How tall was Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona's Height

5ft 4 ½ (163.8 cm)

Argentinian soccer legend. Maradona himself said in a video interview about his famous goal against England that he was 167cm tall.

How tall is Diego Maradona
Photo by Lacroix/

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Average Guess (66 Votes)
5ft 4.24in (163.2cm)
Parker said on 8/Apr/22
Rewatching his documentary on Amazon prime, and recent photo's with Kevin Keegan, Diego really did look to be a 5'5 range guy during his playing days.

Pics in his last decade of life suggested 5'3 range as in this pic with a 173 measured Sergio Aguero taken in 2011. Click Here

Not sure why he appears to have lost so much height by his 50's. Looks close to 2 inches.
Editor Rob
Would put him a fraction over 5ft 3 there
Original said on 9/Dec/21
I had him as 5'4.5", but that is very low I think, probably an inch below what he was in his peak, 5'5.5" or 166 cms. Anyway his height dropped to much with too much weight, injuries etc and he was not more than 5'4.25" in his death, probably even as low as 5'3.5".
Longshort said on 13/Jun/21
I think he is 5'6
Parker said on 21/May/21
Here are pics of Diego with Ricard Bochini listed 168 Click Here and Juan Barbas listed 167 Click Here

Diego with Sergio Aguero listed 171 (too low IMO)~2012 Click Here

Diego could well have been 166/167 he has claimed in his playing days.
Agus said on 31/Mar/21
In his youth, Diego wore tricky hair, "afro style" he could look 1.68 but his peak height was 165,5. During his last decade of life (50s-60) his height was 1.61 cause of knee problems and overweight. RIP.
Parker said on 10/Mar/21
Here's Diego with the Man United squad in 2008
Click Here

For reference, Patrice Evra(stood next to Diego) with michael Owen Click Here

Click Here
Parker said on 8/Mar/21
mande2013 said on 23/Feb/21
I know at times he could look sub-5’4 towards the end of his life, but is it possible it was just due to poor posture at times?

Not sure this height difference is just down to posture Click Here
Diego looks a solid 6 inches shorter than Mourinho there.

I do think Diego was minimum 165 in his prime
Editor Rob
there was an article here about a 2012 encounter between a manager and Diego, he thought he was about 5ft 4.
mande2013 said on 23/Feb/21
He manages to look 5'5 range with Mourinho in this picture I think: Click Here

^^ I see a strong 4-inch difference there.

And for the sake of comparison, here's Tarantino with a not quite six inches shorter Christoph Waltz, and the height difference actually looks bigger than between Maradona and Mourinho at the photo-op with Usain Bolt: Click Here
mande2013 said on 23/Feb/21
I know at times he could look sub-5’4 towards the end of his life, but is it possible it was just due to poor posture at times? If you see pictures of him with Pèle before either of them would have lost much height he can even look close to 5’6, depending on the angle. There’s no way he was a 5’4 flat or below guy at his peak. I honestly think he just had terrible posture when he was older. Castro even has a clear footwear advantage in the picture just below.
Almost 180cm guy said on 18/Jan/21
Well, 5ft 5.75 is impossible for Maradona barefoot, especially after a soccer game. Although maybe around 5ft 5 is not rule out. Here are two photos of Maradona with Fidel Castro from 1987: Click Here Click Here
At the time, Castro was 61 and Maradona was only 27. Rob, how do you rate the height differences between them? Do you think Castro might have lost some height then?
Editor Rob
could be in 5ft 5 range there
Andrea said on 11/Dec/20
I live in northern Italy, Arch, let's say near Milan. If you already learned those languages, I don't think you'll have much difficulty with Italian... I don't speak Spanish, but many words sound quite similar to Italian, so I can vaguely understand it!
To keep it in topic, here's Maradona with that Robbie Fowler guy that Rob has met, in 2017: Click Here
Nik J Ashton said on 5/Dec/20
R.I.P Diego Maradona.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/20
Dove vivi in Italia Andrea? Voglio apprendere parlare Italiano con competenza! Currently focusing mostly on Spanish and French though to get up to basic fluency level first, Italian and German after that!
Parker said on 30/Nov/20
Here's Diego with his then son in law Sergio Aguero (listed 171 on the site). The pic was taken at a sports club in Manchester approx 9 years ago

Click Here

Watching the documentary covering his time at Napoli he really did look a 5'5 guy
Andrea said on 29/Nov/20
Rob, look at him with Del Piero (who I believe is pretty much as tall as you) when he was near 54: Click Here
Do you think he had already lost over an inch by then (considering that he struggles to look much over 5'3)? Given his lifestyle, it's not too hard to believe he shrunk more than average, but that would still be a remarkable loss (assuming he was 5'4.5 at peak)...
Editor Rob
he could have lost some height as he does look under 5ft 4 there
Andrea said on 28/Nov/20
Well, Arch, in Naples it is probably not much different than in Argentina... people truly consider him a God there!
I've never been a huge fan of soccer, but my father is and always said that Maradona was probably the best player of all time. Too bad for his vices!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/20
Just watching a 100 minute tribute to him on Chilean TV in Spanish (I can understand about 90% now) and in Chile it's like an extension of Argentina. Extremely rare to see so much adoration of one man, literally like he was the second coming. Grown men crying! Greats saying he's the best of alltime. Watching his goals reignites the great passion I had as a player at 12 or 13, some of those screamers he scored, Phenomenally talented, one in a billion talent, I don't think any one player has generated as much excitement as Maradona, that 2nd goal at the 86 world cup arguably the greatest goal of all time, amazing!! Like a lot of geniuses he had severe problems with drugs and alcohol.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 28/Nov/20
RIP Diego you absolute legend.
You get 5'5" from me.
On the field you were 6'2" !!
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 26/Nov/20
Rest In Peace, Maradona. One of football's absolute Greats. The eternal football legend.

5'4 1/2.
Gabriel93 said on 26/Nov/20
Best player ever, the Shortest Legend
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Nov/20
So sorry to hear that Diego has passed on at just turned 60. He leaves behind five 'known' children.

Let's wish them and all who knew and loved him every comfort at this terribly sad time.

5ft4.5. The poor guy never grew old enough to lose any appreciable amount of height.

RIP Diego Maradona 🕯️ XX
(30/10/1960 - 25/11/2020)
david lauregui said on 26/Nov/20
RIP legend
Arch Stanton said on 26/Nov/20
Wouldn't be surprised if they give him a state funeral in Argentina even with COVID, he will be immortalised as a God in Argentina forever!
Arch Stanton said on 26/Nov/20
RIP indeed. 60 given his lifestyle was an achievement, must have snorted half of Peru, he was like a character from the Bond film License to Kill, could have been an associate of Sanchez's! Looked shorter than this in his latter years, more like 5 ft 3 and change at times.
Editor Rob
arguably GOAT...

story my Mother still reminds me of...when I was a wee nipper, My Mother said to me "Does Maradona suck his thumb" and that stopped me sucking my thumb...
Resurrection of Edward said on 25/Nov/20
Rest in peace one of the greatest ever soccer player in history.imbued with seemingly natural abilities and preternatural soccer skill, The name “Diego Maradona “name will permanently etched like an epitaph on the history books of soccer/football/Fifa . maradona was a soccer great in a class by himself, and no list of legends would be complete without in peace diego.
(30 October 1960-25 november 2020)
Eric W Tam said on 25/Nov/20
RIP, 5'4-5 would do
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 25/Nov/20
Rest in peace legend! @Rob can you add a photo.
Parker said on 14/Nov/20
Keegan and Maradona

Click Here
YordanDamyanov said on 10/Sep/20
The greatest of all time without a doubt. I watched him for many years, and i think Diego is around 164 cm, so 5'4 1/2 seems quite on point.
The French Dude said on 13/Aug/20
5'4-5'5, great player
Parker said on 13/Aug/20
Roberto Bojorge said on 13/Aug/20
He is 5'3 at most. I am 5'4 and I was taller than him when stood beside him in Sep. 1996 at Birchmount stadium in Toronto. Great player.

I agree he doesn't lok more than 5'3 with Mourinho - but I think he could have measured close to his claim 166/167 in his playing days. I disagree with Rob, I think he has lost 1-2 inches.
Roberto Bojorge said on 13/Aug/20
He is 5'3 at most. I am 5'4 and I was taller than him when stood beside him in Sep. 1996 at Birchmount stadium in Toronto. Great player.
ignazio said on 9/Jul/20
Rob dont you think that he could have shrinked since then?
Editor Rob
half to 3/4 inch maybe
Parker said on 24/Mar/20
Gives himself as 1.67 at 14 minutes
Click Here

If you watch the current film recently released, I think he can look 5'5 range.........certainly not now though.
Johnson said on 18/Dec/19
@Rob where is the 1,67 claim?

I have the video where he says 1,66
Click Here

Is there any other video claiming 1,67?
Editor Rob
I am not sure where the other video was from.
Valois said on 6/Jun/19
5'4-5'5 range.
Nigk said on 3/Jun/19
I'm thinking 5'4 but could be as low as 5'3
Johnson said on 6/Feb/19
he said he is 1,66 in the net about the goal about Shilton
Parker said on 27/Oct/18
Doesn't look over 5'3 next to 5'9 listed Mourinho
Click Here
Nik said on 7/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell - There is nowt wrong with being short in height, it did Maradonna no harm and helped him become a truly great player!

It does nobody any harm, except from the unwanted social prejudice that still exists today, the sooner this is eradicated the better.

Too true Sandy, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! He should have his own 🏠 in order before he calls others! Obviously this is not the case, like you said!
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/18
Short in stature is just one of those things that can't be helped, Nik and Sam, but this Latino ex-footballer is also short in temper and tolerance!
Nik said on 5/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I bet he didn't complain about the hand ball back in 1986! Sore losers indeed!

I like your "Mr M"! He can have 5'4.25" from me too!

MAD SAM said on 5/Jul/18
The shortest footballer on the list ! He 163 cm or 5’4”
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jul/18
I have just read that Maradona has blasted the England team on Argentinian TV, claiming that the penalty given to Harry Kane was a foul! Any more for any more? What a bunch of bad losers! 😛

Mr M can have 5ft4.25. 😤

Sonnecker said on 20/Apr/18
In Italy, across several years in Naples FC, ho was almost always registered 168 cm. But he didn't look that. Years later, as other famous players, they discovered that he was measured in football shoes, 3 cm high....So, 165 cm are on the money!
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/17
it depends on how his height was measured
Height said on 3/Dec/17
Peak Height: 166cm -166.5cm
Original said on 8/Nov/17
5'4.5" peak, 5'3" now.
Height said on 23/Oct/17
Maybe add peak and current height Rob?
Height Sky said on 27/Sep/17
This listed is in the point.

This legend should have a photo before than Pele
Chilean said on 23/Sep/17
Rob how much difference you apreciate between Diego and this two guys
Click Here=_
Editor Rob
Caniggia looked at most 5ft 8
truther said on 12/Sep/17
if messi is 169cm Maradona can't be more that 160cm
Hans Meiser said on 12/Jul/17
He looked 5'3 during Confed Cup.
Johnson said on 18/Nov/16
I don't have any doubt now, he was 166-167 cm at his peak, no less. He shrunk quickly around 30 something years old

With Alain Giresse 163. He wasn't as short as you guys might think

Click Here
Johnson said on 7/Aug/16
@Parker There are lots of short footballers that are measured with shoes in medical controls... that is why Maradona could be 167.5 in a control back in the day (therefore his 168 listings), and Valbuena in shoes, etc
Parker said on 7/Apr/16
Quote from him on current Sky documentary 'I had to pinch the Goal, at 167cm I could never outjump Shilton'

Think he's inflating by an inch.
plus said on 4/Feb/16
Maradona's peak 164.5 or 165 cm no more no less I would say
Mighty_- said on 13/Oct/15
He certainly doesn't look to be 164 or 165 next to Leo Messi if you google " Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi "
He looks surprisingly shorter and Messi is only 169cm...
plus said on 2/Oct/15
Mardona is not as short as it might look, at his peak I'm very sure he as at 165 even 166. With the time he is around 163

Click Here (Ruggeri was 185 cm)
Click Here (Pumpido was 183 cm)
Click Here (Maradona and Matthaus 174 cm)
Click Here (Tarnat 186 cm Matthaus and Kirsten 175 cm)
Steve said on 24/Mar/15
Messi is listed at 5'6 and a half and Maradona barely reaches his brow. No way is this guy anymore than 5'3.
M said on 16/Feb/15
He is only 5'3" :)
Mmm said on 25/Nov/14
According to this revealing picture, either Messi is 5'9" or Maradona is 5'2":
Click Here
leonari said on 22/Jul/14
He has never seen 5'5" except in shoes. Best player of all time. Crazy character.
guilherme said on 3/Apr/14
even tough i'm brazilian, he was the best..
5'3 now
Juan Z said on 1/Apr/14
5´4 (163 cm)
Balrog said on 21/Feb/14
Rob you should downgrade him, he doesn't look over 5'4" now!
Balrog said on 17/Nov/13
Rob what about 5'4.5" peak and 5'3.5" today? He's on his 50's I know but is possible he lost some height
Peyman said on 15/Nov/13
5ft 4in at peak
5ft 3in now

he was one of the bests if not the best one ever
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 14/Nov/13
He's probably not even 5'4.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/13
5ft5 at his youth
nira said on 3/Mar/13
No way 164cm

Click Here
F355 said on 10/Jan/13
He might be short, but he is/was a strong Mesomorph.
He has a large frame.

Click Here
Totti10 said on 10/Nov/12
In my opinion:
Maradona together to Mourinho(173cm): Click Here
Maradona and Aguero(171cm):Click Here
balrog said on 12/Oct/12
Agüero is 171 cms, only a couple cms on Messi and Maradona is 5'3'' range. Very short, and not the best player ever, bad example to follow if you ask me.
Parker said on 2/Aug/12
Here's Diego with his son in law Sergio Aguero listed at 5'8 most sites, and Man City website
Click Here

Diego looks to be in 5'3-5'4 range if Sergio is 5'8, BUT is he?

Click Here
Kurt said on 12/Feb/12
Chris says on 11/Feb/12
Maradona has never been 5'5 in his life. He's 5'4. Shortie druggie guy.

still the best player ever thought
Chris said on 11/Feb/12
Maradona has never been 5'5 in his life. He's 5'4. Shortie druggie guy.
Terry Chan said on 16/Oct/11
Messi always seems at least 2 inches taller than him
Since Messi is 169 cm max, maradona is no way taller than 164cm
Valcor said on 31/Jul/11
Best player ever, looks more 162 cms
truth said on 6/Jun/11
5ft3 max, porbably the same as bieber lol.
Annoyed2.0 said on 27/May/11
Parker is either lying or mistaken. I have met Xavi also and I would peg him at a strong 5'7 !!! I am just under 5'8" and he was only a little bit shorter and I have been accuratly measured several times.
mart said on 7/May/11
5ft 5 at best, but a lot of footballers are small. fantastic player- not the best ever tho- that was Pele.. and i DID see them both play.
LRojas said on 24/Apr/11
What is his cleat size?
Niccola said on 17/Jan/11
More like a 5 ft 4 PEAK HEIGHT. He's really short.
Frankstein said on 13/Dec/10
no more than 1.60, maybe less.... come on -> Click Here
Bon said on 1/Dec/10
Clearly wrong listing, needs a downgrade.I believe he's a solid 5-3.
Lynn said on 24/Feb/09
Yes, almost correct. He was 164 cm
Silver said on 6/Feb/09
What is "soccer" Rob? LOL It's football! Anyways,on Maradona,I agree he is the best EVER and I'm an English girl. And he's 5'5" max...that's being generous.
Lemon said on 15/Jan/09
Next to 6'0.5" Maicon he looks no more than 5'4". Maybe a hair shorter: Click Here
Anonymous -15 said on 23/Sep/08
Yeah 5'5" is on the money for Maradona , can look shorter (around 5'4") due to his heavy build.
Se said on 20/Sep/08
in the 80s he always said 1,66 mt , a friend of mine was drunk in a disco one night in 1996 and bumped into him, kind of hugged him, then chatted a little with him, he described him as short but `incredibly wide-huge, his arms were like a rock, he was all muscle mass !
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/08
carlos tevez and Lionel Messi are both 1.68 and they are both clearly taller than maradona....i
Lmeister said on 28/Jun/07
I saw a documentary of Maradona last night. Even in the 80s he was somewhat bulky, but he was also fit just had rather big legs. Here is an article about his height and weight Click Here I think he was 5'5.5''/165 lbs during his prime...
nando from argentina said on 19/Dec/06
height 1,663 (source magazine el grafico )
Franco said on 25/Oct/06
looks 5.0" in there.....but that's cause he's near Maldini who's tall.

check out the referee on the far right......that referee is the math.

yeah Maradona rocks and he is 5'5.
Joe said on 5/Jul/06
He was the greatest forward of all time in my opinion, and i'm English! I'd say for sure he's 5'5 or around. He looks so small as he had surgery for his obesity and he's keeping fit. He probably weighs about 10 stone and this compared to Maldini's 12 stone plus frame, hes gonna look like a pigmy!
Danny said on 18/Apr/06
Maldini does have shox on his shoes if you notice the red at the end, anyway I would say 165 is a good guess.
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
Going by that pic, Diego looks about a foot shorter than Maldini. Whats going on there?
Massimo said on 4/Mar/06
I saw a picture of Diego shaking hands with Bruno Conti (another great champion,168 cm by his own admission) before a game and Maradona was clearly shorter. I think 5'5" is about right. I think Pele' was a better, more complete player than Maradona.
Tubbs said on 19/Jan/06
I'm English, and I agree Maradona is the best ever, the hand of god goal was way back in 86, a long time ago, anyway the 6ft Shilton shouldn't have let someone who is 5'5 beat him to a ball in the air - whats goin on!
Height Detective said on 17/Jan/06
Maradona is the best EVER ,and he still today plays for pleasure and make the world amaze.
Monty may be you are inglish , that goal with the hand hurts , hu ?
stAs said on 16/Jan/06
Beside that Zach about Maldini and Gerrard, I don't see why you are regarding Maldini, it's normal that a 186cm guy looks the same height with a 185cm guy?
Monty said on 14/Jan/06
Zach - He was one of the best but not the greatest. That title goes to Pele. Also Maradona did some activities also on the field that is really looked down like the "Hand of God".
Tubbs said on 14/Jan/06
Yes Zach, Maradona is the greatest footballer ever, I agree with you on that, I think 5'5" is spot on too, i've heard him described as 5'4, and also 5'6", so somewhere in between sounds about right.
Zach said on 13/Jan/06
To those with a height complexion - this 5'5 guy was the greatest footballer EVER. Only his extracurricular activities makes some say Pele was.

Anyway, regarding Maldini, I'm not sure he's quite the 6 1.5, he seemed the same height as Gerrard (6ft-6'1) when they met at the champions league final last year.
stAs said on 13/Jan/06
yeah a good picture, and 165cm looks to be his max hight this days.
Parker said on 11/Jan/06
5'5 I think absolute tops for this guy. I watched an interview in the 70's with him that was interpreted by Osvaldo Ardiles standing next to him, who was listed at 5'6 - Diego was noticeably shorter
Luis_Garcia said on 10/Jan/06
I think 5'5" is right, in that pic though he looks weird, but I can't figure out why. He looks really small, even though he looks 5'5"
hombre said on 10/Jan/06
I always thought he was 5'6. But I guess this is more accurate. :)
Tristam said on 10/Jan/06
I'm not so sure on Maradona. His considerable bulk (around 170 lbs., even while he was fit) made him look more compact - but you're right, next to Maldini he does look about 5'5".

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