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5ft 4.57in (164cm)
eric said on 24/Jun/09
lol Emma T is bending a whole lot and emma watson is wearing heels while emma T is wearing FLAT running shoes
Denise said on 20/Jun/09
You don't understood me. I think that Emma is 5'5.
umad80 said on 19/Jun/09
Oh please. Both times Emma T is bending so much that she's losing a LOT of height. Please. Stop. Now.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/09
Emma with Emma Thompson (5'7.75)

Click Here

Click Here
MrsCool said on 13/Jun/09
umad80, I agree when you say she cant be taller than 5'5" so please people who keeps saying shes 5'6 just STOP! but many of my friends have seen her in premieres and they are like 5'3/4 and they all said she was basically same height...
umad80 said on 12/Jun/09
MrsCool, I've been and at the GoF premiere she was the height I am which is 5'5". "hey.", who has many different names, has been determined to make Emma 5'7" even though it's been proven time and time again that it isn't true. Just look at her rubbish pictures to prove it... Even if Kate Bosworth is 5'5", Emma is closer and would definitely get a few inches on her due to that. Sorry, but she failed to be taller than Matthew Broderick with heels, someone needs to give up this illusion of her being taller than 5'5". Heck, she could barely be taller than 5'5" Dustin Hoffman!
MrsCool said on 11/Jun/09
First of, there're doubts about Kate Bosworth height cause some say that she might even be 5'3 so... Second, I know a lot of people who already saw her and ALL of them said she was pretty tiny in real so I rather trust people who really saw her than a fake bio.
You guys should go to one of the HP premiere and see this by yourself.
hey. said on 11/Jun/09
If you look at HBC's back and then Emma's back, they have the same amount of bend, Emma's perhaps even a bit more as she's holding a wine bottle....jeez, I give up, if that photo does not prove that she's taller than Dan and thus taller than 5'5", I don't know what will! She towers over HBC even though she's wearing flats and HBC is wearing "heels"! Bye!
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/09
the photo with HBC is rubbish because Helena is carrying a baby, thus bending backwards
in the photo with Kate Bosworth, Emma is closer to the camera -- in other photos they look pretty similar in height Click Here
hey. said on 10/Jun/09
Whatever, I know that sand sinks, but it wouldn't make sense with Evanna and Emma. But here's proof that Emma is over 5'5"....with 5'5" Kate Bosworth (both wearing similar heels)Click Here and with 5'2" Helena Bonham Carter wearing some (strange) heels and Emma basically flatish shoes. Emma looks quite a bit taller despite the heel difference Click Here Here's a pic with Radcliffe and Carter to compare.
And I'm going to Stanford where there's something called financial aid.
umad80 said on 10/Jun/09
You're going to college and don't know that sand sinks?! Yes, believe it or not, when you walk on sand, you tend to sink and if someone walks on a part that is more stiff... I mean, c'mon. It really doesn't take a genius here. lol It's smushy sand... Heck Rob told me that Rupert's picture with one of the twins was inconclusive because of grass and that's harder than soft sand.
hey. said on 9/Jun/09
No, I don't so please fill me in on what I'm obviously missing, oh k? I don't see how it would affect Evanna and Emma that's it going to be SO much different?
MrsCool said on 8/Jun/09
This girl is a JOKE!!! in her site she says shes 5'6?! WTF?! trust me this girl is barely 5'4... I dont know why do celebs always have to upgrade themselves! especially her, shes a very tiny girl. Period.
mahsa said on 7/Jun/09
She is about 161 .she doesnt look 165.I think it is not right
Sarah said on 4/Jun/09
I saw her in a club in London and she looked about 5'4. She looked small.
umad80 said on 29/May/09
You don't walk on much sand, do you? I've also pointed out several times that Dan shrinks at night, and there is considerable evidence to this. I've also pointed out, several times, that Emma was not even close to 5'8" at the ToD premiere. I don't have a thing against Emma. I think she's lovely... but it's crazy to think she's anything more than 5'5" with all the mounting evidence. At least with Rupert people have said again and again that he's around 5'9". lol

Believe me, I could care less as to where you're going to college at. It's like an IQ test... it's just there to make you feel good. Today's college is who is the riches and who is the poorest - as those are the ones who can actually attend!
hey. said on 27/May/09
Well, I assume her feet are attache to her legs...I'm not saying it was a perfect picture, but looking at the photos as a set, it's pretty easy to see that Emma has this Kaya girl by a considerable amount. And, your heels comment, look at the other photos, you'll see that they are "about" the same height. Oh, please, you are seriously saying that Evanna is heavier than Emma? That's ridiculous, the amount they sink in really isn't going to affect the comparison that much. Jeez. And Dan's wearing Converse type things and Emma's wearing Uggs...the last picture wasn't so much for Dan and Emma, more for Dan and Evanna, but it was easy to point out that that girl in the black jacket was Emma and she clearly looked taller than both Evanna and Dan. Also, check out HBP footage, E is taller than D.
And, yeah, I know, how sad we've become, I've started answering the person who still can't get over the fact that Rupert is 5'7.75". And I don't know what you've got against Emma....I mean, I still remember you saying that Dan's shoes were at least the same height as Emma's heels...if that were true, you should be calling Emma 5'8" minimum! She towered over that SoB in those heels, I don't get how you're saying she's his same height again.

Oh, and umad, guess where I'm going to college next'll be amazingly surprised (at least from what I gather you think of me).
umad80 said on 26/May/09
'hey' you're really just having fun now, aren't you? lol I mean the first one they are walking. Oh, and let me use your line, "You can't see Emma's feet." For all we know, she's wearing larger heels than the other girl. The beach one... it is a beach and the sand will make one look shorter if they've sunk into it. Plus Emma definitely has boots on but I have no idea about Dan...
This is what happens when I'm bored... I start answering the same person with multiple names who still can't get over that Emma is not more than 5'5".
Med said on 24/May/09
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is enjoying his run in Broadway play Equus - because he can go unrecognised in the busy New York streets.
The actor, 19, is currently living in the U.S. while starring in the live stage show, and he insists the Big Apple provides welcome relief to his native U.K., where he is constantly spotted by fans.
And Radcliffe is convinced it is his diminutive height - he is 1.6 metres (5 foot, 5 inches) - that keeps him from being noticed.
He tells the New York Post, "The other day, I walked through Battery Park City up around Wall Street for about two hours, and I wasn't stopped once. I'm so short, no one notices me."

Well as we know 1.6m is actually 5'3", not 5'5". But anyway he hasn't grown.
hey. said on 23/May/09
Click Here
Kaya Scodelario (from Skins) is listed as 5'6" by a modeling agency and in that pic, Emma's clearly taller. And they're both wearing similar heels. And just click on another JJJ pic if you don't think that one good enough (uamd). :D. Oh, and check this out, Click Here Granted it's an odd angle, Emma is WAY taller than Evanna who looks to be close to Dan's height Click Here And I think that's Emma in the black jacket with jeans....and, wow, even though the angle is in her disadvantage, she still looks slightly taller than Dan, meaning if you tilt it slightly she looks considerably taller. :/
umad80 said on 19/May/09
LOL She's standing on a hill and he's not!
hey. said on 12/May/09
lol. Miralo. Click Here
umad80 said on 11/May/09
"hey" - you mean a photo where Emma is standing closer to the camera? lol

I mean, geez... Dan looks taller in this photo: Click Here
Of course, then you got this where Emma looks taller: Click Here

They're pretty much the same height which is around 5'5". Taking it into account that it's obvious Dan is the type to lose height at night (not sure about Emma) then it would account for why she looks a little taller at times. And as I said, the ToD premiere already proved she is not 5'6".
hey. said on 11/May/09
And here's Emma and Dan (Uggs? vs. "Dan's suspect shoes (definitely the same height as Emma's")....Emma's taller than him clearly....Click Here
hey. said on 8/May/09
Click Here
That's what I'm talking 'bout, umad.
umad80 said on 4/May/09
Oh look! It's our favorite, "Emma is 5'7" person even though that's been proven pretty false during the ToD premiere. lol Grant you, the R/E photo was bad... But you can tell by the trio pic that there is quite a few inches between the two, despite her heels.

Also it's been pretty much noted that Dan definitely shrinks at night.
hey. said on 3/May/09
Which official site Stephanie? If it's the one I'm thinking of, it has said 5'6" since OotP promo....but, nonetheless, I would say Emma is around 5'6"-5'7" so, yeah, it is right.
Stephanie said on 2/May/09
Her official site says 5' 6" now. That is probably about right.
umad80 said on 23/Apr/09
And looking at that last photo, Dan's shoes are suspect (but definitely the same height as Emma's) Click Here

Dan and Rupert standing together with those suspect shoes: Click Here

Rupert and Emma standing together: Click Here

Emma and Dan (Emma standing behind him though): Click Here
Denise said on 21/Apr/09
She doesn't look much taller than Dan.
Click Here
Click Here
umad80 said on 16/Apr/09
Again, people need to pay attention to my posts. lol There is no way Emma is 5'6" if she looks this short next to a 5'7.5" Matt Broderrick: Click Here with these heels: Click Here It's obvious that her heels give her about 2" advantage or maybe close to 2.5" inches. If they all stood straight, I think it would be about a 1/2 inch difference between Matt and Emma making her in the 5'5" range easily. She is definitely not 5'6" though because she'd be taller than Matt. She may not be standing completely straight, but if she was only 1.5" shorter than him, then she'd be as tall or a little taller with not standing straight and she's an inch or shorter in this picture and her standing straight would probably put her 1/2 inch shorter or closer to the mark.
Curtis C. said on 14/Apr/09
Emma does look at least 1 inch taller than Dan Radcliffe.
hey. said on 10/Apr/09
In a magazine it said she looked shorter than she actually is....she looks 5'3", but is actually 5'6" (I think somebody posted the link). Perhaps an upgrade is needed.
Jamie said on 25/Mar/09
I completely agree with 5 ft 3.2... 5'5" would be my ideal height too. You're not short, you're not tall, but you're above average. I completely agree! I just turned 13 and I'm about 5'4". I'm pretty sure I'll reach 5'5". =)
umad80 said on 25/Mar/09
That's because Emma has on her site that she is 5'6", but recent pictures at the ToD premiere especially have proven this claim false. Just look at her with 5'7.5" Matt Broderick: and these are the heels she was wearing:
RentGirl89 said on 24/Mar/09
It says she's 5'6
Click Here
Ella said on 22/Feb/09
also, in recent pictures she's abit taller than daniel
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/09
I saw her the other day out in London, i was right next to her and she's pretty small. She looked from about 5'2-5'4 to me.
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/09
Hmmm...speaking of the new HBP trailer, she still looks much shorter than Rupert Grint, and maybe even a bit shorter than Dan Radcliffe at the very end...I think she's around 5'4-5'5, but no more than that.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/09
Emma is not 5'6", probably not even 5'5" -- the journalists constantly describe her as "tiny", "small", "petite" etc. Look here: Click Here
"Watson is tiny and pretty and delightfully brought up."
"Small and slim in a pair of jeans and a neat Cacharel V-neck, you probably couldn
Ella said on 1/Feb/09
She said that in 2006, she's grown an inch since then.
5"6 but no taller.
5 ft 3.2 said on 31/Jan/09
I just found an interview where she says something like, "Yeah, I'm 5 ft 5, so...yeah, I'm not short."
chris said on 28/Jan/09
actually lily, a tall male head is about 9.5inches long (Click Here) so that 5'9 girls head is probably around 8 inches :P
guyfrommars said on 23/Jan/09
Emma always seemed quite short next to people, probably because she wore flats all the time on red carpet events during her younger days. Now she's more in a habit to wear heels. 5ft5 is probably right.
5 ft 3.2 said on 20/Jan/09
5 ft 5 would probably be my ideal height. You`re not short, and your not exactly tall, but you are above average. But unlike most short girls, I am okay with my height. It doesn`t match my fierce personality, but I will never date a guy shorter than me. Plus, I`m still growing. I`m having a mini growth spurt, so I`m probably 5`3.5" right now.
lily said on 17/Jan/09
it's funny how some ppl never know their own height. i'm 5'1 and girls who're like only 4 inches more than me say they're 5'7 and 5'8. it's even funnier that a girl who's a head taller than me claims she's 5'9. i mean, i'm sure that her head is not 8 inches long.. lol:)
Maya said on 3/Jan/09
Here's a recent article: "But in person, the petite, polite Emma Watson comes across shockingly normal." Click Here
umad80 said on 3/Jan/09
Then you're not 5'7". Dan has, in several interviews since July of 2007, said that he's only 5'5". Emma and Dan tend to be the same height. And of course if you look at the photos from ToD premiere, she's definitely more or less 5'5".
sarah said on 30/Dec/08
she's 5'6, just as daniel radcliffe. i have met both of them, i'm 5'7 and were almost the same.
umad80 said on 27/Dec/08
The problem with the teaser pic is that the boys have a little bit of a height advantage with their shoes, from what I can tell of what they make everyone wear. I don't think it's necessarily inconclusive, it's just not entirely accurate. That said, if you go by giving Emma maybe a quarter to a half inch extra, she is definitely closer to 5'5" as she appears to be around 3" taller than the 5'2" Devon Murray. Rupert, if he stood a bit straighter, would clearly be about 6.5" taller than him, give or take, as where he is and sort of leaning sideways, he's clearly 6" taller making him 5'8" but standing up a bit straighter and he clearly has a bit more than that. Just as he would have about 4.5" (give or take) on Emma (counting the shoes). So I stand by the idea that Rupert is around 5'9" and Emma is around 5'5".
The Watcher said on 26/Dec/08
That picture is inconclusive as those teaser pics usually are and i stand by the fact she edges dan and also katie
Momey said on 26/Dec/08
I think she is tall enough.She is not very short or not very tall.I like this kind of height.
The Watcher said on 25/Dec/08
I would say from all the recent publicity pics inc Hoffmann and Broderick i would say emma is 5ft6 and dan r 5ft4.5 that seems fair to me but whas unfair is it means she is taller than me a lad at 5ft5 boo lol
umad80 said on 10/Dec/08
I think we can put to rest any claim to over 5'5" that she or anyone else has when standing next to 5'7.5" Matthew Broderick: Click Here - And yes of course you could make the claim of her slouching, etc., but then look at her heels: Click Here

And man, what do cowboy boots do for you? If Dustin Hoffman is the 5'5.5" (this site's claim) to 5'5.75" or 5'6" (his claim) then they really must do a lot for people. Click Here - It looks like he and Emma would be pretty much the same height (hard to tell who would have the actual advantage in a lot of these shots). But this also proves that Emma can't be anywhere near what she claims and what others might think.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/08
New pictures of her and Dustin Hoffman are out.
anonymous said on 9/Dec/08
In recent photo with Dustin Hoffman, she appears to be about the same height as he is, and she is wearing 3-inch heels. Perhaps Hoffman is wearing lifts, but his official height is 5'6".
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/08
Emma is no more than 5'4-5'5 tall. She attended the ToD premiere in LA wearing what looks like 3in heels Click Here and looked just a tad taller than Dustin Hoffman (who is a very small man) and shorter than Matthew Broderick. Click Here
Emma 5'6? No way.
carrie said on 23/Nov/08
She is basically the same height as Katie Leung. Look at any picture of her with Katie, compare footwear, and you will see they are within 1/2 inch of each other (there are tons of pictures of the both of them in Google Images). Seriously people, she is 5'5 MAX
Hi said on 21/Nov/08
I think that she's 5'4-5'5...just doesn't look too tall to me.
Rezzzzz said on 1/Nov/08
She looks shorter than maria menounos for about 2 inches in fact..If Maria is 5'7.5, then emma's like 5'5.
michael said on 1/Nov/08
oh yeh,at 1.20 at that trailer she looks much taller.
I don't know why people think its inpossible that she grow up,she is 18 now.

She is about 5ft7 now i think.
lo said on 31/Oct/08
i'd say 5'5'' - 5'6''ish. you have to bare in mind she has actually grown between goblet of fire and order of pheonix, because she was shorter than daniel, now she appears fractionally taller.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/08
She looks taller than Harry and close to Ron's height in the new HP trailer --> Click Here Holy shizz, it looks amazing, I cannot wait! Also, you have got to love Harry's bit at the end, "but I am the chosen one." hahahahaha it had me laughing for about ten minutes.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/08
Oh, and how brill, Maria is actually listed as 5'7.75" on this site, giving more ammo to Emma - more around 5'6" or 5'7" rather than a mere 5'5". Nice.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/08
Loraine, are you saying she is taller than her listed height or are you saying that this photo proves that she is 5'5" or even under that mark? Also, I think that she looks taller than her listed height (especially in that photo and as of late; that photo she is wearing converse and still looks like she would be close to Maria's height if standing properly). I'd like to hear your input. Do respond Loraine. Thanks!
haha said on 13/Oct/08
shes almost ruperts height shes around 5'10 ish or maybe 5'9
Loraine said on 13/Oct/08
look at her with maria menounos which is stated to be 5'7.5
Click Here
robin said on 11/Oct/08
She has the build of a small person. I'd be a bit surprised if she was that tall, but it's possible. She's clearly not 5'7'' as some sources claim. Actresses do tend to overstate their height, for whatever reason.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
Well, Denise, if she looked 6' in three inch heels, she would be 5'9" barefoot! We can't have that now, can we?
Denise said on 11/Sep/08
She usually wears a heels(3inch) now. And She doesnt look as 6'0 with that heels.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/08
Honestly, stop commenting on the HP pages....firstly, nobody listens or comes up with good evidence, secondly, there is really no good evidence out there because they aren't releasing the film until summer '09, & thirdly, Emma is easily 5'6" or 5'7" and Rupert obviously taller than his listed height, but Rob is not going to change it ever, so look at other websites and you'll see that Rupert and Emma are indeed taller than their heights here.....That much is obvious.
umad80 said on 10/Sep/08
Brett, she really isn't 'shorter'. When you stop it at that point, she is walking, so her posture would be a little off. I say she's pretty much around 5'5" if not a strong one based on if you stop it about :22 mark, she looks to be the exact same height.
brett said on 9/Sep/08
pause the video at :18. she (in flats) is shorter than kelly ripa, who is 5'2, but wearing 3 inch heels, putting her at 5'5 Click Here
Big King said on 6/Sep/08
She looks only a half inch taller than Daniel Radcliffe. If Daniel already stated his height as 5'5 1/2" then Watson is around 5'6", that's right. If she claimed being 5'5" tall two years ago, then she maybe grew an extra half inch. I'd say she's almost 5'6" and Radcliffe is around 5'5" to 5'5 1/2". Not a real height difference between them.
mizori said on 27/Aug/08
i heard shes about 5'6" or 5'7" idk maybe shes shorter.
i think shes about 5'5" or 5'6". i dont think shes 5'7".
umad80 said on 24/Aug/08
JKR has very loose posture, so she's not standing straight, either. Emma's bended knee will barely make you lose an inch there is no way it would make you lose two. It's because one knee is usually still pretty straight. Now if both knees were bent, I'd say yes. That is definitely a possibility. However, one knee is pretty straight while the other isn't. You'd rest all your weight on the straightened knee. So you put JKR at 5'5" which apparently she herself said and Emma at 5'5" then it makes sense. Despite the loose posture, JKR isn't putting all her weight on one knee, so she's standing a bit straighter but only by about an inch. I think really Emma's height is whether she's exactly 5'5" or a tad taller or a tad shorter. But anything about 5'5.5" is a major joke.
Hollie said on 24/Aug/08
the pix with emma and jk notice emma's bending one knee, meaning she's not standing up straight and bending a knee like that can take of a good inch or two depending on how much the bend is. And yes it would of been said but at least i didn't say three inches right! jk rowling has been reported to be in the 5'5" to 5'6" range and i had one of my writing teachers meet her and said she was a tall lady.
Denise said on 21/Aug/08
Emma Watson and Kate Moss(she is 167cm)
Click Here
Kate look taller than Emma more than a 2cm.
umad80 said on 12/Aug/08
Lemme see if I can't imitate a response that will come. "Emma's bending her knee! She'll lose three inches bending her knee! She's slouching! That adds to the 3" theory." Okay, that was mean, but 10 bucks it would've been said.

Any ways, I think both JKR and Emma have loose enough posture that it's the same, and the bent knee just would make them exact height standing up straight. So yeah, I think you can pretty much put it to rest... 5'5" for Dan, 5'5" for Emma, and 5'5" for JKR... (I think JKR is closer to 5'5" imo...) So now all we need is Rupert which I think he's closer to being 5'9" then he is being barely 5'8"...
Maya said on 12/Aug/08
Excellent find Denise! Actually JK Rowling is 5'4" according to this website, so...
Denise said on 12/Aug/08
Hi, JKRowling is 5'5 and Emma is still same height standing next to JK since HP3 premiere. This pics is from HP5 london after party.
Click Here
RG said on 7/Aug/08
Maya, i agree with you, Emma is definitely around 5ft 5, in the pics, Emma looks about an inch taller, but emma is only wearin 3 inch heels while natalie is wearin 4 inch heels, this means that natalie stands at 5ft 7 and emma 5ft 8 so all the evidence points to emma watson being around 5ft 5 ish!
Maya said on 7/Aug/08
Emma looking barely taller than 5'3" Natalie Imbruglia: Click Here
Nat does have platforms, but Emma's heels are extremely high too: Click Here
Click Here
Emma is 5'5" max, in fact probably shorter. Period.
Anonymous. said on 4/Aug/08
Have any of you seen the TV film "Ballet Shoes" that she made a year or so ago? Anyway, I just saw it and Emma is taller than 5'6" Emilia Fox - this is no joke. She's actually taller than most of the females in that film. I'm definitely sure that she is 5'6.5" at the very least. She looked taller at the polo event she attended.
Anonymous said on 21/Jul/08
Does anybody know how tall her brother Alex Watson is? If anyone does it would be extremely useful because they posed together at the LA premiere of OotP. So, if you know, speak now.
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/08
What about that photo? I've watched the vid - Emma is clearly only an inch or so shorter, both in quite equal footwear mind you.
umad80 said on 17/Jul/08
Heh. If you're talking about the "almost kiss" scene in HBP, Bonnie looks a half inch taller than Dan, actually. And the other image doesn't work.

And seriously, there is barely any difference between Dan and Emma in height per the ceremony. So freakin' obvious it's a wonder anyone even argues any inch differences between the two.
Katie said on 17/Jul/08
What do you think about this? (It's a pic of Maria Menunos last year with Emma Watson) Click Here
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
Click Here I mean, face it, this is pretty straightforward stuff. Leung and Bonnie are both 5'4" or 5'4.5, no doubt.
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
Click Here Even DAN is taller than the "5'5.5"" Bonnie Wright. This site is messed....where did you even come up with that for Bon Bon?
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
Emma Watson is underestimated on this site, it's the truth. Rob, have you watched OotP yet? Honestly, Emma's taller than Dan and he's nothing less than 5'5". At last upgrade her to 5'5.5" if you have Bonnie at that - Emma's taller than both Bonnie and Katie who are both around 5'4.5" (how do you have Bonnie listed an inch taller than Katie, they've been to events together and Bonnie's Katie's height or shorter). Anyway, Emma's site says 5'6", so I'd say nothing less than that - she's relatively tall dammit.
edinand 00 said on 16/Jul/08
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I certainly dont care about her height....I come from south america and there's only one thing I want to say, "she is hot"
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/08
Ellie: who is saying she is 5'6" now? Emma Watson?
umad80 said on 7/Jul/08
That's one of the many reasons I'm not really that sure that Evanna is 5'2". I think she is closer to 5'3". It makes more sense because Emma would have to be way shorter than 5'5" because of the heels. And to me, her and Dan look pretty close to 5'5".
Elle said on 7/Jul/08
I think that Emma's about the same height as Dan. Look on and search for the album with the photocall at london. You can kinda see their heights if you look for the right pic. Thanx E :) xxx I believe Emma is about 5'5 more or less.
Ellie said on 7/Jul/08
She's actually saying that she's 5'6" now, but I don't think so. I actually think she might be 5'5.5" because Daniel Radcliffe is like 5'5" and she's SLIGHTLY taller than him.
Sophie said on 5/Jul/08
I remembere a picture taken not so long ago. Emma, Dan Evanna and Katie were standing together and Katie and Emma were wearing heels. I think they were standing on a side of Thames River
If Evanna is only 5'2''and half a inch, then Emma is not 5'5'. In this picture, she was wearing heels but Evanna was not.
Jack said on 3/Jul/08
Click Here

Emma's taller than him in this new HBP still? hehe.
Denise said on 3/Jul/08
SHe is smaller than Johnny Borrell(5'8) with min. 4 inch heels.
Click Here
Denis said on 30/Jun/08
ok anon ..i wen to see the pic and seriously
she is a little taller than Daniel...
seriously look at the knees..hers is higher than Daniel's
In biology,,the human body 's longest bone is the femur(thigh bone)
apparently she is taller than him because if her knee is a little higher
than his knee her thigh is longer than his...boom!!
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/08
Anon, I would question the angle on that photo; it manipulates one's view of the photo thus making it unreliable. :(. Sorry.
anon said on 19/Jun/08
lets just say daniel radcliffe is 5'5 (MAX!)...then no way shes 5'5! i wud give her 5'4.5" at MAX!
just look at this pic, both r wearing pretty flat shoes: Click Here
she's at least 1/2" shorter
brett said on 18/Jun/08
there is NO WAY she is 5'6. if you look at any pictures of her with katie leung (5'4.5) you can see that they are about exactly the same height. and even in heels she is still barely taller than 5'5 dan.
umad80 said on 17/Jun/08
Actually her website says 5'6". It's some crazed lunatic that insists on 5'7". lol Even though that would make Rupert like 6' and the twins 6'5" and Dan 5'7" as well. I think 5'4.5" is not out of the realm of possibility, but if that's Katie's height, it's a bit of an under estimate because Emma always appears just a bit taller than her.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/08
I give her 5 feet 4.5 inches and thats it. No way she is 5'7" as her web site suggests
Ariella said on 11/Jun/08
Omg you guys are still arguing about this?? Look Emma is still 5'5, you know how I can confirm this? As you get taller your feet get bigger too, Emma wore the exact same shoes to her B-day that she wore to the GOF Japan premiere, that was 2 1/2 years ago and she can still fit into the shoes, which mean her feet haven't gotten bigger which means she hasn't grown she is still 5'5. She's not getting any taller she'll always be 5'5! She not 5'6 and she's definitely not 5'7 not even close, she's 5'5, she' not even 5'5.5 because in 2005 she said she was about 5'5 which means she's just barely about 5'5 or she's exactly 5'5 and she's still fitting in the exact same shoes, which mean she hasn't grown at all, which means she is STILL 5'5!! And she obviously won't grow anymore it's almost been 3 years and she hasn't grown at all.
Aimie said on 30/May/08
she is the same height as Dan Radcliffe. he is 5'5''.
Stephanie said on 29/May/08
I think Dan looks ever-so-slightly taller than Emma. They're basically the same height, but Dan looks 1/4" or 1/2" taller, from the ceremony.
umad80 said on 27/May/08
There is no way Emma is anywhere near 5'7". And there is no way that she's even close to 5'3". I'd bet more 5'4" than anything below that. And Dan is definitely not taller than her. You could see it at the ceremony... they're basically the same height.
michael said on 25/May/08
i think emma is 5'7 to,and im kinda a-shamed with emmas pictures,if u seen her latest pictures from her birthday.
Emster said on 25/May/08
I would say she is much shorter maybe around 5'3 or 5'2 because Daniel R. is about 5'5.5 they said on this site and I have a picture with her and Daniel together, she is MUCH shorter, her eyes are at where his mouth is.
Jay said on 25/May/08
And in one magazine in 2006, Emma claimed to be 169 cm. My god, thats as much as 5'7". Thats way tall.
There's a link to that interview in google.
Jonathon Frost said on 24/May/08
your hot! I live in georgia. you are just the right height, I'm 5'10'' or 5'11''
Evanna said on 26/Apr/08
Oh, *that* interview... lol... We did discuss it some time ago, didn't we? Let me refresh your memory:
a) Radcliffe never singled out any of his castmates, least of all Emma. He could well be referring to his male co-stars only (which is most likely);
b) in the very next paragraph the journalist says that Radcliffe is joking;
c) and we all know that he's still taller than Devon Murray (and most of the HP girls).
The pictures of the trio barefoot (H/F/W ceremony) have proved that Radcliffe and Watson are basically the same height; half a millimeter either way really makes no difference.
In a lot of his pics with non-HP people Radcliffe looks only about 5'4" "tall"... 5'5" is his (and Emma's) absolute maximum. Emma's agency listing may be 5'6", but all agencies inflate their clients' heights.
Let me remind you that Emma isn't taller than JKR (who's 5'4" according to Rob)... Emma is notably shorter than 5'6ish Kate Moss... (In fact I saw Moss in person and she was no bigger than 5'5"... maybe she was having a bad day.)
Anyway Emma is 18, she won't grow anymore, get over it!
umad80 said on 26/Apr/08
I like how he's clearly joking and talking about the whole cast and not singling out one person, but you interpret it as Dan saying Emma is taller than him.

And Anna, stop with the "we can't see their feet" scenario you always come up with when you want Emma to be taller. It's not like Emma walked out on stage in bare feet vs. JKR wearing shoes. Click Here and Click Here - the only thing you see is Emma's head titled and that just means that there is probably a half inch between them instead of what seems to be almost two. Making both ladies 5'5". At the very most Emma would be a few centimeters taller, but not much! I mean, like I said, when you look at these you can clearly see almost two inches between the two. We know JKR had more heel (proven by other photos of her), but it was more like 3" to Emma's normal sized ones. Clearly the women are both the same height, 5'5".
Anon said on 25/Apr/08
Okay, so post a photo of these much spoken of "Pride of Britain" awards, right? In the video, I saw them as around the same height, but seeing as we never saw each lady's feet, it is quite hard to tell. I think it would be much easier as well as reputable to look at a photo.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/08
And, ah yes, here it is, that article that I made up in my free time. Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/08
Would you consider Rupert Grint a sloucher?
umad80 said on 24/Apr/08
I mean that an inch is not that big of a difference. Go look on a ruler and see how much of a difference it is. LOL You act like Emma is like 5 feet taller than Dan by saying she towers if she were 5'6" to his 5'5". An inch would barely be noticeable. This is all very amusing because we all know that if Emma were 5'6" she'd have been just as tall as JKR at the PoB awards, but instead she was shorter. Which made perfect sense. If JKR is 5'5" like she has stated, and she was wearing 3" heels, she'd obviously be 5'8". And Emma at around 5'5" in about 2.5" heels would be around 5'7.5" and it pretty much looked around that when they were on stage together.

And I hardly care what other people say. She isn't really a sloucher. She bends her knees. She has normal posture, but bends her knees. It's so evident in almost any picture you see.
Evanna said on 24/Apr/08
Btw here's the interview in which Radcliffe announced that he would lie about his height:

His admiration for Oldman is incandescent, and one can see that the talented welder
Evanna said on 24/Apr/08
Anna, unless you can provide us with a link to that Radcliffe's EW interview, I'll assume that you made this up. It wouldn't be the first time that you've done that. From what I know, Dan said Emma was taller than him back in April 2004, in his Herald Sun interview and his exact words were: " about half a millimeter."
Then in May 2005 Radcliffe said his height was 5' 5 1/2", the half inch being important, because he's 1/2" taller than Emma Watson.
Of course, in 2007 he admitted 5'5"...
It is pretty obvious to anyone but you that both Watson and Radcliffe haven't grown at all in the past three years. And it's unlikely that they will (re)start growing now that they are both 18 years old.
Anon said on 23/Apr/08
He's said it in an entertainment weekly interview, it's on their website if you are interested ( Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the posture thing because, if you go to any other EW website on the internet, you will find that I am not the only one saying that her slouching is annoying.....and what does this mean, "and hardly being 5'6" would make her 'tower' over Dan. especially someone who has been known to have dodgy (try not 'e',oh wise one) shoes and standing perfectly straight." What? Being 1/2"-1" taller than a person does not mean you would tower over him/her and your second sentence totally contradicts your first. If she were "hardly 5'6"" and if Dan wears "dodgy shoes" and "stands perfectly straight", how is this going to make Emma look taller compared to Dan, these are all disadvantages, are they not? Which means that if she were on an equal playing field, she would indeed "tower" over Dan, towering being the hard word to define in this sentence.
umad80 said on 21/Apr/08
When has Dan ever said that Emma is taller than him, Anna? Please provide some proof. Just stating it as fact isn't enough. And hardly being 5'6" would make her "tower" over Dan. Especially someone who has been known to have dodgey shoes (not lately) and standing perfectly straight. Emma is not a sloucher, but a knee bender. She does what a lot of people normally do and that's not stand straight-as-an-arrow like Dan does.
TJ said on 21/Apr/08
Stephanie. You say that Emma is the same height as Dan and then you say she is 5'6. Dan has admitted more than once that he is 5'5, and so is Emma.

Anonymous. You are Anna. Please quit with the ridiculous efforts to persuade. All the points have been gone over before and it's very evident that Emma is not 5'6. I've yet to see a pic of her in flat shoes where she looks taller than Dan, even when standing as straight as possible. I really don't know why you are so obsessed with her being taller than she is.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
To be totally honest, I would be really surprised if, were she measured, the measurement would be anything under 5'6" and a little change. I mean, it's pretty obvious that this girl is a sloucher, it's ridiculous to say anything else....umad, I really don't understand how you can say she does not slouch? She bends her legs and I suppose some people do this (I would like to add that daniel radcliffe and i are two people that don't do such things), but, honestly, have you seen what she does with her head shoulders, spine, etc.? It's really not normal. And, listen to this, I agree that Rupert slouches as well, but his posture has got a lot better over the past few years....he used to be awful, but, as I said, he seems to be standing up more properly now. Dan, of course, has lovely posture. But, yes, I would reckon that Emma tries to downplay her "height" (notice the quotation marks) in order to not tower over Dan (or, these days, Rupert), but it's not just with pictures taken with them, it's a chronic disease! Her spine is forever curved! Poor girl....! Oh, and Dan has said that she is taller than him, though new photos shall be interesting, both of them look like they have got taller.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
umad80, I'm sorry for causing you anxiety, but you really just had to go to the website and press "apple" "f" (or "ctrl" "f" if you use windows) and look for MBJ promo. Whatever, if that's too difficult for you, I'll try photobucket. But, firstly, it's one that I had never seen before and it's just of Rupert, Emma, and Dan (definitley not the DA one) and Rupert is not standing in back of Emma, so that's is promising. Ah, sorry, I dunno how to use photobucket, do you need your own account? Here's the tinyurl, haha, sorry, this is harder but if you really want to see it/if this doesn't work, just go to Danny's website. Click Here As I said, 'MBJ Promo' --> OotP 1. :D! As for thinness, Emma really is not that skinny. She's not overweight, but she's not underweight; I would say she is normal. And Stephanie....skinny people actually tend to look taller whereas overweight people look shorter (stockier). At least that's what I've always thought. As for the trio's builds, I would say Emma is normalish, Dan is kind of skinny (though relatively built now), and Rupert goes back and forth, he's got a weird build, which means he will probably look shorter than he really is if he is standing by himself.
Julie said on 19/Apr/08
Agreeing with umad80 here. She looks 5'5", maybe a tad taller, maybe a bit shorter... but since she's said she was 5'5", she doesn't look to have grown much. She is pretty much the same height as Dan, and the difference differs in photographs 'cause of variables like floor level, footwear, posture, positioning in relation to the distance from the camera, etc. Dan appears 5'5" MAX, and this is what I'd say for Emma. More often than not, they both look 5'4" to me, but, 5'5" is a neat round off for both of them (I don't quite believe 5'6" for either - 5'5" is sort of pushing it)
umad80 said on 19/Apr/08
If she is the same height as Dan, she is 5'5". Dan has admitted, more than once, that he's only 5'5". Having seen her twice in person, I can assure you, that really the heights being thrown around aren't hard to swallow... 5'4", 5'5", 5'6"... but I think around 5'5" is the most accurate based on photos and such.
Julie said on 18/Apr/08
Most who have met her in the flesh say she's quite petite and shorter than they'd expected. I mean, you never know until you see her yourself and that only proves it to you, not others.
And Stephanie, from what I've seen, if two people of the same height have their photos taken, and one of these people is slightly overweight, the other is slightly underweight, I assure you, the underweight one will seem taller than the overweight one. Thinness (Emma has more of a healthy figure rather than a 'thin' one, quite lovely really) doesn't quite make you look smaller (at least from what I've seen...anyone else have an opinion on this?)
Stephanie said on 18/Apr/08
I think Emma is 5' 6". She is the same height as Dan, maybe slightly taller. She is just thin which can make her look smaller. Hard to explain. People often think I'm shorter than I am as well. ;)
umad80 said on 16/Apr/08
Gah, Anonymous was me. Stupid thing. Any ways, from what I've seen, Emma isn't much of a sloucher. She's not one to stand perfectly straight, i.e., bends her knees a bit like most of us do, but she doesn't slouch. She, like Rupert, tends to have relaxed posture.
Ella said on 14/Apr/08
Why would she want to be smaller than 5'6? It's hardly tall. She slouches because she has bad posture, and probably when she's with Daniel, as she doesn't want to tower over her. Everyone who meets her or interviews her comments on how petite she is.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/08
I can say I'm 5'6", doesn't mean I am. I mean, it says 5'10" for Rupert on his webpage on his agent's website. Clearly that is not the case. And Dan claimed to be 5'5.5" and then 5'6" and was clearly wrong. Clearly we cannot say that if someone says something that it is true.

And again Anna, promos for movies... what are you talking about? A group shot? Probably that first one of the DA again. Which if it is, Rupert is standing behind Emma and Dan and Rupert is leaning to the side. If it's not that one, I can't read minds, so you need to put the photo on photobucket or something.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/08
Alexis, we know that, but for some reason, people don't believe her word, which I would understand if it was the word of Tom Cruise, but this is the word of Emma Watson, who slouches in every other picture, clearly she is wanting to be shorter rather than taller, that is usually why people slouch. And, yes, I suppose I could understand said people's logic if E-Dub slouched in one photo out of one hundred, but it's like every picture! And I'm not the only one who has noticed this! It's annoying! Anyway, I found the picture on, so just go there and then go to the post 'OotP and MBJ Promo Images' and it's 'OotP Promo 1'. As I said, I do not know if it is photoshopped, but if it isn't (which seems likely), there is no denying that Emma looks barely shorter than Rupert, the ground is quite even, and Emma is slouching (woah) and Rupert is kind of standing up straight (at least straighter than Emma). Essentially, it shows that that gap cannot be 4 inches like some people are saying. Also, the footwear is similiar.
alexis said on 10/Apr/08
it clearly states on emma's official website that she is 5 foot 6 inches tall.
Evanna said on 9/Apr/08
Sorry, not working again. Why don't you upload that piccy on some of the free image hosting websites, and then link it back here?
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/08
Click Here
Sorry in advance if it doesn't work, I don't know what was wrong with the last one, though that message was kind of funny. By the way, I didn't mean for that to happen, I've never seen that message before.
Evanna said on 5/Apr/08
Anna, I clicked on the link you provided and got the following message:

"404 - Page is so Not Here.
Um, dude - I think you must have hit the wrong address or button or something...obviously the page is like not found eh. Check your linkage and try again - or contact the admin of the know...Jenna or allo. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Dude - why are you still here?"

Are you making fools of us all?!
And you may as well stop bothering everyone already. Thanks.
umad80 said on 5/Apr/08
The photo doesn't work.
Anonymous said on 4/Apr/08
Okay, I don't really care, that was an unnecessarily long response, but I just have one quesiton, what is with this photo? Click Here Unless it is totally photoshopped (which it doesn't really look?), Emma is slouching more than Rupert, yet looks barely shorter than him; why? I'll wait for a response and then I'll stop bothering everyone.
Kat said on 1/Apr/08
An interview on YouTube Daniel Radcliffe said he was 5'4.. if that helps anyone.. But I can remember what the vid is called. But he said he was 5'4ish.

umad80 said on 30/Mar/08
Let me get this straight. So, Emma and Dan measure themselves because they have brains and would measure themselves before just stating a height, but we can't take their stated heights as gospel because they have better things to do than to measure themselves?

And Anna, you once claimed to be a bigger fan of Dan than of Emma, so you should know that Dan again claimed being 5'5" in an interview for December Boys. So he wasn't joking when he said it. Nor did Emma and Rupert respond with their exact heights because that isn't what the interview asked. He jokingly said that he felt obligated to say, "My how you've grown." And Dan responded to it by saying he hasn't actually because he is still 5'5", measured himself that morning. And why would he choose to round down after saying, "I'm 5'5.5" - that half inch being important."? Seriously, at least if you're going to try and make claims you could at least make them make sense.

And if Emma is 5'6"ish, which isn't what she said, she put on her site that she was 5'6" which no one believes, but I digress. Any ways, she claims 5'6" even on her site. If that were the case, she's a small 5'6". JKR was taller than her at the Pride of Britain Awards, a proven fact that you continuously over look. JKR would have to be over 5'7" to be taller than a 5'6"ish Emma.

And Rupert, I think it's still safe the say he's a weak 5'9". The pictures with Al Murray are unfortunately rubbish, because the ones of just them, Al has his head down... otherwise Rupert would be 5'10" or so. lol And the other Al appears to be closer to the camera and I would take a wager that he's also wearing dress shoes. Because he looked exactly 7.5" shorter (top of the head coming to around the middle of Al's mouth). That would actually put him at at least 5'8" but the other two facts I think put him closer to 5'9". I still say his right height should be 5'8.75" instead of 5'7.75".
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/08
umad80: It's possible that Emma believes she is 5'6" because of Dan saying he was (although I think he said 5'5" mainly and 5'6" occasionally, probably because he is around the 5'5.5" he said around GoF, which would actually make some sense), but, come on, she's not dumb, she could, oh I don't know, measure herself? Why would that be so difficult? Or she could go to the doctor's office, get measured, and then tell that height to her publicist and then that height would be put on her official site....I mean, I think people are disceting this information too much or taking to literally, which, I will admit, I do sometimes as well. I mean, Dan saying he is 5'5" in that interview I posted awhile ago could be true, but it could have been somewhat of a joke because the interviewer was saying that they seemed to look bigger each time they came back (something that this crowd don't agree with, ironically). So, he could have been measured at something like, let's say, 5'5.5" and he just chose to round down because he was joking slightly, I don't know. Now, neither Rupert nor Emma responded to this, so we can't really get anything from that, thankfully. So, what I am trying to say is this: the words that come out of the trio's mouths (or any actor's mouth for that matter) should be taken as a ballpark range, not an exact height because, unlike the people of this site, height is not the only thing they are thinking about when giving interviews. Actors may get the reputation of lying about their height, but come on, each actor is different from the next; none of us are going to disagree on that. So, I think that it's safe to get that range from their actual mouths (i.e. Dan 5'5.5"-ish, Emma 5'6"ish, Rupert 5'8"ish) and then use photographic evidence to decide the smaller details. Just don't over analyse things like I do,,,
umad80 said on 27/Mar/08
z, Dan recently admitted to being only 5'5" and any time you see Dan and Emma standing together (in similar footwear at least) they are usually around the same height. I still think Emma believes 5'6" because Dan kept saying he was. lol
z said on 26/Mar/08
emma watson is actually 5'6'', she says so on her official website. Daniel Radcliffe is also that
Julie said on 25/Mar/08
Brett- I don't reckon Daniel is 5'5" - close to 5'5" perhaps but certainly not precisely 5'5". Anyhow, my point is that Daniel tends to wear rather queer footwear that may or may not 'accentuate' his height. My opinion is that Emma, Daniel and Katie are all at varying points along the 5'4" spectrum. Sometimes one looks taller than the other, given posture and footwear, but all between 5'4" and 5'5".
synyster said on 25/Mar/08
how can i meet emma watson.i want to tell her something about my had been a long time for me to say the words to her.
umad80 said on 20/Mar/08
That's what I figured. They didn't seem to be anywhere near the 4" mark but definitely around what looked to be around what she wore to the NMAs. So she's definitely not 5'4" but maybe not a true 5'5" though I'd wager a guess that she is close enough that there is no sense in arguing. lol
brett said on 19/Mar/08
Indeed she is wearing heels, but the point of the picture I posted was that IN HEELS she looks to be just about the same height as Daniel (a wee bit taller), who is 5'5. That would make her shorter than 5'5 without heels. Additionally, she appears to be the same height at 5'4 Katie Leung, also in heels.
umad80 said on 18/Mar/08
Ariella, they look 3" to me. What do you think Rob? 3" heels or 4" heels? They look exactly the same size as the ones wore to the NMAs back in September. But obviously I could be wrong. Click Here

Editor Rob
they are decent size, I'd say not less than true 3.5 inch if her foot size isn't below average.
Ariella said on 16/Mar/08
Yeah but Emma is wearing heels Brett.

And it's not really laughable if she was 5'3, how tall is alfonso?

umad80: if she was 5'8 in those heels, she would be 5'4 not 5'5, and they are 4 inch heels, so she's 5'4.
brett said on 13/Mar/08
here is a picture of the whole harry potter crew from this summer Click Here
umad80 said on 13/Mar/08
Evanna is 5'2.25" (stated on this site) or more (my thoughts). Definitely obvious she's not under 5'2" but it's debatable how much over she is. Emma was shorter than Alfonso who is almost 6' and if they were 4" heels, which I think they looked more like 3", she is around 5'5" because she looked 5'8" next to Alfonso. Otherwise she's more like 5'3" which is quite laughable imo.
Ariella said on 12/Mar/08
At the new Empire Awards Emma is wearing 4 inch heels, and someone in a forum commented that she "must be 6'0 in those shoes" Come on, she is definitely not 6'0 in those heels SO many people are taller than her at that event, so Emma is definitely not 5'6, I don't even think she's 5'5 anymore, Evanna is like 5'0-5'1 and Emma is 4-3 inches taller than her so Emma is 5'4.
umad80 said on 5/Mar/08
If Rupert doesn't reach 5'7" then I'm definitely not 5'5", and I can assure you that I'm 5'5" on the nose. Emma and Dan are both around 5'5". Whether it be on the nose or not, they're close enough. Rupert is at least a strong 5'8" and I'm convinced that nearer 5'9" is more accurate. When you look at photos of the trio without shoes at the HWF ceremony, Rupert is clearly 4 inches taller (even Rob admitted to "that point in time" he looked 4" taller). For Rupert to barely reach 5'7", Dan and Emma would have to be barely reaching 5'3" and they are both taller than Devon Murray by a few inches. There are also photos of Rupert and Tom together, and Mr. Felton would have be around 5'7", maybe a little taller, because he and Rupert did not look much different in height and Tom had a bit of a shoe advantage from what I could tell.
Jane said on 4/Mar/08
Dan looks to be 5'4" on the nose. Emma seems to be around the same height. 5'5" is a bit of an exaggeration, and the new 'five-foot-six' is utter balderdash. Sometimes I doubt whether Rupert reaches 5'7"- the trio are all rather short, particularly Dan.
umad80 said on 2/Mar/08
I think it's obvious that Dan is 5'5" or close enough to it. No way is he only 5'3" (he's taller than Devon Murray) but nothing over 5'5".
TJ said on 29/Feb/08
val, Dan himself has conceded that he's not 5'6. After claiming 5'6, he later said he's only 5'5. I agree that he could be shorter though.
val said on 29/Feb/08
Dan is soooo not 5'6" like he says...when i saw him he looked at most 5'3" and i think i know what im talking about cuz im only 5'5 1/2"
Stephanie said on 22/Feb/08
Either way, they're the same height.
Evanna said on 12/Feb/08
TJ that's exactly what I meant - Anna's back...
Stephanie, Radcliffe may claim whatever he wants, but he sooooo isn't 5'6", he's barely 5'5".
Stephanie said on 12/Feb/08
Emma's official site says she is 5' 6". She is the same height as Dan now, who also claims 5' 6". But I don't know if she's actually that tall or not. She's at least 5' 5" though.
TJ said on 11/Feb/08
Anonymous, Emma is not around the same size or 'slightly shorter' than Rowling at the awards. She is significantly shorter. Probably 2 inches. You remind me of Anna, who used to post on here. Rowling does for sure have a heel advantage though. She had an uncanny ability to ignore or bizarrely misinterpret any evidence that suggested Emma is shorter than generally though. Also, you have an identical writing style.
Evanna said on 11/Feb/08
This "Anonymous" sounds a bit familiar... Could s/he be from Minneapolis, Rob? ;)
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/08
Well, the problem is we cannot see Jo's or Emma's feet, so we don't know how they are standing, so, basically, your argument is pointless, right? I mean, how can one judge if a person is slouching if the observer cannot even see the bottom half of the people in the photo? Ehm, well, they can't. And that also brings up the footwear issue, how do we know what they are wearing? Are there photos because I've not seen any? It's my bad, but I don't really know where these photos would be, so if any of you have some, would you care to let me know? Gracias. And, Ariella, I know that people do it absentmindedly, but Emma definitely seems to do it purposely because she is just always slouching, I've never seen a photo of her not slouching....if you have got one, please, do post, but until then, I'm convinced she slouches because she is undomfortable with being "tall" (5'4" does not constitute as "tall") and such. And please don't hound me with, "oh, you dumbarse, she's not tall, what are you thinking" blah, blah blah. I put it in quotes, obviously attempting to avoid that ambush.
Ariella said on 10/Feb/08
Some people just slouch, I do it, I've noticed Emma does it, but you also see her stand up straight at times too, a lot of the time people don't even realize there slouching, otherwise I doubt they'd do it so much, but at the POB awards Emma was standing up straight and so was JK, I still think Emma is 5'4.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/08
Well, I thought that Rowling was wearing absolutely huge heels whereas Emma was wearing normal sized if not a bit on the small side heels, so it would make sense if the 5'4"/55" Rowling looked around Emma's heihgt, if not slightly taller, especailly if Rowling was standing up properly, which brings me to the next topic, Emma's extreme slouching. No Jane, I suppose I would have to disagree, she slouches way too much, she has not grown out of it. Have you seen the photos of her and Rupert at the Paris train station? LIterally, Emma looks deformed because she is slouching so much, and this is not much of exaggeration. It seems as if she does this slouching at nearly every public appearance and, by the way, I am not the only one who has noted this. Why does she do this?
Ariella said on 7/Feb/08
I don't know why Jo Rowling said her height, I just know she did, but Emma was standing up straight and so was JK, and JK is 5'5 and she was a inch taller than Emma, so that would make Emma 5'4, and I think Dan is an inch taller than Emma, so that would make Dan 5'5, but an inch doesn't seem like much when you stand two people next to each other. So I'd say Emma 5'4 and Dan 5'5.
TJ said on 7/Feb/08
I said the same thing when I saw the video Jane. Truth is, it's only because she is about the same height as Daniel that I give her 5'5. If going on that video alone, I'd have guessed 5'4. So either Dan is shorter than 5'4, Jo is taller than we think, or the vid is in some way misleading.
Jane said on 6/Feb/08
Umad80, Ariella didn't say Jo mentioned anything about Emma's height - Jo said she was 5'5", and Ariella stated Emma was 'definitely an inch shorter than' Jo, and is therefore 5'4". I don't think Jo would be so trivial to be discussing someone's height- if she ever mentioned height she'd be talking about how much her kids have grown or something, not Emma- and I pity the interviewer who manages to run out of good questions and give her one regarding Emma's height.

Anyway, I think Jo must be a tad taller than Emma. At the PoBA, she's quite a bit taller than Emma, yet their shoes can't be all that different (looks to me as though Jo's give about an inch MORE than Emma's- or less- 'cause Emma's wearing pretty good heels there- around 3" in total.). If Jo is 5'5", then she's 5'8" in heels, if Emma is 5'5", she's 5'7" in her heels. Looks like more than an inch difference in their heights. If Jo is actually 5'5", Emma would be 5'4" to 5'4.5". Then again, did anyone notice Em slouching much? You know, I think her posture's gotten a bit better, grown out of the awkwardness and all that.

Rob Pattinson's height, btw, people, may be exaggerated. It's been done before.
He doesn't look 6'1" to me- he looks to be 5'11". When I see a evidence, I'll accept 6'1", because he just does not LOOK it.
Ariella said on 3/Feb/08
JK said she's 5'5 and in the video and picture of her and Emma at the Pride of Britain Awards there shoes are the same length and JK is an inch taller than Emma.
TJ said on 30/Jan/08
Anon, in the pride of britain awards JK was very noticeably taller than Emma. Probably 2 inches. She had larger shoes, but hard to imagine Emma getting over 5'5 when JK can look that tall next to her. Here's the vid. Click Here You will need to go to about 2mins 20 for a good view.
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/08
Yeah, I agree, I dunno, but she looks slightly taller compared to Regis than Dan did. ?? Rad had on Converse like shoes, which would have the same or slightly more "umph" than Emma's sandals. I'd say Regis is 5'6" or 5'7" in those heels and Ripa is 5'7" or so as well? I'm not sure though. And the angle is definitley weird, I'll give you that. But what are these Pride of Britain awards? Have you got any photos? I would like to see them. Anyway, I have no idea how tall Jo is.....
Jason said on 29/Jan/08
Ariella, I thought it was an interesting photo because Kate Moss (5'5.75") and Emma (5'5") are supposedly around the same height yet in the photo they don't look close at all.
umad80 said on 29/Jan/08
Actually converse only gives you about a half inch. Rob has it up on his shoe height thing. But Emma is definitely around 5'5". It's hard to say if she's exactly 5'5" or pretty close to it. But when did JKR say this? lol That just seems weird to be asked how tall Emma is and for her to say, "She's an inch shorter than me!" Who, according to Rob, is only 5'4" which I have no idea to tell you the truth. But if she's 5'5" then so is Emma. At the Pride of Britain Awards, she had 3" heels on and was taller than Emma who had regular heels on. If JKR is only 5'4", she'd 5'7" in the heels making Emma shorter than 5'5" and even 5'4". So I think JKR and Emma are the same height at 5'5".

Anonymous, Emma is raising herself up and closer to the camera, so she'd appear taller. There were times that Regis looked taller and other times where Emma looked taller. So it's not a good gage either...
TJ said on 28/Jan/08
Anonymous, Regis is taller in the clip. He looks comfortably taller as she approaches him, but then fairly even when she is closer to the camera than him. The best angle with them face to face has him looking an inch or so taller.
Ariella said on 28/Jan/08
No there are other pictures you just have to look and I believe I gave you the site there on, converse give at least an inch in height, but if you have seen Ballet Shoes the gray haired woman is an inch taller than Emma and she's 5'5 then the brown/redish haired woman is 2 inches taller than Emma and she's 5'6, plus there's the little red haired girl and she's really short and she's a bit passed Emma's eyebrows when standing next to her, the girl is around age 13 and I highly doubt she's 5'4 1/2 she's shorter, I believe Emma is 5'4-5'5 but closer to 5'5 after seeing Ballet Shoes and looking at the pictures and at recent events.

Oh and Jo Rowling is 5'5 she's said so herself and Emma is definitely an inch shorter than her, so Emma is 5'4.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/08
Okay, it's obvious that men's dress shoes are going to give more height than a pair of flat sandals, like, well for example, the shoes Emma is wearing. That is to say, Emma's shoes basically give her nada in the height department, especially compared to Kelly's and Regis's footwear. And, yes, as umad80 said, that picture says little because Emma is leaning into give Regis (the creepy ****) a hug, so one cannot see who is taller, however, this small problem can be fixed by watching the first bit of this youtube click, which is here Click Here . It seems pretty obvious to me, as to who is taller, but I am eager to hear your opinions....who do you think is taller, Regis (5'6"er) or Emma(?)?
Ariella said on 24/Jan/08
Emma had heels on in that picture, but why is it interesting?, she took a picture with them, it doesn't mean anything.
umad80 said on 24/Jan/08
Ariella, I don't know what other set pics you're talking about then. Those are the only ones available with the older woman.

Emma's shoes would do much of what Rupert's shoes do to him. Give about a half inch in height because they're cons. Robert does have the better shoes which would make him taller thus the 5'5" becomes pretty legit. Also, there are enough pictures there to show that Emma comes up to the same place on Rob pretty consistently. It's about 8 inches and Rob has the better shoe.

Anonymous, how can that picture possibly show anything? Emma is bending in to give him a hug and would make her appear shorter. Plus it's hard to say whose shoe is giving more. :)
Jason said on 24/Jan/08
Can't see footwear but thought this was an interesting pic. Click Here
Ariella said on 22/Jan/08
Emma's shoes at that event give her an inch so yes in those shoes she's 5'5, but Robert is a bit taller too with his shoes on.
Ariella said on 22/Jan/08
No not those pictures, and you can't say Emma is a legit 5'5 to Robert, look at Emma's shoes, she doesn't have a heel but those shoes do make her a bit taller, and there is no picture where their standing right next to each other and straight up there's only one picture of them next to each other and he's slouching, plus his shoes have a thick sole so he's taller than he really is.

I think Emma is 5'4-5'5 but closer to 5'4.
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/08
This is Emma Watson on Regis and Kelly several months ago: Click Here Well, Regis Philibin is only about 5'5 nowadays, and Kelly Ripa is only 5'2.5 (up to 5'6 in those heels). Emma is shorter than Regis... Ariella's right, she's 5'4.
umad80 said on 22/Jan/08
You can't possible be referring to pictures like this, can you? Click Here - Because I don't mean to be rude, but I must laugh. Firstly, the old lady's heels are bigger than what they put Emma in. Emma's looks to be about an inch and the older lady's looks to be almost two inches. Emma is also usually walking and further away from the camera. And a lot of times slouching. These are definitely not shots to prove something.

Also, during GoF promotion when Emma, Katie and Rob Pattinson went to Japan to promote the movie, I posted the gallery pictures here and most of them you can tell that Emma is a legit 5'5" next to the 6'1" Rob. Click Here - If this is back in 2005, I seriously doubt that Emma has shrunk to 5'4" in 3 years.
Ariella said on 21/Jan/08
That's what I meant, behind the scene and off set pictures are the same thing, and you can find them at, besides that though I know in the film at one part they did not use any angle at all they were straight on at them for like 20 sec. maybe. And I do think she is closer to 5'4 she isn't very tall at all. Also the little red head girl who plays Posy in that film is like 13 even though she is suppose to be younger and she is a bit passed Emma's eyebrows when standing next to her, and that girl is NOT tall at all, lol.
umad80 said on 21/Jan/08
If she is closer to 5'4", so is Dan. She and Dan were pretty much the same height at the ceremony.

Again, going by set pictures doesn't always work either. Depends. But I say the best behind-the-scenes set stuff is to go by what other cameras are doing. Like if you see an HBO special, you'll get a more accurate deal there because they're not trying to make a certain angle or anything. They're just filming. (Btw, what set pictures? I never saw any set pictures for that movie... other than officially released images, which, do not count because they're taken by the production.)
Ariella said on 20/Jan/08
I'm also going by the set pictures, and there was no weird angle it was straight on them. I think she is 5'4-5'5, maybe closer to 5'4.
umad80 said on 19/Jan/08
You can't really go by what you see in film. They do funny things with the camera. And also, you can't really known how tall a person is just because someone says so. Even Rob is wrong sometimes. lol I think 5'5" is pretty legit. Maybe a little shorter, maybe a little taller... but nothing drastic.
Ariella said on 17/Jan/08
Emma is 5'5 max, but I'm starting to think she's a bit shorter, I saw Ballet Shoes, and while watching it, I noticed Emma was about an inch or half an inch shorter than this old lady, I looked her up, and it said she was 5'5, and Looked someone else up that Emma was standing right next to as well, Emma was 2 inches shorter than that lady, the lady was 5'6. So Emma is at the least 5'4 1/2-3/4 and at the max 5'5.
...T_T... said on 6/Jan/08
yeah...i see miss emma.. i thought she was 5'4"............................ she was totally 5'5" then she's wearing a 2 inches of heels
Anonymouss said on 6/Jan/08
OKAY. Alex Watson has got to be maybe 5'6" - 5'8" in these pictures: Click Here He's about 3-4 years YOUNGER than Emma. So he's got to be 15 or 16... but he's still growing. Emma, in these pictures, look maybe 5'4 1/2 - 5'5. She's only wearing maybe half an inch of a heel as well. 5'10"? Where did you get that?! She'd have to be 5'7" in these pictures and we've distinguished the thought of her being ANY taller than 5'5" so she's staying at 5'5". lol
Evanna said on 3/Jan/08
Yeah Michael, you've been saying your "opinion" for a while now, but the point is that you have to support it with some evidence.
michael said on 2/Jan/08
get over what?i can say my opinion cant i? lol,i dont need get over anything,im not oppsesed with her height like u,im only discusting it?or im not?
Evanna said on 1/Jan/08
michael says on 31/Dec/07:
"people say hes like 5'10 or somthing like that..."

Now that's really a substantial piece of evidence! Come on Mike, you can surely do better than that!?
She's 5'5" max, get over it mate.
michael said on 31/Dec/07
Click Here this video u can see emma watson with her brother alex,people say hes like 5'10 or somthing like that,well she didnt look much shorter to me,
umad80 said on 31/Dec/07
Well then Michael, that means I'm right. LOL I've said twice I've seen her and she's been 5'5". She isn't 5'6" and Dan isn't 5'6" (who admitted back in July that he was only 5'5") they're both just 5'5".
TJ said on 30/Dec/07
True Michael, but when Daniel Radcliffe admits he has been measured at 5'5 and Emma is not taller than him, it's a fair assumption that she's around 5'5. It's not like Daniel would claim to be shorter than he is. If anything, he'd claim the opposite. I just don't know what you've seen that makes you think 5'6, when there is so much evidence for shorter.
michael said on 29/Dec/07
tj-i respect your opinion,but we cant actualy tell height totaly correct here,alot of actors(man,women) got wrong heights,u need meet them personaly to judge,thanks.
Traemon said on 29/Dec/07
She has got to be 5'5" at the tallest.
Next to Dan, who stands at 5'6" looks around her height. BUT Emma does wear heels adding maybe an inch or two- while Dan does not wear heels. Now her compared to Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) they look about the same height. Bonnie is reportedly 5'5" so I've got to believe that Emma ranges between 5'4 1/2 - 5'5".
TJ said on 28/Dec/07
Victoria Wood is listed as 5'5 and looked taller than Emma in many scenes in Ballet Shoes. That said, they looked the same height in other scenes and it was difficult to judge.
michael said on 26/Dec/07
rob why u dont publish me?its michael i changed my internet only,its same person,im from croatia,u can checm my adrees?, i still think emma is 5'6
TJ said on 23/Dec/07
OK, anonymous. Let's have one convincing pic or video that puts her at 5'6 and people might start to buy into that. Not a pic where she has large heels or a pic where the angle flatters her. Just one head to toe shot where she is one inch taller than Dan. You won't find one.
El said on 23/Dec/07
She's 5'5". In around 2003, I read on a blog of an Oxford student who wrote about meeting her, the student is a 5'7" girl and she wrote that Emma was a lot shorter than 5'5" at that time. The blog is gone now so I can't link to it. Emma's 5'5" now, but no taller. I agree with Ariella about the reason she thinks she is 5'6" - because of Dan.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/07
emma is more like 5'6 legit to me umad80.
umad80 said on 22/Dec/07
Emma's definitely a legit 5'5". I posted this awhile ago, but it's obvious she is 5'5" next to 6'1" Robert Pattinson: Click Here I know that's old, but it's to prove she is definitely not under 5'5" at 2007 considering she was 5'5" in 2005. And I've seen her twice. Once in 2005 where she was right in front of me and we had somewhat similar footwear and we were about the same height. I think I had the advantage in heel though. And in 2007, I wasn't as close, but she looked pretty much the same. She hasn't grown since 2005. I have to agree with Ariella that she probably thought 5'6" because Dan had said he was and she went with that.
Ariella said on 21/Dec/07
Emma is 5'5 I believe the only reason she thinks she's 5'6 is because Dan said it, but again he also thought he was taller than he was.

And your not taller than you think usually people think their taller than they really are, they usually add an inch or so sometimes, but Emma is 5'4-5'5, definitely not taller than that.
TJ said on 20/Dec/07
Mr Cool, if Emma is 2 inches taller than Dan, please explain this pic to me:
Click Here It's from the latest movie and he is an inch or so taller, but possibly with larger heel. It's been provided conclusively on this thread that the girl is no way near 5'7 and most likely 5'5. 5'4 is more believable than 5'7.
Evanna said on 18/Dec/07
Denise says on 12/Dec/07
Emma and Lilly Cole(179.07cm 5'10.5") both had the same shoes.

I discovered what this post was all about. Emma's offical site has been updated with pictures from Chanel party, there's a slideshow that can be accessed from the homepage, and pic No. 13 features Emma and Lily Cole. Lily does dwarf Emma (they have similar shoes too), but the pic is inconclusive as the angle is extremely weird. The pic can't be linked, so go and see it at Emma's official site.
Mr. Cool said on 18/Dec/07
Emma is 5'7" and Dan is 5'5".I love Emma
umad80 said on 15/Dec/07
If that were true MrTall, then Emma must be 5'7" because her official website has 5'6" listed. LOL But I think we've all proven that Emma is a legit 5'5" even into 2007.
MrTall said on 14/Dec/07
She is 5' are about 95% of the time an inch taller than you think you are...
Ariella said on 12/Dec/07
Anyway Emma is 5'5, Denise.
Ariella said on 12/Dec/07
You can't tell if their heels are the same length, and their shoes are very similar but there not the same, Lily's strap is higher than Emma's by a bit. And how do you know she's 5'10?
Ariella said on 12/Dec/07
What does that have to do with Emma?
Denise said on 12/Dec/07
Emma and Lilly Cole(179.07cm 5'10.5") both had the same shoes.
Ariella said on 7/Dec/07
lol yeah about 2 years, well almost 3.
umad80 said on 5/Dec/07
LOL Yeah, if she was taller than 5'8" then she was about 6' in those heels of hers at the NMAs! And Rupert is over 6' too.

Despite what her site says, it's pretty obvious she's 5'5". And I agree Ariella, it's doubtful she'll grow any more. She's been 5'5" for awhile now.
JOey said on 4/Dec/07
In (December 2007) can you define the height of EMMA?
Ariella said on 4/Dec/07
Sure I guess your trying to make a point that people can lie and say that they've met her, but what the girl said made sense.

And What some people don't see is that Dan says he's 5'5 but Emma's site says she's 5'6 and at the Hand, foot and wand print ceremony they were the same height and we all know Dan didn't grow, lol So Emma is 5'5. But if you look at my pictures I posted she hasn't grown but it's not surprising that she hasn't and I highly doubt she will anymore.
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/07
i meet her and she was taller than me and she was wearing flip flops, i'm 5ft 8in
Ariella said on 28/Nov/07
We all know that Emma was 5'5 in 2005, if you look at these pictures: Click Here (November 2005) Click Here (July 2007) Click Here (late August 2007) she's still the same height, and even though she had heels on at the recent events you can tell she's still the same height.

And like when she was standing next to Emma Roberts at the KCA they had the same length heels and Emma was not much taller than Emma R. if she was 5'6 she would be A LOT taller, because Emma R. is 5'0-5'2 but she wasn't so Emma is still 5'5. And her not growing since 2005 is a sign that she won't grow anymore.
michael said on 28/Nov/07
lol maryum ahmed,being short nothing bad,its not your folt,mother nature is lol,and dannie is not even close to 5'8:D
Maryum Ahmed said on 28/Nov/07
Well my friend and cousin went to go see her and they thought that she might me 5"5' but I'm only 4" 11' so i feel so short against daniel Radcliffe who's 5"8' and Rupert who's 5"10 and Emma whose 5"5!WOW, I must be really short ughhh its not fair that guys get to grow until they're 21 or 18 and girls stop growing unless somehow magically you get taller but that never happens!

umad80 said on 26/Nov/07
Emma would have to definitely be 5'5" in order for her to be an inch taller than a 5'6" girl. Because that would put her at just over 5'7" and she would be about 2.5" taller in heels, and you factor in shoes and it makes sense. Paris premiere heels looked regular size. So she's definitely around 5'5" and as I posted pics back in 2005, she was a legit 5'5" next to Rob Pattison's 6'1".
Ariella said on 26/Nov/07
Someone on said that her being 5'6 is funny because they met her at the Paris premiere and she was an inch taller than her(Emma wearing 2-3 inch heels of course) and the girl said she's 5'6 so if Emma was an inch taller than her in 2-3 inch heels makes Emma 5'4-5'5, but definitely not 5'6.

I think Emma is 5'4 at the least and 5'5 max. but nothing taller than 5'5.
umad80 said on 22/Nov/07
TJ, definitely 5'5" maybe a smidgen under or a smidgen over, but nothing drastic. I think too much below 5'5" is a bit off and Emma's webmiss putting up 5'6" is laughable. lol

Josie, if Dan is 5'8" then I'm the queen of England. Haha. That boy is 5'5". He's said it himself.
Josie said on 21/Nov/07
I feel sooo short now. GRRRR. Daniel Radcliffe being 5"8, Rupert Grint being 5"10, & Emma Watson being 5"6....WA....I'm only 4"5....Wow, thats short. I'm sad & disapointing. ttyl, Josie
TJ said on 21/Nov/07
Not sure Hoffman is much of a lift wearer at such events umad80, but it's possible. Anyway, as I said I think Emma could well be 5'5, just not taller.
umad80 said on 21/Nov/07
TJ, I'm convinced that Dustin Hoffman was wearing lifts. Or something. lol Because if you look at the 2005 photos with Rob, you can clearly see that she's 5'5" to his 6'1". Truthfully too I think JKR must be taller than 5'4". Maybe 5'4.5"? It would explain why she was about an inch taller than Emma at the PoBAs. She had massive heels on. Looked to me like they were 4" heels and probably gave her around that. It's just a guess because it definitely does not seem that Emma would shrink any when being 5'5" in 2005.

Yes Michael, girls can still grow after a certain age. But normally it's very small amounts. Girls do their majority of growing I think between 10-14 years old and once you get pass 14, girls will slow up and grow maybe a cm or two. But Emma doesn't look like she has grown any since 2005 which happens. I myself stopped growing at at least 15 years of age.
TJ said on 21/Nov/07
Michael, I'm inclined to agree that she hits 5'5. Just can't see any reasonable evidence for 5'6, particularly after the JK awards video and the Dustin Hoffman awards video. If anything, both strongly suggest that she is shorter than 5'5, not taller, but yes I think 5'5 is still possible. Just where is the evidence for taller than that? I don't believe it exists.
michael said on 20/Nov/07
hmmh umad80 i agree with u,girls maybe dont grow to much but they can grow to.,and tj i never said first abouts dans hair advantage sombody said that before me,hmhmh i dont know i still do think emma is 5.55' or 5'6 inches,i think movie 6 and future pictures of trio together will prove it,i dont say im correct but thats my opinion,i think puting emma under 5.5 at least.. is ridicilous and funny,because she is 100%that height.thanks
umad80 said on 20/Nov/07
Michael, I was proving that Emma is at least 5'5". You need to pay attention and not just skim through what I say. I said she looked that back in 2005 with these pictures. PAY ATTENTION! Otherwise it's aggrevating.

And you are a guy. Growing 3" in 2 years makes a helluva lot of sense. A girl growing 3 inches in 2 years does not. I know you're not saying that's what she's grown, but I'm just saying it's a proven fact that girls don't grow that much after a certain age. Usually girls stop growing even before 16, but they can grow up to 16 (and sometimes beyond, but usually unlikely because we hit puberity before boys do) and usually it's very small amounts. If Emma was 15 in 2005 and 5'5" then the likeliness of her growing up to 5'6" after that seems unlikely. Not impossible, true, but unlikely. And of course we've proven she can't be anywhere near 5'6" when JKR was taller than her at the Pride of Britian Awards. And she and Dan were the same height at the ceremony with no shoes on.

TJ, I do agree with Michael on one thing... Dan probably had the shoe advantage. I think they had better shoes. Probably about a half inch or at least close to it. As for hair, no, definitely not afros but Dan does spike his hair up a bit. It's not as noticable as HP because I don't think they spike it as high, but usually else where. But seeing as how when they've got the same type of shoes or no shoes like at the ceremony, there is really no difference between them. They're both 5'5".
TJ said on 19/Nov/07
Michael, the only reason that pic doesn't prove the point is because you don't want it to. You talk of hair advantage as is he has some kind of Jackson 5 afro, lol. The hair point is irrelevant. And it's a stretch to say he's only 1/2 inch taller in that pic. I see a clear inch and I suspect you would see an inch if it was Emma looking taller. What that we can't tell is the impact shoes are having on the height difference, but I doubt it's any more than one inch (could easily be less), unless Dan is also wearing lifts inside his shoes. For Emma to be 5'6, Dan really needs a 2 inch shoe advantage in that pic, which seems unlikely.
michael said on 19/Nov/07
are u joking me?u showing somthing 2years old to prove how tall she are?i dont agree that people cant grow in 2years,i grow 3inches in 2years,and being girl-women with 14-18 years dosent means u wont grow any,because u didnt grow any umad and ariella dosent mean that other people can,and put somthing new not 2years old pictures,thanks,and i dont agree that shes less than 5.55' or 5'6inches.
umad80 said on 19/Nov/07
If Emma is 5'5", she'd be 5'7.5" in heels (heels giving her about 2.5" extra in height). Rob has Evanna down as 5'2.25" (which I don't agree with) and Emma is only about 4" taller with heels. And I seriously doubt Emma is any shorter than 5'5" because she looked that back in 2005 next to Rob Pattinson. (I don't know why it didn't link before: Click Here) I don't think she's grown any. Maybe a hair or so, but nothing even close to 5'6" like her website claims.

As for behind the scenes stuff... rubbish. These are regular tv crews filming the stuff so they're filming straight on. Unlike what the WB might be doing to make someone look taller or shorter. You can trust the BTS more because they're just showing you what's going on, not trying to exaggerate height or whatever.
Ariella said on 19/Nov/07
Even behind the scenes pictures can make them appear taller regardless if the camera man intended to do that or not. Sorry for using caps I was half way through typing that when I thought maybe it shouldn't be in caps but I was too lazy too retype it, lol.

But I still think event pictures are better we can check behind the scenes pictures but if they still confuse us we should stick with event pictures, But judging from the most recent events with Emma, she hasn't grown since earliere this year either, Emma is 4/5 inches taller than Evanna and she's either 5'0 or 5'1 not sure which but Emma is not 6 inches taller than her, and again I highly doubt Emma will grow anymore again because if she is 5'5 which is what we all agree on, she hasn't grown since 2005 and I doubt she will anymore.

And Emma definitely is not 5'8ish in heels, in heels she roughly 2 inches taller than Dan like at the OOTP Photo call, so that would make her 5'7 because Rupert is still taller than her with the heels on.

Emma is 5'5 max I believe because as I've said before when Emma attended the KCA Emma Roberts and her had heels on and Emma Roberts is 5'0-5'2 and I think the length of their heels was the same, and Emma did not look much taller than Emma R. with the heels on, so I doubt she's 5'6.

And her brother Alex is taller than her by a lot and I doubt he's 5'10, because he would be around there if she was 5'6 he looks more like 5'8, so that would make her 5'5. But yeah Emma does not look 5'6 at all, 5'5 max.
umad80 said on 18/Nov/07
I think I can prove that at least in 2005, Emma was definitely 5'5". If you look at the pictures at her at the Tokyo press con with the 6'1" Rob Pattinson, she comes up to about the middle of his chin/right under his lips. And that's clearly 8" which is pretty much making Emma 5'5" to Rob's 6'1". This is more to show that she's pretty much 5'5" and nothing under. But I think we can all agree that Emma is not 5'6" too. lol
michael said on 18/Nov/07
in that picture that tj showed-emma looks half inch shorter'+dan has hair advantage+bigger shoes,i think u didnt prove your point tj,dan dosent realy look heigher than her in that picture?and i think emma is like 0.5-1.0' inch bigger than daniel..
TJ said on 18/Nov/07
So Michael. If 5'5 Dan's shoes give him 1 inch on Emma (debatable if it's quite that much, but I'll got with it), and he is clearly a good inch taller than her in that pic, you'd be agreeing that Emma can't be taller than 5'5? If not, please explain how she picks up that extra inch :-)
umad80 said on 17/Nov/07
I think that the boys have better shoes when they're in school uniforms. (A half inch or so? Doubt it's a full inch...) But not exactly sure. And I think Dan has a slight hair advantage. lol But they're pretty much consistant with each other. There is no way that Emma is 1-2 inches taller than Dan. They're pretty much even. You can really see this when they're barefoot at the ceremony. :)
michael said on 17/Nov/07
tj dann shoes look 1inch biger,can u see how big they acctualy are lol?
TJ said on 16/Nov/07
I've finally seen Order of the Phoenix and pretty confused by Anna's repeated claims that Emma looks consistently taller than Dan throughout the film. Didn't she say up to 2 inches taller at times? The truth is that she only ever looks taller than Dan when walking in front of him (camera closer to her) or on uneven ground. On all shots where they are stood next to each other, they either look the same height or Dan actually looks taller. This is perhaps the best example of a full head to toe shot on level ground Click Here Dan looks a comfortable inch taller, but could have a shoe advantage. In any case, I think they are either the same height or within half inch of each other. I also think there is just as much chance of Dan being half inch taller as Emma being half inch taller. 5'6 is too high for this girl. 5'5 it is and possibly a touch under.
anonymous no-name said on 15/Nov/07
lol i'm not Anonymous. I used to use 'anonymous', but I changed it to anonymous no-name and sometimes just no-name a while ago. Anyway, michael, how tall do you think everyone else is then, if you think emma is 5'6"?
umad80 said on 15/Nov/07
Michael, for Emma to be 5'6" she'd have to be 5'8.5" in heels thus making Evanna 5'4.5". Click Here - See how Emma is only about 4" taller than her in heels? Evanna would have to be there and it would make Rupert over 5'10". Bordering on 5'11". I think we can all agree that is not the case. Emma's 5'5", Evanna is about 5'3" and Rupert is a strong 5'8" to 5'9".
michael said on 13/Nov/07
i think emma is 5'6 for real,not less.... and i dont know whot u tiped anoymous i dont realy dont understand your last post,guess u where drunk lol
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/07
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umad80 said on 9/Nov/07
Ariella, do you have to use all caps? Truthfully you shouldn't use pics per se, but it doesn't matter either because it looks like they've all grown for the most part. But it's best to use behind-the-scenes stuff because the camera isn't trying to make anyone look taller. Although Yates doesn't seem to try and make Dan look tall because he knows Harry isn't suppose to be as tall as or taller than Ron. So I'm confident that using pics with his direction would be fine.
Ariella said on 9/Nov/07
And Emma isn't as tall as Raven Symone who is 5'6.

umad80 said on 8/Nov/07
Yes, but the operative word here is "could've". Emma is not 5'6". Did you see the caps of her with JKR? If JKR is 5'4" with 4" heels, she'd 5'8". Emma was about an inch shorter give or take. That'd only put Emma around 5'7" in her heels making her 5'5". And she is the same height as Dan. Might be a slight difference, it's debatable, but 5'5".

Please don't read articles as proof of someone's height. For one that chick that said that is an idiot anyway. Bashing people for no particular reason other than to get people angry at her. Plus we don't know what type of shoes she was wearing. For all we know, she could've had on regular heels that put her at 5'5" and not smart enough to add those into her height. But one thing is for sure, Emma is not an inch taller than Dan. That was evident when they had their shoes off at the ceremony.

As for the 5'5"/5'6" deal with Dan... Dan at the beginning of OotP promotion was going around insisting he was 5'6". Said he was going to upgrade himself. And then at the photocall he said he had measured himself at 5'5". I think if he's willing to admit that, he'd be willing to admit lower.

The website needs to be changed. It's obvious she is nowhere near 5'6". I think it was just there because of Dan.

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