How tall was Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn's Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Tasmanian born actor best remembered for films such as The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk, Captain Blood, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Santa Fe Trail and They Died with Their Boots on. His official site gives him as 189cm. In 1930's he was being described as standing 6ft 2 and weight of 180 pounds and he described himself as "six feet two".

Errol Flynn1

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6ft 0.94in (185.3cm)
talker said on 17/Feb/23
anybody whodoubts Flynn was 6'2" lookat him next to Reagan.He looks a hell of alot bigger.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/23
186-187cm zone dude who claimed 189cm in shoes...
talker said on 19/Aug/22
@tall in the saddle the photo with MacMurray doesnt show Flynn as being 2"shorter.The problem with a lot of people they can understand the perspective of photos.Flynn was a big guy,not only he was 6'2" but had wide shoulders and long arms and legs.
Tech noir said on 1/May/22
Imo a touch over 6-0. Never looked very tall guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/22
Errol was a really strong 6ft1 dude up to 6ft1½ (6ft2 minimum first thing), same neighbourhood as Brosnan, Firth, Day-Lewis, Moore and Butler.
Rich Paul said on 22/Dec/21
In the movie Never Say Goodbye, Forrest Tucker was 5 inches taller than Flynn.
Pete Mulholland said on 3/May/21
Rob, from this photo, I think you'd have to downgrade Flynn to 6 feet at most, possibly even 5'11". Photo is with John Ridgely who was 6'2". Though not precisely "shoulder to shoulder" Ridgely is considerably taller than Flynn. Click Here
Editor Rob
Watching the scene itself might be interesting, as Flynn looks physically a bit further away.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Apr/21

True, Flynn was a well documented 6'2". I believe the source for same was Flynn himself and if you've read that claim everywhere, it's simply because the single source claim has been replicated over and over. Likewise, the false claim that Flynn competed as a boxer in the 1928 Olympics was widely circulated and strangely bought into, hook, line and sinker.

Earlier in his career, Flynn was actually listed at a more reasonable 6'1". If Flynn was a legit 6'2" why was he dropping a good 2" to Fred MacMurray in DIVE BOMBER, or 1 + " to Walter Pidgeon in THAT FORSYTE WOMAN and struggling to look even with 6' listed Robert Young in the same movie? A legit 6'2" doesn't get dwarfed as Flynn did by Forrest Tucker in NEVER SAY GOODBYE. In AGAINST ALL FLAGS, Flynn could look even with Quinn who might've been just 6'1" himself.

Flynn's height was obviously enhanced in many close ups. Long shots from GENTLEMAN JIM suggest 6'2" Ward Bond was obviously taller but in the final close up scene between the two, Flynn somehow "grew" to hold the slightest edge. Again, in the same movie, legit 6'2" Jack Carson held a good 1" over Flynn. Finally, possibly the most outrageously "enhanced" close up was in DIVE BOMBER with both MacMurray and Flynn standing on the tarmac. Prev. scenes had already clearly established that MacMurray was a good 2" taller but on the tarmac, again, Errol "magically" grew. So Errol went from this Click Here to this (scroll down to second photo) Click Here.

Pretty amazing, eh? Therein lies the actual joke.
talker said on 31/Mar/21
another joke height in this site.Flynn was a well documented 6'2" he looks it in all his movies,he had the frame of a man that height and furthermore he was taller than Anthony Quinn i man i have seen in person when he was old and still standing over 6'1".
Editor Rob
A joke height is putting out a guess far removed from what one believes...and estimates can change, 186 is what I last thought, but in the past I've thought he could pass for almost 6ft 2 in some films.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Jan/21
@Pete Mulholland

Excellent LINK, thanks!

I've long felt EF was less than 6'1". Certainly not 6'2" as he often described himself. In THAT FORSYTE WOMAN he struggled to hold even with Robert Young listed at 6'1" and, just on appearances, Young didn't appear notably tall. In that same movie, when not in considerately framed close up, EF appeared to be dropping a good 1.5" to Walter Pidgeon. Flynn at 6'1" might be rationalized by his appearing equal to actors claiming the same height, Bruce Cabot to name one. However, Cabot himself possibly wasn't a full 6'1" and certainly appeared a good 3"-4" shorter than John Wayne in later movies. Interestingly, there was at least one article citing Flynn's father Theodore to be 6'2". Flynn's father did appear tall in his own right and there are several photos indicating that he was clearly taller than Errol.

Flynn Cabot appearing on film informally, go to 3:10 Click Here Admittedly, Flynn holding up well and holding an edge on Cabot. Interesting.

Flynn Cabot Colgate Comedy Hour Abbott and Costello go to 10:09 Click Here Both in cowboy boots they appear about even

John Loder, Flynn and Jack Carson in GENTLEMAN JIM. Go to 2:57. Click Here During the movie in general, Flynn easily appeared at least about 2" shorter than 6'3" listed John Loder. I think this scene clearly bears that out and on appearances, a min. 2.5" advantage may be arguable for Loder in this instance. However, Flynn also appeared generally shorter than well confirmed 6'2" Jack Carson but somehow, Carson is appearing notably shorter than Flynn in this scene. Unless Carson is standing much less than straight, there maybe a sliding angle advantage from left to right, favoring Loder the most and Carson the least.
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
184-185cm zone 👍
Pete Mulholland said on 3/Jan/21
On the "Errol Flynn Blog" there was an article from 1938 where Flynn was interviewed about his boxing skills. It described him as 6 feet tall and 180 lbs (See attachment). Actually if you compare Flynn's hight to Randolph Scott (6'3"?) and Forrest Tucker (6'4' or 5"), Flynn is considerably shorter - like 3 to 4 inches. I'd say Flynn was 6 feet maximum...
Click Here
Rich Paul said on 10/Dec/20
Flynn was five inches shorter than Forrest Tucker in the 1946 comedy Never Say Goodbye. I’d say Flynn was six feet max. Or Tucker was 6-6!
Mark Jelen said on 12/Aug/20
My father was in the US Navy WW2 and got to party with ErrolFlynn’s on his yacht in French Riviera . I asked my father how tall was he. He said he was a little taller than me and I’m 5’9. I asked maybe 6’.. He said no more like 5’11..
M. Lupo said on 14/Jul/20
@ Tall In The Saddle

You, also, take care.

Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Jul/20
@Mike L

No prob. Take care.
Mike L. said on 9/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle

Appreciate the interesting info.

Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Jul/20
@Mike L

Somewhat before my time but a good television series to get some gage on big name celebrity heights of a bygone era is the 1950s to 1960s WHAT'S MY LINE? The host John Charles Day was listed as 6'1". Even if that height isn't necessarily accurate for Mr Daly you can still get a vibe on how celebrities stacked up against him relative to one another.

Unfortunately Daly uniformly rises from a sitting position to greet his guests so he often isn't fully straightened before he shakes hands and quickly sits back down again. You then also get to see the guest shake hands with the panel which often is often comprised of a guest celebrity also.

Here's Errol's appearance on the show, go to 19:20 mark. Click Here

On this occasion, with allowances which invite more error, Errol appears reasonably on par with Daly, perhaps even a smidge taller?. Other guests such as Cooper and Connery have an obvious height advantage over the host. I also just stumbled upon 6'2" listed Sir Edmund Hillary's appearance on the show. He appears to have an arguable 2" adv. over the host John Daly who himself may have been a more realistic 6' even or so. The adv. he held over host Daly appeared similar to that which an older Gary Cooper held over Daly though Cooper's adv. over Daly appeared that a bit more than what Hillary held.

Celebrities on television were so much more classy, witty and articulate back then which didn't mean they didn't know how to let their hair down and party in their own time, likely putting most of us to shame in that regard. Worked hard, played hard. LOL.
Mike L. said on 22/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle and Pete Mulholland,

I believe that you have both made convincing cases that EF should be reassessed at about 6’ barefoot. There is ample photographic evidence to support your claims, if you check the internet (e.g., EF pictures with 6’ Robert Young, EF picture with 6’ 2“-3” Randolph Scott and Hedda Hopper, etc.). In general, I think that photos that don’t seem to support your assessment appear to be staged (e.g., EF is closer to the camera).
I believe that you have both provided objective evidence and I applaud your straightforward efforts to simply seek the truth.
Therefore, I think that a re-evaluation is in order!

Best regards!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/20
Errol Flynn was born 111 years ago today. Sadly, he died at just 50, leaving behind 4 children.


RIP Errol Flynn XX 🕯️
(20/06/1909 - 14/10/1959)
Pete Mulholland said on 18/Jun/20
Photo of Flynn, Hedda Hopper, and Scott standing side-by-side. Compare sleeve lengths of Flynn's and Scott's sport coats. Scott's sleeves are 2" to 3" longer..Never mind height difference.

Click Here
Mike L. said on 18/Jun/20
@ Pete Mulholland

Good observations and excellent detective work! It is my understanding that Mr. Flynn listed himself as 6’ 1” early in his career, which may not actually contradict your data.
Many years ago, I think that some men listed their height with shoes on (typically with 1” heels). I suspect that this is the case for Mr. Flynn. That would be consistent with your information. Perhaps, some men report their height that way even today.
Interestingly, I believe that since women often wear shoes with various heel heights, they are more likely to report their barefoot stature.

Best regards!
Pete Mulholland said on 15/Jun/20
Interesting "Topps Card" from 1953 on ebay lists Flynn's height as 6 feet even. Flynn looks 3 to 4 inches shorter than 6'3" Randolph Scott in "Virginia City" and 4 inches shorter than 6'4" Forrest Tucker in "Never Say Goodbye". See ebay link Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/20
Yeah, I agree Sam. Warren Beatty was obviously a sex addict in particular, I always got the "sense of entitlement" vibe from him in particular.
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/20
6'1.5" is probably what I put Flynn at. I think Burton and McQueen fit the bill of womanizers from what I've read, also Lancaster, and later Beatty and Nicholson. I think Gable was a bit more placid than his onscreen presence would suggest despite his probably regressive politics.

IMO it is not a positive these guys acted that way, mostly this kind of person is a greedy, unfeeling narcissist and a nightmare to be with for their significant others, and especially feel not to fond of those who may have regularly gone after too young, possibly underage girls (i.e. Flynn or Chaplin). Glad the creeps are called out more so in Hollywood nowadays.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/20
From what I've seen 6'1.25-.5 is much more accurate than 6'2. He was so clean cut and well spoken I always find it hard to picture him as a wild, womanizing drinker. Now a guy like Gable or Burton or McQueen you can see it.
Mike L. said on 6/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle

Very interesting site on Errol and thanks! My first reply to your question also got through. So hope you saw both.

Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Jun/20
@Mike L

No worries man, I appreciate your reply.

If you're interested, this is an excellent site on all things Flynn Click Here. Not the same re-tread of oft seen pics and stories. They seem to always be adding new, never before seen pics and articles.
David Kramer said on 5/Jun/20
According to Errol Flynn's autobiography, "My Wicked, Wicked Ways," he was 6'2":

"She seemed lost in thought. I edged down the rail as inconspicuously as possible. 6 ft 2 of inconspicuousness."
Mike L. said on 4/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle -

I sent you a reply awhile back, but haven’t seen it. In summary, I like “The Adventures of Robin Hood” and, in general, his Westerns. Hope this message gets through.

Mike L. said on 2/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle

I think I enjoy many of Errol Flynn‘s movies because he often played a character who acted heroically and had a lot of fun doing it. My favorite Flynn movie is definitely “The Adventures of Robin Hood” in which he exemplified this type of hero.
I first saw “Adventures” when I was quite young. However, having a more mature mind now, I can see that his character took incredible risks which would probably end up badly in the real world (e.g., He went alone into his enemy Prince John’s banquet and threw a deer 🦌 on the Prince’s table and, also, vehemently declared that he was going to oppose him!).
In addition, even though he had a variant of an English accent, I also enjoyed his American Westerns. It just goes to show that you can suspend disbelief, if you like the hero!

Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Jun/20
@Mike L

Funny you mentioned Patrick Knowles. A 6'2" listed guy who I was thinking of and a guy Flynn definitely appeared to be dropping at least 1" to. I've mentioned Jack Carson before too, another solid 6'2" guy. In GENTLEMAN JIM Errol was clearly dropping at least 1" there also. In long shots Errol also appeared shorter than Ward Bond save for the all conquering close up at the end when Ward hands over the championship belt and Errol "appears" ever so slightly taller. Interesting thing, in real life the real John L Sullivan at 5'10" was a good 3" shorter than his successor James J Corbett who was at least 6'1" and perhaps as tall as 6'1.5" since later photos alongside Dempsey and Tunney showed even an older Corbett to be taller.

As a big fan of Flynn, what movie would you say was his best? I actually liked his turn in THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER as the soldier of fortune. Nicely played.
Mike L. said on 30/May/20
@ Tall In The Saddle

Appreciate the vote of confidence.
Agree that Errol’s father appeared a few inches taller than he was. If you look closely, Patric Knowles, who was reportedly 6’ 2”, appeared a few inches taller than Errol in “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”
It does seem odd to watch a movie where, for example, approximately 6’ 2” Randolph Scott looks taller than Errol in a long shot and, then, in a closeup they are magically eye-to-eye.
I wish that Hollywood would avoid such superficiality. A hero doesn’t have to be the tallest person around.

Tall In The Saddle said on 29/May/20
@Mike L

I agree. All in all, about 6’ or a touch over for Errol.

Interestingly among actors listed 6’1” or so Errol appeared acceptably on par. However alongside actors in the 6’2” plus range EF appeared to fall all the way back to a flat 6’. Perhaps because slight tweaks in angle heel and surfaces weren’t going to get close to guys several inches taller so they didn’t bother at all. Also actions movies as EF did involved a lot of naturally uneven ground so good opportunities to give EF best possible advantage.

Of the few photos available it seems EFs Dad might’ve had a few inches on him putting him at a legit 6’2” himself. Son Sean was also listed as 6’3” and of the photos available that height seems plausible. Finally there is also grandson Luke Flynn who bares fair resemblance and who is also listed as 6’3”.

EF had the right stuff for the type of escapist romantic adventures that audiences loved back in the day. He could pull off drama though but appreciation of same was limited to audiences being more attuned to EF as an action hero and sex symbol of the day.
Mike L. said on 8/May/20
Am a major fan of the movies of Errol Flynn, so I have seen him many times. He was tall. There is no question about that, but if you look closely at the “Robin Hood” sword fight with approximately 6’ 1” Basil Rathbone, Errol appears to have a small lift in his shoes, whereas Basil does not. I also saw another Flynn-Rathbone movie, which clearly showed Basil to be taller. Therefore, I think that Errol Flynn was about 6’ tall rather than 6’ 1.
No matter what height he was, I certainly enjoyed his movies and only mention this in the spirit of searching for the truth.

Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Apr/20
I've linked this clip to both Errol's and Forrest Tucker's page. NEVER SAY GOODBYE 1946. Go to 1:35 sec mark.

Click Here

What gives here? Tucker is literally towering Errol from every angle. IMO that's an apparent 4.5" height pull at least. I haven't seen the whole film so I don't know if Tucker was given any boost for the sake of his character. Otherwise, it seems that either Errol might need a further downgrade or Tucker an upgrade. I've said before in THAT FORSYTE WOMAN 1949 Errol appears no taller than 6' listed Robert Young and a good few inches shorter than Walter Pidgeon. In other films there are moments where it appears Errol is pulling off about 6'1.5" but more often than not, he appears somewhat less.
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Apr/20
Re Flynn-Coop pic. Errol is closer to camera but he also appears to be up on his toes a bit while speaking.

Unless posted previously, some cool docs to peruse - both Olivia De Havilland's and Errol Flynn's Declarations of Intention to become US citizens. A bit hard to read but it appears that Olivia's height is typed as 5'3 and 1/4" otherwise it could only be 5'3 and 3/4". Errol is recorded as 6'2". Likely the heights were supplied by the applicants.

Click Here

Could be wrong but I still have Errol no more than 6'1" max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/20
Lol Errol looks taller than Cooper in that photo! I think he’s a bit closer to the camera though. Has a noticeably broader frame than Gary
cohenite said on 6/Jan/20
Good photo of Flynn standing with Coop, who was 6'3": Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/19
Under 6ft1 is a joke.
Beau Dare said on 1/Nov/19
Errol Flynn listed himself in the British actor's directory "Spotlight", in 1934 as 6'1". He also appeared in a photo in Hollywood, during the 1950's, with the 6'1" Burt Lancaster and the 6'1/2" Robert Mitchum. Flynn appeared to be exactly the same height as Lancaster. As an actor myself, I think the three of them are about the most underrated actors of all time.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Sep/19
It was his ongoing back problems that gave Errol cause to lay down on the floor in a room during a party hosted for him in Vancouver in 1959 - sadly he never awoke. It is possible that Errol's documented back issues lent to premature height loss - let alone Errol's early athletic endeavours alcoholism drug dependency and overall extremely poor health going back decades - TB, malaria, STIs to name a few. The autopsy revealed a man well aged beyond his actual years. Still I would say Errol stood no taller than 6'1" peak and perhaps a bit less - even by 1949 it appeared he stood no taller than 6 feet Robert Young and was dropping notable height to Walter Pidgeon in THAT FORSYTE WOMAN.
Steven Wade said on 16/May/19
Rob Errol had back problems towards the end of his life,what height could he of been down to towards the end of his 50 years?
Editor Rob
I am not sure the extent of his back problems, but if he had herniated discs, that could always effect how well you stand and maybe even mean a small fraction lost.
zoki said on 28/Jan/19
Flynn was taller then 6ft, maybe Flynn and Quinn were same height but I don't think that Quinn was taller then Errol.
Mark Harrison said on 18/Jan/19
Flynn was made to look taller than Quinn.
zoki said on 11/Jan/19
Errol Flynn was tall man, he was more then 6ft, he was one inch taller then Anthony Quinn in Against All Flags 1952 and Anthony Quinn was always listed 6ft1 185cm when he was young. I think that Errol was 6ft 1 ¼ 186 cm. In those years 6ft1 was very tall man.
Mark Harrison said on 29/Sep/18
Flynn was six foot.
Rich Paul said on 21/Sep/18
Strange. In The Sun Also Rises, Flynn was at best only two inches taller than Tyrone Power. If Power was 5’10’’ which I suspect he was, Flynn coun’t have been more than 6’. Flynn was 47 when he appeared in the film so I doubt he had lost any height. I believe a lot of actor’s heights are inflated. No question Mel Ferrer, also in the film, was 6’3’’. He looked to be five inches taller than Power and three inches taller than Flynn. Ferrer was an actor almost always taller than any male actor he appeared with.
Mister lennon said on 15/Aug/18
I would say 186-187 peak.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 13/Aug/18
He is 6'2" (188cm) tall and weighs 180lbs
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/18
No both Flynn and Rathbone were 6ft1½
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
Errol Flynn is 6'2.5"/189cm tall and weighs 185 pounds at youth. He is solid 6'2." in dawn patrol where Sir Basil Rathbone was 6'3".
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Apr/18
Here's a pic I have never seen before - a cool shot of Errol with fellow actor Dennis Morgan (who was in movie partnership with Jack Carson (ala Martin and Lewis).
Click here Click Here Never get the perfect pic for assessment - ah well.
Morgan was routinely listed at 6'2". Another guy that wasn't quite that height IMHO. Looked to be dropping about 1 -1.5" to 6'2" Carson in their movies (Carson leaned in often to even it up) - one of which was ITS A GREAT FEELING which included a scene with Ronald Reagan who appeared even with Morgan.
So this pic isn't the best to judge but I'd say Errol does appear to have advantage on Moran - perhaps .5 to 1". They were supposed to be good pals so I would expect more photos of them - but that's the only one I've ever seen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Mar/18
Anything under this is a joke. That 6ft2½ listing had to have come from somewhere. I can accept it as a shoe height but I find it hard to believe he would have worn lifts...
Ian C. said on 13/Jan/18
A genuinely athletic actor, the young Flynn can often be seen bounding and leaping. He was said to be an excellent tennis player, and was known to get into fist fights, which would have been a professionally risky thing to do, as he made his living from the beauty of his face. Probably an alcoholic, and died at fifty from heart disease, but it might have been a race among several of his organs to see which one would fail him first.
James said on 19/Dec/17
Flynn only looked 6'2" when he was wearing lifts, like in "Gentleman Jim".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/17
He could pull off 6ft2 occasionally...
James said on 26/Oct/17
Flynn was probably six foot and wore lifts in some films.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Oct/17
Flynn barely had an edge if any on Robert Young in that Forsyte Woman. This site among others gives Young a flat 6 ft which I think is pretty much on the money - Young was older and looked to be a touch below 6 ft against a solid 6'3" James Brolin in Marcus Welby MD. Flynn's father was a tall man - not a lot of photos to judge them together but I did see one and the dad appeared to have some height on Errol - I'll give Flynn Snr a solid 6'2"!

More than a few myths floating around re Errol and 6'2" height was definitely one of them.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Aug/17
Definitely wasn't even close to 6'2, Patric Knowles has an easy inch on Flynn Click Here and was listed at 6'2. Now I think Knowles was more a stronger 6'2 but still shows Flynn was nearer 6'1.
James said on 28/Jul/17
Flynn did actually wear lifts in some films including "Gentleman Jim". How else do you think he managed to look taller than Ward Bond?
even said on 24/Jul/17
185 cm solid
LJM said on 23/Jul/17
Rob, you know that "James" trolls all your pages and says everybody wore lifts or stood on boxes?
Editor Rob
yes, 95% are 2 inches shorter than their listing too 😏
Slim 181 cm said on 20/Jun/17
184 or 184.5
James said on 11/Jun/17
Flynn was 6'1" maximum. He sometimes wore lifts in films so he would look taller than co-stars like Ross Alexander.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jun/17
I think 6ft1½ might be more reasonable. Put him right between the two commonly reported figures. Easily 6ft2½ in shoes
Tall In The Saddle said on 5/Jun/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/17
Out of bed: 188-189cm
Before bed: 186-187cm

Anything less than what's listed is a joke.

Clover - you skipped Flynn's In Bed stats. Probably because they have already been well covered all over the net anyway and best left alone. Joking my friend.
James said on 21/Apr/17
Flynn was 6'1". He admitted wearing lifts to look the same height as Alan Hale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/17
Out of bed: 188-189cm
Before bed: 186-187cm

Anything less than what's listed is a joke.
mister_lennon said on 23/Mar/17
About 185-186 peak.
Reg Edwards said on 21/Mar/17
Tyrone Power 5'11"...someone must be joking. I doubt he was 5'7". Clark Gable over 6' ? Absurd. If these two were those heights then the leading ladies of the day must have been about 5'11" - not bloody likely !
Typical Hollywood - they have done much to make Americans believe they are super people, which they're not, just average like everyone else.
Charlie said on 21/Mar/17
Errol Flynn looked 2 and a half inches shorter than 5 ft 8 Tony Curtis. That would put Errol Flynn at 5'10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/17
Stewart was probabably a bit over 6ft3 though
Pete said on 20/Feb/17
Came across this photo of 6'3" Jimmy Stewart and Errol together - 1948 or '49. They are standing fairly close together, and Jimmy appears to be bending down slightly. Geez, from what I see, Flynn is at least 2 inches shorter than Stewart, possibly 3 inches shorter. What do you think Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
yes, it could be the reason Flynn had himself as 6ft 1 in the spotlight directory from early career...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/17
He looks a bit like Randy Orton in the above photo…
Arch Stanton said on 8/Dec/16
@ Rob/James, yes in some scenes Fred looked a big full 6 ft 3 and Flynn more like a 185 type guy, but then in some other scenes it did look about 1.5 inches. If Flynn was 186, which I don't think is unreasonable from a number of films, perhaps giving Fred the full 6'3 is fair.
James said on 27/Oct/16
Flynn was 6'1". He wore lifts in films with Ward Bond and Alan Hale Snr.
Tad said on 20/Oct/16
Errol was indeed 6'2". His grandson Luke is 6'3" easily.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/16
Arch I think an argument can be made for 187cm.
Josh Jeffords said on 2/Oct/16
Didn't look that tall I buy 180 though athletic but not big.
Doubt he was 6 ft out of all those goofy costumes and boots.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Sep/16
I got a good look at him in a good number of films, and yes, 186-87 looks more accurate than 185 or 188-9. More a strong 6'1 than weak 6'2, may well have worn big footwear at times to look that bit more imposing.
Simon said on 14/Sep/16
Best to check out the late pic of Flynn with 5ft 9 Tony Curtis. Should do the trick.
James said on 3/Sep/16
Flynn was 6'1".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/16
I think A is out, B is a long shot but not outrageous because he could look like a weak 6ft2 guy at times. I wouldn't go lower than E. C-D I think mainly
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/16
Rob, which of these would you give Mr. Flynn?

A) 190cm/188cm
B) 189.5cm/187.5cm
C) 189cm/187cm
D) 188.5cm/186.5cm
E) 188cm/186cm
F) 187.5cm/185.5cm
Editor Rob
ANywhere over C=F I think could be argued, although the more I looked at him I would tend towards E range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/16
186-187cm barefoot and 188-189cm in shoes is plausible. Not convinced he was just 185cm. He did fool us into thinking he was a strong 6ft2
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
I do think he got measured at 189 in shoes, that's how that listing came about, so 186 barefoot makes the most sense.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
@Rob, I think you've done the right thing with the upgrade, it's difficult to have him at 185 and Quinn at 187! Solid 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/16
I think 186-187cm range is on the money. He could look 6ft1 and 6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/16
Thanks Rob!

Yeah this is a fair shout
Ian C. said on 22/Apr/16
I read that quote from Reed about Flynn's shirt being too big for him, Simon. It seemed odd to me too. It might have been Reed implying that he wasn't all that fat. Which he kind of was. Reed All About Me, which is Reed's autobiography, is full of little lies and elisions like that. Not a word about his alcoholism can be found, for example, and he completely omits any mention of his early roles in Hammer horror movies and the like, as if he had always been a serious actor in prestigious productions. A good book though, if you liked the guy, which I did.
Tom said on 5/Apr/16
Considering how fat Oliver Reed was that is hard to believe.
Simon said on 1/Apr/16
Errol v Quinn? The picture from 'Boots' shows Flynn looking up to him, but Quinn is standing on much higher ground. Build wise, Flynn was very thickly set. When Oliver Reed obtained Flynn's original costume shirt during his remake of 'Prince and the Pauper', he said it hung on him like a tent! Errol could match any of the big hitters in Hollywood at the time, including Warx Bond etc.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/16
You could argue anything in 6'0.5-6'1 range for Reagan, in some of his 40s films he could look a full 6'1" but there were some comparisons in some films I did and he really looked more 184. I think just shy of 6'1.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/16
Yes Rampage, you might be right. I had thought Flynn could look a decent 6'2" guy but seeing him with Niven in the Dawn Patrol I think Rob is actually right on the downgrade. He looks in 6'1-61'.25 range iwith Niven who I've watched closely in loads of films and think was in 5'11.25-5 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/16
Arch, I think Reagan could have been 6ft0¾ peak. He could look the full 6ft1 like you said or at times a bit less. But Flynn had to have been a bit taller than 6ft1 flat. I always thought he was at least 6ft2 which he did look a lot but maybe was a bit less . You can argue strong 6ft1/weak 6ft2 range for him.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jan/16
With Ronald Reagan here, Click Here , slightly taller. Remember that Reagan could look the full 6'1 in some films, like he did with john Payne, but others more 6'.0.5.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jan/16
A possibility is that he was measured 189 in shoes and that's what his official site goes by. I still think 186 might be better. He got measured at about 6'1 and wrote that down.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jan/16
Rob, check out 12:24. Click Here OK Flynn is nearer the camera but do you think he really looks the same height as Nat King Cole?
Nat was a guy who could look a genuine 6'1 at times. Now you could probably argue 184 for him but Flynn at just 185 never seems to make sense to me. I'd give him some change. If he did put 6 ft 1 down though it does seem strange, as you say you'd expect a guy ike Flynn to round up. Perhaps give him a 186 listing then? 186 is reasonable isn't it? Looked taller than Anthony Quinn, who you have at 187 and I doubt he was wearing lifts during swash buckling scenes! (you never know though haha). If you check out Nat King Cole with others I think you could argue 6'0.5-6'1 range, he's definitely worth adding.
Editor Rob
a fraction over 6ft 1 isn't unreasonable.
Tom said on 14/Jan/16
Flynn was 6'1". He wore lifts in some films so he would look the same height as Alan Hale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you there. Being over 6ft tall in the 1930's was considered a hindrance for actors who wanted the lead role in a big motion picture. 6ft2 80-years ago in Hollywood was pretty much the equivalent of what 6ft4 is today. It was considered huge by some. For me 189cm is a too high (but would easily hit that in shoes or straight out of bed) and 185cm is too low. Bit taller than Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Reagan (184-185cm) and a bit shorter than C. Aubrey Smith (189-190cm)
Shadow2 said on 2/Nov/15
Good picture Pete, of Flynn with Alexis, it is even more evidence that Flynn was indeed 6' 1" but used lifts to be 6' 2" in certain movies.
Pete said on 1/Nov/15
Flynn with Alexis Smith (5'8"-9"). Smith is wearing heels (2"?) but not stillettos. Even if she is 5"10.5 in heels - no way Flynn has 4 inches on her in this photo. Rob, you can check the heels and see what you think.... Click Here
Gonzalo said on 23/Oct/15
Not a good pic to judge in my opinión, Pete
Pete said on 14/Oct/15
Here is Flynn with 6'2" actor John Ridgely. Ridgely may be closer to the camera, but is obviously an inch or more taller than Flynn.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
"Errol Flynn's height is 6ft 1½in (187cm)"
Shadow2 said on 28/Aug/15
Sam, in the 1953 movie "The Moonlighter", Bond is clearly seen wearing thick heeled cowboy boots (looks about an inch and a half lift) in scenes with near 6' 3" Fred MacMurray and 6' 2" William Ching, both in normal footwear. He's worn them in other movies too, which could explain your observations.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/15
Haha I really thought it looked like Flynn at quick glance!
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Is it possible that Flynn was the one in small lifts in Gentleman Jim?...I can't think of another explanation for him looking taller than Bond. There's enough long shots in John Ford films to convince me Bond was in the 6'2" range and he was clearly taller than Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby, not more than an inch under James Stewart, etc.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jul/15
Strong 6ft1/weak 6ft2
Shadow2 said on 22/Jul/15
Pete is right, that's 6' 3" or 6' 3.5" Brian Aherne with Cary, not Errol Flynn. If Flynn was 6' 1", then does that make Ward Bond 6' 1" too (i.e. in "Gentleman Jim")? Bond could wear "lifts" sometimes when appearing with taller actors (e.g. John Wayne, Gary Cooper).
Pete said on 14/Jul/15
Some more photos - Flynn with 6'4" Forrest Tucker, more than 2" difference - more like a 3" to 4" difference.
Click Here
Pete said on 14/Jul/15
Arch - that's Brian Aherne with hat on in photo with Cary Grant - Aherne was 6'2" or 6'3".....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jul/15
Rob, how is one listing a "big giveaway?

187cm, no less. Quite possibly 188cm.
Editor Rob
in that era nobody really would round down, the only exception I saw was Christopher Lee who initially had 6ft 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/15
I think right between 6ft1-2 personally.
I can accept 186cm but no less.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jul/15
@Rob, I know but this low listing for him disturbs many of the other heights! He surely looks as if he'd be taller than Cary Grant here Click Here I know he's nearer the camera but still!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jul/15
@Rob Do you think you could compromise at least with a 186 listing? I find it hard to believe he was the same height as Cary Grant.
Editor Rob
the fact he had the 6ft 1 in spotlight is a big giveaway to me...although you could say at times he can pull off over a flat 6ft 1.... 1.25 isn't an impossibility.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/15
Could look from 186-189cm
Sam said on 9/Jul/15
Yeah, I perceive Flynn as 186-187 cm range...I don't see how he can be 6'2" if Ward Bond was 6'2", which Bond actually did look if you compare him to John Wayne or Cary Grant.
Gonzalo said on 9/Jul/15
In my opinión Flynn was taller tan 1`85. I see him more at 1,87-88
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jun/15
Reagan could actually look the full 6'1" with Wallace Beery.
Tunman said on 26/May/15
Maybe 6'1.5?It's true that he looked way taller than Reagan who was a good 6'0.5 in his prime
Gorbatchev at 5'9 looked nearly 3" shorter in some shots so possibly Reagan was 5'11.5 in late 80's.I must admit that he often looked 5'11 range but posture wouldn't be that great for many persons once in 70+years old.
Also Flynn could push 6'2 in Robin Hood.Of course a 6'1 claim wouldn't make sense if he was the full 6'2 but he looks too often over that so maybe 6'1.5" is perfect?
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
Reagan had lost height by the 80s. Watch him in the 40s, he looked around 184 to me.
Pete said on 27/Apr/15
Arch - Reagan lucky if he was 6'. Below - with 6'2" Gearge Bush Sr. - and GB may have been less than 6'2" by age / time photo was taken. Looks minimum 2 inches shorter, maybe 3' shorter than GB. On photos with GW Bush - him and Reagan practically same height
Click Here Reagan with G Bush Sr. (6'2")
Click Here Reagan with a young G W Bush (5'11") and Jeb Bush (6'3")
Steve said on 27/Apr/15
Power was 5'10".

Flynn was 6'1" in his youth. But years of bad behavior did him in. I believe a combination of bad posture along with health issues lost him height. He was just 50 when he died. The autopsy showed the body of a normal man in his eighties.

I believe Reagan was 6' in his prime them dropped to 5'11" by the time he was president.

Dean Martin wore lifts to bed. I believe he was never more than 5'9&1/2".
Arch Stanton said on 27/Apr/15
Reagan consistently looked in that 6'0.5-6'1 range in his younger years.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Apr/15
"Reagan wasn't much taller than Dean Martin." -LOL, you forgot Dean Martin wore lifts! He pulled off looking around 6 ft a LOT of the time, but without them he was barely 5 ft 10 if that!
Sam said on 27/Apr/15
Good comparisons, Flynn definitely doesn't look 6'2" in those, in fact he looks to barely clear six feet with Ferrer but is older there and I'm guessing lost a little more than average with age due to a wild lifestyle. On the other hand, the angles with Stewart and Young are a tad disadvantageous to Flynn.
Pete said on 24/Apr/15
Click Here Flynn with 6'3" Jimmy Stewart
Click Here Flynn with 6'3" Mel Ferrer
Click Here Flynn with 6' Robert Young (Maybe Flynn is only 6'?)
Click Here Ronald Reagan with Dean Martin and friends)Reagan was closer to 6'
Pete said on 24/Apr/15
Flynn is markedly shorter than 6'3" Mel Ferrer in "The Sun Also Rises" - Flynn is just a shade taller than 5'11" (maybe 6') Ty Power. I doubt Reagan was ever 6'1" - Reagan wasn't much taller than Dean Martin. Also, Flynn was shorter than 6'1" Anthony Quinn (see earlier entries) and quite a bit shorter than 6'3" Jimmy Stewart (see previous entries).
Sam said on 23/Apr/15
Yeah, I'm not sure what Rob saw either...
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Well Sam, I certainly can't see a guy like Victor Mature taller than Flynn put it that way! Mature was a guy who at times could look just 6 ft 1, but I honestly thought Flynn looked near enough 6 ft 2 on screen. I wonder what film Rob saw him in which prompted this! He's lost 4 cm now I think in about 2 years haha! There's a few of his films I've been meaning to watch so I'll be doing some comparisons.
Sam said on 20/Apr/15
He was also seemed to have an edge on 6'2" listed Ward Bond, looked a bit taller than 6'1" listed Basil Rathbone and at times could seem an inch over 6'0.5" listed Ralph Bellamy. Isn't something like 6'1.25"-6'1.5" possible since there's both 6'1" and 6'2" listings?
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/15
Rob watch the Santa Fe trail, never was he the same height or slight edge on Reagan, he was markedly taller I thought!!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/15
185!! I find it hard to believe he had just a cm on Gable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/15
"Errol Flynn's height is 6ft 1½in (187cm)"

Reminds me of a young Kevin Kline
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/15
Rounding down was actually more common in that era. Gary Cooper and Gregory Peck both came out with 6ft2, as did Charlton Heston
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/15
Rob, somewhere between 6ft1-2?

I can accept that 189cm is a bit of a stretch though
Editor Rob
I'm going to stick with his first spotlight number of 6ft 1, it makes more sense the more I look at him.
Pete said on 1/Feb/15
Photo of Flynn with 6'1" Anthony Quinn. Flynn wearing boots, Quinn in moccasins. Maybe not exactly side-by-side, but notice Quinn looking downward at Flynn. Click Here
Beau said on 30/Jan/15
Flynn listed himself in the London actors directory "Spotlight", in 1934, as 6'1".
This height appears with a photo of him in a boxing stance.
Editor Rob
it is very rare for cases of actor's rounding down in the spotlight directories. One case I do know is Christopher Lee who had a 6ft 3 listing
Ian C said on 10/Jan/15
I think I've figured out who the man in the picture with Quinn is, Pete. I'm pretty sure it's Ronald Colman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/14
Rob, is 189cm a possibility?

He could look near 6ft3 at times
Editor Rob
I'd rule that out
Sam said on 8/Dec/14
Yeah, Warner Bros. made them like the Astaire-Rogers of swashbuckling films. I've read De Havlland always resisted his come-ons though. Didn't help that he was also liked to pull juvenile pranks on her, which she detested.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/14
Dodge City I think worth mentioning too. He was in a lot of films with Havilland wasn't he?
Sam said on 2/Dec/14
Rob, could you look the pic from the Douglas Fairbanks Jr. page for Flynn here?
Ian C said on 2/Dec/14
Tell you the truth, Pete, I don't think that that's Errol Flynn in the photo with Anthony Quinn. It's Robert Donat or Douglas Fairbanks Jr. or somebody. I've seen than man before, but I can't quite place him.
Lebensdorf said on 10/Nov/14
He was at most 6'1, maybe 6 feet even.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/14
I've seen 6ft1 descriptions out there for Flynn. But this looks closer.
Pete said on 24/Sep/14
Photo of Errol and Anthony Quinn from 1942 (John Barrymore's funeral). Anthony Quinn generally described as 6'1" (maybe 6'2"). Errol looks a couple of inches shorter than Mr. Quinn. Maybe Flynn was 6 feet even? (6'2" in boots?) Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/14
He could look 189 in Captain Blood too.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Sep/14
Does look 189 in The Adventures of Robin Hood.
Ed T. said on 17/Aug/14
The other night only saw a few minutes of Gentleman Jim (1942). From what I saw, Flynn appeared to have a good inch on Ward Bond( as Jim Morrison stated in his post last August). Ward Bond was probably close to 6'1", so Flynn would be about 6'2" or maybe slightly under. But if Bond was closer to 6'0" then Flynn would be closer to 6'1". Who knows, maybe Bond was actually closed to 6'0".
Michael said on 10/Apr/14
He joined my grandmother and my mum, in 1948, at a party in Nice. Much to the jealousy of his girlfriend at the time. The amusing thing was he turned up at the ball in a black dinner suit and red socks which could not hide under his long legs;) According to my mum who told the story. She thought he was a straight 6 feet and even better looking in real life.
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
Here's a picture of Flynn near Cary Grant, hard to tell but they're not that different looking in height. Couldn't help but snicker at the title for the photo "A merry foursome when all was gay".
Click Here
Flynn holds his own with Ward Bond, who's dropping height but was also arguably 6'1"-6'2" range.
Click Here
Pete M said on 22/Feb/14
Found a photo of Errol Flynn and Jimmy Stewart standing close to each other. Jimmy Stewart was 6'3" (maybe 6'3.5"). Flynn looks at least 2 inches shorter, possibly 3 inches shorter. Click Here
qartt said on 15/Jan/14
Hi Rob,

please watch the dawn patrol, you can compare Flynn with Basil Rathbone and David Niven. He looks just shy of 6'1 in the movie. robin hood is another movie good for comparison with rathbone. Do you think Rathbone edges him?
Sam said on 30/Aug/13
He agree more like a smidge under 6'2" when he's compared to Randolph Scott. Scott claimed 6'2" in character in a movie called Roberta (w/ Astaire/Rodgers) but I think he was a true 6'3"...being slightly taller than Lee Marvin, Joel McCrea, comparable to John Wayne, et al.
JimMorrison said on 28/Aug/13
Great pic, Pete. Flynn does look several inches shorter. However, in Gentleman Jim he did look an inch taller than Ward Bond who was six one or more.
Pete M said on 25/Aug/13
Follow up on Flynn - Scott height comparison. Click on link - Publicity shot for "Virginia City" I think. Even if Flynn is slightly slouching - significant height difference in 6"3" Scott's favor.
Click Here
Pete M said on 25/Aug/13
Flynn was a great teller of tall tales. About the same height as Bruce Cabot - about 1.5" to 2" shorter than Randolph Scott (Virginia City). So would say 6'1" to 6'1.5". Any photos of him with John Wayne? Seemed to parallel with the same character actors in their films - Bruce Cabot, Guinn Williams, etc.
JimMorrison said on 13/Aug/13
Was slightly taller than Rathbone. Murray was clearly at least six-three. He looks toweringly tall in Double Indemnity. Flynn was a large, broad-shouldered, long-legged man. I believe six foot two is on the money!!!
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/13
He actually looks as if he has a good 2 inches on Reagan in The Santa Fe Trail. See my posts on the Ronald Reagan page, Flynn actually looks 6 ft 3 in comparison I can believe 6'2.5", I think 6'0.5" peak for Reagan.
John said on 23/Oct/12
Flynn wore 2-2.5" heels in his pirate movies. So, yeah 6'3" in moviedom.
John said on 17/Dec/11
Flynn was actually 6'1".
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/09
The "Tasmanian Devil" was famous for his romantic film scenes with beautiful leading ladies. Most of these actresses were barely over 5 feet tall. His height must have been probably no more than 6 inches greater than theirs, otherwise the close-up scenes would have been too difficult to film. As a rule of thumb, deduct 6 inches from any height claimed by a male actor. Bear in mind all the other myths about Flynn. Does anyone really believe that he "slept" with thousands of women ?
Dean said on 21/Apr/09
It's hard to tell who was wearing lifts in which scene of which movie but Flynn at between 6'1.5" and 6'2" seems about right . None of them stood up straight all the time . I'm 6'2" and my wife is constantly reminding me to stop slouching !
Bob H. said on 15/Nov/08
I'd like to add that in "Rocky Mountain" Flynn looked old and tired. He was only 40. He was absolutely excellent, though. He had a sadness that was so poignant. This would be an excellent remake for Tom Selleck with Tex Cobb in the Bigboy Williams role and John Schneider in the Slim Pickens part. A wonderful western. Jock Mahoney is seen doing stunts. Many of the regular cast do riding and falls in close up. If you don't get tears at the end, there's something wrong with you!!
Bob H. said on 15/Nov/08
Anon could not have stated it better!! 6'1" tops for Flynn. Also shorter than 6'2" Randolph Scott in Virginia City. Flynn was very manly in real life. Could box, ride a horse, do absolutely anything and well. 6'1" was quite tall in the Hollywood of his day and he certainly stood out. A wonderful actor and fun to watch even today nearly 48 years after his death at 50. My favorite film is "Rocky Mountain" from 1950.
ya said on 10/Nov/08
If Errol was 188 cm, then Castro would be like 200 cm?

Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/08
Flynn looked around 6'3",i agree with the 6'2.5" of the official site.
benji said on 18/Aug/06
i think his grandson is 5'6''- 5'7''
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/06
I've read 6'1'' or 6'2'' for Flynn. John Huston mentioned below was supposed to be 6'2''. When young he fought as a welterweight boxer and being very tall for the weight with long arms had a fair degree of success.
sam said on 3/Jun/06
The director John Houston was well known as 6'3" and he said he was one inch taller than Flynn, when describing a fist fight they had when they were young. Flynn abused his body more than most and may have shrunk some, but at his peak he was 6'2".
Frank2 said on 25/May/06
Rathbone was an expert swordsman. That was common knowledge in Hollywood back then. Unlike his co-stars, Rathbone regularly fenced as a sport. Flynn was athletic and with some training could handle a sword on film quite well, but in reality, Rahthbone would have easily beaten him.
Gonzalo said on 24/May/06
I always thought Flynn was 6`2. I think he was an inch taller than Ronald Reagan.
David Niven wasn
philip said on 15/May/06
Frank 2 says Rathbone claimed to be the better swordsman, who knows? The fact is Flynn always looked fantastic and believable whether swordfighting, boxing or horse-riding. A great actor who inspired millions.
Mikex said on 17/Apr/06
I've read 6'1'' and 6'2'' for Flynn's height. His son Sean who looked very similar was an inch taller.
benji said on 14/Apr/06
is the actor Sean Flynn from Zoey 101 his grandson? and what is his height??
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
But Flynn and Rathbone were the same height and Rathbone was 6'1". Also going back and watching The Bishop's Wife I noticed that Niven is two inches shorter than Cary Grant in all the long shots. By the time of The Sun Also Rises, Flynn was no more than 6' since Ty Power wasn't that much shoter than him nor was Eddie Albert. Years of hard living ended Flynn's life at age 50. An autopsy stated he had the body of a man in his late seventies. Oh, and a photo I saw in a book showed Power and Niven to be clsoe to the same height. Niven and Power were good friends and it was at Power's home where Niven's wife Primula died from a fall down a flight of basement stairs during a game of hide and seek. I have Niven's autobiography and in it he states that he was so devastated that he sank into severe depression and only by a miracle did he finally overcome it.
Parker said on 9/Apr/06
In the film 'Charge of the Light Brigade' I thought Flynn looked more like 3 inches taller than Niven, which would put him more in the 6'2 range. I'd be suprised if Flynn was shorter than 6'2.
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
Niven was most likely around 5'11" since he was an inch shorter than Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife and about the same height as Bill Holden in The Moon is Blue.
Gotxo said on 9/Apr/06
Thnx Frank2:
I was just curious as for me that extra half inch didn't sound as an exaggeration, as the guy always looked very tall.
So in consecuence Erro Flynn was 6'1" and David Niven 5'11" in reality?
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
I once read the text to a lecture given by Rathbone way back sometime I believe in the early 1960's. There was a question and answer session and someone asked him how tall he was. He stated clearly he was 6'1". Also he mentioned that in real life he would have easily killed Errol Flynn while dueling since Rathbone was an expert with the blade. He did admit that of all the actors he fenced with on camera, Danny Kaye impressed him the most. It seems that Kaye knew nothing about fencing until he was to be in the film The Court Jester. He then quickly studied up by taking a buch of crammed lessons and ended up impressing Rathbone so much that he suggested that Kaye take up the sport. Basil said that if he did he was sure Kaye would have ended up being as good as him, possibly even better. But that was Danny Kaye. A quick study. A genius really.
Gotxo said on 7/Apr/06
OK Frank2.
I see your point, in fact that's the amusement basis of this page:
guessing the impossible.
One question, Basil Rathbone was listed as 6'1 & 1/2" too, is 6'1" a guess for him or just you know it by a reliable source?
Frank2 said on 6/Apr/06
Flynn eye to eye with 6'1" Basil Rathbone:
Click Here
They look about the same height to me.

So how tall was David Niven?: Click Here
He's listed as being at least 6'.

But in The Bishop's Wife he was about an inch shorter than 6' Cary Grant: Click Here

Niven was at least four inches shorter than 6'3" Greg Peck in The Guns of Navarone: Click Here

When they did the wax figures at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena park, California they duplicated the height difference: Click Here

Niven with 6'1" Roger Moore: Click Here

Niven with 5'10" Stanley Baker, 6'3" Peck and 6'2" Anthony Quinn: Click Here

With 6' Gig Young and 5'7" Shirley Maclaine: Click Here

Ain't it a kick? I mean an actor can look one height when filmed with one actor and then seem a lot shorter than he's listed just by being with another. I see this all the time. In the film A Kiss Before Dying they had Bob Wagner's character listed as being 6'1" and when 5'11" Wagner was in scenes with just under 6' Jeff Hunter, Wagner was taller by a couple of inches! Then in the film In Love and War, Hunter was almost an inch taller than Wagner! Go figure!
CelebHeights Editor said on 12/Feb/06
In the book Inherited Risk, it described him as "6ft 1 and 170lbs"
Wicked, Wicked Ways said on 22/Nov/05
Read his (auto)biography. He states to be 188 cm (6´2), though it is obvious he had a ghostwriter...

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