How tall is Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

Mexican actor best known for roles in films such as Amores Perro, The Motorcycle Diaries and Bad Education. In one article it gave his stats: "Height/Weight/Shoes : 1.70 m./ 61 [kg] / 8 and a half."

How tall is Gael Garcia Bernal
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Average Guess (31 Votes)
5ft 5.08in (165.3cm)
Andrea said on 14/Sep/23
Apparently you already hinted at it before, Rob, but if you want to add a more direct claim, he does state his "estatura" as 170 here Click Here , which is certainly not that surprising, given the amount of 5'5-5'6 people who just round up to that in metric countries!
Editor Rob
I'll mention that, it could be from him as the weight and shoes were also included!
Henners said on 28/Aug/23
7.5-8 inches shorter next to Jeffrey Dean Morgan I'd say somewhere 5ft5
David Zelisney said on 30/Aug/22
Met Gabriel at a concession at a beach; both of us ere barefooted and I had a brief conversation with him and our eyes were at the same level. I'm 5'5 so he would be the same. Like many "shorter" men he has short legs.
David Zelisney said on 8/Aug/22
In shoes or in bare feet? All depends. ie 5'6 in shoes; 5'5 1/2" in barefeet.
Cliff said on 27/Apr/22
No taller than 5ft5.

Had to stand on a box in OLD (2021) in a beach scene with Thomason McKenzie (5ft5). There is a bonus piece on the Bluray which shows this. Since all characters on the beach were shoeless throughout the film, it makes it easier to gauge their heights. He has a brief scene with Abbey Lee (5ft11) and she easily looks 6-7 inches taller than Gael.

Definitely not a 5ft7 guy,
Guillermo 68" said on 6/Jun/20
About as tall as Napoleon.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 19/May/20
Does not look over 5ft5 at all.
Littlelee168cm said on 10/Jan/19
Looks about 4 inches shorter than Diego Luna in photographs together but taller than kate hudson bit confusing
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 24/Jan/18
5'4 is it possible for him ???
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed him that short.
MD said on 19/Jan/18
Here he is fairly recently with Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, who is listed at 5'2", here.

Click Here
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 18/Jan/18
I think Gael is 5'4
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Jan/18
It always looks smaller ... I know it's small but it looks even smaller like 5'4 and below
mande2013 said on 8/Jan/18
GGB has never struck me as acting overly macho. He's always been more prone to cultivating a "Latin Lover" persona if you ask me.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 29/Nov/17
Average for a mexican
milka said on 24/Sep/17
He is 5'4.
Diana Trimble said on 18/Aug/17
I would say that 5 foot 5 inches is a very good guess. What's interesting is that Lola Kirke's published height is 5 foot 3 while she clearly towers above him onscreen. What is she, wearing 9 inch heels? Obviously that makes no sense. I think her height is being publicized as shorter (thought elsewhere I've seen it as 5 foot 7) to comply with his being stated as taller. I have first-hand knowledge of how this works in Hollywood. For example, it is still on the public record that Mel Gibson is 5 foot 10 and it even used to be said he was taller. I met him when I was 18 or so and he was definitely shorter than me. I am a female of 5 foot 8. Short Hollywood actors typically add 2 inches to their actual height. I guess because this is an easy amount to get away with and to fake, with footwear, without it being too obvious you are wearing womping frikkin heals. The fact that Garcia looks short and slight of frame on film, yet claims to be 5 foot 7 means that he is for sure 5 foot 5 or LESS by my own knowledge of Hollywood height math. I have also stood next to supermodels whose published statistics claimed they were 5 foot 10 or more who were definitely shorter than I am. In general, most actors/models/politicians are lying about their height, their weight, their age, their hair color, their eye color, their grade point average in high school, and often even their name and many other personal facts. I went to a famous high school that has bred a lot of famous performers/public figures and I sometimes am astonished to see former classmates who have "made it" to the degree of being profiled in the media, and who will publicly shave up to a decade off their age when I know for sure that I did not go to 11th grade with a 5 year old!

So, I like this actor, Garcia, to a degree, but he also reminds me of a lot of short egomaniacs I've known who reacted to their shortness with a very big, cocks-at-dawn, kind of macho attitude. Garcia, emphasized by his Mexican heritage, definitely works this vein. I'd prefer to see a short actor admit his height and not try to overcompensate for it by being a raging shaft of testosterone. I understand that evolutionarily speaking, short dudes would have had to max out on the braggadacio in order to compete with taller, stronger dudes. But nowadays, I wish short guys would be advocates for more subtle arts like verbal communication. Let's face it, civilized society is about people agreeing to have rational discussions and not just settle things by who is bigger and stronger. I mean, rape could potentially happen any time a female and male are together, assuming superior strength and size of male, as is usual. Or depending on the perps proclivities, the short guy could also end up the rape victim.

So to pretend that a short guy can still physically best bigger guys, by faking his height, actually really sucks. It reaffirms the "might is right" amoral, forceful rule of oppression and further belittles the little guy by telling him that it is not just OK but right, to lie about his height.

As if we can't see how big someone is for ourselves! Jayzus people - just own yourselves. Wear brown contact lenses if it turns you on but don't pretend you're eyes aint green if they is - you get me???!
kira said on 12/Aug/17
Amazing at any height
Omar said on 5/Apr/17
Hey Rob, I was wondering why Garcia Bernal looks shorter than the others 5'5 celebrities,like Emile hirsh or Dave franco for exemple. Is that because of his big sized head? Can you estimate the size of his head Rob?
Editor Rob
maybe his head size is slighty more than the others, 9.2 inches
Short guy said on 27/Feb/17
Saw him next to Hailee Seinfield in the Oscars last night, definitively 5' 4 or 5' 5'' no more, no less...
Mande2013 said on 30/Aug/16
5'4, really? Personally, I thought he looked anywhere from 165-167 in Y Tu Mama Tambien. And in that movie he did with Michelle Williams (can't remember what it's called) I thought he looked 5'5.
MozExtra said on 13/Feb/16
I'm 5'6 flat, and I was an extra on Mozart in the Jungle. Lola Kirke is somewhere around 5'5 and I would give Gael Garcia 5'4-5'4.5 TOPS. He always has boots on, but as you can see here (Click Here) they both have normal tennis shoes on in this scene.

Also see here:

See the next 2 photos from the golden globes. Lola Kirke is barefoot and Gael has footwear with lifts on. She is bending over in the first photo, and the second she is standing up straight.

1.Click Here
2.Click Here

No way in heck is this guy anywhere near 5'6! Still a phenomenal actor, I just wish American society would stop bashing men with small stature!
Josh said on 10/Jun/15
Okay this page seems not pretty popular but i still have to say no way is this guy 5'6 at Night rob, Look at the pic with jon Stewart
Click Here
Maybe he is 5'6 at wake up but a 5'5.5 would be a better listing or what do you think rob?
Editor Rob
yeah he can look around that mark said on 25/Jun/14
he looks 5'5 with everyone
Hola said on 18/Nov/13
I love this guy, but unlikely at 170, and 168 is pretty unlikely as well.

He wears boots with probable lifts very, very consistently, despite being open about his shortness.

Click Here

Click Here

168 is a sufficient listing, although I think he's closer to 5'5 barefoot.
MD said on 18/Nov/13

To post links here, you have to put them through to get them so that they'll be hyperlinked here. Just a heads up for the future.
Hola said on 14/Nov/13
Might legitimately be closer to 5'5 if your listing of Mortensen is correct, here's a picture of Elijah Wood and Mortensen, Wood and Bernal's heights look interchangable if you ask me.
MD said on 14/Nov/13
Yes, he's about 5'5" was my guess, too, and I think Diego Luna is also listed too tall here.
jtm said on 13/Nov/13
looks closer to 5'5.
MD said on 13/Nov/13
With Viggo Mortensen, listed at 5'10.75", here, and both in heeled footwear, but maybe Viggo getting a slight advantage:

Click Here

Click Here
Hola said on 10/Nov/13
My comments don't go through on this guy?

Anyways, he seems to be wearing lifts, or atleast larger footwear, In virtually any photo I can find, always high tops or boots. Are you sure he's 5'6? I wouldnt be shocked if he was 5'5 and a half, or flat barefoot. Compare him and Elijah Wood, they look very interchangable.

Sorry if you've closed this height for consideration for whatever reason.
potros said on 13/Sep/13
Eagleknigth: The only loser here and always are you know Gael in person? he your friend? im sure sure you are only a lonely creep celebrity lover... I only did tell THE TRUE.. Gael is about 5' 5" heigth and i don´t care if he is shorter or taller than me...
John said on 8/Jul/13
I just read in an interview that the perhaps sexiest women in the World, Emily Ratajowski, would like to do a kissing scene with Gael, so I guess his below average height is not a problem for him when it comes to the ladies.
Really said on 24/Apr/13
Does not look over 5'5.
Johnnyfive said on 16/Nov/12
Dude always looks tiny. Amazing actor. As listed.
ArjunaKorale said on 21/Aug/12
If Bernal is 168 cm that is great as he is down to play my favourite boxer of all time - Roberto Duran!!! Duran, I know for sure was around 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm) when he fought in his prime, so 5 ft 6 inches Bernal is a v suitable actor, in my opinion, to play the Hands of Stone. It is cartainly a better match than when Denzel Washington played the boxer Hurrican Carter as Denzel is over 6 ft tall whilst Carter was (at the very most) around 5 ft 7.5 inches!
portos said on 29/Jul/12
Im mexican, im 5'7" i was standing front of him and he was shorter than me. He is abot 5'5" and very thinny.
Joan said on 31/Jul/11
Antron your family is really small I'm Colombian I'm 5'6" and I'm short in my country I'm the shortest and my family my father is 5'11,5" and he's the shortest male sibling.
shell said on 30/May/11
Standing next to Julianne Moore, he's about the same height as her, but she has giant heels on. So if she is the reported 5'4, and as tall as him in 4" heels, he's likely 5'6.

Click Here
MD said on 27/Apr/09
Here he is with Diego Luna given 5'9'ish, here. And, Bernal is even in higher heeled boots:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/09
There is no way this guy is 5" 6 anything.

Extremely talented, but 5"5 at best. Maybe a little over, but nothing more. he doesn't need height, since he is one of the most handsome men walking the Earth.
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/09
whoa ! I live in mexico and I
GH said on 8/Apr/09
I've spent time with him on the set of "Dot the i" and have seen him in his boots and barefoot. In his boots he's 5'6" and a half. Barefoot he's barely 5'4" if not a tad under.
You're wrong said on 25/Mar/09
OAZ says on 22/Mar/09
I lived in Mexico many years and men from the south are really short 1.50 1.55, men form the north are taller 1.70 1.75, but in Mexico he
OAZ said on 22/Mar/09
I lived in Mexico many years and men from the south are really short 1.50 1.55, men form the north are taller 1.70 1.75, but in Mexico he
You're wrong said on 15/Mar/09
According to other sources,the average height for men in mexico is 5'5.9"-5'6.6"
he's average in Mexico, not tall.

Click Here
MD said on 7/Feb/09
BTW, here's a reference photo with 5'3" Julianne Moore. She's in heels, but so is he by the looks of it:

Click Here

I'm not sure I'm buying the 5'6" height, for him.
You're wrong said on 7/Feb/09
MD,Look here the best Average height country by country (with sources)
younger and entire population:(In many countries the average of younger still under 170cm)

Click Here
MD said on 6/Feb/09
Well, if you could find the research papers showing the average height of younger generations, that'd be great.
You're wrong said on 6/Feb/09
Ok MD... in this case, I can help all countries,the average for young people is max. 5cm taller (I saw a lot researches),Mexico's average height for young people is 163cm 5ft4in (tops),maybe in the north the average is 170cm 5ft7in.Bernal still tall or average in Mexico.
MD said on 6/Feb/09
Wow, You're Wrong. I did not expect that to be the case. I'd be interested in seeing the numbers for just the younger generation, though. Thanks for the link.
You're wrong said on 5/Feb/09
The report:"El promedio de los hombres
You're wrong said on 5/Feb/09
MD,here:(in spanish)
Click Here
MD said on 4/Feb/09
I'd like to see that report, You're Wrong, because I don't believe it. Perhaps, that's for the entire adult population (16-18 years of age+).
You're wrong said on 3/Feb/09
Mexico's average height is only 158cm (5ft2.2in)for men-Research of a Mexico University!He is tall in Mexico!hahahaha
TOny said on 26/Dec/08
Yep, the man is short. Check here with Julianne Moore
Click Here
Aimie said on 30/May/08
nah I think he might actually be 5'5'' at the most. Either that or his head is bigger than the usual, and his arms and legs and torso are too small.
anonymous said on 4/Apr/08
yeah...seems right b/c next to natalie he's just a tad bit taller than here and she's 5'3"
Ana said on 30/Oct/07
I saw him filming in Valencia (Spain) Bad Education from Pedro Almod
nikki said on 15/Sep/07
I volunteered at the TO film festival (2007), he was a patron at one of the movies there while I was taking ballots (lol) and... he's really short... mind you, I'm pretty short myself so I didn't mind.

My friend who's 5'6 met him three times during the week and specifically said he was about an inch shorter than her.

I'd put him around 5'5" to just under 5"6. It's not bad though. He looks much "refined" and much hotter in person. lol.
ms crababel said on 19/Jul/07
Bernal is not a smidge over 5'4 thats for sure..i have seen so many of his movies and even with clear help from the camera, boxes, shoes, other short people etc he still doesnt look near 168 cm..
I'm what I am said on 11/Jul/07
What? anonymous, Gael's 5'3?? To me he's at least 5'5; at best 5'7...
Now! What do you think, Anonymous? How tall is Natalie Portman?
Click Here
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/07
He looks short to me. I'd say he's 5'4", 5'3".
Brah said on 26/Jun/07
Here's an interesting pic of Rinko Kikuchi (official height 5'6.5") next to Gael:
Click Here

We can't see if she's wearing heels in the last pic, but I doubt it. When she does wear heels, the difference is much greater:
Click Here
Jack Bean said on 17/Jun/07
That's some huge, chunky shoes.

Seriously, 5'5" max.
Bob said on 30/May/07
i-m-d-b has him at 5'4! Thought they usually round up heights?

Editor Rob
he does go toe to toe in height with 5ft 9.5 dafoe (according to i-m-d-b) I guess. I suppose he's wearing 5 inch lifts. To be fair he does wear his moonbeam boots there, but they are just big oversizers, sometimes those styles aren't as big in heel though, see side shot of other event.
Gotxo said on 29/Apr/07
Luna himself has stated that he's 5'10".
Who knows, maybe he's not bang on that mark, but pretty close.
And, as for those pics, the difference is always between 3 to 4" so Rob has made it very well, Gael is shy of 5'7". One of the few cases that can be easily tracked.
MD said on 28/Apr/07

With Diego Luna, who's given 5'9.25":

Click Here

And, Bernal is given an advantage in this photo by standing further from the camera.

I don't see just a 2.75" difference in any of the photos of these, two. Either Bernal is taller, or Luna's shorter than listed if it's only a 2.75" difference.

One more:

Click Here
MD said on 3/Mar/07
5'6" is tops.

Doing just a general search, Jim Emerson of editor of Roger Eberts says about Bernal for his Movie "The Sleep Science" dated September 29, 2006:

"Although the diminutive (5-foot-6-inch) Bernal emanates an infectiously playful and energetic charisma, there comes a point when you just want to slap him with a big hand for being such a petulant baby."

His main fan site also gives him 5'6" (among other's)

Click Here

And, if Diego Luna really is around 5'9" (I think he's a little shorter, actually)...:

Click Here

Click Here

5'6" is the max.
ms crababel said on 14/Feb/07
give me a break..5'5 guys i know dont look as tiny ass bernal..he is def. under 5'5
Lmeister said on 30/Jan/07
Hmm I think he really can be around 5'7'' eventhough I use to doubt it. He has a really small frame which makes him look shorter. I have a spanish friend who looks just like him 5'7'' guy with a small frame. From distance he can look hell of a lot shorter...
Dagger said on 17/Sep/06
So, Vanessa, you looked for the special shoes...Did you see any??
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
Im always at Marquee Vanessa.say hi.
vanessa said on 7/Sep/06
i partied with him at marquee in my town of nyc ... he's around 5'6'' .. and i looked for the special shoes
Lmeister said on 5/Sep/06
He isn't 5'7'' or Diego Luna must be 5'11''
Click Here
anonymous said on 20/Jul/06
His height is listed at 5' 3
Dagger said on 16/May/06
Drop the .5in. After seeing 4 or 5 of his films I'd not give an inch over 5'5. He's little.
Kim said on 29/Mar/06
My boyfriend met him when he came to one of his gigs and claims they are the same height... he also claims I am the same height as him whereas he's most definitly a couple of cms shorter, so I reckon 169cms would be pretty accurate for him because he probably had an equal misconception of both our heights... though maybe it's that my boyfriend recognised the 'special' shoes and made an informed guess on his height haha because they buy the same brand (not that I could get him to actually admit that to me). Ahhh these short ass men!!!
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
why did he get an extra cm? His 5'6 by about 95% of the estimates, Probably a little less barefoot, so why the 5'6.5???
anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
he's tiny. i've met him a few times here in London. I'd say 5'4 at most.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Dec/05
In telegraph, it mentioned: "Pocket dynamo García Bernal - he says he's 170cm (5ft 7in) but looks shorter, broad, fit, a keen surfer and footballer"

Hmm, this guy can look 169cm...
anonymous said on 5/Sep/05
he came into the restaurant that i work at last summer. I would say that 5'6" (5'6.5" tops) is very accurate. he was slightly shorter than my boss, who is around 5'7".
absolution said on 30/Aug/05
his officil listened as 168cm.
but, however, you know rob, he´s probably on the 5'5 barefoot, cause official listenings are always 1 or 2 inches above the right height. like many people said here before, actors who get famous seems to grown 1 or 2 inches.
Efiza said on 13/Jun/05
NO! He is so cute in The Motorcycle Diaries, but so short! He looks like 6 ft but he'ss just too small!!

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