How tall is Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

Spanish international footballer who plays for FC Barcelona. He has been measured (sometime before noon) at around the 194cm range.

How tall is Gerard Pique
Gerard and Shakira,br>Photo by DFree/

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Average Guess (71 Votes)
6ft 3.82in (192.6cm)
Lancaster said on 20/Jan/21
193 cm.
Canson said on 14/Jan/21
Agree with RJT
RJT said on 25/Dec/20

Similar with Momoa.
recapa said on 10/Dec/20
my gusses for some barca players : pique 192-192.5cm,messi 168.5-169cm ,busquets 188.5-189cm,stegen 186-186.5cm,araujo 190-191cm,lenglet 189.5-190cm,jordi alba 169-169.5cm,pjanic 176.5-177cm,coutinho 170.5-171cm,ricky puig 168.5-169cm,griezmann 173.5-174cm.
Mike Sui said on 1/Dec/20
I don't know what you're talking about, Piqué and Zlatan have the exact same height.
Margen Settles said on 27/Nov/20
He's shorter than Sacha Baron Cohen.
OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
6'3.75" more likely.
Canson said on 25/Oct/20
@Recapa: sound estimate
recapa said on 24/Oct/20
6ft3 3/4 for pique .i dont see him less than that tho
Scott 5'6 said on 4/Oct/20
It isn’t correct because at a picture at Barcelona he is stood near Zlatan and looks slightly taller so I think he’s 6’4.5 or 6’4.75
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 25/Jul/20
@Canson i agree, im pretty sure he could be 6'3 3/4 but i dont think 6'4 is "too high" for pique being only millimetres away of 6'4 you know, but i think he deserves a 1/4 inch downgrade.
Canson said on 19/Jul/20
@Ronaldo 185.5: Ibra May be 6’4.5” but then again he’s gotten a measurement at 6’4 3/8 (194cm) as well. 6’4” flat for Pique looks too high next to Ibra specifically who I agree has him by about 2cm. Maybe it’s as low as 5/8” but it’s closer to 2cm than 1. I can see 6’3.75”. Pique also looked under 6’4 with Kobe
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 18/Jul/20
@Canson I agree that Pique could be most of the times 6'3 3/4 but 6'4 is not "too high" for pique. Only like 6mm below. But then Zlatan has to be 6'4 1/2, not sure though but looks 1.5-2cm taller.
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
Shakira must have been wearing high heels when the above photograph was taken, in fact they must have given her many inches of extra height!
Canson said on 29/Jun/20
@Junior and 185.5: 6’4” although not impossible, looks too high for Pique. I would say 6’3.75 perhaps but he can look as low as 6’3,5 at times. And we aren’t so sure that Ibra’s 194 or 194.5 is an afternoon height but maybe it is. And there looks to be about 2cm between them. Maybe Ibra is 6’4.5 and Pique 6’3.75
185.5cm said on 27/Jun/20
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 See how Ibra is standing, he is standing legs widely open and poor posture is a factor as well but pique is standing normally with legs not widely open and good posture. And even though he is standing his legs wideley open he still has the edge there. A little edge. In that team photo zlatan is still taller.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
Pique can look the same height in one team picture w 6'4 1/2 Zlatan page Click Here Other one team picture i've seen before only look 1/2". 6'3.8" would be the worst for him.
Geazy said on 3/May/20
Rob how much taller do u think is pique with manuel neuer ??? Click Here
Editor Rob
Pique has barely any hair, so I think he edges out Manuel a fraction.
OriginalAnon said on 13/Apr/20
Pique is 192cm.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 21/Mar/20
With Ibra some pics arent the best angles or neither photos because i've seen team photos where they have 1cm or 1.5cm difference, 192,5 is at low for this guy
Canson said on 28/Jan/20
With IBRA at 194-194.5 Pique isn’t more than 192.5
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jan/20
He is nearly a head taller than the average Spanish man!
alex n said on 27/Jan/20
Junavideo1 said on 26/Jan/20
Ibra looks more 195cm guy but he is 194.3-4cm and pique is 193cm. Maybe that 192cm measurement was at low + rounded to 192 and when he was teenager, he looks exactly same height as 193cm Yerry Mina.
Canson said on 5/Jan/20
I think 6’3.75 afternoon height. He doesn’t look the full 6’4 next to Ibrahimovic who’s 194-194.5
sideways said on 13/Dec/19
Given the 194.5 measurement, I doubt he drops much under 193.5
Nik said on 29/Nov/19
He's huuuuuuuuge!
kostas dim said on 27/Nov/19
legit 1,93 m
185vietnamese said on 20/Nov/19
This list is fine for him. He actually can look taller than Llorente. Even with tip toe Llorente can't look much taller than him.
Click Here
Click Here

He can certainly look taller than Ibra someimes too
Click Here
I just can't understand people take the picture of Pique and Ibra aftermatch, when Ibra's head is big as hell and he's obviously closer to the camera.
Anon1001 said on 7/Sep/19
@Rob Do you think he's a legit 193cm tall ?
In the pic above, player #19 is Fernando Llorente, who's listed at 193 cm while playing at Sevilla/Spurs. But I think Llorente's listed at 194 cm and Pique is listed at 192 cm in Spain squad list at World Cup 2010 though. Seem he edge out Pique by at least 1.5 cm in the pic above and i think Pique's even tipping toe there.
Editor Rob
I think when he measured, he can clear 193 earlier in the day...whether he falls to 192 I'm not so sure about that.
IWishIwas6Foot2 said on 13/May/19
If he was measured at at 194 CM before noon then why have you you put him at 193 cm?
I'm pretty sure you said to measure yourself 4 hours after waking up..?
Editor Rob
Some of the medicals might be taken at 9-11am range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Apr/19
6'3.75" is what the lowest he could possible measure out like average guess is close. Someone like Ibrahimovic probably hold a strong 6'4 3/8 at a low.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Mar/19
Canson, maybe just 1.5cm between them we could rule out. Possible Ibra 194cm and Pique 192.5cm.
Canson said on 25/Feb/19
@Junior: I’d say net result could be 2cm. That one pic looks as if Ibra may be favored. I can agree with what Christian said about busting a gut. He really looks a weak 6’4” regularly. I think your estimate of 6’3.75 is reasonable and Ibra 6’4.5ish. Worst I can see is 192 and 194
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Feb/19
@Canson Click Here atually look 1.75" taller than Pique in this picture from looking the top of head to head while Ibra is closer to the camera, Click Here: the team picture atually look pretty close like they're only 1cm in height different.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Feb/19

Unless if the 194.7 was an error, then maybe he used the "bust a gut" technique to measure as tall as possible. And he's probably also one of those type of people who can retain height longer than others. Some people lose around 5mm an hour out of bed whereas others already lose 1cm like yourself.
Canson said on 1/Feb/19
@Junior: I don’t know if it’s accurate. If one hour out of bed I see him as a CM less than he measured if they use tape. 6’4.25 and 6’3.75 at a low. Ibra looks 6’4.5 as he’s listed however worst case 6’4 3/8 194. No less than 5/8 but really 2cm possibly
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Jan/19
@Johnson Consider its a morning height plus digital machine may not be accurate than pulling out a tape to measure. Pique could still be a good 6'4 and worst like Jason Momoa came down at 6'3 3/4. Not quite big 6'4 like Jared Padalecki.
Canson said on 20/Nov/18
@Johnson: not sure if he was laying down before measured or not. I could buy him being 194-194.5 in the morning out of bed (194-195 if he loses a lot) and 192-193 at a low
Canson said on 20/Nov/18
That’s a 2cm diff with Ibra who is around 6’4.5. I could buy him being near 6’4” and measuring 6’4 earlier in the day but only for a few hours. 6’3.75

Click Here
JamesB172cm said on 5/Nov/18
6ft3.75 seems closer
Agent Orange said on 14/Sep/18
Believe he is 6’4. Great athelete.
Canson said on 11/Sep/18
@184guy: you’re right about Barkley for sure. He had camera advantage on him and with Kobe that may be less than an inch now that I see it (taking footwear in account).
Johnson said on 10/Sep/18
@Junior not hair measurement because Pique breathes in and he gains 4 mm and the bar raises automatically. Skull pushes up the bar...
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Sep/18
194.9cm with a hair measurement. Still look under 6'4 with 6'4 3/4 Barkley. 6'3.75" a low height.
184guy2 said on 5/Sep/18
@Canson , I don't think so , I can see their respectives listings :
Click Here

Pique had the camera angle advantage , Kobe the footwear
The same goes to Barkley , I can see their respectives listings matching

Click Here
Johnson said on 5/Sep/18

Pique measured this year

40 sec
Click Here
Batistataker said on 3/Sep/18
He is 6ft 2 ¼ (188.6 cm), I definitely met a person of his height with a better posture than him.
Canson said on 3/Sep/18
@184guy2: I still have a hard time seeing Pique at a solid 6’4”. Kobe towered over him. Maybe he had an advantage with footwear but 195cm next to him looked really tall. And Ibra is a legit 194 ranger and looked 2cm taller. I could buy 192.5 for him perhaps and 6’4.5 for Ibra like Rob lists him although he measured 194 and 194.5
184guy2 said on 2/Sep/18
@Junior Hernandez 1990
That's because he is 6'4 ...
He measures 6'4.75 ish at morning but not out of bed . He might be 6'5 at his tallest and 6'4 at normal evening-dinner time

Cant's se as low as 6'3.5-6'3.75 ( maybe after a match)
at worst 1/8 under 6'4 in a normal low
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Jun/18
I maybe wrong. Pique can really look 6'4.
MAD SAM said on 15/Jun/18
Well he is huge no doubt, gonna give him 193 cm
ZII said on 1/Jun/18
Who is taller, Pique or Boateng?
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/May/18
6'3 5/8 but not 6'3.5" is 191.77cm so i can't see under 192cm for Pique. 6'3 5/8 to 6'3.75" really not 6'4.
Canson said on 29/Mar/18
I think an afternoon measurement for him would be around 6’3.5 no higher
spainmen192cm said on 28/Mar/18
Rob, who would be taller, Fernando Llorente or Gerrard Pique?
Editor Rob
Hard to tell, I've seen more of Pique than Fernando...
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
I think busting a gut Pique can gain 7mm in a morning measurement at 6'4.25" and 6'4 normal measurement and came down at his lowest measurement close to 6'3.75" at night.
Canson said on 25/Jan/18
@Original Ice: the only thing with that one is that it reads 193cm and 6’3. Mighty odd tho! Not sure why. He may have grown from a solid 6’3 to 6’3.5 or so while still playing esp if young when he came in. My reason for saying less than 6’4” is how he looks with Pique Barkley and Harden. He looks like he would be a decent 192cm guy or very close to it (6’3.5ish) but not 6’4” imho. Barkley even having had hip replacement and aged to just about 55, looks comfy inch taller and Harden looks an inch or so less than Barkley too and about inch taller than Westbrook. Also smaller than Howard more like 6” in some cases. Harden I can kinda see tho because the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” increments so he (assuming he didn’t bust a gut) be 6’3.8 or something and been given a full 6’4” and not to mention less than an hour after waking up which had been the norm since 2009. So Harden while he’s for sure not less than 6’3” and Possibly over it is probably like 191-192cm range topping or bottoming on either end possibly too but def not a legit 6’4”.
Original Ice said on 22/Jan/18
Canson: You may be on to something. Look at this.

Click Here
Junior said on 9/Jan/18
Pique is similar to Jason Momoa who could be 192cm flat at low. Rio i could buy lowest 191cm but really not lower.
Canson said on 28/Dec/17
Looks more 192 range imho. He’s a couple cm shorter than Ibra and looks shorter than 6’4” with Kobe or Lebron or other basketball players that have had pics with him. With soccer players can’t tell as their heights aren’t all verifiable. I can’t verify his is 194cm as ibra measured the same and clearly looks it and clearly taller than Pique
Alex 6'3 said on 28/Dec/17
194 cm morning
193 flat afternoon
192 evening
Strong 191 cm after a football match
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/17
Rob, do you believe that he got measured 194cm range at noon?
Editor Rob: I'd say before noon, most of these players will be sauntering up for medical appointments in the AM hours.

But I think if you watch Pique, when he stands tall he seems a 6ft 4 guy, of course busting a gut pushes anybody a fraction above their more natural 'tall pose'.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/17
Definitely around 192cm / 6ft4. This guy is towering over literally anyone on the pitch 9 out of 10 times. Similar to Conan O'Brien. This is the defition of very tall/huge. Once you're past 6ft3 your head is sticking out in crowds very well.
Canson said on 12/Dec/17
Out of bed 193.5-194
Before bed 192
Canson said on 19/Nov/17
He really doesn’t look over 192cm with Kobe Lebron or Harrison Barnes in the pics he has with them. Also looks 2cm shorter than Ibra
Harvey Ejekwu said on 16/Nov/17
Lebrion james dwarfed him
Canson said on 7/Nov/17
He can look 3-3.5 cm shorter than Kobe honestly with disadvantage footwear so could be 192.5 against 195
Canson said on 3/Nov/17
@Junior: that was a good call. Hes def taller than Kobe not just 1/4” that’s a full cm as it’s notifeable maybe 1/2”. It’s deceiving because of how Kobe’s head ks shaped his eye level is higher than draymonds. Most pics if you look side view he’s got Kobe
Canson said on 2/Nov/17
@Junior: yea I agree Draymond is taller today. I think Manning May have been that peak because I saw that was his pro day height and had a draft of 6’5 3/8 or vice versa but he’s had 4 neck surgeries so he’s lost some. You are absolutely right that’s how Draymond looks with Kobe too! Half inch. Peyton and Kobe look the same height these days so maybe 195 for both
Junior said on 1/Nov/17
@Canson, Peyton Manning had slightly higher hair advantage if you look closely and he is def shorter than Draymond by 1cm just like how Kobe look next to Draymond and Draymond look a bit standing loose with Peyton. Peyton Manning must have measure 6'5.25" in the morning and drop to 6'4.75" lowest. Pique and Ibra is def 2cm in difference out of their team photo.
Canson said on 31/Oct/17
@Junior: 6’5.25 is possible but 6’5 as well. Hard to tell who’s taller with Peyton Manning tho. Draymond is leaning it appears and shoe wise he’s in sneaks Peyton in dress shoes so could be a wash virtually. They are def within maybe 1/4” or so if barefoot but hard to tell who is taller because of all of that. As for Pique and Ibra I have both between 192-192.5 and 194-194.5. Ibra has measured both.

Click Here
Junior said on 30/Oct/17

Atually Draymond look near half inch taller than Kobe if Kobe absolute lowest was 195cm i would pegged Draymond a chance 6'5.25" if he was measure 6'5.75" in the morning. Pique lowest is 192cm maybe 192.5cm if chances on Ibrahimovic to be the 194.5cm for correct measurement.
2toes said on 8/Oct/17
193.0-192.4 cms range during the day.
Canson said on 12/Sep/17
Agree with Edimar!
Edimar1.84 said on 3/Sep/17
No way!! Pique is 1.92 flat, Just look the pictures with Ibrahimovic (1.94)
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
@Junior: that's gotta be a morning height for Draymond. His coaches both Kerr and Gentry have said he's closer to 6'5" than 6'6" and if you see my pic with manning below they are the same essentially. Not to mention draymond has Kobe by only maybe half inch. Green isn't more than 6'5.25 barefoot tops (may be flat 6'5). May be 6'6" out of bed. If you see Green with Lebron that's more than just 1-1.5 that's closer to 2"
Junior said on 15/Aug/17
Sorry i've type wrongly. i mean Draymond Green at 6'5.75".
Junior said on 14/Aug/17
Look right with 6'4.75" Draymond Green and possible 6'3.5" Rio Ferdinand.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/17
Rob, do you really think that he got measured at 194cm?
Editor Rob: busting a gut, the measurement in the 194-5 zone is believable, especially if he's only been up for 2 hours.
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
Weak 6'4 tops maybe strong 6'3 worst case mid 6'3 is sweet spot
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
@Johnson: Draymond with Peyton Manning (aged and no longer 6'5.25 with Kobe Bryant in his pics). Also see KD towers him actually both. Draymond like Kerr and gentry said is closer to 6'5" than 6'6"

Click Here
Johnson said on 17/Jul/17
Pique with 6'5.75 measured Draymond Green

Click Here
Allie said on 24/Jun/17
I use to see 1.92 listings before. I think that is closer.
Canson said on 23/Jun/17
@SJH: this is exactly what people do with Conan on this site. Even after irrefutable evidence that other legit 6'4" guys clearly edge him, it's always "oh, well Hoff or Lithgow are probably 6'4.25" then conveniently make Conan 6'3.75 so they can round him up to 6'4" still or they say "well I think he's near 6'4" if those guys are 6'4". We all know that 1/4" isn't that visible to anyone and the differences that we are seeing here are more like 1/2". It's no different with Pique get him to 6'3.75 or higher just so he can be 6'4".
Canson said on 21/Jun/17
@Johnson: love you to death but I have to agree with SJH!

Ibra: I'd say is a real 194cm maybe worst case he dips to 193.7 6'4.25-.5
Pique: 192cm solid 6'3.5-.75 tops
Canson said on 21/Jun/17
@Johnson: love you to death but I have to agree with SJH!
S.J.H said on 20/Jun/17
Johnson post just wanted to make Pique look legit 6'4 plus because he stand a little front on the camera than Rio who tilt down eye level more on that post, if Rio bust a gut stand and Pique stand little behind in opposite that would easily make Rio clear to look 6'3.5. Not just one team line up picture tells it all. I've seem 6'7.5 peter crouch look nothing over 4' taller Rio on a team picture but that doesn't mean is real comparison or it also can be true that Rio is 6'3.5 when stand tall.
Pique can be about 193cm but Rio Ferdinand is not under 191cm i bet many people notice it but not gona admit there isn't full inch between them just about 2cm. Because Gerard Pique is young and more of a popular player in the soccer league and gain more supporter than a veteran player like Rio so some fans will came in say he is 194cm or solid 6'4.25 yet he is just decent 6'4 or worst he can look alot just 6'3.75 range. Someone like Zlatan Ibrahimovic who claim he is 192cm but look more like 6'4 than Pique did and might just hit 194cm anytime in the morning than Pique
Canson said on 17/Jun/17
@Johnson: LOL. You got mighty excited when you figured out Pique appears taller than Rio. I'm assuming Pique must be one of your favorite players?
Canson said on 17/Jun/17
@Christian: yes! That's what the do with the NBA they may write up a fraction which coupled with morning it will bring them an inch taller possible. They don't do it with all players but someone like John Wall I can see if he really is under 6'2" like I've heard two people who've met him along with SJH say
Canson said on 17/Jun/17
@Shiva: pique at 6'4.25 would make Ibra 195. Ibra measures 194.5 and 194 and doesn't look a legit 6'5" either looks similar to how I am built and plaxico burress size 6'4 and change. I can agree on 6'3.75 but 6'3.5 is even possible and likely. After all ibra measuring 194 and being 2cm taller ibra likely wasn't at his lowest but if not I can't see him under maybe 193.7 (6'4.25) at night and I buy 194 as a possible low as I'm right between the two as well
shiva 181 cms said on 16/Jun/17
@canson i defo couldnt see pique a full inch less than ibra
I dont think pique is just a strong 6'3 or even 6'3.5 imo he is atleast 6'3.75 and at most 6'4.25
Christian-196.5 said on 16/Jun/17
184guy said on 27/Apr/17
@ Rob, Was he really measured at 194,7 ? If yes , Unless he Was sleeping ínside the Barcelona center , he would be a at least 6'5 out bed

Editor Rob: busting a gut he hit that mark.
Whether the stadiometer was calibrated correctly I don't know - sometimes these digital machines can be manipulated to add some height, though it doesn't really make sense they would do that.


It's not completely impossible for the machines to be slightly tweaked a few mm or even a cm. They might want to make the players tall as possible without being too obvious. Height plays a big role when it comes to sports.
ibracadabra said on 16/Jun/17
Ibra is an inch taller than him, you should downgrade him or upgrade Zlatan Rob.
CNROM89 said on 15/Jun/17

İf Pique legit 6'4 guy, Ferdinand is 6'3 and Carrick is 6'2,25 or strong 6'2.
Johnson said on 14/Jun/17
Piqué is taller than Rio Ferdinand

Click Here
Editor Rob: you can see why busting a gut Pique can clear 6ft 4.
Rio himself always looked a 6ft 3 guy.
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
@SJH: pique is overlosted I agree. In cases where Rob doesn't have substantiated proof he will play it safe and leave them where listed or maybe give them a fair estimate that could be generous or exact. Overall I can see the rationale being fair. Example he has rick fox still listed 6'6" but said he didn't look a full 6'6" more like 6'5.5-.75 and with Joshua and Mangianello he said both appeared near 6'5" and 6'6 but with more evidence was able to knock a fraction off. He isn't sure on Fox however. I concur more with a 6'5.5 assessment rob gave than a 6'6" list and it's because Fox says he's 6'5 while acting 6'7" while balling sure he's prob at least at his peak not only a flat 6'5" but probably was a mid to high 6'5" who took it down a bit due to the career difference. Fox never looked 6'6" tho because even when he played he wasn't more than 2cm taller than Kobe or Brian Shaw were. Pique looks as if he'd measure 6'4" out of bed or slightly over and be 192 maybe a weak 192 at night (strong 191 isn't even out of the question)
S.J.H said on 7/Jun/17
It doesn't make sense that alot of visitors here claim rio ferdinand is 6'3 yet pique get listed at 6'4 in fact pique is not taller than rio ferdinand and i have seem clips and many pictures in opposite way rio look to be a fraction taller than pique most of times.
Canson said on 6/May/17
I believe rob that with hair and a bust a gut he'd hit 194.7 in the morning. But fact is Ibra is 194 cm and he's 2cm shorter minimum meaning he's at best weak 6'4 maybe 6'3.5 tops
184guy said on 27/Apr/17
@ Rob, Was he really measured at 194,7 ? If yes , Unless he Was sleeping ínside the Barcelona center , he would be a at least 6'5 out bed
Editor Rob: busting a gut he hit that mark.

Whether the stadiometer was calibrated correctly I don't know - sometimes these digital machines can be manipulated to add some height, though it doesn't really make sense they would do that.
Balrog said on 2/Apr/17
I think he probably wakes at near 6'5'' and drops to 6'3.75''. 6'3.5'' is his absolute low, he looks more 6'4'' than 6'3''.
Canson said on 26/Mar/17
@Joe: Russ is 6'2.25 like listed in his pre draft
Canson said on 17/Mar/17
He doesn't look 6'4 flat more like 192cm
Canson said on 11/Mar/17
@Shiva: out of bed he would measure 194 if he were 192 range but you're right an hour out he'd be 193. Ibra is at minimum 1/2" taller than him more like 2cm though. He's more like 194 at his lowest Pique 192.5
shiva 181 cms said on 26/Feb/17
I think pique is a 6'4 flat at his low

The only reason he looks shorter because of his leg and pelvic posture

And I don't think a 192cms guy would measure 194 cms range even in the morning but a 193cms guy could
Ultimate said on 24/Feb/17
Pique is a strong 6'3.5 and Ibra a strong 6'4.25 but 194.0 inflating the chest...
Pique and Neuer are twins of height
joe### said on 16/Jan/17
Yes, westbrook seems to look at me 6'2.75 James is probably 6'3.5
Canson said on 13/Jan/17
@Joe: Harden was measured Morning. He never looks 6'4" in the court. Next to Kobe or Barkley or any other 6'4-6'5 guy he looks 192cm which is how he looks with pique. Remember in the NBA they don't do 1/8" increments so 6'3 7/8 so he could be that early morning and 6'3.5 later
joe### said on 3/Jan/17
James Harden is maybe 6'3.75
Johnson said on 2/Jan/17
@Canson there is a pic of Pique and James Harden. They are similar (like 0.5 cm taller Harden). Piqué claims 194 and was measured gut busting at 194.7-194.8 but I bet this season he wasn't measured over 194.4. I think he is 193.5. 5 cm taller than Busquets
MDV said on 30/Dec/16
Hi rob, can you please add his defense partner in Spain Sergio Ramos? Best defender in world right now, very popular on web and an icon for many men.
Canson said on 30/Dec/16
something is off. Pique is not as tall as Ibra and Ibra's measurements are consistent across the board at 194 range so no I don't "buy" the propoganda that he grew just because Pique "mysteriously" shot up from 192 to 194.7. Pique at 192 would also make Kobe Bryant over 6'6 when in reality kobe is slightly taller than Ibra at most maybe a 194.5-195 (he was measured at 194.945 by his wife) and if you look at him next to a 6'5.5 Rick Fox or other lakers he clearly looks under 6'5". My estimates

Kobe 194.5-195
Ibra 194-194.3
Pique 192 (he doesn't look a solid 6'4 at all and looks shorter than Tom brady does)
lolo said on 23/Dec/16
rob has he really been measured at 194cm? flat 194cm or over?
Editor Rob: yes he has, on a digital stadiometer doing a maximal (breathe in stand tall) posture.
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
Nah he's 2cm shorter. I still believe he is 192 range and Ibra the legit 194 guy. Ibrahimovic has never measured outside of the 194 range and the measurements aren't even his lowest. Think 194-194.5 is a very safe bet for him Pique 192-192.5
Leonardo 1.73m said on 21/Oct/16
Pique only 1 cm shorter than Ibrahimovic? That is a Big G guess
6'4 for Pique
Johnson said on 13/Sep/16
Now Piqué is listed 194 cm in barcelona website
shiva 181 cms said on 13/Sep/16
Gerard pique's height is (6'3.75-4) a 194 cms measurement I thought he was more 192 than 194 if he was measured 194 then 193 is more closer than 192 6'4 listing is perfect he looks a bit shorter than zlatan though to be 194 cms
Canson said on 6/Sep/16
@Johnson: I gotcha now. I think the biggest variable could be posture with he and Pique or timing. While I think Ibra is that height I certainly see it a low height at that (194). He looks legit 6'4 1/2 guy
Andrea said on 6/Sep/16
Totally agree with you, Tunman, about everything...
Johnson said on 5/Sep/16
@Canson That 194 measurement for Ibra is the one I explained with the voice there I meant. There is no other
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/16
He's probably 192.5-193cm after a long day on his feet
Canson said on 5/Sep/16
@Tunman: agreed he's a weak 6'4.
Canson said on 4/Sep/16
@Christian: what I don't get LOL is that no number or mention of 195 or 196 has ever been associated with Ibra yet people are ignoring what Rob has above (just like Charles Barkley's page where he was measured 6'4 5/8).
Canson said on 4/Sep/16
@Christian: well said.
Canson said on 4/Sep/16
Johnson: if it were earlier in the day he may have been higher 194 range but you said it well that it started with a 194 and most of the measurements are in the morning. So safe to say that it's somewhere in the 194 range and He has a measurement of 194 and 194.5 in the books.
Tunman said on 4/Sep/16
He also looks a good inch smaller than Kobe actually a good 3cm,so again a solid 192.Slight downgrade,Rob?I think the general consensus is on a weak 6'4 on the site.
Johnson said on 4/Sep/16
@Canson I doubt about Ibrahimovic measuring 194 cm. In the video I heard a distorted lost voice saying "194" and lots of noises in the backgrounds, I'm not sure if after 194 they were supposed to be the decimals. The image in that moment it was Ibrahimovic being measured his arms. I would not take that voice seriously without knowing the decimals.
Canson said on 3/Sep/16
@Leonardo 1.73m: Ibra was measured at 194 and 194.5. My guess is they were different times of the day. He has never measured 195 CM. Now yes he's easily that in the morning. I am 195.9 out of bed and 194 at night. But People are making him 195 because of Pique's measurement to make him 193. I would be willing to bet Pique is a weak 6'4 and Ibra exactly how Rob has him. I would say he doesn't drop under 194 at all where as Pique would drop to 192.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 3/Sep/16
Leonardo 1.73m said on 2/Sep/16

Ibra is taller than you because he is 6'4.75


No he's not, the highest Ibra measured was 194.5cm, which is basically 6ft4 5/8", and I doubt that was his evening height. I believe Ibra's evening height is 6ft4 3/8" or 194.0cm, same as Canson's.
Tunman said on 3/Sep/16
Rob,he's a good inch shorter than Ibra at worse 2cm the difference is too obvious to be only 0.5".Also who would be taller this guy or Manuel Neuer?the best option imo is that you give both of them 6'3.75" which would be fair assuming the 192 listing,a solid 192 for sure but not quite 193.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 2/Sep/16

Ibra is taller than you because he is 6'4.75
James said on 2/Sep/16
I find it funny that people are actually taking one quarter of an inch seriously :) well I guess we're just height freaks!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
I'm with Andrea, I never saw him as a proper 6'4 er, more 6'3.5-'75 but seeing him with Rio Ferdinand 6'4 flat does look reaosnable actually. Either way he's really a very tall guy for a Spaniard!
Johnson said on 1/Sep/16
Yes he is 193 cm but forcing his posture and early he was measured 194.7-194.8 last year
jessman said on 1/Sep/16
I don't think he is any less than Zlatan. Yet to see a photo of both together where Pique looks shorter. He looked a decent 6'4 next to Rio Ferdinand in a Man Utd squad photo from 2008 (I think!).
spainmen191cm said on 1/Sep/16
Thanks for addimg him Rob! I think this listing is spot on he can look a little bit taller than Neuer
Click Here
joe### said on 1/Sep/16
watching him with barkley and kobe and harden and ibra definitely does not look 6'4
a shorter hair Llorente 6'4
Andrea said on 1/Sep/16
I always thought he was more around 192, like 6'3.5-6'3.75 rather than a big 6'4! But if he really measured around 194...
Click Here Maybe Ibra would have measured 196 range under the same stadiometer :P
Editor Rob: this is why you sometimes have to give people a benefit of doubt, I think from looking at Gerard, he's a guy who can walk about looking shorter than he measures, I don't think he has as good an overall posture as Zlatan.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
Like MDV said, there's a better chance Pique might be a little under the 6ft4 mark than over it.
ly said on 1/Sep/16
Ibra then is definitely the full 6ft5 if Pique is 6ft4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/16
194cm at lunch. He's a solid 6ft4
MDV said on 1/Sep/16
he is probably like Neur but not a full 6 ft 4 in my opinion...
Borats Chicken said on 1/Sep/16
Rob, possible he could be 6'4.25 at some time?
Editor Rob: I think 6ft 4 afternoon for him is feasible

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