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6ft 1.08in (185.6cm)
Appe #4 said on 2/Jan/13
Looking photos with other players he looks 185 but I would like to know impressions of someone Who has seen him live
Pedro said on 31/Dec/12
If Torres is 186 or 185 he os growing becouse in spain statics was 181-183
Appe #4 said on 29/Dec/12
Torres is 183 or 185?
Peyman said on 21/Dec/12
Torres is exactly 6ft
I bet
ralph said on 18/Dec/12
I think pique is 6 "3"
Nick said on 15/Dec/12
another one to prove the below statement same here together with 191cm Joey Didulica (who is even standing in the back) they look same height Click Here also I want to add considering the below picture with Vieira that Ibrahimovic weight is also inflated, they've same built and Vieira is always been around 82/83kg while Ibrahimovic was that weight but is listed at 95kg nowadays, what a joke.
Nick said on 14/Dec/12
Ibrahimovic might be 192cm tops, here is together with Vieira listed at 192/193cm Click Here and he looks slightly shorter..
van persie said on 5/Nov/12
I can say that i meet him in spain and he is the same height as me and im 186,3-184,2 "about 185"
van persie said on 5/Nov/12
I think he was 6 0´5 when he was 18 but in manchester and real madrid he grew up to 186 becouse of exercices or something . is 183 im spanish and i know he is 183 zlatan is 195
Rob Roy for Paul said on 16/Oct/12
I don't understand why Rob is so slow to post new pages for celebs. Zlatan and Torres have been asked for, for a long time now.
Inter said on 3/Oct/12
I' m very interested about Fernando Torres height.... In my opinion he looks 185cm barefoot.... Did someone of you meet this footballer? Say to me if I am wrong!
Aarron said on 28/Sep/12
achello, if Usian bolt really is 6'5, then Ronaldo has got to be 6'2 minimum.
Dan said on 16/Sep/12
Yeah I was thinking about 6'0.5-6'1 for Torres. Saw a photo of Maxi stood next to Lucas Leiva who's listed at 5'10, and he seems about 2-3 inches taller than Maxi, so between 5'7-5'8 seems right for the hell he got listed at 5'11 on the Liverpool website is beyond me.
achello said on 16/Sep/12
well, torres looks taller than most 183 cm listed players, and not that shorter than lets say 188 cm listed players. I think he is 185 cm maybe 1-2 mm below.
maxi never seemes tall, in fact he seemed like relatively I think he is around 5'8-9 max.
so: 10-12 cm difference, which means 3-4 inches.
Dan said on 12/Sep/12
I know this isn't anything to do with Ronaldo's height, but since there isn't a page for Torres or Rodriguez, I thought I'd stick this here.

Click Here

From what I've seen, Torres is always listed at 183cm (6ft), and Maxi Rodriguez at 180cm (5ft11). Looking at this picture there is no way on Earth there is only a 1 inch difference in their heights. In fact, Torres doesn't even look to be standing straight! Now either Torres is more like 6'2-6'3 or Rodriguez is more 5'8-5'9. What do you all think?
achello said on 7/Sep/12
Click Here
this guy is growing and growing, no he's almost as tall as Bolt.
He's going to be the tallest man on earth one day
Justin 181 cm said on 27/Aug/12
he's always looks an inch smaller than 6'2 footballers a solid 6'1
chris said on 19/Aug/12
torres was listed 186 cm on euro 2012 page.on chelsea site 183,david luiz was 185 then jumped to 189.
Charlie said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, on UEFA EURO 2012 he was listed 184
for example, Cesc Fabregas is on Barcelona official site listed at 179 but on official uefa euro page he was listed at 175
that means that they measured players barefoot, so you can add many football players height on your site because it is probably correct, what do you think?
Jack said on 12/Aug/12
186.5 cm is right I think...
achello said on 10/Aug/12
whoever he stands next to, he looks pretty much the same height or taller. so I think he works on this thing when taking photos
Fern194cm-192cm said on 9/Aug/12
Click Here
- Check this photo out with 6,2 Rivera from the Yankees. He looks to be an easy 186 cm
achello said on 9/Aug/12
i think its so funny he really likes to stand tall and big. watch real madrid team photos, on one picture he looks like a giant compared to his teammates and an other one he looks like a dwarf compared to pepe...I have two pictures like that, I laughed my butt off
Jonas said on 17/Jun/12
True height: 6'0.5
UEFA website: Click Here
John Connor said on 10/Jun/12
together with 6 ft 3 Rio Ferdinand.
6 ft 1 seems fair. maibe a tad smaller.
Click Here
blackjoda said on 10/Jun/12
I think the teams list their players taller because it makes them appear stronger on the papers.
Original said on 8/Jun/12
Looks 6'1.5" or 187cm
MAT&T said on 5/Jun/12
Karim benzema I forgot to mention is perhaps the most debatable in terms of heights...most websites have him listed at 6ft but this not true..I have seen him in person and I believe he is 5'11 no more.. He does have broad sholders and a almost muscely phisique which can perhaps give off the impression of a 6 footer
Mike said on 5/Jun/12
Phil jones certainly is an interesting one...seen several pics of him next to six foot danny welbeck also of man utd and he definitely has a good inch on him, so no doubt he is a six footer.. I would say a 186cm height

Anyone know the true height of these footballers who have highly been debated
Arjen Robben
Aaron Ramsey
Steven gerard
Godred said on 10/Feb/12
@Haziel - P.Jones`s height is questionable, he is not 189,he was always listed as 5`11 before going to Man utd,then he was billed at 6`1 -which I doubt.
Nick said on 9/Feb/12
btw Ibraimovic Click Here never looks two inches taller than (in all the pic found on the www) 187cm listed Alessandro Nesta, and is barely 1cm taller than Abbiati (bald head;) Milan ac goalkeeper who is listed at 191cm. Hence he can be 192cm no more.
max said on 7/Feb/12
i believe that they should deduct 2cms for hair. If any of you have ever used a laser scanner at your local chemist, mall etc u'll realise your measurement is off depending on hair. Ronaldo is 184cms and thats early afternoon height
Haziel Semaya said on 31/Jan/12
I ever see De Gea taller than Phil Jones (189 cm) when they stand together..
Attila_194cm. said on 23/Jan/12
Henkka i'm agree with you about Benzema.In euro 2008 he listed 182 in france national,after in the Olympique Lyonnais website started listed 184.Today is always given 184cm in Real Mabrid official website,but somewhere listed a joke as 187 or 186,absolutely false,maybe widespread by some fans club website.However the most credible measure could be that of his current club, Real Madrid,that is 184,but i would not be so sure saw what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo listed a false 186.5cm by Real website,up to 1.5cm as out of bed.Then Benzama could be less than 184,maybe 183/182 in agreement with your views Henkka.Don't forget that many players are listed up to 0.75 inch(2cm)by soccer shoes.
John said on 22/Jan/12
How can the laser scan be correct when it measures him with hair at 185,8cm and then without hair at 185,1cm. That means his hair was just 0,7cm? Anybody can see that his hair is 2-3cm. What do you think?
Henkka said on 22/Jan/12
@Attila: I don't know for sure most of those heights, but there are a few I know for certain. Abidal is indeed the 186cm he's listed at, as well as Puyol, who may not be a full 178cm but surely not under 177.

Also, one player I certainly feel curious about is Karim Benzema. He's often been listed at 184cm, but right now I've realized he's listed almost everywhere at 187cm. It's pretty funny, when he's in fact 181-182cm (noticeably shorter than both 185 and 184 Ronaldo and Higuain respectively).
Attila_194cm. said on 18/Jan/12
Steven Gerrard:183
Michal Carrick:188
and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is 195.No 197cm or 192cm.
maio said on 16/Jan/12
Kakà: 6 ft 1.25 in/186 cm
Cristiano Ronaldo: 6 ft 0.75 in/185 cm
Thierry Henry: 6 ft 1.75 in/187 cm
Paolo Maldini: 6 ft 1.25 in/186 cm
Christian Vieri: 6 ft 1 in/185 cm - 6 ft 1.25 in/186 cm
Didier Drogba: 6 ft 1.75 in/187 cm
Alessandro Del Piero: 5 ft 8 in/173 cm
Gianluigi Buffon: 6 ft 2.75 in/190 cm
Alessandro Nesta: 6 ft 1.75 in/187 cm
Alexandre Pato: 5 ft 10.5 in/179 cm
Ronaldinho: 5 ft 11 in/180 cm
David Beckham: 5 ft 11 in/180 cm
Patrick Vieira: 6 ft 3.5 in/192 cm
Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 6 ft 4.5 in/194 cm
David Trezeguet: 6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm
Ruud Van Nistelrooy: 6 ft 2 in/188 cm
Edwin Van der Sar: 6 ft 5.5 in/197 cm
Dida: 6 ft 4.75 in/195 cm
Sebastian Frey: 6 ft 2.5 in/189 cm
Michael Ballack: 6 ft 2.5 in/189 cm
John Terry: 6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm
Steve Gerrard: 6 ft 0.75 in/185 cm
Michael Carrick: 6 ft 1 in/185 cm
Attila_194cm. said on 9/Jan/12
Malouda 181 is a joke.He is almost 176.Kalou is 183,no 184/185 listed.Sturridge listed 188 is another joke,he looks 178,almost he is 179.Ozil was never 182,he is 180,the same for Beckham.Cesc Fabregas listed 179,but he is no more than 5'9(175/176),he looks almost 177 with soccer shoes.
Kakí =185.5
David Trezeguet=188,no 190 listed.
Casillas=182,no 184/185 listed.
Fernando Torres=184
Michael Ballack=189,no 191 listed.
John Terry=187,no 188/189.
Rooney=176,no 178 listed.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic=195
Robin Van Persie=187,no 183/185 listed.
Puyol=176,no 178 listed.
Paolo Maldini=186
Alessandro Nesta=188
Alessandro Del Piero=173
Pato=179,maybe now 180.
Lucas Podolski=180,no 182 listed.
Arjen Robben=180,no 181/182 listed.
Attila_194cm. said on 28/Dec/11
He is 185 100%,187 with soccer shoes.
Godred said on 9/Dec/11
Well that laser measurement has killed this board stone dead,185 it is.
Martin said on 29/Nov/11
He has been measured with a laser scanner. Is there any point at all trying to argue anymore? This guy is someone you can use to compare with other celebs. Thanks to this we can track down a lot of celebs heights.
Thanapat said on 24/Nov/11
CONFIRM !!!!100% Cristiano Ronaldo is tall 185 cm 100% and 100% not 184,186,187 cms. is 0%
TruebloodFan said on 20/Nov/11
has been measured 185.something...
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 13/Nov/11
No way 186, he's between 184-185, possibly 185 flat or 6'0.75, but nothing more.
Nate said on 11/Nov/11
Proof of his 185 in this sport science documentary on Cristiano.
Click Here
Ian said on 3/Nov/11
Dilemmma, if you scroll down the link I posted previously you will see De Gea standing in Uniteds team photograph. It is clear that he is nowhere near the 6' 4" sometimes stated. Some of the commentators even mentioned early on in the season that he was nowhere near his listed height. Check him out with 5'10" at best Alex Ferguson (almost 70 so may not even be 5'10")

Click Here
master said on 2/Nov/11
cristiano ronaldo is 184.5 cm
Godred said on 2/Nov/11
@Gab - I think the measurement was good - 185 max.
johno said on 2/Nov/11
somewhere between 6'0 - 6'0.5
HULK said on 2/Nov/11
HERE are The FACTS C.Ronaldo And his Teammates At MAN-UNITED
1.Click Here Next to WES BROWN(looked Everywhere for his height keeps coming up as 6'1 NOTHING MORE)
2. Next to Darren Fletcher(Keeps coming up as 6ft/6'0.5 Nothing MORE)
Click Here
Click Here
dilemmma said on 31/Oct/11
are you kidding me?
de gea is taller than rio ferdinand and yaya toure...
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
i"ll took lowest for Cristiano . his flat 185cm and weight 185lbs as well
Gab said on 30/Oct/11
I think Cristiano Ronaldo is closer to 6'2" than 6'1".
Click here: Click Here
That photo also shows that Sergio Ramos cannot be 6'0" if Kaka is 6'1".
master said on 25/Oct/11
de gea is about 186 cm or 187 cm no more
Ian said on 25/Oct/11
The link with David de Gea beside 6' 2" (at most) Michael carrick is on this page. I think 6'4" is a crazy listing and purely to make other teams think that he is a large imposing keeper like Van der sar who he is replacing. Also I would be amazed if Rooney was much over 5'8.5" Click Here
Ian said on 25/Oct/11
Honestly I think the estimates and listings for De Gea ar so far off it is unbelievable. Listed as 6' 4" in several places. Look at the team photo with him beside Carrick who is 6' 2" at the most.
Godred said on 24/Oct/11
@layo - No he`s just about 185.
layo said on 17/Oct/11
he's about 185-187cm...
skill said on 16/Oct/11
ronaldo is 185 ,kaka is 186 ,lampard is 183 ,gerrard 183 ,beckham 182m , buffon 191 ,adebayor 190 ,crouch 202, de gea 194,rooney 178cm , casillas 181,5 ,torres 182.5
Thanapat said on 13/Oct/11
I think Cristiano Ronaldo tall 1.85 m.
DejaVu said on 11/Oct/11
He could be 186cm.
Gaga-183.2cm-185.1cm said on 9/Oct/11
Haha, cool rob, i just went to this page to tell you that i saw that documentary and he was measured at 185, i was just already knew it, it was released in spain yesterday, they measured him and his body stats were also shown.
Godred said on 8/Oct/11
@Kian - still persisting with 186? - surely the 185 measurement is the bottom line and Casillas is max 5`11.
kian said on 7/Oct/11
ronaldo 186cm
kaka 186cm
lampard 184cm
gerrard 183cm
buffon 191cm
adebayor 193cm
chrouch 202cm
de gea 193cm
rooney 177cm
casillas 183cm
henry 188cm
ibra 194cm
pique 193cm
berba 188cm
toure yaya 192cm
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 4/Oct/11
Clearly shorter than 186cm Kakí , 185 flat.
Dome said on 3/Oct/11
Cristiano Ronaldo he tall 185 Cm.
James said on 1/Oct/11
could he already be shrinking?
Shaun said on 30/Sep/11
Shaun says on 6/Sep/11
Barefoot pics of him with Irina Sheikh, looks nearer 6' than 6'2". I'd have estimated him at 184cm but to be fair he does look this height next to a lot of people. He doesn't quite look my height though.

Don't know what I was looking at but he seems to have a good 4 inches on Sheikh who is likely 5'8.5-5'9".
Shaun said on 30/Sep/11
Click Here

Damn if he's barely 6'1" Irina Sheik is barely over 5'8". He has 5 inches on her and she's listed at 5'10"!!!
skill said on 29/Sep/11
cain velazquez is 178 cm
Anden said on 28/Sep/11
Theres no way he's 6 foot lol... He's as tall as pepe who is 187 and looks an inch taller than cain velasquez who is 6'1.
Jonas said on 27/Sep/11
He is most likely between 6'0 and 6'0.5
Anden said on 27/Sep/11
He's about 186.5 as listed on Real madrids site
BlueBoy said on 26/Sep/11
Recently Cristiano Ronaldo was subject of a biomechanical analisys on a tv program, you know seeking for the grounds of his superior skills and that bull.
He had to face some challenges, one of them being to measure his vertical jump hability. Measurements were taken at his highest mark and them substracted to 185cm, his alleged height. That fact was cited several times during the show, but in different contexts. BTW it was sponsored by Castrol, anyone appart from me watched that show too?
James said on 25/Sep/11
he can look taller than just 6'1 flat with alex ferguson.
Jed said on 21/Sep/11
Rob, might be worth pointing out. The scan has his upper arm girth as 12.5". I'm pretty sure that's not accurate. That is below average for a bicep measurement yet he's pretty well built - Click Here

There's not really much chance/any of that being right even if it was relaxed.
dejjed said on 21/Sep/11
finally this guy is downgraded. i knew for sure he was not 187cm.

i think 185 is prolly spot on.

he can look taller tho, duo great posture and athletic body.
skill said on 19/Sep/11
crstiano ronaldo is 184 cm , lampard 183 cm and torres 182.5 cm
SAK said on 18/Sep/11
How tall is Torres? I think he is 6ft0.5/184cm not sure though.
sam said on 17/Sep/11
-.- 185,8 was the 3d Laser Scan included his hair. 185,1 is his height when they minus´s his hair. i think the analysts are not silly, so they kept that in mind!
Chris said on 17/Sep/11
he is a strong 6,1 end of it :).
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 15/Sep/11
Click Here

If you check at 13.03 it shows his jump and minus's his height. its given as 185cm. He must be under 185.5cm because otherwise they would round up to 186cm probably. This clip might of been afternoon for all we know as well?
Suprising because he always looks tall ud think he was at least 185.5cm solid 6'1 night. For me 184.5-185cm weak 6'1 barefoot night.
cr30 said on 14/Sep/11
cristiano ronaldo is 185 cm in the morning and 184 in half day and night
jerzy dudek is 186-187
CR89 said on 13/Sep/11
actually...yeh...there was the 185.8 cm pic that was in the data part...maybe 185.8 cm is correct...if this was the test, it was probs done in late his listing of 186 cm is indeed very correct.
Star Trek Guy said on 13/Sep/11
Just wanted to mention that when the computer screen measured him at 185.1 cm it clearly included his hair too. Look closely next time. I think he is 183/184.
[Editor Rob: it's possible the scan took account of it, but it still doesn't explain why the screengrab I showed of the computer had his height as 185.8cm and in the visual they wrote 185.1cm...]
truth said on 13/Sep/11
Castrol edge Ronaldo Tested to the limit give 185.1, BUT LOOKING AT PICS OF HIM STANDING next to 6'2 JERZY DUDEK, Ronaldo LOOKS 186/187---copy link to view picture-- Click Here
HULK said on 13/Sep/11
185.1---- DURING THE DAY
184------ AT NIGHT TIME
IN most of his pictures with fellow team mates he likes to look big and stands on his toes, He also likes to wear big trainers/shoes
Clearer said on 13/Sep/11
He is indeed 185cm in mid of the day. 186 to 187cm max first out of bed let say. He seems to be much taller and bigger than most men in his pics. Then this given the fact that most men tends to exaggerate on their height ie: 175 but say 180 or 179 but say 6 feet even, which can be explained by men ego.I'm 175cm and I always say I'm that height when be asked. So for one that appeals bit shorter than me but say taller than 175 cm, he wouldm feel embarrassed against me. There's no need to make up on heights like that, once found out u will look like a fool. Just live and tell the truth, that's the correct and "best" way to live a normal good life.
Clearer said on 13/Sep/11
He is indeed 185cm in the middle of the day. Out of bed can be 186 to 187cm. Oki, he seems to be much taller and bigger than most of guys he stands next in most pics. This given the fact that most men just makes up or exaggerates their height ie: 175cm but say 180cm or 179 but say 183 due to self ego. Im 175cm and I always say that when be asked. So men appeal bit shorter than me but say more than 175, he must feel embarrared. Haha just live and tell the truth. That's the correct and best way to live good normal life.
FRANK SOCCER said on 12/Sep/11
cristiano ronaldo is 190cm I met with him
CR89 said on 12/Sep/11
yep..agree with luke25...185.1 cm...but was that with hair? hmm...without hair , we're looking at maybs 184 yeah...Max is 6'1 or 185.1 cm
Mohammed said on 11/Sep/11
he's 185-186
John said on 10/Sep/11
The height measured in Castrol Edge Ronaldo Tested to the limit was measured with a laser. So the laser must have measured the first solid substance that could be found. Which must have been the top of his hair instead of the top of his head (if he was bald). His hair is about a inch so, maybe he's 6 ft tall?
Luke25 said on 9/Sep/11
Just watched Castrol EDGE Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit and his height was measured at 185.1cm
End of discussion.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/11
He's 186 max! 6ft1 is a good estimate!
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Barefoot pics of him with Irina Sheikh, looks nearer 6' than 6'2". I'd have estimated him at 184cm but to be fair he does look this height next to a lot of people. He doesn't quite look my height though.
thinker said on 1/Sep/11
cristiano ronaldo is between 182 and 185 cm
kaka was 183 cm in 2006 but now he looks more taller
Henkka said on 27/Aug/11
@cvsgsfgds: Nope, Abidal is indeed 186 cm. I know because I've met him, and he was a bit taller than me (184 cm), yet he didn't look as tall as one of my cousins (188 cm) who was with me at the moment. Like I said, Ronaldo looks around 185 cm to me. He definitely has a great posture which makes him look taller sometimes.
miko said on 24/Aug/11
184/5cm for me. Impeccable posture and a slim frame can give him a taller impression.

For him to be 6'1.5, would put him at close to 6'3 (6.2.75) out of bed which sounds ridiculous.
george said on 22/Aug/11
fernando torres= 183 cm cristiano ronaldo= 185 cm ,giggs 179cm and ronaldinho 180cm
DMan said on 22/Aug/11
Click Here
With 5'10.5 Ronaldinho

Click Here
With 5'10 Giggs

Click Here
With 6'0-6'1 Torres.

6'1 at the absolute lowest.
cvsgsfgds said on 21/Aug/11
@James mememes

Why people always downgrade other people? Is it out of jealousy or something?

If it is possible that Ronaldo is smaller then 186, then it is also possible that abidal is just taller then 186.
james mememes said on 15/Aug/11
if you compare cristiano ronaldo with abidal (1.86 cm) .abidal looks more taller than cristiano ronaldo so cristiano ronaldo is 184cm or how maxim 185 cm no more
jeip said on 15/Aug/11
in a picture that cristiano appearing with beckham and iker. maybe ronaldo was up something and used templates so he looks more taller than beckham and casillas

i think that cristiano is 184 , beckham 182 cm and 182 or 181 cm for casillas
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Ronaldo definitely looks the sort who would invest in custom footwear... But to be fair he really does look this height a lot and can believe his club measured him at 186.5 cm.
sport said on 12/Aug/11
I believe that Peter uses templates in their shoes and seems to be taller

I still believe he is 184 cm without shoes
Henkka said on 6/Aug/11
He's always looked around 6'1" to me. Sometimes he can look taller, he's got a good posture and his hair helps. But definitely he's not over 6'1".
johnny said on 5/Aug/11
I thought kaka was 183 cm according than the world cup of germany. next of the world cup he appeared in 186cm
jp said on 5/Aug/11
kaka compared with van nistelrooy are very similar in height whereas ruud 188 cm
droneyes said on 4/Aug/11
with 5 feet 10 josé marí­a callejón

Click Here

Click Here

no more than 185. he actually looks like 183cm but normally he looks tallish so i give him denefit of doubt.

hes 186 first thing in the morning (like he claims), than after a few hours around 185. so why has only this site 187cm ? rob ?
jp said on 3/Aug/11
perhaps kaka is 188 cm because he is more taller than zidane on some pictures.ronaldo can be 187cm and torres 183,beckham 181 and casillas 180
Godred said on 31/Jul/11
If that`s Cain`s real height,could you see Ronalso`s feet? - I still think 185 max.
Edd said on 29/Jul/11
Just saw a video of him and 6'1 Cain Velasquez. Ronaldo is at least an inch taller than Cain.
Godred said on 21/Jul/11
185 seems more realistic.
Dan said on 19/Jul/11

you're right Casillas looks smaller in this picture. What do you think is the actual height of Casillas and Beckham?

But to get back to Ronaldo, he's definitely at least 186. That's by the way the height he claims on his official youtube page
Click Here
coolio said on 19/Jul/11
i dont think ronaldo is 1,86 m! look at pictures of ronaldo with kaka. at most of them kaka looks much taller and he is just 1,85 m.
at manchester his height was always 1,84 m.
and í¶zil is not 1,83m tall! at weder bremen he was only 1,80m tall. i think real madrid adds some cm to the true
YMCR said on 19/Jul/11
He is not 1.87 or 186.5. Nesta is 187 cm and he is shorter dan Nesta.
Godred said on 19/Jul/11
doesn`t explain Real`s 185 listing.I still buy 185.
MD said on 19/Jul/11

I was looking at more pictures of him with Casillas, and there is no way Casillas is actually 182 cm. He simply can't be if Cristiano is what he is listed.
Shaun said on 16/Jul/11
Makes Lampard look 5'11 tops.
Shaun said on 16/Jul/11
I think his 186.5 is 100% legit. He looks easily 6'2" next to Usain Bolt and looks this height next to Jackman. He used to look 6'0.5" though.
Dan said on 14/Jul/11
I think this picture clears a lot:

Click Here

Beckham: 180/181, Casillas :182, Ronaldo:186/187
DMan said on 23/Jun/11
With allegedly 6'1 Kaka.

Click Here

Can't see the footware but very good picture regardless.
Godred said on 13/Jun/11
Yes but football listed heights do sometimes seem to be exagerated or done with their shoes on, 183 for Torres could be the legit measurement.
Paras said on 12/Jun/11
I am also tall like u ..lov u sir
chris said on 11/Jun/11
torrs is surely 6.1.they had the medical late at night on the trasnfer window.david luiz also was listed 6,2 and 6,1 now.
Godred said on 9/Jun/11
Hey Rob any chance you could give what you think for - Torres,Bale,Giggs and Messi? - would help for comparison.
Terryman said on 7/Jun/11
Rob would n't you like to grow like Zlatan ibrahimovic, lol the guy adds a cm every year even though he is in his late 20's,he started out being reported at 1,91m then just kept adding them cm's and is now usualy listed at 196cm in a few years he might be 1,98m lol
Godred said on 7/Jun/11
So what do you think for Torres?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
I think 6ft1.25 might be nearer. Looks 185-186cm
Godred said on 3/Jun/11
So do we think a realistic barefoot height of 185 for Ronaldo and 183 for Torres? - They still look very similar to me.
mee said on 1/Jun/11

Maybe he is not quite 187 cm but for sure he is minimum 185 cm.
Godred said on 31/May/11
Still don`t think he quite gets to the 187 mark. He has been listed recently as either 185 or 186.
DMan said on 30/May/11
Click Here

Here is an interesting picture.
Ronaldo looks taller than Terry who's 6'2, roughly same height as leaning Lampard, and all dwarfed by 6'5 Petr Cech.
mee said on 29/May/11
Maybe he is only 177-178 like Beckham...pff
skdjfks said on 29/May/11
Cristiano Ronaldo is 187 cm. Thats the ideal height.

Rob, you did a good job.
Anon said on 27/May/11
Well bill, where's the picture?
Godred said on 25/May/11
@mee - it is debatable ,to me he does`t look over 185.
mee said on 24/May/11
I can not believe that many people here think Ronaldo is only 6 ft :S Rob has him at correct height and everyone who is watching football knows that!!!
Mohammed said on 24/May/11
Looks a solid 6'1
Bill said on 22/May/11
Ronaldo is a weak 6"0 six footer, that's a fact.
My son had his picture taken with him a couple of years ago when he played for manchester united, you can see in the picture that both were wearing sneakers, my son is 6"1 (185 cm) barefoot and you can see in the picture that he is clearly an inch taller than christiano, maybe an inch and a half.
Donny said on 20/May/11
on his profile he's listed as 186.5 which imo is still 2 cm too much but either way he is NOT 187 cm.

def correction needed.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/May/11
He looks a strong 180 with 194 ibrahimovic!
Jack said on 11/May/11
185cm no more,he is not so close to 190cm i think
mohammad said on 10/May/11
185-186, no more no less.
Dean said on 10/May/11
No way 187 hes a tall guy but now one of those towering guys...possibly as low as 184? but more likely in the 185 range..maybe near 186cm at best!
Jed said on 10/May/11
He towers over his girlfriend who's supposedly 5'10. I'd say 6'1 at least, and irina Shayk (his gf) is probably 5'8/5'9.

Torres I've now met, he's shorter than I thought. I'm a United fan, but my friend's dad's company has some big connections to Chelsea and I met him, John Terry, Lampard and Peter Cech. Saw some of the other players about but didn't really judge their heights. Torres, by the way, is an incredibly nice guy, comes across really well, and seems quite quiet/modest, so I felt bad about the abuse he's getting.

Anyway. I was wearing Converse, most the players were wearing running shoes (post match tracksuits). I'm 6'1 and change barefoot, so a little under 6'2 in converse all stars - they give a little over half an inch I guess. Running shoes tend to be a little over an inch. So was losing half an inch to each of them in shoes.

Peter Cech is a big guy and had 3-4 inches on me. I'd say he's nearing 6'5. Didn't look anything over that.

Lampard I'd say is 6' even, he was shorter than me despite shoes.

Terry was weird. Thought he'd be taller. I'd say he's about 186cm barefoot (same height as me). I was pretty much eye to eye with him.

Torres is interesting. His posture isn't fantastic and I was comfortably taller than him (my posture could improve according to my physio, but is better than most people's), I'd say by 2.5". But, I'd say if he was standing up straight he'd definitely be very near 6'. I'd say he's somewhere between 182 and 184. Difficult to tell.
James said on 9/May/11
Lionel Messi 5'6
Cristiano Ronaldo 6'0
Jonathan said on 2/May/11
@Godred - Maybe people are shrinking?
DMan said on 2/May/11
Hard to tell with Footballers as they are generally overbilled. Ronaldo looks the same height as Torres, and Torres is listed either 6'0 or 6'1. Ronaldo looked around the same height if not shorter than Lampard on a pic I previously poster. He's much shorter then Ferdinand who looks closer to 6'3 imo.
cook said on 29/Apr/11
fernando torres look 6 1 on the dot to me
Phil said on 28/Apr/11
Lionel Messi is 5'6 or 5'6.5 and Cristiano Ronaldo is 6'0.5 6'1 max
James said on 27/Apr/11
yup i think he's under 187cm look at him compared to messi here
Click Here
David said on 23/Apr/11
DrJJ says on 10/Mar/11
Xavi 5'4". Messi 5'4.5". Iniesta 5'5.5". Villa 5'6.5".

Man, im from Spain and those heights are RIDICULOUS and wrong. I met Villa in Ibiza and he is 5,8.5 (im 5.11). Iniesta is 5.7 and Xavi is 5.6.5.
Peter pan said on 19/Apr/11
Rob, downgrade? Ronaldo is no more than 6'1. I can't believe he's more than 185cm barefoot.
timi said on 16/Apr/11
A friend of mine (5"11=180cm barefoot) got an autograph from him just few months ago at madrid, he said to me that ronaldo is 6"0 max = 182.5 cm, my friend said that ronaldo was at the most an inch taller than him.
It seems that these celebrities just tend to exaggerate when it comes to their height.
Godred said on 13/Apr/11
Ha Stan Collymore thought he was 6`4.
-Rob- how tall do you think fernando torres is? - was listed at 185 now 183 he looks exactly the same size and fram as cristiano for me.

[Editor Rob: I think torres looks shorter than ronaldo]
R17I said on 9/Apr/11
This idiot is 6'0.75''
black jesus said on 8/Apr/11
ronaldo has been listed as 185 that 6.15 is a jock
inHolland said on 5/Apr/11
Raul is listed 5´10 on the schalke site.

not 5 11
Jake T. said on 3/Apr/11
Considering that Raul is 5'11 and Messi is 5'6.5 Cristiano is 6'1.25 or 186 cm.
Godred said on 1/Apr/11
185 for Ronny
arkansast said on 28/Mar/11
believe me folks i met cristiano ronaldo face to face iam 6.2 and ronaldo is just about 6.1,btw his accent is kinda funny
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Mar/11
come on he needs a downgrade... he's nowhere near 187 cm! look at all the photos we posted, rob! maybe he's that in the morning with boots but he's no more than 185!
greg said on 13/Mar/11
peter i'm 184 in the morning, 183 in the afternoon and 182.5 in the evening.
francisco said on 10/Mar/11
Cristiano ronaldo is 1,85 cm tall or 6.0 feet. You can read it here on the technical card of real madrid football club where he plays. Click Here
DrJJ said on 10/Mar/11
Xavi 5'4". Messi 5'4.5". Iniesta 5'5.5". Villa 5'6.5". The three Spaniards can be seen on many occasions standing shoulder to shoulder with their fellow national team mates. Unless Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas are in the 6'2" - 6'3" range, then the others are as stated. Messi can be compared with them to get his height (lowth). Ronaldo looks a good 6'1" these days.
MD said on 6/Mar/11
Uh-oh! Good find, David. Regardless of the poor angle, a few things are definitely made more clear by that picture...
DMan said on 6/Mar/11
With 6'0.5 Frank Lampard

Click Here
portuguese said on 4/Mar/11
hey? what a big lie ,im portuguese and i already saw him so many times in madeira island ..he is not that tall is around 180/184 no more than this i bet
Peter Pansen said on 28/Feb/11
greg,thanks for your answer but when do you reach the 6ft? And is the 6 ft morning or evening height? I wish I could be about 6' 1'' at morning and 6' at evening. But at the moment I'm 5' 11'' in the morning and 5' 10.5'' at evening. I just became 19 years old and I really want to grow at least to 6 ft.
greg said on 27/Feb/11
peter pansen i was 5ft 10.5 at 19 and grew to 6ft
true said on 25/Feb/11
what a discution ? 3cm its not big difference ! also whats matter or he is 86 or 87..just more than 185 and less than 190 best answer !
bommelbommel said on 24/Feb/11
In the picture Rose put up of the FIFA gala, you can see Marco van Basten and Ronaldo are almost the same height and van Basten is 6'2"
Hulk said on 23/Feb/11
He came to manchester united when he was 18 it took him a season to settle to english football. In his second season when he was 19 he showed what a great player he was gonna become, basically theres a clip on YOUTUBE where GARY NEVEILLE(5'10) gives the man of the match award to ronaldo and they look the same height maybe an inch taller which would make him a 5'11 at the AGE OF 19/20!!!!!
who is that guy? said on 22/Feb/11
he's taller than indonesian actor who 188cm.
Peter Pansen said on 20/Feb/11
Can a 19 year old guy ( 5' 11'' tall) grow to 6' or to 6'1''???
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/11
He is 184 cm or 185 cm. I think,this is the perfect height for a man. I'm unfortunately only 180 cm. And I'm 19. Can I grow at the age of 19 3-5 cm?? I would love it to be 183 or 185 cm.
hey i know that guy said on 18/Feb/11
he's taller than most footballers -- 6 ft 1 is about right.
Andrea [ITA] said on 16/Feb/11
The differen e with Rio Ferdinando looks mote than 8 cms... He reaches his eyebrows and that is solid 10-11 cms... In that picture he looks no more than 180!
hulk said on 16/Feb/11
MAXI RODRIGUEZ height at atletico madrid was 5'11 which is a joke
hulk said on 16/Feb/11
i think FERNANDO TORRES real height is 6'0.5------------he looked 0.5 ich shorter than RONALDO(6'1)
Torres doesnt look taller than 6ft GERRARD
AT athletico madrid Torres height was 6'1 which Liverpool fc Website stated too.
EXAMPLE- MAXI RODRIGUEZ height at atletico madrid was 5'11 which is a joke
Shaun said on 15/Feb/11
Well he does look 187cm next to Scheider.

Torres83 says on 12/Oct/10
Yes.. 6'1.5 is ridicolous. 6'1 MAX, more 6'0.5

I agree unless he has recently grown another inch since living United.

Van Der Saar is supposed to be 6'5.5" but always looks at least 6'6". He can look 199cm because of his build.
Shaun said on 15/Feb/11
Van Der Sar looks 5 inches taller. I thought Ronaldo was 184-185? 187cm is crazy unless he grew at 24-25?
SAK said on 15/Feb/11
I will accept 185cm for Ronaldo but no less, definately not 183cm.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Feb/11
no way hes only 12 cms shorter. you are joking?
Click Here here is 16 cms! well to be honest the difference between ronaldo and van der sar is bigger... i give ronaldo 1.83 max 1.84 no more!
SAK said on 14/Feb/11
Thanks for the pic, and lines you made,

But I would disagree with you, about the fact that Ronaldo is 14cm shorter then Van Der Sar. Because if you look @ the photos when Rob is standing with celebs, when Rob comes upto someones nose like Rinaldo does to Van Der Sar, they are 12cm taller then Rob.

So, I would say Rinaldo is 12cm short then Van Der Sar(197cm), which wud make him 185cm/6ft1.

But I still think he is more solid 6ft1 @186cm.
MD said on 14/Feb/11
He is SO ridiculous and SO self-concious with that tippy-toe thing. He should be embarrassed, but he's far too prideful.
gvigo said on 13/Feb/11
Rio Ferdidand is listed as 1'89 sometimes and others as 1'91 but he is more 1'92-1'93
See it here, Terry is 1'87 and James is 1'96 so Lampard is 1'87 too ( he is listed as 1'84) Click Here
Lmeister said on 13/Feb/11
C-Ron tippy toes in every team pic.
gvigo said on 12/Feb/11
Andrea, ibrahimovic says he is 1'96cm ; Aveiro , Fernando Torres is 1'85 ( his figure in Madrid wax museum is 1'87 but not barefoot) .
Casillas is 1'82-1'82 and in this photo Cristiano is 1'86:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/11
There's no way they'd exaggerate a players height with something ridiculous yet exact as 186.5cm...

This is bang on
Aveiro said on 12/Feb/11
Guys, today I noticed Torres was transfered to Chelsea so I thought I would take a lookk and guess what, he was listed as 6 foot! So, unless they downgrade players...Madrid exagerated players height and it confirms that Cristiano Ronaldo is not 186,5 as they claim?
john said on 10/Feb/11
javier mascherano IS 1.74--------5FT 8
At west ham he looks 2 inches taller than tevez
SO TEVEZ IS 1.68--------5FT 6
Jak said on 5/Feb/11
@johann tevez isn't 173, he's 168 max. He's just bulky.
Bon_ said on 5/Feb/11
Ronaldo Nazario was listed at 1,79 until 21-22 and later at 1,83 because he did actually grow, it was clear that he grew in his 20-s like some guys do. But i don't think it's the case with this Ronaldo.
Andrea [ITA] said on 4/Feb/11
How can you go on saying he's 1.87 or more???????? He looks too shorter (at least 10 cms) next 1.93-1.95 ibrahimovic. See the pictures. The max ill give to him is 186 in the morning and 184 before bed! No more... 185 is his height!
Johann said on 3/Feb/11
187cm is probably right. Just look at him slouching next to 173cm Carlos Tevez:
Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 3/Feb/11
yeah. he's probably 186 in the morning and 184 in the night! no more!
eeee said on 1/Feb/11
he doesnt look so tall..maybe 1.80, no more
Aveiro said on 30/Jan/11
If Nereida is 167cm then he can't be 187.
Bon_ said on 30/Jan/11
not so long ago he was listed at 1,84, and If if they measured him in the morning like most players then he is likely as low as 183 cm(6'flat).
Doesn't really looke more than it so 184 cm(6'0.25) max. in my opinion.
hulk said on 23/Jan/11
I agree RONALDO DOES STAND ON HIS TOES in most of his pics IF YOU LOOK-----------------------
1.85-----BARE FOOT-----------is ACCURATE BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
and a inch added for shoes 1.87
one said on 23/Jan/11
1.85 is acurate he likes running on his toes and in some pics is standing on his toes
Aveiro said on 23/Jan/11
Ok guys, me and Cristiano Ronaldo are really close physically.
I'm Portuguese.
Size 9 shoes.
and my lowest is 184 and my max would be 186,5. Now, 184 generally happens on a bad day at night. If you get a decent picture with his girlfriend Irina, I can tell you from Cristiano Ronaldo eyebrown to his top is about 8-9cms. And Irina is at best 5'9. I have digged afew old stuffs and she claimed 5'9. Probably claiming 5'10 now that she's with CR.
Btw people, stop comparing Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, they are close in height all they need to difer is footwear or a low slouch, which happens in most pictures.
For those no believers, Cristiano Ronaldo could have grown at his adult time because remember he has to be the best and had money to buy hormones so it's not really impossible.
sos said on 22/Jan/11
i belive he is 1.84 no more
James said on 21/Jan/11
i think his true height is 6'1 (185cm) or maybe 186cm at a push.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 19/Jan/11
187 is impossible. look at the picture with ibrahimovic that isnt taller thano 195! he looks at least, to be good, 10-12 cms shorter!
ANDREA [ITA] said on 16/Jan/11
this picture explains it all:
ibrahimovic is no more than 195 and he litterally towers over ronaldo...
he's like 184-185! no more!
Johann said on 14/Jan/11
Cristiano and Kaka standing next to each other: Click Here
We can't see their footwear but Cristiano looks about 1 or 2cm taller.
boyat said on 14/Jan/11
almost 188cm...
kaka said..
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/11
Click Here

lol here prove he is 185 cm.

170 cm sneijder, comes up to his nose. thats about 15 cm.

till the eyes is 11 cm according to this site, add another 3-4 tot he middle of his nose.

185 cm
John said on 12/Jan/11
Alright,but how do you explain that the Spanish version of Real Madrid site gives him at 185 cm?
John said on 11/Jan/11
Rose, what about their shoes difference?In the Spanish version of the Real Madrid's site it says - altura:185cm.So,Rob,which is right?

[Editor Rob: I don't think they measure people in sneakers]
Moke said on 11/Jan/11
Yeah, 186.5 cm should be exact. In football it is not as important to be tall as for example in the heavyweight division of boxing. Like boxer David Haye who's record indicates 6'3. Still, standing next to 6'2 english soccer players (Trotter, Morison) he looks their height: Click Here Click Here
Rose said on 10/Jan/11
And if you look at this picture,
Click Here
Iker, the one standing on the right is listed as 182CM/5'11.5. Pique, next to Iker is 192CM/6'3.5. Lucio next to Pique is 6'2. He's way more in their range than in Iker's. So 6'1.5 is probably accurate I guess. Damn.. I used to be so sure he was 184/185..
Rose said on 10/Jan/11
Here's a picture of Cristiano standing next to Wesley Sneijder who's 5'7 Click Here
I'm starting to thing that 187 might be right
look at this
Click Here
he's looks like a giant, lol
MrX said on 9/Jan/11
If Real Madrid site gives him 186,5 cm it's true because this height comes from physical examination, as in all football teams.
The heights of football players are the most reliable.
MD said on 9/Jan/11

Can you explain to us why you have him at 187 cm, again, when the Real Madrid site gives him 186.5 cm, which is itself not even the most common height listing for him (he's usually listed lower).

[Editor Rob: I don't store the cm value just the feet inches, I display the nearest rounded cm beside the feet/inches. 186.5cm is 6ft 1.42 so 1.5 isn't that far away.]
Rose said on 8/Jan/11
He's exactly 185CM, 186CM on good days maybe and 187CM with shoes on. Fer sure.
Ace said on 8/Jan/11
He was likely measured as 6'1 with shoes on, like most athletes. looks like a solid 6 feet tall here, no more, no less, in this pic with 6'1 ocho cinco Click Here
ham said on 8/Jan/11
Jose Mourinho is 174, 175 max
Cristiano Ronaldo is 184, 185 max

this i have proof for
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/10
185.5cm max
alonzo said on 29/Dec/10 bull......... good...
anonymous said on 25/Dec/10
187? no way, 185 max.
Moke said on 21/Dec/10
Ronaldo is listed 186cm which is probably his max height, because sportsmen just like actors are rather made taller than shorter.
Dural said on 19/Dec/10
In the Spanish version of Real Madrid's website Christiano Ronaldo is listed as 185cm and in the English version it's 186.5cm. Other players are also listed at totally different height whether you click on the "english" or "espanol" button.
Zez said on 19/Dec/10
Ronaldo is 185.5 cm
Kaka is 186.5 cm
messi 169cm
as u can see by this pic:

Click Here


Click Here
MD said on 19/Dec/10
Oh, here's the link:

Click Here
MD said on 19/Dec/10

No way. The media did an average height for each team in the in the 2010 World Cup, and 182 cm was actually the average height for French, English, Algerian, and Korean teams, all of which ranked right in the middle. It was actually a higher average than the American and Dutch teams (181 cm). The highest team average height was the Serbians, and that was only 186 cm. So, no, 182cm isn't short in football.

Now, in most American sports, 182 cm would be a bit on the low end of just about any of our major sports.
Blues said on 18/Dec/10
Check again Real Madrid website Rob, they hav C Ronaldo at a bare 6'1".
I do not get where do get those odd figures, addding or substracting half an inch on many people. Guess that you seek show your accuracy, but yours is no better than an opinion.
Parker said on 18/Dec/10
SAK says on 17/Dec/10
Is 182cm/5ft11.5 considered short for a footballer.

Not unless you play for Stoke City in the UK.
Carlo said on 17/Dec/10
6 ft 2? are you sure? cool you met him. I always thought he was like 1.85 cm
SAK said on 17/Dec/10
Is 182cm/5ft11.5 considered short for a footballer.
Benji said on 17/Dec/10
every time i see real madrid play he looks to be the tallest guy in their squad. so i guess 1.87 is pretty right
Tigerlou said on 16/Dec/10
I met him recently and hes defo 6ft 2 as hes just taller than me and im 6ft 1!!
Carlo said on 14/Dec/10
casillas is like 182 com, segio ramos 183 com but I'm still unsure about ronaldo. I think he's 185cm
van cook said on 10/Dec/10
madrid scuad

casillas 183cm
sergio ramos 185cm
pepe 187cm
carvalho 184cm
marcelo 173cm
alonso 184cm
kheidira 190cm
oezil 182cm
dimaria 181cm
higuain 185.5cm
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/10
Why is he 6 ft 1.5 tall?????
Bon said on 7/Dec/10
My theory is, that his earlier 184 listing was correct, and that it was measured somewhere in mid-morning. So he's a solid 6'0.25 tops.
Bon said on 6/Dec/10
and 6 foot is not tall? he looks just like that - just about in the tall zone.
frank said on 5/Dec/10
he's taller than maria sharapova and nadal....
Bon said on 2/Dec/10
He looks no more than a solid 6-footer. 184 on a good day.
Original said on 1/Dec/10
6'1.25 to 6'1.5 now. 6'1 easy.
Moke said on 25/Nov/10
Next to 5'11 Adrian Grenier: Click Here
Standing straight he's probably 6'2, but 6'1.5 might be true as well.
Bon said on 19/Nov/10
He's nowhere near 187, except in the morning he might be close.
184 suits him best.
Zez said on 16/Nov/10
been near him, and can absolutely confirm hes 185cm, no more no less. i asked him.
(i'm portuguese btw). cheers.
exeggon said on 14/Nov/10
on real`s website hes 185 and 186,5 as well..just choose spanish version to see 185 and english version for 186,5....little strange
James said on 8/Nov/10
187cm is a stretch

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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