How tall is Daveigh Chase

Daveigh Chase's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American Actress best known for films like The Ring, Lilo & Stich, Donnie Darko and TV series Big Love. On her blog she once wrote: "i am 5'8" right now. but i think i'm still growing"

How tall is Daveigh Chase
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Average Guess (4 Votes)
5ft 6in (167.6cm)
Dormantdude said on 25/Oct/20
If she was five foot five at under 16 she could very well have grown another two inches. I’m a girl and grew until I was 18, with the bulk of my growth spurt hitting at 15, then trailing off to the final two inches over three years. Nothing unusual about that, everyone has different genetics. She looks about five foot seven and I’d buy that.
Thomasville said on 1/Sep/19
5'6". You can check out red carpet pics of her with 5'6.5" Jeanne Tripplehorn... Chase is just a fraction shorter.

She's also a bit shorter than 5'8" Harry Dean Stanton, despite the usual footwear advantage.

Actors and actresses always seem to add 2", unless they are very tall to begin with, or unusually honest.
Anna said on 5/Feb/17
She is 170 sm, I know.
Edgar said on 18/Nov/10
On her Formspring account recently, Daveigh answered that her height is 5'7.
ella said on 7/Jan/09
why does it say 5'10 1/2 everywhere?
Alex said on 28/Dec/07
But I M D B has her at 5'10.5. Could her height be off by that much? I don't know. I think she looks 5'8 at least.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/07
I doubt she is 5'8" also. But she is no taller than 5'7" and lots of times she wears big honkin' heels. I tried clicking on your pic link and it's not working. But some people are posting pics of her from 2003 and 2004 and those aren't recent pics to check her height now.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/07
Click Here

Look at this picture...Chase is no more than 3in taller than (claimed) 5'2 Seyfried...and they are both wearing comparable heels...and this picture is from June/2006...that means...1 month before she turn 16...and girls grow almost nothing after 14/ really doubt she is 5'8
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/07
5'7" is correct. On recent episodes of Big Love, Daveigh and Jeanne Tripplehorn are the same height when they stand next to each other. As for Daveigh standing next to Amanda, she's only like 5'2, and I'm a little taller than Amanda, and 5'7" really is that much taller than Amanda. I know some people that are 5'7" and I did compare my height to theirs, and that does seem about right.
Stephanie said on 22/Aug/07
She looks about 5' 8" now. Probably 5' 7 & 1/2"...
aerotive said on 15/Aug/07
She looks more like 5'8", maybe 5'9" or more. Much taller than Amanda Seyfreid on Big Love.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/07
I saw her at some Disney thing earlier this year (for my daughter). She was wearing some HUGE heeled boots, and was just under my height of 5'7". I would say she cannot possibly be over 5'4" (but I'll be charitable and say 5-5).
Alex said on 21/May/07
Rob, I M D says 5'10.5 for her! But some pictures of her standing alone she can look 5'9-5'10 though. I'm unsure of her height though, but I saw a picture of her with Lacey Chabert who is 5'2-5'3 and she didn't look much taller, but alone she looks taller. How tall was she in The Ring though? She was only 11 years old then. Her height is all over the place.

Paul, the pictures you posted she looks 5'9-5'10 though. She's tough to call.
Chip said on 20/Apr/07
I've read that she is about 5'10". She is at least 5'8". And I agree with paul, she is hot nowadays? When did she get so hot? I remember seeing her behind the scenes from Lilo and Stitch, and she seemed like such a little girl back then, and now she's become this beautiful creature. I guess she had a late puberty.
paul said on 16/Apr/07
Click Here
Click Here
you can totally tell her shes atleast 5'8 possibly 5'9-5'10 now. shes hot as hell now anyways.
XxXBoroleraXxX said on 28/Sep/06
I'd say she would have grown by now. Bout 5'7 at the most, but yeah. Ya never know:)
Stephanie said on 19/May/06
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Ginnifer Goodwin is 5' 6", and Daveigh looks like she's slightly shorter, so maybe she is 5' 5" or 5' 5.5"?
Pinje said on 12/May/06
I do believe that Daveigh is as tall as 5'8 because I've seen those pictures and much more and she's always tall..
Serene said on 19/Apr/06
If I were her content designer, I would help her but unfortunately.. I don't know how.

Erm.. she can't be 5'8" though.. 5'5.75" max
lefty said on 15/Apr/06
on Daveigh's offical site,in the fun facts area it lists her as 5'7".
Mad_Maddie said on 30/Mar/06
thats very unlikely. I'm sure daveigh will take the cup pic soon!
anonymous said on 22/Mar/06
Maybe the pics were from another account, or were altered from PhotoShop. Mackenzie Rosman is a good example of this, because some of the MySpace/Xanga accounts had "exclusive" pics and were spread throughout the Internet... some people still think those pics are of her, even though they're not... And if someone was THAT obsessed with Daveigh that they mad a site pretending to be her, they would know where to look up where she's going to be. Maybe the person looks up premieres/events to find a list of people who are going to be there and if they see Daveigh Chase's name on there they make an announcement on the blog. Anyway, I found a way to test if it really is Daveigh or not, and we'll see. I posted something in her blog a few days ago and if she does what it says then we'll know it's her; if she ignores me it's not her. What did I do? Well, since she is so keen on posting photos of herself, I asked her to post a picture of herself in pigtails. Since Miss Chase doesn't seem to wear her that way to premieres, we'll know that they didn't get the picture from another site, and it really is her. I was really nice about it and explained that some people have been questioning whether or not it's her on the site, and that if she could prove it was her by posting a pic of that, it would be nice (I didn't say anything about why people think it's not her). Until then, I'm not going to say whether or not it's her. It could be, but it might not be. Also, I am considering writing to her old fan mail address and/or Disney Studios (or wherever she's filming her next movie) to see if they have a way of contacting Daveigh about this.

How tall do I think she is? 5' 6". She really doesn't look 5' 8", or even 5' 7" for that matter. But I could be wrong, too. We'll see when I get a response back. :)

Editor Rob
remember, 'someone' asked her also a while back to put her hand in a cup - she didn't show the comment but said 'yeah, might do that' hand in cup so far...

as for a comparison, Frank2 mentioned he saw Harry Dean looking 5ft 6 at a party recently, and daveigh beside Harry would suggest nowhere near 5ft 8
Mad_Maddie said on 20/Mar/06
the blog ALWAYS knows where daveigh is going before she goes there. some of the pictures she posted aren't anywhere else. And Amanda, don't you have better things to do??
Amanda said on 20/Mar/06
Daveigh is 5' 5". Look here:
Click Here
Alexa Vega is 5' 1" and there is about 4" difference between them... definitely not the 7" that Daveigh would need in order to be 5' 5".

Editor Rob
yes, there's also a couple from that event on the wireimage, different angle, but she can be nearer 5ft 5 yes, as those other gettyimages showed
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
No she is around 5'5 duHh!!
Mad_Maddie said on 8/Mar/06
WHATEVER. Look, it's called web lingo. Plus, I have a curveball for you. If that ISN'T daveigh's website, then what is? If you get me a URL to her "real" website, then I will believe you. But you know what? I really don't need to waste my precious life on you.
Amanda said on 8/Mar/06
Okay, the blog looks like a lot of 15-year-olds' blogs, but if she's so busy being famous then how does she have time to keep a blog? A website is a one-time setup, but a blog takes a lot more work to keep up because you have to keep posting in it!
This *seems* like the people who set up MySpace accounts and pretend to be celebrities. Or maybe it's like the Mackenzie Rosman official site. That was an honest mistake because the person who made thought they were talking to Mackenzie in the e-mail, but it wasn't really her.
Plus, if Daveigh and her friends were going to make an Official Site for her, wouldn't they correct their spelling and grammar? I mean, I know that nobody is perfect, but they're not complete idiots! The site looks like it was done by young teens, as in junior highers. Not high school sophomores like Daveigh and her friends. They are smarter than that and if they were really that horrible they wouldn't have even passed the sixth grade, let alone getting all the way up to tenth! If that is her friends, then they need some serious tutoring. Even the people who choose to get their GE and "graduate" and go community college will have to know basic spelling/grammar to pass the test.

I wasn't complaining about the look; I am referring to the CONTENT!
Also, the person writing the blog is probably a fake. The person who pretended to be Mackenzie said she was 5' 2" (Mackenzie is 5' 0", according to her stepsister Katelyn) and the person writing Daveigh's blog claims she's 5' 8" even though she's an inch and a half shorter than women who are listed at 5' 7"-- and they're all in heels of about 3".
Mad_Maddie said on 7/Mar/06
You just believe that, Amanda. Hmm. Maybe her site isn't gorgeous because she's busy out being famous! WOW! and you know what, no one has gotten a success from that address that is set up for her. Can you all just believe for one second that maybe some people don't have a life where they sit in front of their computers making gorgeously perfect websites?

Editor Rob
the blog itself (not sounds and looks like a lot of 15-year old blogs...the site, whilst bad, as I've said - I've seen worse so never rule it out being authentic...
Amanda said on 7/Mar/06
So, Maddie, you believe it's official BECAUSE it's bad? You know what else is wrong? Why are they trying to set up a snail mail address for that site when the REAL Daveigh has had one for years? Because it's FAKE! And Daveigh is going on 16. That means she and her friends/mates are in the 10th grade. Tenth graders can do better than that! Especially when Daveigh has had private tutoring and lessons made just for her when she spent time on sets of movies. She must be very smart. Daveigh and her friends would do a lot better than that if they were to make a site. Also, they'd have the real fan mail address up. BUT because they're fake, they don't want you to have the real one, so they're going to set up a fake one so you don't catch them in their lies. If they gave out Daveigh's real address, people would mention the website in the letters and find out it's a fake.

I think Daveigh is 5' 5.5", possibly up to an inch taller.
Mad_Maddie said on 4/Mar/06
It's her official website. Just because she isn't some fakeass who has a secretary do her website doesn't mean she can can't make her own. SO WHAT if there's a few spelling errors. Newsflash: Not everybody's perfect!!!!!!
Stephenie said on 3/Mar/06
She was 4' 7" when she was cast as Lilo, which was in 2001 when she was 11 years old. She's 15 now, and will be 16 in July; it's been a lot more than two years!

I really don't believe that's her official site. An official site has to be real, and it's usually run by the person's manager, not a bunch of teenage kids who have bad spelling and grammar!
Serene said on 3/Mar/06
She can't grow that much ( more than 1 feet) in two years. Or not? Well, she is always wearing heels so I am not sure what is her exact height though.
Rach said on 2/Mar/06
I do believe that Daveigh is 5'8, and i also believe that is really her offical site. Which would explain why it's so messy and ameteur...
Amanda said on 24/Feb/06
Going off of what I said earlier, and looking at the latest pics, she looks to have the same height advantage (maybe just a little more) over Amanda Seyfried as she did last year. So, yes, she did grow a lot (she used to be less than 5' (<152 cm)) but she is not 5' 8" (173 cm). Chloë Sevigny is listed at 5' 7" (170 cm) and in the February 2006 pictures, she looks about an inch and a half taller than Daveigh. So Daveigh's actual height is 5' 5.5" (166 cm), meaning she is now taller than the 5' 5" (165 cm) Lindsay Lohan, who was an inch taller than she was last year, but still not 5' 7" (170 cm) like people have been saying she is. Although with her build I can see why people (including the person who made her fake site & blog) thought she was 5' 8" (173 cm).
Amanda said on 24/Feb/06
Her 5' 8" height is listed in the 4th paragraph of the January 24th blog entry.

She probably really is in the 5' 7"-5' 8" range people. She's grown a lot in the last year or two. She used to be tiny and now she's taller than most adult actresses when they take pictures together. But I still wonder about that because in spring of 2005, when people first said she was 5' 7", when comparing her to Amanda Seyfried and then Lindsay Lohan (5' 5") to Amanda, the height difference between Daveigh was one inch less, which would put her at 5' 4". So I don't know what to think. Maybe she's 5' 8" or maybe she's really only 5' 5". As Rob said, there is not much to compare her to for this year. Last year she was probably about 5' 4".

Maybe I'll write to her about her website and see if it's even real first. It seems a bit odd that on her "official" site is "setting up" a fan mail address when Daveigh Chase already has one that can be found at

Editor Rob
check the latest pics on beside seyfried, stanton and sevigny...hard to tell her exact heel height, but doesn't look as big as amanda's heel...
Serene said on 20/Feb/06
I can't find her listing that says she is 5'8".. it is so messy.. she should get some proffesional help from her mates to get her website in order.
Tristam said on 16/Feb/06
5'7"?? Am I the only one who remembers a couple years ago at the movie awards how she had to be helped up onto the stand and the microphone turned downward for her to talk into it? She must have grown tremendously in the past couple years, far larger than most female growth spurts. Back at those movie awards she looked like she was about 4'7"!
Serene said on 11/Feb/06
Erm, can't be. She looks like she is 5'8". Yes, her site is very messy.
Stephenie said on 10/Feb/06
I think she could be 5' 8" by now. She seems to be going through a growth spurt.

Editor Rob
the cup is either half full or half empty...
Karly said on 7/Feb/06
She probably is 5' 8", after looking at premiere pictures from this month. Daviegh is going through a growth spurt, and while I agree that the validity of the site is questionable, 5' 8" seems very possible.

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