6'1 in shoes is plausible at all, his shoes would have to be super thick for that to be true. I think it's more likely that he was measured a bit over 6' in shoes and rounded up. That or he's just inflating his height because he wants to. (I'd lean on the latter myself.)

What does "Sometimes he looks (on TV) the same height that a SUPPOSEDLY 6'1" guy looks" mean? Are you saying he can look 6'1?
bugs said on 8/Jan/18
"forgive him"? What's there to "forgive"? Looking at the comments, many people seem to be upset that he has claimed a higher height than they think he actually is and using that as a reason to downgrade him.

Where's the definite proof he's this height or that height? Sometimes he looks (on TV) the same height that a SUPPOSEDLY 6'1" guy looks and other times he looks shorter than some other SUPPOSEDLY 6'1" guy. And I think it's completely plausible he was measured, perhaps 30 years ago, his claimed 6'1" in shoes, and is just going with that exacty like a lot of other people do. BTW his shoes are regularly clearly visible on the show and there are no obvious lifts (foot in a clear upwards angle inside the shoe) so he's not "cheating" in that respect.

Whether he inflates himself or not, even if it's on purpose, just get over it. That's not the point. Can't you just try and assess his height objectively?

Some people here say here say he's 5'9", or 5'10". I don't see how, he's definitely a bit taller than McCounaughey and more than just a bit taller than Damon. He was clearly taller than Christopher Lloyd in 2015. He looked roughly the same height as Bill Murray in 2015. It's completely POSSIBLE he's even a little bit taller than he is listed here, no one here has measured him and again there's no definite proof to the contrary.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 5/Jan/18
Yeah, 2 inch boosts are almost never believable. Even average Joes who don't care much about height usually sniff them out as bull, especially one like 5'11 to 6'1 where you're going from an above-average height to full-on tall.

It just makes me wonder if 5'11 range guys who claim to be 6'1 or over like Kimmel, Gil Birmingham, Luke Goss, Justin Timberlake, Josh Peck, etc. have ever been called out personally on their blatant frauding. Surely they know they're lying. Would they double down?

The writer who described him as 5'7 should get glasses, though...
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/17
I could forgive him for claiming 6’ but 6’1 is just a silly claim
Bugs said on 20/Dec/17
I don't get why it's such a big deal to some that Kimmel once said or thought that he was 6'1". Maybe he WAS measured 6'1" in shoes. On the other hand, the guy who "decided" he's 5'7" is WAY more off. This whole site is about peoples heights, not about their attitudes or politics, right?

Kimmel and Fallon have different builds, Kimmel has MUCH wider shoulders and that makes him appear stocky in individual pics. Fallon uses OBVIOUS lifts (often). But in the end, they are very close in height. You'd really need to see them side by side without shoes to figure out exactly which one is taller. I don't really know where that quarter inch edge for Fallon has originated, I'd list them the same height for a start.
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
@Greg: yea miller was but Miller is 6’5/6’6 barefoot by his own admission prob closer to 6. Kobe also looked at least 6” taller than kimmel I believe 179 maybe peak he was closer to 5’11 tho. I think you would be similar in height with him nothing noticeable if he were taller
Greg said on 14/Dec/17
@Canson idk if I would go as low as 179cm, but 180cm or a flat 5'11 is the tallest I could see kimmel at, he looked similar to timerblake and a few other 5'11 range guests on his show. Reggie Miller must have been joking with the 5'6 guess.
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/17
In this video he does not look 181cm compared to Jack Black. Kimmel is more like 175-178cm. My sister is about 169cm and I am 177cm and our height difference looks about the same as does with these two.

Click Here
Canson said on 11/Dec/17
Click Here

Lol He wasn’t even at Reggie’s chin and Reggie is a near maybe full 6’7 in shoes. He’s by his own admission 6’5-6’6 barefoot. This guy isn’t more than 179cm and he’s claiming 6’1” and getting upset when people say he’s under 6’1? Lol what a ****in joke
Jeremy said on 4/Dec/17
181 is still too high he looks 179
Jake said on 2/Dec/17
Saw him live he’s huge
Canson said on 1/Dec/17
@Slim may be 179 still but sad that he lies up to 6’1” and gets upset when people call him shorter than that like the one guy who said he’s 5’7” and Reggie Miller saying he’s under 6’0”. Miller has said he himself is 6’5-6’6” so prob 197-198 range
Johno said on 1/Dec/17
With Tyson, he often does not look any taller although i can never make out footwear.
Slim 185 said on 27/Nov/17
179 during physical prime.

Now 178-179 at age 50, 🤭 😆
Canson said on 18/Nov/17
@bman1: i think it’s safe to say go with the JJ watt pic. That’s the best out of the ones mentioned and Watt is reliably measured at the height he is. Most Athletes are a little less than what they measure at the combine since it’s earlier in the day but i honestly have to say Watt looks his height. If he dips below 6’5.25 it’s to maybe 6’5 1/8 some days and it would be hard to see him under that at a normal low. 196 vs 179ish isn’t hard to see there honestly esp after another poster here SJH also met him and said the same thing that he’s around 5’10.5-.75
fisherman said on 18/Nov/17
@Slim that pic would put Kimmel in the 5'11 to 5'11.25" range. Not surprisingly, that's almost exactly where most people have guessed him.

"selfish and arrogant"? What does that have to do with height? Yup, nothing.
bman1 said on 16/Nov/17
Here's a pic of Kimmel with 6'3" James Taylor: Click Here
In this pic, I'd say Kimmel is at least 6 feet.
bman1 said on 16/Nov/17
@Slim185: That pic with JJ Watt is very convincing-- seems to put Kimmel at probably 5'10 or '11 at most.
However, 6'4 baseball player Carlos Correra was also Kimmel's guest on Nov 10 (same night as Idris Elba). Even though Kimmel and Correra (in sneakers) didn't do a shoulder bump when they shook hands, their height difference looked like it would have put Kimmel at around 6'.
So, I have to admit that I'm confused about Kimmel's height.
Slim 185 said on 14/Nov/17
More proof jimmy is 179 max: Click Here

He is selfish and arrogant aswell.
Bard said on 12/Nov/17
Lol check the pic with JJ Watt and then try to tell me Kimmel's 6'1. That would make Watt close to 6'8.
Bugsy said on 12/Nov/17
Nope, not as tall... Kimmel is taller. Probably. I've never seen Kimmel wear obvious lifts. Fallon on the other hand...

A very good comparison is them and Matthew McCounaughey. When Matthew was on Fallon's show, Fallon wore oversized shoes with a cuban heel and Matthew just regular dress shoes. In those circumstances, Fallon looked 1 cm taller. When Matthew did a skit with Kimmel, both of them wore sneakers, and Kimmel looked 2 cm taller.

Kimmel, although he has lost weight from before, is still also a bigger guy overall which gives the impression that he's short. But he's not. Everything points to Kimmel being the tallest one of those three. By a small margin, but still.
Canson said on 11/Nov/17
@bman1: I think it’s also Idris isn’t as tall as listed. Closer to 6’2” than 6’3. Boris khodjoe I highly doubt is over 6’3 and he can look taller than him. Kimmel isn’t as tall as Fallon
bman1 said on 11/Nov/17
Idris Elba (6'3") was on Kimmel's show tonight. When they shook hands, they did a shoulder bump. I totally expected Elba to dwarf Kimmel, but there wasn't that much of a height difference-- maybe 2-2.5 inches, but not much. I was shocked!! In fact, that's why I jumped on here to check Kimmel's stats. I never would have guessed it, but Kimmel at 6' or 6'1 may be accurate or close. (btw: Elba was wearing sneakers.)
SylviaM said on 10/Nov/17
He is 6’1”. I’ve met him. He’s very tall.
Slim 185 said on 10/Nov/17
179 tops...... what an egotistical man.
Canson said on 6/Nov/17
@Bard: well said. Don’t see how he can be angry (for accuracy purposes at least) when someone guessed him 3.5” under his actual height when he’s lying up 2.5” as is. Even if he were to say he’s 5’11 (morning height) I could still say he’s upping it by 2” which is no better than someone downgrading him like that really.
Charlie said on 6/Nov/17
5'8 for Jimmy Kimmel. I watched a Interview where He discusses his relationship with Matt Damon where he tells the reporter that he and Matt are enemies. I think they are joking around.The video shows Jimmy showing off photos of him and his baby. The men who were posing with him looked a good 5 inches taller than him. Hollywood is full of short people.I am sure if you met some of these so called 6'0 actors you will be surprised how short they really are. Perhaps 5'7 maybe 5'6.I feel Jimmy is 5'8 at most.
Bard said on 6/Nov/17
There is no universe where this guy is 6'1. He looks 5'10.5. 5'7 is hardly any more ridiculous than his claim.
MD said on 2/Nov/17

What are you seeing about him that keeps him at this height? This is one of the more egregious mis-listings, I'd think.
Editor Rob: I've seen a fair amount over the years, I feel the 181 is still possible, but can also see how people estimate him at 180cm. The more measured athletes he meets, the more his own 6ft 1 claim looks a bit close to a 2 inch inflation.
Canson said on 31/Oct/17
@Slim: that’s exactly how SJH pegged him as 5’10.5 when he met him. And Jared I see a solid 6’4” guy at 193cm. Kimmel doesn’t look as tall as Fallon imho. It’s quite sad and utterly ridiculous that he inflated his height to 6’1”. At least to make it sound normal say he’s 6’0 lol or “about” it. I wonder how he guessed JJ Watt or asked him about his height when the programs say he’s 6’5”. He looks sub 5’11 with him too lol
Slim 6' said on 30/Oct/17
He even looks 5’10.5”/179 tops next to Jared padalecki: Click Here
Canson said on 29/Oct/17
@Slim: also add AD with his thick afro. He counted that as his height. He likely if he has grown isn’t over maybe 6’9.5. Demarcus cousins was measured 6’9.5 supposedly (has to be a morning height) and is likely max 6’9 but doesn’t look all that much shorter than AD
Slim 6' said on 27/Oct/17
Rob, you should put in the description “measured Anthony Davis in thick sneakers and tried to pass that off as his real height.”
Canson said on 26/Oct/17
@Johno: lol I can’t “like” someone who lies about their height and gets angry when someone calls him out or inflates others to make himself taller
Slim 6' said on 22/Oct/17
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@Slim: yes rob would definitely downgrade him. SJH another regular poster here is 6’6.9 and has met him. Yes a bit far away in height but uses cm as he is 200.3 at his lowest and said himself that Kimmel isn’t any taller than relatives of his who are 5’10 1/2. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if David Beckham edged Kimmel or is the same height as he is at worst. Esp after he pulled that stunt and measured Anthony Davis in shoes on his show with an Afro and told him he’s 6’11. AD likely isn’t over 6’9.5 honestly
Ikr such an immature almost 50 year old man adding 3 inches to height and getting angry when told he isn't as tall his claim. Becks would edge Kimmel by the quarter inch. Becks is more 5'10.75" and Kimmel is 5'10.5".
Slim 6' said on 22/Oct/17
He even looks 179 CM next to 193 CM listed Jared padalecki. find the footwear for yourself if you care about it so much.
Johno said on 21/Oct/17
Beginning to like this Jimmy more than the other and i do believe he is a 5'10-ranger.
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@Slim: yes rob would definitely downgrade him. SJH another regular poster here is 6’6.9 and has met him. Yes a bit far away in height but uses cm as he is 200.3 at his lowest and said himself that Kimmel isn’t any taller than relatives of his who are 5’10 1/2. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if David Beckham edged Kimmel or is the same height as he is at worst. Esp after he pulled that stunt and measured Anthony Davis in shoes on his show with an Afro and told him he’s 6’11. AD likely isn’t over 6’9.5 honestly
Guest66 said on 20/Oct/17
randomuser said on 19/Oct/17
I don't understand why people here are so angry at him for claiming 6'1. He could easily measure around 6'1 in dress shoes. He never claimed "6'1 barefoot" and it is very common to state your height in shoes

Is that you again Jimmy ? 😆
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
Rob, do you plan on getting tickets to his show and seeing him in person?

If so you'll definitely give him a 179
Downgrade, he just isn't the proper 180-181 like Jimmy Fallon.
Editor Rob: I live in Glasgow, Scotland so it's unlikely. 👍
randomuser said on 19/Oct/17
I don't understand why people here are so angry at him for claiming 6'1. He could easily measure around 6'1 in dress shoes. He never claimed "6'1 barefoot" and it is very common to state your height in shoes
Slim 6' said on 18/Oct/17
@Rob, he's going to be 50 years old in a month, do you think he's lost a fraction?
Editor Rob: not seen anything to suggest it, but it's usually 50-55 that a lot of men have a first small loss of height.
Guest66 said on 18/Oct/17
It’s even funnier if he indeed drops into the 5’10 range and claiming 6’1
Spencer said on 14/Oct/17
6'1" is a joke . 180 at most .
Slim 6' said on 8/Oct/17
Needs the flat 5'11" downgrade.
Peter181cm said on 6/Oct/17
5'11 (180.3cm)
Oanh said on 1/Oct/17
LOL @ 6'1"
Jimmy is max 5'11" flat.
Thomas said on 30/Sep/17
This guy is so incredibly egotistical. Who the hell gets that defensive about their height? Egotistical and delusional.
Sexton1 said on 29/Sep/17
The funniest thing about Jimmy Kimmel is that he says he's 6.1 when he's not even 6 foot. Pathetic.
Canson said on 27/Sep/17
@Shortie: he definitely lies about his height. He measures Anthony Davis in sneakers and tried to pass that off as his true height. Thick sneaks too.
Chris said on 26/Sep/17
180cm flat
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
5'10.5. That's sad that he has to say 6'1. At least just keep it simple and say 6'0"
Slim said on 25/Sep/17
Shortie said on 23/Sep/17
I just attended a funeral at which Jimmy Kimmel was present. I am 5'10", he was at least 3 inches taller than I.
You're probably jimmy Kimmel 😂
MD said on 25/Sep/17
Yeah, so no her wasn't, Shortie. Sorry.
Shortie said on 23/Sep/17
I just attended a funeral at which Jimmy Kimmel was present. I am 5'10", he was at least 3 inches taller than I.
Shortie said on 23/Sep/17
I just attended a funeral which was also attended by Jimmy Kimmel. I am 5'10" and he was at least 3 inches taller than me.
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
Animus said on 16/Sep/17
He's a strong 5'11 - he's either this or 5'11½. Proportionally speaking, you can tell he's close to six feet. He could measure something like 181½cm in the afternoon.
He's 179-181 upper average/start of tall.
Slim said on 17/Sep/17
Animus said on 16/Sep/17
He's a strong 5'11 - he's either this or 5'11½. Proportionally speaking, you can tell he's close to six feet. He could measure something like 181½cm in the afternoon.
This would make jimmy Fallon 5'11.75"-6'0.5", Which is insane.
Johno said on 17/Sep/17
Slightly shorter than Cumberbatch, 5'10.25
Animus said on 16/Sep/17
He's a strong 5'11 - he's either this or 5'11½. Proportionally speaking, you can tell he's close to six feet. He could measure something like 181½cm in the afternoon.
Tonyx said on 15/Sep/17
Kimmel with Colbert
Click Here
Slim said on 2/Sep/17
Sorry guys, but 5'10.5" Kimmel would put 5"9.5" max Damon at 5'9" flat.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/Aug/17

One of the few times I agree with you.
Willes188 said on 28/Aug/17
This guy is 5'10.5 tops lol 6'1 you wish
Bugsy said on 23/Aug/17
Canson, Christian: I guess that would depend on where you are. In the US the average male height is about 5'9", in most European countries it is 5'10"+. Especially for young men. I don't dip under 5'11" even late at night but I do constantly encounter guys who are taller than me when I travel. The point being that those statistics do seem to be accurate.
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
Lol he hates when someone decides how tall he is? He seems like the type who would assess someone else a height in correlation with his own lie he's telling esp since he's 2" or more off
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
It doesn't surprise me that he does lie on his own height. he measured Anthony Davis on his show in shoes and not properly as his hair gave him a boost.

@Bugsy: 5'11 isn't really average Height that's above. It looks only average when a real 5'8" or 5'9" guy claims it
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Aug/17

I agree, except for the fact that 5'11" guys aren't really average. They're tallish but not tall. Average would be 5'9" range or a bit under.
Slim 182 cm said on 12/Aug/17
His 6'1 claim is ridiculous, 5'11 is where I have him.
Bugsy said on 9/Aug/17
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)

Yeah. 5'11" is quite a normal, average height... for men, which means someone that height is very much on the taller side in general (including women). But for whatever reason most people want to be or at least be seen as taller than they are, even if they are already tall.
This site is much more sensible than other sources but in my eyes still almost every listing is overestimated by about .25", some slightly more.

Jimmy Kimmel looks precisely like just a normal guy, not tall, not short. Never really sticks out. 5'11".
The Man said on 3/Aug/17
Big Rob, spot on listing

Click Here

181 cm exact with Henry
Canson said on 28/Jul/17
Wow and he actually claims 6'1. Love to see him with Christiano Renaldo to see how much shorter he looks as he honestly can look what SJH says compared to Barkley or Kobe two guys 194-195 or 195 solid maybe on Kobe
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 10/Jul/17
He looks about 5'10.5" next to basketball players like Kobe and Barkley, but looks 5'11"+ next to everyone else based off their listings on celebheights. It goes to show that most celebs on this site are a bit overlisted.
Dejavu said on 8/Jul/17
He is definitely not only 5'10.5. He looks 2 inches taller than Matt Damon at the oscars and I don't see Matt under 5'9.5.
S.J.H said on 20/Jun/17
Click Here Watch from 0:19 onward. 195cm Kobe easily look over 15cm taller than Kimmel like 16-17cm top on him. As i tell no lie i've seem Kimmel up close in person not over 5'10.5 and could be as low as solid 5'10.25 , kobe might hold 6'5 for awhile in this clip drop to lowest at night at 195cm
grizz said on 17/Jun/17
@Valhalla, I'd give him 80 kilos now. Adam Levine is 5'11 and 75 kilos and he's considerably thinner than Jimmy. And Jimmy's a millionaire ($35 mil net worth)-it would be an insult that he's wealthier than guys like Harrison Ford or Schwarzenegger. I've heard lots of stories about his insecurities. First the weight (which he got covered, for now), then height (6'1 come on, even I, a 6footer, wouldn't dare claiming that height), then his hairline (he mocked at one Pickup artist because of his baldness, even though Jimmy had the same issue which he fixed with operation(s),google it).
Valhalla said on 14/Jun/17
I know the quotes probably old but nowadays he looks 75 kilos not 205 pounds. This guy must be insecure asf lol yet he's a billionaire
Animus said on 11/Jun/17
He looked about three inches taller than Michael Keaton when he appeared on Kimmel's show recently. 5'11.25"-5'11.5" sounds right for Kimmel.
Bruce 5'11 1/2 said on 4/Jun/17
It's ok with me if you're 5'11 1/2 and claiming to be 6' but 6'1 it's not funny anymore......5'11 1/2 max for this chap.
Hans Meiser said on 19/May/17

Yeah, Jimmy seems to be a bit insecure with his ridiculous claims. He'd probably snap if that situation really happens.
grizz said on 11/May/17
Imagine him asking Chris Pine: "How tall are you?"
Chris: "6 feet"
Kimmel: "No way! I'm 6'1, you gotta be 6'2 at least!"
Chris: "Nope, 6 feet."
*Kimmel angrily stares at Pine, you can feel the tension in the air*
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i think under 180 is to short. 181-182 seems fine
Hans Meiser said on 13/Apr/17
5'11.5 is arguable, but not much more. 5'11.25 is spot on. I don't see him under 5'11 as well.
Editor Rob: he can pull off 182 range, for a long time he was that range here, but at times I think maybe he's not quite 182...
S.J.H said on 6/Apr/17
Click Here Scroll to the back of this clip. Hoff is 6'3.5 next to jimmy kimmel whom i met at 5'10.5 it's indeed accurate. Hoff peak is 6'4 and kimmel was never over 5'10.5
Sonny Black said on 4/Apr/17
Really Jimmy 6'1? Then again he is a comedian... I watch his show a lot and my guess would be 5'11.25.
Wrs567 said on 26/Mar/17
Rob, don't you think this could be a bit low for Big Jimmy? I'd at least give him 182cm

Look at him with Armie Hammer, Alfie Enoch and Robert Pattinson

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 28/Feb/17
@Duck man Yes well I said more than 1 inch. I can see a difference between 5'11" or 6'1" or 6'3" tbh. One is above average, one is solid tall and the last one is very tall. 210 cm is literally giant range. But you can put say 5'11"-6'0", 6'1"-6'2" and 6'3"-6'4" in the same categories btw.

Thanks for the offer but I'll keep the nick as it suits me because I write unfiltered :) (exactly what I think without the need of insulting someone).
Duck man said on 27/Feb/17
@honestslovene ok i'm guessing the people on this site are obsessed with height, and think about it every time they meet someone etc. even if its just in the back of their head. So maybe 1 inch of height is noticeable to you, but to the majority of people on earth 1 inch is nothing. I myself am 189cm and if i met someone who was even 185cm i would consider them as basically the same height as me.. considering people go up to like 210cm, 2.5cm is really quite insignificant...

edit; chose a better nickname
HonestSlovene said on 19/Feb/17
@so Sorry, but anything more than 1 inch of difference is a noticable difference in terms of height (1.5 inches or more). A 5'11 guy can never look 6'1 BUT he can appear 5'10" or 6'0" if you consider the effect of posture/weight/clothing/head size etc. Kimmel really isn't more than 5'11" flat so his 6'1" claim is quite laughable tbh.
Dan said on 19/Jan/17
Can you add a page for rapper Quavo of the Migos? He looks about an inch taller than Kimmel in this clip. How tall would you say he is? 6'0.5-6'1 range possible?

Click Here
abcd said on 20/Dec/16
strong 5.11
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
5'10.75 like i saw him.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 11/Nov/16
"Jimmy Kimmel's Height is 5ft 11in (180.3 cm)"
Mayfield said on 4/Nov/16
Adam Carolla could be a good person to have a page on. Listed 6'2 on IMDB and looks it with Kimmel
HonestSlovene said on 28/Oct/16
Either 180 cm or 181 cm is ok for him.
grizz said on 25/Oct/16
Well, get ready to be surprised - 6'2.5 Will Ferrell look HUMONGOUS next to Kimmel Click Here
Aza said on 24/Oct/16
He's 5"11 evening height. Probably wakes up at 182cm.
Arthur said on 23/Oct/16
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed as much as 1.5, but I could see about an inch being possible there. Not sure how big Benedict's footwear is compared to Jimmy's, it looked bigger for certain, how much I'm not sure.

Do you think that video leaves a possibility for Kimmel at 5'11 flat?

Unless Cumberbatch had almost 2 cm more footwear than Kimmel, which I doubt it, their heights don't add up. And there's even a possibility Cumberbatch is under 182, like 181, so bad news for our ''6'1'' chap here
Editor Rob: I still feel overall Jimmy at 181 is a best guess from all I've seen of him. I could see above and below that on occasions, but if he was much below or above that mark I'd be surpised.
Arthur said on 21/Oct/16
Rob, look at that, strange... Click Here Cumberbatch looks 1.5 inches taller than Kimmel.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed as much as 1.5, but I could see about an inch being possible there. Not sure how big Benedict's footwear is compared to Jimmy's, it looked bigger for certain, how much I'm not sure.
so said on 6/Oct/16
I think most non obsessed about height people see 5'11 to 6'2 as the same range. So he could probably get away with 6'1. It's like people who say they're 5'9 when they're 5'7, they get away with it because it's in the same range. Personally I've had people try and say I'm 5'9 when I'm 6'- 6'1 it sucks. I also used to be taller than people but people would still say they were taller than me even when the supposedly taller person said themselves that I'm taller in front of them. That's why I'm so insecure it sucks...
Morningheight 182cm said on 1/Oct/16
Google is hilarious when stating heights they go with whatever the person claims 🤔
Dejavu said on 24/Sep/16
Rob, if Jimmy Kimmel is downgraded wouldn't it be normal to also downgrade Matt Damon?

Click Here
Click Here

Matt is clearly 2 inches shorter.
Editor Rob: you can make a case for 5ft 9.5 Damon.
ly said on 20/Sep/16
His height is tricky to guess sometimes.He looked about 2cm shorter than Cavill and then again about the same as Gordon Ramsey who claims 6ft2 but then about an inch taller than strong 5ft9 Adam Samberg.Im not sure if he wears lifts but i wouldnt be suprised since he has a 6ft1 image to maintain.
S.J.H said on 5/Sep/16
Kimmel is about 180cm in person. Nothing more than this and could be 5'10.5 too
grizz said on 13/Jul/16
I remember he had Batista as his guest for Spectre promotion. Kimmel asked Batista something like how did he feel fighting against a guy (Craig) who is as tall as he in elementary school. First of, Batista isn't that tall (6'2 range),even compared to Craig. Second,isn't it funny that,with first point in mind,he makes fun of a guy who is barely an inch shorter than he? I bet that if he stood next to Craig, "6foot1" Kimmel would feel embarrassingly small.
Pucko said on 4/Jul/16
I can't see Kimmel taller then 5'11
berta said on 1/Jul/16
Not shorter than this could be 182 want this guys listed here at 183, 182 and now 181?
truth said on 14/Jun/16
Looks like a solid 5'11". The 6'1" claim is hilarious.
Johno said on 1/Jun/16
@Keegan, you maybe right there.
Civman said on 24/May/16
Dmeyer stop upgadiing everyone !
Keegan said on 5/May/16
No more than 5'10.5". His proportions look nothing like a 180-183cm man.
Dmeyer said on 15/Apr/16
Cavill looks barely taller than 181cm kimmel about 6ft if so, i am standing to think 6ft is possible the range hé can look is 183-185cm but hé oftnely stand very tall so 183-183,5cm dinner time
Doug said on 14/Apr/16
With Cavill & Affleck
Click Here
Andrea said on 1/Apr/16
Come on, Rob, he's listed at 181 and you say you would surprised if he was only 180... It's not like a 3-4 cms under your listing but only 1! How can that be surprising?
Looking at some pictures or videos, you can definitely make an argument for around 180, that's nothing crazy or surprising, IMO! Ofc, 181 is not impossible either... Actually it's the most he could measure, so 180 is not surprising but very possible, to say the least!
The only thing which i'd call "surprising" is if he'd manage to measure near his crazy claim! :)
But you never know... Maybe he buys your BIG G Supertape, just to say "You see? Told you i am 6'1, jealous b**tards!"
Editor Rob: from all I've seen I think 180cm is just that bit too low for him, hence I'd be more surprised if he ended up that mark than 181.
Paleman said on 31/Mar/16
I seriously don't understand when people try to claim five extra centimeters to their height. 6'1" Craig Ferguson claiming 6'3" and now THIS. I mean, Kimmel could've gotten away with claiming six feet but no, he had to add TWO inches. Come on guys, if you're gonna lie then at least try to be plausible... Why would a guy his height have issues with it anyway? It's not like he's 5'6" or even 5'9", he's already taller than the average male and has money, fame and success on top of it. Some people are just so insecure...

Yeah, Kimmel looks around 5'11" range.
mike said on 31/Mar/16
Flat 180cm Rob, there's considerable amount of evidence to prove it man! Cmom Rob, have a second look!
Editor Rob: would be surprised if only 180.
Aza said on 23/Mar/16
Looks 5'10 ish...def not 5'11
Smashbros said on 22/Mar/16
He seems so insecure... getting mad about someone daring to call him 5'7, then he lies by 2" about his height.
Johno said on 6/Mar/16
Alot nice estimates out there then mine ------ 5'10, 5'10.25 Jimmy Boy.
Aaron zamora said on 28/Jan/16
Hey rob I'm sorry for asking again but how tall do you think that his side kick Guillermo Rodriguez is? Google has him at 5'5 but he looks shorter than That. Maybe 5'2-5'3??
Editor Rob: he has claimed 5ft 5, but I think he must be adding a couple of inches to his claim.
Aaron zamora said on 30/Oct/15
Hey rob if Jimmy Kimmel is 5'11 1/4 how tall do you think that his sidekick Guillermo is? He claims to be 5'5 but he seems shorter than that. Can you please make a page for him? Thank you!
Andrea said on 13/Sep/15
Yeah, Fallon seems much more honest than this guy, at least about height! He claims 6' and he actually can pull off the full 6' at times! This guy can really look 180 AT MOST and he claims to be 6'1!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/15
At least Fallon is sort of honest about his height.
177-178 cm guy said on 9/Sep/15
He's 5'11". Him and Beckham look the same height.
Andrea said on 8/Sep/15
Lol, do you really think Jimmy genuinely believes to be 6'1, Rob?
That's a big joke! Look at him with 6'2.75 Chris Hemsworth: Click Here
Go to about 2.45 for example, when Chris stands tall he he has no less than 4 good inches on him, Jimmy can actually look a bit under his eyelevel in some parts of the clip! He's really 180 at best!
[Editor Rob: I think he knows he's not, but is following what many do, boosting their ego and the more he says 6ft 1 the more he will beleive it himself!

The G effect - keep saying you're 5ft 8 and you start to believe it.]
grizz said on 10/Aug/15
@Johnny, still smiling at that video. If he just claimed 6ft, nobody would think twice about his claim. But no-he had to add 2 inches.
james said on 8/Aug/15
Rob, i really think Jimmy kimmell has shown solid proof that he's 180cm, i think that's a better listing than 182cm.
JohnnyKomeLately said on 3/Aug/15
Click Here

Jimmy sticking with the 6-1 measuring against 6-7 Reggie Miller.

Ed. Rob? What do you make of that video?
[Editor Rob: to be fair, the angle did benefit Reggie, but I'm sure Jimmy still believes he is 6ft 1...maybe the person doing the measuring didn't tap the stadiometer bar down and left it sitting on his hair.]
Gil said on 19/May/15
Hey rob you have two listings for JIm. I think this is the old listing.
[Editor Rob: the first page had an extra letter but it never got deleted as I changed the spelling, I should delete the old page really, I forgot!]
WAF said on 4/May/15
@SportsHeight and Rob

I think Bill Simmons might be close to six feet tall, certainly not below 5'11".

Here he is with Jalen Rose, who, according to is 6'6".

Click Here

Here he is with Hulk Hogan, standing at roughly 6'3" at this point.

Click Here

What do you think?
cole said on 1/May/15
@Dmeyer: Denzel must surely be sitting/leaning on the chair armrest or something like that in that shot. It doesn't make sense otherwise, as he consistantly looks near 6ft.
Hypado said on 29/Apr/15
Kimmel is more a 5ft 11.5in , not a 5ft 11.25
Dmeyer said on 26/Apr/15
Bang on 181 in all those thaugh denzel looks 179-80ish
Dmeyer said on 26/Apr/15
There are more and more 5'11.25/181 guys
Ally said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, don't you think he is just 180 cm? He looks it with Tyson and Pacquiao
[Editor Rob: I think 181 is ok just now, it is probably nearer the mark.]
cole said on 22/Apr/15
@Editor Rob: What do you think of these shots where he's posing with his guests? Are some of them OK comparison wise?
I've got mixed feelings myself, because of the lack of visible footwear. He can look what you'd expect, more or less, and other times he looks 6ft or more.

Here he looks the same as other 5'11.5 listed guys.
Justin Timberlake: Click Here
Neil Patrick Harris: Click Here

But he also looks equal to the 5'11 claiming David Beckham on three different occasions:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here he is with a few people you've met:
Jon Bernthal: Click Here
Benedict Cumberbatch: Click Here
Norman Reedus: Click Here
Nathan Fillion: Click Here
Jason Momoa: Click Here
Mike Tyson: Click Here

I could see him at 5'11 with most of them.

Then there's shots like these, where I'm wondering if the person he's standing next to is sitting down, leaning up against something or if he's just simply standing on higher ground:
Hugh Laurie: Click Here
Tony Hale: Click Here
Damon Wayans Jr: Click Here
Dylan McDermott: Click Here
Denzel Washington: Click Here

Of course many of these shots won't be optimal, as we can't see the footwear, but I must say it can't be a coincidence that he looks the same height as Beckham - three times. I think 5'11 is his height and he's just gone with the 2 inch rule. Always a chance of near 181, but near 182, I wouldn't bet on that one.
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 11.25 is probably nearer the mark, well more of a fit with other people.]
MD said on 6/Apr/15
With Jason Statham:

Click Here

With 5'9"(ish) Kurt Russell:

Click Here
b-mint1994 said on 3/Apr/15
Solid 5'11". Highly doubt he's under it.
Hypado said on 27/Mar/15
Jimmy Kimmel - 182,0 cm , 5ft 11.75in

Jimmy Fallon - 182,7 cm , 6ft 0in

Kimmel is a very weak 182 cm and fallon is almost 183 cm, a very weak 6ft guy.
SportsHeight said on 25/Mar/15
Rob, how tall would you say Kimmel's friend Bill Simmons is?

Here he is next to Kimmel:
Click Here

And next to Mike Tyson:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe over 5ft 10 and close to 5ft 11]
Ally said on 21/Mar/15
He looks 2 cm taller than Mike Tyson, who is 178 cm
Hypado said on 19/Feb/15
In the show, he Jimmy Kimmel looks 181 cm - 182 cm / 5ft 11.25 - 5ft 11.5
THEguy said on 5/Feb/15
5'11.5 for Kimmel is a joke. You're being way too generous. he's 5'10, 5'10.5 at best.
MD said on 2/Feb/15

We really have to get this half-inch shaved off so we can get towards a more realistic listing. Here he is with 5'11" David Beckham.

Click Here

I think you need to go check some more pictures of him and figure out where this extra half-inch is coming from.
max said on 27/Jan/15
rob, did you see the oscar promo with him and neil patrick harris? NPH is at least 2 cm taller, this a downgrade that's long overdue, he's 180cm
MD said on 26/Jan/15

I'm having doubts about this listing, now. Here is Jimmy with a pretty confirmed 5'10" with Seth Macfarlane (to his immediate right):

Click Here

Click Here

I'm going to be very generous - particularly given that Jimmy even has a footwear advantage in these shots - and say that maybe 5'11" seems a more appropriate listing. Even if by some off chance we have Macfarlane off by a full inch, it'd be really hard to argue anything above 5'11" for Jimmy. Thoughts?
cole said on 14/Jan/15
Unless Jimmy's got a slouch he actually looked at least 0.5in shorter than NPH on that emmy stage. Fallon had tap shoes on, so that explains why he looked noticably taller than NPH.
marcus said on 28/Nov/14
Rob you literally need to downgrade him for the longest while, look at him next to 183cm chris pine
Click Here He's no taller than 180cm!
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/14
Well, if he's a strong 5 ft 11 Chris Hemsworth's an easy 6 ft 4.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 21/Oct/14
Strong 5 ft 11.

He loos like he lost 25 pounds from his 205 lbs peak. Looks 170 or so nowdays.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/14
Similar to Fallon...
judd said on 30/Sep/14
Jimmy Kimmel is likely 5'11-5'11.5" while Fallon 5'11".
Lonestar said on 18/Sep/14
Jimmy kimmel is a big liar. Ryan gosling was 1/2inch neil by 6'0.5 bradley cooper and a solid 3cm top on Jimmy kimmel. Jim is 5'11 n nothing
Oanh said on 26/Aug/14
LOL @ his 6'1" claim. He looks a full 2" shorter than a solid 6'0 Drake. No more than 5'10.5" for Jimmy.
Joe said on 19/Jul/14
Drake: 182 cm
John Mayer: 190 cm
Jimmy Kimmel: 180 cm

Looks fair.
B-ran said on 6/Jul/14
This dude is like 5'10. He's about 2 inches shorter than gosling who is speculated between 5'11 1/2 to 6'0 1/2. No way is Kimmel even near 6'1...even in his dress shoes.
Marcus Hickman said on 12/Jun/14
6' 1"? yeah right and i'm 6' 0". That's not the case Kimmel! I don't even say i'm 5' 11" and I pass for it, i'm
5' 10 1/2" and 210 lbs. Jimmy is 5' 11 1/2" indeed I agree.
Hypado said on 16/May/14
cole said on 27/Apr/14
180 cm range is more likely. He can look 1-1.5in shorter than Ryan Gosling: Click Here and doesn't seem taller than Adam Levine: Click Here He should be downgraded. How dare he claim 6'1?
chrisssss said on 14/Apr/14
Rob this listing is getting ridiculous bro -.- seth macfarlen was around his height last night and he's no taller than 178cm -.-
[Editor Rob: I can't see him below 5ft 11, 5ft 11 could be his mark and he claimed the 2-inch rule.]
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 12/Apr/14
I've though for a while Kimmel is under 11.5. I think he could be 11 flat

Here he is with Gosling:
Click Here

Click Here

I think Drake might be a strong 6'
chrisssss said on 12/Apr/14
And drake isn't like 6'4, cuz when he stood by shaka hislop he looked tiny, jimmy kimmel never looks 182cm
chrisssss said on 12/Apr/14
He was 4 inches shorter than drake....weak 5'11 for jimmy. Rob please downgrade 179-180cm for kimmel
jaj said on 12/Apr/14
He looks considerably shorter than 6' drake
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 11/Apr/14
close to 2" under Drake who's also billed 5'11.5
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I would say he looks an inch taller, he certainly makes drake look in 6ft range.

This is like the old video we discussed with Drake and Rio that case the angle is making it look like a strong 6ft 3 Rio can make Drake look barely 5ft 11.]
MD said on 11/Apr/14
He really does manage on his show to look very close to 6'0"

With David Duchovany:

Click Here

With former President Bill Clinton:

Click Here

With Jason Bateman:

Click Here

That said, while he may not wear lifts, I do think he probably wears an insole of some sort, or a higher heel than average.

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