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5ft 9.96in (177.7cm)
Mightyman said on 2/Oct/17
Saw him on set when shooting casino royal . It was shot in Eton near Heathrow airport a cricket match scene that didn't end up in the film. I'd say he looked around 5'8 but in very good proportions.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/17
I stand at 6' tall and was literally the same height as Daniel at Madame Tussauds. Was he measured with lifts? My dad in his prime stood at 6' tall and was SMALLER than Daniel when he stood next to him, probably by about 0.25 inches or so.. maybe a little more.

Thoughts on this Rob?
Editor Rob
if an actor agrees to go to Tussaud's, then they take a lot of measurements. But even then, if they are putting a ruler on top of a person's head and holding a tape measure, that has room for error.
Bobby said on 21/Sep/17
I feel like Craig could be 179.1, he looks 5'10.5, especially since Harrison Ford is listed at 5'11 if I recall, and they look the same height.
Slim said on 20/Sep/17
Rising, he looks 176/5,9.5 next to hugh jackman imo.
Original said on 19/Sep/17
9.25" at night.
uncleSam said on 18/Sep/17
Daniel look like 175-6 cm man
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Sep/17
98 votes and he's at exactly 5'10" and 177.8 cm!

Looks pretty much 5'10" here with Jackman: Click Here Click Here
and here with Liev Schreiber: Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 5/Sep/17
@Vibram I agree that he tends to look average height because 178 cm is pretty much 50th percentile for a white male european now. It was 176 cm in 1990s-2000s. I'm similar height and feel average too, a bit tall among Spaniards or Italians (who are around 174-175 cm) but a bit short next to Danish or Dutch people (who average 182-183cm).
123 said on 3/Sep/17
exact listing!
Praneeth said on 3/Sep/17
Rob,like a guy said he looks same height as kenan thompson.they are wearing same footwear.we need your response on this please...
Tonyx said on 2/Sep/17
5ft9.25in-5ft9.5in evening.
I doubt he wears lifts daily. Just in the latest 3 bond movies and to red carpet events. Sure he wears boots, but this is no Brad Pitt.
My Favorite James Bond besides Sean Connery. I think the fact that he isn't 6ft tall or above adds to the charm, he really can pull off looking like an agent.
Rance, said on 25/Aug/17
I think Daniel Craig is 5ft 10 if wearing lifts, if you do your homework you'll notice that he wears lifts Dailey no doubt especially as his profile has become huge since bond, and so yes if someone measured him in a studio wearing his shoes it would no doubt be 5ft 10 plus but with any footwear I'm certain we would be in for a surprise how tall he really is, I am a serious as I can be when I say he is actually 5ft 8inch tall but yws 5ft 10if in shoes
Rance, said on 25/Aug/17
I think Daniel Craig is 5ft 10 if wearing lifts, if you do your homework you'll notice that he wears lifts Dailey no doubt especially as his profile has become huge since bond, and so yes if someone measured him in a studio wearing his shoes it would no doubt be 5ft 10 plus but with any footwear I'm certain we would be in for a surprise how tall he really is, I am a serious as I can be when I say he is actually 5ft 8inch tall but yws 5ft 10if in shoes
Vibram said on 20/Aug/17
I think Lazenby was the tallest Bond, edging out Dalton. I've always had Craig as low as 177cm, high as 178cm. It's ballpark average for a white male and with Craigs build being slimmer-medium when younger (under 34), bulkier when older (35+), he's hard to determine. It's not short, only jealous haters would say that. He looked about 160lbs (72kg) in the year 1997. I have an article in a magazine from the time. He was pretty lean. He was beefed up to 85kg in Casino Royale.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
Towering is an exaggeration. Letterman had at least 3" on Craig in 2006, but less than 4": Click Here With Letterman in the 6'1"-6'1.5" range in his late 50s, Craig looks about 5'10" in comparison.

Not the best comparison, though he doesn't look taller here than a 65+ year old Michael Parkinson, who must have still been near 5'10" himself: Click Here

More recently, Craig is very close to Stephen Colbert's height: Click Here There's a good comparison around 20 seconds in. Whether Craig slipped an extra lift in his boots, I don't know: Click Here I don't remember seeing his ankle at any point, which you'd need to see to know if he had an extra lift. Short of that, he looks a solid 5'10".

I do agree Jude Law looked to edge Craig and I agree with Slim that Craig is bang on 5'10", but I don't see much less. I think he has worn the occasional lift since becoming familiar with the benefits of them in Quantum of Solace, if not before, but they'd be subtle as Rob says if he is. Just enough for Craig to go from looking nothing above 5'10" to pulling off a solid 179 cm or so. Btw, Colbert actually joked Craig was short for a Storm trooper, not Bond.
James said on 17/Aug/17
Craig is now the longest-serving Bond.
Jimbo said on 17/Aug/17
Funny when he announced on the Stephen Colbert show a day ago, even Stephen mocked him for being a little to short for bond, think he is bang on 178 CM, no more, but dips 177.5 at night.
Sonny said on 16/Aug/17
Interesting why the craig is placed as 5 "10.25 guy (LOL) and Jude Law placed only on 5" 10 although Jude is higher than Craig at least an inch and seen on many pictures.

Rob, really Craig is placed too high he must be in the range of 5 "9-5" 9.5 and nothing else, I think you may consider lowering him.
Sonny said on 16/Aug/17
175cm + Chelsea or Chukka shoes + lifts + trick with a leg = everybody thinks Craig is legit 5"10 guy AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA people are so naive LOL
Slim183 said on 15/Aug/17
Legit 5'10, I'd wipe out the quarter inch, Definitely 3 inches between Christop walts and this guy. 5'9 and a change claims are harsh imo.
Ben said on 9/Aug/17
Unless he's wearing elevator shoes, then I would be the one appearing an inch shorter, haha
Editor Rob
there are many actors who wear small lifts. The half inchers are hardest to spot, but 1 inch will start to make a difference to the foot looking more pushed into the laces area.
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
He wears elevator shoes in that pic next to Harrison Ford.

If Harrison is 180 today Craig maybe 176-177cm not more.
Ben said on 8/Aug/17
Rob, do you think I would edge out Daniel Craig? By how much?
Editor Rob
probably a fraction, maybe in a photo with Craig if you have your hair up, you could seem an inch taller to people!
Jug said on 4/Aug/17
On SNL in a skit with Kenan Thompson, they actually looked the same height, both playing construction workers and wearing the same kind of boots. Craig's posture may have been off there. David Letterman towered over him in 2006. He could be closer to 5'9.5.
Michael said on 2/Aug/17
5'9 or 175 cm not more.
Ali said on 1/Aug/17
At least this height is realistic Rob! Between 5'9 and 5'10. 176cm I guess.
Slim 182 cm said on 28/Jul/17
Ok, I agree, he's lucky to be 178 yet alone 179.
Jackson said on 26/Jul/17
@Adam Just to let you know that morning height only gets you 2cm higher than normal at most,not 3cm you mentioned. And Daniel Craig is definitely 177-178cm tall.Obviously you have zero knowledge and insight on people's heights.
Van said on 25/Jul/17
A strong 5'10 late at night. 5'11 just off the bed.
even said on 19/Jul/17
5 foot 10 at a minimum
Ted said on 16/Jul/17
A legit 5' 10'' guy.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
179 cm, that's what he looked in spectre.
Editor Rob
At times in some Bond movies, Craig have have been in a little lift.
Tonydaportuguese said on 14/Jul/17
Looks 5'10 next to Gabriel Macht in Archangel
adam said on 13/Jul/17
@Bobby, No, i have 179.5 cm flat and i know its proportions, my brother has 5'10.25 and i know how look this body proportions, craig has proportions guy 5'9-5'9.5 exactly like my father the difference 1.5 inches between me and him is so clear, so get calm down because I will start thinking you are a Craig loving fan or Daniel Who desperatley defends his growth.
Bobby said on 12/Jul/17
@adam, You must be height blind or just jealous. Craig is a solid 5'10 guy.
adam said on 10/Jul/17
Craig true height is:
175.5-6 cm evening
178,5 cm morning
He wears thick shoes with lifts 24/7, and have good posture so he makes an impression strong 5'10 guy But it really he's 5'9.5 guy in the afternoon or just strong 5'9.
179cm said on 24/Jun/17
Another actor who seems to get unnecessarily criticized for their supposed lack of height. He's probably a very average height like 5'9.5"-10".
RichardSpain said on 22/Jun/17
Similar height than George Clooney. Classic guy 178 cm/179cm barefoot.

Harrison nowadays is around 181cm.
RisingForce said on 11/Jun/17
Revisionist, Jude's height is weird. I have found myself wondering about if he occasionally has a lift in those boots, but do you have a link to verify that claim? But speaking of lifts, I believe Daniel has worn them for a lot of events since using them as Bond. You're right, Daniel can't be comfortably under 5'10". I think he is 5'10" just like his Bond co-star said, whether exactly or a 1/4" more or less we could never say, but the point of my post was more to show that Daniel looked shorter earlier in his career before Bond. Nowadays, he pulls off 179-180 sometimes, but he wears stuff like Chukka and Chelsea boots quite frequently and it's incredibly easy to slip a 1 cm lift in, which alone would have him looking 5'10.5"-5'11" range, nevermind if he goes for a 1" lift. Daniel's good posture will help him look in that range as well.

As for Rick's 5'11" guess, if Daniel were really a full 5'11", you can bet that height isn't ending up on his resume. There are examples of Daniel looking no more than 5'10" today as well. Around the time Casino Royale came out, Daniel was shorter than Jay Leno. Daniel only looks 5'10" in the middle photo above as well.
Revisionist said on 11/Jun/17
@ RisingForce, Jude's admitted to wearing lifts for events. I don't know that he was actually just 5'10" in those pictures. Those Paltrow shots are more telling. A guy who looks like that next to her in wheels cannot be comfortably under 5'10 even if she is just a weak 5'9.
Average height and slim said on 5/Jun/17
Might be 179 like Crowe.
Rick said on 31/May/17
I would say he's 5'11. There's a photo of him standing next to Roger Moore where he looks taller by an inch. Taking into account footwear advantage I don't see how someone who is only 5'10 can consistently look this tall.

There's also a picture of him in flat footwear looking nearly 2 inches taller than Jude Law. Assuming he's walking on higher ground (which it doesn't look like he is) I can't see him being less than a full inch taller than Jude.

He might even be 181cm but 5'10 is definitely too low.
RisingForce said on 19/May/17
Going back to before 2006, it seems clear that becoming James Bond caused a late growth spurt ;)

Shorter than 5'10" Jude Law at Road to Perdition premiere: Click Here Click Here Another reference is Paul Newman who was 172 cm max by that point since he was the same height as 5'7.5" Steven Spielberg as well as Tom Hanks, who was probably 182 cm then, maybe a weak 6 foot.
In thin sneakers with Hanks in boots: Click Here Click Here Even considerin a footwear disadvantage of 1.5 to 2 cm, I still don't see Daniel anything above 5'10" there.
Shorter than Jude at this event as well: Click Here Click Here (Don't be fooled by Daniel's raised eye level and hair sticking up in some pics, look at the top of Jude's hair.
Shorter than Jared Harris(5'10.75" here) and 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow in heels: Click Here
There's a series of full pics with Paltrow that night: Click Here Click Here Click Here If Harris is about 182 cm in shoes and Paltrow is 183 cm or a bit over in heels then I see Craig looking 179-180 cm range in shoes there.

Just as I can see some thinking he's 5'10.5" cm, I can see where some of the 177 cm or even 5'9.5" comes from now looking back at his earlier career. But I still think he's a real flat 5'10" guy who probably drops to 177 cm at his low and wakes up at 179 cm.
RisingForce said on 16/May/17
I agree that'd be a bit better, sadboyz, but I do understand Rob's listing as Daniel can easily look 179 cm, though I really think that's footwear and being a little more height aware since Bond. A guy like Seth MacFarlane strikes me as taller as he's an effortless 5'10"+, often wearing Converse. Or if anything, I'd switch the listings for Daniel and his old friend Jude Law, though I think Jude's listing is fine since he claimed it. As always, take pics that aren't full with a grain of salt, but Daniel does look bang on 5'10" with 5'8" Sean Penn: Click Here And same night, he's a bit taller than 5'9" Jon Bon Jovi: Click Here not much, but probably near an inch minus Jon's big hair.
berta said on 14/May/17
i think the listed height is spot on
sadboyz said on 12/May/17
rob i think you should downgrade him to just 5'10
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
It's strange, but Daniel actually only looks 5'9.5" here with 5'7" Christoph Waltz: Click Here But then Naomie Harris at 5'7" would likely measure a bit over 5'10" in those heels and Craig only looks slightly over an inch taller with better posture and possibly a slight camera advantage while 172 cm Berenice Marlohe is a fraction taller in heels that add somewhere from 2.4" up to around 3" so Craig would actually look more like he does next to Waltz compared to her. Richard, I think that's pretty likely too, at the very least, you can see Ford's shoe is flatter: Click Here Other photos and views of shoes show the same thing that night. Daniel had a heel at the higher end of the normal range and the angle of his foot in those shoes looks steeper than Fords. I think Daniel decided he likes a bit of an extra lift at times since Bond or at least Quantum of Solace to look around 5'11" as opposed to 5'10". You can see from a pic like this that Daniel wasn't actually taller than Ford at the Berlin premiere: Click Here He just is able to stand better so they wind up looking the same height. I think you can argue anything from 177-179 cm, but 5'10" on the nose seems right to me. Can easily look taller with his posture and a bit extra footwear. In general, he usually has a heel maybe not as big as Brad Pitt's, but certainly more than just 1".
Crypto139 said on 1/May/17
I had an online friend that has claimed "about 5 feet", "Maybe 5'6" and "I think close to 6 foot." She maybe this friend is Daniel Craig. What do you think Rob?
RichardSpain said on 28/Apr/17
That photo with Harrison Ford Craig uses lifts !!

Now I found de reason why Craig is similar than Harrison Ford.
Joe20 said on 24/Apr/17
I 5'10.75 was possible morning height peak. But i he is now closer to 5'10 today.
HarryF said on 20/Apr/17
Terry said on 11/Apr/17
If Craig is 5'10 then I am 6ft because I am 5'10. There is no way Daniel Craig is 5'10 flat foot. Laughable really.

I don't get it, Terry - have you got the monopoly on 5'10? Daniel Craig can't be 5'10 because you are???
Terry said on 11/Apr/17
If Craig is 5'10 then I am 6ft because I am 5'10. There is no way Daniel Craig is 5'10 flat foot. Laughable really.
Mike said on 7/Apr/17
I'm just over 5"10 and walked past him at my gym. He was a couple of inches shorter than me so I reckon 5"8
Adijos said on 19/Mar/17
5'10.75" he's shortes Bond!
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
Gemma Arterton was probably right. Classic 5'10" flat guy. No more, no less. After wearing lifts during Quantum of Solace, I think he continued wearing them at times, which explains why he can often look 179-180 cm.
Bobby said on 27/Feb/17
5'10 is above average height, depending on where you live, actually, it's above average internationally. Solid height for a man. That's how tall I am. I wake up at 178.47cm or 5'10.26, and drop to 177.2 in the very late evenings. So my afternoon height is your typical 5'10 or 177.8cm.
berta said on 21/Feb/17
manga to lock almost sam height as ford couple years ago when for was about 181. but had bigger fotwear. i think the listing is good either this or 5`10 flat
anon2099 said on 12/Feb/17
Craig was measured by Bond tailors at 5'10". I don't see why people are having an issue with this listing. I am going to see if I can find the link to all of the official heights of the Bond actors, but they listed Timothy Dalton as the tallest at 6'2" with Sean Connery being measured at 6'1.5" and Pierce Brosnan at 6'0.5".
Elizabeth said on 14/Jan/17
I'd take any quote from the Daily Mail with a cup full of salt. They flat out make stuff up. I doubt Gemma actually said that.
That said, when Craig was on the Graham Norton show he looked pretty much the same height at Graham who is around 5'8 isn't he?
berta said on 10/Jan/17
in photos beside baitista he looked 180 but with better posture than bautist i actually dont think he is shorter than this listing this seems very fine
Kyle said on 23/Dec/16
Why is everyone seemingly downgrading Bond. Craig looks 5'10"+ I could even see 5'11" in the morning for this guy. I think he's very close to 180.
CS said on 9/Dec/16
Give him 5'9.75 or 5'10
MaskDeMasque said on 6/Dec/16
Surely you can knock off that quarter inch. He doesn't look as tall as legit solid 5'10 people like Seth macfarlane. Hes gotta be taller than 5'9 flat though. 5'9.5 min, 5'10 max. I reckon he'd be eye to eye with someone like Colin Farrell. 5'9.75 would be my best guess.
HonestSlovene said on 4/Dec/16
@Chris Nope, but again, it is the general range that counts with the main height being 6'0-6'1" or 183-185 cm. Plus Lazenby was 6'3" or 190 cm, so no not true.
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
That said, he looks 177cm to me.
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
In the Ian Flemming novel's bond is described as being 183cm, so the idea that bond has to be 6'3 was never in the novels.
Johno said on 17/Nov/16
@Josh, agreed.
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
As bond he looks 5 10 every other bond looked 6 to 6 3 average instead tall.
That being said barefoot he is probably under that can look under 5 9 like in tomb raider.
Good looking guy no doubt seems very insecure always has a facade.
At times a good actor but sometimes weak.
HonestSlovene said on 29/Oct/16
Bond should be anywhere from 5'10 to 6'3 range (solid average to solid tall) IMO. Daniel still meets that lower requirement and most Bonds like Brosnan, Connery and Moore have been in the 6'1-6'2 range.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 29/Oct/16
By 187-188 CM Mark Strong:

Click Here

He's at least 5'10", if not a bit taller.
a wonderer said on 27/Oct/16
His height doesn't really matter, he's a very manly and charismatic man in any regard, and perfectly fit for the role of Bond. I don't understand people seriously saying that James Bond needs to be above average height, it doesn't really make sense. Of course Bond needs to be a capable and tough guy who can stand his ground againgst all kinds of potent foes, but it's not like a few centrimetres make a huge difference in standing your ground. If you look at the real world military special forces (like the SAS where Bond is supposed to have been) you won't see only above average height men in there. Being in such a unit has a lot of difficult requirements most men won't be able to fill, but being above average height is none of those.
Dmeyer said on 23/Oct/16
The built dosnt lie hé has one of í  177-8cm Guy
Flint said on 22/Oct/16
Those black shoes he's wearing in the pics above look like they are huge lifts.
Anthony Paul said on 16/Oct/16
What should be his current height,Rob?
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if he lost more than a tiny amount by late 40's.
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Honestly can't see 5'10.25 as others have said he looks the same height as Graham Norton who, even allowing for shrinking a bit, has never been more than 5'9. Do wonder if it wasn't for the Bond bit would his height be an issue at all.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
Leslie Nielsen looking like Craig's doppleganger

Click Here
grizz said on 20/Sep/16
@Johno, Hardy is 5'9 while Craig is 5'10. 5'10 is average height in UK so that's still a passable height for Bond, he's only 2 inches shorter than Flemming's Bond. Even though it seems like height request will be dumped soon since they're seriously considering a 5'7 guy for Bond role
Johno said on 14/Sep/16
I don't understand why some like Tom Hardy has a hard time with his height in order to be considered for Bond, whereas as someone like Craig, my best Bond BTW, gets an easier ride? They are both probably the same height. Hardy would be an excellent Bond, gritty just like Craig.
heightchecker34 said on 26/Jul/16
@ganggreen- why wouldn't 5'10.25 men wear lifts? I do not know Daniel Craig habits, but you are acting like its an above average height.. its average that's it... many men would wear lifts. I'm 5'9-5'9.25, and like @truth said below me 5'9-5'10 is average height, sometimes you feel tall and sometimes short. It just depends on your insecurities, or some people merely like to wear lifts for fashion purposes. Nothing wrong either way... and yet some don't even care. Everyone is different.
truth said on 17/Jul/16
@Johan LOL exactly, I would suggest to ignore Ice and his projection of his insecurities onto other people, if anything I find Daniel Craig to be a very secure man.

I am probably the exact same height and I feel very average. Sometimes short, sometimes tall but very average.
Johan said on 11/Jul/16
I haven't ever seen him get towered ? He just looks average height in all his films and also on the street. He is in great shape for his age most guys let themselves go after 40.
littlesue said on 9/Jul/16
Don't think he insecure at all, he just got fed up of people asking his height at the time he was cast as Bond. The obsession of 'he can't be Bond as he not over 6ft'. Any other time he not bothered
Ice said on 6/Jul/16
Daniel Craig is a good example of how towered a 5'10 guy gets all the time , and how short one really can feel at that height .
Ice said on 6/Jul/16
"Lets say Im somwhere between 5 and 6 feet" lol , this guys insecure
Francis said on 9/Jun/16
rob, jude law is at least an inch taller than him

just google pics of the two

and i'm fair to say i believe jude is a little above 5'10, like 5'10.25 or even 5'10.5
but if you downgrade a taller man is coherent to downgrade a shorter one as well, in this case daniel craig
Editor Rob
Jude certainly can pull off looking taller at times, but so can many actors.
aymen bns said on 6/Jun/16
i dont know rob but i think daniel is about 175/176cm u can see this picture with olga kurylenko which is listed by ur website 173cm
search in google "Olga Kurylenko - Portfolio. Les plus célèbres James Bond Girls -"
and u will find a picture of her with daniel barefoot while daniel is wearing a shoes ( can add at least 2 cm) so what do u think rob ?
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if Craig was as low as 5ft 9, I've not see enough to suggest he is.
littlesue said on 5/Jun/16
No way is he as low as 5ft 8, still 5ft 10 on a good day, pics next to his wife show he still noticibly taller when she in her high heels
Liftmensch said on 3/Jun/16
I would like to introduce some new evidence here. There is a lovely Tom Ford suit made for Daniel Craig for Bond 21 but not used in the film. It showed up on eBay, and 007 has kindly bequeathed to us his measurements. Craig wears a 40R, with a 32 waist and 33 inseam. That is an 8 inch "drop", or difference between the chest measurement and waist measurement. Average is generally 6 inches, so Craig has proportionally a larger chest than most men, which is evident in his movies.
I like nice suits, and have to have mine tailored to fit. I wear a 42R with a 32 waist, and 32 inseam. My chest is 2 inches larger than Craig's and my trousers are an inch shorter. Without lifts I am 5'7" tall. With them and dress boots I measure 5'10 1/2". I wear lifts except to bathe and sleep.

I estimate Craig's height to be 5'8" or 5'9" barefoot, and not much more, and early pix of him bear that out.

His suits have hacking pockets, a classic English tailor trick to elongate the torso.

The suit is still for sale, for about $9000.00.
Dmeyer said on 31/May/16
Hanks can look near 3in over craig , but lets not forget Hanks has à shoe in the 3-3,5cm so about 2cm shoes than 1,5cm converse so à 2in différence becomes near 3in , who both in normal shoes craig looks barely shorter
Dmeyer said on 29/May/16
When you list someone 5 ft 10,25 you mean they dont dip under 5 ft 10
Editor Rob
Today he might just be around 5ft 10, but at 48 a small few mm's might have been lost, especially through his 4 Bond films and all the effort gone into them.
Johnny said on 24/May/16
@Rob how tall is his daughter? Click Here
Editor Rob
they might be close in height if you got them standing together.
Ian C. said on 19/May/16
In Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love it is revealed that James Bond is six feet tall and 170 pounds. So Craig isn't that far off, although Bond was not some hypermuscular gym freak, as Craig seems to be. Also, Fleming's Bond smokes, has black hair, and is actually quite sexually continent, which was in keeping with the sexual morality of the fifties and early sixties, when the books were first published. In a few of the books he doesn't actually sleep with anyone female until the last chapter. In Moonraker he doesn't sleep with anyone at all. In Live and Let Die, he refuses to sleep with the willing Bond girl, and his excuse is that he has a broken finger.
c-mo said on 30/Apr/16
Rob when you say that he is 178cm do you mean that he is that at night or midday ?

what do you think would be his lowest in a day ?
Editor Rob
there is a good chance he is 5ft 10 flat evening.
truth said on 30/Apr/16
As a fellow 5ft10-5ft10.5 nighter I think Daniel is around my height, we also have similiar mesomorphic build and face lol.
Arc107 said on 8/Apr/16
I think 5'10.5 is possible. Rob did you hear about the people that said he was to short to be james bond because he wasn't 6'0+ that might be why he refused to give his height in that interview he was starting to get annoyed at people making a big deal out of it.
Editor Rob
he seems at times to be annoyed with interviewers and fame. Maybe he didn't like to answer as he felt it wasn't important?

Who knows what goes through the mind's of some actors. At times a level of fame sometimes can change them and give a warped sense of self-importance.

As for his height, I rewatched Spectre and actually he could at times look near 179cm, especially when standing with someone like Belucci (who may be sub 5ft 7 now)...

but typically I wouldn't go over 178cm.
Eric said on 26/Mar/16
I'd say he's 5'9 or at most 5'10. He's using the elevator shoes so possible he could be as low as 5'9 in my opinion.
Writershirley@ said on 9/Mar/16
I think he is a good Bond plays the parts excellent! His height does not matter his demure puts him at 6+feet!
ganggreen said on 4/Mar/16
5'10.25 men do not have to wear lifts...........Daniel wears lifts.......he is nowhere near his attributed height.
Jedi Master 5' 11 said on 17/Feb/16
He's 5' 8". Just google paprazzi pics of them, and read up on how he had to wear like 3 inch lifts when he was filming bond movies.
Johno said on 3/Feb/16
Although, Hanks has some hefty boots on there.
Johno said on 3/Feb/16
@George, judging by those comparisons with Hanks, i say having a suspecion of Danial being "Alot-a-bit" under 5'10 would not be irrational.
George said on 1/Feb/16
I too was pretty sure Craig didn't fall below the 5'10" mark until I stumbled across these photos of him before he was an A-list star. Pictured with Sam Mendes and Tom Hanks:
Click Here
A more recent picture of Craig and Mendes, only now Craig has a few inches on Mendes. Makes me think he's a lift wearer for sure:
Click Here
Now some factors I can think of. In the photos with Hanks and Mendes, he's wearing Converse, which are essentially flat. Plus his posture could be better. That being said, I'm pretty sure Mendes is about 5'9/5'9.5". As a former firm believer of Craig being no less than 5'10", I don't think under is out of the question now. Your thoughts?
Dan said on 20/Jan/16
Rob how tall do you think Daniel Craig will measure next to Guy Pearce? Do you think they are the exact same height or one of the two would edge the other one from a few millimeters?
Editor Rob
both I think are guys who I doubt would measure less than the 5ft 10 mark, so a little over I think in both cases are likely.

Craig's body has probably had a lot more wear and tear than Guy's, through his Bond roles.
Johno said on 19/Jan/16
Funny, to me he looks pretty average in height ie 5'9 and can also look as low as 5'8.
Daniel said on 12/Jan/16
In the picture with Harrison Ford they look the same height. Craig doesn't seem less than 5'11'' to me
LempitMax said on 31/Dec/15
Rob, how tall is Sir Alan (Lord) Sugar?
Editor Rob
Lord Sugar is modest. He is one of the few CEO's I know of who cuts out the soles of his shoes and has just a very thin layer he walks on. That's why he look 5ft 7 but says he's 5ft 8 ;)
Ray said on 26/Dec/15
Rob, do you think Daniel is raising his back foot for more height in his picture with Harrison Ford?
Editor Rob
I don't think he has, there's a fair few photos of them together and really not much between them, except that Craig has the better posture maybe in most of them.
Khanoo7 said on 25/Dec/15
girl's alway's wear sandel so, they alway's look much heighter but acc. To 5.5 inch. Is. Best height for men
Z187 said on 22/Dec/15
His MT waxwork was at least 5'11 next to me
Dan said on 21/Dec/15
I think he is exactly 5′ 10″. He often wears small lifts in his shoes and he has a very good posture which helps him give the impression to be slightly taller. Look at this picture with 5'7 Waltz: Click Here I see exactly 3 inches there.
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/15
With a 3-3.5cm heel and good posture or with 0.5in lifts he can defenetly look 5 ft 11-11.5 near 180-1cm ford and near 174-5cm pegg
Phil said on 18/Dec/15
He looks exactly the same height as Harrison Ford, how is he nearly 6ft
Jon said on 15/Dec/15
Daniel is 5'10" on the spot, but he tends to wear lifts to make him appear taller, that is why he appears to be the same height as Harrison Ford who is a little under 6 feet tall. I saw Craig in New York City, he appeared a couple of inches shorter than me, I am little over 6 feet tall. A lot of people were against him when he replaced Pierce Brosnan as James Bond back in 2005. He surprised a lot of people and turned out to become the most popular actor to portray the spy since Sean Connery. I think part of the appeal of him is that he is just an average guy playing an extraordinary character compared to the other actors, people can more easily relate to Craig than they can to the other actors who portrayed Bond.
TJE said on 7/Dec/15
Rob, based on this pic, would the current listings for Daniel and Christoph still stand?

Click Here

A plain old 5'10 is very possible for Daniel, IMO.
Editor Rob
he can look a bit more than 3 inches taller there
Big C said on 5/Dec/15
Editor Rob: I think they should employ a well known New York villain, Big G, as Bond's next nemesis. His weapon of choice is Steel Toed elevator boots, and his backup is lethal poison tipped sharpies.

Lol yeah
Big C said on 4/Dec/15
Rob which other old bond villian do you think should return for the next bond film? Maybe jaws? I know Richard kiel is dead now R.I.P, but maybe they could get someone who looks like him and whos over 7ft aswell? I wish Richard was still alive, he was my favorite bond villian and still is, I heard he was a friendly giant and he did seem very friendly didn't he? I wish I could have met him I would look like a shrimp next to him!
Editor Rob
I think they should employ a well known New York villain, Big G, as Bond's next nemesis. His weapon of choice is Steel Toed elevator boots, and his backup is lethal poison tipped sharpies.
candie said on 4/Dec/15
exactly the right body frame of a man who is 176cm. Nothing more. Look at those lifts in the photos, so evident.

I'm 176cm and in good shape too and in photos I have the same body size/length as Craig.
CD said on 3/Dec/15
Rob didn't G already steal the 0058 title? ;)
Editor Rob
G is a 00568, I'm the real 0058!
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Hmm Im not sure I'd say i look rugged Rob, I don't have Daniel Craigs look and I look my age.
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Maybe if I grew my hair a bit and had a shave and lose a bit of weight so I'd look like a slim guy instead of a big built guy (im not fat or muscular just big framed)I could pull off the bond look perhaps? Yeah I think I might have to agree with you Rob, i look more like a tough guy than james bond, since I have a freakishly deep voice aswell, I'd be too scary and intimidating to be bond especially with my Lurch sound alike voice lol, I could maybe play as a new bond villian for the next bond film? What do you think?
Editor Rob
Bond would certainly have a fight on his hands taking on Big C.
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Are girls attracted to the tough guy look Rob?
Editor Rob
you can look tough but be a nice guy...always better to be kind and treat women well!
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Im not good looking then Rob?
Editor Rob
I think you would be attractive to quite a few girls, maybe even a 'rugged' guy...
Jimbo said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, do you think he was in the 6ft range in spectre, especially when he was at the mountains ?
Editor Rob
not sure he could look that tall, well, unless camera angles are helping...
Big C said on 30/Nov/15
Rob have you watched Spectre yet?. I thought it was pretty good, I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet but an old bond villian is in it, I hope daniel will be bond for a few more films, he's my favourite james bond.
Editor Rob
yes, I also hope he does one more Bond, then maybe someone else will take over.
Big C said on 30/Nov/15
Rob I know you aren't gay but would you say daniel craig is handsome or average looking? I think he's in between maybe, I certainly wouldn't say he's ugly a bit rugged though, I think sean connery and Pierce Brosnan were the most handsome james bonds, they were tall and had the best heights aswell 6ft 2-6ft 1-1.25, daniel is only average height at 5ft 10 but he's still a really good james bond.
Editor Rob
attractiveness can be a combination of the way you look, your physique, your hair, how you hold yourself, dress yourself, the way you talk and how you treat others.

On the surface Craig may not be as conventionally handsome as a guy like Brosnan, but still a ruggedly handsome man that will make many a women get a little bit hot and flustered over.
Sebs said on 28/Nov/15
Easily 5'10-5'10.5 . He doesn't exaggerate his height, he could've easily claimed 6 feet and a lot of the bond height backlash would be even worse if he stated any numeric value as his height
184.3cm (Night) said on 25/Nov/15
I think i have heard it all now. Craig with a teenager's face? He has that rugged look and i always guessed him as being mid 40's. I mean even back when he did Casino royale i thought mid 40's he doesn't seem to have really aged the past 10 years.
Funny to think its almost 10 years since he stepped into Bond's shoes.

177cm minimum for him.

Sam said on 24/Nov/15
Looks a typical 5'9-5'10 range guy... comfortably enough to claim 5'10, but can appear shorter sometimes because of his stocky build. I don't think he'd measure anything over 5'10. I think that's the most he would be.
littlesue said on 23/Nov/15
Teenagers face????? he gorgeous but he looks closer to 50 than a teenager. lol
Sammy Derrick said on 22/Nov/15
In the movie Cowboys And Aliens, his character is described as Age:37 Height:5 feet 10 inches Weight: 175lbs Lighter hair, blue eyes and stronger features.
This in my own opinion was a perfect description of Daniel Craig...He has a man's body but a teenager's face(my opinion).
MD said on 20/Nov/15
@Z187, before posting other's heights, you should check here first. We have Batista listed at 6'2.75".
Z187 said on 19/Nov/15
180 in shoes, maybe 181. Bautista is 6-4 so he's obviously looked a tad shorter than him in Spectre.
Dan said on 18/Nov/15
He looks pretty average to me. I think 5ft 10.25in might be his morning height but during most of the day he probably drop at 5ft 10in flat.
Duhon said on 16/Nov/15
I think people here on this site believe every actor who says they are 5'10" must actually be 5'8" or even 5'7" maybe it's a lingering symptom of the Tom Cruise derangement syndrome? I don't think anybody has ever claimed Craig looks short outside of here and 5'10" suits him.
grizz said on 15/Nov/15
I seriously cannot understand all the downgrades for this guy?
Why are people so upset that a 5'10 guy plays James Bond? He's not 5'5, 5'10 is downright average for an Englishman and above average looking at it worldwide.
Many say "James Bond is supposed to be tall". Do you seriously find 6'1-6'2 range that tall, though? These guys are slightly taller than I, and I don't myself @6ft tall.
The original Bond was supposed to be my height-given that its description was made in the 50's and the current UK population is taller than then, that would be 6'1 nowadays. That really isn't so tall that your 1st association with Bond's physical apperance is "tall". I get with Superman-6'3 was and still is tall for a man. If you look at Bond movies in Connery era, Sean is shorter or the same height as Q, M, Felix and most of his nemesis.

Daniel's 5'10 and handles his height admirably- I never look at him in Bond movies and think "look at this shortie playing a tough guy".
VC said on 14/Nov/15
I like Daniel as Bond because he is gritty, rugged with a deep voice and physically active. However, he is the shortest bond ever. Arguebly, 5'10 max with good lifts in his shoes. Ultimately, 5'7-5'8 guy without lifts. When he stood next to Bautista, he look tiny and Bautista is a strong 6'2 guy.
Ron said on 9/Nov/15
Whilst we're on the subject of lifts, did anyone else think the shoes Craig wore at the clinic in the mountains in Spectre looked a bit funky? More the way he walked than anything, and the angle they jutted at when he was sitting down.
If they are elevators it strikes me as odd they chose those scenes to use them!
Annie said on 9/Nov/15
Just saw Spectre. NO WAY is he over 5'7" MAXIMUM. Real short a$$. Probably 5'6".
Editor Rob
regardless of his height or outrageous estimates, making movies like Spectre take a helluva lot of work, both mentally and physically.

I admire the effort, energy and skill involved by everybody involved in making films.
dci said on 6/Nov/15
Rob do u think he could be wearing lifts here....

Click Here
Editor Rob
really hard to tell if there is anything in those boots or not. They certainly don't appear obvious, but then with elevator boots I feel it is easier to conceal a lift
Jug said on 29/Oct/15
Take a look at the shoes he wore to the premiere. Judge for yourself. I really can't imagine he's a fraction over 5'10. I think closer to 5'9. When he appeared on Letterman back in 2006, he didn't look more than 5'9. Dave is about 6'2.
Lmeister said on 29/Oct/15
I would put my money on 177cm. He might hit 178cm straight out of the bed though. He certainly looks too short for 179-180cm.
Ron said on 28/Oct/15
@Jug - Why was he clearly wearing elevators? In my opinion unless he's clearly 2-3 inches taller you can't really tell if it's an elevator, given everything else that makes people look shorter/taller and all the different types of shoes out there. You can't just say "the bridge of the shoe is too steep" or "the back of the shoe juts too much" because that's just as likely design for style.

Craig's a good 5'10, no less. He looks shorter because of his very sticky build. Interestingly I told my brother he was the same height as Craig when seeing Spectre and he didn't believe it - thought Craig was really tall!
Editor Rob
this can be true with certain styles/cuts of boot, the lace area may well just be cut higher, not necessarily to fit a lift.
Jug said on 27/Oct/15
I think he is about 5'9.5. I saw pictures of him at the Spectre premiere and he was clearly wearing elevators. No way more than 5'10.
Axaros said on 26/Oct/15
Today at the Spectre's premier he looked slightly taller than Monica Bellucci in heels, perhaps even at the same.
Terry said on 25/Oct/15
I was watching Skyfall the other night and easily looks 5'10. And I am 5'10 also. Good actor and underated for his physical skills.
N said on 22/Oct/15
5'10" flat. Dunno why people always undercut the listed height by an inch. If he was listed as 5'11" you'd call him 5'10". If he was 5'9" you'd say he was 5'8".
Alucard said on 18/Oct/15
Yep, 5'9 max for Craig, probably even shorter, another lift wearer...
The Dutch Guy said on 15/Oct/15
*He always use to wear.
The Dutch Guy said on 15/Oct/15
He is no less than 5'9'' maybe even possible that he can be 5'9.25'' but no more than that. He always used to wear lifts!
Z187 said on 4/Oct/15
I've seen photos of Craig looking taller than harrison ford, and roger moore... Now, I've met roger moore recently to one of his shows... and he was probably more 180 now at 88... Craig cannot be below 5'10" because he's taller than both those tall ish chaps... Britain is a tall country now, but Craig never looks below average, always average to upper average (although the latter is probably due to careful casting) ... I'd say he woke up at 179 and went to bed at 177
Ashish singh said on 20/Sep/15
178cm is a good hight
Axaros 177 cm night said on 13/Aug/15
Yes he looks about an inch exactly shorter than Bardem. He's at least 5'10''! Rob you're great!
gx79 said on 6/Aug/15
rob could he look 5'11 at times
Editor Rob
GX, anybody 5ft 10ish at times can look above or below it. Generally I think Daniel can pull of a decent enough 5ft 10 most of the time.
littlesue said on 4/Aug/15
If you insisting he is just 5ft 8 how tall would you say his wife is? she clearly a couple of inches shorter than him in her highest heels
TJE said on 2/Aug/15

On your first response: True technically, I just like to give Rob's listings the benefit of the doubt so I can avoid a bunch of paradoxes. Each to their own, though. Hopefully, in the future, you'll find more pics of Daniel looking 5'8 with other celebs.

Have a good day. ;)
RealityCheck said on 31/Jul/15
More pics of Craig with 5'8.5 (according to this site) Kenan Thompson...

Click Here

Click Here

Even giving Craig the benefit of the doubt of another inch because of posture, that would still put Craig at only 5'9.5 MAX.

Also, many people who have met Kenan Thompson say that he is only about 5'7.5 to 5'8 in person.
RealityCheck said on 30/Jul/15

There's one thing you're forgetting.
You're assuming that those heights for those people (Waltz, Bardem, Jackman)
are correct.

People have stated that when they met Waltz, he "...was tiny...". 5'7 isn't "tiny"

For Bardem, there are a couple of online articles stating that he's no more than 5'9-5'10.

Also, those pictures are good but they hold no more evidence than my picture of Craig with Kenan Thompson (5'8.5 according to this site). But of course, until someone physically measures Craig, everything everyone says is just speculation.
PJ said on 29/Jul/15
The answer is in Rob's intro at the top of the page, as explained by Miss Arterton : he wears lifts and stacked heels when necessary, especially when dressed up. He's 5'9
TJE said on 29/Jul/15

Daniel with 5'7 Christoph Waltz:
Click Here

With 5'11.25 Javier Bardem:
Click Here

With 6'1.5-6'2 Hugh Jackman:
Click Here

I'm not seeing as low as 5'9 max, but we can agree to disagree.
RealityCheck said on 25/Jul/15
Thanks for your feedback. Like I said before though, 3-4 cm would still only put Craig at 5'8, 5'9 max. And from my view, if you look at their feet, Craig is only slightly behind Thompson, about an inch or so, which wouldn't create a huge perspective difference.

Of course, it's hard to tell from a single picture that's why I recommend you watch the video of the sketch. There are only a few moments where a full body shot is shown but it's still pretty much the same as the picture.

In my opinion, if I was a betting man, I would put my money on Craig being no more than 5'8.5, same to Kenan Thompson.
qartt said on 23/Jul/15
Realitycheck i tried Craig's pose and lost 3-4 cms, since Craig is further away from the camera could we double the height difference? I request a rob adjudication, with video of himself and Jenny replicating the scene. CSI Rob
littlesue said on 23/Jul/15
His legs are a lot wider apart so he would look smaller than Kenan
RealityCheck said on 23/Jul/15
Rob, Denial is not just a river in the Amazon.

Watching the SNL skit, you are right when you say that he is not standing perfectly upright BUT why don't you check out that picture I posted down there? In fact, here it is again.

Click Here

I chose that picture because Craig can't pretty much straighten out much more. Looking at the picture, he's pretty much standing at full height maybe just shy of a centimeter. I don't see how he could be hunching down 3-4 inches there.

Kenan Thompson, according to you, is 5'8.5. Craig here, pretty much fully upright looks about an inch shorter. And the camera angle is straight on with no perspective effect. Even giving Craig the benefit of the doubt of another inch or two, he still only reaches 5'9 MAX.
184.3cm (Night) said on 22/Jul/15
lets say Gemma was a strong 5'10 in heels so 179cm. She claims she was taller but this could also be down to proportions. If Craig was 177cm 5'9.75" he would be also 179 range in normal dress shoe. A lift would grant him 1-1.5 inches max more taking him to round the 6ft mark. Giving him a small advantage.

I just dont see him less than 177cm.
littlesue said on 22/Jul/15
Lol, if he has low as 5ft 7.5 that would put Rachel Weitz about 5ft 3!! even in 4 inch heels she still a couple of inches smaller than him and she is listed her as 5ft 6
MD said on 22/Jul/15
@RealityCheck, in this instance, I'm not sure it's really fandom on this particular page. I think it's that the SNL appearance was the only time he's really ever looked that short, and manages to look taller the vast majority of the time. The issue is for me that that speaks more to the fact that he may wear lfits than that the SNL appearance was some kind of abberation. Seems to me that the SNL apperance was more a proof of his actual height than his many other public apperances. It's at a time where he in identical footwear with another person and most likely unable to wear lifts.
Editor Rob
most of that skit he's not standing as tall as the other guy...bending his knees and back at times.
RealityCheck said on 21/Jul/15
@MD Yeah, unfortunately, people are generally unwilling to listen if something doesn't fit to their liking but especially fans. Fans are surprisingly ignorant (by choice or defensiveness) to pure photographic evidence. In reality, 70% of stars are SHORT but people just can't accept that because they're in denial. It's sad because there is nothing wrong with being short.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 21/Jul/15
Daniel Craig is dropping height in the photo.
MD said on 20/Jul/15
@RealityCheck, I'd posted this a few years back after seeing the episode and being surprised, and it's just fallen on deaf ears. I'm not sure it's going to be anymore successful this time. If there is any consolation, I agree with you. They were nearly identical in height weight identical footwear.
RealityCheck said on 18/Jul/15
Here is Craig next to Kenan Thompson (5.8.5 according to this website)

Click Here

You can look up their sketch and watch it. They're wearing the same shoes and Craig AT BEST looks the same and sometimes even shorter. Craig is MAXIMUM 5'8.5 and most likely 5'7.5.
jamie179cm said on 14/Jul/15
i doubt he's as short 5ft7, 5ft8 possibly but he's likely 5ft9
mike said on 3/Jul/15
Craig is a clear 5'9.5, he isn't 5'10, there is enough evidence of this, 176cm and change is my estimate.
RealityCheck said on 2/Jul/15
He's only 5'7, 5'8 MAX. Look at Daniel Craig next to Kenan Thompson (5'8.5 according to THIS SITE) on SNL. Just Google "Kenan Thompson Daniel Craig". Same shoes and Craig looks SHORTER than Thompson.
Heylo said on 2/Jul/15
Average height is never something to be embarrassed about. Unless you're living in Scandinavia at 5'9-5'10 , you will never feel short.
david said on 19/Jun/15
He is 5 ft 9, period.
an anonymous peach said on 15/Jun/15
CangreYoyi 1.74 :( says on 10/Jun/15
When you are 1.78 cm, you never look small!

If you were 1.78cm, I'm pretty sure you'd be the smallest human in existence.
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
Silent d says on 26/Jan/12
He is definitely 178cm. Here's a link to the site with all bond actors heights. Click Here

Well Pierce Brosnan is not as low as 184cm. Other both Robert Pattinson and Colin Firth are struggling with a flat 6'. He edged out Colin Firth who is nothing under 6'1".
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
He looks 5'11ish a lot in my opinion.
Ka said on 14/Aug/12
It's funny, my mom saw Craig on the Olympic opening, and she thought he's short, like 170 cm range LOL. After I told her Craig is 178-179, she's somewhat shock...
Ka said on 9/Aug/12
I see Rob, he's in good shape and holds good posture. One question, Craig at 5'10.25 would be a weak 179 cm'er, isn't that right? He definitely hits 5'11 out of bed though
Editor Rob
sometimes he can pull off looking 179 a lot of time just 178, does he look under 178? I don't see him looking under that much, does he wear a small lift - that is something a small percentage of actors might do, as I said elsewhere it's easier to get away with wearing 1cm lifts as your height isn't suddenly going to vary drastically like your Robert Downey Jr's does.
Ka said on 8/Aug/12
Is 179 cm possible Rob?
Editor Rob
a solid 5ft 10 range is good for Craig I think. I believe his workout routine has helped maintain and improve his standing posture, so he's losing very little when he stands compared to how he measures.
The Don said on 5/Aug/12
Most legitimate 5'10 I have ever seen.
MaskDeMasque said on 31/Jul/12
he's always looked 5'10 in my opinion.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 14/Jun/12
If Craig really was 178cm at night, in normal shoes he could easily hit 180.5cm. This would mean Arteton to edge him out she would have to be wearing heels 11-12cm!? really rob?
IMO Ive always seen Craig as more on the lower side of average and probably 176-177cm barefoot?
I think if hes 5'9.5 in normal shoes would be about 179cm and therefore a 170cm Artherton wearing say 10cm heels would make her 180cm. I see that more realistic.
Mr. R said on 12/Jun/12
The quote from Gemma Artherton above is important because she is listed at 5-7. If she was taller than him in heels, then he is more like 5-9.
Dmeyer said on 10/Jun/12
Looks to wear similar dress shoes than Pitt hé yet apears 5 ft 11.5 while looks more 5 '11.5-6ft conclusion Craig 5'10-10.25 Pitt 5'10.75-11
Simon Templar said on 11/Feb/12
Very easy SILENT D!! "End of dicussion..!!! "He´s 178 cm.". Who are you...??, Jesus Christ or God!! Who´s this guy to state what he thinks, as if he were a scientist?? Some picts. where Craig is next to H. Ford let us see that Craig isn´t taller than 5´9" (high heel shoes plus lifts, VERY CLEARLY!! Oh, before I forget, "the earth is SQUARE, NOT ROUND", just because "I´m saying it... and..END OF DUSCUSSION.." JA,JA
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
End of discussion! He is 178cm.
Silent d said on 29/Jan/12
Check out the site i posted up. He is 178cm.
John said on 27/Jan/12
Rob in "The Invasion" he was noticble taller than Nicole Kidman?
Editor Rob
maybe Daniel has worn a lift on a few occasions in films. We know he done it in Quantum of Solace, so maybe in other films it's something - especially with similar height women - he might have done?
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
He is definitely 178cm. Here's a link to the site with all bond actors heights. Click Here
Lmeister said on 3/Jul/09
I don't see him as low as 5ft9, but I do think that he isn't a legit 5ft10 either, 5ft9.5 would suite him best.
Jay said on 16/Jun/09
I still can't see him above 5ft 9 without assistance. I love him as Bond though. He has weak moments but fell into the role much better in Quantum of Solace. He was so good in the Tosca sequence. Perfect perfect perfect and incredible direction and music there. It is just a shame the movie was a bit of a retread of Tomorrow Never Dies.
lili said on 15/Jun/09
I saw Daniel Craig promoting th efirst Bond movie he made and he is surprisingly short and very thin, not built like in the movie. I would say 5'8
Flyboy said on 11/Jun/09
Craig is a strong 5'10". The Zwick photos aren't particularly interesting, principally because we don't know much about Zwick. Craig, on the other hand, has a substantial catalogue of movies behind him, which we can (and have) used to analyse his height. He's been up against the likes of Rhys Ifans, Gwyneth Paltrow, Colm Meaney, Jamie Bell, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Mads Mikkelsen and so on. 5'8" is a bad underestimate. I think, at the simplest level, if he was a 5'8" guy then we'd all see it. 5'10" is a pretty average height, unimposing, beats most females, hit and miss with most guys...which is very much where Craig is.

For me, the ultimate litmus test is a man being able to stand tall alongside Nicole Kidman. Craig didn't convincingly beat her (if at all), but he certainly wasn't dominated by her, which I'm certain a 5'8" man would be (she was wearing heels in many of the published photos of the two). I think Craig is going to be a target, because 1) he's Bond and 2) not everybody wants him as Bond. I do wish people would stop saying that 5'10" is too short, though. It's perfectly adequate for Bond.
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/09
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MD said on 9/Jun/09
HA! @ Scottjames
Jay said on 8/Jun/09
God I can't believe it when someone comes along and says Daniel Craig is tall and another nut says Arnold Schwarzenegger was 5ft 10 at his peak. These people have Glenn-o-vision glasses on.
Scottjames said on 7/Jun/09
I saw Daniel Craig up very close at a promotional pre-release screening tour of Layer Cake around 5 years ago in Glasgow.He is an physically impressive guy I would say at least 6 foot tall,probably more. In the film he is alongside some very tall actors in his "gang" of drug dealers so he looks quite small by comparison.It is very hard to tell on screen how tall actors are.I met Clive Owen once and he is a giant.
Roger said on 7/Jun/09
The photos with Ed Zwick are stunning, and disappointing. 5'11'', our new Bond without is not. 5'10'' max. sounds about right.
Jay said on 30/May/09
Rob has to list official heights before he can find out real heights. It's up to us to debate and show evidence. We have photos of Craig at 5'8 (and a bit) and Arterton at 5ft 8 in high stiletto heels. Winslet is 5ft 8 in heels at her best making her shorter than her claimed height. Sing lalala to the moon and dream they are taller like Glenn dreams himself taller.
andrew said on 30/May/09
He cannot be like 5'9" or 5'8". For example, that photo with Kate Winslet doesn't show anything of her footwear, and other photos are not the best evidences either.

His body proportions are simply so confusing (I mean head size and full height, width of shoulders) that he could be anything from 5'7" to 6' if only judging by a glance.
RisingForce said on 29/May/09
Yeah, Craig is 5'8"....if you downgrade Arterton's actual height of 5'7" to 5'4". This is absurd, Craig is between 5'10" and 5'11". By the way I have Craig, Cruise and Pitt at the same height Rob does and I have Depp just a half inch higher. So I guess he makes everyone taller too?
Daniel said on 29/May/09
You could be right about Rising's tendency to upgrade celebs, Anonymous. But I agree Craig is easily 1.80m to 1.82m
Anonymous said on 29/May/09
nice pic and great comment jay, rising makes everybody taller, not only stallone, craig, depp, pitt, thats it.
Jay said on 28/May/09
RisingForce man you just make everyone taller and taller! :D

Craig is wearing height boosters in the photo. Previously he was shorter than Sam Mendes' 5ft 10 and closer to Winslet

Click Here

You just can't pretend to ignore his height next to Zwick's confirmed 5ft 7 and Arterton's proven 5ft 4.
RisingForce said on 28/May/09
Great pic, Parker. It backs up Craig being in the 5'10", 5'11" range.
Parker said on 28/May/09
5'6 Kate Winslet with Craig
Click Here
If Kate is wearing flats (which I doubt) Craig is 5'9.
Jay said on 28/May/09
Not ridiculous at all. It is easy to see that compared to Arterton that Craig is the same height in dress shoes as Mackenzie Crook is in Converse. It's impossible to ignore this or that he is not much taller than Tom Cruise and Edward Zwick when footwear and time of day isthe same. 5ft 10 is impossible. 5ft 9 as a barefoot morning height is possible.
RisingForce said on 28/May/09
When will the ridiculous downgrading end. Craig is NOT 5'8". I'd bet money that he's atleast 5'10".
Jay said on 27/May/09
You are saying Gemma Arterton is in the same height range as Zwick and Tom Cruise which is not possible because we can see Daniel Craig is a inch taller than Zwick.

See for yourself. Gemma Arterton is 5ft 7-8 in heels with MacKenzie Crook (in Converse) who is listed between 5ft 8-9 and the same again compared to Colin Firth and Rupert Everett. She is never taller than 5ft 8 in tall heels.

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Conclusion is Gemma Arterton is between 5ft 4 to 5ft 5.
Clay said on 26/May/09
Gemma Arterton is 5'7 not 5'4. Just look at her arms and legs, she's obviously over 5'4.
Jay said on 26/May/09
Sorry didn't read the question you posed Anonymous number 1. Edward Zwick's official height is 5ft 7 and that is how he looks compared to 6 footer Ken Watanabe. Then I compared Watanabe's height to others to confirm that height too. Watanabe is 1 inch shorter than Clint Eastwood's current height 6ft 1 in latest photos. It's safe to say Zwick is 5ft 7.
Jay said on 26/May/09
I can only go by what those photos with Zwick say. Those are much newer than the Jacobi movie.
JD said on 26/May/09
looks 5'11 in casino royale, 5'9 in quantum of solace, 6'2 with jude law and 5'8 with edward zwick. has he got hydrolic legs or something?
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
Daniel Craig under 5ft 9, you must be joking!! I'm watching a film he made with Derek Jocobi and they are both standing together undressed with no shoes and Craig is about 3/4 inch taller at least. Derek Jacobi is listed ast 5ft 10 on this site
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
great pics jay, but are you sure ed zwick is 170/5
Jay said on 25/May/09
I can't see 5'10 as his current height at any time of the day for the life of me now I saw Tom Cruise with Edward Zwick too.

Zwick and Craig with better view of Craig's shoes....very natural nothing like Brad Pitt shoe lifts.

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Tom Cruise with Zwick. They are both 5ft 7, Cruise not wearing any lifts.

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Cruise and Zwick with Ken Watanabe.

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Watanabe is 6ft and very much 5 inches taller than Zwick and Cruise.

These photos prove Daniel Craig's night time height when most red carpet events take place is under 5ft 9 without shoe lifts. He is an inch or little more than an inch taller than Tom Cruise in equal circumstances.

Tom Cruise evening height 5ft 7
Daniel Craig evening height 5ft 8 1/4

Add 3/4 of an inch for their morning height.
andrew said on 24/May/09
A little more than 5'10". Maybe 179 cm is right, but his posture varies a lot. Hard to estimate.
Jay said on 23/May/09
Yeah could be. I think 5ft 10 morning height when he was young. 5ft 9.5 current morning height. In Quantum Of Solace he was the same height as Felix Lighter in the bar before the Shoot out.
Jay said on 21/May/09
That photo of him with Law and Miller is so weird as Jude Law has owned Craig by an inch or more in every other photo of them together.

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Here is some more confusion to get your mind buzzing. Daniel Craig looking 5ft 8 with Edward Zwick who is 5ft 7!!

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Craig an inch shorter than Sam Mendes' 5ft 10 and a lot shorter than Tom Hanks. Rita Wilson in heels is taller than Craig.

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Craig as short as very old Paul Newman. Also how can Jude Law be 5ft 11 when he is barely taller than the shrunken old Newman?

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So judging by these photos Craig is anywhere between 5ft 8 (with Zwick) to 5ft 9.5 with Law/Winslet/Mendes/Wilson/Newman
Marcelo C. said on 16/May/09
Roger: Thank you for revealing a good opinion and agreement about my post.
Beyond agreements or disagreements, I do think the most valuable stuff about this web purpose, is "being well educated and respectful" about others
Roger said on 15/May/09
Good post, Marcelo. Craig barefoot cannot be more than a weak 5'10''. And being described by Fleming as possesing a certain cruelty, I think DC brings this across quite well. I have to admit though, a little disappointed I was when it was reveald that an unlifted DC was slightly shorter than a 5'7'' woman wearing heels.
The Duck said on 14/May/09
I think the .25 is very important.
Marcelo C. said on 14/May/09
Dear Friends: Let
anonymous said on 14/May/09
i always knew he was tall. 5 foot 10 to 5 foot 11 is reasonable for someone of his build. Gemma arterton is the tallest 5 foot 4 ever. She had long legs and long upper body but she is only 5 foot 4. That's really surprising.
RisingForce said on 10/May/09
craig looks taller than jude law because it's a mid-stride picture and law's posture is poor. that's not accurate. craig may very well be 5-11 or close to it, but not because of that picture.
Ian said on 10/May/09
Greg says on 5/May/09
first of all, i like to say that these people who say james bond must be a tall and dark guy who stands 6
Ian said on 10/May/09
GUK says on 6/May/09
I think Craig needs a slight upgrade to 179, possibly 180, look at the pic with Jude law, he's at least 179 there in very flat shoes
Pavement is sloped. He is on the higher part and is nearer the camera. Plus the angle of the shot take the pavement line and raise it up to head means jude law is taller.
Mr Me said on 9/May/09
Isn't 5'10.25 pretty much 5'10. I mean I am 5'9.86" taken from an average of 3 measurements very accurately (10.2 morning, 9.8 afternoon and 9.6 at night), and I guess you could place me at 5'9.75" but it may as well read 5'10". Maybe same for Daniel Craig?
Daniel said on 7/May/09
If the guy in the left is Jude Law, then Craig should be upgraded to 1.82m
glenn said on 6/May/09
ive been telling you guys for years he was 5-11 when i met him.i agree,or at least i see 5-9.5 in the first bond film.i didnt see the yeah,he can look shorter.
GUK said on 6/May/09
I think Craig needs a slight upgrade to 179, possibly 180, look at the pic with Jude law, he's at least 179 there in very flat shoes
littlesue said on 6/May/09
I would say nearer 5ft 11, look at him in the Bond films, he towers over Judy Dench who is supposedly 5ft 1 plus 3 inch heels, unless she has shrunk a few inches which could be possible if she is in her 70's
Kate said on 4/May/09
More photographic evidence. This is a paparazzi shot so presumably lifts not being worn.

Click Here

If Jude is 5'11 as listed on this site then how can DC be 5'10. It doesn't add up - he's in converse and they can't conceal lifts. Sienna is supposedly 5'5.
Daniel said on 4/May/09
People don't seem to understand the fact that the producers wanted to change the Bond stereotype by casting Daniel Craig. It's just his lack of humor and cold appearance, among other virtues, that bring a new profile to the character, more brutal, crude, tough, just a hardened soldier as needed by the role, and he doesn`t need to be tall (though I think he's not less than 1.80m either). Just accept this, Craig is the early 21st century James Bond, and a model for those new Bonds to come in the future.
Doug said on 3/May/09
I agree with Hugh. I'd favour Clive Owen as first choice for Bond, he fits the steroetype and looks like he could be pretty brutal. Eric Bana or Hugh Jackman would also be excellent candidates. All are 6'2" and dark as Bond should be. Jackman looks as if he would add much neded humor to the role which Craig lacks.
Doug said on 3/May/09
what i like about Craig is that he is comfortable in himself at 5'10" and unlike other action stars doesn't feel compelled to wear lifts to look 6'. he always wear flat dress shoes.
Daniel said on 1/May/09
Schreiber is listed 6'3'' on celebheights
Zac said on 30/Apr/09
Watch him in Defiance, Liev Schreiber is easily 2-3 inches taller, and hes approx 6'2"

so my bet, is Craig is about 5'10"-5'11"
Thomas said on 28/Apr/09
She is 5'4. She looks tall but so do Girls Aloud on the screen. They are all tiny except Sarah Harding.
Daniel said on 25/Apr/09
I still believe he reaches 5'11''
anonymous said on 22/Apr/09
No way arterton is 5 foot 4, she looked at least 5 foot 6 in quantom of solace. She looked tall. 5 foot 4 is just too short for someone of her physique. He is definately 5 foot 10. Any shorter is unrealistic.
Kate said on 19/Apr/09
I think that thing about Gemma Arterton supposedly saying he wore lifts in Quantum because she was taller in heels is made up.

Click Here

There is no way he's wearing lifts in this photo, the shoes are too flat on top. And she's in huge heels yet at 5'7 she's still a fair bit shorter than him. I think 6 foot might be about right, he just seems to work with tall women (Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman) who wear heels.
tim said on 18/Apr/09
i dont think hes quite 5'11, but he really isnt that short. there are actors that are listed as 5'10 and appear a bit lower, wesley snipes, owen wilson, ewan mc gregor, jason statham, sly stallone etc. but with craig he really does seem average, he doesnt seem sort at all. so anywhere from 5'9.75-5'11.5 is beleivable. i reckon 5'10-5'10.5 most likely.
tim said on 18/Apr/09
i dont think hes quite 5'11, but he really isnt that short. there are actors that are listed as 5'10 and appear a bit lower, wesley snipes, owen wilson, ewan mc gregor, etc. but with craig he really does seem average, he doesnt seem sort at all. so anywhere from 5'9.75-5'11.5 is beleivable. i reckon 5'10-5'10.5 most likely.
Thomas said on 13/Apr/09
Mickey Rourke stands in the background looks 3 inches taller but is dressed as a cowboy so like could be wearing cowboy boots. Craig is about 2-3 inches taller than Ben Stiller
Roger said on 11/Apr/09
He looks equal in height to Mickey Rourke, maybe a quarter of an inch shorter.
(The photo Thomas has linked has him bending slightly)
frosty said on 11/Apr/09
i think 5,10 suits daniel you can just tell he is around that height by looking at him
linebacker40 said on 10/Apr/09
I'd still say Daniel is a solid 5'10" who gives off a 5'11" look, and when the time comes for a new actor to play Bond, Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler would be the top candidates I'd say.

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