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5ft 4.57in (164cm)
Wicked Kid said on 25/Dec/05
Natalie: Hark, now hear who's talking? YOU'RE the one who think you're right about their heights. I didn't give an exact figure for their heights if you haven't NOTICED. And how do we KNOW Rupert is 5'9" or taller?
Jess: I get what you mean. Lol.
hey: You're right about the "hair poofed up" thing. That's what most short people do to make themselves seem taller.

hey said on 23/Dec/05
rupert is not 5'9, in no way does he look like he's as tall as someone such as mischa barton, i'd say he is only 170cm which is 5'7, emma looks two inches shorter hence 5'5 is correct. Dan in most pictures are taller than emma by an inch, if you must be pedantic and consider his shoes, than he's about half an inch taller. Oh, and the pics in new york shows emma's flats are slightly raised, but she looks taller coz she has her hair poofed up, i doubt she is a natural cone head
Natalie said on 23/Dec/05
This is a recent picture. We know that Rupert is at least 5'9", probably taller. Emma looks only one inch shorter than him when she is not even standing up straight. That would mean that she is at least
5'7", most likely 5'8". She is defenitley taller than Daniel, who is at the most 5'5", probably closer to 5'4". The following pictures show the shortness of Daniel and how Emma is taller than him.
In all of these pictures, Emma is wearing flats and Daniel is wearing dress shoes which have quite a bit of heel on them. In al the pictures Emma is taller by at least an 1.5 inches. If Dan is wearing 4 cm shoes, then Emma is 3 inches taller than him. That is why I am positive that Dan is 5'4" to 5'5" and Emma is 5'7" to 5'8".

Editor Rob
there were too many links, I trimmed them out, but anybody can look at the new york premiere pics and see themselves. They are actually quite good
Link to all the pics.

Actually what's more interesting is the guys in the background. As I mention on Jason Isaac's page, his agency give him 5ft 11...and he is that height. See how some of the heights vary from picture to picture...maybe some tip-toe action in the back row?
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/05
5'4" is the average height Emma (dan's girl). Being short is anything below the average height and tall is anything above 5'4"
jess said on 23/Dec/05
there is no way emma is taller than daniel, at the most they are the same height, and saying daniel's shoes have 4cm heels is just wrong, otherwise the whole media would be commenting on his fashion taste of wearing platforms. i don't think emma will grow much more, she's nearing 16 and she doesn't seem to be getting taller, and frankly, she doesn't LOOK like a late grower if you get what i mean(probably not lol)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 22/Dec/05
Oh! Emily, you are so tall. You will grow to be upto 5'10 or 5'11. You will grow quite tall. But I am just 13 years and 5'1. Isn't that embarrasing? Oh god!! I am taller than my friends but my estimated height is only 5'4. I think I am short and grow up to be short like Daniel Radcliffe
emily said on 22/Dec/05
hay just wanted to say i think emma is 5'5". could anyone please tell me how tall they think i am going to grow from now? i jst turned 13 about 2 wks ago, am female and am 168cm (5'6ish 5'6 1/2.) my mum is 5'9 or 5'10 and my dad is 5'10. my sister has stopped growing and is 18 at 5'6. i just want at least an estimate!! my mum was a late grower and had a big spurt at 16.
Natalie said on 21/Dec/05
Wicked Kid- You can't just say things and think automatically they are right because quite frankly they are not. These are the current heights of Rupert, Emma, and Daniel as stated on [Editor Rob: that site is just adverts]:
Rupert: 5'9"
Emma: 5'7"
Daniel: 5'4.5"
Go to the website and check for yourself if you don't believe me. Emma is taller than Daniel.
Wicked Kid said on 21/Dec/05
George. DUDE. THAT interview was quite sometime ago wasn't it? I do remember a recent one saying that he's half an inch taller than Emma. LOL. You're seriously delusional. Tom probably wasn't EVEN 5'8" then. And FYI, the height difference is 4". And I wouldn't even bother to comment on the others' comments cos they're kinda off track, telling us their heights, or how tall they think Emma will be. Like excuse me please? This site talks about the celebs CURRENT heights for pete's sake.
lilo said on 21/Dec/05
i just recently saw 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', and in one scene where emma and bonnie wright(ginny weasley) were standing together, they were the same height....and bonnie is 165cm.
therefore emma is also 165cm
also: they were both wearing sneakers
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
tom felton is 5'10"-5'11"
anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
so no offense, but how many times must i reapeat the same thing. Daniels shoes at the premier were NOT 4CMS thats a ridiculous height to estimate. I HAVE 4CM SHOES
Natalie said on 20/Dec/05
Emma Watson is tall! She is taller than Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint! She is also still growing and Daniel is done growing. Here is proof. Dan is such a shorty. I am pretty sure he is done growing! Emma is so much taller than him and she is also almost as tall or taller than Rupert. She is growing fast and will continue to grow to be at least 5'10" or 5'11", maybe even taller. I thik Rupert will be around 5'10" and Dan will stay at 5'4"/5'4.5". This will be funny in the next movie!
ps- dan is really hot and emma watson is really pretty.
George said on 20/Dec/05
This is a picture of Emma Watson and Tom Felton. Tom Felton is 6'1" or 6'2" and Emma looks only 2 or 3 inches shorter in my opinion. That would mean she is around 5'10"?! I've seen other pictures of this event and it looks like her heel is at the most 1 inch. That would mean she is 5'9" or 5'10".
George said on 20/Dec/05
Daniel, this is a question for you. He really felt that you’d grown up in this movie – you’re taller and more mature. When do you feel in your daily life that you’re more grown up, that you’re more mature?

DR: Not very often. I don’t know. I haven’t grown that much. It’s now quite depressing because Emma’s taller than me. But I hope I’ve grown as an actor. Everything I learned with Chris, Alfonso took to a new level so I think that it’s down to Alfonso that I’ve grown as an actor. I owe that to him.
Kelsey said on 20/Dec/05
Emma (Dan's girl):
That is so cool that you got to go to the preimere! So you said that at the preimere Emma looked an inch taller than Dan, Emma was wearing flats, and Dan was wearing 4 cm (1.6 inch) shoes. If Emma was basically barefoot and looked an inch taller than Dan, if they were both barefoot she must be 2.6 inches tall than him, or almost 3 inches taller than him. So there is my proof, you said it yourself. So Daniel is 5'4"/5'4.5" and Emma is 5'7" or 5'7.5". I think that Dan is done growing and Emma will grow at lot more.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 19/Dec/05
I am not arguing with you or anything. But I am just telling you, if Dan is 5'4.5, then Emma cannot be 5'7 or 5'7.5. If he is 5'4, she will be 5'5. Not 5'7. She is just about an inch taller than him. Not three inches fully! I mean, all three of them are tall if compared to one another.
I know their accurate heights. Many people may not believe it and will ask me how I know it, but I have seen the Goblet of Fire Premiere in London and I know their heights.
I am a 13 year old girl who is 5'1.5. When I saw Dan, he looked about 3 to 4 inches taller than me which makes him about 5'5 or 5'4.5.
Then Emma looked an inch taller than Daniel (without heels and Dan was wearing shoes which looked about 4cms. SO Emma must be 5'6.
Rupert looked taller than Emma and Dan and he looked about 3 inches taller than Emma which makes him about 5'9.
So let me conclude saying their heights.
Daniel Radcliffe - 5'5
Emma Watson - 5'6
Rupert Grint - 5'9
Tom Felton - 6'1
Robert Pattinson - 6'2
Clemence Posey - 5'7
Katie Leung - 5'5
Stanislav Ianevski - 5'11
Kelsey said on 18/Dec/05
Yeah I agree with you Karee. Emma is defenitley going to be tall. I think that Dan is done growing and Rupert may grow a little bit more. Emma will grow at least 3-4 more inches. I think she will be at least 5'9", probably 5'10". Right now Emma is 5'7" and Dan is 5'4" or 5'4.5". She isway taller than him and it shows in pictures. Dan is a shorty and it is so cute!! So this is it:
Dan- 5'4 to 5'4.5"
Emma- 5'7" to 5'7.5"
Rupert- 5'8" to 5'9"
Emma Watson is going to be the tallest in the end.
karee said on 17/Dec/05
Hi guys! Emma Watson is taller than Daniel Radcliffe and is still growing. Currently she is 5'6.5" and I think she will grow to be at least 5'8", maybe taller. Daniel is 5'5" at the most. If you look at photos Emma is a lot taller, even when she is in flats and Daniel is in dress shoes. There is no doubt in my mind that Emma is at least 5'6.5" tall. Daniel is defenitley at the most 5'5". I think Emma will continue to grow and Daniel is done growing. Don't get me wrong, Daniel is really hot, but he is short. By the next movie Daniel will have to look up to talk to Emma. Emma Watson is going to be tall.
Wicked Kid said on 17/Dec/05
How helpful. Could you include a link to whichever article that they stated they height in though? What's the use of just saying Daniel or Emma is X'X" tall?
Mason said on 16/Dec/05
As of November 2005, Daniel is 167 cm (5' 5.75") and Emma is 166 cm (5' 5.25"). Dan seems to be almost done growing but Emma could still grow a little more.
Amanda said on 16/Dec/05
Emma Watson's height is 5 ft 5.25 in (166 cm)
Serene said on 16/Dec/05
Well, Emma (Dan's girl) I am so glad that you appreciate our comments.

Haha.. I drink more than 10 big glasses of water a day and still I haven't grown that much..

Well... I agree with Denise's comment..and anonymous..
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 8/Dec/05
Thank you so much. I will remember it and drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. Thanks Denise and Wicked Kid and anonymous
Wicked Kid said on 8/Dec/05
I think Denise meant to say that her doctor told her that if you fail to drink more than 2litres of water, you'll become shorter by 2-3cm?

Editor Rob
her Doctor is probably the Doctor from The Cannonball Run...
anonymous said on 8/Dec/05
May be - dwindle to = lessen, decrease, diminish or you try dictionary
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 8/Dec/05
Sorry everybody. I was rude to all of you. Well, what is meant by dwindle? Can anyone tell me? I didn't understand Denise's sentence. Can you make it a bit more clear?
Denise said on 7/Dec/05
When you don't drink more then 2L(litre) water you dwindle to about 2-3cm.
anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
i agree with wicked kid, sorry Lila, but those shoes are NO WAY NEAR 4CM. i know this as a FACT because i have black lace up school shoes (i am a girl!) that a EXACTLY 4cm, and compared to Dan's flat shoes look lyk platforms! i'd b really suprised if his shoe even give 1cm of elevation! Emma's shoes could have a heel on the inside, i have a pair of boots that look flat on the outsie, but on the inside have a heel so you cant tell. and emma DID SAY IN A RECENT INTERVIEW that she is half an inch shorter than Dan. Emma is 5'4.5 or 5'5. and anyway, no one here is making stupid prdications, and it is really rude of u 'Dans girl' to speak that way. to Denise, can u make your comment a liitle more clear, because i dont understand it.
Denise said on 4/Dec/05
My doctor said me that when you don't drink under 2L you may make smaller about 2-3cm.
Wicked Kid said on 4/Dec/05
Lol. Lila, how can you tell it's 4cm?? Everything's black. Anyhow, "Dan's Gurl" said that Emma mentioned that she's half an inch shorter than Dan IN A RECENT INTERVIEW. And by the way, you don't measure a person's height "in HEELS". ;)
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 3/Dec/05
You are right, Lila! I had told everyone that Emma is taller than Daniel. But nobody believed me. So I have got a person who really agrees with me and that's you. Thank You! You have really opened the eyes of the people here who make their "STUPID PREDICTIONS" as I said before. BYE
Maddy said on 1/Dec/05
wow Emma/Dan's girl, that sounded a tad harsh... no deed to yell! ^_^
We're only guessing here, you know.. I've been in front of the girl, but since I didn't actually go to her with a meter, I can only guess.

And about Emma being taller than Daniel..well, there are hundreds of pics with both of them standing side by side, both in flats, and no, Emma's not taller than him. hugs!
Wicked Kid said on 30/Nov/05
Wow. You think you're so right eh, Emma (Dan's girl)? We're not making what you call "STUPID PREDICTIONS!!" We're all here to pitch in with our personal opinions and sometimes guesswork is needed. We're not predicting anything, get this fact straight. And we try to find these actors' heights with photos. Not with words like "Everything there is true as I have seen them recently in NYC!!" Anyone can claim that they've met Emma Watson or whichever person of the cast.
Serene said on 28/Nov/05
Well, you guys gave really nice comments about Emma. But what if Emma is 6'0"?
Imagine that, Dan would want to raise his head to talk to her.. ( sorry, this is just a joke)

Well, I am 14 too, and I am 5'3". If you are 6'0", wow I really do admire you then. You are tall,J.J

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Emma is not taller than Daniel, because she is always wearing heels that moment so it looked like Emma is taller than Daniel.
New_gal said on 28/Nov/05
I dun think it's possible to say dat emma is as tall as daniel. I mean that wud be absurd. she's definately not taller him as its very clear in the movie bcoz they dun wear heels on the set... all of them wear normal shoes. I think if Dan is really tellin the truth that he is 5'5.5" then emma should be no taller than 5'5... she might be around the 5'4"-5'4.5" range... and nothing more then that...
Maddy said on 28/Nov/05
hey guys! I'm the 5'5 Ella's sister, lol.
I was reading and well, Emma's not the same height as Dan. Dan's sure at least 5'5 (we don't know if the half inch was an extra goody^_^)and Emma looks a bit shorter. As Ella posted, Emma was slightly shorter than me, about Ella's height. So that's right, I'd say she's about 5'3-5'4
Serene said on 28/Nov/05
Wait.. wait.. (sorry I didn't see right)
Emma is Dan height? What?? I think I need to check my eyes and fix the exact same eyes like Mad Eye Moody.. okay this is not funny at all..
michaela said on 28/Nov/05
wow j.j, ur tall! iv got a friend who is your age and is 6'2! im not so sure that emma will still grow. she looks around 5'3 5'4. im about the same age as here, bit younger and am only 5'3.5, do u rekon ill still grow? LOL yer, shez no more than 5'4
Serene said on 27/Nov/05
Emma (Dan's girl), okay. If you saw them in NYC,erm, are you sure they are really the height as you stated? I saying negative things about you, but sorry, I am really sorry, how tall are you? Did you estimate Emma's height there?

I am really sorry if I hurt your feelings. Please do forgive.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 26/Nov/05
I didn't say that, Wicked Kid!! It's not my own opinion. It's a fact. Everything there is true as I have seen them recently in NYC!!
Wicked Kid said on 25/Nov/05
Isn't that your OWN opinion, Emma (Dan's girl)? Nothing here can be 100% accurate.

Editor Rob
that's why I have the disclaimer at the bottom of every page ;) I will disagree with my own estimates many times...
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 25/Nov/05
Thanks, everyone.
Now I know everybody's height.
Emma : 5'5
Daniel: 5'5
Rupert: 5'7
Tom : 6'0
Robert : 6'1
Enough, isnt it? Yeah! I know all of you were wrong. Daniel is Emma's height.
Wicked Kid said on 24/Nov/05
*nods in agreement to Serene's statement*
Serene said on 24/Nov/05
Well,Emma ( Dan's girl), we can't really conclude her height,useless like what Wicked Kid said.
In my eyes, Emma is 5'3" for me.
Pippa said on 23/Nov/05
I will ask Emma what her hight is tonight and get back to you guys but seriously, why does it matter? lol
Wicked Kid said on 23/Nov/05
Well if I called the shots here she'd be 5'3"! We can't really conclude her height cos we're always assuming that Daniel's not bumping up his height.
Emma (Dan's girl) said on 23/Nov/05
So, what really is Emma's height? Can anyonw conclude?
Serene said on 23/Nov/05
In NY premier of GOF, Emma is almost like 5'4" (although she looks 5'3" if she is wearing flats)) because her flats are an inch taller makes her look like she is as almost same height as Daniel.

In Tokyo premier of GOF, she is wearing flats again ( totally flats ) and it really makes her look like she is 5'3". Katie is wearing boots with heels ( think about 3 inches tall) on it, and she looks 5'6".

Emma is really really not 5'5", remember that!If it is, call someone to measure it,please.
Ella said on 22/Nov/05
hey! WICKED KID and SERENE, you're right, I've reread my post and what a mess! Here I go again!
Madelaine, my sis, is 5'5. I'm somewhere between 5'3 and 5'4, so I look slightly shorter than her. Emma was more or less like me; my sister looked taller than both, you know...that's why I have troubles seeing Emma as a 5'5 girl.
sianna said on 22/Nov/05
i dont no y it this site has emma listed as 5'5. the fact is that daniel radlciffe is 5'5.5, and it is clear that everyone agrees that emma is an inch, even more shorter, which would make her 5'4-5'4.5! not 5'5! and yes, i think she would add on that extra half inch to make herself appeal taller.
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
To Ella: So was Emma taller or shorter than you?
To Dmitri: Well, most actors get to exaggerate about their height plainly cos they've the fame to do so. But you can't say all of them do. Maybe some just bump it up by an inch?
To Serene: I find it hard to believe that Emma's 5'5" too. She looks short. And people who are 5'4"-5'5" don't look short.
Serene said on 22/Nov/05
Dmitri, how could you say that most of the actors in the movies are exaggerating about their heights? I mean, for some reason they are tall which makes them look short.

Thats why I am confused about it. We don't have the correct or accurate height of the actors.
Serene said on 22/Nov/05
Well Hi Ella! It is good to be tall but I hardly can believe that Emma is 5'5",you know.
Ella said on 21/Nov/05
Hi guys!

Well, I can say that the only time I've seen Emma Watson * She looked even prettier than in pics by the way ^_^* I was with my sister. She's 5'5, a bit taller than me, since I'm 5'3 -5'4. The three of us -Emma, my sis and me ^_^- were wearing flats, and Emma was not as tall as Madelaine. She looked more like my height.
Anyway, from the NY pics, Katie and Emma seem to be around the same height, and slightly shorter than Dan. I don't know, I don't see Katie as a 5'5 or taller. But I'm not sure! ;-)
Serene said on 20/Nov/05
Wow, Charlotte! You cousin is lucky to have Emma in her school. I really do agree that Emma is 5'3". I really get confused and get angry for somepeople saying that she is somewhat taller than 5 FEET 3.

Well,I guess someone must measure her height then to prove us the correct statement of Emma Watson's height.
Josh said on 19/Nov/05
"Charlotte" your cousen actually goes to school with Emma Watson!!?? That is awesome! So do all of most of your live in England? I live in the US and I'm a big fan of Emma (she's really hot too). I'm not some nerd or anything. Actually I'm sorta a jock I play sports all the time for traveler teams and for my school. Thats besides the point though. Does she have an AIM or email or anything??? I would just send a fan letter and then she would probably block me the rest of the time. But its worth it I just wanna get a few words with her. From Josh
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/05
Look at
Emmas shoes are little bit bigger than shoes Katie.
Dmitri said on 19/Nov/05
Emma is so not 5'5''.. there is absolutely no way~~
Charlotte said on 17/Nov/05
My cousin goes to school with Emma,and me being such a big fan,I was curious to know how tall Emma was.My cousin,Liz,is exactly 5'8" and always wears flats.Apparantly Emma's school shoes are a bit high.When Emma stands next to Liz she reaches the bottom of Liz's nose.I've measured from Liz's nose to the top of her head and that's about 5 or 6 inches there.So Emma is 5'3".The source that stated that a few years ago was completely incorrect,it was on a commercial site.During PoA,Emma's cast double was actually 5ft so Emma was NOT 5'3" at the time.Recent photgraph's show Emma 2-3 inches shorter than Daniel Radcliffe,who is 5'5.5".Emma is either 5'3" or 5'4" NOT 5'5" or anything over.Furthermore,next to Rupert Grint,who is 5'7" she is 4-5 inches shorter considering Rupert doesn't stand straight and always bends his knees while Emma stands erect.I doubt she's the 5'5" she says she is,because most actors exaggerate their heights,Daniel Radcliffe for example,may be adding an inch to his height.She is probabaly adding an inch or two.
sianna said on 16/Nov/05
not trying to be rude, but katie is not standing straight in the pic u gave us rachel.
Serene said on 14/Nov/05
Hey, I do agree with Wicked Kid explaination. It is really true that some actors and actress judging their height without measuring it.
Wicked Kid said on 14/Nov/05
Ok, so we have anonomous, sianna and jess agreeing that Emma isn't 5'5" (cos Katie is listed at 5'5") To anonomous: I'd rate 6/10. And to sianna: yeah, stars always say they're "about" that height cos they want to make themselves seem taller, and yet they're not lying as they can be inaccurate for about 1"-2".
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
Emma is 5'5 or 5'6. look at this. Ralph is 180cm and Emma is about 10-15cm smaller.

jess said on 12/Nov/05
from the photo shoot, katie did look a lot taller when she stood next to dan, so i guess she is taller. Katie was wearing boots though, however, they were flat healed like emma's trainers so im with u wicked kid, katie is taller lol
anonomous said on 11/Nov/05 still havin trouble beliving she is 5'5. i mean if she said she is "about" that height, im guessing thats sez shorter, maybe 5'4. im curious to know wat people would rate her looks out of ten. personally i give her a 7.
Wicked Kid said on 11/Nov/05
I personally think Katie is taller...Who thinks that Emma's 5'4" or shorter?
Serene said on 9/Nov/05
Thanks! What does *Quotation* means? ( Okay, this is out of topic, sorry!)

But if she is 1/4 inch below it, she is still look taller than Katie. Hm..

But she is still quite tall for 5'5",don't you know?
Nathalie said on 9/Nov/05
i think emma is not 5'5" she looks way shorter but that does'nt take away her good looks for all ya jelous poeple!!
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/05
Why someone asks Emma on your height?
Wicked Kid said on 7/Nov/05
Hmm well, has Emma ever stated her height then? And I did take her shoes into consideration. I think it's always due to the way they're standing and the angle of their heads. How else do you explain the height difference up to sometimes 3" and yet sometimes only an inch between them?
anon said on 6/Nov/05
lol, yea, i dont reckon she's anything beyond 1.65cm coz she looked tiny as next to micha barton
anon said on 6/Nov/05
i went to the link nd saw the pic, i'd say emma is at least an inch shorter than dan, so maybe she's still five foot five?
Serene said on 6/Nov/05
Emma is not 165cm tale. She is way shorter than Daniel and Katie. She is mostly around 160cm tall. Why can't you understand?
anonomous said on 6/Nov/05
y cant anyone giv a straight answer. im about 5'4 and am a few months younger. if she grows taller does that mean i will. but anyway, no way does she look 5'6! she lokks TINY in the wedding crashers premier. and in the photo of her and mischa barton, she has to be around 164, coz mischa is 173
um?? said on 1/Nov/05
some sites say she's 1.69m nd dats about 5 foot six and a half, i dnt think emma's anywhere near that tall, maybe rupert or dan is, sum sites confirm her still to be 5'3 as of early 2005 nd she's around the same height as bonnie wright in this photo so i assume she's around 5'4. emma has always wanted to be taller than dan, maybe her height is exaggerated
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
emma does not look 5'5 in the movie.
Wicked Kid said on 31/Oct/05
Er pardon me if I'm wrong, but Rupert doesn't seem more than 5'6". Give him an inch for his posture like you said, then 5'7". He's taller than Emma 4" at least not 2.5"-3". So 5'7"-4" = 5'3".
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/05
She is not 5'5.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/05
she really does look 5'4". She looks like a very average height for a woman and seems to be at the end of puberty
Wicked Kid said on 22/Oct/05
I don't know about you guys, but Emma looks 5'3 to me in recent Girls' Life Outtakes. 5'4" max. ; ;
ally said on 19/Oct/05
yea, i hve to say, most girls stop growing between 15 and 16 and i dnt think she'll gt much higher than 5'5, nt trying to b pervertic or anything bt emma'z figure is pretty adult now, it looks like she's about 2 finish puberty
Katie said on 9/Oct/05
I'm guessing Emma can still grow. It all depends on the person. I'm 20 and I just grew two inches. Your bones are not completely solidified until you're 25, so she can grow. I'd also like to mention that a proper diet CAN help you grow quite a bit. My friend, for instance, is 5'10, yet no one in her family (males included) is taller than 5'4 and she is not adopted. All she did was drink a gallon of milk a week.
Serene said on 7/Oct/05
I saw a scan of Emma Watson in the coming up issue of Teen Vogue. I think it is November issue and I have no idea how can they get the scans.

Emma is the cover girl and inside the magazine shows that Emma is around and about 5 feet 3 1/2 inches tall. They didn't wrote anything regarding her height and all but it really shows that she is 5'3 1/2" tall although she is wearing some heels.
angel said on 6/Oct/05
of course there are some exeptions wicked kid! But usually, ur taller than ur mom and a bit shorter than ur dad(for girls).
Wicked Kid said on 4/Oct/05
Kids do not ALWAYS grow taller than their parents. So it varies. The growthchart is just an average guideline.
angel said on 2/Oct/05
i agree with Kylie. I'm 5'5'' 14 years old. I know that I haven't finish to grow up because my mom is an inch or 2 taller than me and my dad is 4'' or 5'' taller than me. So that growth chart is not correct!
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/05
Girl usually stop growing 15-16 years.
Serene said on 5/Sep/05
Emma can be at the height of 5'3" because if u notice the pictures of Emma, she really don't look like she is 5'5" or more.
Please look carefully at those pictures, thank you.
JayAvalanche007 said on 3/Sep/05
So your saying Emma right now(September 2005),is it possible that she's at 5'7" now or a little bit taller?? I hope so,because I tend to like tall girls.
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/05
No exercise will make you grow any taller. A human is genetically "programmed" to be a certain height. This was determined before you were even born. A few factors go into why one did NOT reach their genetically programmed height, such as diet, or the way your mother took care of herself when she was carrying you. An example is, if you were supposed to be 5'7" and you did not get the correct diet when you were growing, or your mother smoked, or drank, or had a very bad diet while she was carrying you, one may NOT reach 5'7". You might be shorter than 5'7". So, diet/exercising, etc will NOT help you grow!
JayAvalanche007 said on 16/Aug/05
No,I'm still sticking with my educated guess she will grow to at least 5'8" inches tall.
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/05
I think if she's 15 going on 16 now, and is about 5'5", then she'll end up between 5'5" to 5'6.5". If she gets a larger growth spurt, probably 5'7". I doubt she'll reach 5'8".
KC said on 25/Jul/05
She is dwarfed by 5'10" (approximately) Tom Felton, so 5'5" sounds close.
anonymous said on 5/Jul/05
On one of her websites it says she is 5'7"
Serene said on 3/Jul/05
If she did grow 5'5, then why some pictures of her looks like she is 5'3?
Plus Dan Radcliffe is 5'5 1/2 tall, there are some pictures shows that Emma is a bit shorter than him!
Plus, Barton is really tall, like 5'9" ?
And Emma watson wears heels ? Some people will grow but not that quick!
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/05
Emma's already past 15 by a month if I'm not wrong. And if girls normally stop growing much by that time I don't see why she should be any taller than 5'5". So now it's to decide whether she's 5'4" or 5'5".
mini me said on 30/May/05
compared to Mischa barton she looks about 4 inches smaller, so there's no way she's 5'6" or taller. I'd say 5'4"-5'5".
Cooky said on 26/Apr/05
Bill,if you're 6ft 0.75 and Emma was only 3 inches shorter than you,she was obviously wearing at least 2.5 or 3 inches heels.She definetely isn't 5ft 8.5 or 5ft 9 yet (but I think she will grow that tall).
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/05
I agree,she's taller than just 5ft 5.I'd say,she's about 5ft 6.5 (just look one of the pics,where she and Daniel Radcliffe are wearing trainers).And she's only 15,so she is still growing!
Cooky said on 20/Apr/05
I think Emma is 5ft 6 (168 cm).When I met her,she was about 2 inches smaller than me (I'm 5ft 9) and she wasn't wearing more than 1 inch heels.

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