How tall is Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

English singer-songwriter. On twitter, when asked her height, she claimed to stand "5 ft. 8 [inches tall]". She also said "i'm not 5ft10!!! Where did this come from?? I'm 5ft8".
Aged 14 she was the shortest in her class so her mum took her to basketball every week, thinking it'd help boost her growth. She quit because she got bored of it and had a growth spurt at 16. "I'm now 5ft 8"," she laughs.

How tall is Dua Lipa
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Five foot eight and my feet, size six UK.

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Average Guess (121 Votes)
5ft 8.13in (173.1cm)
5'11james said on 24/Nov/23
Tbh I think Dua is in the 5'8.5 range...
Abdu-5'10" said on 24/Sep/23
172-174 cm
Abdul 5'10 said on 31/Aug/23
Strong 5’8 like Rob Paul.

I wouldn’t doubt if she wakes up at 5’9 and ends up at 5’8.25 at her low.

I’d say she is a very solid 173 cm. Maybe 173.5 cm at best.

But also 174 cm if we are talking about her height earlier in the day.
ItalianChad said on 7/Apr/23
She's always given me the impression of being taller: 5'9'' if not 5'10''
James (179cm) Jones said on 24/Mar/23
Strong 5'8 for Dua Lipa. Possible 5'8 ½ (174cm). She is gorgeous 😍...
5'10-Abdul said on 24/Mar/23
Strong 174 cm.
5'10-Abdul. said on 10/Mar/23
cOa said on 20/Mar/21
Tall even for albanian men height..
Albanian men average anywhere from 5’8 to 5’9.5. So her height would mean average height for a male.

But she’s tall and a Albanian goddess too 😫😫
Realist said on 5/Feb/23
I could see Dua Lipa being 5'8.5 some tall women round down their height. I also didn't know she was so curvy she looked thin in a video I seen of her but that could have been 4 years ago etc. Anyways I could see her being 155 or 160 she has a model-like pose.
c-mo 5'9.25 said on 11/Oct/22
she is so good looking 😍

5'8 makes sense
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 30/Aug/22
Honest claim, shutting down the 5'10" rumor. Good
Aura said on 21/Jul/22
Hi Rob, take look this Balenciaga fashion show video (12:12) when Bella and Dua walking pass each others. Solid 1 inch different? What do you think?
Click Here
Editor Rob
It seemed reasonably close, though very hard to be precise when comparing heights walking by each other.
A.S said on 7/Jul/22
Rob, what do you think of this pic with Nicole Kidman? Same shoes but angle/posture is off maybe?

Click Here=
Editor Rob
She could pass for 5ft 9 there...whether Nicole is dropping an inch I can't tell, although looking at her right foot, I think she is dropping something...
Lailalovings said on 6/Jul/22
She looks really tall. I think she is slightly higher than 5’8.25”. Maybe in cm she is more than 173.5 cm, which can pass up to 174 cm but not meeting the standard 5’9” curve.
Miss Bea said on 28/May/22
Just received the June/July 2022 issue of Vogue magazine in the mail, featuring Dua Lipa on the cover. On page 82 it says, "At 18, Dua had a dramatic growth spurt, and last year, at 25, she improbably gained another vertical inch." (On page 77, it also observes, "Dua cuts an intimidating figure, standing nearly six feet tall in heels.")

Don't know how this particular piece of information was obtained by Vogue, but Dua was interviewed and photographed extensively for the article.

Did Dua tell Vogue that she now, at 25 in 2022, stands exactly one inch taller than she previously did at 24 the year before, or is the editor making this assumption based upon prior sightings of Dua in 2021?

Kind of bizarre either way.

Based upon this latest report, do think a reassessment and possible upgrade to 5'9" is warranted? Curious to hear your thoughts and personal opinion on this new tidbit, Rob (and fellow commenters, as well).

Farfetched or realistic?
Editor Rob
A strange story. I've heard of people claiming they are taller, but maybe get mis-measured or are in sneakers for the measurement.

I really don't see evidence she gained an inch.
Hann said on 11/May/22
I would say she is a legit 174-175 cm.
She's definition of the most unique voice in pop music
REX03 said on 25/Apr/22
I think she is a solid 5'9", probably 6'1" to 6'4" in heels.
Anneliese said on 17/Oct/21
As I expected! A perfect height for this tall, beautiful woman, but I tend to go with 172 cm for her! She's definetly not 5'10, as she stands almost 2 inchies shorter than here listed 5'9¾ Taylor Swift.
Daniel Lee said on 10/Aug/21

Dua Lipa next to 6'1 Anwar Hadid. She is standing in one leg and gaining about 3/4 of an inch (Click Here)

Click Here
Click Here

Her high heels:
Click Here

She looks like 5'7 flat.
Editor Rob
Sometimes I think 5ft 7.5 could be closer, but just 5ft 7...not sure yet about that.
Eren Aky?z said on 1/Aug/21
Solid 5’8 and Dua Lipa is a beautiful goddess!
KOOLINEO said on 1/Aug/21
There is no way Dua Lipa is 5’8. She is at least 5’ 10. I’m a short man 5’7 and she will definitely tower over me. Look at the music video she did with Miguel. The height difference is stark. I think she’s very conscious of her height. Nevertheless she is a stunningly beautiful talented woman.
Mimi said on 24/May/21
Rob how tall do you think Dua is with Calvin Harris here? Those seem like heels with a 2 inch platforms

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Editor Rob
the platform is a decent size, she must get about 5 inches of height from those and a solid 5 inches under Calvin's height
P.K.W. said on 4/May/21
Dua is honest about her height and 5ft 8in is more or less spot on within a quarter of an inch each way. She has long legs which most women of this height would have and give the impression of being much taller, especially compared with a male of the same height.
cOa said on 20/Mar/21
Tall even for albanian men height..
Rem said on 9/Mar/21
Rob she seems to be shorter than harry styles and she is even with heels on. Then if you see her with martin garrix who is 5'7 they seem about the same height, maybe even barefeet martin would even be taller. Isn't 5'7 range a better guess for her?
Editor Rob
5ft 7.5 is a figure I could buy
Sean Day said on 28/Dec/20
I am on my way to watching every single Dua Lipa video ever. Wow is she nice to look at, and sings great too.
I find it hard to believe she is shorter than 5'8", she towers over all other women.
Nathan Hatton said on 27/Dec/20
Rob, Who do you think if anything has more chance of measuring taller between Dua Lipa and Rihanna ?
Nathan Hatton said on 25/Dec/20
Rob, Who do think has more chance of measuring taller if anything between Dua Lipa and Rihanna ?
Editor Rob
sometimes I think rihanna can look 5ft 7.5, more often than I've thought Dua could look that mark
n_te said on 24/Dec/20
Do you think 138 lbs is accurate for her these days, Rob? She looks like she lost a bit of weight
vastlybetter566 said on 18/Dec/20
Did her playing basketball at age 14 have anything to do with her growing to 5ft8? Strongly doubt it. Perhaps she was a late bloomer.
mochi said on 23/Nov/20
always looked a solid 5’8 to me. not sure why people think she’s taller or shorter than that
CSKA said on 18/Oct/20
This photo makes her look like a solid 5'10", but she is 5'8"
Wills said on 10/Oct/20
Everyone saying she is shorter than 5'8" but she is not.
In the picture with Bella Hadid there is Gigi too. Gigi is wearing 1 inch sneakers and Dua is wearing 3 inch heels, and she is looking 1 inch taller than Gigi. Considering Gigi is strong 5'9", 5'10" in sneakers and dua is inch taller making her 5'11" in heels, this proves she is no less than 5'8".

I would say she is a legit 5'8" or 173 cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Sep/20
I think Pasta was talking more about how she looks physically, than her actual height.
6'3 Julian said on 21/Sep/20
@Pasta I’m not sure about very tall. 5’8 for a woman is probably equivalent to 6’1 for a man. Tall, but not very tall
Pasta said on 19/Sep/20
She looks very tall
Ayyy said on 15/Jul/20
She’s like 172 I think. A solidly tall height and she never looks short. If you say she is 5’7 or under that would be absurd. I think she can look 5’9 or above, in high heels she is easily a 6 footer and Looks similar in height next to tall 6’0 range guys.
Allie Bennett said on 12/Apr/20
I think she’s around 171-172 and Bella is around 174, Nessa
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Feb/20
5'8 and 136lbs.
Ananavarro said on 27/Jan/20
I Think she is 5’7 she look 2 inches taller than Alicia Keys in the Grammys
Nina 99 said on 12/Jan/20
Click Here
A recent pic of her with heels on while bella is in snickers.
Either bella is taller than 5’8 or she is shorter than this listing which is unlikely considering how tall she looks.
I’m confused rn.
Rob what do you think?
Carmen Star said on 12/Jan/20
I think she is shorter than 5’8.
Recent picture releases of her and Bella hadid, (who you say is also 5’8), walking side by side, arms linked. Dua Lipa is wearing high heels and Bella, runners? They look the same height? What are your thoughts?
Darius said on 23/Nov/19
173cm, Anywhere from 5'7.75" to 5'8.25", I think. Really a tough task to figure Dua's height because she wears heels almost always and always has good posture.......
Blue ivy said on 16/Nov/19
I think she is pretty self conscious about her height but for me she is minimum 5.9 or 1.75cm
Dan Clark said on 6/Nov/19
She looked massive compared to everyone else on stage at the Pride of Britain awards last night
Vitto said on 16/Oct/19
I think she is very honest instead. Someone else would have claimed 5'10 when she is not. I guessed 5'8 for her.
Here she is with Chiara Ferragni and look similar in height. In my honest opinion, 5'8 maybe 5'8 and a bit for Dua.
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LuluB said on 24/Aug/19
I think many women who are tall are insecure about it and try to downplay it. I agree with others that she looks in the 5'11-10 range. She's much taller standing with Anwar Hadid than either Gigi or Bella Hadid are
Yanet said on 5/Jul/19
She is definitely at least 5'10, maybe 5'11. I working at the O2 music awards and stood next to her. Definitely taller than Ed Sheeran (he was there too). Maybe she's self conscious about her height, she was wearing killer heels and looked around 6'3, so without them I imagine 5'10 is extremely accurate. No way on Earth she is 5'8, Ed Sheeran is but she definitely isn't. Most of the images countering this have her slightly behind or leaning in some way. As pretty IRL but she's a tall girl.
Dave98 said on 24/Mar/19
I'd say she is 5'7.5"(171.45cm) at max and I really think she is more of a 5'7" range(170.18cm) tbh seeing her with St.Vincent and Calvin Harris.
Jancys said on 26/Feb/19
SHE IS NOT 173 CM. She has pictures with Liam Payne (175 cm) and he is taller than her at least for 2.5-3 inches. Obviously she lies about her height. I think she is around 168/169 cm.

5ft 9 Liam and Dua;
Click Here
Lean said on 11/Feb/19
So happy for Dua being true to herself and honest. This is rare nowadays. She's not competing with anyone at all.. humble gal
Darius said on 27/Jan/19
I've always reckoned Dua Lipa to be in the 5'7" to 5'8" range, From what I have seen I think she is more 5'7" and has that type of body for a 5'7" not taken into account her heels she dons almost always. But taking Dua's wording of 5'8" as honest, I would say she is likely 5'7.5" in stature . Tbh, never looked a 5'8" to me.
Nik said on 9/Jan/19
@ bub - I honestly don't agree with you, it's good for both men and women to just be the height they are! In any case many women do want to be tall although there are many women who do not want to be tall too, it is good to be tall if you are a woman, man!
bub said on 8/Jan/19
@Nik well being that tall for a woman is not a good thing, lol. For a guy maybe but not girls man.
Nik said on 1/Jan/19
Thumbs up to her for not trying to claim 5'10'! It's ideal for people to be nice 'n honest!
Oliver said on 31/Dec/18
Click Here
Hello,Rob. I think she doesn't look over 5ft 7 in this pic with Calvin Harris.(About 2inches more footwear and looks 8inches shorter)
Or maybe she is 5'7.5 and Calvin,6'5.5?
What's your opinion?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
She can look anywhere in 5ft 7-8 zone that moment.
Renato:) said on 14/Dec/18
She looks tall
colleen said on 19/Nov/18
she is really tall in my opinion
karan kapoor said on 18/Oct/18
looks 5'10 to me
khaled taban said on 28/Jun/18
She is more like 5'7" or 5'7.5" though 5'8" isn't impossible
MAD SAM said on 9/Jun/18
Tall woman, definitely 173 cm
Urkalias said on 29/May/18
Kree said on 19/Apr/18
She looks really tall. I have tall friends and they sometimes downplay their height because of dating issues... wouldn't be surprised if she was a couple inches taller than she says
BilboBaggins said on 13/Apr/18
Holy ****, I always thought she was at least 5' 9". Not that 5' 8" is short for a woman though. Dua looks tall in anything I've seen her in.
Warren said on 22/Mar/18
Such a beautiful looking and has a powerful singing voice! I think she's a tiny face that makes her appear taller
I guess 171-172cm range
Volkan said on 30/Jan/18
Every time I saw her , I think she's 5'10'' because she looks so tall!
MaryAnne said on 30/Dec/17
Beautiful Dua's page seem weird.It looks as though an old page circa 2004-2009. 5-8 legit
Editor Rob
an extra closing tag in the description caused the menu to vanish.
Peter175 said on 21/Oct/17
I think she may well be just 5'7
ggangsta said on 24/Mar/17
My guess for Dua Lipa would be a little below 5'8 , somewhere between 5'7.25 - 5'7.5
Rnfhc said on 5/Feb/17
She wears high heels and looks like 6 ft but she is definitely 5 ft8
Mouse22 said on 11/Jan/17
Maybe the 5'10" claim comes from one or two model agency listings, they sometimes exaggerate. And she does look tall, so one easily believes her to be taller than she is. Other women are one inch shorter but look as if five inch shorter unless you could compare them. It's all through body proportions etc.
John said on 23/Aug/16
Why is she listed as 5'10 everywhere despite her 5'8 claim?
Editor Rob
other sites copy existing listings most of the time.
d said on 18/Aug/16
Her body looks 5'7
F.N said on 15/Aug/16
She is more like 5'7 or 5'6.5.Just compare Dua with her boyfriend Isaac.He is 1.88cm and looks 4 inches taller than her with high heels. Click Here

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