How tall is Dev Patel

Dev Patel's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

British Actor best known for roles in films such as Slumdog Millionaire, Lion, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Last Airbender, About Cherry and TV series Skins and The Newsroom. On his agency he's listed as standing 187cm and with a weight of 10 stone.

How tall is Dev Patel
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6ft 2.02in (188cm)
QM6'1.75"QM said on 21/Mar/23
Looks like my height.
I'll give him 187.5cms, only Andy Murray listed at this funny 6'1 7/8", so 6'2" is the best guess!!
Andrey200 said on 3/Dec/22
Jawilder said on 22/Jun/22
@Rob How tall do you think he was during Slumdog millionaire? He was 17, I’m guessing 6’1.75?
Editor Rob
Might have been 6ft 1.25-1.5 then
TEEJ said on 3/Mar/22
Yeah would say a legit 6”2. Clearly taller than Hugh Jackman, who I think is 6”1 flat. New generation of british indians are a lot taller than their parents, especially Punjabis and North Indians. I got two Punjabis guys at work, one’s 6”3 others 6”4.
Jolapizza said on 12/Nov/21
I am pretty sure he's just under 6'2. About Jackman's height. He's very tall for an Indian.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/21
He looks to edge out Jackman in photos...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/21
Rob, is a fraction over this possible?
Editor Rob
Sometimes I can see why you might give him that fraction over...I'm not sure, but I did see enough to think the guy is around 6ft 2
Anonnymous said on 19/Jul/21
Wonder how tall Jackman really is. He is certainly a tad shorter than Dev Patel and it appears like there is more than an inch difference between him and Brandon Routh(of course, I don't know which footwears they were both wearing at that time). Also, he got levelled by someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger in one photo, even though that scenario can be neglected with respect to their standing position and that Jackman was slouching a bit. Could you please make an ascending order for the four actors I mentioned, based on their heights, Rob?
Anonnymous said on 19/Jul/21
Wonder how tall Jackman really is. He is certainly a tad shorter than Dev Patel and it appears like there is more than an inch difference between him and Brandon Routh(of course, I don't know which footwears they were both wearing at that time). Also, he got levelled by someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger in one photo, even though that scenario can be neglected with respect to their standing position and that Jackman was slouching a bit. Could you please make an ascending order for the four actors I mentioned, based on their heights, Rob?
pov said on 13/May/21
@Aj06, he is british indian, we do tend to be a bit taller than native indians due to better diets, healthcare etc. (I'm half Indian) Same with some of my Indian cousins in the US. I'm 6'0.5, my brother is 6'1.75. Even though my Dad is only 5'7 flat. I'd say the average young british indian is now around 5'8-5'8.5 slowly getting closer to the native average.

Naturally immigrants tend to adopt the height of their host country over time. Same thing with Moroccans in The Netherlands, and Algerians in France, and Turks in Germany.
Aj06 said on 13/Apr/21
yep defently a tall guy in the usa alone in india though, the average indian male is 5'5 or so so he is defently noticably tall.
Linke said on 5/Jan/21
In India, if we combine Urban and Rural population, within the younger demographic, the average will be 5'6 for men, the older generation is obviously shorter. The urban millennial are definitely much taller, thanks to better nutrition.
185vietnamese said on 26/Dec/20
My point is that you can alway find tall people in big city and thinking that people are in the country is taller than in the paper, but when we talking about the average height, then it is not so much. Most men are a head shorter than me, and most woman are just around my shoulder level even aboard people here, i can found 6’7 guy but most are just around my eyes level or shorter.
185vietnamese said on 26/Dec/20
I think you can find some handful of tall guy in big city
I rarely go out but i can found guys close to my height or my height when i’m in a crowd or if i walk long enough right here in VietNam
Linke said on 16/Dec/20
David, I am Indian born and bred and have lived in Mumbai for most my life. The average isn't that low in urban cities. There are many 6'2 guys in India especially if they're from North India.
Just considering large population, you will find 6'2-6'3 guys everyday (& many 5'0-5'1 guys as well). North east India tends to have a much shorter population.

India is culturally far more diverse, so the average for a certain group differs from others. I am from ethnic goan ancestry (Pre-Portuguese invasion), the average within my community is 5'5-5'6. The average is rural India falls to 5'5 due to climatic conditions, lifestyle and nutrition.
David G said on 5/Nov/20

No, the avg height un India Is 5'5" ir you Google ir.

He Is very tall being indian. Yeah, in Slumdog Millonaire he looks enormous. A solid 6'2" and he is equivalent to a 6'7" American.
6 foot 1 kid said on 29/Sep/20
Not even sure how you managed to get that specific,and that actually is 6 foot 2. 187.96. So he's a legit 6 foot 2,also if say he is 188 189cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Apr/20
🎂🎈🎁 Happy 3️⃣0️⃣th Birthday! 🎁🎈🎂

A Very Happy Big 3️⃣-0️⃣ to Dev Patel!

6ft2 😆👌🎊

Linke said on 21/Apr/20
5'8.5 being average height of an urban Indian millennial is way off.

5'7 is perhaps the average for that category. I am 5'10, I am definitely on the taller side when compared to my colleagues or college mates who are around 5'5 to 6'0 range. 5'9-5'11 is tallish & 5'11 to 6'2 will be tall and 6'2 + very tall for an Indian urban millennial.

That being said you will find plenty Indian being 6'0 or above due to sheer size of our population.
Siddarth794 said on 23/Jan/20
STFU @mossy . The average height of a millenial urban Indian living in india is 5'8.5" now. .Meaning 30+% of Indians are 5'10 or taller. Plenty of guys in my Indian college and workplace are 6 ft+. My best friend is 6 ft 2. I'm 5'7 myself and like 80% of the guys my age I see around me are taller than me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Dec/19
He can look 189cm range at times
Tessa Van Nunen said on 24/Oct/19
Just saw Chappie, very good film! He looks 189cm to me, he is noticeably taller than hugh jackman
Monkey knees said on 27/Sep/19
6ft 2.25in morning height. Approx 2.5in less than Armie Hammer in Hotel Mumbai.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/19
Better healthcare is also a factor as well. Many children from poor underdeveloped countries get sick a lot and contract many kinds of diseases so it stunts their growth to a degree.
pov said on 1/Aug/19
@christian @juniour its the same story with all Immigrants. I’m half indian half white british, and new generations have access to better nutrition now. My Dad is 167cm and my mum is 160cm, I’m 184cm and my brother is a little under 190cm. My sister is also quite tall for a girl. We had a protein and calcium rich western diet compared to my dad who grew up in harsh conditions. That’s why british asian kids are so much taller than their parents because they are fulfilling their genetic potential
avi said on 30/Jul/19
I think he is around 6'1. Maybe a touch over.
6'2 a bit too high.

Looking at this next to this guy named Neill Blomkamp who is listed at 5'11. Of course could be 5'11.5 or even under 5'11 but Dev is maybe 2 inches taller.

Click Here

Dev has high hair so does Neill but if you look at where his skull ends it seems a 2 inch difference at most.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Jul/19
It's the same here in the US. I know a Vietnamese couple who are both around 5'4" and one of their sons (born and raised in US) is only 17 but he's around 6'1" and it's likely that he's not done growing. And one of my high school classmates is of Pakistani descent and he's 6'3" and at least a whole foot taller than his mother, although I have no idea how tall his father is.
K.A 188 said on 12/Jul/19
Probably my height twin, because he is obviously taller than 186.7 Hugh Jackman.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Jun/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Yes, partially what i mean it. Example if you travel to british there will be several pure indian men walking out the street standing out over 6'2-6'3 in a crowd and its normal on a daily basis and there are lots of tall indian people ranging above 5'10 to 6'0 when i ever live there for a few months on a work vacation. At least a day i could spot over 10 guys over 5'11 which is pretty tall for asian ethnic living in the westerns. They're well feed and have very good gene nowaday.
pov said on 25/Jun/19
I think he's 6'2.5 (189cm) or Hugh Jackman deserves a downgrade. He's comfortably taller than jackman by 1-2cm in all photos and scenes from chappie.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/May/19
So there's a real life Dev Patel and not just the one from 'Coronation Street'! There were three Indian boys in my school, and they all had the same surname of Patel, and were all below average height. Sam, the clever one, was in the year above me. Him, the quiet one, and Ham, the funny one, were in my year.

I thought that they were all brothers for ages!

Handsome devil Dev is particularly tall at 6ft2 for an Asian guy. Also, he is extremely lean at just 10 stone, or 140 pounds. That gives him a BMI of just 17.9. 🍱🌮🍔 Eat Dev! EAT! 😋👌
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Mar/19
Are you talking about Indians who grew up overseas? They're a lot taller than native born Indians, and it's primarily due to diet. Same goes for other Asian ethnicities who grew up in western countries.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Mar/19
@Nik123 True there are plenty of 6'0 plus indian men's everywhere. Most average indian are taller than other asian ethnicity. I ever knew one indian guy when i serve the military and he was huge like almost 6'9 he said and he had a older brother 6'4 and dad 6'1.
Nik123 said on 27/Feb/19
@Mossy, wtf there are plenty of Indians taller than 5'10. Yeah, Indians in general are short, but I have plenty of friends who are 6+. My dad is a little below six feet, his brother is a full 6 feet, and my uncle's son is as tall as Dev Patel, solid 6'2 maybe 6'3. you dumb.
Nik123 said on 27/Feb/19
@Mossy, wtf there are plenty of Indians taller than 5'10. Yeah, Indians in general are short, but I have plenty of friends who are 6+. My dad is a little below six feet, his brother is a full 6 feet, and my uncle's son is as tall as Dev Patel, solid 6'2 maybe 6'3. you dumb.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Feb/19
Look a weak 6'1 with Javier Bardem and look 6'2 with Hugh Jackman. Strange.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/19
No he’s 6ft2 for certain. Sometimes can look 189cm. Filled out a lot since his Slumdog days
Brett Isenberg said on 13/Jan/19

I think re the Jackman photo, hes clearly closer to the camera... I'm not sure hes 188cm... I reckon hes probably 186-187cm that he claims... Although we you see the recent zegna shoot he has done with Javier Bardem, one questions whether he is actually anywhere near 6'2"

Click Here
Cpheonix said on 29/Dec/18
I'd say 6'2 is the lowest you can give him. He could even be 6'3. Looking at recent pics of him with 6'4.5 Armie Hammer there's only an inch or so difference in height
Mossy said on 21/Dec/18
He is not 6"2. People think he's taller than what he is because of big hair, big shoes, long arms and a super skinny build. I dont think I have ever seen an Indian guy that tops 5'10 for that matter.
SAM CHERRY said on 24/Nov/18
He's 6'2" there's no doubt, perhaps 1/4th inch more at 188.5 cm
Agent Orange said on 21/Oct/18
Yeah he’s a solid 6’2 and probably weighs 70 kgs
Tall Sam said on 18/Oct/18
I think Patel's a good solid 6'2" whereas Jackman's had perhaps a bit of height loss.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
Dev is 1cm taller than Jackman.
VicLions said on 23/Nov/17
Its hard to say how tall he really is. In every shot with Hugh Jackman he looks noticeably bigger. He might he around 6ft3 now.
Teddy said on 12/Nov/17
He looks 6'2" to me.
hardguy said on 2/Oct/17
6ft 1.99in (187.9cm)
hi guys said on 27/Sep/17
he looked so tall in the movie lion because most people in india are of average height and the poor people are very short at around 5'4 to hardly 5'8. ONly people in punjab area are tall like 7/10 are of above average height wheras as in other states you will hardly find anyone taller than 6 feet but its so common in punjab.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/17
Agreed Rampage!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/17
He really could appear like a 6ft4 guy in that last scene in Lion. Literally head and shoulders above everyone in the village...
Eric said on 21/Aug/17
the guy is exactly like me strong 6'2 and about the same weight as me
long arms skinny tall guy.
Tyson said on 13/Aug/17
Not under 187.5cm, 6'2 is a very good listed. He is a giant for India like my brother in my country.
WannabeTall said on 28/Jul/17
Easily over 6'2".

Here, with Hugh Jackman.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jul/17
He's really filled out aswell. He looks very broad in the photo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/17
Good call Rob!
Clay said on 11/Jul/17
Don't you think he may be taller now rob? He was measured at 187cm at 17 for Slumdog millionaire. I was watching Chappie and he's looked comfortably taller than Hugh Jackman, he also slouches a lot making him appear shorter than he is.

I think he's around 189cm now
Editor Rob
I think it's probably safe to say he is around 6ft 2, he seems to look it over last 5 years the more i've seen.
Mike Skinner said on 8/Jun/17
His look is Inspriring. He gives the Impression of a Men between 6 ft 3 and 6 ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/17
Rob, I think you may want to consider giving this guy a boost after you look at those photos with Jeremy Irons...

Probably likely that Irons is a little under 6ft1 today
Slovo said on 4/Jun/17
I saw The Man Who Knew Infinity yesterday. He was clearly taller than co-star Jeremy Irons. I would say that either DP is taller than 6"2, or Jeremy Irons is under 6 foot. See here:

Click Here


Click Here
Josh said on 18/May/17
Seeing more of him lately and he looks over this listing. Maybe 6'2 now?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/17
I think he may have grown some. That 187cm listing was from before Slumdog. A decent 188cm today looks more plausible.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/17
That last scene in Lion, you'd think he was 6ft5!

Yeah I said to Rob a few weeks back that in seeing that film I thought Patel had a Sacha Baron Cohen look about him and could pass for 6 ft 3-4. I have a hard job believing he's under 6'2, but if 187 is on his site that is probably right.
Cranberries 192cm said on 20/Apr/17
He might be a hair over 6'2" but can look exceptionally tall at times due to his long face and really long arms. Has the arm length of an average 6'5" guy.
Sam said on 19/Apr/17
Rob, could you add Lion to his credits?

He's a better looking guy I think these days with longer hair, beard and more bulk/muscle than the somewhat nerdy look he had back in Slumdog (although he apparently dated Freida Pinto back then so what do I know!)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/17
Rob, I've asked this before but could 6ft2 on the dot be closer for him now?
Editor Rob
he can definitely pass for about 6ft 2 at times.
Cq: said on 17/Apr/17
I m an extremely accurate observer of heights. This guy is a very legit 6foot 3. You would not find many claiming 6 3 to be taller than him. He is taller than hugh jackman who is almost 6 2 i understand. N anil kapoor is a pretty acceptable 5 10 n this guy is clearly about 5 inches taller. So yes he is 6 3. Guaranteed. He may wake up almost 6 4 but looks 6 3 through the day. N because he is very lean he sometimes can look almost like 6 5. But 6 3 he is in the sense u wont find a single 6 3 claimant taller for sure. He would be taller than dwayne johnson n paul walker by a bit.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
I have just watched Dev strolling smilingly and smoothly on to Ellen's cozy, welcoming stage! I thought, "Now he's a big guy!"
He has grown his hair out and it really suits him, as does the bit of beard! He's been talking about working out and getting into shape for his film 'Lion', and he looks a whole lot healthier than he does in the above picture. He can have 6ft1.75 from me today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/17
That last scene in Lion, you'd think he was 6ft5!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/17
If he's 190cm out of bed then 188cm is definitely more feasible than 187cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Mar/17
Rob, could we give him the full 6ft2?

He looks it at least now and sometimes even 189cm. In Lion he looks very tall especially in the last scene. He's head and shoulders above everyone in the village
Arch Stanton said on 7/Mar/17
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 12/Feb/17
It is at least 187 cm. In the morning wakes up in a range of a little over 6'2.

I'd argue if anything he wakes up closer to 6'3, more like 190 out of bed.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Mar/17
Still far off being "buff" but he looks easily 20 pounds heavier now. 150 at 6'2 is pretty weedy.
jon said on 5/Mar/17
I think he's grown since slumdog, he looks taller than hugh jackman in chappie, i think he's 189cm now possibly. he was 18-19 when making slumdog milionaire and listed as 187cm. I think he may have grown a little
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 12/Feb/17
It is at least 187 cm. In the morning wakes up in a range of a little over 6'2.
Chris said on 9/Jan/17
188cm now 184 back in skins series 2 and slumdog.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/16
Rob, could we give him 188cm?
Pedrowski said on 11/Aug/16
He is 188 cm tall.
jajamen said on 28/Jun/16
Rob, is 6'1.5 possible? he looks quite smaller against Nicholas Hoult
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/16
10st at about 6ft2 is not a very appealing look. Needs to bulk up a bit.....
swag said on 1/Mar/16
lol 10 stone is so skinny, i am 6ft 5.5 in and 275 lb (btw buff)
MD said on 29/Dec/15
Haven't seen any recent pictures of him, but I could totally believe that weight from older pictures I've seen of him.
James B said on 26/Dec/15
Amaze said on 23/Dec/15
@James B exactly. I'm. A strong 5'7 male and I just wrigh 10 stone. If I was 6'2 I'd wanna be 13 roughly.

I am similar weight to you as well
Amaze said on 23/Dec/15
@James B exactly. I'm. A strong 5'7 male and I just wrigh 10 stone. If I was 6'2 I'd wanna be 13 roughly.
James B said on 8/Nov/15
For a guy who is 6'2 10 stone is insane
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/15
Rob, I asked this before but could he have reached 6ft2?
Editor Rob
he can pass for 6ft 2 yes
panda said on 2/Oct/15
he is 188 cm , while doing slumdog he is young he is below 187 and after growing age he grew 1/2 an inch or 1 cm of height
Height183 said on 9/Jul/15
Another guy who is almost 6'2'', but not quite there. This listing is spot on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/15
If he can clear 189cm out of bed, he's a solid 6ft2...
Amaze said on 2/Apr/15
@high and low get outta here you jealous troll
he's no less than 187, defo clears 189 out of bed.
MD said on 20/Mar/15
You either haven't looked at all of the evidence on the page, and/or you're purposefully trolling, high and low.
high and low said on 18/Mar/15
Dev is what a real 6 foot 183cm barefoot person looks like, he's skinny so it makes him look taller. When he stands next to fake 6 footers people say he must be 6'2... Understand?
panda said on 15/Mar/15
dev is taller than hugh jackman
MD said on 6/Mar/15
It's possible he could be a fully 6'2", but he really does look just slightly under that. Here he is with 6'1.5" Hugh Jackman:

Click Here

This seems like a pretty good listing, to me. Almost 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/15
Rob, could it be about time you gave him 188cm?
Celebheights 6'1.5-6'2" said on 12/Feb/15
Rob, how is he only 6'1.75" if he's at least tied with Jeff Daniels (who is listed at 6'2.5"), and could be taller like some photos suggest? The full 6'2" seems more likely than 6'1.75" does, even if his agency does claim that he's only 187 CM.
Amaze said on 4/Feb/15
@Teej yes he's defo very tall for an indian guy, your half indian and your still very tall! i'd say indian men are tall 5'10 onwards

sad him and frieda split up nearly 6 years of dating. started at 18 1/2 to when he was 24
Teej said on 25/Jan/15
Very tall for an indian guy, im half indian and im 187cm, i would say he's 187cm maybe 188cm in morning
Arch Stanton said on 4/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Last Airbender, About Cherry and TV series Skins and The Newsroom.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
Rob, is the full 6ft2 possible?

We don't know how old that agency listing is...
Editor Rob
not impossible
Amaze said on 6/Sep/14
slumdog was such a brilliant film!

I thought he was 6'2'', but he is a little lower (6'1.75) or 187. if I was him i'd say about 6 ft 2 if someone asked my height, plus in shoes hes nearly 6'3.(190cm). he's light though! 10 stone at 6'2! i'd wanna be 12-13 at 6'2
Balrog said on 27/Dec/13
I really thought this guy was a solid 6'2" but next to Rathbone he looks solid 187cm. I completely agree with MD comment.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/13
He was 2cm shorter than Nicholas Hoult.

"Dev Patel's height is 6ft 2in (188cm)"
MD said on 15/Oct/13
I'm not sure of his exact height, myself, but what I'm absolutely sure of is that he looks taller than he is because of his very narrow physique and long limbs. That much seems obvious to me. It certainly makes him look taller than normal-sized 6'1"-6'2" guys.
Len said on 19/Aug/13
Dev claims to be 6' 1.5" elsewhere (not just his agency).

I'd say 6'1" is about right... he's very skinny so he can look taller than that, but if you compare him to his female co-stars, it's pretty obvious he's not some towering 6'2" or 6'3" guy.

Oh, and btw, Jeff Daniels is not 6'3" either, never was and is a bit shorter now in his late 50s.
height freak said on 14/Aug/13
Hey Rob, how tall would you say irfaan khan is?
avi said on 22/Jul/13
6'1 not sure why people are saying 6'2 maybe cause he is skinny
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jul/13
Watched Slumdog again earlier and I agree he looks around this, can look an inch or so taller because of his slim build (I mean he's around my height but 5 stone odd lighter!).
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
He is pretty tall but I didn't know he was that tall. 187cm is right.
lakoda said on 20/Jun/13
He is above 6.2 and he is taller than Danny glover
Ademar said on 1/Apr/13
maybe 186,next to Hoult 190 of Hoult...There are lots of photos of BAFTA 2009 where he is next to Hoult and Freida Pinto,Patel is clearly 3cm less than 189/190 of Hoult...
Annaleese said on 1/Mar/13
@JJ He's not from India. He was born in the UK, and the first time he went to India was for the filming of his movie. Your comment is invalid.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 17/Feb/13
This listing is accurate, he's tall. 187cm is spot on. But no more than that.
jj said on 21/Jan/13
guy is not even close to 6.1 1/2 he wears elevator shoes like most indian actors do. I'm 6'2 stood next to this guy without shoes, he's not even 6'1. Sorry guys, people from that part of india are notoriously known to put on elevator shoes. And Dev does.
Balrog said on 20/Jan/13
Thanks for answering, Rob.
Balrog said on 19/Jan/13
Rob, a 6'8'' guy at 168 pounds would look more skinny than Patel or the same?
Editor Rob
probably because of extra 6 inches he's going to visually look thinner
Sam said on 15/Jan/13
Rob, disorted angle might be at work here but it's hard to believe he's under 6'2", as he appears taller than Jeff Daniels:
Click Here
balrog said on 26/Oct/12
Wow, almost 6'2'' at 140 pounds? This guy should put some weight on. Still think that he could be over 6'2'' but maybe being so skinny helps him to look taller.
balrog said on 11/Oct/12
This guy is clearly over 6'2. Close to Hoult. 6'2.25 (188.5 cm)
cansen79 said on 30/Sep/12
this guy is taller or at least same height with 6 3listed jeff daniels.
zero said on 28/Aug/12
You should upgrade Patel he looks in the 6'2 range as evidence has been shown.

Click Here
Sid said on 6/Aug/12
If you put Hoult at 190 cm, then how can you put Patel at 187 cm, Rob? Dont you think you should upgrade him?
Editor Rob
it's a possibility
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/12
Rob, think an upgrade to 6ft2(1.88m) might be possible?
Chris said on 30/Dec/11
I don't see anyone posting pics that proves 6'1 for Patel. 3 inches taller than Pattinson and one inch taller than Hoult. And yet people cannot believe he grew since 2008 when he was 18. He looks 6'3 right now.
Lillo thomas said on 24/Dec/11
The people that confuse 6-1 persons with 6-4 persons are either blind or have strange perception of height. 6-4 guys always look tall and very tall and 6-1 guys always look tallish above average . Next to a average guys of course . Next to normal girls 6-1 look huge. Girls are short creatures.
MD said on 22/Dec/11
I really don't know about him. Sometimes, I think he looks legitimately much taller than currently listed, and others I remember how being very lanky and very thing shoulders and thin waisted can actually have the effect of making you significantly taller than you actually are. He's tall, no doubt, but I also think his thinness exaggerates his height. I wonder how much he weighs?
Sean said on 21/Dec/11
Shows that a 6'1 guy can look 6'4 to some people.
Sam said on 20/Dec/11
This guy appears to be at least 6'2"
Chris said on 13/Dec/11
With Pattinson (listed here 6'0.5) Click Here
With Hoult (listed here 6'2.5) Click Here
Rob don't you think that he needs an upgrade? I'm looking a solid 6'3 guy. Close to 6'4.
Editor Rob
I'd need to look at more photos from further away, too close and you can add an inch easier. I wouldn't say over 6ft 3.
jiten patel said on 27/Nov/11
Dev patel is 21 now and touches 6'3.5"-6'4"
his actual and real height.He has himself claimed that..I have seen him during the bafta awards and I can assure u he is 6'3.5" minimum..I am 6'2 myself.
sonam said on 18/Sep/11
i am seeing a solid 6'2''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
188cm now, Rob?
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 24/May/11
Lol... You can always tell who the Indian commenters are on some of these pages. They'll try to boost the heights of Indian actors to ridiculous margins with no real evidence, and they'll comment on how "good" their height is.

If Dev Patel were over 6'2", he'd tower over Danny Boyle. I've seen several pictures of the two together, and he might have a couple inches on ~5'10" Boyle.
Click Here

6'1.5" is accurate. Above average, but not quite in what I'd call the "tall" range.
Also, Nikitin Dheer is about that height too (maybe 6'2.25").
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/11
Gary said on 14/Jan/11
Rob : Do you think Dev Patel is taller than a present day Amitabh Bachchan? I've seen Anil Kapoor with Mr. Bachchan and there's always a 3 inch sorta difference. But b/w Anil and Dev, it looks like a 5 inch difference. I dont understand. Both are listed as 6"1.5 ..... eh, Rob?

Editor Rob
present day amit looks shorter than dev
Ace said on 4/Jan/11
He can sometimes look as tall as 6`2.5. My guess is he is in the 6`2 range.
Nann said on 1/Jan/11
He looked so tall next to Frieda in the final scene in slumdog (when they were walking off the platform after the dance scene) he looked like a foot taller than her!
James said on 27/Dec/10
He is 6'2"-6'3".
MM said on 16/Nov/10
HE has to be atleast 6'4 because hes an inch taller than Glover, and he looked 3 inches taller than Robert Pattinson.
Moke said on 12/Nov/10
6'4?! But 6'2 may be possible...
The Horse of FUNK said on 11/Nov/10
Cheese, what happened to Danny Glover? Looks like Glover is competing with Eastwood over who can lose the most inches.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/10
This guy is very tall.He was even taller than the 5'11" anil kapoor
he is between 6'3.5"-6'4"
He is very goodlooking guy with great height.
Clay said on 5/Jul/09
His thin body is due to a fast metabolism, you could feed him cheeseburgers all day and it wouldn't make a difference. Wait till he's in his 20's and he will probably fill out.
Ross said on 3/Jul/09
Dev Patel is 6'1 1/2- 187 cm and just 19, very healthy height for a 19yr old lad of indian genetics too, very talneted youngster.

It's true thinner people look taller than bigger people if you have 2 guys same height, say 6'2, the thinner one would look taller but wouldn't be,
Clay said on 24/Jun/09
Jakir did you have facial hair and armpit hair at 17 ?
Jakir said on 22/Jun/09
I'm a British Asian, currently 22. at 16 I was still my 5'7", then between the age of 17-20 I grew another 3", now my morning height is 5ft 10.25". I guess I have reached my adult height now. Considering my elder brother is 5'8" and my Dad is 5'9"
Katrina said on 17/Jun/09
Only 6ft 1.5in? No way in hell, on Ellen's show he has like 8 inches over her easily! Id say he is at least 6'2"
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/09
hi ,i have a different problem
i am 24 year old guy height 6'3
in the last eight month my height increased by an inch
is there any way to stop it??
and also my growth plates are not fused yet.
is it normal to increase height at this in deep tense please help me out . i don't want even an mm.
Clay said on 14/Jun/09
Das, I am from Pakistan, I have been to India many times growing up although not recently. I was not saying all indians have bad nutrition, I was ta;king about a specific region.
Bill said on 14/Jun/09
ZAQ,ur post are full of bogus where do yu come with crap like most of the guys stop at 15,asian stop at 14-15.Do u have any source or are u trying to be a Nostradamus
Das said on 13/Jun/09
Its funny that clay has related india to poverty and being malnourished,gives a good example of ignorant foreigners who view india through documemtaries n movies.If u havent seen india then dont comment.Lifestyle depends on financial conditon and not the country u come from.I'm a rajput indian and i bet i have a better lifestyle than you.Anyways,do u have any intention of adding anil kapoor,looked 5'9 beside patel.
yoyo said on 3/Jun/09
i never notice his this tall.. thought he just reach 6ft..
Clay said on 1/Jun/09
Actually all the posts that you see now are from seperate days, they would not show up at all so I just made more incase their was a servor issue, now Rob has chosen to add them all on the same day.
Clay said on 1/Jun/09
MD, All the posts were made on seperate days, they just didn't shopw up for days on end so I made more because I thought there was a problem. Before you make cliche internet insults like "grow up" take the time to ask the person what the problem is.
SAM said on 1/Jun/09
i saw this guy on ellen hes about 6ft3-4.
MD said on 31/May/09
Clay, three consecuitive posts where completely unnecessary for what you needed to say. The last two, in fact, were nearly indentical. Grow up.
Clay said on 31/May/09
Zaq there is no rule that says a guy has to stop growing once he reaches 16. I'm from the same part of the world as Dev and I grew well into my 20's. Stop acting like you can control when Dev stops growing, you can't.
Clay said on 30/May/09
Zaq, guys can continue growing till they are in their 20's. You have no way of knowing when Dev stopped growing. Stop acting like you measure him on a weekly basis.
Clay said on 29/May/09
Rob why are most of my posts on this page not showing up ? For example the ones where I explain to Zaq that a man can grow into his 20's and it's not possible for him to know exactly when Patel stopped growing.

Editor Rob
a few times you've tried to use different nick's.

some people I lose patience with if they do that!
Clay said on 29/May/09
Zaq you have no way of being 100% sure if he stopped growing at 16, guys can continue to grow into their 20's. He does look a little taller now than he did a few months ago. I'd bet my life that he has grown a half inch in the last few months. I'm for South Asia myself(Pakistan) and I continued to grow until I was about 24. As for you facial hair theory, I could grow a full mustache and beard by the time I was 16 and yet I didn't stop gorwing for many years after that.
Clay said on 29/May/09
Also he grew up in England, not in a poverty filled part of India, stuff like nutrition and fitness does play a part in whether or not you reach your maximum peak height.
Clay said on 29/May/09
Zaq why are you so desperate to believe Dev has compeltely stopped growing ? What difference does it make to you ? You are so passionate about it that you even go as far as to insult people who disagree with you by calling them crazy. He has absolutely grown a half inch and is now a legit 6'2. Guys can grow till they are in their 20's, growing a half inch is not that rare.
Clay said on 29/May/09
Zaq, how in God's name can you possibly know if he has stopped growing or not ? Stop actign like you examine him every day. Look at him now next to people who are legit 6'1, he is about 1 inch taller. He has grown whether you like it or not. I'm from south asia(Pakistan) and I continued to grow well into my early 20's, so did my brothers.
MD said on 28/May/09
What I'm confused about is that in recent pics with Robert Pattinson given 6'1", here, Dev looks FAR beyond simply half an inch taller than Pattinson. So, one of these two is listed wrong, but I'm not sure who.
ZAQ said on 26/May/09
Hugh 190cm says on 16/Apr/09
ROb this guy should be upgraded by at least half an inch. HE has probably grown more since Slumdog.

James Carter says on 19/Apr/09
Dev has grown since Slumdog, I think he's a solid 6ft 2" now.

- You two are out of your minds
he hasn't grown since the first season of skins and he was about 17 at the time and now he is 19 your telling me that he is not the same height now as he was in Slumdog.. well you wrong
he stopped growing at 16
Clay said on 17/May/09

Patel is taller now than he was in that pic with Hoult. He is now at 6'2 or at least 6'1.75.
Jimmy said on 17/May/09
JJ, Dev is 6'2 now. Look at pics of him next to Rob Pattinson who I have met and can confirm is 6'1. In all the pics Patel looks a solid 1 inch taller.
J.J. said on 12/May/09
'Rob' could you go to Nicholas Hoult's page and see this picture link 'Anon' posted, in that picture 6'2" Nicholas is an inch taller. If angles are off I will say leave him at Barack obama's height 6'1.25". He is Nothing more than 6'1.25" so Rob please list him at 6'1.25"(186cm) I was so right cos I've met him before as well and he said 6'1" but we didn't take any pictures. Cos he looks a very solid 6'1" an extra 0.25" is possible nothing more! Frieda Pinto is 5'6" nothing more.
Rob, I am absolutely right trust me on this one! Remember I told you Idris Elba was taller than 6'2" and you later upgraded him to 6'2.75" Even with Idris i'll say you must list him at 6'3.25" looks the same as Boris Kudjoe. So Rob please trust my word.
Ejel Khan said on 10/May/09
Dev's 6'2", believe me! One of a handful of Indian origin celebs whose a genuine 6 footer.
isya said on 30/Apr/09
so what is freida's height?
Milosh said on 26/Apr/09
I'm not sure if he's quite 6'2" just yet but he probably will be within the next two years or so.
James Carter said on 19/Apr/09
Dev has grown since Slumdog, I think he's a solid 6ft 2" now.
Clay said on 16/Apr/09
I think he's about 6'2 because on the Oscar red carpet he was about 1 inch taller than Robert Pattinson who is a legit 6'1.
Hugh 190cm said on 16/Apr/09
ROb this guy should be upgraded by at least half an inch. HE has probably grown more since Slumdog.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
surprised to see he's only 6'1''. Thought he was taller like 6 feet 4 or something
Clay said on 10/Apr/09
Playing sports such as basketball during puberty can help yoou reach your max height potential.
Ejel Khan said on 10/Apr/09
Dev should be upgraded to 6'2" he has gained height, and towered above Anil Kapoor & Irfan Khan in Slumdog.
Annon said on 9/Apr/09
Wow. All of this debate over height? Let's face it. You grow what you grow to be because of your genetic pool. Debate about it til the end of time, getting more specific as you go, but to me, unless you measure Dev Patel yourself, or any other actor/actress, will anyone really be happy with an answer? Probably not. And me? I'll be truthful and say I'm not that tall. I'm not quite 5' with little growth room. And I'm pretty much not going to try to debate about it. Sorry if this sounds a little cynical.
Clay said on 6/Apr/09
Also my friend Moe(who played basketball)thought he was done growing when he was 13, he stayed at that height till he was 19 and then shot up 6 inches in two years.
Clay said on 6/Apr/09
ZAQ and thekiddd, I don't know where you guys get your info but you are 100% wrong. Not growing at all for a year does not mean you are done growing completely. I am living proof of that. I didn't grow for abour 2 and a half years at all(I know because I was measured every month for football)and then later shot up 8 inches. By the way thekiddd I grew 8 inches after 18 even though I had a mustache and some beard hair by the time I was 17.
george said on 27/Mar/09
yeah im about to be 21...yeah ill start doing yoga and hopefully i grow a couple inces..thanks for the info
Clay said on 26/Mar/09
Well George it's different for everyone. It really does depend on how old you are and your genes. If you are under the age of 18 I suggest you start playing tons and tons of basketball. If not then there are some yoga stretches that can give you about and inch and half of extra height if you do them correctly.
george said on 26/Mar/09
CLAY is there anything you did special to grow that tall? im about 5'9 and wish i can be a bit taller...any info CLAY
Jake said on 24/Mar/09
All I'm going to say is that if this dude is really, in all fairness, 6ft 1, then Anil Kapoor is definately not 5'10. I would peg Anil at 5'9. Moreover, looking at Kapoor's pictures from the film itself and offscreen, he looks atleast 5-inches shorter to Dev Patel (not to mention that Anil's got a short stature). Incredible how some sites have Anil Kapoor listed as 5'11. That estimate would make my day.

Dev Patel - 6ft 1.5
Anil Kapoor - 5ft 9
Clay said on 22/Mar/09
Everybody in my family kep grewing into their 20's(at least all the males did).

I didn't change anything. I did play football in highschool from the ages of 13-17.
Bruce said on 22/Mar/09
hey Clay man , you must have changed something in your diet or something , how did you grow so much man , that's incredible !!!
Clay said on 20/Mar/09
It's only a myth that you stop growing taller after you get facial hair. I had a musctache and some beard hair at 18 and grew 8 inches afterwards.
Ejel Khan said on 19/Mar/09
Dev should be upgraded .... due to him still growing. I would say he's reached the 6'2" mark easy.
Clay said on 18/Mar/09
Oops I forgot to type in my name so it just says Anonymous.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
At 18 I had a peach fuzz mustache and some hair underneath my chin and very little hair on my cheeks, I had some armpit hair but little to none chest hair. I was also very skinny. Then around 20 I started gaining muscle mass without really woking out that much, I also started getting taller at an alarming rate(my friends thought I was taking HGH injections). Before my rapid growth at around 19/20 I never really had a "growth spurt" in terms of height(2 inches per year from 13 onwards). On a side note, both my brothers also continued to get inches taller after they had plenty of facial hair although neither of them is above 6 foot.
ZAQ said on 17/Mar/09

can you please tell me how your height growth was like starting from 16 or what ever age you can remember at

your obviously a late bloomer and you probably didnt fill in and have facial hair at 18??
Clay said on 17/Mar/09
Dev is probably done growing taller but I was only 5'8 when I was 18 and now I am 22 and my height is a legit 6'4. Then again everybody in my family grew taller into their 20's.
kate said on 15/Mar/09
he looks taller.
ZAQ said on 9/Mar/09
no way is he close to 6'3

I saw him in a episode of skins he was about 17 years old and he appeared to be either same or less than 6'2 nicholas hoult
Loma said on 9/Mar/09
Hated slumdog,but its cool to see someone like anil kapoor and irfan khan get recognition.Anil is 5'9,he's 53 years old now.Irfan's prolly 5'11-6'0.MY friend saw him at 5'10 which is hard to believe.Pinto is 5'5-5'6.She was inch shorter than srk,who in boots is 5'9
Comets said on 9/Mar/09
Irrfan is probably about 6 feet 1 or 185cm
MD said on 8/Mar/09
How tall is Irrfan Khan? Take into account, though, his slight lean, here:

Click Here
Lara said on 8/Mar/09
Freida Pinto is 5"8 for anyone who wants to know.
I think Dev Patel said he was 6"3!
Comets said on 2/Mar/09
Freida is probably 5'5.5", not above 5'6 and definitely not 5'7
Dude said on 27/Feb/09
Man this is one of the few celebs whose height should be INCREASED...this kid is a strong 6'1 to say the least.
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/09
Anyone know how tall Freida Pinto is?

Click Here
Click Here

In these pics, she seems 5 foot 5.5 or so without heels, yet she's listed at just under 5 foot 8? I'm confused, because she looks maybe 5 foot 8 if you count the heels, but not barefoot.
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/09
Skinny frame makes him look 6' 2" - 6' 3".
J.J. said on 26/Feb/09
No way Zaq that's about 2.75" shorter. At 2" shorter Your eyes will be on the nose point. Up until 2" it's really difficult 2 tell from afar unless the 2 people get closer. If someone is 2" shorter the top of the. Head will cut exactly in between the taller person's head(that is from the top tip of the ear to the top of the head) at 4" shorter your head is going to be exactly at the person's ear(the tip top bit). Dev is 6'1" & Hoult is 6'2" that explains why his eyes is an inch downer than Hoult's
jasper said on 26/Feb/09
ZAQ says on 25/Feb/09
jasper thats not a good pic he is leaning back a lil and hoult is lil up..

exactly if he is leaning back more than hoult is, that would mean he is loseing more height... if they were both standing upright i think they would be almost equal in height. dev being 6'2 and hoult 6'2.5

when nicholas hoult was on jonathan ross he was clearly 1.5 taller than ross is and he was wearing plimsoll type shoes.
ZAQ said on 25/Feb/09
jasper thats not a good pic he is leaning back a lil and hoult is lil up..

I think he is around 6'2 cause he had about 7 inches on 5'7 ellen

J.J 2 inches is very noticable in person at 2 inches your eye level would be up to a persons upper lip

usually .5 to 1 inch is not noticable
Jasper said on 25/Feb/09
i guess there is more than a 0.5 difference but i still think hoult is taller than 6'2 because me and my brother met him last year in london. At the time i was 17 and just over 6'1 around 6'1.25-6'1.5. im now 6'2 and my brother is 6' and i could see a clear difference between the two and my brother said hoult was taller then i was and i dont think my brother would of notice just a 0.5 difference.
J.J. said on 25/Feb/09
Are u blind Jasper can't u see the inch difference. He is 6'1" & Hoult is 6'2" if some1 is (1"-1.5" sometimes 2") taller than you people hardly notice the difference but anything from 3" will definately show no matter what.
J.J. said on 25/Feb/09
Frieda Pinto is 5'6" range never looked 5'9" next to 6'1" Dev
Jasper said on 24/Feb/09
Click Here in this picture dev patel looks almost identical height to nicholas hoult which would made him 6'2 if hoult is 6'2.5
ZAQ said on 24/Feb/09
:):):) says on 24/Feb/09
how tall is Freida Pinto [co-star in "Slumdog Millionaire"] then?

shes legit 5'9
:):):) said on 24/Feb/09
how tall is Freida Pinto [co-star in "Slumdog Millionaire"] then?
J.J. said on 23/Feb/09
Jonathan Ross is 6'1" his max is 6'1.25" so that makes Dev Patel the same range. If he grows into his body he is not going to look ginormous anymore
ZAQ said on 23/Feb/09
Ejel Khan says on 21/Feb/09
He's still growing ... and will reach 6'4" eventually.

No offense but he is alomost 19 and has indian heritage

and i have gotten a legit fact that about 90% of people with east asian descent will stop growing by 14-15 and the other 10% by 16

if you have watched skins all seasons since it started he seems to be pretty much the same height as he was when it first started so there is no chance of him being 6'4
for him to grow 2 inches after 19 is pretty hard unless he is a late bloomer which he is not

a late bloomer i know who started growing at 16 and was 4'9 was about 5'4 at 18 and only grew 3 inches after that with being 5'5 1/2 and 19 and reaching 5'7 by 22 and being done right there
thekiddd said on 23/Feb/09
Reach 6'4" at 19? Psssh, gimme a break Ejel.
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/09
J.J. said on 22/Feb/09
He is 6'1". That's it. 6'1.5" & 6'1" has no noticeable difference . Meet the guy and see for yourself. Ma cousin is 6'1.5" 17yrs. & meets people who try to tell him he is 6'3"- 6'3.5" & he laughs at them all the time because he is not. Some people don't know their height & some people lie. Or try to believe their a certain height by adding a couple of inches to other tall people. A doctor told me that people need to get measured properly to know their true heights because he has come across so many people who claim 6'2" & finally gets measured at 6'0.5". It's not to say that isn't tall but even though people on this site say funny things like 5'9" for a girl isn't that tall anymore. Which is rubbish because on the growth charts u are nearly 97% of the time taller. I my Eyes Dev will always be 6'1". Bye
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/09
j.j again i fin using a show like tyra where the camera is set up to make angles favorable to the host is a bad way to jusge. dev looks 6'2, tyra's heels might give more thn 4" too, maybe 5. i just think it's dumb to assume he's 6'1 from one show when he normally looks taller than that in most other circumstances. i also have a felin dev is going to hit up to 6'4 becasue h looks like he has som growth left to fill out. gain all of thi is specualion to how tall he might be, but he looks to be heading there to me. as far as what he is now, i see him nothing below 6'2
Ejel Khan said on 21/Feb/09
He's still growing ... and will reach 6'4" eventually.
J.J. said on 21/Feb/09
could any1 please go on youtube and type in Dev Patel on Tyra & you will get to see them standing & dancing. This could make people believe that he is 6'1" & might not grow anymore. Tyra in her heels was 6'2" & was exactly the same him cos he was in shoes so basically an inch extra so therefore he was standing at 6'2" in shoes. I think he has been this height ever since the 2nd series of Skins & will prolly grow into his body & look less lanky like he is now.
ZAQ said on 20/Feb/09
it all depends on when you start puberty
and seeing him in skins it seems he started early meaning he will stop early

100% of the time of people who start growing early will finish early
late bloomers will continue to grow later

I know a late bloomer who started growing at 16 and then he stopped by 22
and that was the only kid i know that continue for that long
everyones body tries its best to get all the spurts in at the age of 16 because that is the age where big or little spurts happen

i know a kid who was 6'2 at 16 and in that year he got up to 6'6 and he never grew after that at 17 or in his 20's

dev is almost 19 by the way
and i have also noticed that he hasnt grown at all since skins which was a couple years ago
and if you dont have 0 inch growth period for a whole year then you are def done
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/09
zaq, dev is already 6'2. i don't know how you can exact his height by half an inch but he is 6'2 every 6' person i seen him nea looks shorter, he looks long and who are you to say how his body work and will stop growing? you're only speculating he will stop, but it's very clear he might mak it to 6'3 if he continues
ZAQ said on 19/Feb/09
yes stephen i completly agree with you i hate people saying 21 to 25 is the when growth stops cause its not and those are rare occasions

From personal experience i noticed 1000's of people getting their last growth spurt at age 16 and then they grew slowly after that but was like 1/2 to 3/4 inch gain

Dev is not going to make it to 6'2 he is done and infact has been done since he was like 14-15
stephen said on 19/Feb/09
people grow at different ages. average for males is around 16-17 yes, but it doesn't mean thats rigid. i stopped growing at 14, but i know people who grew 2 inches during 16-18. i mean, just look at Dev during SKINS, he had a bumfluff moustache!
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/09
j.j. tyra is listed 5'11 on some places, she has said she is 5'10, but lennox lewis also says he's 6'3 when he's 6'5, not everyone upgades their height. now i don't know fo sure if she's 5'11 but can look it, because she has a big head(no offense to her fans) dev looks 6'2 more than 6'1 and camera angles on shows are a bad way to judge height mainly because studios are actually tiny and they try to make everything look bigger. i am sure dev patel is 6'2.
J.J. said on 17/Feb/09
Anyone here lives in America(USA)? could you please watch the Tyra Banks Show on Friday, February 20th & u would realise that Tyra's heels gives about 4" so basically making her 6'2" Dev Patel was exactly the same in his normal shoes that add about 1" in height so this proves he is nothing more than 6'1". I still stick by my word! HE IS A SOLID 6'1" NOTHING MORE. UNLESS WE WANNA SAY TYRA IS 5'11"(which she herself never claims). Tyra has always told the truth about her height she is 5'10" & nothing else, people who try to say she is 5'11" are people who either dont know their own height or just LYING!
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/09
zaq, i kept growing until i was 21, i gained 2 inches and leveled out at 6'2, people like scotty pippen and dennis rodman are hug and they grew hella late. i am sure dev patel can gain 2 more inches and hit 6'4(i think he is 6'2 now as he looked taller than jonathan ross, unless ross' shorter than his 6'1) hell his body looks like its just getting longer and longer
luke said on 16/Feb/09
The age you stop growing is 21, but most stop or grow not much after 18, dev is 6'1.5- 187 cm, so he is not quite 6'2 he is just under, he is 18 so he may stop that heigh or grow an inch maybe by the time he is 21, dev is still very tall though for an 18 year old, especially has he has indian blood.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/09
i stopped growing (im a male) by 16, but its possible for some boys to stop at 21/25 .Yes i agree its true the average male nowadays stops by 17.
miko said on 15/Feb/09
He's between 6"1 and 6"2, Rob has him about right.

Over 6"2 is insanity.
ZAQ said on 15/Feb/09

Anonymous said on 15/Feb/09
My take.. in skins he was 2 inches shorter than 6ft2in hoult, but now dev is 6ft2 and i reckon hoult is now an easy 6ft3.
stephen said on 14/Feb/09
he was taller than jon ross, why would you be so stupid and say he wasnt? he was between half an inch, to an inch taller than jon ross. ross is 6ft 1.5in, making Dev 188-189cm.
Zach #2 said on 14/Feb/09
he was looking down at Jonathon Ross, cleared him by a solid 1", I'm starting to think Ross is 6ft barefeet and around 6ft 1.5" with dress shoes, cuz the last couple of '6ft 1.5" guys?, like Jay-Z, Will Smith, Dav Patel all cleared Ross by atleast an inch!

Dev looks like a solid 6ft 2", but in photos with Nicholas Hoult he looks 6ft 1.5", either Dev is 6'2" or Nicholas Hoult is 6ft 2.5/3"
Ejel Khan said on 14/Feb/09
I agree with you Joe. Dev Patel was at least an inch taller than JR.
joe said on 14/Feb/09
I think he's still growing. He was on the jonathan ross show last night. ross is around 6'1 and he was at least an inch and a half taller. He's at least 189cm.
miko said on 14/Feb/09
He wasn't taller than Ross last night.
Sachin M said on 13/Feb/09
I went to WHITMORE HIGH SCHOOL(Dev Patel's old school in Rayners Lane, North West London).

I was in the year below him, but I did talk to him quite alot in the sixth form centre and in our playground. (we knew each other through friends...we hanged about in the same crowd)

Dev is 6ft 2

The reason I KNOW THIS is because im 6ft EXACTLY, and he was a bit taller than me. Around 2 yeah 6ft 2 is about right. For an indian guy, he is unusually TALL. Most indian guys at our school were like 5ft 5 - 5ft 7. Dev always stood out, in that respect.

He was also really good at Drama, i remember.
J.J. said on 13/Feb/09
no i said 6'0.5" which is 184cm, & yea so many people dont know theire real heights until they get measured. i kno this guy who had always claimed 6'1" & one day he got measured & to his own surpise he was barely 6'02 he measured at 5'11.6" multiply that by 2.54 & u get 181.864cm which is basically 182cm. so he was actually (6'1"{185.42cm}-181.864cm) adding 3.556cm to his height. by looking at Nicholas Hoult & Dev Patel you can always tell the 1 inch difference
luke said on 12/Feb/09
6'1 is 185 cm, 6 '0 is 183 cm, dev is 187 cm tall,work it out j.j- 6'1.5, forget saying he not that height, he is look at the facts, for what is true, and anyway he looks about that height anyway he's a really tall kid and he is only 18 he may still be growing.
J.J. said on 11/Feb/09
This listing was 6'1" why the change. He is nothing more than 6'1". The reason ppl think he is taller is b'cos most people that claim 6'1" are actually 184cm but they just say 6'1". 186cm is possible but nothing more than that. He is the true picture of what a 6'1" person should look like period.
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/09
anil kapoor is like 5'10
anonymoose said on 10/Feb/09
he doesn't look taller than 6"1 beside 5"9 Anil Kapoor
rigo said on 9/Feb/09
Dev is 18 years old and stands a healthy 6 foot 1 and a half inches tall in height, or 187 cm, tall kid and a talented actor too, watch out for this guy he could be star
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
he's very wiry the more i see of him the more he looks like a 6'4 guy. he can look really long
Big Kid said on 9/Feb/09
6' 1"........I'm pretty good with height measuring and many reliable sources have declared that he is at present, 6' 1"
d said on 8/Feb/09
Nick - don't you see that he is leaning forward? O_O You can't say he is an inch taller if he is leaning forward. Jesus christ.
ZAQ said on 8/Feb/09
for those you thinking he will grow
he will not
he is 19
and on average people with indian heritage stop growing around 14-15
16 and 5 11 said on 7/Feb/09
he is definately tall, I would say 6ft 1 - 6ft 2 is about right.... i wish i was that tall....
MD said on 6/Feb/09
No, he was two inches taller than Jay Leno, the other night, at the very most. Let's cut out all of this silly talk of 6'4".
cho said on 5/Feb/09
Hmm...the movie was filmed when dev was 16, and he's an easy 6"2 nicholas hoult is 6"4 not 6" dev must be at least hoult's hieght or taller, from the photo.... next to jon stewart dev looks an easy 6"4 but that was today, two years after filming....
miko said on 5/Feb/09
I see 6"1 there next to 6"2 Nicholas Hoult.

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