How tall was David Cassidy

David Cassidy's Height

5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)

American singer and actor, best remembered for playing Keith Partridge on the TV series The Partridge Family.

How tall is David Cassidy
Publicity Photo By ABC Television Network.
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I'm not very physical. I don't intend to carry an adventure show. I'm still only five feet eight inches tall.
I weigh 138lbs now. I'm 5ft 8ins . It has been very easy for me to maintain it in the past decade or so because I have not stopped working. Six nights a week, eight to 10 shows a night. And then on tour like I am now. I lose a pound or two every night.
-- Daily Mirror, 2001 (Nov 16)

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5ft 5.93in (167.5cm)
Sandy A Cowell said on 12/Apr/20
David Cassidy was born 70 years ago today. He had such a beautiful voice.

RIP David XXX 🕯
Brenda Bautista said on 16/Mar/19
All these debates about David Cassidy's height are such BS. Who cares? Whether he was 5' or 5'5" or 5'8" or 6'8" it doesn't matter. His talent, his stage presence, his heart & soul, really, it's what matters most.

It's like people in angry debates over Marilyn Monroe's dress size. Her life force was so much more than the size of her bra or her dress.

David was a shining presence, yeah, he said a few times that he was a hormonal young guy who had more sexual experience with more women than he could ever have dreamed of.

The point is, whatever his height was, his presence was larger than life. David inspired me to stop drinking after I saw what alcoholism did to him. He died from organ failure. A painful way to die.

His last words, "So much wasted time."
W. Neil Kehl said on 1/Feb/19
If you look at photos with Shirley Jones during the Partridge Family Days, she is noticeably taller. Shirley Jones is 5'5".
Rock On said on 4/Jan/19
In pics with his good friend Alice Cooper who is a least 5” 8.5’ they look the same height. All David's stats say 5”8’ going back to the beginning of his career. He wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short either. Besides he was perfection so it doesn’t matter one way or the other.
Nancy said on 29/Nov/17
He wore a lot of high heeled boots in the 70s. That's why he said he was 5'8". As we age we shrink. My guess is he was 5'6" at his tallest and shrunk to 5'5" or 5'4".
Grace said on 25/Nov/17
Rest In Peace Davis you’ll never be forgetten thank you for all you done in this world. You bring so much love and joy to everyone like friends neighbors and family, we wish you the best in everything and see you soon.
Nik said on 23/Nov/17
R.I.P David Cassidy.
Sarah said on 22/Nov/17
Rest In Peace :(
Darla Spring said on 22/Nov/17
RIP you will be missed!He had the freakiest eyes ever!
Dave said on 22/Nov/17
I met him in LA in 1977 and was struck by how little he was. I am 5'11" and I towered over him. Same for Andy Gibb, who was equally tiny. I would say they were both of the same height, build and weight. I bet they weighed about 125lbs.
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Nov/17
David gave a great deal of pleasure to many with 'The Partridge Family' and then his singing career.
So sad to hear that he has passed on.

RIP David xxx
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 21/Nov/17
RIP - Didn't know he was exactly as tall as his daughter Katie apparently!
James said on 2/Jul/17
He's no more than 5'5".
kaley hartlee said on 23/Jun/17
I've met him. I'm 5'4" and he was no more than an inch taller than me..
Tom said on 25/Apr/16
5'8" is clearly wrong because he was shorter than Leif Garrett.
daxx said on 26/Jan/15
I met him in'91 I was at the time 5'10 I say he was maybe 5'5-5'6
Robby D. said on 16/Apr/14
He claimed to be 5'8" in the seventies but I always thought he looked about 5'6.5". Having said that I watched a couple of reruns of the Partridge Family a few weeks ago just out of curiosity and standing alongside Susan Dey, he did look about an inch taller than her and her height is more or less confirmed at 5'7". The camera however, only showed them from the waist upwards so you could not see their footwear.
Jottie said on 16/Jan/14
He was always said to be 5ft 8in in all the teen mags in the 70's. I've seen him up close too and he's taller than 5ft 4in.
John said on 14/Jan/14
He was arrested the other day and his height in the Police Report said 5ft 8. Daily Mail online.
Sooz said on 25/Oct/13
What happened to all the amusing comments?

Saw him up close,I'd say 5ft 4-5in at most.Well proportioned though, looks taller on screed than in real life.
isobel wood said on 7/Feb/12
He may not have been tall.But he was huge as a musician,singer and hot dang gorgeous.
farmgirl said on 13/Jan/12
Saw him in Saratoga. I am 6ft, and I towered over him. He is about 5'5" - 5'6" max
gbb said on 24/May/11
after the comments he made on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, it does not matter how tall he is. he is a very little man.
john gage said on 27/Apr/11
met him in ny in 1992. after his bdway show Blood Brothers, I'm 5'9 he was no more than 5'3 maybe 5'4..,,,,,,,,,,
T.J. said on 18/Mar/11
I think he even said "5'8 3/4" on Celebrity Apprentice...around the same size as Lil John, so around 5'6"/5'7"
Goliath of Gath said on 9/Mar/11
Richard Hatch on Celebrity Apprentice owned him.

5 6 1/2 and 140 lbs, he came to Hatch's shoulder level.
C-Dawg said on 8/Mar/11
"He said he was 5'8" on Celebrity Apprentice"

Yeah, I just saw that on Hulu. It was hilarious. There is no way he is 5'8". But it was BS that he got fired. It's obvious they kept Richard Hatch because villains make good TV.
robbo said on 7/Mar/11
Saw him in Vegas. He cannot be taller than 5 ft 5 at the most. Very diminutive man.
pjt said on 7/Mar/11
He said he was 5'8" on Celebrity Apprentice - just before he was the first one to get fired by Donald Trump.
leo said on 28/Feb/11
Saw 1 of his outfits at the rock and roll hall of fame , no way is he over 5.2 or 5.3 inches, Same with mick jagger, his height is very short, not as listed
Rox said on 26/Feb/11
Met him a couple of times, he's short. I'm 5'3'' we're about eye level. He's not more than a couple inches taller than me.
Bethany said on 26/Jun/09
My mom is 5'81/2" and he is shorter then her like a few inches shorter and that was in 2005 when we got his Mini Cooper I doubt either one of them grew there fully grown
anonymous said on 17/Jun/09
I have always heard he was 5'8. Keep in mind when you see him standing next to Susan Dey (5'7") on the Partridge Family, she is usually wearing heels herself which often look to be about 2". So if she's wearing heels she's going to look taller than him. I believe Shirley J. was 5' 6" and she's usually wearing heels too. In most scenes he looks about the same height as her or slightly taller. I heard his Dad was 5'10" and in photos next to his dad he looks maybe 2" shorter.
Ryan said on 23/May/09
On the television show The Partridge Family from the early 70's, Cassidy can be seen wearing 2 inch boots in every shot. When he stands next to 5'7" Susan Dey, he is still slightly shorter than her. Based on this, Cassidy is closer to an even 5'5", with a very slight build.
Bud said on 4/Oct/08
I've played several rounds of golf with David Cassidy and trust me, he is short...very short!
Patty said on 1/Jun/08
I think David Cassidy is 5'7 1/2". In the fan magazines they would say 5'8", which is close. Even tho he seems to look shorter everytime I see him in concert. But I think alot of people round off their height. Years ago my height was 5'3 1/2 or 3/4". I always told people I was 5'4". Recently to my horror, I was measured in a gym and they said I was only 5'3". Maybe I strunk.
talker said on 14/Aug/07
i think 5'6.5"is right,Cassidy was a hearthrob in his day,cashed-in on his looks,i dont think girls cared about his height.
Jason said on 10/Jul/07
The average is more like 5'10''. 5'8'' is commonly held to be where short starts, as 6'0'' is where tall starts.
Jon Doe said on 8/Jul/07
Brad 6feet is tall though c'mon! Any average height guy is looking up to someone 6feet coz they SHOULD be, 6feet is 3 yes THREE inches above average height and 5'8 is only ONE inch under average height, you dumbass!,hey no it's not EXACTLEY average but it's pretty much there I mean how many 5'7 girls did you ever hear say "hey I'm just average height".So calling a 5'8 guy short is stupid and another thing that's stupid is people who are only an inch or two taller than you who make fun of your height.Plus alot of people don't even know their real height like people who add the 1/2 an inch or so to their height do not know their height.I'm 5'4 and it's annoying when someone asks me what my height is coz they might be stupid idiots who say something like "naw you're more like 5foot1 hahaha" and they'd seriously beleive that, yeah right!When I walk into a store or a mall or something I do not even feel short coz I have come accustomed to it but it's untill people will give me rude comments about it that I'd notice it and they'll bring me down for it and try to belittle and degrade me so now I am proud to say I wear lifts.Women who say "I would respect a short guy who doesn't wear lifts" are being rediculous, if a woman can wear 4 inch high heals then short guys should be able to wear atleast a 1 inch lift.
sf said on 19/Dec/06
my comment below, too - using another computer right now...
Viper said on 18/Dec/06
I figured he was around 5-7.
sf said on 16/Dec/06
With poofy hair!!!!!!
Editor Rob said on 15/Dec/06
In 2001 is quoted in Mirror "I'm 5ft 8ins"
Brad said on 24/Nov/06
Short guys have more money. Girls can up their height with posture & heels. I knew Madonna in '82 in NYC and she didn't give a rat's rear about being small. She wore dirty pumps. Nowadays she wears 5" onstage and has strong posture and a body that she destroyed all that baby fat. I don't even think short on her anymore. Cassidy did a lot of sitting on the sofa with Susan Dey in the master shots much like Kate Jackson for the opposite reason. The 2 kids & Shirley still come to Ray Courts' celebrity show. Shirley's husband is a nut. Ricky Seagal is coming to the next one with the kids. I bet he isn't a kid anymore. That "Dodie" from "My Three Sons" still is about 4'. Chip & Ernie look the same cept Ernie is bald.
sf said on 17/Nov/06
Brad - I'm short, but I think you're right. Lots of short guys claim to be taller or talk about being average height. I don't know - it's so ingrained in society and just plain natural that guys have to be so big, when you'r short you want to talk yourself up. I think short guys all over Hollywood - Tom Cruise, Mister Stallone, MJ Fox, etc. are alway exagerating their heights. Screw it. You are who you are.
sf said on 17/Nov/06
Yes, I won't go over 5'7 for David and that's with his poofy hair...
Brad said on 17/Nov/06
Short people all say the same thing "but my height is the average". If you are 5' 8" and a male human you are looking up at someone 6 feet tall. That's short. Most people don't say "Gee, he's 6 feet, Ooo, he's so tall". My father knew his father & I met him in '68, he was small for his age. In 1981, the last time I met him, he was 5' 7".
sf said on 10/Sep/06
Okay, I don't mean to be harsh, but don't be so naive. Guys, especially short guys, lie about their height all of the time. That's all the incentive they need to lie. If I was trying to make it in the industry, I might lie, too. And, he was trying to make it in the industry. Do you know who his mother and father are? A friend of mine at my gym can't be over 5'4" but says he's 5'5". Uh huh... He's short. I know, cause I am barely over 5'6" and have him easily beat by 2 inches.

Just being short is motivating enough. Look what Mr. R wrote below. Is what he read, wrong or what you read wrong? I read 5'6" and 1/2 in an interview. And, comparing him to the stars on the show, no way is he 5'8".

Sorry, but famous or not, people lie about their height and weight constantly. Just ask the 5'7" 140 pound girl I had the blind date with, who was closer to 200 lbs...
anonymous said on 9/Sep/06
normally i would agree with you 100%, however he wrote this fact sheet when he was just a 19 yr old kid - who at that time didn't have even the slightest "inkling" that he would be in anyway famous in the near future. He filled out this sheet as he was measured in school and had no reason to embellish as he wasn't yet concerned at all about "image", "PR", etc... he simply and honestly filled out a fact sheet as requested and when reading the rest of it one realizes he was being completely honest.
sf said on 7/Sep/06
Well, I can list myself as 6'0" but I'm not...
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
this is incorrect. david's height is 5'8" as listed by himself on a fact sheet submitted before he was famous.
MrXtra said on 25/Jun/06
Now that's uncalled for, shawn. Can't we be civil when talking about people we don't even know? Fine, it sort of is a double standard, but there's no reason to insult anyone.
sf said on 8/Jun/06
More than a double standard. A person can eat better, exercise and lose weight. You can't gain height. (unless your Sylvestor Stallone)
shawn said on 8/Jun/06
Josie,josie. Tsk. Rude bitch. I don't see why height should aid/discourage appeal in a person. Maybe you are superficial. Too think you women have problems with prejudice in regards to your weight. Double standard,anyone?
sf said on 13/Apr/06
Yes, only because of his 70's poofy hair was he as tall as Lori. 5'6" and 1/2, dammit...
Josie said on 22/Mar/06
I met him a few years ago and wish I had stayed at a distance and preserved my precious adolescent fantasy. Not only is he short, but also a very very slight man.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup: "stood right next to him...I was shocked, Shocked, I tell you, to discover he was mmmmaybe my height - 5'7". Plus very very skinny."
SF said on 1/May/05
I read an interview where David, himself, says he's only 5'6" and 1/2. (Don't remember where, unfortunately.) I believe that. Look at him in the Partridge Family. He's only as tall as Lori because of his puffed up hair and much smaller than. Rubin Kincade....
Mr. R said on 19/Apr/05
Call me crazy, but I remember during his Partridge Family days he was listed at 5-7. He also used to wear a lot of boots with high heels as well!

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