How tall is Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

Brazilian fashion model. He has been listed as both 6ft 2.5 and 6ft 3 by his agencies.

How tall is Francisco Lachowski
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Average Guess (89 Votes)
6ft 3.08in (190.7cm)
Julien said on 18/May/23
Rob Paul you seriously need to give lachowski a 1 to 2 inch downgrade in terms of height, because says Hamid Onifadé is 6'3 and Lachowski is clearly an inch shorter than him!

Click Here=

Click Here
adrianposter said on 11/May/23
looks a legit 6’4 more often than not it would be fair to give him an upgrade rob
Malcolm Oliver said on 10/May/23
Needs a half inch upgrade. He consistently towers over his peers (male models who are already tall themselves) and in the public, often get mistaken for 6’4, 6’5 in shoes

I think this is the same case like with Elordi where he was originally underlisted 6’4 but turned out to be 6’5

Chico would not fall far from that
spainmen 193cm said on 4/May/23
Rob, he claimed to be 1,94m tall on Instagram. Maybe you want to add it to the description.

Click Here
Original said on 11/Apr/23
Model Clint Mauro despite look good with rapper G-Eazy: Click Here, failed to impose hilself with Francisco Lachowski around: Click Here, Click Here
Original said on 11/Apr/23
Here Click Here he handles Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro (5'11.5 at least? in likely big heels see 0:24) in the way he handled Toni Garr (likely 6 footer plus big heels) being taller.
Original said on 6/Apr/23
6'3.5" is the minimum he would measure imo, he is clearly taller than Gustavo Kuerten who looks solid 190cm if not solid 6'3 compared to the ones of Federer, Djokovic or Sampras. About Chico's pic when the claimed 6'4 male model he looks half an inch shorter there, but the difference can be explained by shoe difference for example, think of converse vs nike air*. Anyway over 6'4 is unlikely. He looks 6'3.5 to 6'4, but no more than that. I think solid 192cm is his legit height.

PD*: I found the video of the day of the pic with the other model with their shoes, but I can't identify the tennis model each one are using.
Click Here
Could be the difference between a Nike SB white vs some kind of training shoes, Nike Airmax? It is a very bad video anyway.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/23
6ft3 and change
adrianposter said on 22/Mar/23
chico would probably be similar height to gao, 6’3.5-6’4
DanXi said on 15/Mar/23
I would say he is 190-191.. He towers over almost everybody, even other male models.
spainmen192-3cm said on 31/Jan/23
Rob, do you think he could measure above this mark, like 6ft3.5? He has claimed to be 6ft4 and 1,94m.

Maybe 1,94m and 6ft4 is pushing it, but is there a possibility for him to be 6ft3.5?.

Here are his claims, maybe you want to add them to his description:

Click Here

In this video he first claims 6ft4 and then he jokes that he is really 6ft1.

Click Here

Althoug its interesting to know that he posted once a photo with another male model who claims 6ft4. They were back to back and the other model edge him by a bit, like 1-2cm.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I can see the argument for 192cm range.
adrianposter said on 9/Dec/22
Rob, do you think you can upgrade him to 6’3.5, because he’s looked that many times?
Original said on 7/Dec/22
Maybe he is just a 6'4 guy on the dot.
Original said on 27/Nov/22
Click Here

I really doubt Francisco would be measured less than around a inch taller than Garrn here, considering he looked taller, and the angle favours Toni there.

If we consider Toni Garrn between 6' and 6'0.5 and her really high heels (as posted in the post below) between 4 inches and 4.5 inches.

Then you have Garrn being between 6'4 to 6'5 in her high heels, and Francisco in his shoes somewhere between 6'5 and 6'6, that is between around 195.5cm till 198cm. If you consider he isn't using lifts and his shoes to be around 3 to 4cm.

Then his height w/o shoes would be no less than 191.5cm and no more than 195cm with an average of around 193cm (which he also claimed), a conservative guess would be a solid/strong 192cm (which he also claimed), an 6'3.75".

Particularly I believe he wakes up in the strong 194 range and he is at low in the stong 192 range. He is taller than a 190cm or even 191cm, all things considered. He looks tall around 182-188cm models, even when compared to someone like Lucky Blue Smith (arguable a legit 190cm imo).
Original said on 27/Nov/22
Definitely wakes up at 6'4, in fact not sure if a 6'3 guy can hold his own against Toni Garrn (a legit 6 footer herself imo) in a really high heels (4+ inches).

Click Here

Click Here

She is probably a bit more than 6'4 in her high heels there and he still looks taller than her (even with the camera on her favour), his eye level is higher and he has bigger head as well meaning at least an inch difference there.
celebheightsdude said on 8/Oct/22
He definitely wakes up at 6’4
Malcolm Oliver said on 6/Oct/22
Him and peak Eastwood would be the same.
Malcolm Oliver said on 5/Oct/22
Yeah, Chico is a strong 6’3 no doubt. I agree with @Original in that he probably falls in that 191.5 - 193.5 range. More closer to 6’4 than he is 6’3. In solid footwear, he can pass for 6’5.
Orginal said on 5/Oct/22
He is underlisted imo, he claimed 192cm once, 6'4 and 194cm, not below that (he claimed 6'1, but it was a joke I assume)

Here Ana de Armas as benchmark

6'-6'0.25 Gosling with Ana de Armas looking around three - for me - taller than her.
Lachowski with Ana de Armas with also similar high heels and same pose is looking around seven and a half inches taller imo. So in comparison Lachowski is looking around 4.5 inches taller than Gosling in comparison. Even if you assume Ana's heels to be around 0.5-0.75 shorter with Francisco, he will still be looking around 3.75-4 inches taller than Gosling in comparison, which makes him around at least 6'3.75 by comparisons, at least.

Ana De Armas in really high heels: 5'10
Gosling looking arguably 6'1. Overall you can argue he is looking around 5'11'75 without shoes.
Lachowski looking around 6'5 with shoes, probably around 6'3.75 without him.

I believe Lachowski is somewhere between 6'3.5 and 6'4.25, but more so around 6'3.75 and 6'4. I ruled out 194cm or 6'4.5 and 191cm or 6'3.25. I don't think he is that low nor that high.
joshua07313 said on 21/Sep/22
6 3.5
pattinsonfan2022 said on 16/Jun/22
Click Here
In this video he first claims 6'4 then changes his claim to 6'1, he might have been joking though.
Original said on 15/Jun/22
192cm appears again in one comment (from user Lily) from this video here: Click Here

I think he is 194cm first thing out of bed and around 192cm at his low.

6'3.5 should be fine imo, but 6'3.75 is also possible.
Andrey200 said on 7/Jun/22
Rob since you've agreed it's very possible he could be a fraction taller, maybe a 1/4 or 1/8 upgrade? Seemingly most here agree he's at least a solid 6'3.
Editor Rob
Is a 1/4 inch over more believable? Maybe it is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/22
Not under 6ft3
Kevin said on 6/Mar/22

Pietro looks 6'0 at best.
Original said on 3/Jan/22
Curiosity is that his sister Isabella was listed as 6'3" back in 2007: Click Here

Even when she is considerably shorter than Francisco: Click Here Click Here
Click Here

Chico's father is supposed to be 191cm, I think Chico could be 192cm in fact and his sister I don't think can reach 6'3 even in shoes, but I wouldn't rule it out completely. What do you think about 6'3.5" for Francisco, Rob? Can he look it? I agree that sometimes he doesn't appear to be fully 6'4, let alone his claim of 194cm, I don't think he is that tall.
Editor Rob
3.5 is a possible figure
Original said on 1/Jan/22
Rob, How tall do you think Francisco Lachowski looks compared with Ana de Armas and Eiza Gonzalez? Francisco's shoes are looking very modest and the girls are in some elevator: Click Here Click Here
Ana de Armas shoes in the day (pic 20): Click Here

What about with 6'3" listed former tennis player Gustavo Kuerten here: Click Here
"Guga": Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
The tennis player I remember had 190cm on his website, I don't think Franco looks 6ft 4 with him, but can see a case for 6ft 3 and a fraction of course.
Original said on 1/Jan/22
Francisco Lachowski with 6'1 listed River Viperi and Pietro Boselli: Click Here

Looking taller than other models: Click Here
Malcolm Oliver said on 12/Dec/21
He is tall even for model standards. 6’3 is the height I’ve seen mentioned the most. Wouldn’t put it past it since he looks such among his peers.
PUREFXRM said on 5/Dec/21
I don't think he's lower than 190cm in ANY DAY. Jon Kortajarena is 4-6 cm shorter than Lachowski in most pictures yet Michele Morrone (same height as Jon) is listed 190cm/6'3 here.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/21
Very leggy 6ft3...I can see why he gets guessed 6ft4+
He1ghtexpert49 said on 27/Aug/21
He has many fanboys from forums who want to convince the world that he's taller than he is.

Chico is 6'3" max, he's literally looking shorter than 6'3" listed guys, lmao, how are people claiming 6'4". Even 6'3" is generous.
Karlson said on 1/Aug/21
Either this guy is above 6’4, or there is no way most models he is around is above 6’1. In every picture he is in, he is taller than everyone, I can’t guess him shorter than 6’3.5. He is really tall, even on the runway he is taller than everyone
Jdubbz said on 14/Nov/20
Lots of people are convinced he's 6'4 or above, but I think this listing is accurate. I could buy 6'3.25 though.
Canson said on 14/Nov/20
I think the listed height is fine
Original said on 12/Nov/20
I think he is taller than 6'3, but not as 6'4.5. I think he is 6'3.5" - 6'3.75".
Alir?za said on 20/Jul/20
His height looks clearly 190 cm next to Turkish star Kıvanç Tatlıtug. Tatlıtug was listed 187 cm and I saw him personally and that is right.

Click Here
Brandon (Aspiring 7 footer) said on 25/Jun/20
@spainmen192-3cm I dont see the problem in him claiming that tall really. Height changes daily
spainmen192-3cm said on 31/May/20
Rob, in the comment @Blanc posted below if you click the link you can see Lachowski claims to be 6,4-1,94m. He answer the question on his Instagram. I think his 194cm claim is a little bit optimistic.
Editor Rob
It's quite a tall claim, I don't know if he ever really looks that range.
Blanc said on 24/May/20
He claims to be 194 cm just lol. Click Here
184guy2 said on 29/Apr/20

Well , he is almost 7 inches taller than the average Brazilian , but a solid 6'3 it's not a uncommon height in Brazil.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/20
6ft3¼ is possible
Nik Ashton said on 27/Apr/20
He is exceptionally tall for a Brazilian!
Cal reactionary said on 25/Apr/20
Definitely a solid 6’3”
spainmen192cm said on 20/Feb/20
Rob, what is your upper guess for him? And the lowest? I think he can look a big 6ft3 in videos and you had said so. Don't you think a 191cm listing will be the most accurate?
Editor Rob
6ft 3.25 would be most I'd go with, 6ft 2.75 absolute worst, but I feel there would be less chance of that.
Brandon I said on 26/Oct/19
@Rob I think he needs an upgrade to 191. I just dont think a guy like Liam Hemsworth would edge him out. Chico is TALL
Xpac99 said on 13/Oct/19
If she’s about 5ft9 and in the pic she was wearing a 3 inches heel i think, that makes her a 6 feet tall girl. Francisco looks like has a whole forehead higher than her. Do you think he looks in 6ft3 1/2 range?
Xpac99 said on 10/Oct/19
Rob this is Francisco with jessiann gravel
Click Here
She’s listed 5ft10, i don’t know how exactly she’s tall, but if she’s in 5ft8 range i think francisco does look a bit over 6ft3. 6ft3 1/4 maybe is a better list. Big 6ft3 guy
Editor Rob
I could see a 5ft 9 possibility for her
Realtalk said on 9/Oct/19
Frida G who's a weak 6'1 (185cm) even wearing small slippers
is only 1 inch shoter than Chico L with sneakers.. meaning Chico is only really likely (188cm) but ofcourse in the modeling industry, everyone is thin and hyping up their height by 1 or 2 inches from real height.
LatinMix said on 22/Sep/19
Your need more evidence of what you speak
Let?cia said on 13/Sep/19
Francisco Lachowski is 193.0 cm! And put a picture of him.
LatinMix said on 7/Sep/19
Generally, Francisco don´t have a frame same who a 191-2 Ejm: Bill Skargard, etc
He max is a strong 190-0.5 max.
All others model add height in his listing because is a "comercial thing".
Francisco start beging a model for "Ford Models" with 17-18 years, in this years he was listing with 6'2 , but some years some agencies he was listed to 6'3, Maybe he grow.
Unbewohnt5454 said on 28/Jun/19
Would you say a 10 inch head size is possible for Lachowski, Rob?
Editor Rob
I'd say almost 10 inches
Xpac99 said on 1/May/19
Click Here
Even in this Jordan barrett is 6 ft the same height at sean o’ pry
Click Here
and Francisco doesn’t look 6 ft 4, but looks over 6 ft 3
Xpac99 said on 1/May/19
Click Here
Ok this Was in huge boots, but i believe he can see over 6 ft 3 barefoot... maybe 6 ft 3 1/4
thi said on 12/Apr/19
He's very tall, maybe 6'5
spainmen192cm said on 29/Jan/19
Rob, how much difference can you see in this photo? The guy next to Francisco claims 6ft4

Click Here
Editor Rob
His 6ft 4 claim doesn't look that unreasonable!
184guy2 said on 27/Jan/19
The guy guesses him 6'4 just looking him talking on the phone lol
That's an expert
Indigo said on 25/Jan/19
I think 6'4 range
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Oliver said on 9/Jan/19
Click Here
Rob,here is a picture of Franscisco Lachowski standing next to Magdalena Frackowiak and Frida G.
I know it would be tough to say but how tall does Magdalena pull off here? Thank you,Rob.
Editor Rob
Can look near 179-80 that moment.
spainmen192cm said on 25/Nov/18

As Rob says, he can look a big 6ft3 in videos. In my opinion he is over 6ft3 flat, it seems Lachowski claimed to be 192cm tall one time in an interview but I cant be able to find it!
Xpac99 said on 24/Nov/18
Rob, chico in my opinion is over 6ft 3.. with his wife jessiann he looks over 6ft 3. It’s possible upgrade him at 6 ft 3 1/4 - 6ft 3 1/2
spainmen192cm said on 20/Nov/18
Rob, how much do you think Lachowski weighs in this video (min 3:15) when he was 18 years old? He looks quite skinny. Also do you think he looks over 6ft3 in the video?

Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look barely even 160 pounds, less than that. He can look a big 6ft 3 in videos.
Bwk said on 28/Sep/18
Looks more 6'2.75'' to me.
Jelly cnt said on 2/Feb/18
The perfect human being. This guy plays life on the easiest possible mode.
MaryAnne said on 21/Jan/18
Rob please add jordan barrett
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/18
Lachowski very tall 193 morning 191 night
Realtalk said on 5/Jan/18
Chico is 189cm his father is 191cm
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/17
IMO he is between 190.5 and 192 at night.

But if Pete Bolton is 188 as he is listed then Lachowski is fully 193:

Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/17
After looking at extensive footage, photos, footwear and when i met him - Morning Height = 192cm / 6'3.75 in the afternoon/evening = 191.1cm / 6'3.25 and at night just before bed Night Height = 190cm .
IMO - Definitely deserves to be upgraded in my opinion.
spainmen192cm said on 23/Dec/17
Rob, its 6ft3.5 a possibility for him?
Editor Rob
he might pull that height of at times, but I'm not sure I'd list him at it.
Cnrom89 said on 16/Dec/17

185-186 i think.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/17
Met him he’s a strong 6’3 I’m 6’2 and he was an 1inch to 1.25 inches taller than me
MaryAnne said on 2/Dec/17
Rob can you upload a pic of him showing his tall body so that visitors of can see his tall frame!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/17
Kivanc looks barely 6ft in that clip!
meson777 said on 29/Nov/17
With Kivanc Tatlıtug (listed 187-188 cm ) Click Here

He is very popular in Middle East . He is former 'Best Model of World' winner.

How tall is Kıvanc ? A)188cm --- B)187cm --- C)186cm --- D)185cm
Ricky said on 7/Nov/17
@Rob so do you think they both might have 9 inch heads or closer to 10 inches? I myself have a 9 inch head but somehow think Francisco might have a much larger head than me since he’s 6’3 and I’m 6’0
Editor Rob
both have more than 9 inch heads, franco maybe nearly 10 inches.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
listed 6'2 by google
Ricky said on 2/Nov/17
Rob can you estimate the head size of Francisco and Sean o Ory? Here’s a picture of them together Click Here

Francisco head must be 11 inches if Sean is 9.
Editor Rob
Franco is just a bit closer and tilting eyes down slightly, I don't think he has a much bigger head than Sean.
Lol said on 29/Sep/17
@original he claimed 6'2 not 6'3 or 6'4 lol. When he wore 5 inch boots he was at 6'7. Also most models are hyping their height like that guy jordan claiming 188cm but is 183cm.
Original said on 24/Sep/17
Nah... there is a old interview in Brazil where he claim he is 192cm. I remember this interview, I just can't find it anymore. 6'2" is just his "model height".

Btw, there is his wife Jessiann Gravel listed as 5'10 or 5'11* with 4" heels looking 3"/3.5" shorter than Francisco wearing 0.6" converse.

Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Lol said on 21/Sep/17
No he already admitted he is 188cm which is a solid 6'2.

Pretty much everyone else on the runway are hyping their height by 5cm, that's why Chico may seem even taller.
Toby said on 24/Jul/17
Based on the extensive footage i've been through of him (pictures, runway videos, etc.) i know beyond a shadow of a doubt he's between 1.89.5 - 1.91 most of the day. If i had to bet i'd say he's spot on 1.90.5 as soon as he gets off bed, then goes to 1.90 at midday.
spainmen192cm said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, here Lachowski appears in a photo back to back with another model call Hamid Onifade who claimed to be 6"4 on instagram, how much difference do you see?, this proves that Lachowski is not 6ft4 as some people say.
Click Here (hamid and lachowski)
Click Here (hamid claim)
Editor Rob
Hamid looks to have a bit of height of Francisco.
Peter175 said on 16/Jun/17
He's a big guy. Looks 192-3
Original said on 14/Jun/17
legit 6ft 4 frame many times.
Click Here
Original said on 14/Jun/17
Also you can not be shorter than a solid 6'3 if you look like that:

with Sara Sampaio (5'6.5")
Click Here

with other male models
Click Here

with Jon and Marlon (imo 6'1.5" and 6'0.5")
Click Here

Click Here

with Jesiann Gravel (listed as 5'10)
Click Here

with other models
Click Here

with Gabriel Burger (listed as 6'2.5" imo about 6'2)
Click Here
Click Here

with Lucky Blue Smith (6'2.5/6'3, imo 6'3)
Click Here
losing height
Click Here

with Victor Norlander (listed as 190)
Click Here
Victor is closer to the camera and Lachowski losing more height

with other male models (Jordan Barrett listed as 6'2)
Click Here
Original said on 14/Jun/17
He is 6'3.75" in fact, not 6'2 or 6'3.
spainmen192cm said on 18/Mar/17
Rob, why you decided to upgrade him? I think this listing is better he can definetly look a solid 6ft3
Editor Rob
I think it is probably fair bang on 6ft 3.
spainmen191cm said on 3/Feb/17
Rob, here is a recent photo of Francisco, how much do you think he weighs? And have you see more of him to consider a 6ft3 listing?
Click Here
Editor Rob
I certainly can't rule out 6ft 3.
jd said on 11/Jan/17
prob between 72.5 and 72.6
spainmen191cm said on 13/Oct/16
Rob, Im 192cm and 75kg (20 year old) I do aerobic and weigh lifting exercises at the gym but at the moment I still skinny maybe through my 20s I gain some muscle. Do you think that with my proportions I will look similiar in build (body) to Francisco? You said in comments below he must be around 170 pounds
Editor Rob
yes he could look that thin, if he's roughly 6ft 3, you may well have a similar look.
spainmen191cm said on 30/Sep/16
He definetly looks 6ft3 to me
spainmen191cm said on 8/Aug/16
Rob,maybe and upgrade to 6ft3?
heightchecker34 said on 3/Aug/16
Yes, he def looks like a 6'3 guy, so I believe the listing. I think anywhere between the 6'1-6'3 mark is the perfect height for male models. He is extremely skinny so he can very well give off even a 6'4 vibe.. when you see him even around other models, he always looks a bit taller. In my opinion, he is overrated but he is very good looking and gives off a confident vibe so I can see why he is considered famous in the "modeling sphere".
James said on 28/Jul/16
Sean O'Pry or Nick Bateman soon please
spainmen191cm said on 21/Jun/16
Rob,if Francisco is 190cm tall, how much do you think he weighs in kg?
Editor Rob
he can at times look 170 range, but other times in the past has looked skinnier
spainmen191cm said on 21/Jun/16
Rob if Francisco is 190cm tall, how much do you think he weighs in kg?
Mat said on 20/Jun/16

Well, it's a pitty footwear and pavement aren't visible. But this definitely increases the possiblity of our dear friend being nearer 5'10 than 11 ;-)
MDV said on 19/Jun/16
Click Here
@Mat...does mariano look the 6 foot 1 he claims here with pharrell williams(174)? lol
MDV said on 19/Jun/16
@Mat @Andrea
Do you think that Di Vaio with Pharrell William(174) look the 6 ft 1 that he claims???? loool
Click Here
Mat said on 17/Jun/16

Well, considering it's his job, it's obvious why he lies. for runway it's only 6 footers and above
Andrea said on 14/Jun/16
Yeah, i agree with you, Mat... Best case scenario for Mariano: she is actually 5'11, she's wearing 3.5 inches heels (not over that for sure) and, considering she looks around 3 inches taller, he would be 5'11.5 with shoes on... Now, his shoes don't look that big, i'm not a "shoe expert" like Rob but they might give just 0.75 inches which would make him 5'10.75!
Worst case scenario for Mariano: she's actually 5'10.5, her heels give her just 3 good inches and she's "just" 6'1.5-6'1.75 range there... This would make Mariano 5'10.5-5'10.75 shoes on and just around 5'10 barefoot!
Again, you can argue he looks between 5'10 and 5'11 at most! 5'10.5 is something i can buy but the more you see of him the more even 5'11 seems a bit too much!
MDV said on 13/Jun/16
@Mat I agree with you...Di Vaio is for sure more 178 than 180
Tunman said on 13/Jun/16
I wonder what is the point of claiming the 184 figure,that's not even rounding.I really fail to see the sense of it.Now when you struggle to look 180...
Maybe the worst thing acceptable should be adding 1" that's a shoe height or maybe rounding up provided the person got measured early in the day (exp:a 5'8 being measured 5'8.5 1 hour out of bed and rounding to 5'9).Again society seems to be lie addict,and bases its opinions on appearances and claims.
After all if so many persons lie it's because people accept the lies quite easily,it's almost like the 184 cm would really materialize right before their eyes because they think he's that tall.
Would it really harm him if he said 180?Would girls reject him?I think he should show himself as honest because (for me) it's even better to be seen as successful despite being smaller and no genuine person should view you differently
As for Francisco he could look up to 191 but I knew 3 guys who claimed 189 (actually 4 but the fourth was no more than 187-8) and easily pushed 190-1.Rob's listing is fine possibly6'3 flat.
6'3 for male models seems the limit of desirable.As with women who are over 6' they are often downgraded
John said on 10/Jun/16
Rob can you do a page on Sean O'Pry he's also a male a model.
Mat said on 10/Jun/16

Her toes are visible under her dress. You see the front of the heel is flat, so she can't be getting more than 3.5 inches at maximum. Her height as billed as both 5'11 and 5'10.5. Let's say she is 5'11, plus at the most 3.5 inches is 6'2.5. Di vaio looks 3 inches smaller so 5'11.5 in shoes. The most he could be in this photo is 179 cm and not 180. Unless of course, she is taller than 5'11 and she is underlisted. Her modelling agency does list her at 5'10.5 though. I don't know. But for me, this photo opens a possibility even for a flat 5'10 for Di Vaio. He could be 5'11 at the very most but that's the most one can argue, I feel. Rob estimated him at most 180 cm with Kelly Brooke too. He is not answering now, I guess he doesn't want the comments to drift away from Franscisco's height, which is understandable, but there can be one way of fixing this.

By Getting Di Vaio a page. It's not that he is a real A list celebrity, we just have an interest in this insanely over billed model's height.
Mat said on 9/Jun/16
lol i posted one link from the inbetweeners by accident xD

but thank you very much for not answering rob :D
MDV said on 8/Jun/16
It depends on her hells in this picture... Personally i think that she is close to 188-190... For sure Di Vaio could be at most 180 cm....
I hope that someone has more pic of Di Vaio with other famous guy to know if he is 178 or 179...
Mat said on 8/Jun/16
admin, look at di vaio getting dwarfed by this 5'10.5 listed dutch model Kim Feenstra, how tall do you think he looks there? if look at her toes, her heels are flat at the front, so I gues it would be 3 inch range heels.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

he looks only 5'10 here right? please answer this
MDV said on 7/Jun/16
II don t think that Di Vaio deserves a listing on this site ( not famous) but for sure he is the most overbilled guy in the model industry.
MDV said on 7/Jun/16
I can assure that Marchsio is more 179 than 180. Di Vaio is for sure betweem 178-179. Very close to Marchisio
Saqib said on 7/Jun/16
spainmen191cm said on 5/Jun/16
If Mariano Di Vaio is at most 180 with the posiibility of 179, its pretty interesting. A male model said to me that the minimum required for modelling is "182cm", he also said thath he had never seen a model taller than 195cm (and that could be the limit) and that the ideal in the industry is 6ft2. So he is probably 2-3cm less than the "minimum" required!
I have the post that a spanish model send to me, if do you want I can post it on here!

According to a quick google search.
The minimum requirement to be a runway model is 5'11.
There are other various types of modelling in which you can pass as being 5'9-5'10 as long as you have the attractive looks to be a model but still ,to be a good and successful model you need to be in 5'11-6'3 range
spainmen191cm said on 6/Jun/16
Rob, there is a chance of him being 191-2 cm? And are you going to upgrade him to 6ft3 or are you not sure yet?
Editor Rob
of course there is a chance, my initial thought on looking at him was he looked close to 6ft 3
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 6/Jun/16
He looks 190 CM to me.
Mat said on 6/Jun/16
Andrea you are Italian right? Can you confirm that Marchisio is 5'10-5'11 and not 5'11 as listed? Google lists him as 5'10.5. The photo I posted show di vaio the same range as him. and generally they are very close in heights if you look at the beach photo someone posted below.

I think di vaio deserves a listing here, there are far more insignificant people listed on this site than him. Even fousey tube got a page which i think is stupid since there are tons of youtubers more known than him. just imagine mariano's face when he sees his real height displayed on the web: 179 cm ;-)
Andrea said on 6/Jun/16
The more you see of this guy (Mariano) the more he struggles to look even the full 5'11... I think that anywhere between 5'10 and 5'11 is possible for him, certainly noway near 6'1 or even 6'!
Mat said on 5/Jun/16
Admin, I'm posting a lot of Di Vaio here because I don't know where it would be suitable.

Here's Di Vaio with juventus footballer claudio marchisio: Click Here

marchisio is listed on the official juventus site as 5'11 (180 cm) yet google and a few other sites list him as 179 cm, and some other sites list him as only 5'10.

di vaio is a little closer to the camera and he looks about the same as him, we can only see claudio's footwear and it's pretty flat. do you think that 179 cm is seriously on the table for di vaio?
spainmen191cm said on 5/Jun/16
If Mariano Di Vaio is at most 180 with the posiibility of 179, its pretty interesting. A male model said to me that the minimum required for modelling is "182cm", he also said thath he had never seen a model taller than 195cm (and that could be the limit) and that the ideal in the industry is 6ft2. So he is probably 2-3cm less than the "minimum" required!
I have the post that a spanish model send to me, if do you want I can post it on here!
Editor Rob
there's got to be a proportion of models in the 5ft 10-11 zone, but many of them might end up with 5ft 11.5+ listings.
Saying that, if you browse a lot of model sites there are a number of under 6ft models on books.
Mat said on 4/Jun/16
di vaio with 5'6 kelly brooke... Click Here how tall does he look here rob?

oh and here's banderas' and di vaio's footwear from their infamous photo together Click Here Click Here Click Here

Click Here it was from a 2015 cinema against aids gala. i don't think banderas had big heels there.
Editor Rob
with Brook the most he might be is 180cm
Mat said on 4/Jun/16
Here Rob, he has a comment on his instagram: ''marianodivaioI'M SOMETHING LIKE 6.05 or 6.1 !! That's what my London agency says in feet! 😊✌''

So he does know what they list him at, but he doesn't know the conversion!
Mat said on 4/Jun/16
Editor Rob: yes that is what he seems to claim, but is being actively called 6ft 1 by other agencies now, so he knows what is on his profiles, so seems to me approving of being called 6ft 1.

Yeah but Tom Hardy has 5'11 on his agency yet he claims 5'9. That doesn't mean he approves the 5'11 listing. I think they are just converting the 184 cm to 6'0.5 and then they make it a round 6'1.

I really do think he is in the 5'10-5'11 range
Editor Rob
yeah what is interesting is that his real height could be 2 inches less than his agency heights.
Mat said on 4/Jun/16
Editor Rob: I said months ago he could look that range with Antonio, without knowing if Banderas had higher heels, which sometimes he has been known to wear. I've not seen enough with others to say if he would be just 179 though, it is always a possibility....he was down at one and another as 185cm.

I FOUND IT ;-) Click Here

He claims 184 that is. If the 2 inch rule is applied (and it well could be) then he is sub 180 !

''For all of those who wants to know How tall am! That's it! 😊✌ are u happy?'' Haha
Editor Rob
yes that is what he seems to claim, but is being actively called 6ft 1 by other agencies now, so he knows what is on his profiles, so seems to me approving of being called 6ft 1.
Mat said on 3/Jun/16
Editor Rob: from a quick glance with other models his claim looked at least an inch high, potentially some models in 5ft 11-11.5 range could end up getting 6ft 1 listings by agencies.

I just want to point that DiVaio hasn't claimed 6-1, but ''184 cm''. If the 2 inch rule applies to models as well he could very well be 179 cm. What do you think Rob? That's what he looked with Banderas
Editor Rob
I said months ago he could look that range with Antonio, without knowing if Banderas had higher heels, which sometimes he has been known to wear. I've not seen enough with others to say if he would be just 179 though, it is always a possibility....he was down at one and another as 185cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jun/16
No 190cm is perfect...
Crane said on 1/Jun/16
@Allie Yeah, he could be anywhere in that range but definitely not under 6'2" or over 6'3". The best bet for me is 189 cm, which he looked to be exactly that mark.
Allie said on 29/May/16
@Crane - I see. My guess would probably be 189-190 cm as my best bet, He doesn't look like a flat 6'2 but sometimes he looks, sometimes not 6'3.
Andrea said on 27/May/16
The only reason why Rob says he looks 6' at most is because he came out with 185... I have not seen enough of him to say he's for sure 5'10-5'11 range but in the few photos i've seen he certainly does look a lot nearer 5'10 than 6'1... That said, i don't think he deserves a listing on this site...
Editor Rob
from a quick glance with other models his claim looked at least an inch high, potentially some models in 5ft 11-11.5 range could end up getting 6ft 1 listings by agencies.
MDV said on 26/May/16
@Editor Rob by looking at the pic of marchisio and Mariano Di Vaio...if you consider Marchisio as a real 179 guy.... how tall do you guess Mariano? for me 6 ft 1 listed is fantasy. 178 cm no more
James said on 24/May/16
Make a page for Sean O'Pry fairly soon please Rob. He's been the top male model for a few years now.
Andrea said on 24/May/16
Appe, where did you see him with Bonolis? Btw, i doubt Laurenti is 176, i would have guessed him more 172-173 at most... I doubt he's only 1 cm shorter than Bonolis, who generally looks at least 5-6 cms taller! Bonolis could be 178-179??? If he really did look close to him, he's 179-180 at most and he claims 185??? That's a big claim!
Andrea said on 23/May/16
You mean 5'11 at most??? He looks 5'10 with Antonio Banderas but he certainly might be nearer 5'11...
Editor Rob
6ft is the most he could look, but he could be 5ft 11.
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 23/May/16
i looked a pic of mariano di vaio with pharrel williams and he was very close to him....i say around 5 feet 10 max for him...On italian television he looked very close to Luca Laurenti (176) and Bonolis(177)
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 22/May/16
How tall is Mariano di Vaio?
Editor Rob
he looks no more than 6ft at most
charlie said on 20/May/16
I would have guessed this dude at 150 pounds
Andrea said on 20/May/16
Totally agree with you, MD!
Willy said on 19/May/16
I will ask again, can flat feet effect height
Editor Rob
if you developed flattened arches with age, maybe it has a little effect.
spainmen191cm said on 19/May/16
@Appe 6ft 0.5
I agree with you, I think that he is pretty similar to me solid 191 weak 192, in the 191-2 range
Also, how much do you think he weighs? Rob estimate is 170 pound range, it is true that are good newa for me Im currently 168 pounds(76kg)
Another video here, where he look a good 6ft3
Click Here
Crane said on 19/May/16
Here's the link to the 2011 article that he was first listed as 6'2.25 @
Editor Rob
he's had various listings by model agencies, those are just random sites you were linking to.
You-11 said on 19/May/16
Rob, How Tall is Kivanc Tatlitug ? I Think 186cm Here is The Video With Francisco Lachowski Click Here
Editor Rob
he could be at least 4cm smaller
MaryAnne said on 19/May/16
He is more than ''pretty''... Heavenly! More beautiful than some women! Dream man..
truth said on 19/May/16
Solid 6ft2/188cm.
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 19/May/16
@Joe @Rob
I follow him on IG and I remember when he added that photo he wrote "even if I am wearing thick boots".
He is around 196cm range in this photo, and this is a proof he is 191-192cm barefoot.
MD said on 19/May/16
I'm kind of surprised by some of the superlatives used for his looks. Just judging by the picture above he looks very, very young with very delicate features, almost kind of feminine. I guess that's some people's thing, but I'd say he looks more "pretty" than "handsome."
John said on 18/May/16
Spot on listing. somewhere in 189-191 range
CS said on 18/May/16
Agree with all the comments complimenting this guy. Dude is ridiculously handsome.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
Click Here

He has a very tall look. I think 6ft3 on the dot is quite possible
Crane said on 18/May/16
@Allie He was given 6'2.25, 6'2.5, 6'2.75 and 6'3. From what I've seen in his pics, he can be anywhere from 188-190 cm.
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 18/May/16
One of the best male supermodel with Evandro Soldati, Jarrod Scott and Adam Senn in my opinion!
Rob can you add also these male models please?
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 18/May/16
@alexbigguy A friend of mine met Mariano di Vaio and took a photo with him. My friend is 180cm and looks exactly as tall as him, so around 180cm is correct.
I'm not so familiar with Bateman but from what I ve seen he is between 186cm and 188cm
MaryAnne said on 18/May/16
He is a brazilian babe!
Allie said on 17/May/16
He does look kind of younger. In terms of male models though, Sean O'Pry's one of my faves :). Anyways, if he was given a 6'2.5 listing and 6'3, this is probably perfect.
James said on 17/May/16
Agreed. Upgrade to 191cm Rob?
Editor Rob
it is possible he could look 6ft 3 range.
NikeKaishi said on 17/May/16
I'm a straight male but this man looks almost angelic or something divine. Like he descended from heaven.

I know beauty is subjective but he seems to be the best looking person on this website.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 17/May/16
Hey Rob,
If you swung the other way would you fancy a chap like this?
Editor Rob
I can certainly appreciate he is very handsome from a ladies (and proportion of men's) viewpoint!
alexbigguy said on 17/May/16
@appe 6 ft0.5
I agree with you....looks a very solid 191 if not 192....Which are you guesses on Mariano Di Vaio (laughable listed at 1.85 but looks more 1.78) and Nick bateman?
spainmen191cm said on 17/May/16
There are videos of him with fans, and he could look quite towering in them, here are two examples
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, how much do you think that he weighs?
Editor Rob
you'd think he would be a guy in the 170 range.
appe 6ft0.5 said on 17/May/16
I ve been following him from years. Legit 192cm
alexbigguy said on 16/May/16
legit 6 foot 3.Upgrade Rob?
spainmen191cm said on 16/May/16
Rob, could be a full 6ft3 for this guy possible or even over it?
Editor Rob
it is possible
Joe said on 16/May/16
What do you make of this picture, Rob?

Click Here

He's wearing shoes, has a hat on, and the camera is below him, but I think he's got to be taller than 6'3'' based on this.
Editor Rob
for all we know he could be going on tip-toes there.
MaryAnne said on 16/May/16
Probably the most handsome celeb on this site. (I know i am starting a discussion :p just my idea)
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/16
Never heard of him but unlike a lot of famous guys actually looks younger than 25 I think. I thought he looked about 19!
Crane said on 15/May/16
His height listing is very strange. He was first listed as a 6'2.25 then 6'2.75 later on 6'2.5.
Alex said on 13/May/16
I think he's more like 6'4'', possibly taller. He always looks taller than the rest of the male models and he towers over normal people.
MaryAnne said on 13/May/16
Thank you thank you thank you! Nice spot.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 13/May/16
Hey Rob,
I lived in Manhattan the past 8 months and a girl posted a photo with him on Broadway to an NYU fb page that I am a part of. I think he could be one of those guys that is closer to 6,4. Watch his shows when they all walk out together at the end. He is really really tall and in that industry they like to have all the guys float at 186-188 cm. I think he is closer to 194. Bare minimum 6,3.5. He is very very tall.
James said on 13/May/16
Other male models as famous and deserving of a page include Sean O'Pry, Jon Kortajarena, Lucky Blue Smith, Jon Kortajarena, Baptiste Giabiconi, Jordan Barrett, Marlon Teixera, Nick Bateman and Mariano Di Vaio.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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