How tall is Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3 ½ (191.8 cm)
Canadian Actor best known for roles in films such as Don't Look Now, MASH, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Kelly's Heroes, Ordinary People, Klute, The Italian Job (2003), Space Cowboys and The Hunger Games Trilogy. In his early career he was described as 6ft 4 and weighing 185 pounds although in a 1981 article it mentioned "Donald Sutherland, 6 foot 3Β½ inches".

How tall is Donald Sutherland
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Average Guess (37 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 3.53in (191.9cm)
Current: 6ft 1.92in (187.8cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/20
πŸ—“οΈ July 17th 2020 really IS the 85th Birthday of Donald Sutherland. I just noticed that I put it for last year's, but I was wrong. His year of birth is 1935.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Donald! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Many Happy Returns to Donald Sutherland on his 8️⃣5️⃣th Birthday. One wonderful actor, who continues making excellent films.

6ft3.5 peak
6ft2 today πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸŽŠ XXX

Fezz123 said on 18/May/20
Definitely not as tall as listed, either peak or current.
Tall Sam said on 11/May/20
If Goldblum was 6'4.25", in Invasion Sutherland looked pretty much on the nose 0.5 inches shorter, generally a pretty subtle difference between them.
movieguy12 said on 11/May/20
I don't think you can upgrade Sutherland. In the Invasion of the Body Snatchers Jeff Goldblum did look a bit taller than Sutherland. You could say Goldblum was just over 6'4'', Sutherland a little under.
movieguy12 said on 10/May/20
Had Lee Marvin by a couple of inches in the Dirty Dozen and in turn looked 2 inches shorter than Clint Walker in that movie. Sutherland always looked in the 6'3'' to 6'4'' range. Unusually taller for an actor, his son Kiefer is probably more the typical actor in height.
Spencer said on 20/Apr/20
Weak 6'4" peak
Pedriscovery said on 7/Feb/20
Rob,i think he need a upgrade of heigth at this photo jhon voight its very young and sutherland its two inches more tall.
Pedriscovery said on 4/Feb/20
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/19
James B, it’s arguable...but I agree with Rob that he didn’t quite make the full 6ft4
James B said on 28/Oct/19
Rob could 6’3.75 be closer for his peak maybe?
Editor Rob
I still feel his current peak is ok, I wouldn't give him a full 6ft 4
Pedriscovery said on 27/Sep/19
Looking the photos and videos of San Sebastian festival cinema ,at 84 yeards old sutherland dwarfed a lot of people arround hem.sometimes he adopted a veri poor posture and downgrsde his heigth but in this videos and photos he unuasuly adopted a good posture and look like a 6.3 foot man.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Aug/19
Harris Dickinson got Donald Sutherland by near 1" sometimes understand Sutherland posture wasn't that good now and he is listed 6'0 in imdb and some other website. Harris easily look at least 6'2.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/19
πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Donald! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ

Today is the magnificent Donald Sutherland's Birthday. He is, along with Donald Pleasance, my favourite Donald and he turns 85 this very day. My favourite films of his are 'Don't Look Now', 'Doctor Terror's House of Horrors' and 'Invasion of The Body Snatchers', but in all truth, this great man has starred in so many films, tackling a whole host of roles. What a legend! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽŠπŸ“…

I wish him the happiest Birthday EVER! XXX

Peak height - 6ft3.5
Today - 6ft2

Pedriscovery said on 26/Jun/19
I see a very good photo in a premiere with geena davis and 6.2" peter coyote and donald sutherland.sutherland is the most the photos in google.its very clear.
Pedriscovery said on 25/Jun/19
Click Here 6"geena davis and 6.2"peter coyote
Pedriscovery said on 24/Jun/19
Click Here 6.2"peter coyote.
Hong said on 5/Jun/19
I've seen pics of him standing beside an actor called Harris Dickinson, who is listed as 6ft,and he is taller than Sutherland. I don't know this guy or weather or not he is 6ft,but he is listed as this height online.
Pedriscovery said on 25/Mar/19
6'2 peak is a with 82 yeards old is posible.he Was a 6'3/5 peak
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Feb/19
@Pedriscovery Just accept the truth for Sutherland loss of 2 inches. People aging and lose some height thats normal. Click Here: You should see atual photo of 6'3 1/4-3/8 Liam standing behind Sutherland and had roughly 1.5cm lesser footwear than him.

Click Here: Look to be 2" apart maybe Sutherland drop a fraction cm standing.

Overall listing here is correct that Liam Hemsworth had a solid 1.75" on Donald Sutherland. His peak 6'3 1/2 have long gone since the late 90s.
Pedriscovery said on 25/Feb/19
Click Here look this photo.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
Oh yes! I have just reached the end of 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors', when all the doomed male passengers climb out of the train - to find that it's been the grim reaper who's been telling their fortunes with his tarot cards! Donald is the only cast member who stands anywhere near to Christopher Lee's height, and I'm glad I gave Christopher 6ft5 just now! The film hails from 1965 - and with 99β„… certainty will have been an 'X' rated film! I saw it when I was 11 and was terrified, but loved it nonetheless!

Donald was, of course, at his peak height, and had blond hair. There was still a noticeable difference between Donald and Christopher, neither actor of which I can see wearing lifts.

I will gladly go with 6ft3.5 for Donald's peak, and 6ft2 for today's height.
tree said on 1/Aug/18
In the movie Outbreak in 1995 in a scene he stood face to face with 6ft2 Morgan Freemn and looked 1.5 inches taller.
Pedriscovery said on 11/Jul/18
Click Here is tricks angle?
Pedriscovery said on 11/Jul/18
Click Here this is a very and posture,Look his leghs
Pedriscovery said on 11/Jul/18
Click Here this is a good posture
Pedriscovery said on 11/Jul/18
Click Here
Pedriscovery said on 11/Jul/18
Ever angles tricks? Wath coincidence he ever have a terrible posture but wen have a good posture, appears his real heigth still a 6.3" at 82 yeards old,dont forgett
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Jul/18
Camera angle tricks all over please stop. At most he is 6'3 5/8 peak (192.1) and he is clearly under 6'2 now.
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here with jhon voight
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here with will smith appears like a 6.4"
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here with brendan fraser
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here 6.2" morgan freeman
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here still 6.3"man
Pedriscovery said on 4/Jul/18
Click Here this is a good photo he still a 6.3"man
tree said on 23/Jun/18
wtf is happening here Click Here
Pedriscovery said on 19/Apr/18
Click Here
Pedriscovery said on 12/Mar/18
Click Here
Pedriscovery said on 11/Mar/18
Click Here
Pedriscovery said on 4/Mar/18
I dont know how is tall donald sutherland now.but in the premiere of pride and prejuice still appears a bit taller than 6,3" Matthew mcfayden
Junior Hernandez said on 9/Feb/18
In 1995 Citizen X Max Von Sydow and him they look very close in height and they both in their 60s in that film. Max.V.S is 6 years senior than Sutherland. 6'3.5" peak is legit.
Pedriscovery said on 18/Jan/18
The definitive evidence of shutherland height is the filme outbreak with Morgan Freeman,in one Tale appears face to face with Freeman and sutherland is cleary two inches on Freeman not doubt if Freeman was 6"2 sutherland in this moment was 6.4"
Rory said on 7/Jan/18
I think Clint and Sutherland were both 6ft3.5, but in Kelly's heroes there's not any revealing scenes really to attest that although you can tell both are very close in height. They had different proportions too, Sutherland had a narrower head than Clint but broader shoulders.
Pedriscovery said on 1/Jan/18
In Kelly hΓ©roes sutherland ever have a ver bad posture with Eastwood. But in space Cowboys is cleary almost two inches more tall than Eastwood
movieguy said on 25/Dec/17
Actually thought Sutherland edged Clint in Kelly's Heroes. No shots of them standing really close together. By Space Cowboys Sutherland had a couple of inches on Clint.
Mongo said on 19/Dec/17
Check out this scene from "Kelly's Heroes"
Click Here
Mongo said on 19/Dec/17
Check out "Kelly's Heroes" and compare Sutherland to Clint Eastwood, who was 6'4 at the time. Eastwood TOWERED over Sutherland by a good four or five inches in every scene they both appeared in, regardless of the angle, and when you could see them both from head to foot. It was obvious neither was wearing lifts. It surprised me because I thought Sutherland would be about the same height at Eastwood, but he wasn't. In those same scenes, he appeared closer to Telly Savalas in height, maybe even a little shorter. Honestly, in those scenes, Sutherland looked to be 5'11 to 6' at the most.
Junior said on 19/Dec/17

I agree he wasn't over 187cm now.
DirectorKrennic said on 8/Nov/17
192 cm peak, 188 cm now.
jervis said on 23/Aug/17
He's 81 now.Just seen him in an episode of the saint opposite Roger Moore and he looked about 2 inches taller,so depending on if Moore was 6ft1.5 then Sutherland was 6ft3.5 peak.l would say he's about 6ft1.5 now though.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17
He look so tall in the 70s,80s show. He could be 6'3.75" and drop a tap below 6'2 nowadays at nearly 80 of age.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 7/Aug/17
5'10" for this Donald = beyond insanity
movieguy said on 27/Jul/17
Charlie, Donald Sutherland is the tallest 5'10'' guy I've ever seen, surely you must be joking.
RLM said on 23/Jul/17
Try looking at Donald and Kiefer side by side in The Forsaken
You'll see the minimum 6"-7" height difference between the two
Charlie said on 29/Jun/17
Donald Sutherland is very close to Kiefer Sutherlands height.In the photos i see a 2 inch height difference. No way is Donald 6'2. Kiefer in the 1980' was listed as 5'8 for the longest time. Kiefer today would be 5'7.5 Donald Sutherland is between 5'9.5 to 5'10.If Sutherland was 6'2 then Kiefer would have to be 6'0 tall. We all know he is not 6'0.A little advice hen people start comparing tall actors with average height actors you want to be sure that the average height actor is indeed average. I have seen many Talk shows where the host talks about having guests on his show who he thought were average male height until they show up on the show and they find the actors are 3 to 4 inches shorter than average. To be honest because of shoe lifts and Camera angles of cameras it is very hard to distinguish a person's height. In Movies we may see what we know to be a 6'2 actor standing beside what we know to be a 5'9 actor but magically they both appear the same height. I love movies but movies do lie. Shorter than average actors were required to wear shoe lifts for several years to fit the character they are delivering to us.In the old movies they would have short actors stand on a ramp as they did with actor Claude rains. This would give the illusion that he was taller than the female. Shots like these you would never see from the ground up.Now in Animal House one of my favourite movies you can see Donald Sutherland looking pretty tall but 6'2 tall? No. Many of the male actors use in that movie were 5'8 and under so yes Donald's height would stick out a bit. I would put Donald at 5'9.5 today and Kiefer at 5'7 or 5'7.5.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Apr/17
I thought Goldblum looked easily an inch taller than Sutherland in most scenes.
movieguy said on 12/Apr/17
Watched Invasion of Body Snatchers again last night. A brilliant film. In some scenes Sutherland looks as tall as Jeff Goldblum, in others an inch shorter. I think Goldblum edges out Sutherland but there isn't a huge difference both are very tall men.
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17
Peak jeff goldblum morning 6'4.25-6'4.5 night 6'3.75-6'4
Peak donald sutherland morning 6'3.5 night 6'3 , now 6'1.5 look like 2" shorter than liam hemsworth
S.J.H said on 11/Jan/17
Sutherland look an inch shorter than a peak 6'4.5 jeff goldblum. This peak height listing is correct but he look a weak 6'2 nowadays

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josh jeffords said on 12/Oct/16
Hell of an actor over the years like his height performances have varied.
He was damn near as tall as clint eastwood and unlike clint eastwood young he was still loose.
Has looked 6 4 in some older stuff as he was rarely the star I believe he was made to look shorter.
I dont remember anyone being taller than him except clint walker who is known for being a freakin giant.
He had a lot on lee marvin who never seemed 6 1 to me.
In invasion don towered over nimoy who is not short and he was equally towered by goldblum who looked freakishly tall in his youth.
S.J.H said on 2/Oct/16
Maybe 6'1.25 nowadays?
jervis said on 6/Sep/16
Looked the full 6ft4 in movies with Connery,Caine and Morgan Freeman.
Jervis said on 5/Sep/16
Just looking at some pics of Donald with Kiefer,and I have noticed that Donald is dropping a lot of height by bending his knees and spreading his legs etc.Some of the same pics are just from the waist up giving the impression that there is much less height difference between them,but if you see the same pic in full lenght you can see that Donald even at the time in his seventies was much the taller of the two. It goes to show you how just by dropping posture you can make someone smaller look a lot taller.And you can have two people of equal height standing next to each other ,one with perfect posture and the other hunched or slouching can make a great deal of difference in both heights. So sometimes a photo can give a false impression of heights.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/16
Well, dipping under or not, a legit 187-88 is rare on a guy aged 81
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/16
Yes, a terrible idea remaking Don't Look Now. One of the greatest films ever, you've never going to top it or produce anything as good so why bother but to steal people's money? Remakes are rarely better, though Star is Born 1954 IMO is better than the 1937 one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/16
He might be dipping under 6ft2 now at 80 but it's quite obvious he was once close to 6ft4...
pedriscovery said on 19/Apr/16
I read a recently article in CQ magacine and the journalist sai "he is in early 80 as a tall man 6,2", and recibes to my in jaket and pantys whitout shoes"
pedriscovery said on 19/Apr/16
I ser recently space cowbys,in every scenes sutherland appears the more tall of the cast,only under James cromwell,but Almost two inches or more tall than eastwood
S.J.H said on 2/Apr/16
Donald sutherland is not even 6'3.5 peak but at most 6'3 and 6'1.5 nowadays
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
Rob, are you still convinced he's 6ft2 today?
Editor Rob: he can look struggling with it now...
Arch Stanton said on 7/Mar/16
Got a very good look at him and Elliot Gould in S*P*Y*S. If you have Gould as 6'2 flat 6'3.5 is really the most you could argue. Sutherland looks about 4 cm taller, in some scenes it can look just an inch, but between 1 and 2 inches taller.
movieguy said on 26/Jan/16
Found the movie with the Goldblum Sutherland photo so realise it was Sutherland, I mistakenly thought the only film they made together was Bodysnatchers. Watched Don't Look Now last night and had to say Sutherland looked very tall. Did look 6'4'' and the film is a masterpiece which very bizarrely is being remade apparently. Sutherland thinks this is an awful idea and I agree. Always seems like a really cool guy on screen but some reports say he isn't very friendly or approachable in real life. A brilliant actor though.
pedriscovery said on 19/Jan/16
Y agree with the coment,in this photo sutherland have a inusual good posture,and looks the same heigth of goldblum,and say more,in the photo with his sons,kieffer lift his foots to appears more tall in this photo,his brother rosiff is 6,5", donald is not much small i
movieguy said on 17/Jan/16
Doesn't look like Donald Sutherland in that photo with Goldblum although could be my eyes are deceiving me. They did Invasion of Body Snatchers together and Goldblum looked a bit taller I recall. I think that Sutherland was more or less 6'4'' in his younger days.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jan/16
Christopher Lee had him by about an inch in Bear Island I think, maybe 4cm, but not easy to tell with the terrain. I think you could argue 6'3.25 as Clint is now at 6'3.75, but around this is more accurate than the previous 6'4.
Andrea said on 6/Jan/16
He doesn't look over 6'3 with Jeff...
Btw, Sam, he totally looks like Kiefer in the picture you posted! "Today" maybe not so much but now they are similar in height :) Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jan/16
Goldblum had him by an easy inch in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But I think 6'4.5 peak for Goldblum.
Moke said on 22/Dec/15
Looks barely 6'1 nowadays.
Gonzalo said on 30/Nov/15
In that pic they both look the same height. Goldblum looks taller because of his hair. But their eyes are in the same line
Sam said on 28/Nov/15
I think at 6'4.25" and 6'3.5" are good listings for Jeff Goldblum and Sutherland based on here.
Click Here
S.J.H said on 22/Nov/15
Liam hemsworth look 6'4 next to donald sutherland
Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/15
Rob can you add a photo?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
His posture is pretty bad nowadays. He can look barely over 6ft
Judd ISR said on 18/Sep/15
6'3.5" at peak and 6'2.25" today...
Pedriscovery said on 13/Jul/15
Un the film"puppet masters"hace two partners un the cast ,listed un 6" 2 and he is cleary two inches almost more tal than hem,he was 60 yeards old un this time
James B said on 27/Jun/15
6'3.25 was probably his true peak height. Just look at him next to clint eastwood who wasn't even a full 6'4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/15
Rob, could you add Ordinary People and A Time To Kill to the list?
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/15
He steel looks 6'2 or 2.5 at Times he hasnt lost so much for near 80 at that height
Sam said on 15/May/15
I agree with the man who said Sutherland was pretty dead-even with Max Von Sydow, but there's a chance Von Sydow was more 6'3.5" than the full 6'4". In his 50s, Von Sydow seemed to be edged out by 6'4" Daniel Stern in Hannah and Her Sisters.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/15
He was also described 6ft5.
Joe said on 29/Nov/14
Sutherland was 6'4" during his prime years, he has lost a lot of height as he is now nearly 80 years old. He looked considerably shorter than Liam Hemsworth who is 6'3". I think his current height is more around 6 feet even and nothing more.
pedriscovery said on 19/Nov/14
Its a film with max vonn sidow "oviri" are the same heigth.con sidow was 6'4"
pedriscovery said on 1/Nov/14
if you look six degrees of separation,donald suderland is minimum five or six centimetres more tall than will smith,the diference of heigth is considerable like james avery in a "fresh prince"donal sutherland in this time was a strong 6,4"
pedriscovery said on 28/Oct/14
Donald sutherland ever was more tal than eastwood un kellys hΓ©roes he adopted bad postures if you look mΓ³viles with cristopher lee 6'5" the diferente of height is 0.5" with Roberto ryan he look the same height
Sam said on 23/Oct/14
This is more accurate than 6'4" I think, although at times he could seem a weak 6'4" guy along the lines of Jason Segel, Conan O'Brien, John Wayne or, uh, Clint Eastwood.

His advantage over Connery in The Great Train Robbery and advantage over Caine in The Eagle Has Landed seems to be more so around 1.5 than a solid 2 inches.
Click Here
Click Here
Also, a similar 1.5 inch advantage over Jim Brown and Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen.
Click Here
James B said on 11/Oct/14
Well he could look closer to 6'3 flat compared to Goldblum and clint eastwood.
pedriscovery said on 29/Sep/14
Sorry the film is out break
pedriscovery said on 19/Sep/14
In "disclosure" film he is cleary two inches more tall than morgan freeman,look the final scene
thebad7 said on 14/May/14
filmfan says on 22/Mar/14
I don't understand the comments about Eastwood being taller. Sutherland is clearly taller in Space Cowboys and in Kelly Heroes they don't really stand close together often and when they do Sutherland looks slightly taller.

If you're talking late 1969/early 1970, then YES, Eastwood has the advantage. No, they don't stand close together often, but in a few instances where comparisons can be made, Eastwood has a slight but noticeable advantage. If you're talking 1999/2000 when SPACE COWBOYS hit theaters, then YES, Sutherland has the advantage since Clint has been losing height since about the early 90s. Compared to Eastwood, Sutherland has kept most of his height as he's advanced in age. In 2011's THE MECHANIC--good action film, but nowhere near the perfection of the 1972 Charles Bronson film--he looks bare minimum 6'2 1/2" and this around age 75.

Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Yeah they didn't share many scenes standing together, only a couple and briefly but Eastwood definitely had the edge on Sutherland in the close up scene although we don't know what the ground level was like.
pedriscovery said on 18/Feb/14
in comander in chief geena davis have tall shoes,and sutherlan is more tall,6,4"is posible today
176,2Tunman said on 8/Feb/14
I think this listing is accurate.He looked very similar to Eastwood in Kelly's Heroes though Eastwood may be 1cm taller.He still looked about 6'3 comparing to 6' Geena Davis in Commander-in-Chief.
thebad7 said on 30/Jan/14
Gifted actor. To this day, my favorite role of his is Ronald the Firebug from 1991's BACKDRAFT--the guy's only in one scene, and he steals the entire film. As for his height, Rob's spot on. He wasn't quite 6'4", but close. Of course, 1970's KELLY'S HEROES is the favorite example. As several other posters noted, Don and Clint were very close--with Clint having a hair (1/2") on Sutherland and both men were wearing WWII era combat boots.

Peak: 6'3 1/2".
2014: strong 6'2"/weak 6'3". For a man his age, he's kept most of his height.

Gomecito said on 13/Dec/13
Sutherland and Goldblum. At first they look the same height. Afetrwards Goldblum looks taller but Sutherland is slouching
Click Here
Sam said on 19/Nov/13
There are several scenes and shots of Eastwood and Sutherland together during Kelley's Heroes and they look similar, though at times Eastwood actually looks a smidge taller, not the other way around.
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
ina photograps of premier of hangred games shuterlan is a bit taller than liam hemsworth today with 77 yeards old
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
have a video edition of kellys heroes,in the portait photograph have a image of telly savallas,sutherland and clint eastwood and donal with relax posture an legs open is more tall than eastwood,so eastwood never was a 6,4" or sutherland was 6"5
Arch Stanton said on 12/Nov/13
He's lost height, yes, but his profile still resembles that of a guy near 6'4", long face and long willowy frame
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
No it wasn't 2-3 inches though Pedri, more 1.5-2 inches. Gould at 6'2" and Sutherland at 6'3.5" looks about right.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
Strangely though Skerritt looks taller than 5'11" next to Sutherland in MASH.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
Agreed Pedri. Sutherland really looks a big guy in MASH and looks 6'4' ish. The fact that Clint Eastwood was a bit taller at the same sort of period as Kelly's Heroes, I have no doubts that Eastwood was a legit 6'4" peak. Sutherland at 192 peak is spot on IMO and he could have been 6'4" morning anyway.
pedriscovery said on 16/Sep/13
in a film M.A.S.H with elliott gould 6ft2" donald was 2 o 3 inches more tall,in pride an prejuice he was more tall than hes partner,i not remember the name,but he was 191cm an donald he a bit more tall,with 74 yeards in this movie
jtm said on 26/Aug/13
peak height is accurate but he could be shorter than 6'2 nowadays.
pedriscovery said on 23/Aug/13
in six degrees of separation he is two inches more tall than will smith 6"2,donald is 6"4 today,he declared "in a lot of movies and photograps encorved himself to look to ayes front to front
pedriscovery said on 23/Aug/13
in the tv series mis president donald sutherland have two partners in 6"4 in some photografs he have the similar heigth
Ian C. said on 3/Aug/13
He's in The Dirty Dozen, and the Dozen are ordered to line up according to height. Sutherland is second from the tall end of the line, standing next to six foot six Clint Walker. Probably the only time in his life that Sutherland has felt short. Show me an interview with Sutherland where he does not mention his height.
bookman said on 11/Jun/13
I just saw Body Snatchers again and I would say slightly less than GoldBlum. My guess 6'3 in his younger days.
pedriscovery said on 3/Apr/13
in a imagen with morgan freeman face to face donald was a trhee inches more tall,moran freeman is 6,2".
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/13
Disagree, that would put Connery at 6 ft 1 flat peak. 6'3.5" peak is about right.
James said on 19/Nov/12
Eastwood possibly 192cm and Sutherland 191cm in my opinion
James said on 12/Nov/12
Still a legit tall man at 6'2
kevin said on 11/Nov/12
peak height at 192cm seems correct when you have eastwood at 193cm peak.
James said on 10/Nov/12
Rob is 6'3.25 (191cm) possible for his peak height? There's always a chance Clint Eastwood was 6'3.75 peak and he edged him out in kellys hearoes.
[Editor Rob: he's been called 6ft 3 and 4 in his heydey, I'm not as sure he was a big 6ft 4, but one of those guys somewhere in 6ft 3-4 range]
Halb said on 18/Sep/12
Still looked tall in Space Cowboys
Shaun said on 24/Aug/12
6'3.5" peak 6'2" today for Sutherland is spot on in my opinion. Good call Rob, Eastwood definitely edged him out in Kelly's Heroes.
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
in recent picture he had bizarre to look as short as 5'11.5-6'0 even. maybe he drop posture alot. wonder he was only 6'2 a stretch in dress shoe.
Danimal said on 25/Jul/12
Was about an inch shorter than 6'5" Christopher Lee in Dr. Horror's House of Horrors (1965)/
mike said on 24/Jul/12
Didn't look that tall in without limits looked in the 185 Cm range next to billy crudup
jake, 1.82 m/ 1.83 m said on 13/Jan/12
6" 3.75 (192 cm) peak, looks just under 6" 2 today.
avi said on 5/Jan/12
a very strong 6'3 because Clint Walker had almost 2 inches on him in Dirt Dozen. We know Clint Walker i sunder 6'6 a strong 6'5 so this would make sense.
William Williams said on 27/Nov/11
I worked with Donald Sutherland in a Canadian made movie called Alien Thunder.
It was made in 1972/73 in Saskatchewan, Canada. I am 6'3 1/2" and Donald Sutherland is exactly the same height. I have a still picture with both of us in costume. i ahd been considered to complete some stunt double work for Mr.Sutherland.
Billy said on 20/Nov/11
I saw Donald opposite Matthew McConaughey in "A Time To Kill" which was on TV last night and in their scene together they appeared the exact same height. In fact half the time Matthew looked taller.
LAN Jiao said on 6/Nov/11
changes.. ignore prev post.

peak clint - 6'4
sutherland - 6'3.25
jeff goldblum - 6'4.5
thebad7 said on 6/Nov/11
Rob, this site is great, and you are pretty much spot on with your measurements. Unfortunately, some trolls permeate the forum with inaccuracy and general BS just to be obnoxious. They might consider actually watching the films and studying photos before polluting the forum.

Eastwood was 6'4" as a young man. Just watched him this morning in COOGAN'S BLUFF. He has a good 2" on 6'2" Don Stroud. He's a hair taller than Sutherland in 1970 for KELLY'S HEROES.

LAN Jiao said on 3/Nov/11
no no. he never shorter than clint eastwood at peak even now. hes beem underestimate and clint gets overestimate all this while..
sutherland @ peak 191 (full inch lower peak jeff goldblum)
clint @ peak 188-189 (exactly same height as 6'2 lee van cleef @ peak)
thebad7 said on 3/Nov/11
He was tall as a young man, and even today he's still tall. I don't believe he ever reached 6'4", but I do believe he hit 6'3 1/2" for his peak. He looked a hair shorter than a young Clint Eastwood in 1970's KELLY'S HEROES, with Eastwood being about 1/2" to 1" taller.

I saw him most recently alongside Jason Statham in the 2011 retread of THE MECHANIC. Surprisingly decent film--though it pales next to the '72 Bronson classic--and The Don looks to be about 6'2" today after having seen him in this film.

jake, 1.82 m said on 30/Oct/11
He dwarfed the cast of Don't Look Now.
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
peak 191 , now 187 (only if measure straight up). sutherland had develope a bad hump can look 6'0 in picture. 6'2 easily morning.
LAN Jiao said on 7/Oct/11
He never look 6'4 during peak. 6'3.25 at best, in body snatcher look an inch under 6'4 jeff goldblum. Probably lose 4cm at 6'1.5 now. Can look 6'1 with relax posture alot.
dmeyer said on 5/Oct/11
today 6 ft 2 giving impression of 6 ft 1 in bad posture near 6 ft 4 peak
dmeyer said on 5/Oct/11
in italian job he has about 6 in on mark whalberg
Patty said on 25/Sep/11
Met him at a party in 2005. easily the tallest person there, well over 6 ft. My guess would be 6'3" or maybe a tad more.
Hansen said on 23/Aug/11
watched a old movie 70s show named body snatcher stars 6ft4 jeff goldblum along donald sutherland, sutherland can look only 6ft2 close up scene next to goldblum while another scene with a stretch up he look legit 6ft3.25 , no more less. during prime in mash he look a flat 6ft3 a big hair near 6ft5 , think he should be on 6ft3.25 in prime nowadays he had lost height and posture both. the lowest down he look 6ft in pictures and i believe straight up at 6ft2 was pretty accurate.
James said on 10/Aug/11
I think he really was 6'4 (193cm) when younger because he was 2 inches taller than Sean Connery who was a strong 6'2 peak like pushing 189cm. sutherland is very similar too tom selleck in build.

I think this proves my point as well that clint eastwood might have been 194cm peak because he had an edge on sutherland in 1970.
Sam said on 29/Jul/11
Here's an interesting shot from a 1986 film where Sutherland looks marginally taller than Max von Sydow, although I think he's a little closer to the camera:
Click Here
5'8.56784 said on 28/Jul/11
Del Mar, this guy looks 6'2 next to Farrell, check Farrel's heel advantage of 1 extra inch.
jake said on 17/Jul/11
He had 3 inches on 6ft0.25 Denzel Washington in Fallen. If he was still around the 6ft3 mark in 1998 I'd say he was close to 6ft4 at peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
6ft3.5(192cm) prime
DejaVu said on 5/Jul/11
Looks 2 inches taller than Elliot Gould. Weak 6'4 peak.
Click Here
Terryman said on 28/Jun/11
1,91 meters peak,looked really weird when he was a young man!
Mathew said on 23/Jun/11
James says on 16/Jun/11
Would you agree he did not look over 6'2.5 (189cm) in Lock Up?

I think 6'2.5" in that movie seems like a pretty good estimate. He was clearly not 6'4" then anyways.
James said on 16/Jun/11
Mathew says on 14/Jun/11
James says on 21/May/11
i don't think he was ever 6'4.
No taller than 189cm even in 1989


Yeah I think 6'4" is a bit much for him.

Would you agree he did not look over 6'2.5 (189cm) in Lock Up?
Mathew said on 14/Jun/11
James says on 21/May/11
i don't think he was ever 6'4.
No taller than 189cm even in 1989


Yeah I think 6'4" is a bit much for him.
James said on 21/May/11
i don't think he was ever 6'4.

No taller than 189cm even in 1989
Gus said on 14/May/11
Sutherland was a half inch maybe just a centimetre shorter than strong 6'3 peak Eastwood. I think sutherland was more 189/190cm tbh than 6'4.
gogo said on 9/May/11
colin sure is in lifts
Del Mar said on 8/Feb/11
From the lasest pics on gettyimages he doesn't seem to have more than 1 inch on Colin Farrell! Click Here Maybe only 6-1 now?
kevin said on 26/Jan/11
was shorter than both eastwood 192-193cm and goldblum 193-194cm. at his peak more like 192cm. 191cm minimum
Bon_ said on 26/Jan/11
Strong 6'3 in his prime.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/11
Is there a chance he's still a fraction over 6"2 Rob?
Cookie said on 2/Jan/11
Sutherland looks like a giant compared to Kate Bush in the music video 'Cloudbusting'.
yoyo said on 17/May/09
his def near 6ft4 in 1980s.. but not quite 6ft4. i seen him in real in late 90s looks about 6"2.5 with a very bad posture. def 6ft3 in 90s. recent movies he could look as low as 6ft1..
RisingForce said on 11/May/09
He was about Clint Eastwood's height in Kelly's Heroes which was in 1970. 6-4 peak isn't hard for me to believe. he seemed like he was almost a head taller than mark wahlberg in the italian job(2003) and i peg mark at 5-7.5. donald was about 4 inches taller than stallone in lock up, which was 1989.
yoyo said on 22/Apr/09
with his bad posture in movies and photo taken he could look as low as 6ft0.75(185cm). standing straight up he could be 6ft2 now. def not as tall as in the 1990s time especially in OutBreak standing next to 6ft2 Morgan Freeman looks 6ft3 tall. this oldman has shrunk quite alot.. 1.5in lost.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
Actually maybe 6ft4 prime. He was over an inch taller than supposedly 6ft3 Elliot Gould in Mash.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
Rob this guy still looks close enough to 6ft3. 188cm-189cm?
Doug said on 4/Apr/09
Funny thing is although Kiefer is so much shorter he definately resembles Donald facially more than Rossif does. They definately have similar eyes and a long pointy face shape, you can definately see its his father even though he towers above Kiefer.
Doug said on 4/Apr/09
In some recent photos Eastwood still looks in the 6'2" range and in one photo looks pretty evenly matched with Sutherland today. It seems strnage both men have lost two inches or more. If they were however 6'3"....
\_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 1/Mar/09
189cm nowadays. 192cm-193cm peak.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 21/Feb/09
I think 6ft3.75 was his peak. A weak 6ft4. Nowadays looks to have lost a little more than one inch. 6ft2-6ft2.5.
yoyo said on 7/Feb/09
in 1970s to 80s hes a solid 6ft3.5 tall. in late 90s he has drop about 2cm and looks a good 190cm tall. nowadays 189 or abit lower like 188 make sense..
Doug said on 7/Feb/09
I don't think he ever was legit 6'4" barefoot, can't see anything above 6'3". Might have been 6'4" in shoes.
Doug said on 7/Feb/09
How can a 6'4" guy only have a 5'8.5" son? It doesn't make sense.
adam said on 6/Feb/09
I`ll have to agree. Sutherland was near 6-4 peak but I
Lenad said on 31/Jan/09
6ft2 if anything probably is his peak height. The 6ft4 is utter bull.
adam said on 6/Jan/09
Well! Rob took an inch off from his current height which seems to be the right thing to do. Maybe half an inch off from his peak height, Rob? I mean he really was clearly shorter than Goldblum...
yoyo said on 3/Jan/09
his son is all tall over 6ft2 accept Kiefer..
adam said on 1/Jan/09
Yes, Sutherland is a Canadian actor, not US. And he was possibly half an inch shorter than the listed height here.
yoyo said on 27/Dec/08
his never a solid 6ft4. But a good 192ish in 1970s, In 1980s sometimes his bad posture makes look as low from 187 to 190 without a straight standing posture. Nowadays hes a strong 6ft1 without good posture, 6ft2 with a good one.
Guy said on 25/Dec/08
Donald Sutherland is actually Canadian.
yoyo said on 20/Dec/08
old donald is once 192cm tall. nowadays looks 188. His 6ft5 son rossif sutherland had 3in on him. so 188 now was right.
adam said on 16/Dec/08
I would put him in the 6`3
Hugh said on 11/Dec/08
6ft4 is not impossible. He was a huge man for his generation. He looked huge bak in the day. He's tall a genuinely tall man.
Lenad said on 10/Dec/08
Pheraps he lost no height. Maybe just shy of 6'3 peak but anything higher is out of the question.
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
he is still 6-3.saw him last year.i agree 6-4 peak sound a little extreme.but not impossible.
adam said on 9/Dec/08
Jesus christ my English sucked in the previous post! I apologize for that.

Lenad, he was obviously more than 6-2 peak. No questions about that. But he could have been slightly less than 6-4.
Lenad said on 8/Dec/08
He really was 6ft2 peak. The 6ft4 is utter bull.
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
I'd say 6ft2.5-6ft3 these days.
Lenad said on 7/Dec/08
Sutherland more like 6'3 maybe.
adam said on 5/Dec/08
He is Canadian, not US. Lenad, it`s possible that he wasn`t quite 6-4 peak. Sutherland is one of those few tall guys here that could be listed slightly taller than what they are (or were) in reality.

Two things that don`t fit: Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum being the same height. Goldblum was taller than Sutherland in their film. Now Jeff Goldblum is at least 6-4 and in his peak very possibly more! Sutherland could have been only 6-3
Lenad said on 4/Dec/08
US actor from dont look now? Yeah don't look 6'4 now.
Lenad said on 2/Dec/08
He has never looked as tall as 6ft4. Ever...
glenn said on 30/Nov/08
i met him many times too.and he isnt 6-2.even now he seemed 6-3.
Vasquez said on 30/Nov/08
jeez, the exagerrations continue... I have met Donald Sutherland many times. He is 6'2"...possibly less now in his older age.....
adam said on 20/Oct/08
Daniel says on 24/Apr/08
Well, Glenn. To me Sutherland has always seemed to be very tall in the movies I've seen him in. I remember an old horror movie with Peter Cushing -Doctor Terror's House of Horrors- in which DS looks really huge. But, as I said before, I could be a little wrong. Anyway, I would't buy less than 6'4'' for his peak height.

I wouldn`t say so. He looked tall in his own sequence but in the end when he was standing with the supposedly 6-5 Christopher Lee, he was clearly shorter. If he was 6-5, then Lee must have had been as staggering as 6-7! Lee always looked taller than the 6-4 he has claimed in his early career but no way was he ever that tall. Lee could have been a bit more than 6-5 but not much. Sutherland was shorter in the film. At least an inch and probably more.

Sutherland was 6-4 peak, not more but probably not less.
dmeyer said on 20/Oct/08
looks nearer 6 ft 2.25 to 6 ft 2.5 now 1.5 in loss at 70s is normal
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
I find it hard to believe that Sutherland was ever 6'4. I'd put him at 6 ft 3 peak height these days doesn't look anything more than 6'2.
Hugh said on 16/Oct/08
I wouldn't go lower than 6ft2 for this guy. He still pretty tall. 6ft2.5-6ft2.75 is his height I'd say. 6ft3 Max. 6ft4 was his peak.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/08
Nowadays he look no more than 6ft2.75, the less 6ft1.5
RICHARD said on 9/Oct/08
What I don't understand is how Donald's son,Keifer,is 5'8-5'10,yet his other son,Rossif,is 6'5. I know they're not blood brothers but half but c'mon Rossif towers his half-brother and is only 1 inch shorter than his dad. Maybe Rossif's mom was over 5'9
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 30/Sep/08
he looked now 6'2
adam said on 30/Sep/08
He had a terrible posture but if he fully straightened up he was 6-4. Nowadays maximum 6-3.
Hugh said on 26/Sep/08
I think he's 6ft2.75 now and 6ft4 at his peak.
Hugh said on 16/Sep/08
I buy 6ft4 at his peak or at the bare minimum 6ft3.5.
tom said on 6/Sep/08
donald have the habit of slouching to talk eyes to eyes to the actors
Emily said on 1/Sep/08
I actually do agree with the 6 ft 4 in at peak height. I can support my reasoning whenever I watch MASH. In an earlier scene when he was speaking to Gary Burghoff, he had to nearly bend straight over just to look at him an an eye-to-eye level. I think Burghoff is about five foot six, and I am as well. I have friends that are well over six feet and we look about the same together.
Ed T. said on 12/Aug/08
I don't believe that he was ever a full 6'4" either, however, I think you have to give him at least 6'3" peak height( possibly 6'3.5").
Rocky said on 12/Aug/08
I have a very hard time believing that he is anywhere remotely close to 6'4'', more like 6'1''.
chris said on 9/Aug/08
actually beatlefan, men have higher leg:torso ratios than women, adipose tissue on the upper thighs and hips give the illusion of longer legs in women.
Liz said on 1/Aug/08
I'm currently watching "Cold Mountain", and can't believe how average he looks next to Nicole Kidman and Jude Law,actually he looks the same height as them, so no more than 6ft I would say.
beatlefan said on 17/Jul/08
Thats quite suprising 'E' mind you guys on the whole have long bodies and short legs wheras women are the other way round. There are exceptions though, I have a 33 inch inseam and I am only average in height, I do look stupidly out of proportion though unless my shirt is untucked.
E said on 16/Jul/08
He wears a 31 inch pant inseam. Thats quite a short inseam for someone that tall.
Daniel said on 1/Jul/08
Yes, Danimal. That is the movie I told Glenn about, a couple of months ago. Sutherland looks very close to (if not just) 6'5'' there.
Danimal said on 24/Jun/08
I have a really RARE and cool british horror movie from the mid 60's called Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, starring 6'5" (then) Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland who was maybe .5"-1" shorter than him at most. They were both relatively young. BTW, this was the first AMICUS production anthology movie.
glenn said on 24/Jun/08
he is still 6-3.
Viper said on 24/Jun/08
He looked pretty tall in Animal House. I dont know If he was as tall as 6-4 peak but hes not as short as 6-1 today either. Id say 6-3 peak and 6-2 now. Not a massive shrinkage. I could be wrong. I havnt seen every movie hes been in earlier in his career.
Danimal said on 24/Jun/08
Looks to have dropped down to maybe 6'2" today from a peak 6'4".
Marty said on 23/Jun/08
I'm with Glenn on this one, at his peak he was at least 6 ft 4.25 in cause in the movie MASH he has at least 1.25 in over Elliott Gould
Anonymous KinG said on 4/May/08
he look 0.5in taller than 6ft1 clint eastwood in space cowboy.. i did say again hes really only 6ft2..
Anonymous KinG said on 27/Apr/08
he looks no much taller than 5ft9 mira sorvino with 3in heels.. i did say nowadays hes like 6ft2.. abit hair up make it 6ft3..
glenn said on 25/Apr/08
daniel-6-4 peak bare min for him then.maybe a hair taller.
Daniel said on 24/Apr/08
Well, Glenn. To me Sutherland has always seemed to be very tall in the movies I've seen him in. I remember an old horror movie with Peter Cushing -Doctor Terror's House of Horrors- in which DS looks really huge. But, as I said before, I could be a little wrong. Anyway, I would't buy less than 6'4'' for his peak height.
Jake Is Back said on 24/Apr/08
6'3", mayabe 6'3.5" peak.
karlbelgium said on 23/Apr/08
I've seen him once in Brussels. I'm 6'6 myself, and he's definitely more then 3 inches shorter then me. Good actor though.
glenn said on 23/Apr/08
6-5 sounds too extreme.why would you think that? i dont doubt your opinion,but did he look that in movies? i thought he always looked 6-3.was never sure of his peak.
Daniel said on 22/Apr/08
Glenn, what do you think his peak was? To me he was closer to 6'5'', but I could be a little wrong
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
such bull i read on this site alot.i saw him last year and he was still 6-3.
Ray said on 22/Apr/08
I think it was hard to tell what height Sutherland was in the '70s. He had that mad perm and platform heels. I think he is 6'1" now and was probably 6'2" or maybe a tad more in his youth.
andrew said on 21/Apr/08
Watching him in Dirty Sexy Money he looks around 6'1". Poor Donald, what a brutal shrunk. He was a solid 6'4" in the '70s though.
Gonzalo said on 17/Apr/08
Sutherland was not 2.5 inches shorter than Jeff Goldblum. He wasn
Daniel said on 29/Mar/08
I guess Sutherland could even have been 1.95m when younger. What amazes me is the fact that his son Kiefer is 8 inches shorter
Ed T. said on 22/Mar/08
I watched the Dirty Dozen ( 1966/67) again yesterday. 6'6" Clint Walker appears to be 3 inches taller than a young Sutherland. In the same movie, Jim Brown( who was probably 6'2" max or maybe a slight bit shorter), does not look to be significantly shorter than Sutherland; I'd guess about one inch, maybe 1.5 inches. I think that Donald Sutherland's peak height was more likely 6'3.5" and maybe even closer to 6'3".
glenn said on 17/Mar/08
i dont know how to explain anything.all i know is that he was 6-3 or a hair more when i saw him last year.very huge and stocky too.
Anonymous king said on 16/Mar/08
But how you explain that 6ft4.5 jeff goldblum was like 2.5in taller than him in the 70s flick body snatcher? Mr-Sutherland had an hair advantage in that movie(2in top up hair). At the 'hey day time Sutherland was bill as 6ft4.. could jeff goldblum be 6ft6.5 in 70s? No away.. But i personally believe his 6ft2.5barely in 70s.. Now maybe had drop abit of height due to his over 70age..
glenn said on 13/Mar/08
he is still dont bump into him like i do.
Anonymous king said on 12/Mar/08
Donald Sutherland don't looks 6ft3 nowadays.. i watch salem's lot 2year ago notice he looks a good 6ft1 at that show.. he had an bad hunches.. he looks as tall as 6ft geena davis somehow.. maybe 6ft1.5 barely..
Mark D. said on 22/Feb/08
He was about an inch and a half over Elliot Gould (who's 6'2") in MASH in the
very early 70s. By the Body Snachers movie, he was clearly an inch shorter or
more than 6'4.5" Jeff Golblum. In the 'old men astronaut' movie, he was about
an inch or two taller than the shrunken Clint Eastwood. I'd estimate he was a
solid 6'3.5" in youth (and rounded up to 6'4") and shrunk to 6'3" since then,
could be 6.2.5" now. He appeared about an inch taller than the 6'2" Morgan
Freeman in "Outbreak" some 10 years ago. So this measurement makes sense.
glenn said on 11/Dec/07
still looked 6-3 to me 9 months ago.
kenji said on 10/Dec/07
his no more than 6ft.. if hes 6ft3 most 6ft3 guys might be 6ft6.. so to say 3in down for this men.. 6ft he looks most..
blink 198 said on 30/Nov/07
wow.. this guy is more than 6ft1 at all.. met him twice at chicago several years ago, looks a 6ft range.. 191 in this site was a big kidding.
Tessedako said on 24/Nov/07
with a better standing posture this men might look 185cm barefoot.. Not sure about his shoe lift.. judge from my view his about 184cm barefooted.. 6ft3 his prime.. don look like a 6ft2 6ft3 height at all..
kenneth said on 17/Nov/07
tommy lee sounds right.. donald sutherland looks more like a 6ft range.. but he have quite abit to say he might be a barefoot 184.5cm to 185cm with a very straight posture..
Tommy Lee said on 27/Oct/07
this old men looks no taller than 183~184cm.. im a breafoot 190.5cm , hes looks 2 & a half inches lower my height while i saw him in real for at least 4time.. 6ft3 for him is unless he wear a women heels.. haha..
Tommy said on 24/Oct/07
donald sutherland stand beside his 5ft9 son kiefer looks no more than 6ft.. kiefer is 176cm so donald should be only 183 ~ 184cm.. can't be 6ft3.. its crack..
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/07
I think this guy could have been 6'3 circa 2002-2003 but may have shrunk even more. I mean, Brad Garrett is 6'8 even, yeah I wouldn't give him a cm more either cause he looks 30 cms exactly taller than Glenn, now look at him next to Sutherland:

Click Here

He easily has 14-15 cms on Sutherland. I think Sutherland has shrunk to 6'2-6'2.5. Yeah I'd give him 6'2.5.
kenneth said on 9/Jun/07
this folks looks just 6ft .. no idea his 6ft3 nowadays.. if his 6ft3 jeff goldblum would be 6ft7..
Steve said on 7/May/07
I met Donald Sutherland and shook his hand in San Antonio Florida at Saint Leo University when he was filming the movie "Instinct" with Cuba Gooding Jr..I met both of them and got their autographs which are now currently in my dresser. I am now 18 years old and 6'1, I met Donald and Cuba when I was around 12 or so, I was around 5'5 when I was 12 and I was only up to Mr.Sutherlands chest roughly. I'd say he was atleast 6'4 when I met him 5-6 years ago, he was a very friendly guy and i shook his hand as well as me and my brother ate dinner with him because they grilled burgers at the University. Was a good experience, and he is the only famous actor I have met so far being that I live in a small town in Florida. Any idea where Sutherland is now?
Josh said on 30/Apr/07
oscar said on 30/Apr/07
Pat, broken hearted? Is height really that important? Leg bone surgery is painful and risky, and what, would you be a whole other person if you became one inch taller? A visit to a therapist would be a better use for the money if theres self esteem your out for.
MHouillon said on 25/Feb/07
Yeah, I thought the same. I'd say he WAS 192cm and is 189 these days.

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