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6ft 1.55in (186.8cm)
Ayy_Lmao said on 12/Jan/16
Ezio his japanese height have him at 6ft.
Haye needs to be down graded to 6ft1
EzioAuditore711 said on 7/Jan/16
How tall is Mark de Mori? 6 foot flat?
Andrea said on 6/Jan/16
Both him and Anthony look around an inch shorter with Rob and Wlad... Maybe Big G should consider a boxing career, so he can be listed nearer 5'8 in this site too :)
TJE said on 6/Jan/16
David's posture cancels out his footwear advantage; 6'2 is fine.
... said on 6/Jan/16
Click Here First picture on the article, David Haye next to Cruisweight boxer Wadi Camacho who is 6'3, looking 6'1.5 at best.
Danny 1.98m said on 5/Jan/16
Met him earlier today, he was wearing Nike roshe runs and was about 2 inches under me? 6"2.75 -6"3
Emil 183 cm said on 27/Dec/15
You sure that's just a 0.5 inch shoe difference? Looks a bit more to me like 0.6-0.65
Haye looks 6'1.5 to me +/- 1/4 inch honestly.
6'2 is a bit generous in My book
Editor Rob: some nike air max can give 1.3 inch. I couldn't say if it was that big, so thought it was nearer 1.1 inch.
Emil 183 cm said on 27/Dec/15
The Exorcist said on 5/Dec/15
David is looking a lot heavier than he used to be. It might not be a good move to come back to boxing at his current size as his strongest attribute was speed.

About his height: Even though they're both losing height in the photo above, Rob will be below his eyes.

Bro, Haye has always been huge... standing next to Rob (whos fairly big him self ;) ) doesnt really make him look any smaller
Johno said on 24/Dec/15
In that shot, both parties are leaning somewhat and knowing that Haye has a high eyeline and small forehead, it gives an illusion that he is taller then he really is.

Take his mammoth 0.5 inch footwear advantage into account, he would be lucky to have 4.5 inches over Rob.

I am going to give him a very fair height estimate of 6'1. Take that above picture apart step-by-step and you will derive a height ceiling of 6'1. He is not even an inch taller then a 6'0 Froch.

Haye 6'1
movieguy said on 22/Dec/15
I did write that he looked big on Catchphrase. Since then I've read a Boxing News article about boxer's heights which says that they are often inflated. The author states that he saw Haye next to a 6'3'' colleague and Haye was more than an inch shorter. Haye is estimated at 6' 1.5'' by this guy and I think this probably correct. In this article it states that Muhammad Ali was 6' 2.5'' at one point in his career but then suddenly jumped to 6'3''. The earlier and lesser height is probably the correct one according to the author. Apparently though Joe Calzaghe was a genuine 6ft guy although he was given as 5'11'' for much of his career. Calzaghe himself had no idea where the 5'11'' height came from. Also Lennox Lewis was bang on 6'5'' although often given as 6' 4 3/4''. Carl Froch said himself that he was slightly under 6'1''. Loved this article if your a height fan than worth searching for.
Crane said on 20/Dec/15
He's more like a 6'1 1/2 guy for me.
Mike said on 19/Dec/15
6'2" is quite tall. Why bother with the extra inch?
Big John McCarthy said on 14/Dec/15
He's a big guy but at 6'2" he never looked it next to other heavyweights.
Tunman said on 12/Dec/15
Looks about 4" shorter than Klitschko who might be 6'5.5 possibly.I hardly see this guy over 6'1.5 honestly.
movieguy said on 12/Dec/15
He's on Catchphrase right now. Looks really big although other guests Louie Walsh and woman off Loose Woman not tall. I always doubted this guys height thought he nowhere near his given 6'3'' but have to revise my opinion.
Nick said on 10/Dec/15
Haye with 196cm Audley Harrison Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Dec/15
Looks solid 6'2 guy here
TJE said on 7/Dec/15
Yup, 6'2 it is.
Aza said on 6/Dec/15
As both Rob and Haye have similar posture would have to say he does look 6'2 even with footwear advantage.
Nobody said on 5/Dec/15
Yeah I'll just take it as 6'2

He looks the same height as Dwayne Johnson in their pictures together. Haye also looks to be the same height as his next opponent Mark De Mori who is listed at 6'2.
The Exorcist said on 5/Dec/15
David is looking a lot heavier than he used to be. It might not be a good move to come back to boxing at his current size as his strongest attribute was speed.

About his height: Even though they're both losing height in the photo above, Rob will be below his eyes.
S.J.H said on 5/Dec/15
Not even 6'3 with shoes. Let alone 6'2. He could more possible be 6'1.25 but also 6'.1.5 thats how he look in some full pictures
twotwothree said on 5/Dec/15
6'1 no taller then Chisora
EzioAuditore711 said on 4/Dec/15
If Wlad is 6'5" Haye is 6'1".
will said on 3/Dec/15
6'1 at the most. So many boxers exaggerating their height and Haye really doesn't look like a tall man. Looked about the same height as chisora sometimes bigger sometimes smaller awell. Blocked me on twitter for calling him out on claiming 6'3 aswell so must have hit a nerve. Think the height to compare to is klits as he is a genuine 6'6 and he looked at least 5 inches taller if not more
CD said on 2/Dec/15
Andrea, I think David looks closer to the height of Challenger 5 Click Here This would make more sense with how Rob thinks he looked in person (over 6ft 2 but not 6ft 3). Actually challenger 5 and 8 (the plumber) don't look hugely different - the average user guess was less than a 1/4 inch between the two challengers...

Rob, would you say Haye was around the height of challenger no. 5? 6ft 2.25ish? I know it's hard to compare to him or the plumber with his hairstyle!
Editor Rob: A guy who was with me in the queue - I watched him with haye - and this guy is close to 6ft 4 if he stands up tall, haye was no less than 6ft 2 with him and their sneakers were much nearer...

but then, with all that hair maybe that can add to an illusion, with his flatter hair his eyeleve isn't that low or anything.

challenger 5's height alters, he does night shifts so I caught him at his 'not too long out of bed' height.
Andrea said on 2/Dec/15
CD, here is a ROUGH comparison with the 6'1.5 plumber: Click Here
I wouldn't say David is any taller than him, so let's say he's near 6'1.5 in the photo... Take away the 0.5 inches advantage and you have somewhere around 6'1 flat, at least IN THE PHOTO!
That's why i said he looks 6'1.5 at best (to be fair, he doesn't even look that tall with Rob)...
Editor Rob: it is not impossible haye is a fraction under 6ft 2
Modeus said on 2/Dec/15
Rob have you met anthony joshua at this event? (sorry for bad english)
Emil 183 cm said on 1/Dec/15
6'2 is actually quite average for a Pro heavyweight. At least slightly under
CD said on 1/Dec/15
Looks 6 inches taller than Rob, a solid 6ft 2, minus the footwear and he could be a weak 6ft 2. I wouldn't say 6ft 1.5 at most, I'd say 6ft 1.5 at the least.
qartt said on 1/Dec/15
if he is a solid 6'2 should you not increase wladimir to 6'5 and 3/4
184.3cm (Night) said on 29/Nov/15
I remember seeing alot of pics with David and Dwayne Johnson the last couple of years. Sometimes David is taller, sometimes Dwayne. It does seem that Johnson has lost height and is in that 6'2 range as well based on this.

In that video at 4.10 that guy John looks 6' tops, i would have said a weak six footer when he stands side by side with David.
Andrea said on 29/Nov/15
No, there are some athletes who get "officially" measured, but not every listing comes from a measurement! This guy claims 6'3 but he doesn't even look 6'2, why should he be listed at his claim when he's clearly a good inch shorter than that AT LEAST?
DRK said on 28/Nov/15
Why is it every person on this site is given an inch or so less than they clearly state they are? Not everyone lies about their height. He is an athlete and has been measured.
mj said on 28/Nov/15
Click Here

rob pls watch from 4.10.. john doesnt seem much shorter than haye, even with a bad posture.. hes 184 cms.... pls dont downgrade indian actors....also hrithik roshan is atleast 5'11...
James B said on 28/Nov/15
Rob he looks much wider with you compared to others pics I have seen him in.

He certainly ain't massive height wise for a boxer
Andrea said on 28/Nov/15
Connor, you can read above "He has said he was 6ft 3"... You should think twice before you write :)
He does claim 6'3 so, if you consider that he doesn't even look a full 6'2, i call that a "G-claim"!
Rob says he looked over 6'2 but he doesn't look taller than the plumber for some reason, which would make him more 6'1 flat! Now maybe 6'1 flat is a bit too low but i wouldn't call this guy a big 6'2! That also would put Wlad more 6'6 than 6'5 (and he himself said to be 6'5 a lot of times)!
Editor Rob said on 28/Nov/15
From seeing him about that day, I thought he looked over 6ft 2 but not as tall as 6ft 3...take away more footwear I thought he could be 6ft 2. As a side, Haye did tweet this mini clip I took: Click Here but deleted it...maybe he saw I had him at 6ft 2 on here! ;)
Big C said on 27/Nov/15
Could david be a 6ft 2.5 guy rob?
Big C said on 27/Nov/15
@Andrea someone at 6'1.5 claiming 6'2 is hardly a "G-claim", get serious, rounding up a fraction/half inch isn't that bad infact it really isnt much at all but in reality it would be very difficult to spot the difference between a 6'1.5 guy and a 6'2 guy, Glenn claimed 1.5-2 inches over his real height thats bad, saying 6'2 at 6'1.5 is almost nothing there's nothing wrong with that, when I was 16 I was 5'11.5/182cm and I claimed 6'0 then and no one called me out, as I said it would take a keen eye to spot a half inch difference.
Moke said on 27/Nov/15
Wow cool picture, Rob. He's definitely in this range! It's not 6'1 as I thought until now.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 27/Nov/15
Taller than the Rock you say???

Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 27/Nov/15
Rob, your impression in person was 6'2" as well? He does look somewhere in that general neighborhood in the picture.
Jim Hopper said on 27/Nov/15
Weak 6-2" is possible. 6-1 or just over might be more real due to the hair add on.
Andrea said on 27/Nov/15
Hard to say where his head "ends" with all that hair, but does he really look taller than the 6'1.5 plumber here? Take away the shoe advantage and he looks more a strong 6'1 than 6'2! Something which isn't crazy if you look at him with strong 6'5 Wlad, he can look near 4 inches shorter in some photos! Let's say weak 6'2 to be generous :)
His claim sound like a "G-claim"... 6'1.5 at most!
George said on 27/Nov/15
I'm liking this picture a lot. Proves a few things; he is 6ft2 and the rock is taller so he has to be around 6ft3. Nice. Also Rob could you possibly look into Gennady Golovkin? I've just read an interview with James Degale saying that Golovkin was 5ft8. He's strangely listed as 5ft10 and a half. Also do you think Haye is a legit 6ft2?
The Exorcist said on 27/Nov/15
Great picture, Rob! The full 6'2" is believable.
movieguy said on 27/Nov/15
Looks taller than I expected. 6'2'' if not quite 6'3''. Shows how big Wlad Klitschko really is.
Rory said on 4/Oct/15
Looked at least 6'2 when i saw him in London. With his hair in an afro could easily pull off 6'3. Hes not under 6'2 I promise you that. Id say 6'2.5 personally.
The Exorcist said on 30/Sep/15
I think there's enough pictures out there to show he ain't 6'3". I personally think he's a weak 6'2" (6'1.75"). Deontay Wilder is 6'6" range.

Click Here
tashbeast said on 30/Sep/15
6 ft 3 is an outrageous claim. Looks slightly shorter than genuine 6 ft 1.5 Derek Chisora in several pics of them together. 6 ft 1 on a good day for Haye.
Jimbob said on 23/Sep/15
Looked at today's photo of Tyson Fury squaring of to Wlad at their press conference. Hardly anything in it. I'm struggling to see 6feet8 for Fury unless Wlad is wearing lifts
Moke said on 3/Sep/15
Ok. maybe it's a good decision to put Haye a bit under 6'2. We cannot see footwear of course, but here are 3 different instances with 6 foot Froch and he doesn't even look close to it.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Hugo said on 23/Aug/15
Click Here
boxingman23 said on 9/Aug/15
lol jennings is more like 6 ft 1 pulev is more like 6 ft 2 no where near their claims trust me
Jamesboii said on 26/Jul/15
End of discussion boys, refer to this video for hard evidence that haye is nowhere near 6'3 even in the morning i wouldn't give him 6'1 Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Oh_YEA said on 19/Jun/15
6'3 Jennings with Klitschko
Click Here
"6.4'5" Pulev with Klitschko
Click Here

I also think Haye is 6'1 his stare down with Chisora he was eye to eye
EaglesLegendz said on 4/Mar/15
Haye is 6'1. Certaintly looks it with 6'5 Vladimir
Arch Stanton said on 23/Feb/15
Pulev looks more 6'3 range with Klitchko.
EzioAuditore711 said on 21/Feb/15
Pulev isn't 6'4.5'' then. I knew it.
Oh_YEA said on 18/Feb/15
hes not 6'3. Wlad admitted twice to being 6'5 and there was a good 3-4 inches in the stare down center ring, boxers and mma are always iffy in there measurements. And with Pulev, in the amatuers Glazkov was listed 6'2 who in center ring was exact height as Rossy who Pulev looked like he was 1" tops taller
Hugo said on 17/Jan/15
Haye loves a pair of big trainers, I honestly don't think he's 6'2. He's only a 1/4 of an inch taller than Derek Chisora, and I'm being generous. Height listings in boxing are known to be iffy, for example, Sky Sports list Froch at 6'1, and Groves at 5'11. There's not much between them, never 2 inches.
[Editor Rob: there's no magic with Froch Groves. Froch says he's 6ft, Groves says he's 5ft 11.]
EzioAuditore711 said on 15/Jan/15
Unless Haye is wearing lifts Enzo is less than 6'4''. If Haye is 6'1'' Maccarinelli is 6'2.5''. Maybe Haye is 6'1.5''. In that case I can see Enzo at 6'3''. No way he's 6'4'' though.
Moke said on 13/Jan/15
He's nothing under 6'2''. Here with 6'4'' Enzo Maccarinelli: Click Here
EzioAuditore711 said on 12/Jan/15
Is 6'3.5'' really too low for Pulev, though? He sure didn't look more than that next to Wlad.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
Click Here Look at that side photo of Fury, the legs remind me of that 6'8 tennis player Andy Murray played a while back. I don't think he's under 6'8". Doubt a full 6'9" though. Somewhere in 203-04 cm range.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
Click Here There for instance you'd think him average height without seeing his body!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
Funny thing is that Tyson Fury has the face of a short/average man with a huge body!
Hugo said on 9/Jan/15
I think maybe 6'3.5 is a bit low for Kubrat. He did look an inch shorter than Tony Thompson, who I believe is a genuine 6'5.
EzioAuditore711 said on 9/Jan/15
Or maybe Haye and Pulev are shorter than listed. I think Haye is 6'1'' and Pulev rather 6'3.5'' than 6'4.5''.
Hugo said on 8/Jan/15
I'm an avid boxing fan, and here are my estimations:
Haye - 6'1.25 - Not 6'3 like he claims, was well shorter than 6'4 Enzo Maccarenelli
Fury - 6'8.5
Price - 6'8.5
Wilder - 6'7
Klitschko - 6'6.25
Pulev - 6'4
Chisora - 6'1 - Definitely over 6'0 guys like Supermiddle weights DeGale and Froch, but very, very close in height to David Haye, almost identical.
Joshua - 6'5
Promoter Eddie Hearn is also taller than the average, I've heard him claim he's 6'4-6'5 in interviews. I think 6'4 is more believable personally when compared to:
Tony Bellew 6'2.25-6.25
Nathan Cleverly 6'1.75-6'2
Scott said on 4/Jan/15
Fury looked about an inch taller than 6'7 1/2 Ustinov, who is a little taller than Vitali Klitschko who used to promote him.

Fury is also taller than 6'7 Deontay Wilder and noticeably taller than 6'6 Wladimir Klitschko.

Fury looks the same height as David Price in a recent photo of them together at an airport and also in their amateur fight. Price is billed as 6'8, but confusingly describes himself as 6'9. And looks at least that next to 6'6 Anthony Joshua.

Heights of boxers are almost impossible to pin down, especially the huge guys!

If I had to bet my mortgage on it I'd say Fury is taller than 6'8 and less than 6'9.

Re. Pulev & Haye looking small next to Wlad at the weigh in stare downs, I have often wondered if Wlad wears lifts to intimidate opponents as in the ring there was not much difference vs Pulev but a huge difference at the weigh in?!!
EzioAuditore711 said on 3/Jan/15
Is Tyson Fury really 6'9''? He looks about 6'7'', but 6'9''? if Hughie Fury is 6'6'' Tyson could be 6'8'' but no more.
[Editor Rob: could be a 6ft 8 guy]
EzioAuditore711 said on 3/Jan/15
It's pretty well known that Wladimir is 6'6''.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/15
@Rob What's "to be fair he did tweet a short clip I made of him, so maybe he should be given 6ft 3 as his reward.]" all about? Did you meet him at a convention? Was he taller than expected? I always said he could look 189 at times but with Vladimir can look at low as 6'1" range unless Vlad really is 6'6 range.
EzioAuditore711 said on 31/Dec/14
Nooooooooooo. But seriously was he much taller than someone like Chisora or Froch? I don't believe it. And would you say that Pulev is 6'4.5''? He looked about 3 inches shorter than Wladimir.
EzioAuditore711 said on 26/Dec/14
He's 6'1'' and wears thick shoes.
[Editor Rob: to be fair he did tweet a short clip I made of him, so maybe he should be given 6ft 3 as his reward.]
Peter Jones said on 12/Dec/14
In the weigh-in for their fight, Wladimir Klitschko looked at least 7" taller than Haye. If Klitschko is 6'5" - as he says - rather than the 6'6" he's listed, it would make Haye no more than 5'10". He's probably even a shade shorter than that, as the height difference looks more in the shots where Klitschko is not having to look down at Haye for the cameras.
Andrea said on 16/Nov/14
Did he look 6'2 in person, Rob?
I think 6'2 is the most you can argue and there's a good chance he dips a little below it... Maybe similar to a guy like del Rio?
[Editor Rob: taller than Del Rio in person...but he had more sneakers.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/14
Strong 6ft2. Boxers get measured. This guy probably measured 6ft3 early morning
ray said on 31/Oct/14
Phil Taylor is not 173cm 5'8, I asked how Tall he was on his website and they replied he is 5ft7, And he looks 5'7 max to me not that sure he does not look as high as 5'8 vibram even though he gets listed at that height.

But Phil Taylor official website said 5ft7 so I am guessing that is more reliable?
[Editor Rob: yes I'd go with about 5ft 7 for taylor]
lee said on 31/Oct/14
Andy Murray looks taller than Haye but Murray might be underbilled on here slighly still a chance he is above 6'2 or 188cm.

Possible Murray is 6'2- 6'2.5 and Haye is a weak 6'2
HeightMan said on 31/Oct/14
185cm at most!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/14
Solid 188cm is fair.
Vibram said on 5/Oct/14
I think he's 6ft1 or 185cm...186cm. Click Here With confirmed 6ft Carl Froch (whom Rob is pictured with on this site).

Also with 5ft8 / 173cm Phil Taylor Click Here
matt said on 4/Aug/14
Rob, You have Haye at 6'2- 188 and Murray at 6'2- 188 when its clear Andy Murray is a bit taller than him, Either Murray is above 6'2 or Haye is under 6'2
Jed said on 2/Aug/14
6'2? Wlad is 4+ inches taller than him and claims 6'5.
Berek said on 20/Jul/14
The image in your link, rockfellas, suggests Haye is about 2 - 2.5" shorter than Lennox Lewis. The picture is misleading because Lewis is clothed, Haye is shirtless, which highlights a discrepancy in shoulder level. Look at the line of the top of their heads. Audley Harrison on the left looks about 1 - 1.5" above Lewis.
rockfellas said on 6/Jul/14
again with legit 6'4"-6'4.25"(193-194cm)lennox lewis. Lewis in the middle, haye on the right (lewis' left):Click Here

Minimum 4-5inches(10-13cm) of difference between lewis and haye.
This haye is max 6ft(183cm) barefoot. Is it so difficult to understand?
what? said on 31/May/14
Idiots still judge pictures without seeing shoes? wow
jimbo said on 21/Apr/14
If haye is.only 5ft11 then calzaghe is apparently only 5ft8 thats ridiculous he's about 6ft2 because he's only slightly shorter than Andy Murray who I think is 6ft3 some of these other pictures are not full length so are distorted
Rhonda said on 21/Mar/14
He is certainly 6ft to 6ft1 max. He was same height as Miranda Hart. He had a slight footwear advantage over Hart on Sportrelief, so he would be smaller than Hart. Hart had like a converse type low sports footwear. I think also footballer David Ginola 5ft11-6ft was with them who was a little smaller than both say an inch or inch and half smaller, he was wearing a small heel shoe.
MD said on 25/Feb/14
With the Rock:

Click Here

Obviously, that picture with Lennox isn't large enough to really tell anything and the angles are really off.

Anyway, how tall is Indian actor John Abraham, really, judging from this pic?

Click Here

I ask, because he's listed at 6'0" and 6'1" everywhere and that can't possibly be the case. Haye is actually given an angle advantage in this shot, too.
rockfellas said on 21/Feb/14
please please. After schwarzenegger, lou ferrigno, hulk hogan,... i see also david haye in this "overestimated sizes world"...tired..
Click Here

here legit 6'4.25"(194cm) lennox lewis with haye. Lewis in the middle, Haye on the right is CLEARLY 4 FULL INCHES shorter than lewis. So haye is 6ft, max max max 6'1" to be extra generous. Anything over 6'1" is out of real. Please.
Joe joe said on 20/Feb/14
Met him last night. He defo not 6'3. More 6'2 I would peg him at 1m88cm. Took a photo with him and had a cm or so on him. I had shoe advantage in DMs and he had thin soled sneakers on but I'm 6'1 and rarely feel taller than 6'3 guys even with shoes advantage. I defo felt taller than David so there is no way he is over 6,2 to me. I think 1'88 is a good fit.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/14
He looked the same height as Bristow in the jungle and I think Brisco has also claimed 6'3" and you said he looked 6'2" range in person.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/14
He looked the same height as Brisco in the jungle and I think Brisco has also claimed 6'3" and you said he looked 6'2" range in person.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/14
I think he'd measure a solid 6'3" in sneakers, barefoot I could buy 188-189cm. It's difficult to buy him at a legit 6'3 next to Klitchko who is probably a legit 197cm but at times he can look near it. I doubt he'd be under 6'2 anyway.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/14
Anyway who thinks he's 6'1 see Click Here with Amir Khan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/14
Rob, could Hayes be 189cm?
[Editor Rob: I think 6ft 2 is an ok fit for him...when he raises his eyes up he can probably look over 6ft 2 to people]
teej said on 13/Jan/14
Click Here go to 0:39, david haye is 5'11 with thick boxing shoes on, when he stands next to the height chart/picture of valuev. What do you think Rob? Boxers heights are exaggerated so much nowadays!
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't put that much weight on the only have to go to image search and type in carl froch and david haye to see he's taller than a 6 foot guy. It's always though, 'how much over six foot does David really stand'!]
Jack said on 8/Jan/14
The same happens with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he is supposed to be 6ft5 but next to Paul Walker who is 6ft1 they're both the same height. Carl Froch said himself that he is only 5ft11-6ft so David Haye is round about 6ft1-6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/13
I think he's around 6ft2-6ft3. Boxers are measured, aren't they?
[Editor Rob: at some point, but not by any regulatory body or anything. This is same as tennis players - I asked the Lawn Tennis about it and they said they don't measure them.]
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 6/Nov/13
Haye could be 6'2, but he's not any taller.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 4/Nov/13
Wladimir claims 6'5. He's looks close to 4 four inches over Haye
Click Here
Emil said on 18/Sep/13
Johno says on 10/Jun/13
Click Here

Haye and froch.

Froch is pictured with rob (check carl froch page) rob has him at 6'0. I think he can look 5'11.75 - 6'0. Haye is 0.5 inches taller then froch.

Haye is max 6'0.5. Definently below 6'1.

froch 6'0
haye 6'0.5

You cannot judge from that picture at all. They are both standing on a sidewalk/street Road etc. and its highly unlikely that the Ground is flat.

In this picture, Haye looks 2 inches taller Click Here
Emil said on 16/Sep/13
His posture is horrible at times. I believe he's 6'1.5
matt said on 31/Aug/13
Go look on his instagram he just posted a picture of him and rita ora who is suppose to be 5 foot 5 and it looks like he has 7 inches on her which would make him 6 foot... but i agree he is in the range of 6 foot to 6 foot 2
Dave said on 25/Aug/13
David Haye is taller than 6ft2in (188cm) he is about 6ft3inch and a 1/2 tall (192cm)which leaves him 5 and a half inchs shorter than 6ft9inch(206cm)Tyson Fury.
Dave said on 25/Aug/13
David Haye looks a legit 6'3 and a 1/2 inch tall (192cm) which leaves him about 5 and a 1/2 inchs shorter than 6ft9inch(206cm)Tyson Fury.
Rhonda said on 23/Aug/13
Next to 5ft5 Charlie Brooks.

Click Here
SAK said on 5/Aug/13
Here next to Andy Murray(6f2.5/189cm). Click Here

Haye is no shorter then 187cm. 188cm is better fit for him. 6f1 claims are ridiculous and basic trolling.
miko said on 4/Aug/13
The height variation for Haye is ridiculous, he can look anywhere from 6'0 up to 6'3.
miko said on 23/Jul/13
Tyson Fury is at least 6'8 and probably closer to 6'9.
Gourab94 said on 19/Jul/13
He's taller than chisora . But shorter than The Rock . Exact 6'2 .. but not 6' 3" at all .
Kyuss said on 5/Jul/13
hes 6-1 or just over it,imo not a true 6-2" guy ever.
Petrolhead said on 25/Jun/13
@jackson Boxrec does not give real heights, it provides stated heights given to them by the boxer or his team. Chisora is 183-185cm max.
jackson said on 20/Jun/13
Hey guys, I think it's time to end up the discussion about his height. Just take a look at the weigh-in between him an Chisora, both are barefoot and face to face. Chisora is listed at 187cm on boxrec and they are pretty much the same height. So 6'2 for Haye is O.K. but only in the morning, it's definitely his max height. Click Here
Petrolhead said on 19/Jun/13
@MD Tinie is 5'8 wow, Haye looks 5'11 in the pic then.
Petrolhead said on 18/Jun/13
Haye with 5'9 Tinie Tempah Haye looks around 183cm here.
Click Here
But he can look at 6'2 from time to time.
dave said on 17/Jun/13
king has got it spot on the rock is 6'2 and audley is a known lift wearer who claims he's 6'6. Haye is 6'0.5-6'1.5
Johno said on 10/Jun/13
The only way haye can be a flat 6'0 or a bit below is if the difference between rob and froch was only 3.5 inches and froch is actually 5.11.5 and haye at 6'0 flat.

Keeping froch around 6'0 and haye at 6'0.5 might be better.
Johno said on 10/Jun/13
Click Here

Haye and froch.

Froch is pictured with rob (check carl froch page) rob has him at 6'0. I think he can look 5'11.75 - 6'0. Haye is 0.5 inches taller then froch.

Haye is max 6'0.5. Definently below 6'1.

froch 6'0
haye 6'0.5
TheTruth said on 14/May/13
David Haye is most likely about 5'11".
Charr is supposed to be 6'4", so look at that picture.

Click Here
king said on 29/Apr/13
Look guys ill just end it here, haye wears lifts in his shoes which is why hes taller than the rock who is 6ft2 haye is 6ft barefoot audley is 6ft4 and has been known to wear lifts at some press conferences. Wladimir is legit 6ft5 and vitali at 6ft6.
Ice said on 27/Apr/13
lol theres this 19 year old guy in my school who claims 6'3.75 , even tho he is like 6'1.75 lol ; all these guys who are a tad under 6'2 claiming heights over 6'3 hahaha , its so ridicilous because hes bareley taller than me , 15 6'0.5 , and claims to be 6'3.75
alan brisco said on 25/Apr/13
totally agree with you tashbeast. People don't seem to realize how tall a legit 6'3" guy really is. Maybe 5'11" for him is underestimated, but 6ft-max 6'1" is more realistic for this haye. Nothing more. There was a pic with a height chart behind him, for the valuev fight, and his top head was clearly at the same level of 6ft. With shoes on.................
tashbeast said on 19/Apr/13
Yeah his claim of 6'3" is pretty ridiculous. People don't seem to realise how tall a legit 6'3"guy really is. 6'1".5 tops.
F said on 11/Apr/13
Met him twice. I'm a solid 6'3 (in the morning around 6'3.5 and just over 6'3 in evening) and I was only marginally taller than him. I would say 6'2 minimum but probably around 6'2.5
Clay said on 1/Apr/13
I think he s solid 6 ft 2 and 6 ft 2.75 in the morning maybe
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/13
Audley Harrison? For a start he's an easy 6'5" and can look a full 6'6" a lot. Yes Haye could look 6'1" in comparison but 5'11" is hilarious
Jase_ace_uk said on 28/Mar/13
David standing next to The Rock. Haye looks a good inch taller.
Click Here
alan brisco said on 21/Mar/13
did you see him in front of harrison for their fight? please!!! harrison who is a legit 6'4" towered haye at least by 3/4 inches!!!
so this haye is 5'.11" - 6ft (180-183 cm), nothing more
Theman said on 14/Mar/13
Yeah this is pretty good height more or less for Haye. I thought he was more 6 foot 1 def not as tall as 6,3 as he stated. So hes max height low 6 foot 2 prob 187cm 6,1.5 most of time I think. He is just not taller than the 6 foot flat guys by enough to be 6,3 you can see that clearly.
Emil said on 14/Mar/13
I think he's 6'1.5
Johno said on 12/Mar/13
He is about 6'0.5
James said on 28/Feb/13
6'1.75. His 6'3 claim is daft.
jimbo said on 26/Feb/13
Although he does look short compared to Harrison and wlad but think he was playing the shorter guy against those so was maybe crouching. Also so.e pictures have strange camera angles I think haye is 6'2 he looks huge on im a celebrity against alot of average height people
jimbo said on 26/Feb/13
David hate uses a wide boxing stance so looks shorter I have pictures of him and Ruiz looking eye to eye Ruiz is 6:2 and looking only an inch 2 inch max shorter than maccarinelli.
koki said on 20/Feb/13
I think that Haye is only 6'2 in the morning. But he's definite a solid 6'1 guy...
fffff said on 18/Feb/13
just don't buy 6'2
Arch Stanton said on 18/Feb/13
187cm is possible, he doesn't look under it though. Looks 187 next to Calzaghe.
alan brisco said on 11/Feb/13
no way he is taller than 6'.1". he is 6ft - 6'.1".
SAK said on 5/Feb/13
Haye with 5f11.5(182cm) Joe Calzahe.

Click Here
Trent said on 31/Jan/13
Actually he looked about an inch taller to me, and Paul claims 6'1. I'm not sure if he actually is that or not though.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Jan/13
Percy says on 28/Jan/13

"He's nowhere near 6ft1 never mind 6ft2 or 3"

That's laughable as he had an easy 6 inches on Ant McPartlin and 8-9 inches on Declan Donnelly. Ant is around 5 ft 8.
Percy said on 28/Jan/13
He was on the Paul O'Grady show who's 6ft and David Hayes was about the same. The video of him at 6ft in shoes is about right. He's nowhere near 6ft1 never mind 6ft2 or 3.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jan/13
He looks more 6'1" next to big Audley who looks near 5 inches taller than Haye and a lot heavier build. but I agree with SAK after seeing him on I'm a Celebrity.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jan/13
Junior31 says on 24/Jan/13
Not a full 6'2. In SAKs photo below he has some serious heel in those boots. I've never seen a fighter actually be the height he's listed. Consistently an inch more listing for the ppl of the fight game is the norm

Audley Harrison is close to his listing.
Jamesy said on 24/Jan/13
He looks 6'1 in the PR photo
SAK said on 24/Jan/13
@Red183, I dont think Khan is as low as 170/5f7. He is most likely 173/5f8.

I think Hayes has shoe advantage in the pic I posted. I dont see anything lower then 188/6f2 for Haye.
Junior31 said on 24/Jan/13
Not a full 6'2. In SAKs photo below he has some serious heel in those boots. I've never seen a fighter actually be the height he's listed. Consistently an inch more listing for the ppl of the fight game is the norm
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/13
In all fairness Vlad generally always looks a full 6'6" but it is possible he was measured at 197cm and rounded down of course. But he's obviously a guy who is a strong 6'5" and pretty much 6'6" at some point in the day. I think his brother does about about 1.5 on him though so if he is 201 rather than 202 then Vlad I think would be about 197 rather than 198.
SAK said on 22/Jan/13
Here he is with Amir Khan(174/5f8.5).

Click Here

Haye does not 6ft or 6f1. He looks at least 6f2, if not more.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jan/13
Agree completely SAK and joe joe. He looked a pretty solid 6'2 on I'm a Celebrity, I doubt he'd be under 187 at lowest. Granted he can look 6'1" next to Klitchko at times. Rob are you going to start a page for Vlad? You've started a few other boxers of late. I'd go with 6'5.5" or 6'5.75 based on what he was supposed to have said, I certainly wouldn't list him at a flat 6'5" as he claimed on the BBC.
[Editor Rob: I think he might be modest and be one of those guys who rounds down]
John said on 21/Jan/13
Glad to see David Haye up here at last. The most exaggerated 6'3" claiming guy I've ever seen. I would even say he is a little less that 6'2" to be honest.
SAK said on 20/Jan/13
I don't get the 183-186cm(6ft-6f1) guesses for Haye.

I can't see anything lower then 187cm/6f1.5. 6f2 is acceptable. Most likely, 6f2 is his early midday height. And dips slightly below 6f2 late night.
joe joe said on 20/Jan/13
seen david haye in person he is defo not 6'1 which is my height. I would put him at a clear 6'2 maybe at the lowest 187
tom said on 20/Jan/13
no way 6-3,6-1 maximum.
mId said on 19/Jan/13
Click Here
And here they angled it(tyson-height-chart-style) so he'll be his listed 6'3 ;) I don't know.. he looks about 6-6'1 from what little I've seen, but haven't really studied him so I can't say. Don't think he's 6'3 though.
[Editor Rob: it looks like it might have been printed 2 inches smaller than it should have.]
mId said on 19/Jan/13
Click Here
Here is the same chart and with ricky hatton(if I'm not mistaken) and haye.
Trent said on 19/Jan/13
I stick by my 6'0.25 estimate, Arch:

Mike Tyson, met and confirmed at 5'10, with Don King recently: Click Here

Now how does Haye hold up to King? Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jan/13
Rob has also met Eric Bristow and said that he looked a legit 6'2" er. Bristow and Haye were the same height on I'm a Celebrity. Haye could look 6'3" next to Ant and Dec in hiking boots. Trust me, he's not under 6'1". As I said you could argue 6'1.5" or 6'1" range but anything under that is silly.
Trent said on 19/Jan/13
If that chart is right Haye would have to be about 5'10 barefoot: Click Here

I simply can't see him quite that low. He is taller than Don King, who is still taller than Mike Tyson, who Rob has met so is confirmed 5'10 range. So that chart must be improperly scaled.

I do think he needs quite a downgrade though. I think a 6'0.25 listing would be great for Haye.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jan/13
Trent, seriously... Even a flat 6'1" would be tight. You could argue 6'1" range for him but he is undoubtedly taller than 6'1". In comparison to Hugo Taylor who claims 6'4" and does look a legit 192cm guy, Haye looked 6'2" flat.
miko said on 18/Jan/13
To be fair Valuev isn't 7'1 so that height chart might be about 2 inches out, but even if it is, Haye is coming up short.
Trent said on 18/Jan/13
@mId: Much as I believe David Haye needs a serious downgrade, if that height chart was correct, minus the shoes Haye would be something like 5'10, which is clearly out the realm of possibility. Most likely whoever made that didn't bother scaling it correctly.
mId said on 18/Jan/13
I posted a video a while ago where he stands next to a height-chart and is no more than 6 in shoes, but people thought it might be something wrong with the chart. Click Here 0:38 is where he stands next to it.
Mathew said on 17/Jan/13
Wlad is at least a strong 196 cm type like Peyton Manning. He could be more 197 cm + too. 6'5" and change is likely. Haye up to 6'2" is believable but no taller than that.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
The lowest I think he could be is 6'1.5" and the tallest I think he could be 6'2.25.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
197cm for Wlad would be a good guess.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
Honestly he never looked under 6'2 on I'm a Celebrity, same height as Eric Bristow who Rob as met and said he was 6'2" range.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
Yey, long time coming. Watched this guy on I'm a Celebrity next to Hugo Taylor, Eric Bristow and Ant and Dec and a flat 6'2" I think is what he is, excellent estimate, but he could be a shade more. But more chance of 189 than 187, I admit at times he can look more 6'1" next to guys like Wlad who is 197-198cm, 195-6 clearly too low.
monaug5 said on 16/Jan/13
Its very clear to see he is no more than 6ft
Lo sgozzatore said on 16/Jan/13
Rob, if he's 6'2, how tall is Wlad? 6'7? He can look anything between 4 and 5 inches taller. Maybe 6'6.5?
[Editor Rob: Wlad at 6ft 6 I think is possible, although I'm sure he's claimed a cm value between 6ft 5 and 6 before.

the maximum I'd say haye could be is 6ft 2, with guys like wlad and audley harrison, both near 6ft 6, he certainly can be made to look a weak 6ft 2 at times, although he raises his eyes a lot and probably fools people into seeing him taller. His eye-skull ratio is smallish to begin with.

Steven said on 16/Jan/13
More like 185 i think.
With Wlad: Click Here This is during the weight in, so they are both wearing socks or barefooted. I think that is too much of a difference.
UK183cm said on 15/Jan/13
He's probably a 6'1.5" guy. 186/187.
miko said on 15/Jan/13
I must say Haye looked to be struggling with 6'1 next to Lewis and Harrison.

Rio Ferdinand often looks to have a good 2 inches on him aswell.

His height really does seem to fluctuate anywhere from 6'0 to 6'2.

Personally I'd go with 6'1.25/6'1.5, a little over 6'1 in the day and close to 6'2 out of bed.
mike 181cm said on 15/Jan/13
6"2 is right not 6"3
Trent said on 15/Jan/13
Don King, now in his 70's, is a strong 5'11 by my estimation (see with Tyson Click Here).

Click Here Yet, Haye looks possibly an inch taller than him.
Trent said on 15/Jan/13
His 6'3 claim must be an outright lie and even this listing is really generous if you ask me.

Look at him with Lennox Lewis. Click Here Lewis is 6'4 and 3/4, and Haye comes just above his eyebrows. On a normal guy this would be maybe 3.5 inches difference, but Lennox of course has a much above average head, so I would say it's 4 inches. *And*, the ground is tilted to Lennox' advantage. **And**, as can be seen in the first few seconds of this vid Click Here Haye was in some Nike Shox-style shoes, while Lennox was in dress shoes.

So, everything accounted for: ~ 4 inch difference alone, ~ .25 ground advantage, ~ .25 shoe advantage.

We're really looking at Haye being close to 6 foot. I'd say give him a 6'0.25 listing.
Mathew said on 15/Jan/13
Yeah it was obvious he wasn't a real 6'3" next to Wlad.
miko said on 15/Jan/13
Glad you added him Rob.

His 6'3 listing is crazy. Sometimes he can look just 6'1, but 6'2 seems reasonable.

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