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6ft 0.09in (183.1cm)
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/08
i give him 6'0 & 5/8
glenn said on 24/Nov/08
i agree.i see this guy all the time.closer to 6-1.
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/08
nearer 6 ft 1 in person ,since was looking 6 ft 0.25 in but he had converse
steve said on 20/Nov/08
why are there so many posts? and why does it matter if you are 183 or 184; is there a program for recovering from height obsession? i'm five ten btw, before you all start to bash.
Hugh said on 14/Nov/08
I think maybe a strong 184cm. Guys ignore Viper. He's talking like he's world's tallest man. lol.
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He's a solid 6 footer. He's soo funny in californication.
Hugh said on 8/Nov/08
At least 184cm. Very likely more.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
He's definately 6 foot.
Ray said on 20/Oct/08
The only reason he looked so tall in the X-Files is because he was stick thin and Gillian Anderson is tiny around 5'1" or so. He's about 6'..if I'm generous 184 cm
Ange said on 19/Oct/08
This is dead on. I have seen him in real life and he looked a legit 6'0 foot.
Mr. R said on 18/Oct/08
Initially, he was listed at 6-1 when X-Files started. But he is closer to 6 feet.
Viper said on 16/Oct/08
Hes 183cm tops.
Hugh said on 16/Oct/08
182cm is absurd! I always thought he was 6ft2. He looked really tall in the X files. 184-185cm is bang on.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
no reason to believe he's lying. in californication he does look the height of the actor who plays lew ashby (name doesn't come to mind at the moment) at times, who's 5'10.5 according to this website, but the lew character is always wearing chunky biker boots.

as pointed out in the post below, more shorter men lie about their height than true 6 ft. + guys. although it's definitely not just the 5'7 and under's who are lying a lot now. i'm a shade over 5'8 (174 cm), and regularly have guys that are maybe 5'9 max give me 6', things like that. and the usual 5'6-7 guys that claim 5'9-5'10, after which i just nod and think to myself "i'm glad i could care less".
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
true when your a legit 6 foot your more honest than a short 5'7 and under crew..very sad..i have a friend that always sais he's about my hieght and i feel bad so go along with it..he always sais hes 5'9 and when we were all deunk at a friends house i forced everyone to measure was at night 5'11 and he was 5'7 with the mornigs i'm closer to 6 foot
MHouillon said on 13/Oct/08
Strong 185cm (6'1).
hulk said on 1/Oct/08
There was a Fox Mulder's biography chart (in one episode of the X files) and his height was exactly 6 ft. I think that this his true height.
Bengalltigerr said on 7/Aug/08
In Californication he look more like 182 to me.
damo said on 17/Jul/08
I actually thought he'd be a little shorter as he's quite a slim build and he never seems to really tower over Gillian Anderson, but I can believe 6 feet.
Ray said on 26/May/08
Why do people say he's taller than what he says himself ?? He said a little over 6'. If he was 6' 1" I'm sure he would say it. Its not like 6'1" is massive, even in Hollywood. If someone says their height and it looks to you like they could claim more, then what they say is their height....unless we're talking about people who are really tall and feel selfconscious about it.
glenn said on 23/May/08
makes sense anonymous.
Anonymous said on 23/May/08
thanks glenn i have estimate him at 6 ft 0.75 in
glenn said on 22/May/08
absolutely 6-1.
sven said on 22/May/08
looks a strong 6-1 no way shorter imho
Ed Kline said on 18/Apr/08
ran into him a bit back, and looked a good 6'1 to me.
supes78 said on 26/Mar/08
When he was on Conan, he stated that he was slightly over 6 foot. I think the man is just rounding down since he's one of the rare celebs who doesn't feel it necessary to exaggerate his height.
rollabluntcallitaftermath said on 26/Mar/08
I don't see why you give the extra quarter-inch...
dmeyer said on 5/Mar/08
he looked about 6 ft 0.25 in person but he had converse so aleast 1 cm taller like 6'0.75 barefeet if you will put him at 6'0.5 aleast that will be fine
dmeyer said on 5/Mar/08
i think he is 6'0.5 in at midnight and he is 6'1.25 morning
dmeyer said on 5/Mar/08
me and frank2 both agree he is more 6'0.5 to 6'0.75 ,is there a way you can upgreat him please ,myself frank2 and glenn agree he is nearer 6 ft 1 ,he might not be 185.5 cm but he is 184 to 185 cm like 6'0.5 to 6'0.75
Minstrel Man said on 1/Jan/08
At least 6'0.5"

He provides a cool voice for the hero in the video game XIII.
glenn said on 1/Jan/08
yeah dmeyer i never understood this 6ft nonsense.seemed 6-1 to me.
dmeyer said on 31/Dec/07
thank you glenn
glenn said on 31/Dec/07
rob should put on top with pic and names..and ben stillers nose.
glenn said on 30/Dec/07
i agree.near 6-1.
dmeyer said on 30/Dec/07
i met him this guy is 184 185 range
Dennis said on 30/Dec/07
In an interview with Jeff Lyons he's mentions his height as "I'm only about 6 feet"
hulk said on 19/Nov/07
On this picture David is not taller than 182cm .
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/07
on an average sized head (9 inches long) the eyebrows are usually four inches from the top of the head.
Alex said on 6/Oct/07
With Glenn's head up to his eyebrows I would guess 5'11 and change but since his forehead is a bit bigger than normal he's 6'0 or so.
glenn said on 3/Sep/07
thats also ben stillers nose to the left.
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
In the picture above, Duchovny does look at least 4 inches taller than Glenn. If he were 6'1", he would be able to look over the top of Glenn's head, which apparently he can't.
dmeyer said on 29/Aug/07
david is 1.5 in taller than me i met him
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
also take a look from his latest Tv series californication, the shoes = elevators.

Click Here
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
nice pic with glenn.

to be perfectly honest i have watched Californication first 3 episodes and he didnt strike me once as a 6'0 footer at all, he looked a proper 5'11 most of the time like 181cm, i'm not totally sure when that ic with glenn was taken but sure as hell he lost some height, i'm sure!

im gonna say today David is 181cm without shoes and 184 or more WITH shoes.
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/07
this guy is a bit under 6'1 like 6'0.5 not 6'0.25 is too low also frank2 said 6'1 about him i say 184 185 cm you should upgeat him since we are good judger since we are 5'11ers he seemed 3 cm taller than me but i had 1 cm more shoes so 4 cm over me so 6'0.5 in easy i guess he say 6 ft because it is easier than 6'0.5
Patrick said on 8/Jul/07
Bleemo: Mitch Pileggi is taller than David even though that is only visible during very rare close ups, when facing so close they can count their respective wrinckles!
Apart from that, I do agree with you about all the other members of the cast.
I just precise that I thought as you about Mitch until I saw them in those rare close-close ups.
About David himsef, I think he has the "trick", the magic in his personality which makes him fascinating. So were actors like Alan Ladd for example and many others; we love them differently than we appreciate Dustin Hoffmann for instance. He definitely was perfect and irreplaceable in the "X" files and so is Gillian Anderson.
Bleemo said on 26/Jun/07
Wow you think Dave is a great actor coffin? I've always thought he was a bit wooden and his voice is monotonous. But he did suit the role in X files.

I've been watching a lot of that show recently and mitch Pileggi and him are almost dead on the same height, sometimes one looks taller then the other depending on posture, but I think they are the same height. Such a tall cast on the male side of things, there's only really frohike that's small.

Dave Duchovny 6'
Mitch Pileggi 6'
William B Davis 6'2.5"
Brian Thompson 6'2" (I think he's taller)
Steve Williams 6'2" (billed height, looks close to it)
Nicholas Lea 6'1"
Robert Patrick 5'11.5"
John neville 6'1.5"
Dean Haglund 5'11.5"

..and the other lone guman actor Bruce harwood is tall too and the guy who played deep throat though I cannot find their billed heights anywhere. Tallest male cast ever in a mainstream show?
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
hey rob is 184 strong possible because he looked it 6'1.25 in converse when i met him like 184 barefeet
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Yesterday I saw a rerun of The X-Files in which Duchovny appeared slightly taller than Andy Robinson (probably best known as the killer in the first Dirty Harry movie). Robinson, I believe is a six-footer. So, maybe Duchovny is closer to 6'1".
Eclipse said on 19/May/07
Someone met him and said that he was 6-4, but in looking at this picture, no way. I wonder how someone can mistake a 6-0 guy for a 6-4 guy......On that note, a guy I went to high school with that was about 5-8 asked me if I was 6-5, and I am only 6-2 at the very most.... I just don't get how someone can be THAT off.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
I think Duchovny is a flat 6-0. If he was 6-0 1/2 they would have rounded up his official height to 6-1.
dmeyer said on 19/Apr/07
he looked 6'0.25 but had converse i think he is aleast 6'0.5 in
dmeyer said on 1/Apr/07
on martin landau page frank2 say that duchovny is close to 6'1 i agree he looked aleast 6'0.5 in person
AA said on 28/Mar/07
Duchovny is 6'0.5". He's really tall as we all can see. Maybe he's 6'1" straight out of bed... so 184 cm seems to be right!
Coffin_Fodder said on 22/Feb/07
He has 9-10 inches over 184cm sounds right.
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
the height you are at 6 pm is the right one since you usualy dont shrink more
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
in person he looked under 6'1 and over 6 ft so i can buy anything fron 6'0.25 to 6'0.5
dmeyer said on 30/Jan/07
it is hard to judge someone height quick but he is easy 6 ft 0.25 in possibly 6'0.5
dmeyer said on 30/Jan/07
i met him today i walked by him 3 times the floor wasnt the best but he was easy 6'0.25 and more likely 6'0.5 like 184 strong since he looked a lidl taller than me and he was wearing converse si i had 1 cm advantage and he was steel taller so at the very least 6 ft 0.25 in and i am talking evening height since i am 5'11 at night this guy is easy 185 morning since i am 6'0.25 in my sneakers and he was easy 6'1 in converse i guess this guy is 6'0.5 in or 6'0.25 and just say 6 ft
hb45 said on 16/Jan/07
Some say he's 183cm, others say he's 184cm. So, to put an end to the debate and make anybody satisfied, let's say he's 184cm on a good day, and 183cm when he didn't sleep enough!
carl said on 1/Jan/07
how can you tell the difference between one person who is 183 and one person who is 184? its like the same to me. maybe the one with 183 looks taller than the other one who is 184.
dmeyer said on 1/Jan/07
i agree with rob i do know some guys who claim 6 ft but they look close to 184 cm so 6'0.25 glenn does look a legit 173 cm in this pics
Frank2 said on 12/Jun/06
Height Detective, that photo is bogus. It's a composite. Mitch Pileggi is 6'. In it he looks at least two inches taller than Duchovny.
MHouillon said on 11/Jun/06
184cm fits him perfect, ROb !
Height Detective said on 7/Jun/06
David Duchovny , Nicholas Lea ,Gillian Anderson , Mitch Pileggi and William Davis. Click Here
Rob , if Nicholas Lea is 6.1 then by this photo there is no way David Duchovny is 1.84 cm , he looks just 6 ft (183 cm) Please correct that.
trueheight said on 6/Apr/06
which would make Mr. Pitt 5'10. ever see Kalifornia? its a forgotten classic
dmeyer said on 31/Jan/06
in that pics he looks 6'
John said on 30/Jan/06
Hey Glenn is Ben Stiller there too, i think thats his nose in the pic
westlondon said on 26/Jan/06
yep pic just confirms what we knew already, DD is bang on , or just over, 6 foot tall
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
I could have my doubts. Seeing him beside Chris Carter he does not quite look 6 feet tall.
kenny said on 24/Nov/05
i watch a trailer game show while 6"3(1.9m)stephen king stand next to david looks 8cm taller then david while both standing abit hunch.. hes 182cm tall at most..
kenneth said on 24/Nov/05
he looks more to 181.. 182 tall in connie n carla.. even with abit hunch n a inches shoe on.. not 6ft..but almost there about

[Editor Rob: this guy is one of the few honest/genuine 183cm guy's]
CelebHeights Editor said on 31/Aug/05
From GQ, "As Duchovny hails a cab, a tall blonde woman coming into the hotel eyes him and says, "I thought you'd be taller." He looks at her. "I can be."
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/05
I recently stood next to David Duchovny, and he's at least 6 ft,maybe even taller considering he was wearing flat shoes.
Sticks said on 22/Aug/05
Funny thing is that David actually looks shorter in real life than I'd imagined him to look up close

I watched them film for a couple minutes -- because hey, it's Mulder! ... He didn't look particularly tall, which surprised me, but I guess the other actors/crew around were tall too, so he just looked average

David Duchovny is every bit as good looking in person as he is onscreen (if you find him good looking to begin with), and surprisingly not all that tall. He was taller, and broader across the shoulders, than I'd really realized; I was looking further up at him than I'd expected to have to.


I think he's around the 6' he claims. The shorter/taller-than-I-thought sightings might have to do with lifts and they might have to do with the publicity Mr. R mentioned. He did a whole movie with Brad Pitt but I can't find a picture of the two of them together at a premiere or anything. Odd, because when people do movies together, lots of pictures get taken.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup, "When i was out in LA i met David Duchovny and i was surprised by his height too. He was taller then i thought. I'm five eight and he was at least five inches taller then i am. Also a very handsome man."
Mr. R said on 19/Aug/05
When X-Files hit big, he was listed at 6-1. Only when the phenomenon died down, was he listed at 6 foot.
Viper652 said on 19/Aug/05
David looks taller in person because the other celebs who are listed at 6 feet are nowhere close to it. He is one of the very few, rare true 6 footers listed in hollywood today.
Sticks said on 19/Aug/05
From Gawker: Sitting on the bench outside of Taylor
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From Gawker, "I saw David Duchovny last night walking west on Greenwich Avenue off 7th Ave. South. Much better looking in person and quite tall!"
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From another thread on the Duchovny forum: "David looks much the same as he does on screen (although he was one of the few celebrities I've ever seen that actually appeared *taller.* Usually it's the other way qround. Yes I knew he was 6 feet, but he just seemed taller in person somehow!)"

Note, the other guy Duchovny played against on X-Files "Nicholas Lea / Krycek" has stated his height as 6ft 1 and there really wasn't much (1cm even if) difference from memory.
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From a punk newsgroup: "David Duchovny is taller in person than I thought he would be." and from same thread, "I thought the same about Bono"
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From a Duchovny newsgroup: "DD is *much* taller in person than I expected him to be. And his face is a bit more angular"
Fenster said on 17/Jul/05
Yes, Duchovny's height is 6 ft 0 (1,83). In the movie Kalifornia (1993) he's aparently 2 or 3cm taller than Brad Pitt (1,81).
Josh said on 25/Jun/05
I think his a full 6ft (183cm) with no shoes , and with shoes 6'1 (185cm)

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