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Peak: 5ft 11.09in (180.6cm)
Current: 5ft 10.04in (177.9cm)
Huey said on 3/Sep/06
John Edwards and John Kerry's heights anyone? 5-11 and 6-4 maybe? Must be some Democrats on here who would know.
Kevin said on 16/Aug/06
MD, an article in the Washington Post says this...

Click Here
Mario said on 9/Aug/06
George Bush is 180cm or slighty over it.
Bush and 170cm Jose Maria Aznar (The best president that Spain ever had)
Click Here
Video of Bush and Aznar.
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MD said on 7/Aug/06
Kevin, where'd you find the full report? I can't find it out the White House's site. I don't ever remember the White House saying he was 6'0", so when they said he'd shrank a quater inch I thought they were giving him 5'11.5" I only always remember hearing them say "almost/about 6'0"
Kevin said on 6/Aug/06
The White House just released a full report on the Physical Examination conducted at the National Naval Medical Center on August 2, 2006. The report does show that President Bush is 5'11 3/4" -apparently a quarter of an inch shorter than before. It is typical for men to start declining in height when they reach around 50, so the President may become shorter over time. But hey, 5'11" is still a pretty good height.
Frank2 said on 3/Aug/06
Ron Reagan would. The guy's a drip. Bush is exactly 5'11". He's good friends with a distant relative of mine. When I visited her last year in Arizona I noticed several photos of her and her husband taken with Bush and Laura. Her husband is 5'10" and in all the photos Bush is taller. When I asked them how tall Bush was they told me he was about my height and I'm 5'11". When Bush wears his cowboy boots with two inch heels he's 6'1".
MD said on 3/Aug/06
His height must be measured with his shoes on, especially he since he said himself years ago that he was only 5'11". If anyone is going to have their height overestimated it is the president of the United States.

Editor Rob
they could measure in morning or you never know, he might have been 'encouraged' to sit down for 20 minutes before measuring, so he'll creep back up several mm in height...
Huey said on 3/Aug/06
This seems to be the page on American politicians. How tall is John Edwards anyone? 5-11/ 6ft?
Matt said on 3/Aug/06
In America he's officially 5'11.5'', when a year ago he was 5'11.75''. My guess is he was a bit over 6' at his peak.
Tom said on 2/Aug/06
His annual health exam says 181cm for 89kg
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/06
BobbyJ,I'll go slow so YOU can follow: You're quoting Bush's bogus medical report that said he was 6' tall, but also said that the tubby president had the body-fat of an athlete. Ron Reagan, Jr. on MSNBC lit into the bogus medical report and said--about the height--"The President doesn't have the body-fat of a professional athlete. And, by the way, I've met George W. Bush. He's not 6' tall, either." --You need to be more discerning, less naive. I guess, though, it's because of people like you that Stalin put out phony statistics of himself, and Hitler, too. It obviously works.
BobbyJ said on 1/Jul/06
Drooperdoo - I'll go slow so you follow - Bush Sr 6'2" (see with Clinton) - Bush Sr now even older - hence - a bit shorter - GWB would appear taller with his father.
BobbyJ said on 1/Jul/06
On GWB's last Presidential physical the MD's listed him as 6'0". Look at him (boots & shoes) with his buddy - Tony Blair. This is one of the most photographed men in the world - GWB is clearly 5'11" - record it and move on.
Drooperdoo said on 16/Jun/06
Rob, Bush isn't taking massive strides. The two men are in a full-body length shot, both taking about equally small strides and Bush appears the same height as Maliki--if not slightly shorter (judging by an analysis of their eyes and shoulders). There's no way that the strides are making him lose three inches in height. Come on! That's just silly. You can do better than that.

Editor Rob
This shot, the iraq guy has an advantage, he's on one leg, while bush still has other leg about to lift off: link, see this one aswell and the moustached geezer is closer to camera on that second shot.

here is another one, link with better matching stride, nearly.

but I'm not sure about 2-3 inches, maybe 1.5 max to me?, here
Kyle said on 10/Jun/06
I met him once at a campaign rally back in 2004, didnt get a good look at his height, but I did notice he had the biggest shoulder pads under his suit. I'm betting this height is correct, but he is a slender man.
SH said on 5/Jun/06
Is his father George HW Bush only 6'2''. I was quite certain he was 6'3'' or evem 6'3.5''.
Editor Rob said on 26/May/06
Barbara Bush: "5ft 8 at age 12" is what she once said about herself.
bushhh said on 20/May/06
hey there look at these links.. these boots are really huge,what do ya think of these:)?
Click Here
Click Here

Editor Rob
lol, nice one!
Height Detective said on 1/May/06
george bush boots Click Here

Click Here

George Bush without his lovely heels ,over a rock to appear taller in photos Click Here

In this article Click Here the autor says Bush used " $300 designer cowboy boots " with something inside may be ?

Link said on 19/Apr/06
Chip says on 2/Apr/05
Bush must be shorter than 5-11. But why? His dad id 6-2, grandfather was 6-4 (quite a feat back then) and Jen and Marvin are around 6-4. Did smoking stunt Dubya's growth?

My dads 6'2 and grandad 6'4 too, and uncle is 6'7 and average height of males in my family is 6'3-6'4, but i only just reach 6'1", and i used to be 5'11"

Tall parents doesnt mean anything, i know many people who are nearly 10 inches shorter than BOTH there parents and havent smoked or drunk, and do regular exercise.

Nutrition and exercise are limiting factors, each growth spurt requires protein, in general the body can build proteins from its own muscle tissue, this is why before a growth spurt you usually gain weight, and then lose it all and become rather skinny, if you dont have enough protein for what the DNA has intended to do-it will destroy muscle to make you grow, it will just be slower and POSSIBLY very SLIGHTLY less effective.

DNA is what makes height 90% speaking, maximum height you can gain from diet and exercise is 5 inches-and thats being friendly in my Advanced level passing science college qualification opinion.
Frank2 said on 17/Apr/06
Me not humble?
Frank2 said on 17/Apr/06
I thought it was your last post. You sound like John Carradine's character In Blood and Sand when he kept insisting, "This is my very last season!"

There hasn't been that much partisan bickering on this site, certainly not enough to warrant you're enraged outburst. Mostly it's been discussing the heights of politicians, not whether they lied or if they engaged in behavior that could be taken as questionable.

And Larry, I don't owe you anything. You're the one who called me a "know-it-all jerk." If anything, it's you who the apology needs to come from.

What did Jesus say, something about turning the other cheek.....
richinkle said on 17/Apr/06
(to larry) ps maybe you just need to take a chill-pill. And Frank2 could definitely use a big-ass serving of humble pie.
richinkle said on 17/Apr/06
larry - please reconsider leaving...I've enjoyed your comments!
A-Bomb said on 17/Apr/06
Have I missed something? I really haven't read anything I would classify as partisan, though I did notice Frank2 had a passing shot at Hillary Clinton. That's nothing out fo the ordinary from either side of the aisle though, she cops it regularly on Jon Stewart's show as well - isn't there a saying that goes something like "you must know you're doing something right when they're all shooting at you"? Perhaps Hillary got them running scared for '08?
larry said on 17/Apr/06
Frank2 - You are a know-it-all jerk. I know because I can be one too when I get on a roll. But after I think about it, I apologize when I'm mistaken. ALL of we lowly HUMANS are mistaken from time to time. When Bill Clinton lied about that blow job it made me sick and I TOLD everyone so! Now that Bush Jr. lies up a blue streak I call that spade a spade too! But that has NOTHING to do with either man's height. To think I've DEFENDED you on SEVERAL pages on this site! In case you're haven't noticed, I usually agree with you about people's heights. BTW: Eisenhower WAS 5'10". I SAW the General in 1958. And Jimmy Carter is only 5'7.5". It's interesting that when you AND I were both slammed for OUR opinion that James Garner had shrunk that I posted (or tried to post) a reply in which I said I thought you were an honest guy. I never intended to post on the site again, though I liked Rob, Gramps, Glenn, and EVEN you, because I think ANY political partisans taking over a non-political site is the ruin of that site. Your problem Frank2 is that you don't respect the opinion of others. The sad part is I really found you interesting, though you are an important Hollywood type and I'm just a lowly minister's son from Austin Texas, who makes his meager living showing grad biology students the great outdoors. You, Sir owe me an apology. But, of course, you WON'T apologize (and have probably never done so in your life) because you can't admit that A) my comments weren't aimed at you, B) you're ever wrong. I'm leaving this site to keep the peace. Wonder how many MORE will leave? Those who never see and admit their mistakes never learn. Looks like my poor Methodist minister Dad COULD have done a much worse job of raising me. :-)
Frank2 said on 16/Apr/06
How on earth is it becoming too partisan? By mentioning the heights of politicians? Hmmmmmm.... maybe if we only mentioned the heights of Democrats you'd be happy. Take care and don't slam the door on your way out.
larry said on 16/Apr/06
Well, this site is getting too political for my taste! Partisan politics can corrode anything. Could have warned you, Rob. How TALL a person is has NADA to do with their politics. SOOO, this is my last post. I see none of MY personal sightings is taken seriously. But you know: we scientists ARE trying to rule the world!!! :-) Will give a group GOOD BYE under General Heights.
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
Ike had his height officially recorded back when he attended West Point at 5'10". But by the time he became President he was into his sixties and had lost about an inch. Take a look at photos of him during WW II standing next to Patton who was about 6'1" and Eisenhower looks a solid 5'10".

Check out this shot: Click Here

And here: Click Here

As well as here: Click Here
Bradley was also over 6'.

5'10" Nixon was sightly taller than Ike: Click Here

And here with their backs to us: Click Here

Eisenhower looks a little taller in this shot with Nixon and Saudi King Saud bin Abdulaziz: Click Here

"If you ever become President, never record yourself": Click Here
Paul said on 14/Apr/06
I've never seen Cheney in person, but based on my conversation with someone who met him during the 2004 campaign, 5'9" may be a bit generous for his current height. He doesn't have the greatest posture in the world which makes him smaller.

The elder Bush once referred to himself as 6'2.5" which he very well could have been. Even today he looks impressively tall and appears to have lost little of his height.

Frank2 is quite right about Eisenhower being of medium height. Most people are quite surprised to see his army uniform in museums, etc. There is a picture in one of the Reagan biographies of Reagan and Eisenhower standing close together and Ike looks considerably smaller. I believe the picture was from the late 50s or early 60s.
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
I'd venture to guess that like Cheney, Rumsfeld is about 5'9": Click Here

Rumsfeld and Cheney: Click Here

Bill Clinton and some good looking fraulein on a recent speaking engagement in Germany: Click Here
I just threw that in for laughs. I'd be with as many babes as I could if I was married to his wife!
Stinker said on 13/Apr/06
Bush is probably a solid 180 cm.
Does anyone know how tall Stephen Harper is?
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
I'd say Cheney is about 5'9" and I'd have to look at Rumsfeld again with Bush before I say how tall he is. Certainly under 5'10".

Nothing said about Clinton would surprise me in the least. The man lives almost totally for the crowd. In another life he could have been another Elvis.
Jason said on 13/Apr/06
Frank, I believe Bush Sr. was 6'2'', but I think Clinton was only about 6'1 1/4''. I also heard he wore lifts to make himself as tall as Bush in the 1992 presidental election.
A-Bomb said on 13/Apr/06
Do you know or can you guess from what you know how tall Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are?
Frank2 said on 12/Apr/06
Bush is 5'11". Clinton is 6'2" as is the elder Bush. Reagan when in office was about 6' having lost an inch. Carter was no more than 5'8". Gerald Ford ws 6'. Nixon was 5'10". JFK was 6'. Eisonhower was 5'9" having lost an inch by the time he became President. Truman was about 5'8". FDR was 6'2" (that is, when he could stand up using heavy leg braces). That it for today's history lesson.
MD said on 11/Apr/06
Clyde, that's a question more appropriate for the General Heights board, but generally, 5'9"-5'9.5" is considered average height in the United States for a man. But, even that's not all that reliable considering how many different races and ethnic groups in this country, some are generally shorter and other's generally taller.
Clyde said on 10/Apr/06
It all depends...What is the height that people consider as short? Isn't 5'7
about average height? I wake up somedays & I'm 5'9 barefooted...Then after I have been walking all day,sometimes I'm 5'8...When in regular shoes I stand about 9 3/4...I turned 21 in January...I wonder if any of you guys have grown in your 20's? Sometimes I feel short,sometimes I feel average...So What is the official height considered as average???
dmeyer said on 5/Apr/06
compare to arnie and hanks he looks atleast 5'11
Gonzalo said on 30/Mar/06
He looks taller than 5`11. He was as tall as Spanish President Zapatero who is measured 1`84. I`ve seen Zapatero and he is that tall. He didn`t look much shorter than Clinton who is clearly a 1`87 cm guy, at least.
He must wear magic shoes
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
well, Clinton has always been listed as 6'4 by popular sites in the past. he ahs been downgraded since. I'd say Clinton in his prime was 6'2. I strongly disagree that Bush wears lifts b/c many time I see him getting on helicopters and the wind blows his pants legs and it appears normal. 5'11 or just under
zenski said on 11/Mar/06
Look Rob Clinton is 182 cm next to George W Bush.What you think about this?
Click Here
larry said on 8/Mar/06
Then I'm actually 6'6.5" and have been mis-measured like 20 times. :-) That includes the US army twice. Jimmy Carter would be 5'7" barefoot and Mr. Bush Jr. is what we call a "short" 5'11" in Texas (measured in shoes or boots). I stood like 2 feet from him and his wife (who is more like 5'4.5" to 5'5" than 5'6"). Mr. Bush looked maybe 180 - 181.5 cms in cw boots. So, let's say we give him the benefit of the doubt & say they only added 1.5 inches to his height. That ends up with him being about 177.8 cms tall or 5'10". I spent a few months measuring inductees in the Army & height is barefoot height only. Seeing George Bush Jr with my own eyes pretty close twice, I would say he is 5'9.5" to 5'10" tall barefoot. This is still medium height. He's not as short as 69" and not as tall as 71". From some reason, people often state their height in shoes, which is incorrect for several obvious reasons.
Frank2 said on 6/Mar/06
Yeah, and Carter is listed as being 5'9" on official websites. I once saw him and he looked to be no more tna 5'8" and that was back when he was running for President. Most officila height's of US Presidents are optimistic. But Bush is 5'11". He and his dad and mom are close friends with a distant relative of mine and George W. visited them befor he was President and I'm told that outside by their pool he was 5'11" in his bare feet.
MD said on 6/Mar/06
Here's another angle to add to this from my perspective:

Dubbya seems like a very confident person (too confident if you ask me), and it shows in his walk and swagger. He NEVER seems to sloach when standing, almost leaning back too far to prop himself up. I think like most presidents, he is very self-aware and it shows in how he carries himself. IMO, with his build and all, he looks 5'9.5"-5'10" barefoot TOPS. He always looks to have some kinds of lifts be they simply cowboy boots when going casual at his ranch, or lift shoes when at events. I personally think he is a solid 5'9" barefoot, which is average.

Editor Rob
he has been taught the 'tough man walk'. Arms swing a little wide of the looks too purposeful.
larry said on 6/Mar/06
EJ - I saw Jimmie Carter at a Habitat for Humanity breakfast in Austin in 2003. He is 5'8" in shoes, so probably 5'7" barefoot. Very wiry and animated for his age. When I saw George W. Bush he looked 5'11" - 5'11.5" IN the cowboy boots, not 6'1". I'm over 6'4 1/2" and he came up to lower lip. That day I was wearing sandles and he was in cowboy boots (it was 98 F!). I think 5'9.5" to 5'10" is not stingy (might be SLIGHTLY generous). He is a medium height guy, probably medium weight too. There's a photo out there somewhere from Bush Jr's National guard days where he is standing right beside his dad. It looks like a 3.5" difference in height to me. Can't see shoes, but Bush Jr. was in uniform (so he was probably wearing combat boots). I think Bush Sr. always wears dress shoes.
Fred said on 5/Mar/06
My brother, who lives in Austin, is a runner. When GW was governor, he and my brother ran in the same race. My brother got close to him (getting elbowed by the bodyguards) and says that there is no way GW is more than 5 feet 9 inches (you can't wear lifts in running shoes). Brother says that GW is a heck of a good runner, though.
Frank2 said on 4/Mar/06
Bush is exactly 5-11. He tends to favor cowboy boots with two-inch heels.
larry said on 1/Mar/06
Hi, will try to post this again. I've lived in Austin Texas most of my life and have seen quite a few politicians over the years. I saw then Govenor Bush several times and he never looked taller than 5'11" in cowboy boots. Saw him in 1995 and he was wearing some kind of clunky looking dress shoes that may or may not have been elevator shoes. He looked ~ 5'11" then too. By that I mean he looked 5'11" IN the cowboy boots. Personally, I loath cowboy boots as they cause hammer toes, but they are considered 'dress wear' in this state. :-). So, I would guess his barefoot height at 5'9.5 to 5'10".
Jason said on 28/Feb/06
I think 6'0 1/2'' is spot on for Al Gore. He's almost the same height as Bubba Clinton.
EJ said on 27/Feb/06
Larry, those height estimates are EXACTLY what I always thought from looking at photos of those people. You're right, Cheney does look only 5'8", and I thought Al Gore was about 6', not 6'1". Good job. What other heights have you estimated? Yo
Jason said on 26/Feb/06
I completely agree with you Dubya is just an even 5'10'', larry. They measured the clown in army boots in his Air Force medical.
larry said on 26/Feb/06
Well, I've lived in Austin Texas most of my life. It's NOT a really big city and it's the state capital. So, when President Bush was Govenor Bush I saw him and several other politicians in person. I also saw Bush Sr. several times (though NOT over the past 12 years). I am 6'4" plus tall (not quite 6'5") and stood near both Bushs, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bob Dole, Lyndon Johnson (1965) and others over the years. EVERYONE comes to Austin who runs for any national office and they hand out free food at those hodowns! :-)Here's my assesment:
Bush Sr: 6'1.5" when HE was president
Bush Jr: 5'10" when he was govenor, but his shoes did look "suspect"
Clinton: 6'1.5" (same as Bush Sr.)
Al Gore: 6'0.5" (MAYBE 6'1"...)
Bob Dole: 6'1" (but quite old at that point)
Lyndon Johnson: 6'2.5" (BAD posture, so maybe 6'3")
P.S.: Saw Cheyney with Bush Jr. and Mr. Cheyney is about 5'8" now.
Hope that helps.
By "suspect" I mean his shoes seemed to be thick from the side, but who knows? But in any event he looked 5'10", not 5'11".
A-Bomb said on 15/Feb/06
Good find. Cheney is 66 years old now so it's likely he's lost some height since 1963. Maybe he stands at around 5'8" today.
CoolJ said on 14/Feb/06
If it helps, here's some old material that says Cheney is 5'9
Alex said on 13/Feb/06
I don't think he ever looked 5'11. Hes nothing more than 5'10, I agree with Viper.
Viper652 said on 10/Feb/06
Bush has never looked 5-9 at all.
heightfan said on 10/Feb/06
Good call trueheight not a fan either, but he is the stated 5'11".
Viper652 said on 9/Feb/06
Bush looks 5-10.5 to me,not quite a full 5-11.
trueheight said on 9/Feb/06
editor, i'd be dubious to some of the claims here that bush is 5'8 or lower, thats is just utterly absurd, not even stevie wonder would make such an inane judgement. I'm not a big fan of Bush, but i'm not gonna cross the line here just cuz i'm against his policies. This is an objective website for height guesstimate, not a place to go on political tirades. He is on the tall side, not as tall as his dad but still tall. I've never heard of a person w/ a full blooded brother who is 9 inches taller, have you?
trueheight said on 9/Feb/06
No, Bush IS 5'11"; and i'm not speaking as a fan. He is consistently "tallish" in every clip or photo I have seen, even giving the governator a run for his money. Why would Bush fudge his height?? He's a very athletic person, and his height is consistent w/ every candid biking pic i've come across. The only "short" president in recent history was Carter(5'7), who wore lifts
RW said on 26/Jan/06
i think he is 5'11 min. viva bush!
joecamel22 said on 26/Jan/06
Lets try 5'8 or shorter. A friend of my wife was honored as one of the top nurses in America in 2005, and she took a picture with him. He looks like he's about 2 inches taller than she was in the picture, but she said that they put him a good distance in front of the nurses to seem taller. She's 5'7" w/o heels, and said that she was at least 2 inches taller than he was while she was wearing 2 inch heels. The Prez uses shoe lifts.
tom said on 26/Jan/06
hes in between 5-11 and 6 foot and a good president
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
It said in the newspaper that he's 6'2", but he's a lying nincompoop. He's only 5'11".
zenski said on 13/Jan/06
You should have show like in our country were celebrities can be mesured precisely barefoot.Every celebrity tell us the size with shoes that give them 3 or 4 cm so if they say I'm 183 cm that means 180 or 179 in most of the cases.

Editor Rob
they have a tv show where people have been measured before???
zenski said on 13/Jan/06
You have a good eye.So there is no 5 cm but 2cm diference.That makes Bush 179 cm and the president of France no more then 183 cm.
zenski said on 13/Jan/06
ok man look all the pictures in this section carfully you will have to change the hight of you president the french president and the prime-minister of Great Britain because Branko Crvenkovski 181 cm is taller.And dont give me that wrong angle thing because some angles are clear look just this pictures all of them.

Editor Rob
yes, don't get me wrong, I am simply pointing out different angles can make people taller/shorter...I didn't think there was a 5cm difference ;)
But branko does look a little taller. The best pic I think is This one where they both face the camera same you agree?
zenski said on 12/Jan/06
george bush is not taller then 177 i'm from Macedonia and my president Branko Crvenkovski on one show was mesured precisely 181 cm in this pictures he is standing next to George Bush and he is about 5 cm taller.

Editor Rob
and then we take a photographer who is shooting slightly upwards and Bush is a little bit closer to photographer and we get:

Bush 'appearing' taller

These factors always have to be considered with photos. The angle+relative distance to camera can make a negative height difference change to a positive one.
TheMan said on 4/Jan/06
I personally thought he did only look about 5,9 ill give 5,10.5 max.
Viper652 said on 3/Jan/06
Either lifts, or your not 5-10 Marc :)
Marc said on 2/Jan/06
He wears lifts i tell you!!! I'm 5'10" , he had about 2 or 3 inches on me when I met him in Washington. I looked at his shoes and could just tell.
Tom said on 30/Dec/05
If Bush is 5'11", how is it that he's almost always able surrounds himself with people that are taller than he is? (Except for "Little Don" Rumsfeld). is he able to find so few people to stand next to that are shorter?
Paul said on 16/Dec/05
In 2004 the President came to my town for a ceremonial bill signing. I was fortunate enought to be put in the front row and stood face to face with him for about 5 seconds when he did a brief "meet and greet" afterwards. I think 5'11" is pretty accurate. He was very trim which, to be honest, I noticed more than his height.
KOBE said on 13/Dec/05
Does anyone know if George W.Bush is taller than Bruce Willis and David Beckham?ý really wanna know this..pls help
DB said on 8/Dec/05
Then that makes Robert Redford about 5'7" because on a recent photo with Bush (last week) he looks much shorter.

Editor Rob
he's a little bit further back in that pic
gyllenhaalic823 said on 6/Dec/05
yeah i have to say that even though I wholeheartedly disagree with nearly all of his policies and strategies, he does look to be around 5'11" (basically what EJ said way below v )
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/05
Does anyone know how tall Laura Bush is?
EJ said on 18/Nov/05
You just did. I guess Karl Rove is regulating this page now.
A-Bomb said on 17/Nov/05
I wonder since he now has a 34% approval rating in the latest Harris poll whether his height will be downgraded as well from all this 6' nonsense that gets splurged around in the media.

Editor Rob
the day I mention '6ft' and George W Bush in the same sentence, is the day you'll know this site has been taken over by government agents...
Height Tracker said on 6/Nov/05
I think that whenever Bush goes out in public and makes appearances, he definetely wears his elevator shoes. He's probably not a short guy, but he tries to make himself appear taller in public. Hence, that would explain his appearing close to Arnold Schwarzenegger's height in many photos.
G said on 5/Nov/05
Sorry, i forgot to add the url
here is the link where bush seems very tall to me:)
Gökhan said on 5/Nov/05
Whoa,look at this photo pls.Rob what do you think?
Bush looks like a solid 6'0 in this pic.He seems even taller than blair,is it possible?ý wanna hear your comments everyone
EJ said on 1/Nov/05
As much as I dislike our 43rd President and want to say he is shorter, the fact is that there is virtually no photographic (or otherwise) evidence suggesting he is anything less than 5'11". Every picture I look at, he's 5'11". Military records? 5'11". (And a half!) He was really only like 4 inches shorter than John Kerry (6'3" or 6'4") in last year's debates, despite it seeming like more. Can you find some photo where Bush forgot his elevator shoes? I'm sure something is out there...
MD said on 31/Oct/05
But, it seems pretty clear now that Bush isn't a solid 5'11". He looks a weak 5'11" in shoes. He's not a short man (as if it even matters), but he doesn't look the height that they give him. Lately, I hear him referred to on the news as a 6' man, and that's just wishful thinking. I get annoyed when people get offended if someone is called short or average. If they are, they are, it's just that simple. Let's quit arguing over what short, average, and tall means and look at the facts.
JUSTMATT said on 30/Oct/05
Tubbs said on 24/Oct/05
Looks like George W could be the 5'11 he says he is, i've always noticed that he isn't that much shorter than Tony Blair when together, so it makes sense.
MD said on 21/Oct/05
Even so, when you take into account dubious angles and shoes, does Bush really look 5'11"?
UNK said on 20/Oct/05
MD - Exactly what photo are bush and bono even close to the same height?

MD said on 19/Oct/05
Ok, I've been reading this recently, and when I saw estimates of 5'7" and 5'8" I chalked it up to an anti-American sentiment or just very bad guess worked. I was almost certain Bush must be the 5'11" he states.

Imagine my surprise when I was watching the NBC Nightly News, and there was a short blub on about Bush meeting Bono to talk about an issue and they showed and official photo. Though the angle from which the picture was taken wasn't the best, and knowing Bono wears very thick boots (lifts, too probably), they were exactly the same height. Bono was standing slightly to the right in the photo, and slightly behind Bush (which you'd think would make him much shorter).

Now, I don't know how high Bono can look in boots, but Bush looked no taller than 5'10" in this photo, and that is being generous. Does anyone have any other photos that might put this to rest, because I couldn't believe my eyes.
Charles said on 15/Oct/05
Each time you see Bush with a group of men, he's consistently either the shortest or one of the shortest in the group. It's inconceivable that he could be taller than about 5'8"....with his boots on. My guess is he's about 5'7".
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
How in the world is 5'11" little?
Drooperdoo said on 16/Sep/05
Ron Reagan, Jr. was on MSNBC commenting on the phony medical report of the President which listed him at 6' tall with the body-fat of an Olympic swimmer. Reagan laughed at the body-fat claim, and placed it in context by observing, "I've met Mr. Bush. And guess what: He's nowhere near 6' tall." --If he were really 5'11'', Ron Reagan wouldn't have said "nowhere near". Who can really tell the difference between 5'11'' and 6'? --So the disparity has to be even greater.
TNTinCA said on 6/Sep/05
I have to agree that heir president doesn't appear to be a 6 footer. But 5'11" does appear to be feasible. Certainly didn't get the height genes his dad and brother got.
Drooperdoo said on 6/Sep/05
Karen Hughes, in the Bush Administration, is a tall woman--about 5'10''. I noticed that she dwarfed Bush. Certainly, she was probably even taller in pumps. But that would make her about 6'. If Bush was really 5'11'', he'd be 6' in shoes. Yet Karen Hughes is quite visibly taller than him in every picture I've ever seen them in. My own guess is he hovers around 5'9''. In shoes, he's 5'10'', so he rounds up to 5'11''. But there's no way he's 5'11'' in bare feet--otherwise Mrs Hughes wouldn't tower over him.
Viper652 said on 5/Aug/05
Since Arnold Sharzenegger looks to be around the same height as Bush, then that would make him around 5-7, 5-8:) Seriously, Bush is no shorter then 5-10.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
I'm 173cm (Shade over 5'8) and you are right about the ergonomics and comfort. All the extra height helps for is in terms of looks and athletics but sometimes that doesnt always hold true.
Gotxo said on 17/Jul/05
Ricky Martin is 184 cm, so bush must be a solid 5'11".
It's obvious he's not petty neither tall.
Monty said on 16/Jul/05
Its a known fact that half the world hates Bush but no way is he only 5'7 if he is then he should be walking around in silth. GWB is 5'11 i saw a concert where he was the almost the same height as Ricky Martin.
Chuckycheese said on 15/Jul/05
There is no possible way Bush could be more than about 5' 7". He's almost always the shortest man in any group (usually by a several inches) and is often shorter than many of the women. The average man in the U.S. is about 5'9"...Bush is quite short.
Mr. Awesome said on 29/May/05
I've seen President Bush in person twice, both times when he was making campaign speeches in the Delaware Valley area in the fall of 2004. The first time i was approx 20 feet from him while he made his speech, and he passed me as he left, and I shook his hand. 5'11'' is indeed a very accurate height for him because he looked to be a little over 6 foot in his shoes which looked to be normal...I'm 5'7'' and change barefoot, and a had trainers on (making me over 5'8'') and the top of my head came up to just under his eye... Dick Cheney on the other hand is much shorter than his listed 5'8'' I was on stage with him during a campaign event and he had to stand on a box just to see over his podium! He looked under 5'6''.
JS said on 29/May/05
I remember reading a physical of George W. Bush's when he first came in office.. found it somewhere online. His height was listed at 5'11 3/4". Whether that was with shoes or not (or even real), I dont know..
Rex said on 20/May/05
My grandfather is a huge Bush supporter/big time fundraiser in the Republican party. He once met Bush in person, both men stood next to each other, on level ground, in fact I have the picture right here on the mantle. My grandfather is 5'7" barefoot. He was wearing boots, making him 5'9" with shoes, or 5'8" by contrast to a person with normal shoes on of the same height. In the picture Bush has normal shoes on. Bush appears to be about 1 inch to 1 and a half inches taller only. I would say Bush is about 5'9 1/2" without shoes on, and about 5'10 1/2" to 5'11" with shoes on. So when he claims he's 5'11", he really isn't, but he's not stretching it that much.
servel said on 18/May/05
i found a picture of george bush standing next to Vicente Fox Mexico
Issheuhboy said on 18/May/05
I always liked Bush's "little guy" quote - he's basically saying "I'm little. No I'm not. My family is tall" - 5.11 with lifts I think...

Here's Junior with the Bliar:

Blair is 5'11.5"-6'0", right? Dubya has to be 5'9"/10"
servel said on 17/May/05
There is no way george bush is 5.11, i have a friend that met him, hes barely 5.9, and he says bush was about half an inch shorter than him, and my friend had tennis shoes, bush, dress shoes...
Jack said on 3/May/05
5'9 is not short and neither is 5'11. I believe him to be about 5'11 but its funny that some of your response claim 5'11 is short. I'm only like 5'9-5'10 and I've always been around people who are 6 foot and taller and they don't seem much taller than me....
Smoke said on 19/Apr/05
Our Prime Minister Paul Martin stands at just about 6'0", and whenever I see Bush with him, the American president looks a good 2 inches shorter. Now Martin might be slightly over 6'0", but that still makes Bush slightly shorter than 5'11". If you ever see the two with Mexican president Vicente Fox, he looks considerably taller than both Martin and Bush, and Bush is nearly dwarfed by him.
nugenti said on 11/Mar/05
I have met President Bush several times before he was President.He may just barely be 5 FT 11 but he is not any shorter.
EJ said on 9/Mar/05
Bush seemed about 5, maybe 6 inches shorter than the 6'4"-6'5" Kerry in the debates last fall, putting him at about 5'11". Bill Clinton looks about 3 inches shorter than John Kerry, making him about 6' 1 1/2". And Clinton looks about 2 1/2" taller than George Bush, so Bush is about 5'11" even. Some Democrats claim he's 5'9" but you know that's all politics.
Squidget said on 3/Mar/05
He's definately one of the shortest US Presidents in recent history, and he might not even be 5'11" either, he might even be closer to 5'10".

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