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6ft 1.16in (185.8cm)
Hugh said on 15/Apr/08
He's definately taller than 6ft1.
Viper said on 15/Apr/08
I think Hugh would think I was 6-5 If he met me.
nicole said on 14/Apr/08
So short is he, Trish? That means Evander is under 5ft10inch.Hmm, then Mike Tyson is 5ft 7,5inch. For me is that too low.And then are also a lot of heavyweight boxers small in height????
Trish said on 13/Apr/08
No way is he that tall. I stood next to him at a fight in Vegas in 1988 or 89. I am a female 5'7" in my barefeet....I had on 2-3 inch heals....and I was taller than he was. All men seem to add two inches to their my experience.....and I've been around a long time. He was massive that was for sure.....
Hugh said on 8/Apr/08
188-189cm is what I saw.
BlackRay said on 4/Apr/08
I would say 187cm for Holyfield.
nicole said on 1/Apr/08
Thought too that Evander is 6ft2inch. He`s very good in shape (build) that makes him look taller maybe.
Leung said on 27/Mar/08
yeah Derek's right Holyfield and Bonds are the same height in that photo. The only difference between the two is that Holyfield is better looking.
Derek said on 25/Mar/08
I think Holyfield and Bonds are about the same. Both 6'1".
Viper said on 25/Mar/08
It looks like he is a little closer to the camera though.
anonymous said on 25/Mar/08
he looks about 6`1.5-6`2 there viper.
Viper said on 25/Mar/08
Evander with 6-1 Barry Bonds. Click Here
Hugh said on 24/Mar/08
Evander Holyfield is 6ft2 barefooted.

My explanation.
He was in Dublin about a month ago promoting his autobiography. I went into the bookshop. I was wearing dress shoes making me 6ft3. I walked over to Evander. He stood up to shake my hand he was also wearing dress shoes amking him 6ft2.5. As I shook his hand I was looking him right in the eye. There was only half an inch between us. Super Nice guy!
glenn said on 23/Mar/08
yup.a walking tree.
Joe said on 23/Mar/08
lol i thought so! he doesnt really have a personality.
Joe said on 22/Mar/08
id say 6'1. what was he like glenn? he was on a tv show recently and he seemed like he didnt get the humour
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/08
met him 2 nights ago at an autograph signing, looked a solid 6'1
Anonymous said on 29/Feb/08
I'd say at least 6'1''. When you saw him next to the 6'4'' to 6'5'' Lennox Lewis sometimes he looked dwarfed other times the difference looked about 2 inches. He's a bit like Arnie in that he can look a genuine 6'2'' on occasion but sometimes appears to be lucky to scrape 6 ft.
Anon said on 28/Feb/08
Glenn's closer to the camera, just look how much bigger his head is, and we know Holyfield does NOT have a small head!
Gary said on 28/Feb/08
If they were both barefoot evander looks 5'11
$% MAG said on 23/Feb/08
From my personal experiences that looks like a 5-11 next to a 5-8
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
i mustve had some floor advantage.
tim said on 3/Feb/08
glenn u look 5'10 in this picture
Jason said on 23/Nov/07
Heights are often inflated in boxing, mate. Even the reaches are. You're getting 6'7'' for Wlad because you're comparing him to guys whose heights are padded themselves. I don't know where you're even getting 6'7'' from since he's *billed* more at 6'6''.
Atoadaso said on 22/Nov/07
Wlad is nowhere near 6'5". He was about 1.5" taller than 6'6" billed Ray Austin. He towers over 6'2" guys like Brewster. He was clearly taller than 6'6" McCline. I've followed his career for a long time now and it's clear that he is over 6'6". Go ahead and look at pictures of him in public, or at events as well if you believe he's only 6'5".

I'm 6'5" myself, and I can tell that he does not look only the same height as me. Boxing is near 150 years old, heights aren't inflated in it like they are in UFC. The furthest from the truth you're gonna get is the height of a boxer's sole, supposing he was measured in shoes.
Jason said on 21/Nov/07
Wlad is closer to 6'5'' than 6'7''. Don't believe the boxing heights bs.
Atoadaso said on 20/Nov/07
Yeah, Ibragimov must be struggling with 6'0", really, as I do agree with 6'1" for Holyfield and he was clearly at least 1" taller than Sultan. In february Ibragimov is fighting Wlad for a unification bout. Wlad is 6'7", and I imagine in the presser photo's to come, that he is going to -tower- over Ibragimov by well over 5".
Big T said on 13/Oct/07
Holyfield had 1-2 inches on Ibragimov, who is listed over 6 foot.
Lynn said on 12/Oct/07
I saw 2 pics with Arnold.

In both pics they appeared same height, so about 6'05", before bed...obviously real height!
tomking said on 12/Oct/07
Saw him against tyson in fight two. 6ft1`` is correct.
Hope he wins against s.ibragimov.
Alex said on 9/Oct/07
Not even 6'0 with Glenn. Thats 5'11 next to 5'8.
robbie h said on 8/Oct/07
i agree with matthew, looks under 6ft
Matthew said on 25/Sep/07
he looks 5-10/11 there, max, definately not 6'2.
Lynn said on 25/Aug/07
you are right.In some pics Evander and Arnold appear the same height.
Viper said on 16/Aug/07
"Holyfield's wax figure at Madame Tussaud's is 6'1.5" - 6'2" tall."

Take those things with a grain of salt.
Jason said on 16/Aug/07
How tall is Rahman? I would think he's gotta be the 6'2''...
6'0'' said on 15/Aug/07
I used to think Holyfield was 6'1'', maybe 6'0.5'', after comparing his height to Tyson's and Toney's. But now I think he's a 6'0''. Tyson is shorter then the 5'10'' I thought he was, and Toney is even shorter then the 5'9'' he claims he is. Toney fought a guy named Doug DeWitt who is 5'9'' tall and Toney looked noticeably shorter then him.
Da Man said on 15/Aug/07
Holyfield's wax figure at Madame Tussaud's is 6'1.5" - 6'2" tall.
Boxingfan said on 10/Aug/07
I believe he's 6'-2"1/2 inches tall. In the book "Facing Tyson:Fifteen Fighters, Fifteen Stories" the author, Ted A. Kluck goes to interview Holyfield and he himself says "I am six feet two inches, and he actually felt a little taller in real life than on tape."
Blackmax said on 25/Jun/07
What are you talking Hannah, Evander and Will Smith were the same height in the episode you are speaking of. They stood eyeball to eyeball.
hannah said on 28/May/07
On The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in 1990 Evander was easily 3" shorter than Will Smith. Only looks 5'11" maybe 6'0" next to Glenn.
Kyle said on 25/May/07
I think he's about 6'1 and a quarter - the same height they listed him as in his first fight against Dwight Muhammad Qawi
Bobbe said on 7/May/07
Evander is for sure 188-189 cm. When he fought last month he was taller than the 188 cm opponent. I think he is in the 189 range. Why would he lie? If i were 160 cm and the heavyweight champ i would have been very proud of being the champ. And very famous for being so small. I dont think athelets is lying about thier heights. Why should they?
Randy said on 29/Mar/07
Holyfield is leaning his head in the pic, so it's not a real good pic to judge his height from. I say if he was standing straight up the difference would be 5 inches of very close to it.
Jake W. said on 24/Jan/07
Looks no more than 6'0" w/ Glenn.
Daman said on 22/Jan/07
Holyfield's wax figure is 6'2", does that count?
Jason said on 12/Dec/06
Click Here

Toney said himself he's 5'9'' as referenced there. He looks that at best.
Jason said on 12/Dec/06
Do you follow boxing? James Toney would be lucky if he's 5'9''.
Jason said on 12/Dec/06
Yeah, I would estimate 6'0 1/2'' actually, though could feasibly be 5'11 1/2''-6'0'' I guess.
Glenn said on 11/Dec/06
He is at least 6ftish.
Jason said on 11/Dec/06
I've seen 6'2 1/2'' for him as well. He's clearly nowhere even close, though. Boxing can be as bad as wrestling sometimes.
Gramps said on 10/Dec/06
Rob, I'm not disputing his actual height back then, but when I watched his fights live at the time, he was billed as 6'2-1/2", never under 6'2".
Gramps said on 10/Dec/06
Don't know what Holyfield is these days but during the first half of his career at least he was billed as 6'2-1/2".

[Editor Rob: In 1985 really is 6ft 1 in the media circles...a few 6ft 1.5 and 1.25's jump up in 1986...

Frazier for instance was being given "Frazier stands only 5-foot-ll 1/2 and weighs about 205" in a 1968 edition of European Stars and Stripes. If he was...he's lost 3 inches in height by now.]
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
5-8? Whats his supposed height Rob? He seemed 5-11,6ft to me in cowboy boots.5-9,5-10 in 1992.

[Editor Rob: billed at 5ft 11 in his day, obviously he's lost some height, possibly 2 inches since 80's.]
Editor Rob said on 7/Dec/06
I was doing a bit of research and saw in 1986-87 Holyfield regularly described 6ft 1, even one newspaper saying "same 6-foot-1 1/4 frame". That must have come from Holyfield, who then went on to give himself at least 1 extra inch...hmm

Similarly Tyson at 1987 does have some 5ft 9 descriptions, he was supposedly 5ft 8 and 210lbs at age 13. Maybe tyson measured in shoes...

Speaking of boxers, one I did see this year was Joe a shocking 5ft 8.
Mike said on 4/Dec/06
Dammit Glenn why did u borrow Sly's lifts for this picture with Holyfield??? JK, Wow i thought Holyfield was a solid 6'1, i think he might just be 6 even after looking at the Glenn pic, but Anonymous did have a point Holyfield was smaller then Lennox Lewis but he didnt look 5 inches shorter then him, and Holyfield was def taller then Mike Tyson by a few inches
Viper652 said on 1/Dec/06
Though, I do remember a picture of Evander on Ray Lewis's website where Evander was taller than Ray. And Ray is between 6-0 and 6-1. I think it was Evander and Ray, dame shame its not on there anymore.
Glenn said on 30/Nov/06
Thank you Viper.
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/06
Glenn is right. Hes between 5-11 and 6-0 in reality.
Mikex. said on 23/Nov/06
If he's not taller than 6ft it just shows what a great fighter he was really was. His natural weight was only about 195 lbs yet he mixed it up with guys who were 6'5'' and 230 lbs. Holyfield can look 6 ft at times but at others looks a genuine 6'2''. Hard to tell.
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/06
When he though Lennox Lewis who was given at 6'5'' or a little under during his career Holyfield was smaller but wasn't dwarfed. About 3 inches difference I think.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
I read a Holyfield sighting once where they said they were really surprised at how short Holyfield looked. He might be under 6-0 actually.
LuckyLuciano said on 31/Oct/06
My old UPS man lives around the corner from him in GA and says is barely 6 feet. He looks very slender in some pics and the one with the model shows him wearing "cheaters" a cosmetically thin and flat apparent sole with a cosmetically hidden but texturally discernable heel cup. Look closely at them!
TNTinCA said on 31/Oct/06
Isn't Toney 5'9", not 5'10"? I thought that's how he was billed.
J-Sinn said on 31/Oct/06
I've met him about 3 years ago at a boxing match at Legends Casino, he looks about 6'2 with those dress shoes he was wearing, we were the exact same height. I was measured without shoes at 6'1 and I was wearing some air force ones with about an inch of height given. I'd say 6'1 without shoes.
Derek said on 30/Oct/06
CoolJ, Evander only looks 6'1" with Toney. He still goes past Evander's eyes.
boxing4life said on 26/Oct/06
only the Tysonites will say he's 6'0".

6'2" I'm thinking.
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/06
Most likely 6' barefoot and 6'1 in normal dress shoes, 6'2 in boots!
Derek said on 24/Oct/06
I saw his fights with Tyson and he didn't dwarf him. I can't see Evander at anything over 6'1".
Jake W. said on 23/Oct/06
I've seen him listed at 6'2" a lot, occasionally billed to 6'3". He does seem 6'1"/6'2" a lot but 6' is possible I suppose...
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/06
A friend of mine(183-184 cm)met him and was an inch taller than him.
so 186-187 cm seems about right.
NOITALL said on 23/Oct/06
Viper652 said on 21/Oct/06
I said he was no taller than 6-0 last year.
Jason said on 21/Oct/06
He can appear a solid 6'1'' in plus sized footware. He is more like 6'0'' like Glenn said, though. The best guy to compare him to (besides Glenn if he posts his Evander pic) is Mike Tyson. Plenty of pics and footage of them together, and we know Mike is no taller than 5'10''.
Mikex said on 21/Oct/06
I'm glad you've added this guy. He was supposed to be very small for a modern day heavyweight. I think in the early part of his career he wasn't billed as being 6'2'' but an inch or two less. But he's a bit like Big Arnie in that he sometimes looks surpisingly tall in photos and on TV. I really don't know on this guy. He can't be under 6ft but I don't know if he's taller.
Anshelm said on 21/Oct/06
I've seen 186 cm for him in some newspaper articles.
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
Yes.I have photo with.6ft,looking even smaller in my photo.
Jason said on 20/Oct/06
Closer to 6'0''.

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