How tall is Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke's Height

5ft 2 (157.5 cm)

English Actress, best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones and for films like Solo, Terminator Genisys and Last Christmas. In the Spotlight Casting Directory, she was listed "Height: 5 feet 2 inches" with a weight of "8st. 3lb. (52kg)". In 2017, she also said "I'm 5-ft.-nothing, I'm a little girl".

How tall is Emilia Clarke
Photo by Joe Seer/

How tall is Emilia Clarke
Henry Golding and Emilia
Photo by Debby Wong/

How tall is Emilia Clarke
Emilia and Nathalie Emmanuel
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Average Guess (85 Votes)
5ft 1.39in (155.9cm)
Michael Bruneio said on 23/Apr/24
I had the pleasure and privilege to provide security for Emilia Clarke in 2019. I can say in all honesty that she is smaller than 5'2". In fact, she's lucky if she's 5 feet tall or just a tad over. This is a very tiny girl! But she is by far the nicest, sweetest celebrity I've ever met as well as the most naturally beautiful.
Lucy Holt said on 4/May/23
Maybe a bit less? Jenna Coleman seems to slight out do her although she may have higher heels on Click Here
Futy Adore said on 3/Sep/21
Funally a female actor who doesn't lie about her height
Elene said on 7/Aug/21
Rob please change to 158 cm,I feel she would measure that mark.
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Rob,don’t you think she is 158 cm?looks like she would measure exactly that mark
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Why did she claim 5 feet,she looks 158 cm to me.
JustJoey said on 30/Mar/21
As listed.
Robbe said on 17/Jan/21
Says 5'2 Click Here
Sharanya said on 8/Aug/20
@Rob, why would she claim 5ft flat when she doesn’t look that short? She would clearly edge out Maisie Williams.
Editor Rob
Could be just generalisation? Even Mike Myers once called himself 5ft nothing.

She certainly does look taller than Maisie!
Alanna said on 29/Jul/20
She is around 5’2”
Jam Cherry said on 4/Jun/20
Emilia is closer to 156 cm
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 20/Feb/20
Gorgeous short Dragon , Emilia Clarke is more like strong 5ft1" range.
I'd be surprised If she was as short as the 5ft she claimed .. still a hot woman no matter what her height is.
Peter175 said on 15/Feb/20
She's clearly at least 5'1", I wouldn't actually go below 5'1.5 because she does have a large head and weirdly small frame.

She's around 5'2" imo
Lara said on 3/May/19
She seems to be 1.57 m.
Nik said on 24/Apr/19
It's interesting that she claimed to be 5 feet nothing considering the fact that Rob claims she is 5 foot 2!
Editor Rob
I don't think she's really that short, she could be in 5ft 1-2 zone though, but generally looks nearer to 2 inches taller than maisie williams than being the same 5ft size.
Ferdinand said on 24/Apr/19
She doesn't look anything like 8 inches shorter than Mo Salah when pictured with him (that said, she might be wearing heels, but I doubt they're that big) 5ft 2, I'd say
Kaylene said on 25/Dec/18
Rob, if she says she's 5ft0 then isn't she? I mean, why would she downgrade herself? Usually short and average height people add to their height, only very tall people may lie they're shorter than they really are.

Here's a pick of her and Rose Leslie. To me, she looks like 10cm shorter than her.
Click Here
Editor Rob
I think Maisie is a 5 footer, but Emilia seems taller than that with the rest of the cast...I'm sure on some occasions she has looked 5ft to 5ft 1 range though.
Angus said on 24/Dec/18
She is cute it doesn't matter how tall she is she is 5'2"
denisse said on 12/Oct/18
She’s avarage like 1,55 cm
Harry97 said on 8/Oct/18
A true beauty :)
Nik said on 13/Jul/18
I trust her listing more than the average vote!
Editor Rob
She seems at the very most 2.5 inch shorter than rose leslie, even then sometimes only seems about 2 inches shorter than rose and 2 inches taller than maisie williams.
I think she has a good chance of being near her claim.
berta said on 29/May/18
Check out her new wired interview she claimed 5 foot 2 in it and the guy that plsy chewbacca who is listed 6 foot 10 here clanied 211.5 cm and said thst he round that to 7 feet.
Tallish89 said on 9/Jan/18
5'0 claim

Doesn't help that 5'8 (173cm) Kit Harington listing
Bobby said on 26/Dec/17
@A short girl, glad we could be of service to you :)
Fisticuffs said on 21/Dec/17
No worries, glad it helped :)
A short girl said on 16/Dec/17
@Fisticuffs, @Bobby you guys Are so nice, thank you, that really helped me out :)
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
She’s 155 cm
ice said on 8/Dec/17
I think she looks even shorter than that because of her stocky built. She is only "little" in stature.
AJAX_177 said on 2/Dec/17
Emilia Clarke claiming 5ft 0in? Strange.
MAD SAM said on 1/Dec/17
She’s lesser than 5’2” but that’s what increases her sex appeal
Sarah said on 22/Nov/17
Is 156 possible?
Editor Rob
between 5ft 1 and 2 might be possible, 5ft flat would look impossible.
Hal said on 31/Oct/17
5'2" looks accurate. Though it's possible she's a tad shorter. Still beautiful.

I don't know if I'd want to be with a woman her height. I'm 6'1" and if I ever had children I'd prefer they were tall.
187cm(6'1.5'') said on 31/Oct/17
She is 153cm(5'0'') in my opinion.Her tiny stature adds to her beauty
Chicago Mason said on 6/Oct/17
Looks 1.55 in Game of Thrones. She have lifts with Kit in Season 7 and appear not be more than 1.58 (with lifts of course).
Bobby said on 4/Sep/17
@A short girl, take it from a man, most of us prefer petite women anyway, and by petite, I mean the French word for small, in this case being stature. For example, I am 5'10, which is a pretty solid height but as always, I would like to be 2-3 inches taller, if I could. Strong 6ft would be nice, if I woke up at 6'1, I would be 6'0.5 midday, and could still claim 6'1.
Fisticuffs said on 4/Sep/17
@A short girl, don't worry about it. Most guys love short girls, in fact it's a preference 😝👍
A short girl said on 3/Sep/17
IDK but I really hope its 1.55-1.56 cmts (5'1 ish) tall because I think she is stunning and that would help me with my height issue, Im so aware of my height that knowing Emilia is as short as me could really help me...
Bobby said on 21/Aug/17
I'm surprised, she looks around 5'5 on Game of Thrones, but she's hot though.
Anon said on 14/Aug/17
I'd say she could be 5'1, thats close enough to 5 ft nothing so she could say that
Mimi said on 9/Aug/17
Rob why is 157.5cm is not rounded to 158?
Editor Rob
centimetre equivalent is being displayed to 1 decimal place.
Peter175 said on 5/Aug/17
Looks 155 imo. But her claim of 5ft nothing- surely she is taller than that by at least an inch
Andrea said on 4/Aug/17
Why she says "5' nothing"? I'd be very surprised if she was that short! Maybe she's a bit under 5'2 and nearer 5'1, as Balrog says, but I can't see her as short as 5'! There are several pictures of her with Rose Leslie (who I think is more around 5'4 than 5'4.5) and she can look no more than 2 inches shorter. She also seems comfortably taller than Maisie... 5'1-2 is quite possible but I wouldn't go under 5'1.
On GoT she does look taller, although I'm not sure what kind of heels she wears.
Balrog said on 23/Jul/17
I think she's nearer 5'1"
anon said on 29/Jun/17
New interview with Time Magazine:

She says: “I’m 5-ft.-nothing, I’m a little girl,” she says. "I’ve got the face of a chubby six-year-old. You walk onto set and you’re like, 'Hey guys, I hope you like me! How can I help? What can I do? How can I be helpful?'

Im not sure if she is 5'0, she could be a bit taller, because she looks a bit taller than Maisie, who is around 5'0.
XXX said on 11/Jun/17
Looked 1-2 cm shorter than Jenna Coleman to me.
XXX said on 8/May/17
Maybe a little bit over 5'1, she is really gorgeous
6'6'' said on 23/Apr/17
She always looked shorter than 5'2'' next to jadon momoa in GOT.Iam guessing she is around 5'1'' or less than that
172.4cm guy said on 25/Jan/17
I think 5'2" is also a bit much for Emilia Clarke; I see her as 5'1", which will be my guess. Still, she's very lovely both physically and in personality.
6'7'' said on 19/Jan/17
She looks so tiny .Definitely around 5'0''.She is like 7 inches below my shoulder level
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 16/Jan/17
She is just 5'0''.Such a hot figure in a tiny frame.
B.b. said on 9/Jan/17
Whating her playings I would say 5'2 a little much, 5,1 seems more real.
Aaron Zamora said on 19/Nov/16
Is there any chance of you meeting her, Rob? Where would Emilia hit a 5'11 guy if they were both barefoot?
Editor Rob
Aaron, I wouldn't rule it out in the future.
Sebastian said on 3/Aug/16
What is the hieght of her heels?
Editor Rob
a bit more than 5ft 5 maybe 5.5
kc said on 14/Jul/16
@anon Peter was standing on the steps/stairs they were sitting on.
anon said on 5/Jul/16
only a few inches taller than 4'5 Peter Dinklage Click Here
Janet Ingram said on 22/Jun/16
Saw her in person recently and spoke to her. She was wearing kitten heels and was definitely no more than 5 feet tall but I'm guessing shorter!
Asy said on 7/May/16
5', at the most 5'1". She was same height as Maisie Williams in 2014.
Aza said on 26/Jan/16
Very beautiful woman.
towanda said on 11/Sep/15
i think she's shorter than 5'2". I would say 5'1" at the most
blue said on 9/Sep/15
How much do you think she weighs in game of thrones?
Editor Rob
51-2kg range is possible
Linke said on 5/Jul/15
I don't watch GOT, saw her in Terminator and she looked Tiny. I would say 5'1ish
Keltoi said on 18/Apr/15
This girl is perfection. Proof, if needed, that shorter girls are the best.
lollipop1995 said on 4/Apr/15
Oh wow, she looks really tall on the show! :O
motherofdragons said on 20/Mar/15
She is no shorter than 157CM.. Rose Leslie who is listed as 164CM Looks to be not much taller than her. Emilia's shoes have a platform here and Rose is slightly bending, so I would say there is only two inches between them making Emilia a solid 5'2 with Rose being 5'4ish.

Click Here
Sam said on 6/Aug/14
I'd say generally that is what they look but they can look variable. In one photo w/ Jason Momoa from the show's set, Benioff looks nearly 3 inches shorter and Weiss like 6-7 inches shorter...makes me wonder if Momoa somehow has an standing advantage. Other than that, Benioff can seem a smidge taller than Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Weiss seems taller than Pedro Pascal by something like 1.5-2 inches.
Editor Rob
Momoa could have been joking with the old tip-toe trick?
Sam said on 5/Aug/14
Rob, how tall do you estimate the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are when compared to the cast?
Click Here
Editor Rob
could be near to 5ft 11 and in 6ft 2-3 range
Angelika said on 4/Aug/14
She claims 5 ft 2. I always thought she was a touch shorter. Definitely the very definition of petite
Paul said on 16/Feb/14
I would say 5'1" at the most. Her proportions fit a very short womans and she wears a good 2" heel at least at all times in the show and still appears very small.
Balrog said on 10/Nov/13
She can look a foot shorter than Waldau and looked really small next to Jason Momoa so 5'2'' max I'd say.
roger thornhill said on 17/Feb/13
5'1 (if that) and just barely so. Seth MacFarlane is 5'10 and in photos of them side by side, you can see that she's 5'-5'1 Click Here
Lee said on 31/Jul/12
5ft 2 is right on
grumpkin said on 8/Jun/12
Could maisie Williams push her close
Cranberries said on 27/Jan/12
I believe Waldau is actually 6'2", what he was listed in Men's Fitness. I struggle to see Clarke taller than 5'0".
Cat said on 20/Aug/11
5'1 max, she's tiny in person.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 15/Aug/11
5'1" max... She's VERY short; could be under 5'0".
5'8.76785 said on 5/Aug/11
She's 5'2 and stunningly beautiful.
Cranberries (17m, 193.75-191.25) said on 18/Jun/11
Looks tiny next to Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones, although I know that's intentional. However, I think Emilia looks much shorter than 5'3". Next to supposed 6'2.5" Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, she's in big 5-6 inch heels and he's still a head (his actual head [not face] is at least 10 inches) taller than her. He's also in flat shoes. 5'0" or 5'1" seems more accurate.

Click Here
mcalester said on 17/Jun/11
Seen her recently and I would guess she is about 4 ft 9 in.
hamdi217 said on 14/Jun/11
yeah man this is true i think so she is 160cm

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