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Peak: 6ft 3.54in (191.9cm)
Current: 6ft 1.69in (187.2cm)
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
I'd say 6ft2.5-6ft3 these days.
Lenad said on 7/Dec/08
Sutherland more like 6'3 maybe.
adam said on 5/Dec/08
He is Canadian, not US. Lenad, it`s possible that he wasn`t quite 6-4 peak. Sutherland is one of those few tall guys here that could be listed slightly taller than what they are (or were) in reality.

Two things that don`t fit: Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum being the same height. Goldblum was taller than Sutherland in their film. Now Jeff Goldblum is at least 6-4 and in his peak very possibly more! Sutherland could have been only 6-3
Lenad said on 4/Dec/08
US actor from dont look now? Yeah don't look 6'4 now.
Lenad said on 2/Dec/08
He has never looked as tall as 6ft4. Ever...
glenn said on 30/Nov/08
i met him many times too.and he isnt 6-2.even now he seemed 6-3.
Vasquez said on 30/Nov/08
jeez, the exagerrations continue... I have met Donald Sutherland many times. He is 6'2"...possibly less now in his older age.....
adam said on 20/Oct/08
Daniel says on 24/Apr/08
Well, Glenn. To me Sutherland has always seemed to be very tall in the movies I've seen him in. I remember an old horror movie with Peter Cushing -Doctor Terror's House of Horrors- in which DS looks really huge. But, as I said before, I could be a little wrong. Anyway, I would't buy less than 6'4'' for his peak height.

I wouldn`t say so. He looked tall in his own sequence but in the end when he was standing with the supposedly 6-5 Christopher Lee, he was clearly shorter. If he was 6-5, then Lee must have had been as staggering as 6-7! Lee always looked taller than the 6-4 he has claimed in his early career but no way was he ever that tall. Lee could have been a bit more than 6-5 but not much. Sutherland was shorter in the film. At least an inch and probably more.

Sutherland was 6-4 peak, not more but probably not less.
dmeyer said on 20/Oct/08
looks nearer 6 ft 2.25 to 6 ft 2.5 now 1.5 in loss at 70s is normal
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
I find it hard to believe that Sutherland was ever 6'4. I'd put him at 6 ft 3 peak height these days doesn't look anything more than 6'2.
Hugh said on 16/Oct/08
I wouldn't go lower than 6ft2 for this guy. He still pretty tall. 6ft2.5-6ft2.75 is his height I'd say. 6ft3 Max. 6ft4 was his peak.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/08
Nowadays he look no more than 6ft2.75, the less 6ft1.5
RICHARD said on 9/Oct/08
What I don't understand is how Donald's son,Keifer,is 5'8-5'10,yet his other son,Rossif,is 6'5. I know they're not blood brothers but half but c'mon Rossif towers his half-brother and is only 1 inch shorter than his dad. Maybe Rossif's mom was over 5'9
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 30/Sep/08
he looked now 6'2
adam said on 30/Sep/08
He had a terrible posture but if he fully straightened up he was 6-4. Nowadays maximum 6-3.
Hugh said on 26/Sep/08
I think he's 6ft2.75 now and 6ft4 at his peak.
Hugh said on 16/Sep/08
I buy 6ft4 at his peak or at the bare minimum 6ft3.5.
tom said on 6/Sep/08
donald have the habit of slouching to talk eyes to eyes to the actors
Emily said on 1/Sep/08
I actually do agree with the 6 ft 4 in at peak height. I can support my reasoning whenever I watch MASH. In an earlier scene when he was speaking to Gary Burghoff, he had to nearly bend straight over just to look at him an an eye-to-eye level. I think Burghoff is about five foot six, and I am as well. I have friends that are well over six feet and we look about the same together.
Ed T. said on 12/Aug/08
I don't believe that he was ever a full 6'4" either, however, I think you have to give him at least 6'3" peak height( possibly 6'3.5").
Rocky said on 12/Aug/08
I have a very hard time believing that he is anywhere remotely close to 6'4'', more like 6'1''.
chris said on 9/Aug/08
actually beatlefan, men have higher leg:torso ratios than women, adipose tissue on the upper thighs and hips give the illusion of longer legs in women.
Liz said on 1/Aug/08
I'm currently watching "Cold Mountain", and can't believe how average he looks next to Nicole Kidman and Jude Law,actually he looks the same height as them, so no more than 6ft I would say.
beatlefan said on 17/Jul/08
Thats quite suprising 'E' mind you guys on the whole have long bodies and short legs wheras women are the other way round. There are exceptions though, I have a 33 inch inseam and I am only average in height, I do look stupidly out of proportion though unless my shirt is untucked.
E said on 16/Jul/08
He wears a 31 inch pant inseam. Thats quite a short inseam for someone that tall.
Daniel said on 1/Jul/08
Yes, Danimal. That is the movie I told Glenn about, a couple of months ago. Sutherland looks very close to (if not just) 6'5'' there.
Danimal said on 24/Jun/08
I have a really RARE and cool british horror movie from the mid 60's called Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, starring 6'5" (then) Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland who was maybe .5"-1" shorter than him at most. They were both relatively young. BTW, this was the first AMICUS production anthology movie.
glenn said on 24/Jun/08
he is still 6-3.
Viper said on 24/Jun/08
He looked pretty tall in Animal House. I dont know If he was as tall as 6-4 peak but hes not as short as 6-1 today either. Id say 6-3 peak and 6-2 now. Not a massive shrinkage. I could be wrong. I havnt seen every movie hes been in earlier in his career.
Danimal said on 24/Jun/08
Looks to have dropped down to maybe 6'2" today from a peak 6'4".
Marty said on 23/Jun/08
I'm with Glenn on this one, at his peak he was at least 6 ft 4.25 in cause in the movie MASH he has at least 1.25 in over Elliott Gould
Anonymous KinG said on 4/May/08
he look 0.5in taller than 6ft1 clint eastwood in space cowboy.. i did say again hes really only 6ft2..
Anonymous KinG said on 27/Apr/08
he looks no much taller than 5ft9 mira sorvino with 3in heels.. i did say nowadays hes like 6ft2.. abit hair up make it 6ft3..
glenn said on 25/Apr/08
daniel-6-4 peak bare min for him then.maybe a hair taller.
Daniel said on 24/Apr/08
Well, Glenn. To me Sutherland has always seemed to be very tall in the movies I've seen him in. I remember an old horror movie with Peter Cushing -Doctor Terror's House of Horrors- in which DS looks really huge. But, as I said before, I could be a little wrong. Anyway, I would't buy less than 6'4'' for his peak height.
Jake Is Back said on 24/Apr/08
6'3", mayabe 6'3.5" peak.
karlbelgium said on 23/Apr/08
I've seen him once in Brussels. I'm 6'6 myself, and he's definitely more then 3 inches shorter then me. Good actor though.
glenn said on 23/Apr/08
6-5 sounds too extreme.why would you think that? i dont doubt your opinion,but did he look that in movies? i thought he always looked 6-3.was never sure of his peak.
Daniel said on 22/Apr/08
Glenn, what do you think his peak was? To me he was closer to 6'5'', but I could be a little wrong
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
such bull i read on this site alot.i saw him last year and he was still 6-3.
Ray said on 22/Apr/08
I think it was hard to tell what height Sutherland was in the '70s. He had that mad perm and platform heels. I think he is 6'1" now and was probably 6'2" or maybe a tad more in his youth.
andrew said on 21/Apr/08
Watching him in Dirty Sexy Money he looks around 6'1". Poor Donald, what a brutal shrunk. He was a solid 6'4" in the '70s though.
Gonzalo said on 17/Apr/08
Sutherland was not 2.5 inches shorter than Jeff Goldblum. He wasn
Daniel said on 29/Mar/08
I guess Sutherland could even have been 1.95m when younger. What amazes me is the fact that his son Kiefer is 8 inches shorter
Ed T. said on 22/Mar/08
I watched the Dirty Dozen ( 1966/67) again yesterday. 6'6" Clint Walker appears to be 3 inches taller than a young Sutherland. In the same movie, Jim Brown( who was probably 6'2" max or maybe a slight bit shorter), does not look to be significantly shorter than Sutherland; I'd guess about one inch, maybe 1.5 inches. I think that Donald Sutherland's peak height was more likely 6'3.5" and maybe even closer to 6'3".
glenn said on 17/Mar/08
i dont know how to explain anything.all i know is that he was 6-3 or a hair more when i saw him last year.very huge and stocky too.
Anonymous king said on 16/Mar/08
But how you explain that 6ft4.5 jeff goldblum was like 2.5in taller than him in the 70s flick body snatcher? Mr-Sutherland had an hair advantage in that movie(2in top up hair). At the 'hey day time Sutherland was bill as 6ft4.. could jeff goldblum be 6ft6.5 in 70s? No away.. But i personally believe his 6ft2.5barely in 70s.. Now maybe had drop abit of height due to his over 70age..
glenn said on 13/Mar/08
he is still dont bump into him like i do.
Anonymous king said on 12/Mar/08
Donald Sutherland don't looks 6ft3 nowadays.. i watch salem's lot 2year ago notice he looks a good 6ft1 at that show.. he had an bad hunches.. he looks as tall as 6ft geena davis somehow.. maybe 6ft1.5 barely..
Mark D. said on 22/Feb/08
He was about an inch and a half over Elliot Gould (who's 6'2") in MASH in the
very early 70s. By the Body Snachers movie, he was clearly an inch shorter or
more than 6'4.5" Jeff Golblum. In the 'old men astronaut' movie, he was about
an inch or two taller than the shrunken Clint Eastwood. I'd estimate he was a
solid 6'3.5" in youth (and rounded up to 6'4") and shrunk to 6'3" since then,
could be 6.2.5" now. He appeared about an inch taller than the 6'2" Morgan
Freeman in "Outbreak" some 10 years ago. So this measurement makes sense.
glenn said on 11/Dec/07
still looked 6-3 to me 9 months ago.
kenji said on 10/Dec/07
his no more than 6ft.. if hes 6ft3 most 6ft3 guys might be 6ft6.. so to say 3in down for this men.. 6ft he looks most..
blink 198 said on 30/Nov/07
wow.. this guy is more than 6ft1 at all.. met him twice at chicago several years ago, looks a 6ft range.. 191 in this site was a big kidding.
Tessedako said on 24/Nov/07
with a better standing posture this men might look 185cm barefoot.. Not sure about his shoe lift.. judge from my view his about 184cm barefooted.. 6ft3 his prime.. don look like a 6ft2 6ft3 height at all..
kenneth said on 17/Nov/07
tommy lee sounds right.. donald sutherland looks more like a 6ft range.. but he have quite abit to say he might be a barefoot 184.5cm to 185cm with a very straight posture..
Tommy Lee said on 27/Oct/07
this old men looks no taller than 183~184cm.. im a breafoot 190.5cm , hes looks 2 & a half inches lower my height while i saw him in real for at least 4time.. 6ft3 for him is unless he wear a women heels.. haha..
Tommy said on 24/Oct/07
donald sutherland stand beside his 5ft9 son kiefer looks no more than 6ft.. kiefer is 176cm so donald should be only 183 ~ 184cm.. can't be 6ft3.. its crack..
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/07
I think this guy could have been 6'3 circa 2002-2003 but may have shrunk even more. I mean, Brad Garrett is 6'8 even, yeah I wouldn't give him a cm more either cause he looks 30 cms exactly taller than Glenn, now look at him next to Sutherland:

Click Here

He easily has 14-15 cms on Sutherland. I think Sutherland has shrunk to 6'2-6'2.5. Yeah I'd give him 6'2.5.
kenneth said on 9/Jun/07
this folks looks just 6ft .. no idea his 6ft3 nowadays.. if his 6ft3 jeff goldblum would be 6ft7..
Steve said on 7/May/07
I met Donald Sutherland and shook his hand in San Antonio Florida at Saint Leo University when he was filming the movie "Instinct" with Cuba Gooding Jr..I met both of them and got their autographs which are now currently in my dresser. I am now 18 years old and 6'1, I met Donald and Cuba when I was around 12 or so, I was around 5'5 when I was 12 and I was only up to Mr.Sutherlands chest roughly. I'd say he was atleast 6'4 when I met him 5-6 years ago, he was a very friendly guy and i shook his hand as well as me and my brother ate dinner with him because they grilled burgers at the University. Was a good experience, and he is the only famous actor I have met so far being that I live in a small town in Florida. Any idea where Sutherland is now?
Josh said on 30/Apr/07
oscar said on 30/Apr/07
Pat, broken hearted? Is height really that important? Leg bone surgery is painful and risky, and what, would you be a whole other person if you became one inch taller? A visit to a therapist would be a better use for the money if theres self esteem your out for.
MHouillon said on 25/Feb/07
Yeah, I thought the same. I'd say he WAS 192cm and is 189 these days.
Pat said on 25/Feb/07
Why don't stubby actors like Kiefer Sutherland have leg bone surgery? Dad Donald must have been broken hearted to see that his kid was so stunted.

Virtually every actress at least considers breast enhancement. Why don't mor actors get heigh enhancement? How long would you be off your feet if you had an inch or two added to your shins? Three months?
Height Tracker said on 11/Feb/07
I just watched Kelly's Heroes and I actually thought Eastwood looked a little taller than him.
Bill said on 4/Jan/07
Sutherland in N.E Scotland where Donalds' ancestors come from has the tallest male average height in the UK, they are about the same as the Fins and Dutch about 5-11 1/2 average and there are quite a lot of men that look like him up there and they are all around the 6-2 to 6-5 mark so he has the genes and I have no problem in the 6-3 to 6-4 range.
denz said on 31/Dec/06
not away Sutherlands 6ft3 6ft4.. he could be only 6ft at most.. due to aging i can say.. while he looks only 6ft(183cm)nowadays...
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/06
even if whalberg is 5'7, thats 1.70m, that 20cm would make him 1.90m
Jon said on 3/Nov/06
Looked a little taller than Elliot Gould (6'3") in Mash, and certainly within 1-2cm of Goldblum (who was debatably taller than 6'4" back then) in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also those who comment on his height being similar to that of Geena Davis on Commander in Chief must bare in mind that she most likely has a 1-2" heel advantage on Sutherland. My guess would be around 190cm today.
j-c said on 3/Nov/06
I saw him several times when I was living in Quebec since 2004. He possesses a big house near a town called Magog. I am 1m79 and he has aproximatively 10cm more than me.
dmeyer said on 2/Nov/06
looked it compare to whalberg like almost 20 cm taller but whalberg could be 5'7
Brad said on 2/Nov/06
6' 3". Held his own with Clint Eastwood who was 6' 4".
kenochize said on 4/Oct/06
he looks 6ft1 about in space cowboys.. but i personally still don't think he ever reach 6ft3mark.. maybe a 6ft2even at his youth.. nowadays i agree he apear to be only 6ft tall..
kobby said on 19/Sep/06
in body snatcher he looks near190tall with shoe wore.. no idea if he barefoot might be 186or187.. nowadays does look 183.. even lower sometimes..
jane-Jz said on 18/Sep/06
I have watch 1978 body snatcher twice that although sutherland looks about 3cm lower than 193cm jeff goldblum a few scene..but i notice that was no much scene they both standing near and full image screenplay shot of jeff and sutherland stand near.. we can't see the shoe-lift of them.. a must of look out was sutherland hair style was blow up like an inches half to look more close to jeff.. in a few scene that sutherland himself full image with shoe does not looks over 6ft3.. i think that he was push abit height by his hair looks 6ft4 with his shoe on and hair..

nowadays he really looks 6ft(183cm) especially beside his son 175cm kiefer_

his youngerdays looks more like 6ft2 or 6ft1max(187cm)that was firmly true..and slowly push down to 186..185..then 6ft(183) now..

plp who think his a 6ft3 nowadays was kind of weird i think..i agree with ken..

lastly why jeff goldblum in his late 20s in 1978 body snatcher is 6ft4(193) and now still looks a firmly 6ft4(193)nowadays in his 50s.. logically to say that he should be lost 1~3cm.. i remember in jurassic park and THE FLY he always apear like 195(6ft5) or 6ft4max.. 6ft4(193)nowadays was then his real height..
gorgie.k7m said on 18/Sep/06
in the tv drama commander..he looks same tall as 6ft geena davis.. why anonymous thinks that his 6ft3?? so weir.. maybe 185cm(6ft1)could consider it..
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/06
hes towered over too many people in too many films, still at least 6ft3
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
ken, you can't seriously suggest Sutherland is only 5'11''. He might have lost an inch but still must be about 6'3''.
ken said on 8/Sep/06
if his really 191cm tall in youth.. and nowadays why he only looks 5ft11~6ft(183cm) no more.. could any1 explain this?? 8cm is a..dam big diffrents.. 4cm still could consider..
Mikex said on 29/May/06
Just watched Bodysnatchers, appeared to be slightly shorter thanm Goldblum but not much difference.
Anonymous said on 1/May/06
Kenneth, the modern generation of actors might be a bit bigger than those in the 60s. Sutherland might not be as comparitively tall as back then. I have no doubts he was 6'4'' and perhaps has lost an inch with age.
Gonzalo said on 30/Apr/06
Yes, Kenneth, nowadays he doesn`t look taller than 6`1. But watch Body snatchers; he is as tall as Jeff Goldblum. He was at least 6`3 and a half
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/06
watch his older films, i didnt realise how tall he was until i watched lock up
kenneth pz said on 20/Apr/06
is there any evidents photo that he is 1.92m tall?? Coz I can't believe he is that tall.. He appear in new tv movies salems lot in 2004 he does look no more than 1.85m(6ft1) tall that obviously..
Mikex said on 16/Apr/06
He looked slightly taller than Clint in Kelly's Heroes I seeem to remember.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
had 2 inches on micheal caine in the eagle has landed and towered over sylvester stallone in lock up. definetely about 6'4" in prime
Gonzalo said on 14/Mar/06
He was almost as tall as Jeff Goldblum in "Body snatchers" so he is at least 6`3, and I think a little bit over that. Now he doesn´t look that tall. I also remember him in the Oscars years ago next to his son Kiefer. Donald dwarfed Kiefer
dmeyer said on 13/Mar/06
but 6'4 at his prime
phil said on 14/Feb/06
It was in 1996's Hollow Point. It was a movie he did with Tia Carrere (who is 5'8" because I was right beside her) and that 6'5" Thomas Ian Griffith who started on the soap opera Another World.

Editor Rob
ah, cool. I agree with Tia...she didn't have same posture as me in that pic on her page, but is indeed 5ft 8...
phil said on 12/Feb/06
I work part-time as an actor and I did a scene with Donald Sutherland. His stand-in was 6'2" but had to wear cowboy boots to be Donald's 6'3". He is 6'3" without a doubt.

Editor Rob
is this in last few years or a while ago? Recently I'm not sure if he's looking just as tall as he was
snrub said on 7/Feb/06
In casanova he towers ovr every other actor but it could be camera tricks
D said on 19/Dec/05
yeah, his posture is really bad sometimes. there are some scenes in MASH where he looks smaller than Elliot Gould and in others he looks taller
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/05
in doctor terrors house of horrors theres a brief scene when he is standing next to 6'5" Christopher Lee, and looks only slightly smaller, which makes him about 6'4"
talker said on 28/Aug/05
He looks the same height with Eastwood in "Kelly's heroes" and taller than Sean Connery in "the great train robbery",he looked 6'4" then for sure.
sam said on 19/Aug/05
I think he may have been 6'4" as a young man, but he's always had very, very bad posture, so he sometimes looks like 6'2" max. next to other actors.
Mr Klaus said on 9/Jul/05
I meeted him a couple of years ago. I Think that he then 6 ft 4.
mask said on 27/May/05
Yesterday i saw the film called "The dirty dozen" and there is a scene in which
he is standing next to Clint 6'6" Walker. Sutherland was very young in 1967 and
there is no way he is 6'4", maybe 6'2.5"

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