How tall is Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American SuperModel. She said on a chat show "I'm Five Eleven" and in another interview mentioned "I was 5-foot-5 in fifth grade; I grew six inches in two years. When I was 15, I stopped growing at 5-foot-11.". She also claimed "I grew, I'm Six Feet now".

How tall is Erin Heatherton
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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 10.51in (179.1cm)
David Tang said on 2/Jul/21
sh's pretty tall. rob, it says 5'11.75 in imdb, could that be her morning.
Editor Rob
I'm sure out of bed she'd measure over 5ft 11, maybe 5ft 11.5 is possible
heyyyyyyyy said on 30/Mar/21
5'10.5" shes so tall
Haley cooper said on 28/Feb/21
Same height with adriana lima. 5ft10
Nik Ashton said on 26/Oct/19
The average guess justifies the listing!
Oliver said on 4/Oct/18
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Rob,here is a photo of Erin and Nicki Minaj from VS 2013 show. This might be helpful to you.
Btw, I think Erin is at least 5ft 10 and those 177cm arguments by some users are ridiculous.
nas said on 10/Aug/18
i think she is 178 cm
Nik said on 3/Jul/18
She looks every inch her listed height!
Robert Bartleheim said on 29/Jun/18
How tall is she with those heels?
Editor Rob
Probably just under 6ft 2
Nik said on 8/Jan/18
I like the name Erin! She can have 5'10.5!
Allie said on 3/Jan/18
No longer the tallest Erin in this site!
Seysey said on 15/Sep/17
She looks 1.80
Petit Europ?en said on 29/Aug/17
5'10 1/2-5'11 early morning.. don't buy this instant 1.80 (5'11) height measurement for tall models. A barefoot 1.80 is a giant.
Picky said on 26/Jul/17
Rob, take a look at this pic of Erin and Scott Eastwood.

Click Here

You have to downgrade her to at least 177 cm. She's wearing 4 cm heels that makes her look 1 cm taller than Scott Eastwood.
Filippo said on 11/Jul/17
As Picky showed, listed her at 5'9.
She couldn't be a single cm taller than that.
I could go on telling people I'm 6'2 too, but that doesn't make me 6'2.
Picky said on 23/Mar/17
Rob, take a look at this picture, could it be that Erin is the same height as Adriana?

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Picky said on 22/Mar/17
Rob, listed her as 5'9"

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Editor Rob
I wouldn't guess her as short as that, although her own claim (which always acts as the official line with any celebrity) seems too much, she may well be somewhere around 5ft 10
Bruce 5'11 1/2 said on 27/Sep/16
Around 5'10 ish
Rebelka said on 30/Jul/16
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Erin is greater than Adriana Lima , especially video ! 1.79 is perfect for Erin .
CARLOS said on 13/Jun/16
It is much higher than Adriana Lima a difference of 2cm , this is remarkable in videos that are together.
Jan said on 13/Apr/16
There's no way Erin is over 5'10. Could be her posture maybe but in all pics with Adriana Lima she isn't even one cm taller.
5ft 9.25 said on 6/Mar/16
Her face/voice does remind me on 'Miss Kentucky'. With her 6ft 1 claim next year she could start at the male contest ;)
5ft 9.25 said on 6/Mar/16
Maybe they should put Doutzens face on her body. But over 5'6 is crap...
J.Lee said on 5/Mar/16
Rob, is Big Glen as tall as Erin Heatherton now?
Editor Rob
he is the only 43 year old who used to be under 5ft 7 in his 30's and in his 40's is now 5ft 8...

in fact he is now claiming to be taller than 'Giant Jenny' who falls under 5ft 8...Remarkable!
Allie said on 30/Jan/16
We're all still growing MaryAnne ;).
MaryAnne said on 29/Jan/16
lol i grew too I was 5 ft 8 and one day when I woke up I discovered that i was 6 ft 8 :D
Allie said on 26/Jan/16
Hi Rob, could you add her 6 ft claim please? At around 8:17-8:25

Click Here

She claims to have grown :)
Editor Rob
they're all growing, Swift, heatherton, even Big G claims to stand 5ft 8 now.
data said on 18/Jan/16
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erin said on 5/Jan/16
here she is with blake lively and rosie hw (they're both 5'8" - 5'9")
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here with candice swanepoel and rosie hw (again they're both 5'8" - 5'9")
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and here wit lindsay ellingson and doutzen kroes (who is 5'9")
Click Here

rob, don't you think she is closer to 5'9" - 5'9.5"??
Allie said on 20/Dec/15
This is Doutzen with Karlie:
Click Here

This is Erin with Doutzen.
Click Here
Click Here

In those pictures Doutzen has a platform on her heel and thus is gaining more height obviously. Erin's at least 177cm tall.
M said on 18/Dec/15
@Height Obserer really she is 5'8" maybe 1.74m for true, and I do not beleive to Google for everything.
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 23/Nov/15
At least 5'10
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
I think she's 5'11 but definitely not shorter than 5'10
Height Observer said on 30/Oct/15
@Allie @Rob here we back again LOL , i don't think erin was that tall , erin is shorter than devon windsor (5ft 11 IMO , or 5ft 11.25 ? rob you should check on her) and also shorter than lais ribeiro which is 181cm IMO) and also erin is shortern than hilary rhoda which is listed 5ft 11 even tho erin had taller heels
here :

Click Here
Allie said on 6/Oct/15
I found the interview! Here, skip to the part that says "You’ve said you didn’t fit in very well when you were younger because of your height."
She says the 5'11 quote about her being 5'5 then 5'11.. in the morning possibly? :).

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Allie said on 2/Oct/15
Rob, does Erin look like the 6 ft she claims now with Karlie? If you look at the other pictures she's wearing a different heel. I know she's not 6 ft.. but in these heels does she look an inch shorter than Karlie or like 5'11?

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Editor Rob
you could argue 5ft 11-11.5 range a lot easier I feel than say 5ft 11.5-6ft range.
Allie said on 28/Sep/15
You should Rob that Erin has claimed "6 ft" in a radio talk show interview.
Allie said on 27/Sep/15
There's another picture where Doutzen is like the exact same height as Erin in heels but she has a platform on her heels. Doutzen's a solid 5'9. Erin's definetley a strong 5'10. Maybe been a little bit more than that. But 5'11 and 6'0 are reaching it.
Allie said on 14/Sep/15
Erin can't be just 1 inch taller than Lily. Here, they're almost the exact same height but Lily has a thick platform on her heels and Erin doesn't.

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Height Observer said on 4/Sep/15
@ M really M ? you should check it on google then lol , lily is seriously tiny , erin even taller than adriana and doutzen and even lindsay
J.Lee said on 27/Aug/15
Rob do you think Erin Heatherton thinks she is 6 foot?
Allie said on 8/Aug/15
5'10. Probably the 5'11 measurement was in the morning.. She's like the exact same height as Adriana and 2 inches taller than Lily A in the exact same pumps.
M said on 6/Aug/15
Sorry no way she is 6' - She is just 1 inch taller then Lilly Aldrige so that means She is 5'8" (or 1.73m)
J.Lee said on 15/Jul/15
Rob on google it says she is 6 foot now
fegwe said on 19/Jun/15
rob, i saw a pretty recent interview in which the interviewer said "so you're 5'11" and she answered "no, i'm 6 feet, i grew".
usually models are preferred to be around 5'10" so do you think it was a smart move to say she was that tall?! I mean, it's pretty obvious that she is more or less like adriana lima.
Editor Rob
maybe she measured in a sneaker, 6ft in sneakers is possible...but barefoot, it seems hard to believe.
abhishek said on 21/Apr/15
@rob in which chat show did she claim 5'11" ?
Editor Rob
there was a link on here a while ago to it, but I can't remember the interviewer.
Mila6 said on 18/Feb/15
A true 5'10. No more no less
Superman said on 15/Jan/15
Claims 6ft (at 8:20) on a recent radio show.

Igge said on 15/Dec/14
looks more 5'10 but not a hair under it. Same as Lima.
BGee said on 8/Dec/14
Whoever claims her as 6'0 must be nuts.
yoyo said on 4/Oct/14
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Looks an inch shorter than 5'11 Katherine Webb. Rob do you have a Katherine Webb height page?
Kayla said on 13/Sep/14
This one can be very tricky ,I found a pic of her with the other VS models .We all know that Lily Aldridge is not taller than 5ft7 and this pic she towers barely 2 inches .So I would say 5ft 9 max. for Erin .
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Lara said on 2/Sep/14
with Zippora Seven (5.5), Bambi Northwood Blyth ( 5.6 - 5.7)
,I give her 5ft9 or 5.85 ;)
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James said on 24/Aug/14
5'9,5 no way taller
yoyo said on 19/Aug/14
listed 6 on her high-school basketball team

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Stephanie said on 1/May/14
I don't think she's taller than Adriana Lima, who is 5' 10". I think Erin is in the 5' 9"-5' 10" range, not taller than that.
Adiaino said on 15/Apr/14
Some did claim Leo 5'9 before,there comments have been posted for over 3 years.They don't show all comments from when it began,because the comment page would be so long.
lulz said on 10/Apr/14
No one is saying 5'9, barely anyone (single digits on a page of 100s of posts) is saying 5'10.
Adiaino said on 4/Apr/14
Lulz...You check Leo's celebheights again.His height is listed 5'11 and some are saying 5'9,5'10,5'11,and even 6'0.
lulz said on 24/Mar/14
Adraino: No one in the recent debate (until the very bottom by a total of 2 people amongst hundreds of comments) on Leo's page says 5.9'5 or 5'10 or less. Literally, not one. Your opinion is THAT far out there! You need to recalibrate your eyes.
Adraino said on 21/Mar/14
DiCaprio and Damon were even the same height when they were at the red carpet.I give both of them 5'9.5.Erin Heatherton is 174 cm which is 5'8.5.
SAK said on 12/Mar/14
Adraino says: Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon were at the oscars when they stood next to each other they were both matched height.Matt Damon isn't 5'10 which is laughable.
There is a good 2" difference between the 2.

I was pegged Erin at 180cm. But 179cm could be closer to the truth.
lulz said on 11/Mar/14
Come on. No one on Leo's page is saying he's 5'10 or shorter. All the models he's dated (Erin, Gisele, Bar, etc. - runway, not commercial) they are all shorter than him and there is substantial evidence of this: barefoot on the beach. The only one there aren't any of is Toni
Adraino said on 5/Mar/14
Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon were at the oscars when they stood next to each other they were both matched height.Matt Damon isn't 5'10 which is laughable.
Anon said on 26/Feb/14
Are you kidding? Go look at The Departed premiere head-on shots...they are clearly not the same height.
Abnatis said on 22/Feb/14
Anon,Leonardo Dicaprio is 5'9 because Leonardo and Matt Damon were the same height in The Departed.So Erin is between 5'8.5-5'9 as well.
Anon said on 30/Nov/13
@Adriano & Kella Look at photos with her & Leonardo DiCaprio (and in barefoot photos he stands taller than Gisele). He's a tad taller than Erin in any photos with bare feet or flats/shoes. She's clearly above 5'10, so anyone saying shorter than that is being disingenuous.
yo said on 11/Oct/13
She's 6 feet even stood next to her
Adriano said on 8/Sep/13
I'd say 5'9 without those heels.
Maor said on 7/Sep/13
She looks tall, taller than a 5'10 girl. I think 5'11 is good for her.
arista said on 17/Aug/13
hey rob how come you think she's 5ft 10.5in ? so who's taller erin or lindsay ?
Anne said on 9/May/13
How is Erin taller than Adriana Lima? In the photo under Adriana's listing, Adriana's all bent into a pose and she still looks as tall as Erin. They're even wearing the same shoes. Maybe the top of Erin's head/skull is high?
J.Lee said on 23/Jan/13
rob, maybe you should reconsider this listing
Kella said on 2/Jan/13
Models are often listed 1-2 few inches taller on their compcard by their agency depending how famous they are .But I noticed at Victoria's Secret that they mostly list their Supermodels 2 inches taller so I doubt Erin is 180cm.
kate said on 29/Dec/12
No way is she 5.11, I saw a picture of her,adriana,lais and miranda, all barefoot, and adriana, who's listed as 5.10, is clearly a lot taller than her.
mina said on 27/Dec/12
@Rollitbackwards Adriana Lima is to Erins right (blue dress).The other girl she is leaning into is fellow VS model Lily.Also,Erin is standing a few inches away from/behind Adriana and the others which makes her look way taller.Lily is like 5'7-5'8.
Kella said on 16/Dec/12
She is one of the tallest VS models ,I give her 5ft9 .Please can we do one for Candice and Miranda Rob.
Rollitbackwards said on 10/Dec/12
She's clearly more than 1 inch taller than adriana.

Click Here
Here she's crossing her legs and she's still 1 inch taller.
t.g.Persian tall gurlll:x said on 21/Nov/12
she isn't that tall.In a campaign including Adriana,miranda,and ale they were all naked...n barefoot.Erin was wayyyy shorter than all of them...maybe that's because of her posture.yet I've seen a photo of her and Lily...who are said to be very close which Erin,wearing 3in heels...towered flat-heels-wearing Lily...I mean I really have an issue on this one...
J.Lee said on 25/Jul/12
Rob, i noticed you are taking all the self references on chat shows literally. She doesn't even look taller than adriana lima.

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