How tall was Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman's Height

4ft 7 (139.7 cm)

American actor best remembered for playing Arnold Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes.

How tall was Gary Coleman
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I'm 4 foot 8 and I'll be 4 foot 8 when I'm in a box. You learn to work with it, around it, and through it, and if anybody has any problem with it, tell them to go pound sand. You are you. Be proud of your height. Trust me, it's better to be short in many circumstances than to be tall.

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Average Guess (6 Votes)
4ft 7.29in (140.4cm)
Infalible said on 15/Dec/20
139 cm
Leesheff85 said on 26/Oct/20
Frankr1 he himself claimed to be 4ft 7 in an interview and that his wife was 5ft 6 I remember the interview so he wasnt 4 ft 8
FrankR1 said on 30/Sep/20
I believe that Gary Coleman was all of 4'8". People who are under 5 feet tall who die in their early 40s, typically have not lost more than one-eighth of an inch in height.
John Davis said on 21/Jul/17
@james instead of being a patronising piece of crap, respect him instead
james said on 28/Sep/15
Wow I always thought he was at least 4'10 ..4'7 poor little guy..r.I.p
SHORTY said on 7/Nov/13
I saw that Insider interview with him on the show. He completely flew off the handle over accusations of him assaulting his wife and he stated that he was 4'7" and his wife was 5'6" and that he couldn't possibly be capable of abusing a woman that much taller.
runt said on 26/Jan/12
Kian says on 14/Aug/11
Wow he had a disorder which made him only 4'7 i've heard claims of 5'0 but he looks much smaller than that 4'8 most IMO R.I.P Gary.

I don't think there were any claims of 5'. There was an episone of Diff'rent Strokes where they wrote in an explanation for Arnold's growth problems and included a visit to a fictional doctor. In that episode the fictional doctor estimated that he might someday reach 5'. It sounds plausible that even a real life doctor might estimate that.
Reality said on 12/Jan/12
@Atlanta gman:Did I say anything bad about him?
Atlanta gman said on 7/Jan/12
Reality-- this is a serious height guessing site, probably the best on the whole world wide internet web thing. . . Gary Coleman did great things,far example, he was a great American actor. He also was a great benefactor of numerous charities and some say a war hero. Please do not insult him. "Reality", you should be ashamed of yourself. Gary Coleman may have been one of the shortest americans ever but in my book, even at 4 feet tall he was truly a big man.
ACG said on 27/Nov/11
Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Legend and Physics Enemy?
Legend said on 7/Sep/11
Reality says on 6/Sep/11
To Legend and everybody else.It's just a SHAME to get here and downgrade dead actor.
What are you talking about nutcase? I'm guessing his height. I'm not downgrading anyone.
Reality said on 6/Sep/11
To Legend and everybody else.It's just a SHAME to get here and downgrade dead actor.
Legend said on 25/Aug/11
Looked 4'5
dicksock said on 24/Aug/11
He was only 2" shorter than Snooki...ha
Kian said on 14/Aug/11
Wow he had a disorder which made him only 4'7 i've heard claims of 5'0 but he looks much smaller than that 4'8 most IMO R.I.P Gary.
Cranberries (17m, 193.75-191.25) said on 23/Jun/11
Looks like much more than a 13 inch difference to me.
Andrew1995 said on 17/May/11
he does look a bit shorter. Compare this massive Mamun with the Mamun standing next to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar xDD
Physics Enemy said on 7/May/11
Looks very short here, even accounting for the camera etc. I'd estimate him at 4' 6".
Danimal said on 8/Mar/11
So Gary Coleman would have been almost the same height as Danny Devito. Not sure why, but Danny Devito just came across as being taller than Gary (even though they never actually stood next to each other that I know of)..
Brian67 said on 1/Dec/10
Pretty hard to judge his height when he stands besides a man who is 1 foot taller lol.
RIP Gary!
ACG said on 30/Nov/10
Thanks for crediting me Rob, as well as changing the listing. :-)
Cookies said on 16/Jun/09
wow. that i was taller dan him.
but he got me by 2 inches. [im 17 years old) :) && 4'6
phil edgar jones said on 23/May/09
What nonsense about Pygmies. Gary Goleman has endocrine problems. Pygmies were not slaves due to their small stature. Slaves were used to work- not do little dances for slave owners. Who the hell would want to capture little tiny pygmies, they would not be worth 50 cents.

Most African Americans will have more white, native American Indian and Arab in them than any Pygmy DNA .

I know short black people and they are just short, you are trying to fit people into homogenous boxes and ignorng the specific obvious, which is his endocrine problem. Gary looks about 4ft 7 and around the same height as people who have had his problem.

Pygmy my arse. Are Danny Devito, Rhea Pearlman, Ronnie Corbett, Kylie Minogue, Estelle Getty all pygmies too!

Or is the Pygmy theory confined to anyone who is black, when a perfectly reasonable medical answer is staring you in the face.

Aram x you are certainly no scientist although you may be a bit of a meglomaniac with scietific delusion tendencies.

Africa is also a continent and not all short africans are Pygmies, height is varied as in the European Races. The fact pygmies are the only short ethnic blacks you personally know is an indication of your ignorance, not factual evidence of the people of Africa.

It is a futile argument the man has endocrine problems, and if you think otherwise, write up your 'theories' refuting the obvious in a medical journal.
aram x said on 10/May/09
I like it's more likely that Coleman has pygmy hertiage rather than suffering from the lack of GH secretion during his growing age. I know a few African Americans at my former high school who were ridiculously short (but for the most part, well proportioned) like Coleman who were only around 5' if that. Pygmies have been basically absorbed into the larger Niger-Congo population, so every once in a while your going to have a really short black dude.
steve said on 5/May/09
aram x I like the way you think. Coleman reaks of pygmy heritage as Mamun shows clear signs of a thyroid disfunction. Funny how people with strange afflictions are attracted to each other.
aram x said on 25/Apr/09
maybe this might just be a crack pot theory, but it could be possible that Gary's shortness could be the result of African Pygmy heritage.
aram x said on 24/Apr/09
But keep in mind Mamun is also standing closer to the camera. Nevertheless, Gary looks extremely small but proportional (so he definitely doesn't have achondroplasia).
SAM said on 17/Apr/09
Mamum seems to be leaning back theres definatly upto 16 iches difference. ill give coleman a very generous 4ft6.
Lol said on 22/Dec/08
You guys saying you can't get women when being small, are liars. It's all in your head, fella's.
Check out Sean Stephenson, he should be an inspiration to every guy out there - with any kind of physical flaw.

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steve said on 10/Nov/08
Coleman was recently spotted at halloscream were he was denied admittance on several attractions being sub 52". It caused quite a seen. Mamun you may have been able to ride? coleman was just inches shy.
Sherman's master said on 9/Nov/08
G man, you are too kind. I am with you man. The crazy thing is that these little guys, Coleman, Mamun, Tom Cruise, John Mccain and the likes are very popular with the ladies. I say embrace you littleness. Besides, they say that a lack of overall height makes all your appendages look longer. This, a 4' tall Gary Coleman allegedly has to strap "little Gary" to is knee.
Haze said on 8/Nov/08
4'8 is nonsense. how can he even begin to think anyone would believe that. looks
4'4 to me
Mamun said on 8/Nov/08
James , Garry is a very sansitive man ! What ever I say here could hurt his
feelings !


G man said on 7/Nov/08
As always shermans master has shown his keen intellect. Mr coleman needs to come clean and admit his true height. If in fact coleman is sub 4 than mamun clearly must be below 5'5". No big deal guys there are worse things than being short
Sherman's master said on 7/Nov/08
mamun, if I were you I would hang out with coleman all the time. He makes you look taller--as they say, "he completes you."
King James said on 6/Nov/08
I think mamun may be telling fibs about his height. He and garys hands are virtually the exact same size. Plus he is standing two feet in front of gary as well as having a giant head. The purportions are all wrong. Mamun 5'5" gary 4'2".
Sherman's master said on 6/Nov/08
Many people here have talked about "giving" Gary Coleman his claimed height of 4"8". Isn't that akin to giving him some kind of entitlement. Just because he is not tall does not mean that he should be allowed to misrepresent his height. If he is really only 4'7"--shouldn't we be honest about it. Isn't that what this site is all about? I think we are belittling him by calling him big. Also, isn't it likely that a really short man is probably even more motivated than, say John McCain, to misrepresent his height? In the picture with Mamun, Coleman looks like he is a good 16" smaller. If Mamun's height is accurate, Coleman would be only a little over 4 feet tall. Lastly, I'll Coleman has huge lifts in his shoes, increasing his height by another couple of inches. Before its all said and done, I think you have to question whether Coleman breaks the 4 foot barrier.
Mamun said on 5/Nov/08
James , please forgive me for not answering your question on that one !


teenbodybuilder said on 5/Nov/08
Why is it that this site takes off an inche of what the actors said height is, I know some people exaggerate about their height but i have seen in many cases on this site that the "assumed" heights are wrong

[Editor Rob: I will give gary what he says he is.]
Lego said on 4/Nov/08
4'7.5 lowest 4'8 max.

in the box he's going to be 4'7.25 probably, short people are not immune to height loss i think?
runt said on 3/Nov/08
Roberto says on 30/Oct/08
"Its almost rude here to not give him the 4'8 he himself stated..."
I agree.

Complex says on 31/Oct/08
"If Rising Force were here he would say Coleman isn't a hair under 6'0 lol"

Nah... not a hair over 5-10.25...
^OdDiTy^ said on 1/Nov/08
... He may be 4'8" but its sad that he doesn't even have $48 ..... :( ....that's always hurt.... :( ....lots of money has been made off of him....
mofo said on 1/Nov/08
Id say 4ft7.25 to be exact counting for manums lean but closness to the camera then gauging the height and measuring comes to 4ft7.25.
why not said on 1/Nov/08
I'd give him the 4 ft. 8. I don't see any reason for a man to make that lie.
anonymous said on 31/Oct/08
He does look more than a foot shorter. maybe it is because he is farther from the camera?
Complex said on 31/Oct/08
If Rising Force were here he would say Coleman isn't a hair under 6'0 lol! Does seem more than a foot. But he's taller than I thought he was.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/08
what'chu talkin 'bout dude?, Gary is 4'8", everybody knows that.
derek d said on 31/Oct/08
He looks shorter than 4'7 next to mamun
Derek said on 31/Oct/08
I'm pretty sure I saw him about a year and a half ago. He looked way older than his actual age.
Tony said on 31/Oct/08
i see more than a foots difference between the 2
Roberto said on 30/Oct/08
Its almost rude here to not give him the 4'8 he himself stated...
runt said on 30/Oct/08
I always thought that 4'8" thing was in shoes. That's why 4'7" makes a lot of sense to me.
Jenea said on 17/May/08
What Gary Coleman said was right. And he's happy with who he is!. GOOD!
glenn said on 2/May/08
whats even the point of bringing up something that old?
Danimal said on 2/May/08
Glenn says on 30/Jul/07
I know statto.its a bizzare thing for Gary to say.

Didn't the poster Jon Doe say that? Not Gary Coleman.
kitten said on 30/Mar/08
yup he looks shorter than 142 defenetly um 144 but not that short!
Jasmine said on 8/Oct/07
dang, gary coleman aka Arnold Jackson is super short right now...i knew he wasn't gon to grow but it because his mom really had him when she was 7 months pregnant?
DoB said on 10/Aug/07
Being on the short side doesn't automatically preclude you from dating quality women.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
I know statto.its a bizzare thing for Gary to say.
statto said on 29/Jul/07
Jon Doe says on 21/Jul/07
"Sure there's alot of advantages of shorter stature such as never snocking your head on things but still when it comes to dating if you're a short guy you might as well turn gay if there was anyway that ya could I'd do it,maybe I can get hypnotised by some pyschologist and it would fix this problem... god I wish I was gay."

Why do you wish you were gay, in what way would that change anything?
Your still going to be 5'4" whatever.
I am actually gay and you would not believe how often I wish I was straight and not be in a minority but unfortunately I am and I cant change who I fall for. You should be happy your straight it is so much more easier to find someone compared to when your gay.
craig said on 29/Jul/07
i think coleman looked about this height in his campaigning days (a year or so ago), 4'8-4'9 tops. but don joe how old r u? i was 5'4.5 age 18, still grew. still a tad short but not so bad. Maybe u'll squeak out a little height.
craig said on 28/Jul/07
jon doe, how old are u. I was 5'4.5 age 18 and luckily got taller. still a tad short but not soo bad. maybe u'll gain a little somethin....
Jon Doe said on 21/Jul/07
Lol unless you get a measuring tape and measure him there is no way any 5'9 person can accurately tell his height! besides people always think I'm shorter than I really am and I know for a fact that I am 5'4.I get really confused when a person just as little as 1 inch taller than me walks by people will stare at me and go "he's so tiny" when so is the other guy,I can't beleive an inch really is that big of a deal???and ya wonder why men where lifts!
Sure there's alot of advantages of shorter stature such as never snocking your head on things but still when it comes to dating if you're a short guy you might as well turn gay if there was anyway that ya could I'd do it,maybe I can get hypnotised by some pyschologist and it would fix this problem... god I wish I was gay.
cjag2020 said on 12/Jul/07
I met Gary in April 07 in Florida and he is definitely not 4'8. I'm 5'9 without shoes and the top of his head was at the bottom of my rib cage. I'm sad to say he is really is closer to 4'3. He wants to be 4'8 so, if it makes him feel better to think taller that's great. He seemed like a nice guy though so, i guess his real height is his business.
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
I doubt it was Gary Derek. Interesting story though.
glenn said on 21/Apr/07
he mightve attacked you.
Derek said on 20/Apr/07
I think I saw him at a pizzeria in Staten Island, NY. Looked 35-40 and under 5 feet tall. I was thinking of saying "Whatcha talkin bout Willis", but it would have been embarrassing if it wasn't him. If that was indeed him, he looked absolutely horrible.
Franco said on 20/Oct/06
you have to admire a person like Gary Coleman, take a look at all the ignorants around you saying Tom Cruise (5'7") is short!

Tom Cruise should tell everyone to go pound sand (in Coleman's words) :-D

i'm 1.93 cm and when i read coleman saying: "Trust Me, It's Better To Be Short In Many Circumstances"

i had to agree, i bang my head in the bathroom door which is 1.90 cm and i have to bend in many cases, also in the street i notice how a 1.75cm guy is a lot more agile and snappy. gotta agree with Coleman.

i won't comment on his 4'8" .....i believe him.
sam said on 9/Sep/06
did he get taller or is he still at 4'8. Looking a little taller since different strokes...?
ForensicNYC said on 18/May/06
Gary Coleman 4'8" and David Hasselhoff 6'4" late 80's
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At the peak of his career...
Click Here
And today...
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Lisa said on 7/May/06
DP said on 31/Aug/05
I liked his comments and I doubt anyone is really going to question his height even if he does wear inserts and elevator shoes. There's a guy who's comfortable with who he is even though he's had it rough after the cancellation of his hit show in the early 80's. He went through so much in the way of legal problems, bankruptsy, being used, and everything else that goes along with being a former child star. Kudos.

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