How tall is Criss Angel

Criss Angel's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American Master of Illusions. He said on twitter "People who meet me always say thought u were shorter LMAO-tv/in person I'm 6'".

How tall is Criss Angel
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5ft 10.06in (178cm)
OriginalAnon said on 29/May/20
His real height could definitely be under 5'10''. I thought he was maybe around 5'9'' or 5'10'' so I am staggered by the estimate here. This guy is rarely seen without good soled shoes or boots and I reckon he is probably into the old elevators too like others have mentioned.
CView said on 19/Jun/19
I met Criss during his 40th birthday years back. He was standing about 6ft with the help of these massive elevator boots that had 4 inch soles on them. All of his brothers are between 5’6-5’9 tops. I’ve also seen him without the elevator shoes and at most, he’s 5’9. Watch his old MF videos when he did shoeless stunts. He keeps the crowd back and you can obviously tell he’s no where near 6ft.
Greg said on 1/Jun/19
I think he’s 5’10-5’11 in those massive boots which seem to give around 2 inches or so he looked 6’1.
KARTER LANDON said on 20/May/19
He is well under 5'9". I met him in person at a bar in the Luxor. We took a photo together. I am 6 foot. He is much shorter.
Joao Pedro said on 14/Dec/18
Rob, in my opinion, this man looks shorter than 5ft 9,5 listed Jeff Seid.
Sumit said on 15/Jul/18
You can clearly see he is more like 5'8 in the video with 5'10-5'10.5 Dana White
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even said on 7/Jul/17
morning height = 1800 mm
evening height = 1785 mm
Realist said on 15/Jun/17
He said he's 5'9 I would go with that.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/16
Rob, One more question, I'm 1,73.5 until noon, and then I'm 1,72.5, and at night I'm like 1,72, what is my height?
Editor Rob: almost 5ft 8 I'd say
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/16
Hello Rob, me again!!
The height of the Criss Angel is a big mistery: Look this photos and comment about their, please!

With Gary Oldman, pic 1: Click Here

Gary Oldman, pic 2: Click Here

And with Mike Tyson: Click Here

In photo 1 Criss is higher than Gary, but your shoes are different
In photo 2 Criss is lower than Gary, and perhaps criss is wearing boots
In photo 3, Mike Tyson is higher than Criss and he's a little bent
Editor Rob: I think at most he'd be 5ft 11...but could he be 5ft 10?
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/16
Rob, look this, please, thats crazy: Click Here

Dan Reynolds === 6' 4" (1.93 m)(Celebheights)and(IMDb)
Wayne Sermon === 5' 6" (1.68 m)(IMDb)
Daniel Platzman === 5' 9" (1,75 m)(IMDb)

How this is possible?
Angel seems smaller than Daniel and Wayne
Editor Rob: to be fair, the very wide angle lens is enhancing the edges so those guys look a lot bigger and the middle is a bit more compressed. I think Angle's own claim is a bit much, could he be lying 2-3 inches? Not sure quite that much.
Nope,he's DEFINITELY 5'11" but 6 ft tall in person .when i met him in person 5 months ago at his AWESOME AMAZING show BELIEVE in Vegas,he was/is taller than me cause i'm only 5'6" & he's definitely 6' 0" in person.💪💯
Lmeister said on 22/Jan/16
5ft11 rofl. He is 5ft9.5-5ft10.
MD said on 8/Feb/15
Another with 5'8"(ish) Ludacris:

Click Here

With 6'3" Tom Green:

Click Here

Even taking into account the angles, I continue to doubt he is 5'11" let alone something as ridiculously high as 6'0". He's about 5'10" and that's it. No amount of him craning and wearing boots changes that.
bam said on 6/Feb/15
6' is high. He was 5'11 when I saw him although he had on some very clunky boots.
Guy said on 29/May/14
He looks about 178 here with Buscemi and Carell. Click Here
the critic said on 1/Dec/13
@Joe: Shaq's head is probably a foot long or so, maybe a little bit more.
So while Criss is probably not 6 feet tall, a 5'10.5" figure is definitely believable.
I mean, if you watch the episodes, he's taller than approximately 70% of the people he's around---thus, he can't be a short guy. He's also not wearing lifts in his episodes; he's usually in tennis shoes or keds.
Joe said on 30/Nov/13
if you saw his shaq "trick, the top of his head is at the bottom of shaqs neck. shaq is 7'1. theres no way hes 6 foot and probably a very weak 5'11! if that! I just dont know how big shaqs head is so i cant be sure exactly, but theres no way hes 6 foot
the critic said on 20/Nov/13
Umm, Probably a solid 5'10. 5'11 is pushing it, I think, but not impossible. Definitely not 6 feet, though.

Definitely not 5'8, lol.
image search the following phrase: "chriss angel steve carrell".
Angel is shown with Steve Carrell, who is 5'9. Angel is slouching in that shot.
MD said on 18/Oct/13
With 5'8" Ludacris:

Click Here

Anywhere near six-foot is patently ridiculous. Even when the photo is corrected for the angle it's clear he's not, and that's assuming similar footwear, and I'd actually guess given what I know about what shoes they like to wear that Criss might even have the advantage in this photo.
bz said on 25/Jul/13
just wanna say i saw him filming his new show and if he is six feet tall, then i must be at least 5'7 because he is only a few inches taller than me... (ahem by the way, i stand at a short 5'2). total BULL**** six feet, hes not that good of a magician that he can make himself taller..
zzz said on 25/Jul/13
lol @Chastine, you jealous cause you're not the one zuking his cawk ?
demon eraser said on 15/Jun/13
hes no way 6ft hes 5'6 max look here with 1.73cm sean paul Click Here
mId said on 5/Jan/13
No way near 5'11.. Look at him on george lopez(5'10?). He wears 1'5 inch boots and are still only even height with lopez.
Im not Spock said on 13/Oct/12
5"11? i dont think so... i mean, is Criss Angel! his height is an illusion: Click Here
Chastine said on 29/Jan/12
attention Rob the editor: If your site is wanting to be honest and true about height then this needs to be corrected. Mr. angel is no where near 5"10 lol. This is not a guess here. He is 5"5, or 5"6 if even that. Wearing combat boots that make you taller does'nt count. If so I am 6 feet because of my heels lol.
Chastine said on 29/Jan/12
LOL!!!!!!!! SORRY he is NOT 5"10. Hate to break this Criss Angel myth about him being that tall, but he AINT that tall. The truth is he more like 5"5, 5"6. 5"8 in boots. I live in Las Vegas, I work in the casino. I am 5"8 and I tower over him in heels. His girl friend who is hispanic, and she is tiny at five feet tall. Why does it state 5"10, he clearly is not. Not even close. The man in person is small and has terrible teeth!!!! lol. This needs to be changed asap.
horacle said on 26/Dec/11
looks taller than 5'10, elevator boots?
bam said on 19/Sep/11
definitely 5'10 potentially 5'10.5. He was taller than Donal logue, witha bigger frame for sure. Rob, I can send you a pic I have with the guy. Granted he was wearing healed boots that gave possibly a .75 inch or .5 inch advantage.
Bob said on 28/Aug/11
I know some greeks, everybody of them are quite short just about Angel. Greeks and Italian are just small.
Jeff said on 18/Aug/11
Dylan had it right, there is no way in hell he is 5'10, a lot of the measurements on this site are flat out wrong.
jordan(girl) said on 12/Jul/11
he looks taller than 5 ft 10,but he's hot hot so his height not what girls are focusing on!!!!
man said on 26/Mar/11
he looks really tall.anyways he's at least 5'10".
issuetall said on 27/Feb/11
The average height of the Greek basketball team is the tallest one in the world(average is 204cm).And the population of Greece is 11 million, so if they don't have a high proportion of men are above 6'5,they won't organize the highest basketball team. I think the Greek are tall, not short at least.
Aphrodite said on 14/Jan/11
That kinda funny, I'm Greek and I'm 5 10 so I don't believe that Greek people are short. While the average height for Greek males is 5 10 in 2009 and 5 6 for women I seriously doubt the statistics is correct!
Cyborg said on 13/Jan/11
I am greek and I'm 6'8!greeks aren't short people!wtf are you talking about??an average greek person nowdays is 6-6'3...!
Criss isn't tall,that's right...
imamonster said on 4/Dec/10
id say that he is around 5'8 or 5'9 but that is taller than me so im ok with that, but what can you expect, the guy is pure blood greek... have you ever seen a greek person over 5'10? anyway i bet he makes up for it in other areas ;)
Lmeister said on 28/Nov/10
Clay you are right. Criss has muscles, but he has a very small frame and no fat. He is over inch taller than Ice Cube who is about 5ft8. I think Criss "hovers" around 5ft9.25-5ft10.
Clay said on 26/Nov/10
Scorpio says on 5/Oct/10
Until I see some sort of confirmed photo I'm more prone to believe he's closer to 5'6". In Episode 8 Superhuman of Season 1 he repeatedly mentions that he's only 160lbs, If you consider how muscular he is and that muscle weighs more that fat he must be awfully short because 160lbs is not a lot.

I hate this type of arguement. Muscle weighs more than fat yes, but fat accumulates in the body much more often and much quicker than muscle, Criss Angel does not have much fat on his frame and he has a lean build. He has muscle yes, but he can easily be 5'9.5ish. He said 165, for what its worth.
Dylan said on 1/Nov/10
I sat next to him at the airport for over 2 hours a couple of years ago, and stood next to him and shook his hand etc. He is nowhere near 5'10. He had NewRock boots on with about a 2 inch sole and he was still about 5'10-5'11 with the boots on. I was very surprised at how small of a guy he is, I'd say in bare feet he'd measure about 5'8 at most. At 6'3 myself, he looked very small. I was also surprised that he is over 40 years old. He looks very young and was a really cool guy and very courteous to all he met.
Ed said on 5/Jun/09
Angel is 5'9''. He even said so himself in an episode of "Mindfreak". He was listed at 5'10.25'' because of a photo with Glenn, but we now know Glenn is 5'7'', maybe even a smidgen shorter, so I think 5'9'' is right.
yoyo said on 17/May/09
he wear lifts often. 5ft9 barefeet for him.
Shahin said on 6/Apr/09
He is exactly as tall as me I saw him and I am 177 CM.according to what my sister saw
bam said on 12/Mar/09
he rarely looks 5'10 because he is always in boots and forces posture. But he is in that height range. I personally think he purposely wears a small lift. When I saw him my mom commented he was wearing high heels.
Clay said on 21/Jan/09
5'10 can definitely pull off looking tallish with lifts.
Strife said on 19/Jan/09
5'10 people have the ability to look tall with their body frames and some thick shoes on.
KDOG said on 15/Jan/09
I saw Criss in person at the Luxor. He was wearing platform boots. He wears those in all of his shows, to create the illusion of being 6'1, when he's only really about 5'9 or 5'10. His brothers, mother, and blessed father are all short greeks.
glenn said on 8/Dec/08
i agree.5-10.saw him in socks.which is a rare occurance for a celebrity.
Brad said on 7/Dec/08
He was 5' 10" right in front of me bro. I hear his Vegas show is brutal.
Donny Brasco said on 6/Dec/08
"It makes sense that he's 5'10". His barefoot height is 5'9", so when he wears normal shoes he's 5'10", and when he wears boots, he's a bit taller."

If his barefoot height is 5'9 then it DOES NOT make sense that he is 5'10. Your height is your height without shoes. lol
Jay said on 6/Dec/08
It makes sense that he's 5'10". His barefoot height is 5'9", so when he wears normal shoes he's 5'10", and when he wears boots, he's a bit taller.
- J
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
Criss is somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11". In fact, he looks even taller because of his slender physique and gothic outfits. He often appears to be six feet tall, and if he's wearing large boots, may very well be.
However, when he's around tall people, then his true height is revealed, and then he looks like a normal 5'10" guy.
- Jay
Nixi said on 14/Nov/08
When he's in crowds, everyone else comes up to about his shoulders, making him look pretty tall. My friend Dru is fairly short and she works for him and only comes to about his collarbones....between 5' 11'' and six feet.
Josie said on 3/Oct/08
I just saw a picture of Criss with Cameron Diaz walking by. He looks like at least an inch taller than her. I couldn't see if she was wearing heels or not, it's not a full body shot. Assuming she was not on heels, she's obviously 5'9", well then it makes Criss approximately 5'10-ish.
Wesley said on 29/Sep/08
i always think its weird because he looked pretty tall on tv but hay everybody on tv looks tall. oh yeh and hey dan thats cool that ur 15 and 5'll" at 15 years old but im 14 and im 6'2". people call me jack at my school
Brad said on 30/Aug/08
It is unheard of. The post '93 photos are declared 5' 8" by him. He was oddly the same height as Cube but the whoppers with cheese were probably on his tootsies. Portmans can eat sneakers. Angel is 5' 10". I asked a Vegas columnist I recognized at the DNC about him. Less said the better about Angel.
Clay said on 29/Aug/08
Well it was strange how Glenn said he grew 'suddenly' to 5'8 when he was in his early 20's. Thats pretty much un heard of I wont shut the doior on Glenn being 5'6.5/5'7 and wearing those big boots but come one, he was level with Ice Cube and Wahlberg. Those guys aint under 5'7''.
Brad said on 22/Aug/08
His ex mother in law just broke it: he's 5' 7". It is over. Stop wasting your time on his height. 5' 6.5" fits everything after 6 P.M.. Check him out by an admitted 5' 8" Nas (mug shot as well).
Clay said on 22/Aug/08
They mentioned only his weight in that episode and it was 164 pounds (although he looks at least 180 to me).

Brad how are YOU so sure Glenn is 5'6.5? I believe him when he says 5'8'' right out of bed although Glenn was obviously 5'7.25/5'7.5 during all the pics as our out-of-bed height lasts only a few minutes untill we shrink some.
Brad said on 21/Aug/08
Glenn met him and said he was in socks. An inch taller than Glenn. Glenn is 5' 6.5" plus Portmans: 5' 9". Criss is 5' 10".
nate said on 13/Aug/08
I thought on one of the first episodes of mindfreak when they talked about his training that he was a small guy like 5'7" or somethin
Clay said on 13/Aug/08
Criss Angel is 40 years old not in his 20's, lol.
Dan said on 10/Aug/08
Woot woot im actually taller than people who are older than me I'm 5'11" and 15 and hes 5'10" in his 20's addmeonmyspace said on 1/Aug/08
im 5'8 and in my picture with him hes barley 1 inch taller than me and i was bare foot and he was in boots so hes like 5'9in them so id say 5'8
joey said on 31/Jul/08
Work in LAX las vegas, See criss about 3 times a week all talking to him. Im 6'0.25" in my normal work shoes. Criss bare foot is 5'9 with his boots i get him by a little more then an inch
Jaybird said on 23/Jul/08
Chris looks to be about an inch taller than Glenn in this pic. And we have to assume he is wearing his typical, chunky black boots, as he always does, giving him another inch or so. I'd say he is probably Glenn's height, unless Glenn is wearing heels in this pic! : )
Clay said on 21/May/08
I saw that episode of Mindfreak and he never mentioned his height, only his weight - 165 pounds. He was pumpin his own tire goin on about how can a 165 pound guy lift up a car, lol.
Makalla said on 1/May/08
He is 5'10 because I am 5'7 and 1/2 and he is 2 1/2 inches taller than me
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
a friend of mine would tell me 5-8 for him.and i saw some pics where he looked short.but as with all 5-10ish celebs...
bam said on 26/Apr/08
Heres a pic of me and criss angel at the luxor in vegas. I have been measured at 6'0.5 at 4 pm and 8 in the morning. I was shocked at how tall he was. His boots were pretty clunky and clearly helped the illusion. He appeared at least 5'11. He is leaning slightly in the pic, but my posture is probably not great either. Whatever he looks in this pic is probably his height with 1/2 inch to 1.25 inch advantage. In person he appears skinny, tall, with a surprisingly big frame. Not to mention pretty cool with his fans. My current guess is 5'10.5. At minimum 5'10.25. 5'8 is ridiculous. I cannot understand how many moore seemed taller.
Click Here
Daniel said on 25/Apr/08
Anything between 5'10'' to 5'11'' is possible. Anything coming from this guy is possible
derbi said on 20/Mar/08
anonymous, not a good argument: if you watched mindfreak you would know that his a lot taller than his brothers, his father and really towering over his mother... maybe 6' is alittle too much. But could be clouse though. 5'11" I think he really is...
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/08
It's a MINDFREAK! He does say he is 6' but he's probably lying. His entire family is fairly short especially his dad he's probably 5'9ish definitely not 6'. How tall would you say his mom is?
derbi said on 29/Feb/08
Well, Glenn is probably around 5'9.5" in boots. Criss has like 1.5" on him, I think with better posture even close to 2 inches. that makes him 5'11"-6'. In his show mindfreak he always looks pretty tall. I I had to guess cloese to 6'... I think 5'10" really is to low for him...
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
i met him.thats how.he was in socks.i had boots.
Tabitha said on 9/Jan/08
how do u get that
how would yall know how tall he is from this?
whos cares how tall he's mindfreaking hot
glenn said on 7/Jan/08
i kinda agree.i see 5-10.what i dont understand is people that think he is 5-8 here.or in general.
Erik22224 said on 6/Jan/08
looks 5'11 next to you
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/07

It was in a video clip furthur down but it seems its not available was when he was doing a deadlift i believe.

Assuming glenn has 1 inch shoes than Angel is a good 2 inches perhaps 5'10 morning height and he approaches 5'9 evening...perhaps he just gave his evening height and/or rounded down from like 5'9 and change.

i know i allways lose a good .05 - 1 inch from morning height.
bam said on 30/Nov/07
Anonomous, when did he claim 5'9? I think somebody made that up. To me he looks an easy 5'10 in the pic above. He is slouching and has close to an inch on glenn.
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/07
So you guys believe he lied about being 5'9"?
Paul said on 25/Oct/07
Or at least set aside money to purchase good measuring tape.
dave said on 25/Oct/07
Well your friend needs to see an eye doctor.
A said on 11/Oct/07
I don't know how tall he is - never seen him in person. He does look tall on the show, but a friend of mine was out there last week and saw him. She said he is no taller then 5'5. But who knows.......
glenn said on 4/Sep/07
thank you viper.that means he was the 5-10 i saw in socks.i thought he was my height judging from my friends reports.his brothers are 5-5 and 5-8.
Viper said on 3/Sep/07
He looks 5-11 on tv.
glenn said on 29/Aug/07
thats fair enough.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/07
he allways looks tall on his show. weird had him pegged over 6 feet. He looks a solid inch over glenn. I believe Glenn is 5' 8" in the morning making him normally 5' 7.5" - 5'7.25 evening height. Lets assume a 5' 7.25 for Glenn (most people lose .5-.75 inches during the day. Add 1 inch for shoes thats 5' 8.5 for glenn) That would make Criss 5'9.5 ish. I think hes probably likie 5'10" ish morning and 5'9" ish evening for cris angel.

I know with my i can approach 5'10" (usually 5'9.5) morning and shrink down to 5'8.75 evening. I can drop as low ast 5'8.5 evening if I was on my feet alot and lifting things ect.
joe said on 16/Aug/07
I saw him walking around once and he had big ol' thick-soled boots on, and he was significantly shorter than I, and I'm 5'10". I'd guess he is really about 5'7"
Zion said on 15/Aug/07
Does anybody know what type of boots Criss Angel wears because i want to get a pair like his but im having trouble finding them. If someone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
glenn said on 11/Aug/07
he is slouching a bit.he is 5-10.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/07
It doesn't matter if he is in his socks, the hat is not on his head properly. The hat is giving him the illusion of being taller than he is. I agree with PJ he is 5'9 max, I mean Mandy Moore was taller than him when she guest stared on his show and she was wearing flats.
Criss Angel Lover said on 29/Jul/07
Well Him And His Bro Costa Are Tall, JD is Short. I Kno This Cuz My Cousin Met Them All. She's Friends Wit Criss N JD. JD said " The Next Time You Make It Here Well Party!"
she's lucky -.-'....
PJ said on 12/Jul/07
Criss himself said 5'9, I highly doubt he's any taller then that. He looks 5'9 max standing next to Glenn.

[Editor Rob: I forgot to put the note under that pic in bold, in socks]
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/07
Wow. Watching his show, I always had the impression that he was tall. Though he did say he was 5'9''. I guess he must hang around shorter people.
glenn said on 25/Jun/07
exactly lmeister.thank you.
Anon said on 24/Jun/07
I used to think he was tallish, like 6'1" or something. Weird.
Lmeister said on 21/Jun/07
Thats true Glenn. Nowadays Rob Zombie wears Converse/Vans only during concerts. In other events he wears New Rock boots. a 5'8'' guy can easily look 5'11'' in those boots. Criss Angel must be 5'10''ish otherwise Ice Cube is 5'6'' or less since Ice Cube is 2-3 inches shorter than Criss...BTW Owen Wilson is 5'10''- 5'11''. I used to think that he is shorter, but it is due to his bad posture...
glenn said on 20/Jun/07
rob zombie is 5-8 and wears ridiculous boots.criss was 5-10 in his socks.
MD said on 19/Jun/07
He was shorter than 5'10" Rob Zombie. Terminatrix, it would be interesting to see if you can find where he stats his height on his show. He just doesn't look 5'10", to me. I'm not saying he's much shorter than that, but not quite that.
terminatrix said on 19/Jun/07
He looks around i inch taller than Glenn, he admits on his show that he is 5ft9, and yet you still have him at 5ft10????? C'mon

[Editor Rob: He's reverse levetating into the ground.

I think glenn said he was in socks.]
glenn said on 17/Jun/07
yes,i have photos with the 2 is 5-8,the other 5-5.
Jon Doe said on 16/Jun/07
Is that true that one of his brothers is 5'5? That sounds crazy but I guess those sorta things happen, genetics are so weird man I have a half brother who's around 5'7 or 5'8 and his dad is only 5'3 but my mom might have been taller than him I dunno.Criss Angel does look 5'9 in that picture though coz I think his hat makes him look taller.Ever notice how this guy is kinda obsessed with Korn?
purevegas said on 24/May/07
saw him in vegas with cameron diez and he looked like he was 6'1 to 6'2". My buddy is 6' and he was clearly taller than him and Cameron who had high heels on. No I don't know if he was wearing lifters or Moon Boots of some sort. hahaah
Brad said on 15/May/07
Cameron Diaz from Timberlake to this guy.
Brad said on 9/May/07
Dude doesn't know his height, he was 5' 10" in front of me. Big 1986 heavy metal boots added. Looks like he could join the Crue.
Drew said on 4/May/07
Hey Rob, this is the video that Duhon mentioned: Click Here

I can't watch it becuase it's not available in my area. But if I remember correctly, Criss had said that he was 5'9" and 160 or 165lbs on that episode.
glenn said on 29/Mar/07
interesting.he said 5-9? i think he doesnt know his own height.youd be surprised.some people dont.
Duhon said on 28/Mar/07
I dont think criss really tries to portray himself as bigger than he is. in the episode of his show where he demonstrated his strenght by lifting a car i believe he reffered to himself as only 5'9" 165 pounds. and he used the word "only".
Scarlet said on 25/Mar/07
He wears boots a lot.
glenn said on 25/Mar/07
correct rob.thanks kevin.unless he had lifts in his socks,which some on the sly page claim some do.he complained his feet were hurting him from standing all day,so he took of his boots.i originally guessed him at 5-8,only cause of reports,even till this day of that short.and his brothers are 5-5 and 5-8.
Lmeister said on 25/Mar/07
He clearly is 5'10''. The pic shows it and he looks 5'10'' in tv...
AA said on 25/Mar/07
He never looked 6' tall. I was pretty sure he was 5'10" or shorter.
Kevin said on 24/Mar/07
brand new photo, well done glenn !
glenn said on 24/Mar/07
this was the socks incident.

[Editor Rob: so he really is no short of 5ft 10 then]
glenn said on 10/Mar/07
saw him in socks.beat that.unless that was an illusion too.5-10.25.
Brad said on 9/Mar/07
I stood right next to him at Luxor in Vegas. He wears big boots. If he's as good as he is in person with illusion, he can boost his height the same way.
MD said on 1/Mar/07
This is strange (i.e. the claims of him looking 6'1" even in boots), because even in his boots, he always struck me as average height, if not an inch less than average.
glenn said on 1/Mar/07
one brother of his is 5-5 and the other 5-8.
Glenn said on 15/Feb/07
I saw him in socks.5-10 or so.
MD said on 13/Feb/07
He was shorter than 5'10" Rob Zombie on Criss' Mindfreak show. And, some more pictures:

With a squatting 5'8" Taye Diggs:

1. Click Here

With a 5.7" Wilmer Valderrama (more like 5'7"):

2. Click Here

He wears a lot of heeled boots, too. He looks taller because he has really good proportions.
Glenn said on 13/Feb/07

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