How tall is Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's Height

5ft 10 ¼ (178.4 cm)

British actor, best known for playing James Bond in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. He has also appeared in Knives Out, Layer Cake, Cowboys & Aliens, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Golden Compass, Enduring Love and Road to Perdition. One newspaper said he refused to reveal his height, although he had already done so in the 90's, listing himself as Height 5 feet 11 inches.
Let's just say I am somewhere between 5ft and 6ft.
His co-star in Quantum of Solace, Gemma Arterton, once commented upon the type of footwear Daniel wore when starring opposite her in scenes:
Daniel is 5ft 10in but when they put me in heels, I was taller than him and it didn't look good on screen...Daniel had to wear shoes with a lift in them and stacked heels for a few scenes, but he took it very well. He thought it was funny. He didn't have to wear the special shoes during the whole film, just for the scenes where they wanted me in stilettos. - Gemma Arterton (Daily Mail, July 2008)

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Average Guess (297 Votes)
5ft 9.94in (177.7cm)
Larcus said on 14/Jul/21
So he is exactly 5"11 when he wakes up?
Editor Rob
got a chance at it
181guy said on 9/Jun/21
@Rob Do you think he hits an extreme low at some point while filming intense action scenes?
Editor Rob
always a chance he could become a weak 5ft 10 after a 14 hour day running around playing Bond...
181guy said on 9/Jun/21
He's barely 5'10 and he's like somewhere in 177.8-178.3. His extreme low is definitely below 5'10.
MaskDeMasque said on 6/Jun/21

What makes you think he's under 5'10? The only time I remember him looking under 5'10 was with that SNL sketch with 5'8.5 Keenan but he was slouching.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 30/May/21
He isn’t 5’10” let alone a bit over it, 177 max!
James Harris said on 24/May/21
Craig never ever looks tall. Previous Bonds have appeared with tall women but they never look short.
He is very height conscious, stretches when standing and probably wears lifts but never looks tall. 5 foot 9 dead.
Anything over 5 foot 10 is absurd.
James Harris said on 24/May/21
I remember when Amy pascal claimed that Craig was the same height as Sean Connery
181guy said on 21/May/21
5'6 next to 5'10 and/or 5'11 looks better on screen. On screen, a 6'2 spy towering over a 5'6 girl is kind of awkward.
181guy said on 20/May/21
@MaskDeMasque Comparing kurylenko to Eva green is crazy lol, going by the Bond films. Some Bond fans on Reddit were blown away by Eva playing vesper in Royale. Some bond fans on Reddit call her the most most attractive/hottest Bond girl. It is a matter of opinion and taste.
181guy said on 20/May/21
@MaskDeMasque Comparing kurylenko to Eva green is crazy lol, going by the Bond films. Some Bond fans on Reddit were blown away by Eva playing vesper in Royale. Some bond fans on Reddit call her the most most attractive/hottest Bond girl. It is a matter of opinion.
MaskDeMasque said on 18/May/21

Olga Kurylenko Is average looking at best? Wow dude. Literally every bond girl is attractive.
viper said on 17/May/21
He looks taller than 5-9
Joey Diaz said on 16/May/21
5’9.5 is being generous. The 5’11 claim is laughable
181guy said on 7/May/21
@Rob Can you delete my 6/May/21, 1/April/21 and 3/April/21 comments on this page. My comment yesterday has nothing to do with height or Craig himself anyway. (Don't publish this comment)
181guy said on 6/May/21
I'm more surprised that bond fans aren't complaining on the lack of attractive Bond girls in Daniel Craig's Bond movies. Apart from Eva green portraying Vesper Lynd in Royale, she was decent but the other Bond girls such as Kurylenko, Bonucci, Marlohe and Seydoux are with all due respect average-looking at best, like in terms of face appearance etc. I'm not disappointed... but for some it can give another reason to disliking Craig's Bond. I do like his films and Casino Royale and Skyfall are my favourites.
181guy said on 20/Apr/21
@MaskDeMasque Same.
viper said on 19/Apr/21
Better chance I win the powerball this year.

Jesus, he's only 53, lol
JamesFreakingBond said on 17/Apr/21
Does anyone think it's possible Craig could have lost height already at age 53?
MaskDeMasque said on 14/Apr/21

I read somewhere they usually have average height spies in real life so they blend in.
MaskDeMasque said on 12/Apr/21
Why the quarter inch Rob? I think a legit 5'10.25 like Jude Law would edge him out. 5'10.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 6/Apr/21
177 cm
181guy said on 3/Apr/21
Yeah I agree Rob, but in relation to his height though. I get some Bond fans were disappointed at the beginning but in real life 5'10 is closer to ideal for a spy. Longer Bond fans probably have come around to it.
181guy said on 1/Apr/21
@Rob I agree, I'm speaking for his height specifically. A tall man can standout too much and straight away noticeable, especially in a foreign country where the average may be much lower. His accent might give him away anyway.
181guy said on 29/Mar/21
@Rob Yeah, maybe it depends on which continent he travels to also.. but 5'10 is going to be more closer to a country's average. My height is in that range, That said in some places 5'11 can be seen as tall, like in some parts of asia, Africa etc and yeah his suit wearing and looks might trick people into thinking he's just a normal businessman or something, like if he was an actual spy. I didn't pay much attention to the other Bond actors and films, I've really only watched Craig's Bond films but realistically a spy well above average is silly, it's important to not draw attention to oneself from the locals to and to remain undercover such as in a foreign country etc.
Editor Rob
Every factor which attracts more eyeballs on a spy is an increased risk...Sean Connery walks into a room - he's tall, handsome and has a unique accent, these are things that can draw more eyeballs onto yourself.
181guy said on 27/Mar/21
@Rob Do you think in real life Craig's height is more ideal for a spy? An Average height spy blends into the background too.
Editor Rob
Daniel has a good blending-in height range...and in terms of looks, I would say he can blend in with those too.
Rufus Firefly said on 28/Feb/21
I think there’s a wisdom of crowds thing going on with Craig. Few say he’s over 5’10.25”, few put him at 5’9.25” or lower. Most put him at 5’10” and, give or take a tiny amount, that seems right. As others have said, he just doesn’t really come across as “short” or “tall” - which is kinda bang on the money for those of us who are 5’10” (I’ve had as many people say I’m short as tall).

I think he’s a good Bond. He plays the role in an ice cold fashion, which works with his eyes and thin lips, and brutish physique. But he’s no Connery, who truly embodied the savoir-faire of Bond. Whether he was seducing a woman with a playful raise of the eyebrows and smile and friendly tone, or kicking somebody’s ass with righteous fury, or acting like a well-behaved and chastened schoolboy with his boss M - Connery was the complete embodiment, and set a really impossible yardstick for everyone else.
Harris said on 19/Feb/21
If you look on James bond wardrobe on Instagram they give pictures and description of what outfits the bonds played.
Majority of Craig's footwear was boots. He was probably wearing lifts all the time and there is a snl clip of with Kenan Thompson and he looks quite short there.
Even with jude laws photos there who knows if Jude had lifts in them.
I think craig I'd between 176.5cm to 177.5cm
Rising174cm said on 6/Feb/21
@The5'11Dude: Well he wore lifts in Quantum of Solace, at least, so he should have looked taller if he was really 5'10". That said, I do think he could look at least 5'10.5" range in subsequent Bond films, but pre-Bond and even Casino Royale era, I don't see a guy over 5'10".

@Slim: Here are the Jude Law comparisons that show you're correct: Click Here Don't be fooled by Craig's better posture and raised eye level, Jude is taller despite the slouch. And Jude was clearly taller at the Riad to Perdition premiere: Click Here Click Here

I see 5'10" max here with 6'1.5" Jackman: Click Here Click Here Similarly, when Craig appeared on Letterman in 2006, he looked about 5'10" with the then-6'1"-6'1.5" Letterman. More recently, he did look a solid 5'10" on Colbert as he was very close to the 5'10.5" Colbert's height, but he was wearing boot. In general, from about Quantum of Solace on, Craig has usually worn boots and higher cut footwear. I've seen more evidence to suggest he wears (small) lifts at times than, say, Brad Pitt.
Genau said on 1/Feb/21
177-177.5 cm
The5'11Dude said on 30/Jan/21
He looked 5'10-5'10.25 in the 4 Bond films he's been in. Rob, do you think he's lost any height at 52?
slim 6'1 said on 29/Jan/21
I’ve got him at 177cm
Rising174cm said on 21/Jan/21
@Slim: Jude did edge Craig when they stood together.

@Lawrence: True, Daniel could struggle with 5'10" there and pre-Bond in general though I think 5'10" flat is fair.
Luci paura said on 18/Jan/21
5'10 exact.
slim 6'1 said on 12/Jan/21
179 out of bed ✅
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
I think a solid 5’10” like Jude law would edge him out ✅
Lawrence099 said on 2/Jan/21
Honestly in the older pictures I’ve seen of him with Gwyneth Paltrow he holds up no better beside her than Matt Damon.
Rising174cm said on 1/Jan/21
It was pretty clear he was nothing over 5'10" flat and could look under it until Quantum of Solace. Since then, he can look 5'10.5" thanks to small lifts and becoming more height conscious. He was shorter than Jude Law in 2005 and look at him in 2003 with Gwyneth Paltrow in heels: Click Here We can say she's about 6' or a bit over in heels meaning Daniel definitely does not look a mm over 5'11" in shoes, if that. Daniel in 2002 with 5'8.75" Sam Mendes: Click Here He didn't look under 5'10" promoting Spectre with Mendes: Click Here but Daniel's boots probably give him at least a fraction advantage. Daniel began wearing that style of boot a lot and you could easily fit a small lift in that style without a single person noticing.

5'10" flat. Anything over that is simply the Bond growth spurt.
slim 6'1 said on 1/Jan/21
Weak 5’10” 177cm
Sharanya said on 30/Dec/20
Seeing him next to Simon Pegg, especially, he is definitely not under 178cm. Good listing @Rob.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Dec/20
Pretty sure that Daniel was solid 178cm not less.
Nik J Ashton said on 8/Dec/20
This guy is above average!
MaskDeMasque said on 6/Dec/20
5'10. I know bond is 6 foot in the books but in real life a 6'2 spy would stick out a bit. Makes sense making bond average height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Dec/20
I'm not necessarily a fan of Bond movies but I thought Colin Farrell might make a very good 007. I've read he was being touted by Brosnan as an ideal replacement back in early 2000. Apparently Farrell wasn't interested and, curiously, didn't take too kindly to Brosnan's comments, all be they positive.

I watched In Bruges (made in 2008) not so long ago for the first time. IMO, great movie and great cast (including Brendan Gleeson). Just in that movie I thought Farrell displayed perfect traits of efficient, psychopathic disassociation and dark humor that could've easily fit into the character of Bond.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/20
It will be interesting to see who replaces Craig anyway. The people often suggested like Cavill, Hiddleston, and Pattinson always seem too wish washy for the role, Hardy too common and rough. Now a guy like Thom Evans could pull off the Bond look. He probably can't act to save his life though and doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the toolbox.
Ian C. said on 23/Nov/20
Craig is an excellent illustration of the phenomenon that an actor does not necessarily have to be tall to play a tall character. How tall were most of Paul Newman's characters? well, taller than Newman. How tall were the characters played by Alan Ladd and Humphrey Bogart? Taller than Ladd and Bogart, surely. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, who really was tall, consistently played characters who were taller than he was.
Tall Sam said on 16/Nov/20
The Craig Bond films seem to be almost self consciously aping the Jason Bourne films with a somewhat more outlandish tone. They always have Bourne being massively disadvantaged while Bond is never one to really fight his own government. Craig makes a somewhat different, relatively short in stature, serious and brutal Bond. He's ok but personally my attention starts to wane by the end of his films, even the better two.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/20
I would say that the Moore Bond films were the most pleasurable to look at, stunning locations and Bond girls. Connery though had the perfect balance between brutal and charm/humour. I've read a lot of the novels and in all honesty I think they're overrated, the films were much better. After Craig I would favour somebody classically tall and dark with a good sense of humour, I miss that from the old films.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/20
I remember that site who hated Craig being named Bond and they wanted Clive Owen LOL. I also had my reservations initially. Now Craig could pass for Polish or Russian, he looks more like a KGB thug than British Secret Service, but I think he's been good in the role overall. Casino Royale and Skyfall were very good, but the overall plot and feel of the Craig films isn't my cup of tea, too complex and verbose. I prefer more of an emphasis on location and the Bond girls/charm of Bond.
Ian C. said on 15/Nov/20
I searched out John Cleese' comments about Daniel Craig, and Cleese was way out of line. He called Craig a too-short, bandy-legged Welshman who had obviously never been to Eton. He expressed admiration for Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

Well come on. First of all, Brosnan is Irish, so how is that not an issue if being Welsh is for Craig? Second, Craig is clearly athletic and strong, and is only two inches shorter than Bond as Fleming wrote him. I'm Canadian, but to my ear Craig's BBC English accent is perfect. I actually tried to sit through a DVD of a Brosnan Bond move, but the guy just didn't bring it. He's got black hair and he's tall, and he can speak with a reasonably close imitation of an upper class English accent. That's about the extent of Brosnan's talents as Bond.

One of the ways to gauge if an actor is good or not is to watch him perform with the sound off, or without dialogue. In the opening brawl in the public restroom in Casino Royale, Craig doesn't say anything. When he is trying to drown the double agent in the sink, his expression is ruthless cruelty. Then, after the man is (presumably) dead, Craig-Bond shows just a second's remorse, which he immediately suppresses. Real acting. Real effort given to making the character seem like a real human being.
Ian C. said on 14/Nov/20
I was fourteen, Marco, when Bond mania hit, and I read all the books. In those days they wouldn't let you into the theatre to see the movies unless you were sixteen, so I formed my impressions of how Bond should be from the novels. (Which are well-written. Almost literary.) Craig gets Bond perfectly, except for the usual movie distortions.

First, movie Bond, as Craig played him, doesn't smoke. Bond of the books smokes all the time and takes great pleasure from it.

Second, movie Bond casually seduces women. Bond of the books treats women gallantly, even if he does consider them inferiors, and is actually sexually continent most of the time. If you add up all the nights in his adult life when he sleeps alone, they outnumber the nights he sleeps with a woman by about twenty to one.

Third, Movie Bond is physically indestructible. Bond of the books feels pain, fear, anxiety and depression, and spends a lot of time in hospitals while his wounds mend.

Apparently, John Cleese has claimed that Craig was wrong for Bond because he was too short. Nah. Five foot ten is close enough to tall that Craig was able to overcome it as a handicap.
Marco Ramius said on 12/Nov/20
Craig doesn't look like Bond, and is unable to overcome that handicap with decent acting. Craig's Bond is absolutely not a sophisticated upper class Brit, but with the emotional core of a angry teen. Nothing like Ian Fleming wrote him. I suspect that Craig was trying to compensate for his lack of size with that bodybuilder's physique, which only made him look awkward in the fight scenes.

Who will be the next Bond? Probably somebody better, because almost anyone would be better. The two really good Bonds, Connery and Brosnan, were well cast for the role and it showed. The other four guys were lame in comparison. Especially Daniel Craige.
Ian C. said on 10/Nov/20
Craig doesn't look like Bond, but overcomes that handicap with excellent acting. Craig's Bond is superficially a sophisticated upper class Brit, but with the emotional core of a violent, ruthless thug. Just as Ian Fleming wrote him. I suspect that Craig was trying to compensate for his lack of size with that bodybuilder's physique, which was unnecessary because he was already muscular and athletic enough without the gym to look credible in the fight scenes.

Who will be the next Bond? Probably somebody not as good. The two really good Bonds, Connery and Craig, were just very lucky casting. The other four guys were lame in comparison. Especially Roger Moore.
Dante C. said on 4/Nov/20
Hes around 5'10 1/4 or 5'10 3/8
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
He’s shorter than textbook 5’10” Jude law so 5’9.75” downgrade is recommended by me
okbymeman said on 23/Oct/20
The average guess is a joke. Looks a strong 5'10 at the very least next to 5'9 Ben Whishaw.
Ian555 said on 13/Oct/20
Rob do you think Craig would measure taller than Michael Sheen?
Editor Rob
I'd say he had a better chance of edging Michael. Whether it's just over 5ft 10 or 10 flat, Michael could be a 5ft 9.75-10 range guy
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Oct/20
Weak 5’10” look at his feet next to Harrison Ford
Tata said on 25/Sep/20
177cm max. He's got cage fighter proportions. Strong 5'9"
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Sep/20
Not the full 5’10” like Jude law
Imbluz said on 10/Sep/20
If he's 5'10" then Monica Bellucci is only 5'1". When they posed together for publicity stills on Spectre. He stood with his legs apart and she was wearing her 4" heels. He was still about 3 inches taller.
durd1 said on 9/Sep/20
flat 5 10 for sure .
Moezza said on 9/Sep/20
If you watch the kissing scene of Daniel in spectre 007, he seems an inch taller than monica AND monica is 5 7 so it means daniel is 5 8.5 or max 5 9.
Click Here
Sinclair said on 7/Aug/20
This is a difficult one. Sometimes Craig can look well over 5’10” (like in the photo with Ralph Fiennes below), other times Craig barely looks 5’10” (like in the underground train chase scene in Skyfall). I used to think Craig was only 5’8! Today, I’m one of those who would guess a flat 5’10” for Craig, nothing less, maybe more, the 5’10.25” listing also fits. Craig was a shade taller than Paul Newman in Road to Perdition and Newman was probably not much over 5’9” by that time. I also recall Ralph Fiennes looking slightly taller than Craig in Skyfall and Spectre.
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
177 weak 5 10 downgrade neccesary, solid 5 10 jude law would edge him out
VitoCheng said on 2/Aug/20
This photo makes Daniel Craig look more like a legal six feet
(because everyone knows Ralph Fiennes is 5'11.25") Click Here
Alir?za said on 23/Jul/20
He looks me 176-177 cm than full 178 cm
Joseph177 said on 28/Jun/20
Probably 177.5 cm before bed.
Costa said on 26/Jun/20
Hasn’t anyone seen photos of Daniel with his 5’6” wife when they’re not making public appearances. He’s only a couple inches taller than her. He’s no larger than 5’8”. This should be all the evidence one needs:
Click Here
Jkiller said on 24/Jun/20
5'10 is spot on, nothing more nothing less.
QM6'1QM said on 17/Jun/20
viper said on 9/Jun/20

Agreed, viper. 177 cm is a worst case, 178.5 should be highest level!
viper said on 9/Jun/20
He just doesn't look that short.

5-9 range is the shortest he can be, and I'm not so sure on that
Mightyman said on 8/Jun/20
He’s a little over 5’8 seen him up close on the JAMES bond set a few years back and on tomb raider. In really good shape.
Tony Random said on 26/Apr/20
@Arch Stanton - as for "standing out", what also doesn't help, is that this "secret" agent always tells everyone his real name, or at least a name he always uses. You'd expect a secret agent to be a bit more "secretive" and use various names, to hide his identity and thus the fact that he's a secret agent. But back to the point. Totally agree on the other actors standing out too much (most of the other actors were taller than 6' tall, which was Bond's height description in the books) and Daniel Craig looking like he could actually beat someone up.
Rich137 said on 23/Apr/20
Claimed 5.11ft probably about 5.10ft
James G. said on 20/Mar/20
Can’t see him below 5’9 7/8.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/20
With Bond it's more about believability, a guy who is over confident, and a natural with women and you could believe as a larger than life character. But the irony is that Bond is a "Secret" Agent, yet most of the classic tall, dark and handsome actors who've played him would stand out a mile against the average man in any room, the opposite of what a real agent would want. Craig is more realistic than a guy like Brosnan for instance. Statham could pull off Bond in my opinion. A hit with the ladies, very confident and genuinely looks like he could kill you.
Cal Pest said on 16/Mar/20
First 007 who can act, problem is Jimmy Bond does not need a good actor, needs a tuxedo and a martini+ aston martini. Jimmy bond surely shortened Craig's acting range. I thought he was fantastic and destined to great things in "Road to Perdition" - Cause it's all so f##kin hysterical". My guess is 176cm or 180cm on a good heel
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Mar/20
🕵️‍♂️🎂🎁🎈 Happy Birthday Dan! 🎈🎁🎂🕵️‍♂️

Have a Very Happy Birthday Daniel Craig - 52 years old today!

Daniel can have a Birthday Guess for 5ft10.25. 😁👍

Panchsfhool said on 16/Feb/20
1.76 seems good
David Kashfi said on 13/Feb/20
I think Daniel Craig is just over five nine and half.
viper said on 15/Jan/20
Clive Owen is straight out of central casting for Bond
movieguy12 said on 12/Jan/20
He's been a really good Bond. Didn't think that his blond hair blue eyes look combined with average height was a good fit for Bond. Certainly didn't fit the stereotype of a tall, dark Bond. Its all about the magic of the camera some people just look great on the movie screen.
Ian555 said on 3/Jan/20
Rob do you think for Craig that 5’ 10 1/2” is a better fit since he has been described as both 5’ 10” and 5’ 11” and he has a tendency to look that tall a lot of the time with celebs like Hugh Jackman and other Bond actors?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd go above a 178cm range, 179 always seemed a stretch too far...even if at times he pulled it off in photos, overall I never gave him it.
TheBat said on 24/Dec/19
Solid 5'10".
Bobby Brown said on 21/Dec/19
This man doesn’t care about his height clearly if he isn’t phased by the fact that his opposite co-star is taller than him, he looked taller by about 2-3 inches than the Italian actress in spectre and she was in a heel so 5’10 is perfect
VitoCheng said on 7/Dec/19
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/19
Rob, who would measure tallest out of Craig, Swayze and Gabriel Byrne peak?
Editor Rob
Swayze was a guy who was comfortably taller than someone like Van Damme...out of those three, I do think they are all pretty close, but at times I think probably Swayze has the chance of measuring a bit taller...not 5ft 11, but I'm not convinced just a flat 5ft 10.
viper said on 10/Nov/19
Still surprised he was picked to be Bond, especially If he's only 5-9.

He's been a very good Bond though.

To me Clive Owen just looks straight out of casting for Bond
Costa said on 8/Nov/19
In those photos above, his footwear looks very strange. He’s lucky if he’s 5’9”.
pov said on 21/Oct/19
He’s a lift wearer, he is 5”9 max
Man in Black said on 8/Oct/19
Yeah, 5'10" I'd reckon. Not shy of sticking a cork lift in his shoe either I'd say.
Nik said on 6/Oct/19
He is NOT Mr Average!
Nik said on 1/Sep/19
This guy is taller than most British men!
okbymeman said on 31/Aug/19
Looks 179 at least if Simon Pegg is 175ish.
Matt Shannon said on 22/Aug/19
Hey Rob what range do you think Daniel Craig measures at?
A: 177.5-178
B: 178-178.5
Editor Rob
I would go with 5ft 10 to 10.25 as his range, I'd be surprised if he measured say 9.75 to 10
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 18/Aug/19
5ft 9 3/4 can be his lowest or so!!!!!
khaled taban said on 15/Jun/19
5'10" man, no doubt
Matt Shannon said on 29/May/19
Hey Rob I don’t get why people think Daniel is shorter than he his he looks 5’10.25-5’10.5 next to Simon Pegg.
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks 5ff 9.5 or anything like that, but somewhere around 5ft 10
aliD said on 19/May/19
Saw him while promoting 007 in Spain and he is rather short NEVER over 5.9, I am a woman 5.5 and he was very short and very thin, wearing lifts
Peter175 said on 10/May/19
Looks 5’10 or so
Csimpson6ft said on 29/Apr/19
Rob could Daniel be just 5'10 flat today or maybe 5'9.75? He's 50 years old now.
Editor Rob
You can make it to 50 with minimal loss. Unless Craig has had injuries contributing to a fraction, I am not sure he's lost anything noticeable.
HonestSlovene said on 27/Apr/19
He's probably my height (around 178 cm at low and around 180 cm in shoes).
Benjamin Fritz said on 14/Apr/19
@Ben180 Lol, I doubt he'd let a stranger just come up and measure him.
billionaireslayer said on 23/Mar/19
5'9-5'9 n half
Ben180cm said on 26/Feb/19
If I’m 180cm how tall am I plus when I met dan he let me measure him with my measuring tape he was 178cm without shoes
Ian555 said on 28/Jan/19
Rob I remember seeing 6' 2" listing for Craig, which is just ridiculous.
Editor Rob
That would be extremely optimistic. He has managed on some occasions to look near his 5ft 11 claim, but generally somewhere around 5ft 10 looks more believable. It's no surprise that in Bond, for some scenes he may have had the benefit of a shoe lift.
Tom rossi said on 11/Jan/19
I don’t know why everyone’s noise is so far up this guys brownie saying he’s 5,10.5. Ridiculous, he’s 5,9 maybe 5,9.5 . Under 5,10 for sure and people saying he’s 5,11 is just a joke.
David Curtin said on 10/Jan/19
With the 5,103/4 Vigo Mortensen slight advantage over him maybe 5.11 .Click Here
John wolff said on 4/Jan/19
he’s at best 5,10
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 31/Dec/18
He can't be under 5'10" with Harrison Ford. Daniel might've been the shortest James Bond, but he certainly wasn't short either. That's only because the other Bond actors were tall. He looks 5'10" or slightly taller.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Nov/18
@Paul: Thanks. That's certainly good to know, but annoying someone would photoshop it. It's funny because I had trouble finding specifics about the pic, but didn't think anything of it. Either way, I think Craig is 5'10", especially with his Quantum' co-star saying that. He could sometimes look a weaker 5'10" before Bond and can now look a bit above it due to good posture, elevator shoes on screen and probably small lifts at times off screen. This is a good(presumably not photoshopped lol) example of how Daniel looks with a 5'8" man: Click Here And a good example of how he looks with a 5'9" man: Click Here Sometimes he still doesn't look over 5'10" such as that Skyfall premiere pic above.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 19/Nov/18
Rising/Anonymous, that Renner photo is a photoshop. Click Here
Annonymous said on 14/Nov/18
Yikes....looks just 176 CM next to Renner. That's still a solid height where you're 5'10.75 in some good new shoes. With the right build and looks, it's a sexy size.
Ben said on 25/Oct/18
Hi Rob, I've noticed that I've got very similar proportions to Daniel Craig.
Click Here
Editor Rob
Not too dissimilar, though you would edge him out....the one proportion I’d like to match with Craig is bank balance ☺️
JamesGrossman said on 29/Sep/18
Not a chance in hell he’s under 5’10”. He’s probably just at Rob’s listing, perhaps even 5’10.5”.
Batistataker said on 20/Sep/18
5ft 10 (177.8 cm)
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Aug/18
As for footwear, I believe Daniel is 5'10" just as Gemma Arterton said and has worn lifts as Bond to look closer to the 6' character, but I share your suspicions that he's worn them off screen, though I'd guess smaller lifts and just occasionally. Daniel wears boots a lot and higher cut footwear that could easily hide a lift like this: Click Here Click Here and these: Click Here but it's also very difficult to spot in footwear like that unless they're quite big. There does seem to be an angle around the laces on a lot of his dress boots/shoes, but not enough to say for sure from what I've seen. Your best bet is to look at shots when he has lower cut shoes where you can see the ankle like these: Click Here Click Here I don't know, but I'd be surprised to see Daniel wear Converse-type shoes nowadays like he did back at the '02 Venice Film Festival. He's definitely looked taller from Quantum on compared to pre-Bond or even Casino Royale. You could say he only looked around 177 back then and he now often looks 179, though there are still times when he doesn't look over 5'10" to me such as with solid 5'8" Jeremy Renner: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Aug/18
@Dominic: Not the best pic, but here's Craig in Converse-type sneakers with Mendes in shoes with thick soles back in '02: Click Here Nowadays he looks more like 3 cm taller: Click Here Click Here but that depends on footwear as you can see here with Mendes now in flat sneakers: Click Here Daniel suddenly looks more like 2" taller but his boots were pretty thick: Click Here Another poster said that about Jacobi and Craig in the film, though Craig looked noticeably taller at Cannes 20 years ago. I remember there wasn't much of a difference between Jacobi and 5'9" Anthony Hopkins in The Tenth Man(1988)
Dominic said on 14/Aug/18
Anybody find it interesting that when he was stood next to Sam Mendes pre-bond for Road to perdition he was the same height as Mendes. But when he was bond and standing with Mendes suddenly he's gained two inches???? I have always found it interesting looking at his shoes as his foot seems a lot higher than it should be, as shown by the indent on the outside of the shoe line. I think he wears lifts, i think because he has an athletic body he looks taller than his regular 5'9. He was in a film with Derek Jacobi and seems at the same height as Jacobi but at times looks slightly under.
berta said on 28/Jul/18
i think hi bodytype can make him look short. Many believe he is only 175. i remember when his first bond movie came out they described him as only 175 cm in a newspaper. In realty he is 177,5-179 is my guess
PJ said on 26/Jul/18
Mane is 5'8 and a little closer to the camera ... I still think Craig is 5'9 at best:

Click Here
Aaron said on 1/Jul/18
His back doesn’t look fully stretched out. In the morning i’d say a weak 5’11
Bobby said on 30/Jun/18
@Conan, a 1/4 inch isn't 1cm, that's 6mm. Also, with your stats, you may as well say you're 5'10, saying 3/4s sounds really weird.
sadboys said on 27/Jun/18
i think jude law and daniel craig should switch heights on this website
Ben said on 21/Jun/18
Just watched all the Craig Bond movies again and I gotta say he looks a little under 5'10". For example when he's walking amongst a big crowd of people in the London underground he doesn' t look as tall as a 5'10" man would.

But in interviews, photos, and stuff outside of his Bond movies he looks like a legitimate 5'10" man.
Rance said on 11/Jun/18
because of daniels very slim athletic build he can appear taller onscreen than he actually is,
for instance a guy the same height as him but heavier build will appear shortere
i myself put daniel between 5ft 8 n a half to 5ft 9 n a half. i personally dont think he is 5ft 10. maybe he is with chunky heels or elevator shoes but barefoot i would be very surprised if he hit 5ft 10.
cos at 5ft 10 with just 2 inch heels he would be 6ft and he never looks 6ft even when in shoes
Big T said on 1/Jun/18
In the photos with the England rugby guys he is taller than a 5’11” guy and a 6’ guy (who appear to be barefoot) and less than 2 inches under a 6’2” guy (not sure on footwear but likely to be barefoot)

Overall Craig looks a little over 6’ if he was barefoot which of course he isn’t. Did he go into the dressing room with lifts/2 inch or more boots?
Vijayan said on 1/Jun/18
Strong 177 cm guy, nothing more.
MAD SAM said on 25/May/18
I feel he’s a 177 cm guy, perhaps the elevator shoes weren’t just for scenes with Gemma !
xaleox (180.1cm) said on 17/May/18
a Solid 5'10", don't think he is any shorter than that I'll say.
diavolo said on 29/Apr/18
In certain scenes of Quantum of Solace, he looked almost 4 inches taller than 5'8" Olga Kurylenko when she was barefoot. Thanks to clever camera angles and clever shoes, I guess.
haxxx said on 25/Apr/18
Very accurate. He can sometimes look 5'11 with shoes. I would say he could possibly be 5'10.75 out of bed, what do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
It wouldn't be a big surprise if he woke up at near 5ft 11
Paleman said on 10/Apr/18
Looks like a spot on 5'10" guy, he certainly doesn't stand at only 5'9" or 5'8" as some are claiming... I don't think he looks as tall as 5'11" - the current listing seems like a good shout. Could be flat 5'10" just as well.
QM6'1QM said on 4/Apr/18
Absolutely, he is 5'10 male. He looks like this with his stocky physique and round head.
178 cm at low level at the end of the day.
177.5 cm at the lowest level after a hard day of filming.
Chase said on 26/Mar/18
The quarter inch is pretty unnecessary
Conan said on 23/Mar/18
I'm 5 ft 9 3/4 in (177 cm) on barefoot, so I guess Daniel Craig's height is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm). He is taller than me about 1/4 in (1 cm)
Terry said on 21/Mar/18
A very weak 5'10.
Erik9012 said on 24/Feb/18
I've always thought he looked like a strong 5'9 barefoot. In the beach scenes in CR his body frame bore a striking resemblance to that of my dad and grandfather who were 177 cm when they enlisted in the national service. Back in the day I used to have an issue with my height so I paid much attention to this :)
Darius said on 12/Feb/18
Looks 5'10" flat next to Hugh Jackman. I think its best to take that 1/4" off his listed height.
Z186 said on 7/Feb/18
Click Here ... he doesn't look that small compared to some of the England rugby lads
Quoter_987 said on 18/Jan/18
Gemma Arterton is 5'7 and as Rob knows, stilettos add more like 3" of height unless it has a platform. Considering Daniel would have been 5'11.5" in dress shoes, I refuse to believe she was taller than him as she claims in the heels. She was probably half an inch shorter or something, and so Hollywood still wanted him to be noticeably taller, and she is just lacking in spatial awareness so thinks she's taller when she was still slightly shorter than him.

Spot on listing.
popo said on 10/Jan/18
5 ft 10 inch flat this listing is his MAX height .......btw just wanted tell yall I feel blessed hitting 5 ft 11 inches flat dont have to Lie anymore :)
HonestSlovene said on 10/Jan/18
I'd say 5'10" flat is nearer.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
175 cm evening
178 cm morning
176.5 cm at day
Bobby said on 8/Jan/18
Can we give him 5'10.5? He looks 180cm a lot of the time.
andre said on 6/Jan/18
Lool 176 cm in the night barefoot and 179cm with shoes in the morning

what is wrong with you rob he is listed 178cm and that is with shoes
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 6/Jan/18
Hanks edged him by quite a bit in road to perdition. A 177 downgrade is necessary. And he struggled to edge out a very aged Paul Newman.
Rick said on 3/Jan/18
I think he's a fraction under 5'10, not over.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Dec/17
Rob, what makes you think he's 5'10.25 instead of 5'10 flat? I think a legit 5'10.25 like Seth Macfarlane would edge him out.
eric said on 23/Dec/17
looks more like 5-9
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/17
but really he is 5'9"
Slim 186 said on 8/Dec/17
The Shredder said on 5/Dec/17
Unless this guy always wears lifts , I'd say he actually is 5'11 ish.
He’s wearing elevators next to Harrison in the photo above and even wore them onset James Bond to look 5’11”-6’.
The Shredder said on 5/Dec/17
Unless this guy always wears lifts , I'd say he actually is 5'11 ish.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/17
175 centimeters
Slim 185 said on 18/Nov/17
177/178, just average height in the West.
Scoobydoo said on 4/Nov/17
178 cm barefoot
180 cm with sneakers/ shoes
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/17
People who are saying he's 5'8 is ridiculous a say 5'10 at best
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/17
5'9" + 1,5 inch lifts in Chelsea Boots, That's why everyone is cheated with he has 5'10".
177cm said on 22/Oct/17
@Rance. This guy is 5'8? Pictures with him and ford show a 1 or 2 cm difference at most accounting for their stances. But 3 inches? Look at the picture above and say that's a 3 inch difference. Look at him and 5'9 wishaw, easy inch on him. Him next to 5'8.75 pegg. Can look nearly 2 inches taller. What have you seen to suggest he's 5'8? I find that ridiculous
Jimbo said on 18/Oct/17
lol... You can't lose 3cm of height in one day.. unless you have poor posture. Harrison Ford still edges him out and he is listed at 5 ft 11.
5 ft 10 178 CM in the morning at night 177.5 CM or on a bad day 177cm bottom.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/17
5'9" period.
Rance said on 16/Oct/17
If your going to believe he's 5ft 10 then you just aswell put him at 6ft 2,he is BELOW average height for the UK.
Rance said on 16/Oct/17
Daniel is 5ft 9 in shoes, and so about 5ft 8in bare foot, and he is NOT 5ft 10 and certainly NOT ABOVE, there are so many actors at 5ft 8 yet are stated as 10 or 11,its just getting stupid, 5,9 is average height for male in UK and craig is fractionally below it.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/17
He measures 175/6cm (evening/night)178cm (morning) most likely.
177cm said on 15/Oct/17
Anything suggesting this guy is sub 5'10 is ridiculous. Easily holds his own against 5'11ish ford and Fiennes. 1 inch difference between him and strong 5'11 bardem. Over an inch difference between him and closed book 5'9 ben whishaw. Can look 179cm at times. Guy just gets downgraded because people are biast against him for being the shortest bond.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/17
definitely strong 5'9" but for sure 5'10 max on the morning, let's say 5'9.5 man at day will be the best claim.
Slim 6' said on 13/Oct/17
Honestly 177 cm area is right on the money. The highest I'd list him at his 177.8/5'10".

I think a quarter inch downgrade is golden then we can close the page.
Headman said on 12/Oct/17
Small head on Daniel, right? 8.5-8.75 in length I would guess. What would you say Rob?
Jimbo said on 10/Oct/17
178 morning 177.5 night
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/17
175,5 / 177,5 range
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/17
@Slim: In the 2nd pic, yeah, but Daniel looks 5'10" to me in the 1st pic.

Btw, I did think Daniel looked no more than 2" taller than Berenice Marlohe in the shower scene in Skyfall and Rob lists her at an even 5'8
, though she was apparently listed 172 cm so who knows? Though I have little doubt Daniel is just about 5'10" either way.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 6/Oct/17
Nothing under 5’10”.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Oct/17
If he's shorter than Kenan Thompson like some people think, then how does he manage to at least match him while nearly sitting down (while having a slight camera disadvantage, in the same footwear):

Click Here
Click Here (he edges him in this angle, with the same posture that he was standing in in the first photo)

I'm not saying that he towers over him, but I do see at least 4-5 CM between them (and Kenan seems 174 CM to me). This listing is fine, with anything under 5'10" being ridiculous.
Editor Rob
in most of that sketch, I think he was acting very loose, limp in the knees...
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Oct/17
If he's shorter than Kenan Thompson like some people think, then how does he manage to at least match him while nearly sitting down (while having a slight camera disadvantage, in the same footwear):

Click Here
Click Here (he edges him in this angle, with the same posture that he was standing in in the first photo)

I'm not saying that he towers over him, but I do see at least 4-5 CM between them (and Kenan seems 174 CM to me). This listing is fine, with anything under 5'10" being ridiculous.
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Rob, where do you think Daniel would stadiometre in the 80's and 90's?:=
A: 175
B: 176
C: 177
D: 178
Mightyman said on 2/Oct/17
Saw him on set when shooting casino royal . It was shot in Eton near Heathrow airport a cricket match scene that didn't end up in the film. I'd say he looked around 5'8 but in very good proportions.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/17
I stand at 6' tall and was literally the same height as Daniel at Madame Tussauds. Was he measured with lifts? My dad in his prime stood at 6' tall and was SMALLER than Daniel when he stood next to him, probably by about 0.25 inches or so.. maybe a little more.

Thoughts on this Rob?
Editor Rob
if an actor agrees to go to Tussaud's, then they take a lot of measurements. But even then, if they are putting a ruler on top of a person's head and holding a tape measure, that has room for error.
Bobby said on 21/Sep/17
I feel like Craig could be 179.1, he looks 5'10.5, especially since Harrison Ford is listed at 5'11 if I recall, and they look the same height.
Slim said on 20/Sep/17
Rising, he looks 176/5,9.5 next to hugh jackman imo.
Original said on 19/Sep/17
9.25" at night.
uncleSam said on 18/Sep/17
Daniel look like 175-6 cm man
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Sep/17
98 votes and he's at exactly 5'10" and 177.8 cm!

Looks pretty much 5'10" here with Jackman: Click Here Click Here
and here with Liev Schreiber: Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 5/Sep/17
@Vibram I agree that he tends to look average height because 178 cm is pretty much 50th percentile for a white male european now. It was 176 cm in 1990s-2000s. I'm similar height and feel average too, a bit tall among Spaniards or Italians (who are around 174-175 cm) but a bit short next to Danish or Dutch people (who average 182-183cm).
123 said on 3/Sep/17
exact listing!
Praneeth said on 3/Sep/17
Rob,like a guy said he looks same height as kenan thompson.they are wearing same footwear.we need your response on this please...
Tonyx said on 2/Sep/17
5ft9.25in-5ft9.5in evening.
I doubt he wears lifts daily. Just in the latest 3 bond movies and to red carpet events. Sure he wears boots, but this is no Brad Pitt.
My Favorite James Bond besides Sean Connery. I think the fact that he isn't 6ft tall or above adds to the charm, he really can pull off looking like an agent.
Rance, said on 25/Aug/17
I think Daniel Craig is 5ft 10 if wearing lifts, if you do your homework you'll notice that he wears lifts Dailey no doubt especially as his profile has become huge since bond, and so yes if someone measured him in a studio wearing his shoes it would no doubt be 5ft 10 plus but with any footwear I'm certain we would be in for a surprise how tall he really is, I am a serious as I can be when I say he is actually 5ft 8inch tall but yws 5ft 10if in shoes
Rance, said on 25/Aug/17
I think Daniel Craig is 5ft 10 if wearing lifts, if you do your homework you'll notice that he wears lifts Dailey no doubt especially as his profile has become huge since bond, and so yes if someone measured him in a studio wearing his shoes it would no doubt be 5ft 10 plus but with any footwear I'm certain we would be in for a surprise how tall he really is, I am a serious as I can be when I say he is actually 5ft 8inch tall but yws 5ft 10if in shoes
Vibram said on 20/Aug/17
I think Lazenby was the tallest Bond, edging out Dalton. I've always had Craig as low as 177cm, high as 178cm. It's ballpark average for a white male and with Craigs build being slimmer-medium when younger (under 34), bulkier when older (35+), he's hard to determine. It's not short, only jealous haters would say that. He looked about 160lbs (72kg) in the year 1997. I have an article in a magazine from the time. He was pretty lean. He was beefed up to 85kg in Casino Royale.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
Towering is an exaggeration. Letterman had at least 3" on Craig in 2006, but less than 4": Click Here With Letterman in the 6'1"-6'1.5" range in his late 50s, Craig looks about 5'10" in comparison.

Not the best comparison, though he doesn't look taller here than a 65+ year old Michael Parkinson, who must have still been near 5'10" himself: Click Here

More recently, Craig is very close to Stephen Colbert's height: Click Here There's a good comparison around 20 seconds in. Whether Craig slipped an extra lift in his boots, I don't know: Click Here I don't remember seeing his ankle at any point, which you'd need to see to know if he had an extra lift. Short of that, he looks a solid 5'10".

I do agree Jude Law looked to edge Craig and I agree with Slim that Craig is bang on 5'10", but I don't see much less. I think he has worn the occasional lift since becoming familiar with the benefits of them in Quantum of Solace, if not before, but they'd be subtle as Rob says if he is. Just enough for Craig to go from looking nothing above 5'10" to pulling off a solid 179 cm or so. Btw, Colbert actually joked Craig was short for a Storm trooper, not Bond.
James said on 17/Aug/17
Craig is now the longest-serving Bond.
Jimbo said on 17/Aug/17
Funny when he announced on the Stephen Colbert show a day ago, even Stephen mocked him for being a little to short for bond, think he is bang on 178 CM, no more, but dips 177.5 at night.
Sonny said on 16/Aug/17
Interesting why the craig is placed as 5 "10.25 guy (LOL) and Jude Law placed only on 5" 10 although Jude is higher than Craig at least an inch and seen on many pictures.

Rob, really Craig is placed too high he must be in the range of 5 "9-5" 9.5 and nothing else, I think you may consider lowering him.
Sonny said on 16/Aug/17
175cm + Chelsea or Chukka shoes + lifts + trick with a leg = everybody thinks Craig is legit 5"10 guy AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA people are so naive LOL
Slim183 said on 15/Aug/17
Legit 5'10, I'd wipe out the quarter inch, Definitely 3 inches between Christop walts and this guy. 5'9 and a change claims are harsh imo.
Ben said on 9/Aug/17
Unless he's wearing elevator shoes, then I would be the one appearing an inch shorter, haha
Editor Rob
there are many actors who wear small lifts. The half inchers are hardest to spot, but 1 inch will start to make a difference to the foot looking more pushed into the laces area.
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
He wears elevator shoes in that pic next to Harrison Ford.

If Harrison is 180 today Craig maybe 176-177cm not more.
Ben said on 8/Aug/17
Rob, do you think I would edge out Daniel Craig? By how much?
Editor Rob
probably a fraction, maybe in a photo with Craig if you have your hair up, you could seem an inch taller to people!
Jug said on 4/Aug/17
On SNL in a skit with Kenan Thompson, they actually looked the same height, both playing construction workers and wearing the same kind of boots. Craig's posture may have been off there. David Letterman towered over him in 2006. He could be closer to 5'9.5.
Michael said on 2/Aug/17
5'9 or 175 cm not more.
Ali said on 1/Aug/17
At least this height is realistic Rob! Between 5'9 and 5'10. 176cm I guess.
Slim 182 cm said on 28/Jul/17
Ok, I agree, he's lucky to be 178 yet alone 179.
Jackson said on 26/Jul/17
@Adam Just to let you know that morning height only gets you 2cm higher than normal at most,not 3cm you mentioned. And Daniel Craig is definitely 177-178cm tall.Obviously you have zero knowledge and insight on people's heights.
Van said on 25/Jul/17
A strong 5'10 late at night. 5'11 just off the bed.
even said on 19/Jul/17
5 foot 10 at a minimum
Ted said on 16/Jul/17
A legit 5' 10'' guy.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
179 cm, that's what he looked in spectre.
Editor Rob
At times in some Bond movies, Craig have have been in a little lift.
Tonydaportuguese said on 14/Jul/17
Looks 5'10 next to Gabriel Macht in Archangel
adam said on 13/Jul/17
@Bobby, No, i have 179.5 cm flat and i know its proportions, my brother has 5'10.25 and i know how look this body proportions, craig has proportions guy 5'9-5'9.5 exactly like my father the difference 1.5 inches between me and him is so clear, so get calm down because I will start thinking you are a Craig loving fan or Daniel Who desperatley defends his growth.
Bobby said on 12/Jul/17
@adam, You must be height blind or just jealous. Craig is a solid 5'10 guy.
adam said on 10/Jul/17
Craig true height is:
175.5-6 cm evening
178,5 cm morning
He wears thick shoes with lifts 24/7, and have good posture so he makes an impression strong 5'10 guy But it really he's 5'9.5 guy in the afternoon or just strong 5'9.
179cm said on 24/Jun/17
Another actor who seems to get unnecessarily criticized for their supposed lack of height. He's probably a very average height like 5'9.5"-10".
RichardSpain said on 22/Jun/17
Similar height than George Clooney. Classic guy 178 cm/179cm barefoot.

Harrison nowadays is around 181cm.
RisingForce said on 11/Jun/17
Revisionist, Jude's height is weird. I have found myself wondering about if he occasionally has a lift in those boots, but do you have a link to verify that claim? But speaking of lifts, I believe Daniel has worn them for a lot of events since using them as Bond. You're right, Daniel can't be comfortably under 5'10". I think he is 5'10" just like his Bond co-star said, whether exactly or a 1/4" more or less we could never say, but the point of my post was more to show that Daniel looked shorter earlier in his career before Bond. Nowadays, he pulls off 179-180 sometimes, but he wears stuff like Chukka and Chelsea boots quite frequently and it's incredibly easy to slip a 1 cm lift in, which alone would have him looking 5'10.5"-5'11" range, nevermind if he goes for a 1" lift. Daniel's good posture will help him look in that range as well.

As for Rick's 5'11" guess, if Daniel were really a full 5'11", you can bet that height isn't ending up on his resume. There are examples of Daniel looking no more than 5'10" today as well. Around the time Casino Royale came out, Daniel was shorter than Jay Leno. Daniel only looks 5'10" in the middle photo above as well.
Revisionist said on 11/Jun/17
@ RisingForce, Jude's admitted to wearing lifts for events. I don't know that he was actually just 5'10" in those pictures. Those Paltrow shots are more telling. A guy who looks like that next to her in wheels cannot be comfortably under 5'10 even if she is just a weak 5'9.
Average height and slim said on 5/Jun/17
Might be 179 like Crowe.
Rick said on 31/May/17
I would say he's 5'11. There's a photo of him standing next to Roger Moore where he looks taller by an inch. Taking into account footwear advantage I don't see how someone who is only 5'10 can consistently look this tall.

There's also a picture of him in flat footwear looking nearly 2 inches taller than Jude Law. Assuming he's walking on higher ground (which it doesn't look like he is) I can't see him being less than a full inch taller than Jude.

He might even be 181cm but 5'10 is definitely too low.
RisingForce said on 19/May/17
Going back to before 2006, it seems clear that becoming James Bond caused a late growth spurt ;)

Shorter than 5'10" Jude Law at Road to Perdition premiere: Click Here Click Here Another reference is Paul Newman who was 172 cm max by that point since he was the same height as 5'7.5" Steven Spielberg as well as Tom Hanks, who was probably 182 cm then, maybe a weak 6 foot.
In thin sneakers with Hanks in boots: Click Here Click Here Even considerin a footwear disadvantage of 1.5 to 2 cm, I still don't see Daniel anything above 5'10" there.
Shorter than Jude at this event as well: Click Here Click Here (Don't be fooled by Daniel's raised eye level and hair sticking up in some pics, look at the top of Jude's hair.
Shorter than Jared Harris(5'10.75" here) and 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow in heels: Click Here
There's a series of full pics with Paltrow that night: Click Here Click Here Click Here If Harris is about 182 cm in shoes and Paltrow is 183 cm or a bit over in heels then I see Craig looking 179-180 cm range in shoes there.

Just as I can see some thinking he's 5'10.5" cm, I can see where some of the 177 cm or even 5'9.5" comes from now looking back at his earlier career. But I still think he's a real flat 5'10" guy who probably drops to 177 cm at his low and wakes up at 179 cm.
RisingForce said on 16/May/17
I agree that'd be a bit better, sadboyz, but I do understand Rob's listing as Daniel can easily look 179 cm, though I really think that's footwear and being a little more height aware since Bond. A guy like Seth MacFarlane strikes me as taller as he's an effortless 5'10"+, often wearing Converse. Or if anything, I'd switch the listings for Daniel and his old friend Jude Law, though I think Jude's listing is fine since he claimed it. As always, take pics that aren't full with a grain of salt, but Daniel does look bang on 5'10" with 5'8" Sean Penn: Click Here And same night, he's a bit taller than 5'9" Jon Bon Jovi: Click Here not much, but probably near an inch minus Jon's big hair.
berta said on 14/May/17
i think the listed height is spot on
sadboyz said on 12/May/17
rob i think you should downgrade him to just 5'10
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
It's strange, but Daniel actually only looks 5'9.5" here with 5'7" Christoph Waltz: Click Here But then Naomie Harris at 5'7" would likely measure a bit over 5'10" in those heels and Craig only looks slightly over an inch taller with better posture and possibly a slight camera advantage while 172 cm Berenice Marlohe is a fraction taller in heels that add somewhere from 2.4" up to around 3" so Craig would actually look more like he does next to Waltz compared to her. Richard, I think that's pretty likely too, at the very least, you can see Ford's shoe is flatter: Click Here Other photos and views of shoes show the same thing that night. Daniel had a heel at the higher end of the normal range and the angle of his foot in those shoes looks steeper than Fords. I think Daniel decided he likes a bit of an extra lift at times since Bond or at least Quantum of Solace to look around 5'11" as opposed to 5'10". You can see from a pic like this that Daniel wasn't actually taller than Ford at the Berlin premiere: Click Here He just is able to stand better so they wind up looking the same height. I think you can argue anything from 177-179 cm, but 5'10" on the nose seems right to me. Can easily look taller with his posture and a bit extra footwear. In general, he usually has a heel maybe not as big as Brad Pitt's, but certainly more than just 1".
Crypto139 said on 1/May/17
I had an online friend that has claimed "about 5 feet", "Maybe 5'6" and "I think close to 6 foot." She maybe this friend is Daniel Craig. What do you think Rob?
RichardSpain said on 28/Apr/17
That photo with Harrison Ford Craig uses lifts !!

Now I found de reason why Craig is similar than Harrison Ford.
Joe20 said on 24/Apr/17
I 5'10.75 was possible morning height peak. But i he is now closer to 5'10 today.
HarryF said on 20/Apr/17
Terry said on 11/Apr/17
If Craig is 5'10 then I am 6ft because I am 5'10. There is no way Daniel Craig is 5'10 flat foot. Laughable really.

I don't get it, Terry - have you got the monopoly on 5'10? Daniel Craig can't be 5'10 because you are???
Terry said on 11/Apr/17
If Craig is 5'10 then I am 6ft because I am 5'10. There is no way Daniel Craig is 5'10 flat foot. Laughable really.
Mike said on 7/Apr/17
I'm just over 5"10 and walked past him at my gym. He was a couple of inches shorter than me so I reckon 5"8
Bobby said on 3/Apr/17
If Rob is listing Craig at 5'10.25, he must be damn near that mark in person, pictures don't do you justice. Angles can either make you look taller than you are or shorter than you are. Not a good way to judge height, you have to judge a perosn's height in person.
Adijos said on 19/Mar/17
5'10.75" he's shortes Bond!
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
Gemma Arterton was probably right. Classic 5'10" flat guy. No more, no less. After wearing lifts during Quantum of Solace, I think he continued wearing them at times, which explains why he can often look 179-180 cm.
Bobby said on 27/Feb/17
5'10 is above average height, depending on where you live, actually, it's above average internationally. Solid height for a man. That's how tall I am. I wake up at 178.47cm or 5'10.26, and drop to 177.2 in the very late evenings. So my afternoon height is your typical 5'10 or 177.8cm.
berta said on 21/Feb/17
manga to lock almost sam height as ford couple years ago when for was about 181. but had bigger fotwear. i think the listing is good either this or 5`10 flat
anon2099 said on 12/Feb/17
Craig was measured by Bond tailors at 5'10". I don't see why people are having an issue with this listing. I am going to see if I can find the link to all of the official heights of the Bond actors, but they listed Timothy Dalton as the tallest at 6'2" with Sean Connery being measured at 6'1.5" and Pierce Brosnan at 6'0.5".
Elizabeth said on 14/Jan/17
I'd take any quote from the Daily Mail with a cup full of salt. They flat out make stuff up. I doubt Gemma actually said that.
That said, when Craig was on the Graham Norton show he looked pretty much the same height at Graham who is around 5'8 isn't he?
berta said on 10/Jan/17
in photos beside baitista he looked 180 but with better posture than bautist i actually dont think he is shorter than this listing this seems very fine
Kyle said on 23/Dec/16
Why is everyone seemingly downgrading Bond. Craig looks 5'10"+ I could even see 5'11" in the morning for this guy. I think he's very close to 180.
CS said on 9/Dec/16
Give him 5'9.75 or 5'10
MaskDeMasque said on 6/Dec/16
Surely you can knock off that quarter inch. He doesn't look as tall as legit solid 5'10 people like Seth macfarlane. Hes gotta be taller than 5'9 flat though. 5'9.5 min, 5'10 max. I reckon he'd be eye to eye with someone like Colin Farrell. 5'9.75 would be my best guess.
HonestSlovene said on 4/Dec/16
@Chris Nope, but again, it is the general range that counts with the main height being 6'0-6'1" or 183-185 cm. Plus Lazenby was 6'3" or 190 cm, so no not true.
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
That said, he looks 177cm to me.
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
In the Ian Flemming novel's bond is described as being 183cm, so the idea that bond has to be 6'3 was never in the novels.
Johno said on 17/Nov/16
@Josh, agreed.
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
As bond he looks 5 10 every other bond looked 6 to 6 3 average instead tall.
That being said barefoot he is probably under that can look under 5 9 like in tomb raider.
Good looking guy no doubt seems very insecure always has a facade.
At times a good actor but sometimes weak.
HonestSlovene said on 29/Oct/16
Bond should be anywhere from 5'10 to 6'3 range (solid average to solid tall) IMO. Daniel still meets that lower requirement and most Bonds like Brosnan, Connery and Moore have been in the 6'1-6'2 range.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 29/Oct/16
By 187-188 CM Mark Strong:

Click Here

He's at least 5'10", if not a bit taller.
a wonderer said on 27/Oct/16
His height doesn't really matter, he's a very manly and charismatic man in any regard, and perfectly fit for the role of Bond. I don't understand people seriously saying that James Bond needs to be above average height, it doesn't really make sense. Of course Bond needs to be a capable and tough guy who can stand his ground againgst all kinds of potent foes, but it's not like a few centrimetres make a huge difference in standing your ground. If you look at the real world military special forces (like the SAS where Bond is supposed to have been) you won't see only above average height men in there. Being in such a unit has a lot of difficult requirements most men won't be able to fill, but being above average height is none of those.
Dmeyer said on 23/Oct/16
The built dosnt lie hé has one of í  177-8cm Guy
Flint said on 22/Oct/16
Those black shoes he's wearing in the pics above look like they are huge lifts.
Anthony Paul said on 16/Oct/16
What should be his current height,Rob?
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if he lost more than a tiny amount by late 40's.

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