How tall was Davy Jones

Davy Jones Height

5ft 3in (160 cm)

British Musician and Actor, best remembered for being part of The Monkees.
[I'm] 5-foot-4 and I weigh 130 pounds.
I used to be 5 feet 4 inches, but I've lost an inch. - Daily Mail, 2011

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5ft 3in (160cm)
Tr27 said on 6/Aug/15
Here are The Monkees' (estimated) peak heights:
-Davy Jones: 160cm
-Mickey Dolenz: 178cm
-Mike Nesmith: 183cm
-Peter Tork: 176cm
James Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 20/Feb/14
Rob is it possible he was 5ft 4in in his younger days he must have lost an inch in his later years.
Jeannie L said on 17/Oct/13
I met him and was around him several times. I'm 5'4" and he was a bit shorter than me. He was a sweetheart.
me said on 15/Sep/13
He said he was 5 ft. 3 during The Monkees screen test. He may have meant around or had measured himself.
He said he was 5 ft. 4 during his Army physical but didn't weigh enough to be inducted. He later said he lost an inch over the years and was just 5 ft. 3.
Men appear shorter than women of the same height. Age and weight distribution also adds to the question.
Grandma said on 30/Jun/13
I doubt he was that tall. We saw him many years ago at the Monkees Convention in Chicago and he said he had shrunk. I am 5' 5" and towered over him. I would guess closer to five feet.
Mark said on 13/Jun/12
Knew he was small, but no THAT small! wow, RIP Davy.
Brad said on 7/Jul/11
As listed 1 foot from me this week. Monkee power.
Parker said on 5/Jun/11
Quote from a recent(May 2011) Davy Jones interview......

'At close quarters, Davy has weathered the passing of the years better than any of his bandmates. Maybe it's because he's so compact. 'I used to be 5ft 4in,' he says, 'but I've lost an inch.'
Parker said on 4/May/11
jtm says on 29/Apr/11
nothing under 5'3.

Possibly,but could be a 'weak' 5'3 jtm. Here's a socks pic of Rob with a 'weak' 5'6 friend
Click Here

Davy;s eyes line up against Manum in the exact same spot Rob's friends mouth lines up against him. Eyes to mouth 3 inches, but I agree with you,close enough to 5'3 to say 5'3. He's not 5'2 or 5'4(His claim)
jtm said on 29/Apr/11
nothing under 5'3.
sf said on 27/Apr/11
Darkzeven said on 18/Jan/11
Possibly 5´3.5-5´4 with correct posture...
kd said on 19/May/06
About Micky Dolenz's height-Wasn't he a bit taller than 5'10"? I always hear 5'11", or 6 ft.
Styxfan said on 15/May/06
How tall does that make Mike?
Parker said on 1/May/06
The most famous jockey in the UK is Frankie Detorri - 5'4. I 100% agree with you sf that Davy is not taller than Frankie.
sf said on 30/Apr/06
Okay, Parker - I believe you. I know it does happen and I have read about Costner. I don't think talking about growth spurts at the age of 13 or even 15 is an equal comparison, however, Rob2. That's when most guys DO have their growth spurts. But, after 17, very uncommon, at least to grow that much. Still, by Rob2's own account, referencing one of the few people who have actually stood next to Davy, Davy couldn't have been any taller than 5'2" or so if he still wasn't as tall as a a 5'3" girl in flats, even though he was wearing heels. By the way, I like Davy - I'm now trying to make him look worse, I just know what I've read and what he said. Remember, too, he seriusly thought about being a jockey, and those guys are all very small.
Parker said on 29/Apr/06
sf - I assure you it is true. He grew before my eyes. However I do agree with you in so much I've never in my life seen anyone grow like it before or since. However check the Kevin Costner page - he was 5'2 at 18, and now 6'1.

The fact is, as you have remarked before, we won't know what Davy's true height is unless we measured him. Even then its prone to error. Try measuring yourself straight out of bed with military posture, then try it again when you've been on your feet all day, and this time measure yourself with 'relaxed' posture. The difference will be about an inch. So you wouldn't be lying if you claimed the military posture morning height!

What I will say, in his autobiography he has hundreds of photo's taken with different celebs - he 'looks' 5'3. He 'says' he's 5'4...maybe that's his military posture straight out of bed? One things for sure, he won't be more than 5'4. I think even if he was a 'smidging' over first thing in the morning, I reckon he would tell people he was 5'5!
sf said on 29/Apr/06
Hmmmm....not sure if I believe your story. Pretty convenient to explain Davy's height. Still, those things DO happen, so I won't discount it. the likelihood, however, is very slim.
Parker said on 28/Apr/06
I had a great friend at school. Lets call him KK. His parents were both under 5'3, and at age 16 KK was exactly 5 ft tall. We measured him. He was really self conscious of it.

That's what over 30 years ago and we are still friends. By the way, KK is now 5 feet 10 inches tall.
sf said on 28/Apr/06
Parker - think about what you wrote. Davy was 4'7" at age 16. do you really think he grew NINE inches after that? Come on! I could see a few more inches after 16, sure, but highly unlikely nine inches. All the more evidence to lead one to think he is shorter than 5'3".
Parker said on 28/Apr/06
Rob2 - If you read down the comments you will see I posted an editorial from a magazine. Davy Jones was 4'7 at age 16. So I think it is possible that he could have added some height after 17.
sf said on 27/Apr/06
Parker - you must be short. To let you know, I am short, as well - just a little over 5'6", but it doesn't really bother me. I moved all of my life and was always picked on/made fun of (I was alwasy shortest in my class by far), because of my height. The one thing I did do, however, was correct just about anyone who thought I was shorter than I was. I just don't believe Davy was going along with it. In the late 80's, when the Monkees had a resurgence, I remember reading articles where someone described Davey, as "the five foot Jones" or something similar. I also remember an article where someone described him at 5'1" and 1/2 or so. Now, of course my memory isn't perfect, but those really stood out to me as I had no idea he was even close to that short. Like with Alan ladd, I say more power to him if he was able to be so successful and so short cause that's hard to do...
Parker said on 27/Apr/06
Rob2 - He said his height of 5'3 at his Monkees audition. He was 17. I don't know why he now says he is now 5'4 - maybe he grew an inch after age 17? Isn't that possible?

And sf -We'll have to agree to disagree. I've heard smart arse remarks about height all my life. Somebody once asked me how tall I was, when I replied someone said 'is that on a pogo stick?..ha ha...heard them all - you grin and bear it. That's what Davy did, in my opinion.

[Editor Rob: I was trying to find recent pics of Tork and Davey...but of course that is unlikely ;-)
In the 80's unless tork shrunk, I think 5ft 3 is still reasonable. Maybe he's 5ft 3.5 and rounds up...]

sf said on 27/Apr/06
Parker - I disagree. I don't think he "went along with it". I think he confirmed it, agreed with it, whatever. Why confirm it if he's actually TALLER in boots? No, I think Davy was put on the spot and had to admit that he was only that tall in boots. Cause, he was standing right there and the producers could actually SEE how tall he was. If not, why wouldn't he say, "No - in boots, 5'5"?" Doesn't make any sense. Davy's comment was somewhere along the lines of, "yea, in boots 5'3". or "well, in boots, 5'3". Either way, he's confirming this height IN BOOTS. Why confirm the height if he is taller?
Parker said on 26/Apr/06
No he didn't - he said he was 5'3, then some smartarse made a height joke 'in boots (ha ha)' and Davy went along with it.
sf said on 26/Apr/06
And yet, he, himself, said he was only 5'3" in boots....hmmm....
Parker said on 25/Apr/06
sf - go to and see if you can get Davy's biography on the cheap - lots of pics in there. No way is he less than 5'3 - no way.
sf said on 24/Apr/06
Ah ha! Rob2 - that is good info. She's 5'3 in flats or shoes with low heels and Davy's in high heels and she's still taller. 5'1 and 1/2 - no taller for Davy.....
Parker said on 23/Apr/06
ok - let me ask a question. In recent interviews,and in his autobiography, he says he's 5'4 - Why would he say that if he was 5'3? I mean 5'2,5'3, 5'4 - your short! An inch is hardly going to matter - so why say it if it isn't true. He said he was 5'3 at 17 in his monkee auditions, and now he's saying 5'4. So he grew an inch after age that unusual?

Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
Your mother had that album.
J. said on 23/Apr/06
There's one Monkees album, (maybe Glenn can back me up on this if he's seen it), where the names and listings of height are listed on the album jacket. If my memory serves me correct, Davy was listed as 5'3".
sf said on 18/Apr/06
I must proove Davy is shorter!!
Parker said on 17/Apr/06
I'd agree on the 5'3 height - although I think that's his barefoot height.
sf said on 16/Apr/06
Nobody measures me at the Drivers License Station and I could easily say I'm taller. A driver's license is not proof at all. How many people lie about their weight on driver's licenses? Lots. I do believe Davy is 5'3" - in boots. Because somebody is listed at ANY height, doesn't make it so.
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
Mickey is about 5'10". I knew him going back to when we were kids. I've lost track of him over the years. He was a great guy. His dad George and my dad were close friends.
Parker said on 15/Apr/06
Well, not withstanding SF's comments below, every time I've seen him in interview or print he 'claims' he's 5'4 - obviously he could well be rounding up from 5'3 1/2, and that could be his 'out of bed' height. There are photographs of his US driving licence's over the years in his autobiography, and up to age 40 he listed 5'3. After that 5'4.........maybe he grew?
sf said on 18/Feb/06
Well, all I remember is in the show I saw that Davy, HIMSELF, "said well, in boots, 5 foot three..." If he was actually taller in boots, is being interviewed for a very important part on a new television show where they are questioning his height, don't you think he'd say, if he actually was taller in boots - well, in boots 5'5" or whatever. No, he says he's only five three in boots. I don't know what's so hard to comprehend about that.

I have read magazine articles over the years that said he was as short as 5 feet and 5 feet two. Now, Rob, here's my question. How come someone reads a quote in a magazine and you put the little "star quotation" sign by it, but when someone sees someone on TV actually SAY it, it doesn't qualify? Doesn't make much sense to me.
Parker said on 17/Feb/06
As I said in a previous post last year, I suspect the truth lies between 5'3 and 5'4. If he is 5'4 first thing in the morning he wouldn't be lying would he.? The actual words spoken at his monkee's edition where he says 'I'm 5'3' , then some smarty pants says 'in boots?' is a typical 'height joke' that short guys hear all the time.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Feb/06
In 1992 People Magazine he did say: "I'm 5 ft 4in"
sf said on 14/Feb/06
Parker - I'm just being difficult! Just having some fun. He's just one guy I've seen actually say his height, on TV, so whenever he claims he's another height, I know he's lying. I'm sure he was full grown by the time he auditioned for the Monkees, and was put on the spot, cause the producers could clearly see he wasn't very tall. That must have been why he actually told the truth about his height..
TJ said on 14/Feb/06
Parker, you make an interesting point about the amount Costner grew from 18 to 21. However, if Davy was only 4'7 at 16 and was around 5'3 (in boots) by 18, it seems he had already had his growth spurt. I can't imagine him growing much more after 18. Short guys tend to stop growing earlier than tall guys.
Parker said on 13/Feb/06
sf - what I'm saying is he said that when he was 17/18 - He was 4'7 at 16. In his book he claims he was 5'4 in his twenties.............
sf said on 12/Feb/06
No, cause he, himself, said he was only 5'3" when wearing heels! With heels! That makes him probably no taller than 5'1" and 1/2...
Parker said on 11/Feb/06
Here is a piece from 1967 screen stories:

As a child Davy had been very poor. The thought of how hard his parents worked his a mere pittance bothered him; it also bothered him that he was very small for his age. Other kids his age were growing quickly. "They looked down on me from their superior height, and I felt like a nobody," he said in one of his rare moments of self-revelation.

At 16 he was four foot seven; he was always hungry. It seemed as if he could never eat enough or grow enough. It bothered him terribly. Then he learned that small boys like himself were wanted as jockeys. "I had visions of riding winners to the cheers of a crowd, and earning lots of money, so I quit school and became an apprentice at the race track. Deep down I still wanted to be on the stage, just as I always had, but I thought my size made that impossible."

4'7 at 16, quite a growth spurt in his late teens - Could he be the 5'4 he claims?
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Aug/05
SF said about the 'making of monkees'. He first says his height is '5ft 3', but after someg guy says 'in boots' he says "In boots I'm 5ft 3. Yeah".
Parker said on 7/May/05
sf - I don't doubt for one minute he said that. In his auditions he would have been 17/18. There is a newspaper clipping in his book that lists his height at 18 at 5 feet even. At 18, Kevin Costner was 5'2" - at 21 he was 6'1.

We'll leave this one to the editor.
sf said on 5/May/05
sf - All right - I'm saying this one last time, and this is it. In, I believe, "The Making of the Monkees" which appeared on VH1 - Davy, himself, says he is only 5 foot three wearing boots. Maybe he felt put on the spot, so he didn't fudge his height, but he can't be any taller than 5'1" and 1/2 or so, if he is only five three in boots.
Parker said on 2/May/05
I live in the UK, so I don't know what the procedure is in the USA. The driving licence just had a head shot, and his D.O.B and height. Reading his book, it looks like he gained a few inches in his late teens/early twenties. There is a full length photograph of Davy with the jockey Pat Day whose height is listed at 4'11 on the internet. Davy has a good 5 inches on him.
sf said on 2/May/05
Right - so if his driver's license has him at 5'3", and he would obviously be wearing shoes/boots when he got the picture taken (I don't get my photo taken in my bare feet or socks - and, nobody has ever questioned the height I gave them at the DMV...) then, he probably really is only about 5'1" or 5'2"...Hey, I can say I'm 6 feet, but, unfortunately, I am only 5'6" and 1/2....with boots, well add a couple inches!!!
Parker said on 2/May/05
I think he is 5'3/5'4. I've read his book 'Daydream Believin' and he states he is 5'4. In it there are numerous photographs of Davy with celebrities, and also photographs of his driving licence through the years. His earlier licences had him listed at 5-3, his latest 5-4.
Rut said on 1/May/05
This guy has never been over 5 ft 3, but likely always been under, I have seen several books in where he's described as 5 ft 2, he even joked about it one time, saying this height and when I'm sitting (on a high chair of course) much taller!
sf said on 1/May/05
5'1" tops. I saw a documentary on the making of the Monkees - They showed some of the actual tapes where Davy was auditioning for the part. They asked him how tall he is. He said, "5'3"...well, in boots, 5'3"" Meaning, he was saying he was only 5 foot three when wearing, obviously a few inches shorter without them...

[Editor Rob: he really said that...surely he wasn't a 5ft 1-2 guy!]

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