How tall is Gina Carano

Gina Carano's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American former Mixed-Martial-Arts Fighter turned actress best known for starring in Haywire, Fast & Furious 6, In the Blood, Deadpool, Heist (2015) and The Mandalorian.

How tall is Gina Carano
Photo by s_bukley/
I'm 5'8 and I was 175lbs. and now I fight at 140lbs.
I hear that [Paul Newman] was pretty short also, which is unfortunate for me - 'cause I'm 5'8?. So there would have been no me stalking him.

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Average Guess (60 Votes)
5ft 7.48in (171.4cm)
FE said on 10/May/22
@Editor Rob,

Downgrade to 171cm?
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More Strong/Solid 5’7” than Near 5’8”!

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
She can generally look anywhere from 5ft 7 to 8.
mnecro said on 13/Apr/22
Looks barely taller than Morena Baccarin. In some pictures, she even looks shorter than her. 5'6.75 is the most I'd go for her.
mnecro said on 9/Apr/22
168/169 cm
Wehrmacht180 said on 20/Dec/21
170/171 cm
FE said on 28/May/21
@Editor Rob,

Could u add her to “Martial Artists” Category?
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Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 27/Feb/21
@Ian guessing you don’t follow MMA much?
Ian C. said on 26/Feb/21
A genuinely beautiful woman, but in an odd way. Obviously extremely strong. She was a martial artist? There is actually such a thing as women's martial arts? They can't have allowed hitting in the face, because hers is unmarked.
Nik Ashton said on 24/Feb/21
@ Skye - 5’5” is neither short or average!
Nik Ashton said on 17/Feb/21
Paul Newman was not short but being short is cool and I know that Gina agrees.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 17/Feb/21
@Alfie what do you expect, they’re Disney. I get how the anti mask and voter fraud tweets are bad, but I’m struggling to see why she was labelled transphobic
Alfie said on 16/Feb/21
5’8 - My height
Also, Disney made a grave mistake firing her, they really have gone full woke.
KH said on 11/Dec/20
More like 5.7 1/2. Most people are not going to give there height in fractions. Could also be 5'7 most people also like to give themselves at least an inch or give shoe heights. Gorgeous woman if you don't mind a more curvy/muscular build.
Genau said on 7/Dec/20
172-173 cm in Deadpool
Jam Cherry said on 23/May/20
171.5 cm is the best guess
Peter175 said on 20/May/20
I think she's more near 155 than 140
JohnMoore-162cm said on 28/Apr/20
She doesn't look over 172 cm
TheBat said on 28/Nov/19
5'7.75" I can see her at
khaled taban said on 6/Oct/18
5'7.75" or 172cm though she looks only 171cm at times
JJAK said on 23/Oct/17
Amazing build great martial artist glad she quit before losing her looks.
She does need acting lessons all she can do is lug and 180lb is not that big a deal.
Kinda funny that means she did outweigh half the cast of haywire love stats.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
5'7" at least
and round 180 pounds on average since she left fighting
J.Lee said on 5/Nov/16
Rob would you say these heels give her 3 inches?
Imana said on 24/Mar/16
She doesn't look over 1.65 maybe is her weird body that makes her look smaller.
180 cm night height. said on 18/Dec/15
5'8 morning height tall and beautiful
Henry said on 19/Nov/15
She probably 5'8 1/2" when she wakes up.
Garfield said on 9/Oct/15
Michael fassbender makes her look like 5ft7 tall
Skye said on 23/Apr/15
She struck me as short or average imo. Like 5'5. Too bad her acting skills aren't on par with her fighting skills..
Hypado said on 6/Apr/15
Gina Carano's height is 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

11 cm shorter than 183 / 6ft Luke Evans. 172,2 cm for Gina.
Benjamin said on 5/Mar/15
Could you make one for Ronda Rousey?
Editor Rob
there is one Here
Crash said on 2/Jul/14
Thunder thighs? What? LOL. Her legs are rather muscular but definitely not overly big and she still looks very feminine. She has an attractive figure, and attractive face as well. Very good looking in both face and body.
jp said on 30/Jun/14
i thought she was a petite woman - say about 5'4 max - because she moves so quick on screen.
Hk said on 20/Apr/14
The magic of high heels
Hypado said on 20/Apr/14
Yes, 173cm
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
175 lb at peak is pretty big for a woman of 5'8". She's definitely one of the more intimidating female celebs but she's pretty hot nonetheless, as proved by the photo above where she must be closer to the 140 lb mark.
Dirty Pitts said on 27/Jul/13
Yowza, look at the thunder thighs on this woman. Also this height seems accurate.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 22/Oct/12
I was like 4 feet away from her at the Haywire Premiere in Los Angeles. She is definitely 5'8 because she was wearing 2 to 3 inch heels and she looked in the 5'10/5'11 range. I am 5'10 and she looked my height or a little more in heels. So she's definitely 5'8 barefoot. She's also very pretty when you get to see her upclose.
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
I'm just saying she looks taller but if she claims it I'll believe her. 5 foot 8.
Sam said on 25/Jan/12
She again said she was 5'8" in a Rotten Tomatoes interview in reference to her long-time crush Paul Newman having possibly been too short for her when he was still alive. I don't know if she's downgrading herself but at least she's consistent.
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Silent d said on 21/Jan/12
She has to be taller. On conan she looked 6 foot in heels. Look at her next to andy richter who is 6 foot 2. She is 5cm shorter in heels. 4 inch heels. 5 foot 9 easy. Her build makes her look taller. Trust me she is taller than 5 foot 8.
Ras said on 16/Oct/11
What do you guys think are the heights and weights of the 2008 american gladiators? Here are my guesses:
-Matt Morgan (beast) 6'9.5", 290lbs.
-Jesse Smith (justice) 6'8", 290lbs.
-Romeo Williams (mayhem) 6'4", 225lbs.
-Alex Castro (militia) 6'3", 220lbs.
-Michael O'Hearn (titan) 6'3", 260lbs.
-Tanoai Reed (toa) 6'3", 235lbs.
-Donald Yates (wolf) 6'2.5", 225lbs.
-Breaux Greer (hurricane) 6'1.25", 220lbs.
-Evan Dollard (rocket) 5'9.5", 160lbs.
-Xin Wuku (zen) 5'8.5", 160lbs.
-Robin Coleman (hellga) 6'0.5", 205lbs.
-Erin Toughill (steel) 5'9.5", 155lbs.
-Valerie Waugaman (siren) 5'8.5", 145lbs.
-Beth Horn (venom) 5'8", 135lbs.
-Gina Carano (crush) 5'8", 142lbs.
-Jamie reed/Kovac (fury) 5'7", 148lbs.
-Monica Carlson (jet) 5'7", 125lbs.
-Corinne Van Ryck (panther) 5'5", 125lbs.
-Jennifer Widerstrom (phoenix) 5'4.5", 153lbs.
-Tanji Johnson (stealth) 5'1", 100lbs.
As for the 2008 UK gladiators these are my guestimations:
-Sam Bond (atlas) 5'11", 225lbs.
-Damar Martin (destroyer) 5'11", 230lbs.
-Wayne Gordon (doom) 6'3", 210lbs.
-Nick Aldis (oblivion, also known as brutus magnus in pro-wrestling) 6'2.5", 225lbs.
-Duaine Ladejo (predator) 6'2", 190lbs.
-Roderick Bradley (spartan) 6'3", 205lbs.
-David McIntosh (tornado) 6'0", 210lbs.
-Daniel Singh (warrior) 6'3", 233lbs.
-Barri Griffiths (goliath, also known as mason ryan in pro-wrestling) 6'4" 280lbs.
-Jenny Pacey (enigma) 5'10.5", 139lbs.
-Zoe Williams (amazon) 5'10", 143lbs.
-Kara Nwidobie (panther) 5'9.5", 175lbs.
-Shirley Webb (battleaxe) 5'9", 182lbs.
-Lucy Boggis (tempest) 5'8.5", 144lbs.
-Amy Guy (siren) 5'8.5", 125lbs.
-Caroline Pearce (ice) 5'8", 125lbs.
-Jemma Palmer (inferno) 5'5.5", 133lbs.
-Donna Williams (cyclone) 5'4", 130lbs.
Anna S. said on 2/Feb/11
I agree with Jake T. Gina and I are 172cm
5'7.75" is my height by the way.
Jake T. said on 25/Jan/11
Just 1 cm less than this, 5'7.75 is alright.
True Genius said on 8/Jun/09
I have stood next to both Slice and Shamrock. I am 6'1 and Slice was a tad taller than me. Shamrock is about 5'10. I trained at the Couture's Gym in Vegas and saw Carano there. She is a big girl. I was disapointed in her appearance. Big hips with the fat bulging on the sides, a big ass and her legs look like tree trunks. Her calves were no picnic either. Also, her feet were nasty. Yellow, calloused bottoms. Google "Drunk pics of Carano." There is a photo of her doing push-ups, in a skirt, while she is drunk. Look at her fat ass and then tell me she is hot.
ANON said on 21/Apr/09
Here's Ken and Kimbo: Click Here
Matt said on 30/Mar/09
When she said she was 175, she didn't mean that she was muscular. She was overweight when she walked into her first MMA gym and the owner told her she looked out of shape, which is why she began training.
mId said on 27/Mar/09
kimbo slice legit 6'2 I don't know about that.. he didn't look it next to ken (5'10 tops) shamrock.. and now I see a video of a photoshoot with gina carano, kimbo and arlovski.. gina at 5'8 has flip flops on.. kimbo nike shoes and he does only look 6' next to her.. and arlovski at 6'3-4 was much taller than him in some shots. they are standind beside eachother full view talking and walking down the street.. promo-shoot as I said.. how kimbo could be measured 6'2 I don't know from the look of that video. 6'1 TOPS I say for kimbo
MonkeyMan said on 11/Feb/09
she does not look like 5'8" she looks more like 5'6" to 5'7"
TNTinCA said on 8/Jan/09
She doesn't strike me as uber muscular. So I am somewhat surprised to hear she weighed 175 lbs at one point. I am 5'10" and weigh around 185 lbs myself and am pretty active in weights. (And I am a guy!)
And there definitely is not much fat on her. I am guessing she has larger quads than most women which probably adds to her weight. (And power!)
Anna Simmons said on 8/Oct/08
I can relate to Gina Carano in a way, I myself am 5'8" and weigh 140-145 lbs. I work hard at the gym doing cardio and eating healthy to keep my weight down. It's not easy to keep weight down for some women. I am a big fan of Carano and congrats to her on her recent fight last Saturday, still undefeated, You Go Girl! PS , like Gina, I have had to disrobe myself to get down to 141.
Tony said on 20/Aug/08
no more than 5'7 barefoot

Click Here

^ check that out she atleast 2 inches shorter than her opponent whos "5'7"
supes78 said on 25/Jul/08
Seriously, Rob. Did Ben Oalkey's comment need to be added to this page? It was a hateful rant with absolutely no connection to the purpose of the site.

Editor Rob
it slipped through, it isn't wanted of course.
CoolJ said on 1/Jul/08
She's definitely been 175 or higher recently... I've seen the pics.
supes79 said on 30/Jun/08
Is it wrong to have the hots for a woman that you know could kick your butt? This chick is beyond gorgeous and definitely the height she lists herself at. Although, I can't imagine her getting up to 175lbs. It must have been mostly muscle.
thekiddd said on 27/Jun/08
Another misspelled last name. Goes my Carano with one not two R's

Editor Rob
it's easily fixed thanks.

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