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Peak: 5ft 11.09in (180.6cm)
Current: 5ft 10.04in (177.9cm)
Andrew said on 11/Nov/08
I met the president before the 2004 election. Shook his hand and stood face to face with him. I'm 5'11" and definitely recall being surprised that he was taller. The doctor's records look accurate. (PS i looked into his eyes and saw a good man) - :)
Shoelace said on 11/Nov/08
He appears to be slightly shorter than Michelle Obama. I'm sure she had on high heels but I also imagine he was wearing cowboy boots. When you see him in pictures, he's nearly always the shortest one of the men and often appears to be shorter than the woman. I can't imagine he's much taller than 5'7"...minus the boots.
kai said on 10/Nov/08
I got Bush's autograph-- he is about 5-9 to 5-11"... I was not standing and looking upto a 6'2" man...
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/08
look a tad under 5'11 now.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/08
Bush is really only 5'9". In his youth was probably 5'10" he only looks around 5'8" on TV
Complex said on 31/Oct/08
I love Bush first of all, so my guess on his height is not bias because I think he is shorter than 5'11, maybe 5'10 or a little over. I remember seeing a pic that had a bunch of 6'0+ politicians and Bush looking very small next to them, several inches shorter and it said "guess bush forgot his lifts that day". Might of just been a Bush-Hater making a joke who knows, but President of the US is a very powerful position, I've heard lots of them need to be seen as a strong powerful leader so they get face lifts and wear elevator shoes to help appearance, they prolly each polish their looks to the extreme, which is a good thing. Personally I think Mccain is more 5'7 max, but he's got my vote...
Viper said on 26/Oct/08
Bush is 5-10.
Jow Blow said on 26/Oct/08
Bush is very close to 6'ft but since there are so many bush haters a ton of idiots on here keep saying different heights.I bet if rob looked at the IP's on some of these guys they would be the same.
Vibram said on 17/Oct/08
Here is Bush with Lance Armstrong: Click Here Now, Lance has been medically examined as is a legit 5ft9.5 (177cm). We can't see their footwear, but Bush has him by a bit so I agree with 5ft11 (180cm). Saying he's 5ft6-7 is just plain ridiculous.
Anna said on 15/Oct/08
No way hes 5'11.He looks short to me like 5'6-5'7.
Annoyed said on 4/Oct/08
Clearly just under 6 foot. Id agree with all the medical papers on him. 6'0" in the military, 5'11.75" for his first term in office and then 5'11".5" for his last medical. This would be consistent at his age and it also looks the case. Viper is just a madman.
Captain Spaulding said on 23/Sep/08
Bush saying hes a little guy since hes 5'11" lol
Viper said on 22/Sep/08
Bush is no way in any shape or form almost 6-0. Hes 5-11 max or just under it.
Big King said on 21/Sep/08
Keep dreaming, guys. Anything under 5'11" is ridiculous for Bush. I would give Bush almost 6 ft.
Mihangel Jones said on 18/Sep/08
met him last year in the brooklyn.hes 171 maybe 172 hell im 173 hes like just a wee bit sharter then am byth.
trueheight said on 16/Sep/08
Karen, unless you work at the WH, I highly doubt you are being honest. Even congressional staffer don't ever get a chance to "pass by" the POTUS.
JD said on 12/Sep/08
looked barely 5'10 if McCain is 5'8 like the site says.
Big King said on 8/Sep/08
Karen, please read the text under the headline. It is written that Bush got measured at 5'11 3/4"! Even if he doesn't look tall enough. He could also state his height as 6'.
Karen said on 7/Sep/08
I saw him recently nearly passed by him. I would say about 5'9" is his height.
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
I saw photos with Bush and John Kerry. Kerry is at least 6'4", I'd say he'd be almost 6'5". Kerry is five inches taller than Bush, that's for sure.
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
If Bush got already measured 5'11 3/4" one time, then he's around 6 feet in the morning. Stating his height as 6 feet wouldn't be wrong because he is almost two inches shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger and if Arnold was 6'1 1/2", then Bush has to be something around 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/08
Bush only looked a max of 2 inches taller than the 5-7 MCcain when they met at the White House. They were photographed standing together and there was very little height difference. Bush's real height is 5-9.
Joe257 said on 21/Aug/08
Often looks 6'2.5" when photographed with other world leaders or at special events. He must wear lifts.
Mr. R said on 21/Aug/08
Can anyone find the link of the Michael Phelps/George W Bush pic? I cannot find it.
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/08
Bush's real height, probably around 5'9" to 5'9.5" barefoot
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/08
Phelps is 6'4 in his nike trainers. barefoot no more than 6'3
MD said on 17/Aug/08
I don't know where you saw Phelps listed as that, because EVERY listing has him at 6'4", which he looks. So, perhaps you need to revise your question.
Viper said on 17/Aug/08
Phelps is no 6-7, lol. I doubt hes even 6-4.
M said on 17/Aug/08
Michael Phelps is 6'7. In a pic on CNN with GWB aside, they look similar in height. How is that possible?
Orhan said on 11/Aug/08
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is 1.90m according to several Turkish newspapers. In the link you provided it is clear that he is 10 cm taller then George Bush.
yoney said on 7/Aug/08
Here is the photo of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdo
Sean said on 25/Jul/08
Does anyone know how tall Pervez Musharraf (the military ruler of Pakistan) is?
daii said on 25/Jul/08
id say Bush is a flat 5'11 with no shoes and 6'0 with shoes
ralf said on 23/Jul/08
Bush could be 5'11" at his peak, but he is more about 5'10"-5'10.5" now
Daniel said on 16/Jul/08
Bush seems a little tall to me in every photo or video I've seen of him, so 5'11'' seems accurate. Those who say he is under 1.78m should stop posting those BS comments. By the way, I don't like Bush at all.
Alex said on 8/Jul/08
A little guy wouldn't be 5'11.
Lynn said on 5/Jul/08

if Pres. Bush was 176 cm barefoot before bed, he would be the tallest 176 cm guy I ever saw.

He never seems shorter, never. He is 178-179 cm minimum.
little one said on 2/Jul/08
RT - may I suggest that you might not be 5'10? perhaps you are taller.
Ian said on 27/Jun/08
5ft 11 isn't tiny either Ja Z not laughable tiny. He looks the same height as Tony Blair in their many meetings and Blair is 6ft I recall. So I guess his 5ft11.5-.75 claim will be about right. When he says he is the little guy it's because his family members are taller than him.
Gustav said on 27/Jun/08
He's clearly 1.76-1.78 mt to my eyes, never 1.80 barefoot
Ja Z said on 26/Jun/08
Ha! 5'11 thats not realy tall and my uncle is talking 'bout u r 6'4 that's 5 inches shorter not to tease u but SHORTY MCSHORTSHORT!!!!! (I tease!)
RT said on 24/Jun/08
President Bush walked past me at Kirtland AFB, NM a few years ago. I was 6 - 10 feet away from him. I'm 5' 10" and the President was much shorter than I. I would estimate his height as 5' 6" - 5' 8".
little one said on 20/Jun/08
on arriving at Amsterdam, HOlland, i was surprised at how short i felt. I am 5'11 and even the children seemed huge. I felt like i was in the land of giants. even the staircases were larger than i was used to...
MD said on 18/Jun/08
Sarkozy is a major lift wearer, Mo.
Kyle, Houston said on 16/Jun/08
I went to Germany and found the men to be taller than Americans, but the women seemed much, much taller than American women.
Mo said on 15/Jun/08
I was curious about his height because there's some recent photos of him next to France's Sarkozy (5,4"?) and though Bush is much taller, he's not immensely towering over him.
Viper said on 11/Jun/08
Bush does look shorter than 5-11 a lot.
delphonic said on 7/Jun/08
Bush is only 2 inches taller than McCain. McCain's biographies state he is 5'7". I think he used lifts to look almost 5'9" at his debates with the much taller Romney. But it is well documented for years that he is 5'7". Bush is a strong 5'9" who occasionally uses lifts or cowboy boots to look 5'11"ish.
Click Here
John said on 7/Jun/08
Does Bush wear lifts?
Crush said on 3/Jun/08
If he got mesured at 5'11.75 or 5'11.5 i don't understand why he says "I'm a little guy, i'm about 5'11"
He could also say "I'm 5'11.75" or "I'm about 6'0", but if he's rerally a little over 5'11, why does he downgrade himself??
Guys usually NOT downgrade themselves, especially (proudly) presidents, because of this i'm very suspicious if he's at least a tad under 5'11 ...
RAZOR said on 22/May/08
If Bush already got measured as 5'11 3/4" then his real height could be 6 feet.
Rocky said on 14/May/08
The average white American male height 20-39 is 5'9.5'', the median 5'10.5''

Buildwise is a different story.
Rocky said on 14/May/08
Bush is definitely 5'11'' or less, not 6'1'' as sometimes listed.

Here's a reference point with 6'0'' Diana Taurasi: Click Here

That is assuming that Taurasi's athletic height and weight is not even listed more favorably than it really is.
paul said on 13/May/08
i am french and on my country the average height is 175 FOR the man.i m 5 11 and I think I am normal
MD said on 9/May/08
Actually, the average height for an white American male (20-39), which was measured only a few years ago, is just over 5'10" (5'-10.2")
JackieTreehorn said on 8/May/08
Tucker Carlson estimated him at 5-10 when interviewed on Bubba Love Sponge radio show.
About national averages below: When countries list their averages, they are listing all adults, even old people who have shrunk. It is clear that the average 20something is going to be taller, maybe even more than an inch taller than this average. I would bet the average American 20something is near 5-11 now and can believe the 6-1 claims of some Europeans.
Anonymous KinG said on 7/May/08
i saw quite some full pictures of President Bush taken with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Sian Loong who was 5ft11.5 stands clearly 6cm topped President Bush. Hes a small guy.. 5ft9.25 i"ll say..
Liza said on 5/May/08
Next to Matt lauer, he looks a little taller, and Matt Lauer is supposed to be like 5'11. If his physical says 5'11.5, why would you say just 5'11?
dude said on 4/May/08
you are full of it jasper, tallest people are croats, serbians and bosniaks ,average male height is 188cm (6.2)
Viper said on 1/May/08
It looked like Eli Manning had close to 7 inches on Bush yesterday when he met the Superbowl champs.
Ka said on 29/Apr/08
The Dutch are really bloody tall, I am English and 5 foot 9 female, in the Netherlands I feel just like an average person, or short even. My best friend is Dutch and female and 6 foot 3. Dutchies are super tall!
Bubba said on 25/Apr/08
I went to Holland, I am 5'10 and I felt exactly the same as I do back home. That is to say, normal.
Shikoku said on 24/Apr/08
You don't have to beleive the things Jasper says, but he's dutch and so is surrounded but dutch people 24/7. i myself am 'around' 6'2 and for my age, thats over average, however i swear: for young college students the average is close to 6'3^
Jasper said on 20/Apr/08
I'm a junior indeed (only 14 years old, so don't blame that my english is not perfect) 2nd site 'Arjan's Tall Pages' nice site, but since he is not a doctor...I can't trust on his measurements for 100%...and the third site is made in 2004, so the information from that site, is not corect...
Chris said on 19/Apr/08
I take proof provided by anthropometric and strength measurements
compiled by ergonomists at the University of Nottingham, compared to your opinion or ABC News'. lol

Get YOUR facts right... you're wrong with your spelling too, junior!
More from a really quick search:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Jasper said on 18/Apr/08
Get you're facts right...
Look at these websites, you'll see the dutch avarage is 6'+
1. Click Here
2. Click Here
3. Click Here
4. Click Here
5. Click Here
Jasper said on 18/Apr/08
People in the north (Groningen & Friesland) are about 3 cm taller then people from the south, in the bigger city's the people are also about 3 cm taller. So when you walk in Amsterdam you'll see that most YOUNG male adults 17 - 30 are 6'2 (1.88 m) Compared to the dutch avarage (1.85 m) you'll see a gap of 3 cm... So the avarage is surely not below 5'11...
Chris said on 16/Apr/08
0.21-0.25 seconds
Chris said on 16/Apr/08
George Bush way below 5'11:
(with 5'11 Gordon Brown)

Click Here
Chris said on 16/Apr/08
Jasper - if you look at the facts you'll see that just isn't true:
Click Here

The average height of Dutch males is below 5'11. British being 5'9.
You say the average Dutch man is 6'0-6'1 but the average man in Amsterdam can be as high as 2 inches taller at 6'3. Your figures are inconsistent and wrong.
juan said on 13/Apr/08
here is with 1.92cm president Alan Garcia Click Here
Jasper said on 13/Apr/08
Chris, 5'11 is short in holland, when you walk in Amsterdam you'll see that almost every young man is 6'2 or 6'3...
muckruck said on 12/Apr/08
Mr pres does seem 5'10-5'11. Definetly no shorter than that, judging by the mass of evidence.
Chris said on 10/Apr/08
Jasper, that doesn't mean that 5'11 is short. The same way somebody who is 5'9 in a country where 5'10 is average is not short.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/08
@ jasper ideed your numbers are correct only 175 is 5'9 and 186 is 6'1.25 but that isthe aerage height for young dutch men and women 18-20 years old
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/08
The picture with McCain (who is listed everywhere as 5'7) shows a maximum height difference of 2 inches, proves once and for all, that Bush is no more than 5'9 barefoot. When he would appear with 6'0 Tony Blair, he was certainly wearing lifts to boost his height.

Viper any comments on my observation?
ted T said on 6/Apr/08
5ft11 peak but nowadays Rob he is no more than 5-10,5.
sam said on 31/Mar/08
and besides this was only a quarter of an inch. he may have many problms but chances are his height is just fine. lol
sam said on 31/Mar/08
don't know if that means he shrunk, half an inch can vary sometimes...
Ms. Sunshine said on 31/Mar/08
Dear Ms. Ugh Texan, What kept you from posting the photo of your husband & the President?
texan said on 28/Mar/08
My husband had a photo taken with GWB Ugh. Anyway my husband noticed that W was shorter than he is, at 6'1". When the White House sent a copy of the photo, W had been photoshopped to be taller! Business as usual. . .
penalcolony said on 25/Mar/08
GWB's father GHWB is widely acknowledged to be 6'2". (Or was. At 83, he might not be anymore.) Looking at photos of the two of them together, it's hard to believe GWB is taller than 5' 10" -- if that.
Charliemoto said on 25/Mar/08
Click Here

in this image BUSH looks almost identical to my height, too bad he's standing on grass but he doesn't look short either.

he's surely no less than 5'11 FOR SURE.
GSP said on 22/Mar/08
"5-11 is getting to be little. For teens and early 20s guys in America, I bet the average height is 5-11."

wait first you say its little then you say its average. If its average or even withing 2 inches of average its not "little".
Jasper said on 21/Mar/08
Down here in Holland 5'11" is small, the avarage men is about 6' - 6'1", (1.86 m) and the avarage women is like 5'7.5" (1.75 m) so a 5'11" guy is quite small in Holland...
ed2 said on 21/Mar/08
Here with Sarkozy. Look at the shoes of Sarkozy:
Click Here
JackieTreehorn said on 19/Mar/08
5-11 is getting to be little. For teens and early 20s guys in America, I bet the average height is 5-11. (I realize it is slightly under 5-10 when you include older people). There are also more and more younger 6-3+ guys. A 5-11 guy standing next to a 6-3 guy looks like a "little guy".
Viper said on 19/Mar/08
Then Mccain is the shortest looking 5-9 guy Ive ever seen.
Lmeister said on 19/Mar/08
The McCain thing is funny he is listed 5ft7 everywhere except during his campaign. Same goes for Rudy Giuliani he never looks his "real" height of 5ft9.5.
JT said on 19/Mar/08
Pres. Bush is 5'11" per his numerous annual physicals. Click Here Gov. Romney is 6'2" Click Here 5'9" looks spot on for McCain.
Viper said on 18/Mar/08
Mccain 5-9 1/2 - 5-10? LOL. Hes barely 5-7.

Editor Rob
someone from his campaign said he's 5ft 9.
JOhn said on 18/Mar/08
You cant go by Mccain pics because Mccain probably has lifts for a presidential canidate boost
Stiffelio said on 10/Mar/08
I agree with runt, but I only see a 1" to 1 1/2" height difference between Bush and McCain. I think McCain is between 5'9 1/2" and 5'10"
Stiffelio said on 7/Mar/08
Hey runt, I only saw 1 inch height differential between Bush and McCain.
runt said on 6/Mar/08
George Bush's endorsement of John McCaine has pics on every newpaper. He's only 2 inches taller than McCaine. Either McCaine is 5'9" to Bush's 5'11" or Bush is 5'9" to McCaine's 5'7"
dmeyer said on 23/Feb/08
arnie can look 2 in on him sometimes one in i guess sometimes wears cowboy heels with good posture
Alex said on 23/Feb/08
My Grandfather took a photo with Bush a couple years back. My Grandfather slouches a good bit, so he appears around 5'9". Bush stood up very straight in the picture, but was no more than 1.5 to 2 inches taller than my Grandfather. Bush is no less than 5'10.5", but no more than 5'11".
GSP said on 22/Feb/08
I saw mccain on tv and allways thought he was like 5'7 but it was weird..he was taller than/basically towering every male he walked past..I dont know if he had lifts or they were all like 5'5 males but it was odd. I only watched for a few mins though . He must be 5'9ish I would think.
Lebensdorf said on 22/Feb/08
No, 5'11'' is not little. In the US, you would have to be less than 5'9.25'' to be considered under-average height. I seriously doubt the president looks taller than 5'10.5'' and if celebrities can put down exaggerated heights in their CVs, presidents can too.

This wouldn't be the first time this president exaggerated information.
chris175 said on 10/Feb/08
i cant believe he called 5-11 little, its a great height in my eyes
TJ said on 9/Feb/08
Anonymous, Brown and Bush looked a very similar height on the visit. Sometimes Bush even looked taller, but for the most they were very similar. Certainly not a 2 inch advantage to Brown. See these pics Click Here and Click Here

It's actually possible to get pics with either looking taller. Bush is 5'11 or close to it in my view because he looked only an inch shorter than Blair.
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/08
He looks 1 - 2 inchs shorter than the 5'11" Gordan Brown, when Brown was in America! see pics posted below. To me it is clear Bush is only a max 5'9" barefoot.
A-Bomb said on 8/Feb/08
Hey Rob how about adding the now presumptive GOP nominee Senator John McCain. I know you're not big on political figures, but Hillary is here. McCain, now in his 70s, personally doesn't look anything past 5'8" to me, but 5'9" may be a fairer starting point for him.
Neonmir said on 7/Feb/08
If Bush was 5 ft 11.75 in at his measurements, then his real height is 6 feet. Hours have passed when he got measured and the real height is the height after out of bed. Bush is 6 feet at least but looks rather short.
jimmy johnson said on 31/Jan/08
pictures arent good enough for people to differentiate what anyones height is, anbything could affect the results, level of ground, posture, distance, shoes that are being worn, literally just about anything can affect pictures, its not a legitimate means of evidence
jimmy johnson said on 31/Jan/08
how can you say i dont think hes 5"11" that he looks more like 5"9.75, im sorry i didnt realize by looking at a picture you could accurately distinguish the 1.25" differnce, if his physical says hes 5"11" he more than likely is just that, regardless why is anyone gonna fight about it, i simply just wanted to know for myself and found this forum where everyones making an ass of themselves
Brandon said on 28/Jan/08
Bush is really 5'11. My dad who is 6'2, met him years ago and told me that he is almost 6 feet tall.
Charliemoto said on 27/Jan/08
GWB looks quite tall in the Chervrolet image, he does look 5'11 to me.
Real said on 25/Jan/08
President Bush doesn't know how to receive a handoff.. you're supposed to raise the inside arm so that the quarterback can jam the ball into your stomach. with that aside, maybe he said little guy when referring to 5'11 because he knows that he's really around 5'9? heck 5'9 isn't even that little..
JT said on 18/Jan/08
Laura - that's a late model Chevy Suburban which has a height between ~ 6'1.5" and 6'4.5" depending on the model (2WD, 4WD, etc.). Where'd you get 5'9" from? Plus, Bush is standing behind the vehicle.
Laura said on 18/Jan/08
Here is the same photo I just posted except in better quality
Click Here
Laura said on 18/Jan/08
He looks around 5'9". In this photo he is wearing Crocs and standing next to a Chevrolet SUV.

Click Here
Vegas said on 13/Jan/08
GWB with 6'5.5" Peyton Manning Click Here and Click Here Click Here
Andre said on 8/Jan/08
I dont think he is 5ft 11, looks more like 5ft 9.75
john said on 5/Jan/08
I say he is 5-10 1/2, he is two inches shorter ( and a bit more) than his father.
JT said on 19/Dec/07
GWB looking at least 5
Vegas said on 18/Dec/07
that photo of leak and bush is awful, its just slightly favouring leak, slightly :)

look at the dude far right dreadlocks with the "F" on his jacket he is about 6'4 but looks the same height as bush from that angle, he looks the same height as the dude next to him, now here is a better photo Click Here

leak is also wearing big a*s cowboy boots there giving him an inch easy on bush's footwear, leak is 5'11.875" tall so basically 6'2 in cowboys there, bush is 5'11.5 barefoot and probably 6'0.5" in shoes Click Here
Alex said on 18/Dec/07
If Leak was measured 5'11 3/4 likely it was in the morning so he may be really 5'11 1/4-5'11 1/2 only but the picture is favoring him but he still would have at least 1-1.5 inches on Bush. Bush is 5'10 I think.
Lynn said on 15/Dec/07
I disagree a little with you.
The analysis of a tons of pics shows that Bush is around 178 cm ( 5'10" ) barefeet before bed.
kevint said on 15/Dec/07
Regarding the above quote, 5' 11" is not little; it's slightly taller than average. Which Bush is not.

Barefoot, he can't be over 5' 9" at most. He should be downgraded. If the White House physicals list him as 5' 11.5", they are measuring him with his Tony Lama boots on.
old jonnie said on 15/Dec/07
bush is 5ft9(175).. (182)5ft11.5 singapore prime minister lee sian-loong stand next to bush looks a solid 7cm taller..
Viper said on 10/Dec/07
I have my doubts on Troy Smith being 6-0, actually lol. I joke that he stood on his tip toes when they measured him. He just physically looks 5-10-5-11. But anyway can we somehow verify that they are standing on even ground? That picture could go a long way because Bush looks 2 inches shorter at the very least next to a measured 5-11 3/4 person. Maybe 2.5 in total.
Socom said on 7/Dec/07
Drew Brees and Troy smith are also around 6 feet. GWB is not that close to their heights. I say he is indeed 5'9.75
Viper said on 7/Dec/07
Techinically Leak is struggling with 6-0 even.
drj said on 5/Dec/07
Chris Leak is 6'0" tall. GWB looks 5'9" to 5'10".

Click Here
JD said on 27/Nov/07
He was probably 5'11 in his prime, 5'10.25 now.
JD said on 27/Nov/07
Well he did look 5'11 next to Gore(assuming Gore is still 6'1 and Bush wasn't wearing lifts).
riaz said on 17/Nov/07
HMMMM... Mr president looks short on tv. 5'11!! You guys positive about his height!! If thats the case... He's pretty tall. But I still am in Doubt about Bush's height....
Dan said on 11/Nov/07
There's always an over-measure for celebrities height. mabe the standard deviation is between half and 1.5 inches. and who name if they put something speacial in there shoes.
JMurdock said on 10/Nov/07
Yea, 5'11 is a bit taller than average
jack said on 3/Nov/07
i dont know why he calls himself a little guy, 5'11 is pretty big

not compared to the dutch but in general 5'11 is big
Chinkosmalldck said on 3/Nov/07
here a 5'11 Hu Jintao claimed by chinese beside Vladimir Putin i guess Jintao is wearing a lift.Click Here look at Jintao hair around 2 inch thick lolClick Here
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/07
Hehe, Hu Jintao 5'11. Run a Google search for 'alexander downer' and you'll see Jintao is shorter than Putin.
Also watch on I M D B the image with will smith and Ricky Martin. Martin is no more than 5'10. My explanation? Martin wears big lifts and Bush is not 5'11.
Lou Giraldo said on 28/Oct/07
Bush stood next to Ricky Martin during Ricky's performance back in 2001 and RM was at least 4 inches taller than GWB. Bush is about 5'9 at the most.
tanchan said on 27/Oct/07
Bush with 5'11 President Hu Jintao Click Here
tanchan said on 27/Oct/07
i think george w bush is wearing a bigger lift.President Hu Jintao is 5'11 and i think bush is about 5'9. here a pic show george bush wearing a bigger lift Click Here
Astral said on 14/Oct/07
Bush could be 5'11 3/4 laying down, which would be his height leaning on one leg. In other words, standing up bepidally, he should be 5'11 MAX.
Dave said on 8/Oct/07
hahaha! bush at 6'1-6'2 pleeease!.....

he STRUGGLES with 5'11... hes not a 6 footer, nevermind over that!.... where do people get these predictions from?!
Coffee Shop said on 19/Sep/07
dear editor Rob: i only have one more question what do you consider being the tall zone?

Editor Rob
well it can be subjective. In general terms there's degrees of tallness, a 6ft -6ft 2 man is tall, 6ft 4 is very tall to me.
CarbonM5 said on 18/Sep/07
Don't understand some of these posts but suffice it to say that Arnold cannot possibly be 5-11 if Bush is still 5-11 plus.

Lynn says - "But now we agree that Arnold is nowdays less than 6" ( glenn for example says 5'11")and is still taller than Bush."

Who agrees?

Arnold is taller than Bush because he is taller than a 5-11 man. End of.
Coffee Shop said on 17/Sep/07
dear editor Rob,
i'm 5'11.5" just bare footed and 6'1" in my Nike Shox would you consider me a tall guy or kinda short in the scheme of things?

Editor Rob
kinda short at 182cm...only if you hang about with basketball players all day ;)

you're above average, bordering close to the 'tall zone'.
Lynn said on 14/Sep/07
ok, sorry for my previous post.

The facts are that Bush is shorter than Blair that SURELY is 6' even, and he hes shorter than Arnold that nowdays seems MAX 5'11.5".

And he seems equal or a little shorter than Gordon Brown, 5'11" officially.

So Gonzalo let us continue to discuss using real facts.
Gonzalo said on 14/Sep/07
Lynn said on 13/Sep/07
@Gonzalo and Rob,

so Coffee Shop is right, President Bush is at least 6'1", maybe 6'1.5"
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 13/Sep/07
Franco, Prodi is taller than 1`68 bareffot. Camon, he doesn´t look that short. I haven´t seen him in the flesh but I have seen him next to people I actually met (for instance Javier Solana) and Prodi looks around my height or 1`74-75
Coffee Shop said on 12/Sep/07
bush is a tall guy prob 6'1" or maybe even 6'2" on a good day

Editor Rob
stay off the caffeine :)
Lynn said on 8/Sep/07
before knowing this site I evaluated " with large range" Bush height between 178 cm and 182 cm.

But now we agree that Arnold is nowdays less than 6" ( glenn for example says 5'11")and is still taller than Bush.

So I agree with my compatriot Franco. Bush is 178 cm barefeet before bed.

so Prodi only 168 cm barefeet. I agree.
How much about Fini, Rutelli, Veltroni and above all Berlusconi?
dmeyer said on 27/Aug/07
you should give him peak height
bam said on 27/Aug/07
rob, do you think his annual fitness exam height of 5'11.5 is exaggerating the truth? Its just a half inch, but if bush was at one point 5'11.75 that means he was a weak 6 foot.

Editor Rob
do you trust your government are telling the truth, maybe I should trust them on this and just give him his due of 5ft 11.75 peak. I mean, the government have no reason to lie now...
Franco said on 25/Aug/07
Click Here

i need you to take a look at this picture, one of the best pictures there is.

i feel he is 178cm without shoes, looks 181cm with shoes. Romano Prodi is 168cm no shoes and 172-173cm in shoes.

MD said on 31/Jul/07
Brown is simply taller than Bush. That's all there is too it, if only marginally taller.
TJ said on 31/Jul/07
Yes Rob, but if someone sees an unexpected result like that, you would think they would assume uneven ground was the reason, not leap on it as fact.

Editor Rob
I just looked again - it's hard to see how much the path could be giving, but I notice in more than one pic Brown is kind of giving himself a leg up - here
TJ said on 31/Jul/07
It's total nonsense to day Brown is 2-3 inches taller than Bush. There are pics from the summit where they look the same size, pics where Brown looks taller and pics where Bush looks taller. It depends on camera angle, who is slouching and whether the ground is even. This vid Click Here
suggests at the outset that Brown is around an inch taller, but I've seen a pic and that path isn't even. Later in the vid we see them shaking hands after the press conference (2m 48s) and walking off and, if anything, Bush looks to have the edge. In any case, talk of Brown being 2-inches taller is ridiculous.

Editor Rob
people were going by the part where they walked from chopper and then stopped and posed. At that moment brown did appear a good 2 inches taller, but ground uneven.
Que said on 30/Jul/07
Hey MD excellent point, I also posted the vid on the height request page, always thought Brown was 5'11 but he looks a even 6', I've seen quite a few vids on tv of Brown walking with Blair over the last few weeks what with all the retrospectives on Blair and all and he just looks the same height, one or two times he even looked 1" taller!

He's easily taller than Bush by 2-3 inches, your photo shows that. Looks like Bush was told that Brown was shorter than Blair and therefore wouldn't need his lifts, wooops!
Bob said on 29/Jul/07
The serial killing chimpanzee is also short like a chimpanzee. j/k, he's prolly a 5'10.5 lift wearer. 5'11 in his prime.
MD said on 29/Jul/07
British Prime Minister is nothing more than 5'11", correct? Yet more proof Bush isn't even 5'11". I mean, you can even look at the photos of him and Prince Charles to see that.

Click Here

Click Here

You can tell, even with the bad angle, that Brown is taller.
Gonzalo said on 28/Jun/07
Bush father looks taller than 6`2, at least in his heyday. George W. Bush looks 5`11 minimum
RICHARD said on 28/Jun/07
His dad is 6'2 and brother is 6'3. Why isn't he in the 6' range ??? I think the 5'11 listing is accurate
Rick M. said on 18/Jun/07
I met President Bush when he was here in Springfield. I am 5.11 in shoes and he was about the same heigth as me.
Mr. R said on 14/Jun/07
Rob, I too just saw the doc "Journey With George", and he did pasue as he said "about 5-11". In the scene, Pelosi has her absentee ballot, and asks W why she should vote for him. She asks: "What are you gonna do for the little guy"? His answer: I am the little guy. I'm about...5-11. Have you noticed that Jeb is 6-3"? That word about indicates that he may not quite be 5-11.
Philip said on 12/Jun/07
Yes, Bush is about the same height as our president, 182+ cm.
Bulgarian said on 11/Jun/07
Bush is in my country Bulgaria and he was standing straight next to our president(185 cm) and prime minister(178 cm). So I garantee you that Bush is in the range 182-183 cm.
dmeyer said on 28/May/07
if he got mesured 5'11.5 wath dont you give him or maybe he got mesure in the morning i do get mesure 182 at the doctor in the morning so 5'11 might be is minimum height if he got mesured early aftrnoon ypou should give him 181 cm
MD said on 24/May/07
Which media, rollablunt? Because, because of the annual presidential health check-ups, I don't think Bush has ever been given anything over 6'0"
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Bush is 5'8 to 5'9 barefoot and does wear lifts. Prince Charles is 5'9 (Diana was 5'10)Bush does look short on TV. No way near 5'11
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 12/May/07
Aww, the media gives him 6'1.
Tony G said on 9/May/07
I've read that Dick Cheney is 5'8". Sounds about right.
Paddington said on 6/May/07
How tall is Dick Cheney? He's officially listed at 5'10", but this sounds like an extreme crock. I'm guessing 5'7".
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/07
george might be might height 5'11.75 morning and 5'11 night
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
I was measured by the doctor when I had a mandatory checkup before I went to college. It was part of the physical.
Vibram said on 24/Apr/07
He is a legit 5'10.5"(178.5), but no way 5'9", so maybe the 5'11" claimed was correct for when in his 20's and 30's. Certainly not a "little guy" like he claims; maybe he feels small 'cause his dad and recent former Presidents were giant? Compare him to Tony Blair here Click Here - there is around 1.5 inch difference (photo from May 2006).

Check out Tony Blair's page on this site....he's a certain 6ft dead!
dmeyer said on 22/Apr/07
are you sayng he could be 182 or atleast was 182cm
glenn said on 22/Apr/07
i was measured on occasion at the bone loss here.
MD said on 22/Apr/07
Where are you a medical student?
Paddington said on 21/Apr/07
I'm a third year medical student. In my past year of clinical rotations, I have never seen an adult's height be measured, whether it's in the hospital or in a doctor's office. I think the only reason it would be done is if one complained about height loss due to osteoperosis. When you see someone's height written on a medical report, it's self-reported.
MD said on 18/Apr/07
I'm not sure what's so funny. It's been a joke every time. You can keep an incorrect quote up if you'd like, but I'll correct anyone that tries to quote it.
MD said on 17/Apr/07
Rob, you may want to add that to the quote. There is no use in having an incorrectly worded quote.

Editor Rob
I quoted it from the cnn transcript with no about, or one transcript. But, this does not change the 2 medicals he's had, those speak no abouts, but merely the morning truth ;)
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/07
Prince Charles was 5-9.5 peak height, now he is 5-9.
MD said on 15/Apr/07
Hey, Rob. I was just watching "Journeys with George" by Alexandra Pelosi, which you quote, in bold, at the top of the page. You did get something wrong with the quote, though. The exact line was:

"Have you noticed (or something to that extent) that I'm ABOUT 5'11", my brother is 6'3"..."

Just a correction.

Editor Rob
yeah, he doesn't want to say 5ft 11 and 3/4, so he used about ;) He has no ego, 100% honesty from this guy!
Tactition said on 11/Apr/07
I seriously am laughing at all of you. Yes, this site is fun to kill some time here and there, but when you argue about someone being 5-9 to 5-10.5 and up to 5-11 for a week straight, it's like WOW - are you kidding me? This site is here to make money and nothing else. NOT because Glenn or Rob live to keep all of us informed ok. George W. Bush is 5-9 to 5-10 MAX - big deal...What do you think he would be more macho at 5-11? Seriously, lets keep it real people. He is 5-9 - 5-10, hell if it makes him feel better about himself as a person give him 5-11 - WHO CARES! The richest man in the world is 5-9ish, height doesn't mean Jack and I think it's time you people stop being brainwashed by the media into thinking what's important and what is not.
TheJerk said on 5/Apr/07
Ha Rob! Makes a fellow wonder... Anyway, I found the article. It is entitled "Is the president shrinking?" I just now realized that it is a politically oriented type website, however. Looks to be on the left of center. The information may still be real, who knows? If you want to read about it and more spinal variations throughout the day that most of us know about it's Click Here

Editor Rob
it was reported on many news sites, he had a 4 hour 'examination' weight 191.6, height 5ft 11.5, all in the 4-page report.

100% government truth...
TheJerk said on 5/Apr/07
Rob, I am not sure that it has been posted on this page, I'd be surprised if it hasn't been. I remember reading an article a couple months ago that stated for Bush's annual checkup he measued a 1/4 inch shorter this recent time. He must be given a current height 5-10 3/4 and a peak height of 5-11. :P Seriously though I'll try to find the article - it was an online one.

Same way Clinton became 6ft 2.5, maybe Bush got the benefit of out of bed measurement...surely your government doesn't lie about such a trivial thing as the President's height. I mean if they lie about something like that...what else they feeding the american folk!!!
MD said on 30/Mar/07
Viper, he was actually 'measured' at 6'0" and then later at something like 5'11.5", I think. But, it's quite obvious the doctors were boosting him. They even said barefoot, but if that were the case, Bush would routinely look 6'1" or over, and he never does.
MD said on 30/Mar/07
LOL! @ Rob

No, he's not a full 5'11".
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
Wasnt he measured at 5-11? Maybe that was with shoes?
Vince said on 28/Mar/07
5-11 seems too high. I agree with what many have posted that he is 5-10.
Chris said on 25/Mar/07
George W Bush never looks tall in a group of guys which makes him average....5'9 - 5'10
Paddington said on 25/Mar/07
There's an element of randomness in genetics (assortment), which is why people's siblings aren't exactly like they are. There's also regression towards the mean. I don't think there is anything weird about GWB's father and brother being a few inches taller than he is, and no real reason to suspect his growth was "stunted". My guess is GWB is between 5'10" and 5'11".
Guest said on 24/Mar/07
Hi, my dad and mom took their pictures with George W Bush at a Republican convention in about 1999 or 2000. He is the exact height and proportion as my dad who is exactly 5'10".
MD said on 14/Mar/07
Actually, he never strikes me as short with a lot of other world leaders. He strikes me as average when standing amongst a lot of European leaders, and can even look tall with leaders from many of the country's here in the Americas.

All that said, he just appears about average to me (5'10"), and those photos with Prince Charles pretty much show that. Those are some good pictures.
Guy said on 14/Mar/07
I saw a life size cut out of him in the mall. Looked about 5 9ish, no more than that. He refers to himself as the "little guy" of the family, so yeah..I think 5 9 or 5 9 and some change is accurate. He probably can look about 5 11 in shoes though
Ed said on 14/Mar/07
MD, good point, he is the weakest 5ft11 I've seen as well. The man in shoes or lifts would be 6ft0.5-6ft1,and yet he always seems to look short. Is every bureaucrat in Washington 6ft and over,lol? If you watched the State of the Union, I always found it interesting when he came out, and made his way to the podium shaking hands as he went how little he looked. Now in a sea of people 5ft11 is not going to stand out in a big way like a 6ft3 guy, but still he looked short and stocky. The same goes for pics of him w/other diplomats he always looks the shortest. I wonder why he refers to himself as a little guy, maybe he does have a complex because of his tall family?
MD said on 13/Mar/07
Look at the photos of him and Prince Charles. It's obvious (probably like most modern presidents) that he wears lifts, at times. But, if he is a real 5'11" it's the weakest 5'11" I've ever seen.
trueheight said on 13/Mar/07
He looks 5'11 compared to Gates the new DefSec, who is 5'7. I have several friends who shook his[Gates'] hand at the TAMU commencement ceremonies in 2004 when they graduated, all with pictures too.
Kevin said on 8/Mar/07
5'11 ? no way, look at his pic next to Arnold (6') it is more than 2 inches difference, I'd say 3', Mr Bush is 5'9 Click Here
MD said on 4/Mar/07
Nope. Every president gets a boost in height, just like any celebrity, would. At least it's not an incredibly ridiculous boost, but an obvious boost, nonetheless.

Editor Rob, check on this one, again.
G-unit said on 3/Mar/07
Didn't bush himself say that he's just under 6'? haha...
He's more like 5'10.
MD said on 27/Feb/07
George W. Bush with 5'10" Prince Charles:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

5'11"? Maybe in shoes, Mr. Bush.
Chuckycheese said on 26/Feb/07
I'd bet quite a lot of money he's not 5'11". Besides 'Little Don' Rumsfield, which men have you ever seen him stand next to that are shorter? (I'm sure there are a few....but not many.)
Spence said on 20/Feb/07
He is not 6'0 he is almost 6' with shoes on. Just like they said Clinton was 6'2 1/2 when in reality hes probaly 6'1 1/2 or just under 6'2. He is probaly 5'10-1/2 w out shoes on. I think hes about 179.
Gonzalo said on 14/Feb/07
He looks taller than 5`11 in my opinion. There must be something in his shoes. He looked as tall as stupid president Zapatero who is a legit 1`84. And he didn´t look three inches shorter than Clinton. He looks 6 feet to me
Antron said on 9/Feb/07
That picture with all the men in the Oval office arranged by height is funny, and yes i think Bush is wearing some big shoes in it...Although this administration does or has employed some shorter men (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libby all no more than 5'8" I believe)
Garry said on 9/Feb/07
He appeared significantly shorter than Kerry during their debates, I vote for about 5'10" and maybe a little change but no more.
kevin t said on 6/Feb/07
Jack says: "5'9 is not short and neither is 5'11."

That's true in the US where average census height is 5' 10" and that is purely anecdotal. And the average height in the US is not going up, although the weights are going through the roof. (Rob, when are you going to start ""?) THAT would be a fun one!...
kevin t said on 6/Feb/07
I don't doubt the Dubya at Tussaud's is the wrong size. Madame Tussaud's makes people the size their publicists wantthem to be--if you want to see a 5'11" Paul Newman or a six foot Sly Stallone for the first time in your life, visit Tussaud's in Las Vegas..!
Jesse said on 2/Feb/07
on the news about a year ago they had a story about W's health. He had just gotten a physical, and they reported that he measured just a shade under 6' and i think they said he weighed something like 180. so 5'11 should be pretty accurate.
MD said on 18/Jan/07
Then, forget the O'Reilly photo. Explain the photos I posted of him with Prince Charles.
hereandnow said on 17/Jan/07
That O'Reilly photo is a bad photoshop job. Look to the right of the pointer. You can see a line where the photo was cut and Bush's section was shifted down. Looks like someone from CBS still hasn't found work.
hb45 said on 15/Jan/07
He's really much shorter than his father and his brother. Logically, he should have been approximatively the same height like them, according to "genetics rules".
MD said on 14/Dec/06
Franco, Spielberg is exactly what confused me about the photo, but I definitely agree with you about Bush's height, and it doesn't really have much to do with Bush, personally, as rather I can't think of where height would be more important than as an American president if even its only squeezing out an inch or two. He can't be over 5'9" barefoot, and it would be absolutely foolish to think that he doesn't wear lifts.
Bowes/McDougall said on 9/Dec/06
Stinker, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is 6 foot 3 inches tall.
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/06
I dont think Maddam Tussad can be trusted at this point. Does Dubya really have a Napolean Complex?
Kevin T said on 6/Dec/06
Bush looks 5' 9". His father was 6' 2" in his younger years, and there is a photo out there depicting the two of them with GWB in his military uniform...Father is at least 4-5 inches taller than son. (Could explain Dubya's "Napoleon Complex".)
Del Mar said on 29/Nov/06
The vax figure of him at Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam is about 6-1, 6-2. Something must be in question here!
Myself said on 20/Nov/06
I just met him yesterday in in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am 165 cm or 5'4" and being stand in front of him, i think he's around more than 175 cm (5'7"), but certainly less than 180 cm..
Don said on 20/Nov/06
Editor Rob, evidence enough to change big GWB's height?
lillo thomas said on 17/Nov/06
bush looks between 5'9 and 5'10 in that pic with O Reilly
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/06
I would say that there is at least, a minimum of 8 inches in height difference between Bush and O'Reilly. one thing is for sure Arnie is not 6'2. time for a downgrade to at least 5'10 for Bush.
MD said on 2/Nov/06
Yeah, that O'Reilly picture really got me, as well, as Bush barely even looks 5'9" there. And, it's not that the angle is that bad, either. Either O'Reilly is siginficantly taller than 6'4" or Bush is shorter than 5'11".
Viper652 said on 2/Nov/06
I cant beleive how much height Bill O' reilly has over him. I mean he really, really dwarfs him.
Bob said on 1/Nov/06
I am doubting that Bush is 5-11. he certainly wears lift.
he does not look like more than 5-8 to me.i once saw him with larry king, who is stated as 5-7, and i did not realize much height difference.
TNTinCA said on 30/Oct/06
I have to agree. El Presidente looks really short compared to O' Reilly. I have a friend who is also six four and I looked at some photos of myself next to him. (I am 5'10") Honestly, I don't appear as short in those photos as Bush does next to O' Reilly. So either Bill is taller than 6'4" or Bush is shorter than he states.
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/06
Man, from that shot Bush looks closer to 5-8.
Chris said on 30/Oct/06
Then again, Bush never looks much shorter than Blair and Blair is a legit 6'0 according to most.
MD said on 29/Oct/06
O'Reily is known for his height, so that really shouldn't be a surprise. What is a surprise is how short Bush looks, there.
Chris said on 25/Oct/06
Yeah, I agree. I'd say it's most likely Bush was shorter than O'Reilly being taller. However, if Bush is 5'11", 5" is still a LOT taller and appears so. O'Reilly looks a big guy too which adds to it. I had a friend who was around 6'3" and he looked really big to my 5'11".
Viper652 said on 24/Oct/06
I saw the O'reilly video. Either Bill is taller than 6-4 or Bush is shorter than 5-11. Id say Bush is 5-10 tops, and even that could be a stretch. O'relly had a ton of height over him.
Spence said on 19/Oct/06
Did anyone see the O'reilly interview w Bush last night? O'reilly is a legit 6'4 maybe more and he towered and I mean towered over Bush, Bush is tops 5'10 absolute tops
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
This site makes the work day go by a little faster. Also anonymous Mookie Wilson did a lot of coke on that 1986 Mew Yorks mets team. It could have shrunk him a quarter of an inch :)
Kevin said on 15/Oct/06
Ralph, when he said "I'm the little guy" he was probably referring to the Bush Family. Remember, #41 Jeb are 6'3", and as for the the other Bush brothers, I'm not sure. George is probably jujst the shortest of all of them.
Chris said on 14/Oct/06
Oh and btw,
This guy I know, the first time I met him he appeared like a giant to me...which the bigger something is, the more sub-concious space and importance you place on it...yet when I saw him in a casual sense he was my he had probably been wearing lifts. The opinion I formed was a scientific one when making a judgement about someone upon first meeting them.
Chris said on 14/Oct/06
Of course Gotxo, it has a lot to do about image too. Like when you see behind any facade in advertising, the people who stimulate us to go out and buy their product, who make us feel inferior and needy of their product(some), are usually cavemen/women themselves in evolutionary terms. So it's funny this revenge they have on the rest of the population, everyone else feel worse with fake images and whatnot.
So a lot of the time we're asked to marvel at these people and be in awe of the image peddled for them (by media baloney like you say) when really it's all a smokescreen and these people aren't superhuman, but just like ourselves in every way.
Anonymous, it says a lot that you were willing to get all uppity about my comment which was said in jest, but yes guessing the height of something is scientific and a good way to kill some time; I bet you just can't wait to return to your Hot Grandas site of choice after being all holier-than-thou here.
Why's it interesting, I'm surprised than women have anything left to talk about after all the countless image magazines they're barraged with. One.
MD said on 13/Oct/06
If you don't find this site useful, then simply don't visit it. It's really just that simple, unless you're really a jerk
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/06
Fair's science. Guessing who has something inside their shoes and whether or not puffy hair gives the illusion of height. Right up there with string theory. The power of the image? Perhaps. Still interesting that all comments are almost exclusively male-generated. No harm though..whatever floats your boat. And I do admit it's a better site than most. Worth a look for one shot of 'the 5-8 Glen' standing next to Joey Ramone, alone. More power to you.
Gotxo said on 13/Oct/06
LOL i'm with you Chris.
This is not only funny and has science on it, it explores the power of the image, the lies on the media and makes you reason a lot whilst considering another ones answers and mind your own one.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
I personally think 5'10" with 5'10.5" being a good compromise. I think he needs to be treated just like every other celebrity on this site. Let's take into consideration first the "2-inch" rule, then take into consideration that this guy is a politician (they'll tell you almost anything more often than not), and the fact that he gave himself 5'11". I think taking that all into account, and the fact that he's clearly and overcompensator that 5'11" is most likely a regular shoe height. I personally don't see him as anything over 5'10" barefoot, but could accept a 5'10.5". 5'11" just seems so out of the question, for me, as a barefoot height, especially if he gave himself that height. I also assume that as with most modern presidents, probably, that the doctors giving phyiscals add at least and inch to their president's height.
ralph said on 5/Oct/06
Yes, I think you're right, Chris. 5'10" or 5'10.5".
Chris said on 3/Oct/06
ralph, I was thinking that he said he was short, and then remembered that he was 'supposed' to be 5-11 so threw that figure in to his quote for good measure...when in actual fact he is 5-10. Just a theory
ralph said on 3/Oct/06
Bush words are stupid , a 5'11" man isnt a little guy. Im that height and the people dont consider me short.
ralph said on 28/Sep/06
Click Here

here castro looks three inches taller. My estimation is: castro 6'2" (near to 6'4" in a good age) and chavez 5'11"
Chris said on 27/Sep/06
Drooperado: how tall is that BIG guy in that picture and who is he, maybe then that will give us a clearer picture...
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
How tall is Hugo? 6'0''?

Regarding Bush, I think he's a hair over the 5'10'' mark.
MD said on 24/Sep/06
Catro was a little hunched when Chavez went to meet him, and only had on house shoes, so we do have to take that into account.
ralph said on 24/Sep/06
Click Here

castro (with a bad posture) is about one inch and half taller than chavez?
MD said on 22/Sep/06
How tall is Chavez, because Chavez is taller than Castro. I'd always heard of Castro being pretty tall, but when I saw that Chavez (who's not all that tall) was taller than him, I didn't know what to think.
ralph said on 16/Sep/06
how tall is fidel castro? I think he is much taller than bush, 6'2" I heard.
foo said on 13/Sep/06
bush would lie about his height the same way he'd lie about his body-fat percentage, how much he can bench-press and how fast he can run or ride a bike. not to mention lying about national security threats, etc. why? because he's a pathological liar, and because he can get away with it...except out here in the distant blogosphere.

i think he's about 5'10'. know who really looks short? the gnomish donald rumsfeld. standing next to bush, he looks like a garden troll! not that there's anything wrong with that.
big daddy said on 5/Sep/06
I saw John Edwards at a political rally. I got about 5 feet from him, never got to shake his hand though. He does look a strong 5'11" in shoes. Not sure what his footwear was though.
ralph said on 5/Sep/06
In my opinion bush wears lifts when he is beside blair
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Ive actually seen John Edwards up close in person back in 2000. Looked 5-11 to me, or at the very least 5-10 1/2.

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