How tall is Gary Lightbody

Gary Lightbody's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

Northern Irish singer of Snow Patrol. In a QMusic band of the week article he said "I’m six-foot four"

How tall is Gary Lightbody
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6ft 3.84in (192.6cm)
Mickie said on 29/Jul/20
I'd say 192 - 192.5 looks better than 193 cm.
185vietnamese said on 20/Jan/20
Maybe 6'3 ???
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Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/19
At 6ft4, I can't see Gary having a light body. He can be thin, sure, but not light.

It's so much easier keeping your weight down if you're very tall, like Gary.

6ft4. 🎵🎶🎧
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/19
More 6ft3½ range
EM said on 11/Nov/17
I agree he's looking like he's got a good inch on De Gea. He oddly looked fractionally shorter than Pogba here: Click Here but he held up well I thought with Chris Smalling and Fellaini in the Manchester United pics. Perhaps a nibble under 6'4" really is the right answer (when standing well).
Johnson said on 10/Nov/17
@Rob De Gea is not more than 6'2.5 look at him with Juan Mata, Chicharito or Sergio Romero (goalkeeper of Man U) in the squad pictures 2015 2016 or 2016 2017
EM said on 10/Nov/17
Rob, what is your overall feel next to the Manchester United guys in this series of pictures in this article? Click Here
Editor Rob: he looked a good inch taller than the goalkeeper De Gea, so he's got to be over 6ft 3.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Aug/17
@ Matthew Robinson - What a staggering amount of trouble you have been to, complete with evidence to substanciate what you're saying. Well done!
Excellent work which really does prove to me for one, that Gary is all of 6ft3.75!
Matthew Robinson said on 19/Jul/17
I think Gary probably measures very close to, but just under 6'4". He really can look shorter at times, more like 188 - 189 cm range, I guess due to slouching. But he also looks like a legitimate 192 - 193 cm guy on other times. And he's claimed 6'4". A variance in height like that usually means either a lift wearer or someone who can be very loose with their posture. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

First next to Benedict Cumberbatch, you'd swear he's 6'2", maybe 6'2.5" at a push. Not you can't see the ground or lower halves of their bodies:
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Then next to 6'2.5" Nicholas Hoult, Gary looks 6'3.75" - 6'4".
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There aren't a ton of 6'3.75" guys on this site, I think perhaps that's a very good shout for Gary. When standing well it's obvious he's a very tall guy, although he doesn't have as tall of a presence as a guy like Josh Homme who is 194 cm. Hence I think 192 - 192.5 cm seems like plenty.
Matthew Robinson said on 8/Jun/17
I do think perhaps 6'3.75" would be the best listing, but he could be as high as 6'4". I think he's a great musician as well.
Matthew Robinson said on 8/Jun/17
He's no less than 6'3", no more than 6'4".
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/17
At 6ft4 there isn't much chance of Gary Lightbody's body being even remotely light! Never will he have to worry about a particularly heavy wind carrying off somewhere, the lucky boy!
Gary gets 6ft4 from me.
Henry said on 11/Dec/16
I'm 195cm and Gary was an inch or so shorter than me? Maybe more.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 24/Feb/16
I think he's under a legit 6'4" but I don't think he's anything less than 6'3".
Red said on 8/Aug/15
Anyone know what size t-shirt he wears?
grizz said on 16/Apr/15
I'm more inclined to Bangor's list than Rob's. Click Here From 3:30 onwards you can see him standing next to Swift, who many insist on downgrading to 5'8 (although I believe she's strong 5'9 minimum)- I can't see anything more over strong 6'2 for this guy.
Bangor said on 9/Jan/14
Met him in the gym at Bangor before I'm 6'2 and he was about same height, so maybe 6'2.5 at a real push.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/14
Rob, didn't start this guy out at 6ft2 and then you kept moving him up 0.5in overtime until he was this height?
[Editor Rob: can't remember specifically but he did gain height a while back. ]
Nancy said on 27/Dec/13
I agree, the pic with Paltrow is not Gary Lightbody, it is Chris' brother. Nathan Connolly is 6'2 (lead guitarist for Snow Patrol) & Gary is about 2 inches taller than him. My ex-boyfriend's 6'4, & when I met Gary I came up to the same height on him as I did my ex. So, I'd definitely say he's 6'4. He slouches a lot, which at times makes him seem shorter than what he really is.
Mathew said on 24/Jun/13
He's between 6'3" and 6'4", he looks that height next to Dave Grohl: Click Here and with Nicolas Holt: Click Here he looks about that too. Fans who met him tend to estimate he's between 6'3" and 6'4": Click Here as well (although some say between 6'2" and 6'3" Click Here). A 6'3.5" or 3.75" listing would be pretty fair I think.
Mrs Puff said on 21/Apr/13
Lol! That photo with Paltrow isn't Gary Lightbody! Look at his hair and how he is dressed. Why on earth would Gary Lightbody be looking at Gwyneth Paltrow's house extension?!
Mathew said on 31/Dec/12
6'3.5" could be a good listing for him.
Rochi said on 30/Jul/12
Gary is 6'4" :) I know this as I am a crazy ass snow patrol fan :P The picture with Gwyneth Paltrow is not Gary, and I know this (not only 'cause to me its easy to see this bloke isn't Gary) but because I know this guy is Chris Martin's brother named Al. Many articles thought it was Gary but they were greatly mistaken.
It is greatly known through the fan base Mr Lightbody, well now, Dr Lightbody, is 6'4". Peace, love and understanding.
Mathew said on 2/Jan/12
Yeah after looking at the pictures Shaun posted of him 6'4" does seem a little much for this guy. I think he gives a 6'1.5" - 6'2" impression, maybe he could measure as high as 6'3", 6'3.5" tops. I doubt he's a legit 6'4" though.
Mathew said on 3/Dec/11
At second glance, I think I was even generous to give him 1.5" over the his slouching bandmate who is supposed to be 6'2".
Mathew said on 29/Nov/11
Sorry, it's his left. The right when you're looking at the picture.
Mathew said on 27/Nov/11
This isn't how a 6'4" guy typically looks:
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Even if the guy to his right is 6'2", he only looks an inch and a half taller even though the other guy is dropping more height in posture. I suspect he's under 6'4".
nicole said on 15/Nov/11
thats not Gary with Gywneth... have you seen the way Gary dresses. Thats nothing close to Gary
LAN Jiao said on 3/Nov/11
i guess gary is 190 to 191cm , 6'4 in sneakers or trainers.
Mathew said on 30/Oct/11
Shaun says on 27/Oct/11
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Look at the legs and frame. That's how a legit 6'4" guy should look to me. Although Theakston might me a hair under 6'5" and downgrading as he himself said 6'5" is freak height. I must admit I always thought he was 6'5" when he used to do Saturday morning TV.

I agree with that, Theakston looks like a classic legit 6'4", Lightbody looks shorter. Just looking at pictures of him I think I look as tall if not taller, and I'm 191 cm in the morning.
Lacee said on 29/Oct/11
No, Gary is 6'4. Several things. 1) The guy you showed is high waisted, Gary is low waisted. High waisted people's legs look longer. Long waisted people have a longer torso. So, you cannot go by leg length. If you could, I'd agree, just by looking at that man's legs look longer therefore he looks taller than Gary. Although, Gary's torso looks longer than the guy in the picture.  I am 5'5 & my best friend is almost 5'8 & my legs are just as long as hers. You said that guy is 6'5; look at his torso. Even though he is an inch taller than Gary's torso is longer. 2) Gary has really bad posture. Almost any time you see him he is slouching. Now, I don't know if that has anything to do with riding on a bus & being on tour for about 2 years. He made fun of their bathroom on the bus they were riding on, saying something close to-> it was not meant for a 6'4 guy like me. Try aiming when you bang your head.  3) Nathan Connolly is 6'2 & Gary looks 2 inches taller & even when he's slouching he looks taller than Nathan.
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Plus, David Grohl has said he is 6 feet. I don't know what kind of shoes he might have on... Gary always wears tennis shoes even to awards.
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LAN Jiao said on 28/Oct/11
"Shaun says on 26/Sep/11
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6'4" is a bleedin joke. Here he is with 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow who isn't exactly in big heels. He's 6'2.5" absolute max."

shaun, look clearly gary was in 0.5-0.6in sneakers and Gwyneth Paltrow was in a 5in heels killer heels added she is about 6'2 and gary steps on lower ground while they walk. i did think Gwyneth Paltrow look more like 5'8.5 than 5'9 so gary might be 6'4 in sneakers took off he can be 6'3 a chance. 6'2.5 is a litlle low. with 6'2.5 Nicholas Hoult i think gary had an edge of footwear look 1.5" taller. gary is at least min 190cm.
Shaun said on 27/Oct/11
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Look at the legs and frame. That's how a legit 6'4" guy should look to me. Although Theakston might me a hair under 6'5" and downgrading as he himself said 6'5" is freak height. I must admit I always thought he was 6'5" when he used to do Saturday morning TV.
Shaun said on 27/Oct/11
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Proportion wise though he looks way off being 6'4". I mean look at a guy like Jamie Theakston who is meant to be the same height. Theakston looks 2-3 inches taller.
Shaun said on 27/Oct/11
Surprisingly he does actually look 192-193cm next to Hoult. But in that Paltrow photo and many other I've seen his proportions really don't look 6'4" range.
Cobain said on 24/Oct/11
Trust me. This man is 6'4. Here he is with 6'2 Nicholas Hoult, and he makes Nicholas look average
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Shaun said on 13/Oct/11
Yes it is Gary. Anyway why else would the caption say Gary Lightbody?
Anon said on 28/Sep/11
Uhhh...That's not Gary.
Shaun said on 26/Sep/11
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6'4" is a bleedin joke. Here he is with 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow who isn't exactly in big heels. He's 6'2.5" absolute max.
Shaun said on 26/Sep/11
6'4' is ridiculous for this guy, 6'2.5" tops.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/09
looks about 2 inches taller than nicholas hoult.
paddy said on 19/Mar/08
was stood next to him for about two hours in the pub last night. I'm solid 6'1. he was considerably taller than me, and wearing thin plimsol type shoes. I'd say 6'3 to 6'4.5. probably nearer 6'4.
nate said on 23/Jan/08
Yeah, Gary's at least 6'3 or 6'4. Hes a tall front man. rob should post Win Butler of the Arcade Fire's height who is 6'4 to 6'5.
e1 said on 19/Dec/07
I saw him walk past me briefly in belfast and I'm a legit 5'11.5.
Definetely at least 6'3, he towered over me.
sf said on 18/Dec/07
Who the hell's Gary Lightbody? Wonder if he knows Gordon Lightfoot?
Colin said on 16/Dec/07
My father is friends with Jack Lightbody (Gary's father). He said how I was getting big, and my Dad said aye, our Colin's 6'5 now. Then Jack said ah, Gary's 6'4. Gary Lightbody also seemed about an inch bigger than me when I met him 2 years ago (when I was 6'3 at the time)
sophia said on 14/Jul/07
in a recent interview, Gary revealed his height as being 6'4". The component of the interview to which I refer had something to do with their tour bus and the logistics of the waking up in the morning, trying to avoid hitting his head on bus ceiling and negotiating the rather cramped loo so he could have a wee. Well, the idea of Gary LovelyBody being 2" taller equals two more inches of loveliness. Weyhey! I posit that Gary knows better than any of us, so 6'4" it is then
ri said on 8/Apr/07
he's at LEAST 6'3....maybe even 6 5 cause im 5 3 and when i took a picture with him i had to stand on my toes to get my head in the shot.....and even then i was only up to his shoulder!
jay said on 6/Feb/07
he's at least 6'3"
Leigh Ann said on 18/Oct/06
I've met him a few times, and I would estimate he is closer to 6'3". He was talller than me, and I'm 6' (and was wearing heels which put me at about 6'2").
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
After watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a week or so ago when they were on, I didn't see anything over 6'2".

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